The Icy Hero is Yearning for Love


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The tavern owner’s son, Ilya, often experienced the same dream. A dream in which he played in the village orphanage with his childhood friend, a boy whose appearance resembled an angel’s. A dream where he made soap with olives and soup with leftover vegetables. But the moment Ilya laid eyes on the picture of the “Icy Hero,” he realized that those dreams weren’t dreams at all; rather those were the memories of his past life. Most importantly, that “Icy Hero,” Riley, wasn’t angelic anymore?!

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Koori no Yuusha wa Koi ni Naku
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K3I rated it
March 29, 2020
Status: c7
Rather than "The Icy Hero is Yearning for Love" you could call it "Treating the Hero's PTSD".

Seriously, feel so bad for Riley.

Rather than the Hero's journey, it's more about the after effects of the events that led him to become the hero.

I feel a bit suspicious of the goddess, but I think this is a pretty nice story.

Also, I might have pressed that five star on impulse...I would actually give it a four? The confession scene was sort of off...
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Pavetta rated it
April 8, 2020
Status: c15
I love it. It makes me think of Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death, except if the MC died and left the hero alone, reincarnating and only seeing the hero again years later.

In this story, Riley and Allen are best friends. It is discovered that Riley is the Hero destined to defeat the Demon King. When the demons hear about that, they attack the village, killing Allen and the rest of the village, but Riley manages to survive. He's traumatized by the death of his best friend.

Years later, and the... more>> son of a tavern owner has dreams of a past life and realizes he was once Allen.

This story doesn't make you wait. The reveal happens quite quickly and Riley finds out that Allen has reincarnated. They also discover and confess their feelings without it being long and drawn-out like in other stories. This is more focused on healing Riley's trauma and fears of losing Allen again. It is full of comforting scenes as Riley finally gets some happiness after so many years alone.

I really love this story and thank Mii, the translator, for all of her hard work. <<less
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Arrange rated it
April 26, 2020
Status: Completed
*breaths in*

This was such a wholesome ride~

But I may have cl**ked 5 stars because I was overwhelmed by the fluffiness... and maybe by some lemons too. Ahhh the lemons were so damn GOOD!

It's a short story so my criticism needs to be lax. The story wasn't bad but it felt more like, you know, a summary. (However, the R-18 scene was very delightful~) It's almost as if the author had this amazing plot in her/his mind but wasn't able to think about the filler. And this theory of mine... more>> can be further "confirmed" by the Author's notes at the end of some chapters.

Usually, we all complain about filler chapters, but if it's a necessary filler, then that extra knowledge is a must. Filler chapters are like bread for a sandwich. You can eat the tomato, ham, cheese, pbj, all separately, and get the flavor. But the bread it's like the thing that blends all those wild flavors together. Sorry, I'm getting off-topic here.

Back to the novel. The relationships in the story were honestly so good and not too overexaggerated at all. My favorite character was actually the hero's friend, the swordsman Elmer, because I like the fact that he didn't immediately believe Ilya and though he wanted to scam his friend lol. <<less
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holizshit rated it
June 20, 2020
Status: Completed
It's short, angsty, and bittersweet, just right down my alley.

It takes an immensely unique approach to the usual 'hero falls in love' story and gives it an interesting twist. The story takes place after a tragedy occurred. Riley, the hero, struggles to overcome his trauma regarding his best friend's (Allen) death. After 16 years, the reincarnated Allen now lives as Ilya, the son of an innkeeper. The two then reconciled and tried to pave for a better future together.

As you read through the story, you'll come to notice that this... more>> story touches on Riley's identity as a hero. It cleverly tells a side of a hero that's not-so-beautiful, that a hero also needs someone to rely on, that he's not omnipotent. Riley struggles to make peace with this so-called weakness of his with Ilya helping him.

This story was beautifully written and successfully tugged on my heartstrings. The composition and flow was perfect. It was short, yet the author was able to make each character so animated and lovable. Character development exists as well. MC isn't a damsel in distress, he's capable of protecting himself and also his loved ones. ML's character is realistic, not only possessing godly qualities but also a lot of shortcomings thus making it easier for us to relate to him. This story is also one of the few that actually paid attention to side characters and give them a spotlight. It's interesting to see their side of story as well and I've come to like them!

All in all, a very recommended and satisfying read. Give it a chance, you'll come to love Allen/Ilya like I do. ? <<less
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remyrem rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: --
I really enjoyed this, but probably for a weird reason compared to everyone else...

I'm the type of person who gets way too attached to the friendly character/s in games (like best friend NPCs), to the point where if the NPC dies, I end up needing to stop playing the game for a few days/weeks because I'm in mourning. Riley's story/POV is something I can really relate to, so it makes the angst, yandere-ness, etc have more of an impact for me. Allen/Ilya is somewhat bland, like a standard mob NPC,... more>> but because of how I already relate to Riley I end up liking him and actually thinking his average-ness is adorable.

And speaking of yandere-ness, I'm surprised to actually see him acting like the book definition of a yandere. It's been so long and I've seen so many twisted/soft yanderes that I was shocked. He talks about wanting to lock up Ilya to protect him, and gets jealous when he's with others. It's refreshing to see, which is a bit weird to say about this kind of thing.

The 'novel' is extremely short, but I think it works like this. The story is more of an epilogue, and the length adds to the impression that it's like an extra for a longer novel. <<less
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BillionJellyfish rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: Completed
MC: a tavern owner's son, the reincarnation of the Hero's childhood friend

ML: the "icy hero" Riley

This novel is like the epilogue or sequel to what happens after an epic journey of slaying the demon king. The Hero has accomplished his mission and is ready to live the retirement life. This is when the Hero stops by a tavern and meets the MC, an almost look-alike of his childhood friend, Allen. With the demon king dead and no other goal in life, the Hero's spring love has finally arrived!

... more>> Overall:

This is a sweet and fluffy story on the Hero's happily ever after. There are tidbits of bittersweet scenes here and there, but the ending is definitely a happy one! <<less
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Michelle-08 rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: Completed
Another favorite! The love between the ML and MC is unconditonal and very pure. How the MC protected the ML until the end is heart wrenching. I also like the style of writing, POV of all the characters were seen in different angles. I like the "he said, she said" kind of thing, not sure how to explain but I like the idea that I can also read what were the thoughts of the other person in a given situation. Although there's smut, but I can't almost feel it since... more>> it's done very nicely. Smut 4/10, story 9.5/10. Happy ending by the way! <<less
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izayaYY rated it
May 17, 2021
Status: c8
Dropped after a few chapters cause the writing style kinda felt off for me. Maybe too short or too simple, I don't know. This is mostly teen literature, with teenage angst, mindset, innocence and considerations, for e.g. "first time love", "first time s*x", "why I love him?", "why he loves me?", "what's the meaning of sacrifice?", "what it means to be a hero" etc... afterall MC is just 16 yrsold and ML, although aged 28, has mostly lived in mental distress and depression till now, and has pretty much remained... more>> stuck in the past due to his trauma.

I might pick this up again sometime, since everyone is raving about the smut scenes and the fluff but I don't read bl just for smut. Reading till chapter 8, I always felt there was something missing. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
April 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Based on the Novel Cover and the Summary, I would never guess the MC's personality to be this Endearing!

He's really Sweet, alright! By Sweet, I mean, to ML, and about their relationship, everything is Great! And you would never guess MC is the one who make the First Move!

ML is also Wonderful character, really! He's still easily being emotional when it was related to MC. And by Emotional, I don't mean the Possessive side, but I mean the Insecure, Crying, Sad one. But MC did great job at Comforting him... more>> with head rub.

The past Tragedy really written so sad. Especially you can feel the disgust and sadness of One of the Side Characters felt when he finally see how the Prophecy worked with the Tragedy. Damn..

The Point is this Story is somewhat Unexpected but everything is Wonderful!!! The Extras is Funny and Cute!!! I Love this Novel Soooo Much!!! I really Adore it!!! <<less
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ysaclr rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: c13
I just finished the main story. This is *sobs* so beautiful. I was legit crying almost every chapter. The writing style is pulling every emotion out of me. Their love is so precious. This ticked off a few of my checkboxes:

  • ML tormented unintentionally because of MC
  • Yandere ML (yes, Riley was exactly the type I wanted)
  • Have known each other since childhood
I'm also glad that it didn't take too long for Ilya to recognize his feelings, but given that this has only 13 chaps in the main story, the pacing was... more>> sufficient for me. I did think that he was a bit unfeeling at first about the whole reincarnation thing, but many years has passed since they last saw each other, so if you don't mind the age gap, give it a try!

5/5 would read again if I want a bittersweet read. <<less
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Vyathra rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: Completed
God I love this one, and i've already reread it for the 4th times. The uke is so reasonable, I love his way of thoughts. And I think the seme desperation is reasonable, since his only light died for him in miserable way.

I hope I can read more about their daily life hiks
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Somefoolishgirl rated it
November 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I love this little short story. I've read it three times now. It's has a little bit of world building, but not so much that it takes up the story (again, cause it's short).

I usually don't care for time jumps, but I think it actually works really well in this one.

I liked the characters, they're not a fleshed out as they could have been, but I still liked them, again, it's a short story. Overall it's definitely worth reading.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rutabaga rated it
September 29, 2021
Status: Completed
A short and cute story. There are some parts that could improve, but considering that it's a short story I'll let it pass. Overall I did enjoy reading this. Give it a go if you don't want to read anything too deep.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YouToon rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a very sweet romance set in a fantasy world which explores the consequences of prophecy, choice and fate.

I really like this fantasy world. Our protagonist was kind and friendly without being a mary sue. Although he did approach the line. The world building and characterizations were not well done. Lots of threads were left hanging. Those weaknesses do not detract for the central relationship which fuels the story.

The author does an excellent job making you invest in the outcome of our hero’s journey towards home. There is a... more>> lot of pain buried in the past of our two leads. Revenge rather than hope is all that guided our hero on his quest. Whats a hero to do when his revenge is complete and nothing is left?

If you enjoy childhood sweetheart romance, fantasy settings and what happens to heroes after their quest is done, you should read this. <<less
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sleepchaser rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: Completed
If you're in the mood for JPN bl and don't want to read about an indecisive little turd, this is your novel. Ilya, the protagonist, has the unique ability to not make me want to commit toaster fork in the first page-long inner monologue. Mostly because, thank the heavens, there aren't any (at least from what I can remember). If I was stuck in a room with him for four hours, I probably wouldn't rip out all my hair. Key word: probably. But jokes aside, this was a decent enough... more>> read if you're on a neat little road trip, and you're the lucky prick who doesn't have to drive. I say the ML is palatable, as far as JPN MLs usually are anyway.

The one thing that had me rolling my eyes was

the fight scene. Yeah, it was pretty lackluster, and actually coaxed a few chuckles out of me. Which probably wasn't what the author intended, but I digress. There was a lack of suspense, a lack of danger, which ultimately translated to a lack of care for me.


Everyone has their own tastes and thresholds for certain emotions. I think the author was attempting for something slightly serious and sad at some points. Unfortunately, I found the serious parts dull and the sad points comical. But maybe that's just me.

+ 4 stars just for not having an endless stream of whimsical inner monologue.
+ 1 more star cause

MC rides ML

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
UsuiAh rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: Completed
The story was good, I’m just not into sad, angsty ones. Smut chapters near the end and extras. The comedy tag was bit misleading, I only laughed once or twice hehe.

Destiny is unfair, love is sacrifice, we’re suddenly gay, smut in the end- still good! ?
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HiddenHermit rated it
March 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Short but bittersweet story. It's not as light hearted as I first expected.

Ilya (reincarnated) and Riley (hero) reunited again which is a good but I still feel this heartache for Riley. He suffered for many years. The story covers their previous life and also Riley's recovery from his emotional trauma.
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January 2, 2022
Status: Completed
Skipped some chapters and skimmed others. The constant change in POV for the chapters was really annoying. I usually really like chapters with a sudden shift in POV in the extras or stuff but this novel was just too much. The MC getting reincarnated as a taverns son was kinda anticlimactic for me. Idk maybe its cuz I've never read a hero novel with this type of concept before. It wasn't bad but I couldn't get in to it as much as other novels.

Overall it was cute ig but not... more>> something I find interesting. <<less
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Erudite.Cielo rated it
November 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm glad I read this. I didn't expect this story to be good but I'm satisfied after reading it.. The ML has a ptsd because of his past. I'm happy that MC was reincarnated to cure ML's ptsd. I'm glad they were able to move on.. Past the bitterness, anger, hatred, self-loathing, sadness. ⊂ ( ̄ (工)  ̄) ⊃
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kaytiti rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is short but very complete. The extras chapters are like a bonus short novel by itself. A nice surprise. Recommended.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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