Possessing Nothing


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C-class mercenary. Started as a No Class, possessing nothing.

13 years of survival in the depths of the ditches.

I’ve managed to return to the beginning, but…

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Going Back to the Past without Anything on Hand
쥐뿔도 없는 회귀
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New ajohndoe
July 8, 2021
Status: c299
Alright, I just want to warn you folks that I have never done a proper review on anything. However, I will try my best to write one without spoiling the story.

Let me introduce the story first. This is a typical reincarnation (not isekai) story of a MC that was talentless or useless. However the execution of the story and world-building compensates for it.

The world-building is amazing, it incorporates the Murim/Cultivation world with the regular high fantasy elements. The species are all the same, with elves, dwarves, humans, demons, and undead.... more>> But now martial arts and magic are both used instead of just a singular fantasy element; mana/ki. There are even gods and devils, martial arts sects and magic towers. I don't know what I'm else I'm supposed to say.

As for the plot, I never really paid attention to it but I guess it's generic? It's a reincarnation story of a talentless person, and he now seeks to improve his life by increasing his strength and power. Again though, the execution is more than just generic. There's the generic plot but there's also a mystery element and a whole lot of foreshadowing. As the story goes further on, whole new characters and even concepts are introduced. This is obvious but as I can not go into details, so far in the story I know that he is a "variable" of fate.

Character development plays a major part in the story. I would like to address the complaint of how the main character keeps on mentioning his lack of talent. Unfortunately, during the early stages of the story, you will constantly hear about how "talentless" he is. I don't get the reason why people dislike it though. Even though he does get reincarnated with the memories of the life he led previously, he also keeps his personality. He doesn't get a cheat skill nor a system, he simply retains the information and skills he already had before he got reincarnated. If you had an inferiority complex or any bad habit or addiction that stuck with you through life, you will understand how hard it is to get rid of it. However, I'm digressing. How he develops into a person with an inferiority complex into a person who is now slightly confident is phenomenal. He had to go through many adversities, one of them being a literal trial which broke his mind several times. However, he never gave up. He gains more tenacity, self-esteem, skills both physical and mental, and the whole complaining stuff decreases as the story moves on.

The action... I genuinely have no clue what to say. I'm not a reader who ever gets excited for action scenes simply because I like it more in a visual format. However, I can tell you that the action is great but I don't know how to put it into words. I don't know how to put it into words, not because it's that good but simply because I don't know how to put it into words.

Lastly, the romance aspect of Possessing Nothing. If you're looking for a story that has good romance, this not it. There is barely any romance in the story. The story is more about his epic journey through adversities to become more powerful. With obviously more details and elements that come with it.

As for plot holes, narrative and a whole lot jargon, I can't tell you anything about it. I don't have any knowledge on those as I am just a casual reader.

Overall, while I may not have given a satisfactory review, what I can tell is that the story is fantastic. However, that is ultimately up for you to decide, not me. I hope you will enjoy the webnovel as much as I did! <<less
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New baalthegreat rated it
July 5, 2021
Status: --

Yet another novel with supposedly pitiful MC "unfairly " treated by fate

Please you still can go to hunt even with low efficiency you will be able to save enough in 20 years to be something meaningfull

... more>> Dont be absurd aboutit, in our world some people called s*ave were not even given a chance to try. If youre not given a chance to do anything then you can blame the world or the system for it, cause its wrong

But if you can still try to be better than yesterday even without talent in anything then its not the system fault its your fault for not finding your talent because everybody born with one albeit not all in the same calibre

The opening were moronic

Its called evolution if human didnt have civilization the poor bastard were not supossed to breed theyre a failure of human being their DNA were not supposed to be passed to next generation human they were supposed to die in a hunting or harsh cilmate

Its because we have civilization that this failure of a genetic able to survive and with the advancement of civilization the parameter of succes shifted from muscle prowes for hunting to academic prowess and those who dont have enough talent or those who wasted their talent chasing for their supposed "dream" in wich they dont have talent will result in poor people because we pitty them and dont let them rot and die on the side road <<less
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criticalmind rated it
August 25, 2017
Status: c38
Can I just say, I consider myself a veteran when it comes to second chance novels. And it's always the same. Man goes back to the past and immediately becomes OP in some way or the other. Usually, he knows high level techniques or has some kind of divine artifact with him. Of course he always has some kind of highly specific knowledge that can make him filthy rich.

This is different. Period. The MC is basically a talentless hack with a severe inferiority complex. Initially, he doesn't have much ambition... more>> and just wants a slightly better life.

When he gets high level techniques, he can't master them easily because well... he is a talentless hack.

But he meets people who change him and he struggles to overcome his past mentality. He takes the hard path because he doesn't have convenient plot armour.

This is slowly becoming one of my favourite novels.

5 stars <<less
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sukets rated it
June 26, 2018
Status: c68
Japanese beta MC on a korean novel. All he does is complain about his lack of talent. Author, show me these things, don't tell me.
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Mkaius rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: c34
This is the most dim witted protagonist I've come across in a while. He keeps whining about how untalented he is every other chapter, believes the future is set in stone, and acts like his physical age. He doesn't really have any redeeming quality, I'm not sure if he gets better later on in the story but at this point he really is an annoying MC.
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SnoopyGM rated it
October 16, 2017
Status: c47
One of the best setting of the time travel theme novel

If you like a talented/genius/very smart/easy going/positive/cheat/dense MC dont read this

Read this if you want growing personalty/logical/hardship story/normal MC (no BS kind of weak to strong)

The MC is not a genius and dont have a cheat, he just a normal people who got so many experience in his previous life and using it to become better. No high goal, just be better than his previous life. In his past life he got so many bad experience like a lackey.... more>> This time by remembering all those experience he using it to become better.

For people who badmouthing the MC cause he think like a pessimist, you all cant feel the story, can you imagine got into a different world where everybody stronger and you just a tr*sh, and do all thing just to become better tr*sh but die in the middle? I bet you cannot, the MC way of thinking is very logical and not annoying at all, he still face enemy normally, he still kill people and monster normally, and not a coward. He just think he cant be as good as a genius, and that is VERY LOGICAL. He also doesnt think everything negatively, he sometimes hope to become a genius by getting a great skill, but still his talent is lacking. No its not a story about some BS talent/genius people but a story of hardship and unshakable will of a person. He isnt some kind of crazy murderer, crazy money seeking or any crazy something person who become good because they have an insane mind. He just want to become better as a normal person, and he did it step by step.


At first he just want to be better than his previous life, but in the way he meet a genius (friend) who challenge him to become more than that. The MC is so humiliated by the genius words and promise he will beat the genius. In that way, the MC way of life change, and he has a new goal. On the way he doing the unthinkable training and face so much hardship and got help by so many people. Then his story as a real magnate begin. His personality as an individual grow more and more as the story goes. No he dont do it himself, he got help by other individual stronger that himself and by their advice, he grows.

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RockLeethal rated it
May 19, 2018
Status: c62
Great novel about a guy struggling to fix his past mistakes - and unlike other novels (Rebirth of the Thief That Roamed the World comes to mind) he isn't an OP genius right off the bat. So many novels push the idea that the MC was super mediocre and normal in their past life, then they reincarnate and become godly geniuses for some reason (I Am the Monarch is another offender). In this novel, the MC makes relationships that didn't exist before, puts in real effort instead of the typical... more>> "Okay, I know where this OP broken artifact/treasure/weapon is and I'll take it easily and become super OP". There's still a little bit of that, but to a very small degree (I think in 62 chapters it's happened twice? And the first one basically didn't even do anything).

Another plus is that there is very little filler. Other novels may spend dozens of chapters in each little area and waste a bunch of time with extraneous dialogue and shitty slapstick comedy. Not in this novel. Prepare for timeskips that are placed accordingly. <<less
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hyrkan30 rated it
October 12, 2018
Status: --
This jack-ss MC is annoying as hell. He keeps on whining every dmn chapter about how untalented he is. It honestly comes off as bad writing, ffs the guy reincarnated -- he was reborn with a golden spoon (in terms of advantages compared to other people) in his mouth but feels inferior because it isnt a diamond spoon like the rest of the 0.000000000001% of the world. He's jealous but he doesnt even deserve the talent/opportunity to pursue anything since he doesnt even have a concrete goal lmao.. Oh lets... more>> not forget to mention that of those rare world shaking geniuses, 2 of those suddenly become his teachers and impart first class/apex techniques in the first 30 chapters. I mean cmon.. Instead of a 9999 yr old man its instead 13 yr old geniuses, its the same formula as most other novels -- just with a different wrapping. <<less
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nile rated it
August 28, 2017
Status: c38
I'm tired of cliches so I rumage though a lot of novels here to find hidden gems, and boy was this a great find.

The MC is not OP, feels like a human-being we can relate with as if we're there. And there's real feels to it. There's no plot armor to protect him as he has to train hard and plow through the insecurity and inferiority of being talent-less amidst the jeers of others.

Please read this! It's really worth it.
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pomoli rated it
April 30, 2018
Status: c56
This is a great second chance novel.


  • The MC is believable : sufficiently mature, not unkind or a psycho, while not being overly genius to pass as a normal dude getting a second chance.
  • All characters are kinda unique and well developed. The MC is really the underdog here, with many incredible geniuses around.
  • Plot twists! There is a sense of mystery in the story, really interesting.

  • No romance (as of now), but maybe there will be later.
  • The translation is good, but it needs an editor. Edit: the later chapters suffer from many groups translating a few chapters, with varying quality of translation, and of course each deciding on new terms compared to the first chapters for skills and levels. Very very annoying, this kills the pace of the story unfortunately. Edit 2 : I give up.
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jkmessah rated it
June 19, 2017
Status: c40
Still at 7 chapters but the premise is quite interesting. Will rate when more are out. Nothing extremely original but the world and characters are well written.

Unlike most second chances or regular Isekai novels, our MC is not overpowered. Weak but determined to survive with what he has; pragmatic and sensible. Usually having past memories is extremely advantageous, but since his past life was relatively unremarkable, the benefits it brings are toned down. Enough to give him an edge, but not a god.

Translation is done well and the world it's... more>> in is rather interesting. The few side characters aren't complete card board cutouts from the little interactions we see. I am looking forward to more chapters!

Edit: it has been a good ride! I always look forward to reading more about Sungmin. He is still very flawed as a character, but his strengths are really coming out now. He's a character you can't help but root for. In the span of 33 chapters you can actually see character growth in not just his strength but his perspective, his mind and his attitude towards things.

Other characters in the story are also interesting to read which gives this story that full experience. I highly recommend anyone give this a try! <<less
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a7davidz rated it
August 20, 2017
Status: 43
It addicting the novel, it too bad I don't understand Korean. It like a bottom of a pit & he trying to climb out. He believe his future in set from no class, but he slowly realizes it not. It to due to helps he recieves & prob luck or not.
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Phantom-Paradox rated it
March 31, 2021
Status: c236
In the early stage of the story you might think this is a reincarnation plot where the MC makes use of his future knowledge to become op and the main character has the exact same misconception.

In fact it wouldn't matter how many chances he had, he wouldn't magically become a different person just because he had a second chance. And this is where the core of the story comes into play, despite being a mix of fantasy settings where the MC is a cultivator, it's actually be a long time... more>> before he even touches the realm of fantasy capability. This is a story about a young boy overcoming his past self, his inferiority complex and his fate through self reflecting to improve as a person, though persistent effort to reach his goals and constantly moving forward to make something out of his second life.

The story is at its strongest when the MC falters in his path, those human moments where the empty talk shatters as it rightly should and the MC grows a little as a person as he redefines the vague ideals for ideals with real direction.

The experiences MC has highlight how human he is, that he isn't perfect and makes mistakes. The fact that he has both constructive and destructive thoughts makes him shine when many other mc's seem to either be moral Jesus or outright evil for no reason.

In the later parts of the story it becomes more battle and romance (don't worry, no harem) oriented, it is weak to strong after all. While the battles are good, the outcomes don't usually leave the realm of expectation and people tend to enter combat in a rather direct manner without much care for preparation or location.

Overall it's a good read and I highly recommend it. <<less
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Nitpicking Reader
Nitpicking Reader rated it
June 20, 2018
Status: c51
This is a story about a useless guy having a second chance returning to the past but it seems to be a waste on him, he is so naive and childish (even a lil girl can see through him completely), his plan seems to be shitty to get stronger (he doesn't even know why he wants to be stronger except for his ego?) as it was low quality goals he was working for, all the better things he got were by people taking pity on him then teaching him their... more>> super skills which makes no sense, he isn't even soaciable or likeable as a person, the author hints that it has to do with his soul returning to the past?

Ah I almost forgot his only redeeming feature is hardwork, but it just make the story bitter since he got no talent and his average IQ. <<less
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NothingPersonal rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c47
Well, i'll never update this review, so just consider that, if unchanged, this novel never disappointed me. Not going to go into details, others did that, but just know that it's one of those novel that you want to read. May be a different style for many, since there is no harem, yet (Cause yeah there will be one), and the MC is not strong at all, well before chapter 40. He learns quickly that others his age are unfathomably stronger than him. He learns that luck is the only... more>> think that he has. He experiences both sides of the world, one of the weak and poor, the other of the powerful and rich/famous. BUT, He is different of any common guy, as opposed to many other reviewers belief, he is second to none in perseverance. Well just read it, you'll like it. <<less
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Dusk rated it
October 1, 2017
Status: c47
Possesing Nothing.. simple, catchy title. I read this novel with a simple hope of it not being a generic one, like the general novels that are flooding the community now and well, I was rewarded with this.

I'm sick of geniuses, I'm sick of cripples who are only geniuses in disguise, I'm fed up of the so called average but gained the lazy plot device 'cheats' or whatever you call em. A crippled MC will only become a genius, we all know it but what of an ordinary? Let me rephrase... more>> it, an above average not a genius who towers others but a true, bonafide above average. This is, Possesing Nothing.

In a sense the MC does possess something, of course. But if we look at the bigger picture and how he started this journey, he truly is... hollow, and when you come back to see the title of the novel after reading a certain amount of chapter you might also feel it's.. hollowness too. Yes the MC came back to time and he can reap rewards using his future knowledge but he simply possess nothing, even he come back in time, so what? He might be able to improve his life compared to his previous one but in the end, he is still 'nothing'.

What changed him is the people he met, he grew out of his shell, the 'shell' I'm talking about here is the mindset of averages. He challenged his limits and when I say challenged it's not just one line where the author mentions " he work harder than normal people, normal people would collapse at 10 tries but he did 100 " no, not some tr*sh lines like that but we actually get to see, feel and experience his hardships at least that's how I felt. Anyone can just write ' he worked like a madman bla bla bla ' but to get the people reading feel the hardships, that's something different altogether.

I saw someone saying him as the most dim witted MC he had ever seen, whining about his future and all. Well, I beg to differ. In fact I don't think this 'someone' understands the MC well enough, I don't think he understands the meaning of 'averages', I will not elaborate on that cuz there's no meaning cuz this review is not aimed at him. In fact, if the MC can change to a bright, optimistic person in 10 chapters then I'll be the one cursing the author instead. The world doesn't work that way. This is a novel, true but people always aim for realism in novels like this and I have to say it is one of the better ones I have seen.

Hmm.. in the end this feels less of a review and more of an impression. I won't put a TLDR even tho a lot of people would want that cuz they are lazy to read (even though this is a novel community) because a tldr simply can't capture what I said about this novel. It has it's flaws yes, but it's something I personally enjoy nonetheless. After swimming through countless of web novels my taste have more or less improved, it'll be harder to get an 8 out of me now but for this I'll place an 8.1 <<less
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PopeBuddha rated it
November 25, 2017
Status: c47
I normally drop second chance novels once the MC is sufficiently powerful because any problem just means doing his secret move bigger and better than the last time but for this LN the MC cant become some prodigy just because he's seen the future. When the MC does get something to help him it doesnt suddenly become a move he masters, the MC trains hard and toils to make himself stronger and will still be left behind. Obviously the MC will get strong at some point and even now hes... more>> at a level that would be considered skilled the world he is in, the key difference for this novel is it still feels like he could be easily overpowered by anyone with enough talent so there will always be grind towards being stronger. <<less
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NakuyKi rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: c65
Note: This review will change as I progress/catch-up to the current chapter. Dropped. This is a novel where the MC jumps from sugar momma to sugar momma. beware.

Warning: Plenty of spoilers.

Possessing Nothing (But Given Everything)

... more>> At first, this novel seems promising due to the premise of climbing from the absolute bottom (Past memories aside).

But as you continue to read, you realize that he, for a lack of a better phrase, "gets carried through the early game." by a talented young "boy" he meets early on (via being given free techniques that boosted him from (League terms) unranked to gold in a world where most unskilled summons end up as essentially iron/bronze).


"He" also has the convenient ability to give portions of "his" strength to others... Of which "he" gives 20% to the MC cause plot. A person, who can shoot energy from their fingertips and kill shit, gave 20% of their inner power to the MC to make him shut up about how "weak" and "talentless" and "hopeless" he is. Let that sink in for a novel supposedly about having no advantages. Most No-Skills get treated like tr*sh and he is getting free shit/advise and complaining.


The author then glosses over the tournament the MC was so looking forward to (They could have created a potential character or conclusion side story here via the dude who was supposed to have won in the previous life-time) and the death of the surgeon that he refused to advise, the same surgeon who also gave him a free martial skeleton (Cause he thinks any warning would be "pointless." What a dick.)


"Talent" huh... There are potions and surgeries that can literally increase your body's capabilities/potential huh... Pay to win much? If this were really a "start with nothing, receiving nothing" novel, I'd say the best path would have been to become a medical expert. >_>


Later on, he goes to a mountain, owned by a god, where you can train for "guaranteed growth" as long as you have the willpower to push past suffering


(In hindsight, this is hella dumb because I guarantee you that there are countless other people in that world who would have been bullheaded enough to brute force progression [Literally "oH aLl yOu hAvE tO dO iS wAnT tO gAiN sKiLl mAsTeRy LeVeL 2 oN wHaTeVeR aNd yOu'Ll GeT lEvEl 3 iNsTeAd! hA hA hA! teehee LOLXD]. There is absolutely nothing stopping powerful groups from mass producing "apex" level disciples with the mechanics of this mountain being around).


This arc gave me some uneasiness about the story, which I later identified as the typical author strat of "increasing reader sympathy to excuse any and all power boosts."


It is only through the grace of a fellow female trainee, who felt pity for him, that he even survived the trial because his dumb ass decided (Yes, he chose his initial trial) to start off by making his body heavy to the point where he could barely move (Which makes it a bit impossible to hunt your own food). Dude literally would have starved to death from sheer s*upidity.


It's only afterwards that I had an epiphany... This MC is a total "Jerry."


The pity he receives from the first girl

The pity he gets from the second girl

And the third...

Like, even the revelation of what will happen to him due to his soul karma is there to try and make you feel bad for the MC lmao


Anyways he strolls off the mountain and instantly becomes an S-Rank mercenary with SS-Rank ability


(You still gonna bit*h about having no talent? The "I feel so bad for you, so Ima give you free techniques that people normally never get cause I'm a potential waifu" strat is only gonna work so long with the readers brah).


And as of the most recently read chapter (s)...


His party of S-Rank mercenaries basically got wiped by a Lich and somehow the Lich can't do anything to the MC later cause plot. Random uber mage comes in, chases off the Lich. And MC, being the only survivor, loots all the special techniques off the other SS/S-classes. At this point the whole "I have no talent to learn shit" gets thrown out the window probably.


Right now the novel is at a solid 2/5, carried by the premise. But if the author keeps pulling this shit, no concept is gonna save this score.

Edit: Btw, the A/S-Rank mercenaries are basically, relatively speaking, mediocre adventurers with higher stats, as far as dungeon diving goes. They legit act like noobs when unexpected sh*t happens to make the S-Rank MC look good lmao.

Edit: As of chapter 65


His lack of talent no longer matters as he has gained the ability to insta absorb pills 100% while others struggle to retain sub-fifty percent.


... Yea f*ck this novel. I can already see where this is headed and there is no further value in continuing. 1/5 <<less
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artfulFool rated it
August 26, 2020
Status: c145
Edit: Adding a tldr.

tldr: An otherwise great novel with multi-dimensional side characters and deep world building, ruined by an MC whose premise of "I'm untalented with no special blessings but gain emotional and physical strength through hard work" rapidly devolves into "plot armor couldn't remove my inferiority complex, so don't expect me to."

It's an average novel at best, hiding behind the veneer of a decent premise. The plot is straightforward - the MC, a transmigrator who reincarnated as well, is trying to change from his past life of being a... more>> failure, in his new one. The world is sufficiently rich and interesting, being a kind of 'melting pot' of all the different fantasy worlds. The characters are properly fleshed out, their actions / plotlines appropriately match their ambitions, and they accrue emotional baggage like people truly do. In all honesty, the reason why I'm not rating this lower is because the author did a pretty splendid job on the side cast and the world-building. The issue, though, is with the MC.

The M.O. of the MC is that he was once a pathetic loser with a massive inferiority complex, and that he is struggling on all fronts to get past it. It's an admirable goal. While it is annoying to read about the MC vacillating between throes of diffidence and inferiority and bouts of optimism and confidence, it's nice to see how he takes realistic steps forward in casting off those chains. It's a phase that many of us who have struggled to even be on the same level of the geniuses at school and at work have felt, and so this setting is nice - at first. Only at first. Here's why it gets bad:

    • Plot Armor. It does quite a bit of heavy lifting in this novel, and is getting out of hand. It gives him powerful connections, skills, and actual armor early on, and it prevents him for truly ever losing via a combination of enlightenment and friends showing up when necessary. It's standard across all novels, yes, but its presence here really diminishes the realistic setting.
    • The MC is a loser, through and through. I'm no longer talking about his past, I'm talking about his current state. The margin between an inferiority complex breakdown and self-pity is thin, for sure, but halfway through the novel our MC just dive-bombs right into the latter area. It makes everything so much more annoying. He rarely cares about the struggles of others, and even when he does notice, he makes it about himself. He's ridiculously selfish - he expects others to provide him with skills and information, while he is reluctant to ever pay a consequence in return. He thinks poorly of those who have their own selfish desires, though he himself is a ball of greed. And so on...
All of this is not to say that the novel's setting is poor, or that it isn't readable. In the end, this is a story about a loser with an inferiority complex, and it does get at that. It's just, for all of its merits, the actions of the MC scream "I'm a piece of sh*t" so loud, I can't really appreciate anything in it. I came here for character growth, and all I got was stagnant sewage. If, in the future, the MC actually grows a brain and uses it, I'll consider restarting this, but for now, it's dr****d. <<less
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GodlyCash rated it
May 17, 2019
Status: c71
This is one of the few cultivation novels I like.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not adverse with cultivation, but most cultivation novels is just get stronger with new names for things and get even stronger for no reason other than let's get stronger. It gets boring, but this novel has a character who wants to get stronger to change, to catch up to someone. There are also hints of the world building throughout the story.

I want to continue to support this novel. Unfortunately we lost Chamber, Asian hobbyist seemed to... more>> have dropped it then picked it up again. Honestly, I want to wait and see. I dislike Asian hobbyist's monthly release since 12 chapters a year will get us nowhere fast. They were doing pretty good with the two chapters every few days thing.

More notes about Asian Hobbyist, it's a for profit thing since the translators are paid, but still, stick to a novel. You don't get profit in the beginning because people like to stock up chapters before going into it. People keep dropping novels because you pick them up, do monthly releases and drop it because people leave because you do monthly releases! Monthly goes nowhere, please remember that. <<less
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riida rated it
January 22, 2019
Status: c91
Though set in a fantasy world with game elements, many unpleasant cliches are avoided. MC is thinking and reacting in very realistic and relateable ways and goes through character growth in a refreshing way. That sense torture forest is definitely one of the best things in any LN around here.

I changed my rating from 5 to 4 because MC's inferiority complex is INFURIATING. It never stops, even as he becomes countless times stronger than in his previous life. After the shaolin episode he's stronger than most people, except top geniuses... more>> and old masters, yet he STILL WHINES about being "weak" and "talentless" and "unworthy" and "small" and almost cries in self-pity...

Too bad ChamberCleanup seems to have abandoned it, and to make things worse, one of the worst translating websites ever picked it up. I'll have to forever forget Possessing Nothing because "asian hobbyist" will butcher it with unreadable barely edited machine translations that make one puke, empty promises of higher quality in the future for money and deleting all comments which aren't filled with praise, ignoring any criticism, even constructive one. Insted of "translating website", "translating scam" is more appropriate... <<less
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Kye rated it
April 20, 2018
Status: c56
This novel is really well done so far. This novel actually has a plot to it instead of being one of those plot armor, insert basic tropes and harem novels.

This novel has a lot of character development, especially considering its up 56 chapters only. What I got from reading the novel was the premise around the MC is about an ordinary guy (for their world, kinda meek if anything) who dies and comes back to life. From coming back to life, he doesn't want to live the same way again... more>> and wants to strive to be better. This is where the progression of the character comes in, as he grows stronger his personality changes for the better. This makes the MC relatable and really likeable because we get to see his changes through his struggles. On top of that, there's a fleshed out plot and world.

Overall probably one of the best novels for this genre and I highly recommend reading it. <<less
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