Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death


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“Please, I implore you to save the world.” This is what a goddess in white says to me in a pure-white space. Such is the standard line that suggests the game is about to begin. Please say this stirring line to boys and girls with sparkling eyes! It’s wrong to direct it to someone like me, who’s exhausted from job hunting! When I declined her politely, she flew into a fit of tears; when I agreed to assist her on small tasks out of reflex, she proclaimed: “it’ll be fine if you just help in the Starting-Village Arc. Please guide the Hero!” Then she tossed me into another world. No, this is a world modeled after a game that this gamer goddess likes…

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Shinitakunai node Eiyuu-sama wo Sodateru Koto ni Shimasu
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83 Reviews

New traktor_reak
Jun 18, 2024
Status: c38 part4
You know, this would have been a 5 star book, if not for it's biggest (in my opinion only) flaw. That flaw being the total moral corruption of the writing. I don't mean the characters, I mean the whole book, and likely the author. There will be minor spoilers, but nothing very specific, so you can read ahead even if you want to read it.

As of the chapter I'm on, there were 2 most noticable cases of bs, I will start with the lesser one.

At one point in the story,... more>> the MC gets kidnapped. Once he is freed, he defends the kidnappers, saying that they were just following orders, and were meant to see these guys as good? He's not even mad at the person who ordered it, because they were "protecting him". So yeah, according to this novel, nobody should have been convicted at the Nuremberg trials, they were just following orders.

The second offence I want to talk about, and this one should have never happened.

At another point in the story, the MC almost gets no no touched and forced to be an unpaid intern (I think you know what I mean by that) This time, he doesn't forgive his ab*sers, but he doesn't want them killed because he's just such an angel, but he couldn't get them killed because of status and stuff anyway. Oh, and I don't mean he got mol*sted and ran away. If he didn't run away, 10 seconds, and his braid would have been untied. That's not the bad part.

This part has some spoilers for what happens next. The second spoiler is only my point, the first being just context for the scene.


MC runs away and gets to ML. The people he's with see that he looks like he was r*ped, and they give him a room, in which he hides, his spirits clearly crushed. Enter ML. He prepares a both for him, and let's him take it. The MC was dragged with an aphrodisiac, so he can't calm down. After leaving the bath, he's still h**ny, and the ML wants to ask him about who did it, but the MC doesn't want to say.



So, what would you do if your best friend (they weren't together yet) almost gets r*ped, is under the effect of a drug, and presumably isn't in the right state of mind, as he doesn't want to say who it is (which you can assume happened because of shame, guilt, anger, or other emotions that come with such a traumatizing experience) ? Would you:

A - comfort him and asks if he needs help with the poison

B - Say that this is very important, because you have to know who did it, while also offering help with you know what

C - Put him to bed to make sure that his mind is clearer once you converse

D - any other sensible thing.

Well, the ML, in his infinite wisdom, picked option E: r*pe him and deny his or**sm until he tells you who did it. What? Am I hallucinating? There is now way that happened.

And yet it did.


You know, the first experience would definitely traumatize some, but there is a big chance that a person would come out of that emotionally unscathed. But the second (the one I described in the second spoiler tag) ? If you're not traumatized, you're at the very least left with severe trust issues for the rest of your life, and we're supposed to think the guy who did it is a hero, no, the hero? Is this a joke? Of course the MC wasn't hit by it, but I would chalk it up to bad writing, as he takes almost nothing out of this experience.

You know, maybe the author is playing a game if 4D chess with me, and the reason those characters are portrayed like that, is because the moral compass of the main character, from who's perspective we see the story, is so skewed, that evil people look good in his eyes. Or maybe I'm just trying to gaslight myself because I want to like this novel, but I just can't? After all, he lived 20 something years in normal Japan before.

After this happened once, I said that we all make mistakes, but after the second time, I can't let it go. I'm dropping. <<less
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Jul 20, 2019
Status: --
It so full of fluff and im rooting for it. Typical love story but every detail will make you squealing like a fangirl.

Other than that this story is just another transmigration story who end up being the villain but fail to act like one. But thats fine, their romance is so overwhelming that you gonna like it.

Why does bl sometimes have better romance plot than straight couple???
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Jul 29, 2017
Status: c31
This is a good Light Novel. Believe me. Just read this. Maybe it is a bit slow pace but... It makes this story became natural... It is refreshing to read this. And if you like Villain rehab Plan, than you will surely love this (like me).

I already read the raw, and the story is soo beautifull. Recommend to read for people who like fluffy moment.... Kyah. The sweetness is soo unbearable!!! >/////<
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Au Courant
Au Courant
Mar 19, 2021
Status: c31.2
Spoiler about the s*x scene

... more>>

this is concerning the penetrative s*x scene in chapters 30-31.

MC was feeling bad and decided to break apart from the ML. The process was quite dumb though, to be precise, he said he hated the ML. But the ML, Alfred, realizes that MC, Lian, is lying and they make up. But the MC is still feeling bad about it and ML decided to exploit that, he basically has his way with Lian, even though the latter was clearly not ready. To give Alfred benefit of the doubt, Lian did somewhat agree, despite that consent being half-forced. But during their second round, MC was clearly protesting but ML didn't heed him at all.

Next chapter starts, it's morning and we find out Alfred apparently f*cked him until he was unconcious and still continued raping him even after that. At the very least to me the way that whole thing read was nothing but r*pe.

I'm not gonna play a saint, I'll just be frank, I'm a disgusting bit*h who has a r*pe kink, but even I, who's usually taking pleasure in reading forced s*x scenes, couldn't enjoy it. It's hard to put my feelings into words but I'll do my best to explain my reasoning: when you see a work with r*pe in it (at least the ones I have seen), they're quite self-aware, it's just a fetish not meant to be written into reality, but when reading this it felt like what happened was supposed to amplify (?) the fluffiness of the novel, it's written as if it's a normal thing.

First and foremost, the MC's reaction is really off, being all blushy and whatnot. Idek at this point if he has a r*pe kink or not. The novel is written in 1st person POV and we clearly see his thoughts of not wanting to do it illustrated, but despite that he just goes along with it. Author writes that Lian is planning to "punish" Alfred but whatever he thinks of can't even be considered as one. He doesn't even get mad at the ML cuz he still feels guilty. He's clearly guilty tripping himself and author is trying to write a fluffy novel out of this f*cked up bs?

Reading that, I felt like I wondered into a twisted and dark world. But it wasn't darkness intentionally created, for example when you deliberately turn the lights off, it felt as if I was wondering in the forest and suddenly the sun itself lost it's glow, shrouding everything into utter darkness. Intentional or not, darkness existed, but when you know that you can't just flick a switch for lights to come back on, it's rather scary. In this case, that scary feeling sprouted into disgust.


I feel like it's not even the author's fault they wrote something so horrible. The environment created in today's BL world is concerning, to say the least. <<less
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Jul 04, 2019
Status: c13 part2
This one *lick lips* is a tasty novel

With fluffy and spicy content in the right places

Makes me giggle and blush like a young maiden reading Jane Austen.

Slow pace romance don't hope for papapapa so soon.

But gives you high quality Dog Food.

- profissional dog food critic.
38 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 17, 2020
Status: c23.3
I'll start by saying the story is kinda childish, so people of certain age groups would definitely rate this higher. However, personally, I was quite bored and couldn't make it to the end. I was going to rate it 3stars but honestly I feel it's current rating is too high so I went with 2stars.

I'm okay with the ML's character, but MC just makes me cringe. First of all, there's way too much unnecessary inner monologue that I don't feel builds or enhances character; it makes the chapters very long,... more>> but doesn't actually add value imo. Secondly, this MC is supposed to be 20+. Sure I get that he's bad at acting and comes off as a tsundere, but why is he so wimpy & childish??? He's supposed to be graduated from university!! He has none of that mental age. From the very beginning, in almost every single sentence, he stutters, which can be okay but in this context makes him too weak and nervous. Like what???? He's also supposed to be stronger than ML (in the beginning), yet comes off as a weak white lotus character.

There's also that one bit where ML made me upset. Generally, ML is pretty caring of MC though, so I still managed to make it past this part.


MC was drugged and almost r*ped, but he made it out in time. However, in ML's process of getting revenge for MC, without MC's consent he spreads the news that MC was actually grossly r*ped and "ruined". Sure it's spread to a small circle, but that's still all the upper brass of an imperial knights group. MC is noble, yet ML just casually ruins his reputation.


Anyway, it's been a really really long time and they still haven't even left the "starting village" lmao. Given MC's character, I guess it makes sense, but it makes me think this story will drag on for a long long time lol <<less
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Nov 20, 2017
Status: c31
This is really good! I first got hook with the MC's personality. He is originally kind, but had to act arrogantly when he transferred to follow the basic plot. Turns out, he really can't, becoming more like a pseudo-tsundere in front of the ML. I can't get enough so I tried reading raws through MTL, which I didn't come to regret.

The story is really fluffy, with a bit of heart-pinching moments here and there. What I really like about this is how the MC and ML love each other.

Lian (MC) had to act as 'Lian' to develop Alfredo (ML) into the hero he's meant to be. He 'lie' in order to accomplish that, and every time he did it, he'll feel guilty for 'lying' to Alfredo, causing him to sometimes blame himself. He's really selfless, constantly caring for Alfredo so much he didn't really care if he get hurt.
Alfredo too, when he develop feeling for Lian, struggles to hold and protect onto this little reckless star (MC) who keeps lighting his way.


At first, I'm a bit put off with the MC's (and ML's) inner monologues, but later on, I think those as really necessary, Coz those inner thoughts really build up the characters' interactions the most. (At times, those things would make me tear up too)

All in all, this novel is really worth-reading.
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Nov 04, 2021
Status: c35.5
TLDR: Japanese people writing literary masterpieces that rival the works of Shakespeare only to make it about kissing your homies goodnight

I'm not gay, but... my god. This made a man cry, which is ironic considering this webnovel isn't about tragedy.

Firstly, the I'd consider the greatest strength of this story is the pacing. Without the pacing, I doubt the emotional payoffs would be as good as they are.

However, the biggest weakness of this story is also the pacing. Simply put, it's very slow, and you won't be able to feel the... more>> emotional payoffs that come if you don't have the patience to read through the slow parts. Sometimes the narrator goes off on tangents and rants, as the story is told in first person (kinda like Catcher in the Rye, but usually never as extensive as Holden Caulfield's rants). Personally, I feel that the side tangents in his internal monologue make him feel a lot more human and relatable than, say, that Gary-Stu protagonist from Face of Devil. But it's understandable if other people can't stand it, as it can feel like he's wasting time.

In other words, this story isn't written for everyone.

I heavily recommend coming back to read this story if you were turned off by the slow-burn romance at first. It's what happened to me. I gave it a second chance, and boom, it's like I watched Violet Evergarden all over again. Every emotional beat demolished my internal organs. I think I ejected 50% of my body's water content through my eyes.

This isn't your usual Isekai. Although it takes place in a medieval/renaissance-era European setting, the world seems to blend with aspects of the 19th century and modern day. It may not be realistic considering that they don't have guns and whatnot, but it gives off a relatively authentic 90's JRPG vibe, which CANNOT be coincidental. The author's a genius, I swear.

If you've read/watched Mushoku Tensei, you'll find that the protagonist has a lot in common with Mushoku Tensei's protagonist when it comes to how they handle their previous life's experiences, traumas, and emotional attachments. In other words, the protagonist isn't perfect from the start, but improves as a person as the story goes on and overcomes his internal problems from his past life.

Also, believe it or not, this yaoi smut webnovel actually has prominent symbolism, imagery, and themes for whatever reason. But I'm not going to talk about it because it steps into the territory of spoilers. Usually, I don't care about spoilers, but this is one story that I would hate to be spoiled. And it doesn't really matter if you identify the symbolism and crap, anyway. This ain't a literary analysis college course.

Some people say that the NSFW scenes with dubious consent ruin the whole story, or how the love interest feels cliched, but I don't think so. Even if you don't like a portion of the story, I think it still deserves a very good rating based purely off of how well the author handles the characters' emotions. Something being cliched doesn't mean it's automatically bad. The overpowered love interest has his own anxiety and issues that make him more interesting than the average love interest. A clever twist on the stereotypical BL love interest, if you will.

Overall, 10/10. Don't read it. If you do, you'll get turned off by the pacing, then come back 2 years later drawn by the sweet siren call of Femboy ass. And then...

"Like an abusive lover, she will caress and beat you senseless - and each time, you'll come crawling back for more."

- SsethTzeentach, The Merchant's Manifesto (3533 B.C.E.) <<less
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Sep 02, 2019
Status: Completed
I MTL-ed the whole thing due to impatience and was very content at the ending. All the elements of the story was there: A proper worldbuilding, progressive character development of both the MC and ML, effective supporting characters (both good and bad), rising action in the plot and it’s HE, as one could probably expect just from the summary.

The thing here is, it should not be taken as heavily like all the other 200+ CN novels out there, there are plot heavy moments with angst and comfort, but it’s mostly... more>> light and fluffy. It has long chapters but it doesn’t even reach 50 chapters. It will depend on you whether this kind of trope clicks with you since people can be choosy nowadays but read it despite not liking it and leaves bad reviews of it. Don’t do that to yourself and this story lol.

As you can guess, this is that cliche isekai-trope + villain role combo that are being mass-produced in WN culture. The MC is very kind and had to take upon a cannon fodder villain role that can’t even equal as the mid-boss, which kinda twists his personality making him a total tsundere bc he has to help the ML (Protagonist) grow through trials (him conducting the trials through his “villainous” ways) but he’s soft for the Protagonist he empathizes deeply with, and that kindness shows without meaning to.

Again, cliche, but it works. The ML kind of has low EQ points due to trauma and is just taking one job after another to help out with the church who raised him. He’s not a people person. We get to see his side of the story via interludes in between (since the POV is the MC’s; Interludes are ML’s) and we see him getting confused by all these emotions at first, slowly getting certain that he *ahem* indeed likes the MC, and the rest of the novel after that confirmation is him chasing after the MC.

The Relationship development may be shockingly sudden to a few, but I think it’s ample enough bc there are timeskips, there is actually a trigger why the relationship sparked, and even after that they don’t suddenly “get it on”— they had to confirm with each other that the feelings is indeed mutual.


They had an agreement regarding snusnu like proper teenagers adulting (lol) and once they do the deed? They do it a FREAKING lot. I’m fed, I’m well-watered.


There’s angsting for both characters which devolves into gratuitous cuddle time/ we time, and it’s mostly Slice of Life but with conflicts in between that gets solved via clearing the misunderstanding or facing the problem despite being utterly afraid of it. The MC treats it like the real world, doesn’t compare the ML to the game version of him and sees him as his own person.

Just his few insecurities about his impending death, or if fate would drive the ML away from his side no matter how much the MC loved him (this is why the actual confirmation of relationship got dragged on; the MC was scared he would be tossed away once the FL arrives)


The plot itself is enjoyable with just few action conflicts bc all people seem to want just the smoke lmao and went reading this thinking it could provide and being dissatisfied. There is action, and it only comes to play in major conflicts.

(E.g., when MC got kidnapped by the Church and ML had to save him, and the showdown of the awaited demon flood that wrecked their village)



A lot of cliches like ML being actually the inheritor of a kingdom by receiving his powered up sword he used in the game (like Arthurian Mythology), MC being hailed as the “angel” of the goddess due to her constant interference in trying to save his life bc he doesn’t wanna abandon the village, ML being OP, MC being drugged and about to be assaulted and escaping to ML’s arms and first snusnu happens, etc. AND THEY GET MARRIED;;


It was a good satisfying read and I’m glad I mtled it until the very end. <<less
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Jan 22, 2021
Status: c31 part2
I love the story, the characters, and the world build. But the "romance" makes me really uncomfortable.

... more>>

Alfred keeps abusing Lian's trust and will.

Lian keeps saying things like No, Not Now, I'm not ready, Please Stop, Wait; and Alfred says he's gonna respect his limits but doesn't really do it, he always finds a reason to bypass that in some way, be it by a kiss, a touch, or something more. He doesn't really listen to Lian, and during their first night not only did he keep going until Lian was unconscious, but the next day he even forced the situation again, even though Lian obviously wasn't in the best state nor was he really willing. I hate this.

And you can't claim ambiguity. Lian always says no and he's always uncomfortable with the initiations and their continuity. And no, the fact that Alfred doesn't physically hurt and gives him pleasure doesn't erase the fact that he's an as*hole who cares more about his c*otch than the reality that his partner isn't ready to do things at the same time and pace as himself.


And since I'm already here, about Lian's personality:

Although I understand why people think so, I don't agree that him being tsundere is weird, annoying, or whatnot. After all, he is a clumsy man, who was suddenly thrust into a different world, without any clue about the possible repercussions of his acts and no help whatsoever

since he only discovered about Marie and the Goddess being unconscious much too late

. He's acting as a person whose nature is completely contrary to his own self because that's the only thing he thought he could do (and let's be honest, if he acted like himself, the original storyline would be lost, and the whole point of his transmigration would be wasted too). So of course he's gonna be awkward and unnatural, and since he's been acting like that for years now, it is feasible that some of that acting ended up becoming an ingrained habit.

All in all, I was loving this story, until the NSFW stuff started. And don't get me wrong, I love some good NSFW, but I hate it when the authors downplay r*pe and abusive relationships as "cute" and "romantic". Because it's not. It's not cute, It's not pretty, It's not romantic, and It's not "just fiction".

Also, I'm sorry if I'm being too harsh and for my English (it's my second language), but I just read the latest chapter and was really pissed (I was so annoyed I couldn't even finish it, actually), and I need to rant. I'm even considering stop reading this, even though I really like all the other aspects of it... <<less
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Nov 12, 2018
Status: --
On a positive, thanks to the translators for picking this up for others to read.

I liked how it was set in a fantasy world with fantasy elements. In that regard I quite liked the imaginary aspects of it such as the locations and how the world was set out.

What I didn't like about this mainly about how the Author thought up the MC :

  1. The MC lacked conviction:

    He was literally cannon fodder. Useless and boring. Not being the villain he should have been at all.

  2. I wanted an MC that did his role properly as the villain and instead

    he just ends up going the cliche route with these kind of novels. MC is good in real life > transmigrates into a villain role > does not act like a villain > Useless, unassertive and no clear role except being "Pure/Righteous" and doing an awful role at being despicable and stuttering all the time. (You get a sense that the MC is air headed, sheltered, and needs to have his hand held all the time. Not my cup of tea.

  3. The chapters are long (I like long chapters if a story is good) however, they are absolutely boring.
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Jan 14, 2022
Status: c36
Okay so at the time of writing this, Chapter 36 Part 5 is the most recent chapter.
Now, I really liked this novel. It had a new premise of saving not only the hero but the village which causes his journey to begin. Normally this genre only focuses on the hero/villain themself. The world was nice, and the reactions of the people around MC as a child, and an adult are very unique, even if they repeat between characters.


Recently, a lot of issues have come to mind. Not only does the normal “ML forces MC but MC likes it so it’s fine” happen, but there are other scenes that play with this, and the consequences are... light?


When MC is forced down by the captain of the Knights, and his cocaptain helps him do so with drugs, their punishment is demotion and being sent to the front lines... ?????? Two grown adults planned to drug and do a child, and the worst they get is demotion? I understand that in their world the front lines might be dangerous, but that doesn’t mean its a punishment. It’s horrible how MC and the new head knights also do barely anything to make up for it. The new heads apologise and ask if MC needs anything, but thats it. MC also says the one thing he wants is support. He almost got pushed down and forcefully taken by a man who was a grown adult, while he was only, what 13-15?? Then is told they can get anything the knights can give as an apology, yet makes one small request, when he could have done more for not only himself but his ability to save the town.


This scenario was atleast a little bearable though. I won’t even talk about how ML reacted and the misunderstanding he purposefully caused after that scene. MC was a child and had been naivelly tricked by people he assumed were trustworthy.

But then..


It happens again. When Shwede, the dawn haired Knight comes around, he very clearly shows his interest in MC, which gave me the creeps because ML made their relationship VERY obvious. Despite the relationship that is very obviously strong and important to both of them, mentally and physically, he tricks MC by having gained trust with him, and drugs MC so that he can kidnap and chain MC against his will. This makes no sense, because never did we see a possessive kidnapper in him before this. Sure, Shwede was the wedge that appears during the honeymoon stage of love, but he was only ever this possessive and deaf to the pleading of MC after he kidnapped him. NOT ONLY THIS!!! MC realises that Shwede wont release him, and is being pushed around. He has a choker that restricts his magic and strength, but he can still resist, yet doesnt. At one point (The ending of Chapter36p5) Shwede offers MC a drink, and MC refuses because he doesn’t trust him anymore. Then, Shwede begins to talk about how he’ll definitley help MC get back to the village, and how his boss is very scary, so it will take a long time. MC, despite being one of the smartest and hardest working people around... believes him, and they laugh together. Lo and behold, when MC then drinks the drink he refused not even 5 minutes earlier, he learns that it’s drugged.


That ends the chapter, and I’m fuming. The author completely tr*shes on the mindset and skill that MC has shown literally every chapter beforehand, all so the plot can progress quickly. It felt rushed, messy and very childish. The gaps between the personalities/characteristics appeared too suddenly and threw off the entire scene.

This novel has potential, but now I’m teetering between the line of keeping or dropping this.
Thank You for your time.
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Jan 25, 2021
Status: c31.2
im rating 3 stars because the abusive s3x scene was literally unsettling. I don't take any excuses for that.

Alfred isn't even under any influence he should've known to control himself because Lian already is tired and can't do anymore


srsly tho. We need to condemn this abusive bed scene trope that's so prevalent on yaoi materials. It's not cute, its unsettling.

other than that, the story is good atleast.
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Sep 02, 2017
Status: c4
Translations are great. Translator is doing a great job with edits and all. Story: meh as of ch4.

Author gives the MC too much unnecessary internal dialoge. Sometimes it feels like it was written just to get 2K characters. I just started skimming it because MC's dialoge is trite and bland.

MC is the typical clueless idiot type who is somehow blind to his own charm while definitely able to see other people's good looks. For example, (Ch1) older brother is so good looking, go explode... he's MC's brother and therefore... more>> there are similarities. Also MC just saw himself in the mirror and described himself. Three friends blush when MC smile and calls him beautiful. MC still stays oblivious.

So far, 3stars. I'll wait until more chapters before giving an actual rating tho. I'm still hopeful that this gets better later in the story. <<less
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Feb 20, 2018
Status: c41
It's little bit slow but that makes it more fluffy :3 I like how MC acts Tsundere xD
Evry chapter is little bit long so many of you migh not like so much long chapters but I think thats fine and I like this way much better, I like how their romance devopls its so fun watching them xD
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Aug 29, 2017
Status: c4
I like this so far.

It's not just the usual slapstick "reincarnated as a game villain" genre, nor is it just shallow yaoi fluff. The chapters are long and the writer actually seems to care about slowly building the world.

The main character in this story is somewhat unique. A goddess asks him to save her world that she's modeled after their favorite RPG. He declines, yet she insists that he at least guide the hero. When he's suddenly reborn as a minor, cannon-fodder villain, the main character realizes that in order... more>> for the hero to gain motivation, he needs to be the first stepping stone.

So in this story, we have an unusual case where the main character isn't a master-actor/actress or idiot, who does everything possible to avoid the villain route and death flags -- Instead, we have a good-natured main character, with poor acting skills, who is trying to his best to be a convincing villain.

There were only around 4 chapters out at the time I wrote this review, so I will update it later after more chapters are released. <<less
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Aug 28, 2020
Status: c22.1
Only good thing about this is the translation and somewhat acceptable world building. It was okay tbh until

... more>>

*trigger warning*

The MC was basically sexually assaulted by some knight, the way the dad was revealed to be a part of it and how the MC kind of forgave the father, even after the misunderstanding was cleared. It made me even more angry at how the others reacted, and how the knights basically told him to hush because the assailant was a descendant of the royal family, throughout saying he was an angel and a saint for forgiving them.

Then this matter was brushed off like it was nothing, and it felt like this whole part of the story was basically just to get the knights to assist in patrolling the village, and to further emphasize the angelic and sweet personality of the MC. It was handled way too lightly. I'm not going to even start with the questionable smut scene with the ML after MC ran away from the hotel under the affect of the drug.

to be fair, maybe this is going to be addressed after a few chapters but I doubt it, and I cannot bother to continue reading to check.

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Oct 10, 2021
Status: c27
Firstly, a warning to sensitive people: this thing has common JP yaoi/romance tropes, but at least the smut is consensual (a lil dubcon-y since ML tends to move a lil fast and MC is a shy tsundere type tho). WRT to the r*pe tag: ... more>>

There's an almost-r*pe scene between MC and scumbag captain, which turns into slight dub-con between MC and ML that thankfully becomes consensual before the heavy stuff. I'm not sure if the r*pe tag should even be there, since the almost-r*pe didn't progress beyond the drugging and some mol*sting.


I'm weak for 2 things: earnest and hardworking MCs that get transmigrated into a villain/rival character and work hard to either escape or fulfill their roles, and cute tsunderes, so needless to say I love MC. It's really funny to me how MC doesn't mean to be tsundere and is just trying to fill his role, but that's how he ends up seeming like to other people.

MC aside, the game plot is pretty stock standard so the world is pretty stock standard too, but there's some surprising depth. There's just enough to keep things interesting while still being light enough for a short read. ML initially seemed pretty stock standard for a possessive hero character too, but I think the ML POV chapters really help him feel like more of a person. The goddess was cute, so it's disappointing that she hasn't shown up again so far.

I feel sorta weird about how the author has written Lian's family.

His brother was weird enough at the start when I thought he was just a simple brocon, but then he turns into an actual in*estous pe*vert. I can't tell if the author is just into in*est or is commenting on the "MC has an older brother with a sibling complex" trope. There was also the grandpa, which originally I was going to excuse as just bad wording since he didn't do anything, but after the brother and the shitty knight guy I have 0 trust left.

I get genuinely worried for Lian; I hope at the end he finally lets himself get together with ML and ML protects him from all the weirdos. <<less
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Aug 12, 2019
Status: c16 part2
Fluffy and bittersweet. The ML knows what he wants.


A Goddess makes a replica world of a human game she likes, but her world always ends up reaching a Bad End where everyone dies. After countless reattempts, she eventually takes a human (MC) who has also played the game, tricks him into agreeing to help the Hero, and then puts him in the body of the first stepping stone of villainous cannon-fodder characters that exists on the ML's rise to becoming the Hero.

The MC quickly recognises his new body as an... more>> essential minor Villain of the first arc who the ML must overcome in order to grow, and doesn't want to deviate too far from the plot of the game he remembers so that he can accurately predict the future and assist when/where necessary. While acting as a Villain, the MC also has to care for the ML from the shadows to ensure that the latter survives long enough to become the Hero.

The main issue is that this minor Villain is an arrogant, petty, and narrow-minded character, while the MC is far too kind and has no acting abilities whatsoever, which makes him come across as a tsundere. The MC has six years until the conclusion of the first arc, meaning he has six whole years of trying his best to be the bad guy. Only, the ML isn't an idiot, and he's starting to catch on to the fact that the Villain-turned-MC has... changed? <<less
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Jul 25, 2019
Status: --
Although the main character is somewhat dense, the story gets you hooked and the interactions between the MC and ML are realistic in the fact that the romance is build up and doesn't happen instantaneously, but requires time, just like in real life. In my honest opinion, just the cuteness of the story is already worth the read.
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Aug 09, 2017
Status: c3
I dont ussually read japanesse yaoi novels but this one has caught my intrest! &Lt;3

From the spoilers it seems like a good read with awesome plot and a lot of fluffy moments! :3
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