Number One Zombie Wife


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Transmigrating into his own novel and becoming a zombie, Mu Yifan was even more conflicted!

Transmigrating into his own novel and becoming the zombie king that had killed the male lead who was reborn one month before the Apocalypse and wanted to take revenge, Mu Yifan has lost his calm!

Therefore, he decided to become heartless. He has to get rid of the male lead before he is reborn!


Hold on, what kind of rhythm is this?

Didn’t he write a Science Fiction novel?

How did it become a Danmei?

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Đệ Nhất Thi Thê
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jadelin rated it
June 30, 2018
Status: Completed
Once I read the first few chapters of this by polarbearadise, I found the Chinese raws, and started MTLing -- and I couldn't stop for a week, despite there being 376 chapters. It's THAT amazing. The story, in a way, reads in a similar style to 'Rebirth of MC', but the ending is one of the best danmei endings I've ever read.

The MC and ML don't fall in love right away, given their circumstance described in the first chapter, but the romance develops gradually. There's a lot of focus on... more>> worldbuilding and plot related to abilities of various characters, and the 'villains' aren't flat, 2d characters but people with motivations and tragedies in their lives. Also, once the MC and ML fall in love with each other, they are ultra fluffy!


The MC also later has a baby from ML's 'red bead'. Also, towards the end, Zhàn Běitiān (ML) finds a way to turn Mù Yīfān (MC) back to a human with a vaccine. Unfortunately, it brought about a reoccurrence of his bone cancer, so Mù Yīfān ended up dying shortly after their marriage.

After Mù Yīfān's death in the story world, he returns to his 'real world', but Zhàn Běitiān--with his spatial abilities--finds a way to cultivate and cross the worlds to Mù Yīfān's real world. He ends up being 'reborn' without his alternate world memories in the original Zhàn Běitiān. Later on, after protecting Mù Yīfān from a car, Zhàn Běitiān ends up in a coma where he gets his memories back. There's a bit of drama with the MC thinking his sister and Zhàn Běitiān were engaged, but it turned out to be a fake engagement. It turned out that the original Zhàn Běitiān and the story Zhàn Běitiān were the same, and both loved the MC. The MC actually subconsciously also always admired/loved the ML, but never fully realized it until entering the story world, due to their past rivalry. Zhàn Běitiān helps the MC avoid any drama by paving the way for their families to accept each other. The ending is super, super sweet and romantic.

Also, I didn't summarize the 'ending' in the story world since the fighting and plotting is pretty large-scale, and it would take many paragraphs to describe. Just trust that it's very awesome.


I hope the translator sticks with this all the way to the end, since the ending is mindbogglingly good. There's a lot of characters, and they're very well written as well. I half predicted what would happen, but the other half I totally didn't expect. :D The story is pretty epic and totally worth your time. <<less
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maimim rated it
August 1, 2018
Status: Completed
I MTL-ed this novel all the way to the end, and it was so worth it. Mu Yifan has got to be one of my most favorite MCs in all of the danmeis that I have read so far. I grew to like him very early on because he is very funny. Sometimes, he would stop in the middle of a battle and make some hilarious comments, and I couldn't stop laughing. But not only that, he is a badass, who is on equal standing with the ML.

... more>>

He can copy abilities (kind of like Kise from Kuroko no Basket) as long as he touches the person. I believe he can keep a maximum of four at a time, but uses them in pretty interesting ways. Eventually, he becomes a zombie king (the novel!MYF also becomes the zombie king, and they were both surprised that there were two in existence), allowing him to control all zombies regardless of their level.


The romance is gradual, but once it hits, it's everywhere. Mu Yifan really knows how to flirt, and it's both adorable and sexy. A lot of the characters constantly eat dog food.


One time, he went out on a mission to get a gold gun for ML's grandfather but took a detour to go to a s*x store. He loaded his bags with a bunch of cond*ms, lube, toys, videos, etc. He got caught red-handed by ML's team, and their reaction was, "We went out to search for supplies while you went out to find cond*ms!" Mu Yifan was really eager to use those cond*ms when he went home. Unfortunately, the ML had to go somewhere, so Mu Yifan blew balloons out of the cond*ms and left messages in them for the ML to see once he came back.

They have a lot of sexy times in ML's space since time flows differently there, allowing them to spend more time with each other. During their first time, I think, ML placed tape on Mu Yifan's mouth to kiss him in order to avoid spreading the zombie virus. Outside, they kiss each other on the face a lot.


Most of the novel is spent on world- and character-building, which were done really well. Some characters, which seem bad in their first appearance, have very pitiful backstories, especially novel!MYF.


There's another character who is a friend of Mu Yifan, both in real life and in the novel, who became a zombie when Mu Yifan accidentally scratched him. At the time, he was not able to control the zombie virus within his body, and this small scratch caused the friend to turn into a zombie. The friend lost consciousness and ate his mother and father in addition to another friend's mother, who worked for the former.


All of these characters have a role in the story. The author did really well in making them come to life.

The novel made me feel a whole bunch of emotions, especially the ending. Oh my god, I literally bawled my eyes out.


So after novel!MYF was defeated, everyone spent their times developing their newly inhabited city. One of ML's friends, who is a doctor, did a lot of research to create an antidote for those who became zombies. It was successful, but Mu Yifan's recovery took much longer because he was a zombie king. During the time when he was in the hospital, ML was doing other things, such as planning their wedding. They were so happy that they actually forgot that Mu Yifan had bone cancer. As a zombie, the cancer merely halted. In addition to this, during the final battle, Mu Yifan lost some limbs, which regenerated, and the affected leg returned back to its original, normal appearance. During their wedding, he felt pain in that leg and eventually fainted because of the intensity. ML's doctor friend stated that Mu Yifan could not live for much longer because he entered the last stage of cancer. What was extremely sad was that every time Mu Yifan went to sleep, the ML was anxious over the fact that he may have died. They spent their last days together traveling around. When Mu Yifan died, ML cried a lot. He would bring his lover's corpse to watch the sunset together.


Do not worry, it is a happy ending. Someone else already discussed what happens afterward in earlier reviews.

Overall, I would highly recommend this novel. I personally enjoyed it a lot, and I hope new readers will too. <<less
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AbsoluteMeowster rated it
April 15, 2020
Status: c70
Novel Quality:

The novel was nothing mind-blowing. I was expecting a lot, since this is highly rated at 4.5, but it's filled with cliches and big plot holes that are never explained very well. Even if they are, it's brushed over. And if you complain ' oh, everything gets explained at the end', a good story would leave hints or at least let the characters think over what was happening, instead of just accepting very strange coincidences and rolling with it.

Also, I understand that there needs to be some suspension of... more>> disbelief in reading these novels, but really, this novel stretches it waaaay too far. Like the MC never caring about how big his stomach is (it apparently looks like a 5 month pregnancy, which is really big and noticeable and concerning if you have it and you're not pregnant), with the character only thinking it's 'flatulence' (despite knowing he swallowed the whatever bead) and just other idiotic choices/actions the characters make with absolutely no reasoning behind them other than to change the monotony of the story.

I admit that it's an interesting concept to play around with, a zombie apocalypse with a transmigrator and reincarnator (maybe multiple?) but the translation quality beyond Chap 66 with this new translator made it a slog to get through and comprehend what was going on and just made me dislike the story more.

Translation Quality:

While I appreciate the translator, their work was like reading MTL. The sentences are jerky and jumpy, with weird word choices like 'coarse stone' for jade, etc. The Chinese metaphors aren't explained very well (or at all) and thus it's hard to understand what people are saying. The names of the characters are sometimes mixed. Overall, it was a half step better than reading MTL. If you prefer speed of releases to quality, I guess you'll appreciate their translation style, because they do translate fast (but then, so does google translate).

It also leaves a bad taste in my mouth that this translator was competing for a bit with Dummy Translations early on, despite Dummy Translations starting first with no gaps in releases that would justify this translator taking over the project. Frankly, Dummy's translation quality is leaps and bounds ahead of the other translator, and their translation quality was what got me through the first 66 chapters, otherwise, this would've been dropped much sooner. Just overall makes me uncomfortable and unable to enjoy their work, even if there weren't such quality issues. <<less
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Yukilee rated it
July 23, 2018
Status: Completed
Before anything else I want to specifically tell you that this is my very FIRST time writing a review to a novel here in novelupdates, considering how lazy I am I actually wrote one. I've probably encountered 80-90% of the BL novels available in this site but among the stories I've finished and enjoyed reading, it's only now that I truly felt like giving a review. Sure, I did wrote some comments here and there but never had I made a review. This only shows how much I am so... more>> "INTO" with this novel. So believe me when I say that this novel is something special.

I'm not sure how to explain it, It's just that the story is SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. Everything you would want from a BL novel is already here, it really is a complete package-- romance, drama, suspense, rebirth, transmigration, comedy-- Oh my, I don't even remember how many times I rolled on my bed, laughing until my stomach hurts. You'll definitely love the MC's humor, the guy is totally amusing. The story is really funny. It's also sad at the same time, I did cry a few times.

The romance isn't rushed nor forced. MC and ML's relationship were well cultivated and well developed. It also does not solely focus on romance alone but world and character building. The story has a solid plot and each character is as important as the others. They are all unique and interesting on their own way, they will make you laugh, mad, bitter, anxious, sad, depress, happy, and sometimes cry. You can also feel their struggles and pain. Their choices may either be rational or not but everyone has motivation and reason for choosing their path.

Bottom Line: IT'S A MUST READ! I'm totally blown with the story and concept! It's beautifully done and the characters aren't tr*shy but fairly realistic! It's 300+ chapters but trust me, there are no bore nor dull moments! It's truly satisfying! <<less
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ShiraJung rated it
June 23, 2020
Status: c113
Honestly, I don't even know how this novel gets so many postive reviews. The novel is too mediocre with lots of plot holes, the MC is really a dumb no brainer, and the ML is so-so, the ML's brothers won't look at MC at good light at all. For "the author transgramating to his own Novel" genre, I had lots of expectations but was let down greatly. The MC is dumb to the point where we have to consider if he actually has a brain on his head. For example,... more>> even with movements, and a big belly and all, he wouldn't even suspect the ML was hiding the fact that MC is pregnant. I mean, the pregnancy books, the pragnancy medicine, the baby clothing ML was looking for, everything is pointing the truth ah. Moreover, this novel, I feel like the only reason the romance here is because of the pragnancy of the bead. There is no romance development at all. MC will depend on ML becuase the bead in his belly affects him, but after using ML like that, that's all. Even after giving birth, the MC's brain didn't developed. I thought he was affected becuase he was pregnant with this super being and affected his thoughts and feelings but no. He continues to make trouble, he would just happily shops around and dragging ML when there is mutant zombies developing recently. I mean, as the authur, he should know the best how deadly the situation is ba. To make it worse, the translation skills didn't help. At this point, I refuse to acknowledge that this is human translation, it MUST be MTL. Not to point out wrong use of proverbs, forgetting verbs, sometimes, MC changes to she and he for the whole paragraph. At first, there used to be another group whose translation was pretty fine but such a pity they don't continue anymore. In conclusion, this is a novel full of plotholes, no character development, the romance is too forced, dumb shou, pretty much "Mary Sue" genre I guess. It will be a waste of time to pick up the novel. <<less
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Hmntlzn rated it
July 5, 2018
Status: Completed
5 Stars for Apocalypse 'Danmei' Novel. Why dont you try to read this one? >.<

MC and ML really likeable, so sweet, enemy at first, PDA later... Its funny to see MC acting cute to ML at the time of his pregnancy -Actually MC didnt know that he got pregnant, more like hes in denial-

... more>>

Baby Mu why r u so adorable? *come give me a kiss and hug* A bout the villain... The 'Real' Zombie King (Mu Yifan in the novel) did not die, he was reborn like our ML with different body.


About the plot, you dont have to worry. it'll gave you satisfying plot, misteries and a surprise, especially around MC and ML. <<less
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September 7, 2018
Status: c213
Not going to rate this because I feel bad to be the only one at the moment who kinda disliked the novel.

The novel is very unique and I enjoyed it until it starts to develop the main plot.

The novel has a bit too much plot twist for my taste and all the hanging loose ends kinda makes me nervous like man, don't you wanna settle that first before you go to another one?

... more>>

Like :

  1. What happened to the dude who ate his parents?
  2. bit*h RX is running around eating kids, you sure you don't want to find her first?
  3. ZK MYF is kinda childish weird for someone who is a ZK. A bit too concerned for his old reputation.
  4. ZK MYF is a bit too OP, well MC MYF is OP too but he's the protagonist ah so it's okay :P
  5. When will the story talk about JM's side?

So many people is waiting for their part of story to develop. And sometimes the joke part came in too randomly. Do people really joked with people who is aiming for their live? Somehow so Gintama-ish.


This is how I felt when I reached chapter 213 and I suddenly realised I don't want to continue anymore. I read other people's review and saw the HE part. It sounds nice, just too bad I can't last that long to see the ending _ (;3/ <<less
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July 6, 2020
Status: --
I'm on chapter 302 and I think thats the latest chapter.. I'm here especially to call out to ShiraJung that you should continue reading the chapters.. from your review I conclude that you must have only read up to chapter 100 or less because that a pretty shallow review you've got there...

there are a lot of characters development and the story gets really interesting and thrilling after ch.150+.. although the translations are subpar but it does not diminish the great storyline..

... more>>
MC and ML love each other very much even with all the revelations of MC's identity. Both characters were not all powerful. They have weaknesses and trained to improve.

To ShiraJung, MC is not dumb by all means. He was a realist. He didn't believe he was pregnant even with all the hints because in his world that is not possible at all.

All the best to the translation team. The translation did improve and thats all we need. IMPROVEMENT!!

I cannot wait for the new chapters to be done. <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lighterxx rated it
April 23, 2020
Status: c87
Honest to god, it was so good till chapter 66. After MTL started, a badly edited one no less, I lost all the hope I had. Anyway, this will stay on Hiatus in my heart, I hope with time someone will re-translate it.
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xian-laoshi rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: c369

This review contain rants/critiques/opinions/feelings.



I don't seem to remember any scene depicting the time when Shen Qing Ying (doctor/researcher) recognized Mu Yi Fan before the apocalypse. I mean, the doctor suddenly knew that Mu Mu is the one who he ultrasound despite the bandages covering Mu Mu's face, and ZBT didn't tell him anything about it. So, why did he suddenly realized that?
> Wasn't it told that spring water can cure any human illness (except the virus) ? Then why Yi Fan's bone cancer can't heal after soaking and drinking it? With this, it is evident that...





It is evident that the author ran out of ideas to push Yi Fan's soul out of the novel world. That's disappointing. If only his departure was not so written pathetically rushed, I might cry a lot considering that I'm a cry baby. I could only sigh.

> This novel is so interesting until some point, it's getting uninteresting, frustrating, and seriously, after chapter 300+ onwards, all I could think of was the word, "pathetic." Ugh! It was getting so damn annoying!
> The overall translation by The Eunuch is 2 over 5. The first twenty chapters are great (different translator/s), but when you start reading the rest, which was translated by The Eunuch, the grammar is just... far from satisfying. I appreciate the translator's efforts but the grammar is not good. It still needs a lot of improvement, otherwise, it is comprehensive.
> 9 out of 10, whenever there's something about to happen between the MC and ML (like important things about to be said or boundaries about to be crossed), someone will f*cking knock at the door. Seriously, every 10 chapters, that thing will happen! It's frustrating!

> I honestly like the MC. He's cheerful, amiable, smart (but dense), and shameless. Kind of reminds of Wei WuXian. Plus, he's powerful and never dragged our soldier ML back. On the contrary, they pushed each other up. That's what I like most of this novel...
> Their dependency to each other as well as their independence astonished me. They are a pair which lights do not dim when the other is not present. Most importantly, they could function perfectly without each other but at the same time, perform excellently with each other. They are honest to each other and respect each other's business! Don't forget that it was always shown how much they love each other. This aspect was so well-balanced and perfectly conveyed!
> Their child is also adorably smart. All I could say is that I wish to have a child like him. His presence is only one of the few things why I was persisting to finish this novel.
> Asian's collectivism culture was also present. It is a really good point as families are really given significant importance to one's heart in, not just China's, but most of the countries in Asia.
> The opposition-to-acceptance of their relationship is realistic. It is unlike the other novels where the MC will introduce his same-s*x partner and people won't even bat an eye. As we all know, homos*xual relationships are not openly accepted in China and a lot of similar conservative countries like Philippines. However, MYF's and ZBT's introduction of their relationship to their families, as well as the effort and time they took to make them accept them slowly, step-by-step, are so detailed and satisfying. It is one of the strengths of this novel. It tackles traditional values and what society thinks about LGBTQ++++s. It shows reality.

Let's go back to the negatives of this novel.

I'm already at Chapter 369, I was determined to finish it but...


MYF's life in reality is very smooth sailing. Even if he robbed his sister's fiance, she just scolded him a bit, forgave him, and then helped him, like the man she loved for years isn't worth a damn thing. It finally pulled my last straw. It's so unrealistic. Seriously, if my fiance whom I love so much was robbed by my spoiled brother, I'll skin him alive first before forgiving him.


I'm dropping it.
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ikahomine rated it
April 14, 2020
Status: c95
Rating 3/5

I actually like the story. But I can't get past after ch95 anymore, it's my limit. The translation is really bad, I can't understand it most of the time. The 3 stars is for ch1 to 66 bec of quality translation from the other group. Too bad they couldn't continue it.

I am still intrigue on what will happen though but Ill just wait for an official English release (if ever and hopefully they will release one) !! I really wanna see more of Mumu and Beitian T_T
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 24, 2020
Status: c268
I'm reluctant to rate this novel because I love qing tian. That kid is the most normal in this novel.

Just, this novel has a bad pattern. It seems the story can't develop and carry itself. How do I say this, I feel like to reason the story progress at all is because of how many loose ends the main characters left. They never finish anything. Never cleanly solve anything. And only left more trouble for the future. I mean, the ML is a reborn person, MC is the author, you'd... more>> think they'd have some understanding of how the people and the world will progress. But they are acting like a fast food restaurant, crisis come, crisis served, but wait, let's leave a little room so villains can get stronger, join hands, and situation to get worse.

It's hard to keep reading this novel because I feel like my brain is rotting with how brain-dead the choices they made. Especially the ML, he's claimed to be a ruthless person to the enemy, like most ML in danmei, but his move is half-assed most of the time. At this rate I think he's only good for the fluff.

I'm honestly surprised with how long this novel was for such a scatterbrained story. I want to applaud the translator for picking up and sticking with it. <<less
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Joker rated it
August 20, 2018
Status: Completed
I just finished reading this novel and my eyes are still red from crying. Well, so much for that. I really just want to say that this is one of my favorite novels where the ending is very satisfying and everything is in details. The plot is very unique that I really didn't think of that kind of ending coming. I love how the MC and ML got together. How their love became such a tightly bound feeling that helped them solve every single obstacle that they were facing. It... more>> is just so amazing to be able to read something so fantastic. Thank you for this Novels existence! <<less
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JaqiONwbqi rated it
September 17, 2022
Status: reading
the state of this novel is honestly tragic.

The only 'full' translation that exists anywhere is the unedited MTL by Nastriumden, which you have to find by combing through their various websites since they have half their chaps on one website and the other half on another equally as badly formatted website.

Yet its so good! It is such a good novel that it is a crying shame for this, of all things, to be the one stuck with unedited MTL.

if youre going to read this, seriously consider MTLing it yourself, cross... more>> reference between Nastriumden's MTL and your own MTL and decide which you prefer better - because I honestly have found that certain MTLs read better than Nastriumdens.

Though you're free to join me in purgatory waiting for an angel (a translator) to save this novel from hell (unedited mtl) instead, if youd prefer to read a more legible 200+ chapters <<less
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SAyers rated it
October 22, 2018
Status: Completed
If you want spoilers I'll give them to you!!

I finished reading this novel three times, and will read it a fourth time in a week or so (it's just that good!!)

I feel sorry for those who wait for English translation but let me reassure you the wait will be well worth it, in the end.

This book definitely has some tear jerkers near the ending part.

I remember the first chapter they actually did the deed, when baby was born, their first kiss, their marriage proposal, and everything else, so again if you want spoilers I'll give you. ;)

That being said, the novel was the best. I've never read a zombie apocalypse novel in English or Chinese, that dealt with even hetero relationships. I didn't expect much out of this novel, but the author did a good job of not just character development but world development. Instead of revolving the story around just the characters romances they included how the world changed, the challenges of living in this world, and the medical advancements. It is indeed a piece that everyone should read if interested. The whole book isn't just about their romance so there are some parts in which you won't see Beibei and Yifan being lovey dovey, there will be parts where you wonder about where the heck Qingtian is, because he's their son why doesn't the author talk about him as often? But alas it will all make sense as you turn the page.

Happy reading everyone.
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Devrai rated it
September 21, 2021
Status: Completed
This is one of my absolute favorites novels existing. It has everything... only lacks a good translation. If I understood it right, the author went with that Nastriumden translation which is effing unedited MTL and prohibited further translation to one of the prior groups which did a great job. So you will have to grit your teeth and fight on through the MTL but its still worth it.

All the characters are fleshed out, the romance is reasonable, the story line is smooth, there is fun, sadness, joy, despair, action, fluff....... more>> just so so good. I love the whole world and every side character. Even the antagonists are reasonable set up.

I simply can't review this logically, I would just rant on happily and gush about how awesome it is... so I wont.

If you like zombie bl this is just a must read!

I also want to say something to the one star review of user tno...


to give this a one star because "MC failed to realze that he was pregnant for over 40 chapters".... you might have to read those 40 chapters anew. He did not not realize, he even spoke and communicated with the baby. He knew he swallowed that red bean and as the writer he knew about the significance of it. He knew that what ever grew in him had to do with this magical token. He just never equaled it to a human pregnancy. To go along with the "flatulence" trope is an avoidence mechanism so simply doesnt have to explain this "pregnancy".

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StarPhia rated it
September 21, 2020
Status: Completed
I really loved the overall story of this novel. I wasn't very comfortable with some of the Mpreg stuff because its a little out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoyed the plot and apocolyps novels. I also really loved the ML. Unlike ML in some other novels that I will not name, he isn't a total jerk to everyone except the MC.

I loved how Bei Tian loved Mu Mu before he knew he was Yi Fan, and then I appreciated the drama that ensued after he learned his identity.

There are a lot of characters, and I wish some more of them could have been brought back at the end of the book or elaborated on, but most are very well developed. A lot happens in the novel and it flows relatively smoothly. At the beginning though, I was a little confused on what was actually happening because it just throws you into plot. I wish Mu Mu struggled more with being a zombie honestly, but I also loved when he was being a badass zombie. The powers are super cool, just gotta say that. I wish there was some more zombieing and a little less back and fourth BS.

I do appreciate that the author didn't forget too much of the plot and there was a decent quantity of foreshadowing. Yes, very cool. The story was well written, but the translations aren't the best. I just looked up some random translations, and they had a lot of messed up pronouns or just blatantly worded things improperly, but it was definetly readable. I would reccomend having a little experience with reading novels without the help of translation notes and be able to just fix the mistakes in your head.

The characters were incredible. Mu Mu is just a gem and Bei Tian is a great ML. I have very little to complain about. I feel that the characters felt very real. When Mu Mu was being a reckless idiot, Bei Tian wasn't just like, oh thats cool, you're a strong dude and I love you, or like, no I'm mad, I won't talk to you hmph. He also isn't a cold, unfeeling duche like some other MLs that I will not name. Mu Mu is the best. He is suuuuper dense, maybe a little too dense, but I love him. In his defense, he had no reason to actually believe he was pregnant. But the joke did go on for a little too long. But he's great at flirting, I'll give him that. I wish there was more from Mu Qing Tian and Zhan Lui Yu (I think thats his name). The babies were so cute and I wish they had more screen time. I liked most of the zombies, there personalities were very real. They didn't 100% blindly follow Mr Zombie King, some did, but not all of them did. And I appreciated that they actually had emotions. Mr Zombie King wasn't the best character in my mind. He's a douche, but he's the villain so there ain't much to do about that. I kinda wish his identity was revealed to everyone though, that would have been interesting.

Time for the plot. I LOVE APOCOLYPS BOOKS. I love that the MC is a zombie, very cool. I liked the beginning when they were actually wondering around in the apocolyps, rather than safe in a city, I wish there was more of that. Alas, I shall forever treasure every moment they spent pre entering the safe area. I especially loved when they were still at Mu Mu's house for some reason. I like the tense moments between the characters and that kind of drama. (Not the Mpreg but the stuff about Mu Mu's identity). The romance is also great. I liked how at the end, they found a way to make the hole stuff not depressing and not guilt tripping (no I will not explain). The fights were very cool. I loooooove Mu Mu's power, but it wasn't very consistent. Some times he wouldn't be able to use the power and sometimes he could. I would appreciate it if it were more consistent. I also like how even though Bei Tian is OP, Mu Mu doesn't fall behind. He works for his power and isn't like those transmigrating MCs that suddenly have god like power.

Mu Mu suffers a lot. I don't want him to be sad. May he live a happy life forever with his Bei Tian.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Monniebiloney rated it
July 9, 2019
Status: c108
This is pretty good, I love silly protags. I would recommend "A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy" for similar humor.

The "I'm not pregnant!" joke took a little two long I feel. I wanted it done by chapter



but instead it took until


Chapter 90


A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy did that joke better--"Its a tumor VS Its gas"

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Maqui rated it
August 4, 2018
Status: Completed
I just love this novel. It make me smile, laugh, make me be dumbfounded, it hooked me up since the beginning till the end, it even make cry like a baby.

Completely recommend it. You will not regret it.
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Eccentricstate rated it
February 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.0

Pairing Type: zombie king x military husband; enemies to lovers; enemies to friends to lovers; doting gong x shameless shou

Tropes: reincarnation; zombies; face-slapping; super powers; space

... more>> Triggers: death; su*cide; r*pe (not the mains and not explicit)

Heat level: low-medium; intimacy but nothing extreme

Re-readability: low; probably won’t reread

Notes: An interesting read with a fun concept but insanely long. Trimming the fat probably would’ve made it more enjoyable and significantly shorter.

I thought the characters were pretty decent and the main villain was fairly scary. The stakes were there, which is surprising with an OP ML and MC. The OP mains were leveled out with an equally OP villain which I personally loved. The plot was totally ridiculous in the best of ways, the author just said “screw it all” and put every trope under the sun. Might bother some people but I’m a nerd that just likes to be entertained.

Honestly, it’s biggest flaw is just the length.

Don’t regret reading but likely wont read again. <<less
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