Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku (LN)


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Hundreds of years ago demons appeared suddenly and started attacking humans.At the time Humans couldn’t even put a scratch on them with normal weapons,The humans built seven countries to prevent their race from being extinct, and suceeded in hindering the demons by diverting their magic technology to the military but the battle against the demons still continues.

Our protagonist Alusu Reigin who was always fighting at the front lines has offered to retire at the young age of 16 but the country cannot let him go as he stands at the top of all magicians and the number 1 [Single Digit] thus our story begins….

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The Greatest Magicmaster's Retirement Plan (LN)
The Strongest Mage’s Retirement Plan
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Ispheria rated it
November 18, 2019
Status: v2c4
First off, the title is lie. ... more>>

There is no plan. The MC just gets pushed around doing stuff for others because reasons. At one point he's like, "Oh, I wouldn't have done this before. I wonder what changed?" and the answer is literally nothing because the thing he's thinking about is one of the first things to happen, before any character development could happen (Not like there's any character development anyways).


Now on to the actual review, this novel treats you like an idiot. It spends half it's time explaining stuff to you over and over.

For example, near the beginning it explains that an AWR is basically a wand. It helps people cast magic. But because that's not specific enough, it goes into detail how. But wands aren't good AWR's because the author says so. Apparently only bladed weapons are good because reasons. Now in case it wasn't obvious to you, the author then tells you that AWR's are import to magicmasters. Then he explains AGAIN what AWR's do. And again later in the same chapter. And again in a later chapter after telling you that AWR's are important one more time.

Overall this novel has a problem with show don't tell. It tells you everything, and most of it is completely redundant or boring. But despite all the time it spends telling you stuff, there's plenty of things that don't make sense. For example, the teachers teach stuff that's old and outdated even though they're supposed to be top tier mages. Considering how desperate they are to train new mages to save the world or whatever, they really shouldn't be teaching stuff that could get their students killed. Honestly I think the only reason this is in the story is to make the MC look smart when he explains it to the girls.

Speaking of which, they are bland, generic, and unlikable. There's the noble girl who treats the MC like crap until she finds out he's super strong. The kind girl who's kind and uh... kind. The doll-like girl who only cares about the MC. And of course the strong MC who's element is non-elemental but can do everything anyways.

There's no humor to speak of, it's too busy explaining stuff for that. Nor is there is there much of a plot. MC goes to school. MC meets girls. Girls fall for MC. MC trains girls. 1.5 volumes in and there isn't even a real bad guy. It's just generic evil monsters that exist so the MC can be op.

The first arc ends with a nondramatic fight again a monster that is easily defeated.


There's no reason for the MC to be a student. Being the number 1 and all he should've just been a teacher.

The novel even tells you that high tier mages become teachers, and he spends most of the his time on screen teaching the two girls anyways and NOT going to class or doing anything else a student does. He doesn't even live in the same dorms as everyone else.


TDLR: Stay away. It's not even good enough to be a generic power fantasy that you can turn your brain off to enjoy. <<less
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semperfi201 rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: v7
This is actually better than I expected.

I initially thought it'd be similar to other novels where the author put emphasis on the school life but it's not. The story encompasses the whole world I'd say. Also the plot is actually moving. What I like the most is that the author made his intention clear regarding romance early on that it's not the focus, if it'd exist at all in the future.

With that out of the way I can fully enjoy the plot without worrying about the side of the romance... more>> at all. The MC also isn't the type to blush or get flustered which is a big plus for me. Though, there are many some questionable plot progression and/or character development imho, but it's still enjoyable.

All in all, this is really an unexpected enjoyable read for me. You might like the plot or not. That's all from me. <<less
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FluxXimuX rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: v2c8
Honestly the story has a lot of potential, the world is apocalyptic with monster called fiends all over the continent the ranker of 1 wants to quit and do his magic research... its understandable that the governor general intending to keep him in his post decided to enroll him in school as a compromise since the nation still needs him.... Problem is he is out of character sometimes and is easily swayed by the changes and opinion of the surroundings (Principal and possible heroines). His pround and ranker disposition started... more>> to crumble and basically led by the girls with just a little push. WHAT IS THAT, MC's character is inconsistent to his beliefs and ideals. Basically the story is progressing as him being led by the girls which he could refuse but he don't. Instead of a natural occurance where he is forced to do so by his own will or natural occurance which are unavoidable would be understandable such as siege's of school, Catasthropes or request that he could REALLY not refuse.... instead a reasoning which is illogical said by the girls would easily sway him to take action.... and therefore I think the story at this point is forced. He said that a ranker or magic masters magic technique is essential to themselves and its rude to ask for it because its his or her secret but he got easily convinced to teach them his technique which is beyond the norm powerful. Seriously if the Author are going to state that a magicmaster's personal magic is a personal secret and technique to their own you should have stick with that, otherwise author should have made personal magic as teachable ones... Author is ruining his own world building at this point and its driving me nuts considering that this novel has a lot of potential but is somehow ruined. <<less
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KhayDesu rated it
March 13, 2021
Status: v8
Pretty good but not the best. It is pretty mediocre and the plot isn' all that special but I still find myself reading it.


I've read a review that pointed out a lot of the novels holes/weaknesses, some of them true but others are juat driven by preference and bias and are not a good basis in concluding wheter or not the novel is good or not.

... more>> -

First of all the redundant part is true but its only mentioned in the first novel in particular (it is mentioned but in only in short phrases and in one novel it is mentioned again when MC develops an AWR for his student but only a bit tho). The teacher part where the knowledge is supposedly outdated is not true, Alus himself said that the quality of the lessons/ lectures are very high quality and useful it is too diverse complex to be able to remember all of the little details and plus thats only half of the knowledge you'll get cuz you get the rest when you start training in the military.


I do agree that the girls feel bland and uninteresting Loki is okay but the other 2 are unbearable in my standards


Tesfia and Alice basically tell other ppl (Tesfia's mum) about Alus and the stuff he do just because of some little pressure, I mean the best of the best is training you for free and gived you the best training you can get in exchange for maintaning silence/discreet attitude about his identity but s*upidly manages to throw hints at other ppl about his identity, they're basically annoying as hell I like Elise more than these b*tches



Another negative review points out Alus being dragged in all sorts of stuff and doing nothing. Let me get things straight MC has his priorities which is research and its also the reason why he wanted to quit military after 10 years and he basically doesn't care about anything as long as he can do his precious research. Well most of the time its about requests from the top brass in the military which he can't refuse.


lol another negative review says about his being a student is useless because he is already no.1, well you already said it yourself he is no.1 and he does't need it, all he wants is to do peaceful research. The real bad guys show up only until vol 3 and its starts heating up in vol 8-9 with the past volumes laying out groundwork for the female leads and the events that will be presented in the later novels, I think it was pretty good though, events didn't feel that forced and has a good reason for them, so I don't know that guy is talking about it being slow or boring, 2 volumes is still early to be critisizing when everything is still fresh and hadn't have the chance to develop.

Now to my impression, the world is fine its pretty easy to imagine the rough layout of the 7 nations and its focusing on the growth of the female characters which is pretty fun considering on how immature they were when it furst started out, bad guys are quite mysterious and pose a large threat, the sense of mystery and foreboding is what I like though I already have some guesses on what'll happen in the next volume

All in all its pretty good but not the best <<less
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chad001 rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: v15
Had promise at the beginning, it was tropey, but mellowed out, edgy but grounded. And then halfway through it started going downhill, the tropeyness turned into insipid pandering, the slight edge became a bed of knives, and what little action and/or plotted out sequences devolved into long drawn out, meaningless filler, and plots that just go from generic point to generic point, ending in a flowery end to one or two random threads introduced halfway through while failing to connect to/resolve any grander narrative. What started as a dark world... more>> where people people killed and died to maintain peace devolved into a world where arbitrary chessmasters can plan full on insurrections and assassinations that end bloodlessly and everyone's all happy friends together, with the queen installing a high schooler with no experience as the head of her private black ops intelligence agency. Which or may not be because the new head was slightly connected to the queen's crush. And the queen is the chessmaster in question. According to the author anyways. <<less
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jaiklar rated it
May 18, 2021
Status: v9
Story and plot are good so far at early volumes

But after than I feel like story got dragged on.
Many unnecessary explanation are written.
Especially The volume 9, no importance progress on story line happened at all.
You can skip almost parts of volume 9 and still not miss anything important thing.
PS. I still support the novel hope next Volume isn't be dragged too much.
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