Apocalypse Meltdown


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It was a world of zombies and human beings were in despair. The magnetic field was changed and everything was back to the beginning.

One day, our hero, Chu Han, unconsciously came back ten years before the end of the world (eschatology) came. He was awakened by a loud noise in a dormitory in Minqiu University. He suddenly realised that he had undergone a rebirth. He fought with dozens of zombies and went to the parking lot to steal a G55. He decided to find his parents and his brothers with the G55, which was what he regretted not doing in his previous incarnation. He met a group of people on the petrol station, one of which is included in the top 20 of the eschatology, Chen Shaoye, renowned for his excellent sniping abilities. They met a vast horde of zombies in the highway and Chen Shaoye used the G55 to crash into the enemies. At that moment, he finally came to realise that this was a meltdown system and he could gain credit points by killing zombies These credit points can then be exchanged for all kinds of talent. Consequently, he started his travels with the melting-down system.

This is a story of a meltdown system and he, Chu Han, was on the stage.

Apocalypse Meltdown average rating 3.2/5 - 81 user ratings
Associated Names
One entry per line
Meltdown System in Eschatology
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New Viole22 rated it
December 12, 2017
Status: c71
Dont be affected by cryings. This is good stuff. There are some holes but there isnt a perfect book anyway. This is one of the best apocalypse type I read. Beware that translation is bad in beginnings but its much better in later chapters.
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New Narmi rated it
December 10, 2017
Status: c64
The MC is a bit too "edgy" - the dark and brooding type of character that expects everyone to follow his orders but doesn't explain why. All the villains are amazingly stupid and cruel too, constantly working against what is in their best interest. I can understand people becoming very selfish and cruel, but not stupid.

There are a few partsof the story that just are too hard to swallow. The MC apparently has a ridiculously amazing axe that never chips or gets dull, no matter how many zombies he kills... more>> or doors/locks he bashes in. The MC is always "waving" (not swing, chop, slash, cleave or anything else, just wave) his axe around. He'll wave his axe and a dozen zombies are decapitated. The author could at least have him clean or sharpen it once in awhile. He'll also be completely covered in zombie blood/gore, even getting it in his mouth, but he never gets a single scratch. Anyone else would have turned into a zombie, but he just walks it off. Finally, he's a borderline sociopath, willing to use then abandon anyone, even those who show him goodwill.

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Reggie rated it
December 1, 2017
Status: c45
Lots of filler and short chapters ruin the story. The author also has a mental problem in creativity.... more>>

He drags the story on and on for a single side character, emphasising how bad the side character is and how dirty the guy's thoughts are. And you guess it, he gets killed in not one but two chapters later by the MC. Just makes me really angry, all the author had to do was to make the MC instakill the bad guy to avoid any future troubles. But once again some stupid bottomline appears in the MC that holds him back that leads to more people getting killed. Happened several times already.


Loopholes in mc's thinking as well, e.g.

knows it's an apocalypse and has even been reincarnated and should know the best action to do yet gives food away to strangers who ate human meat and lets them run off to cause further havoc

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DriftingCloud rated it
November 22, 2017
Status: c25
Better description in my opinion:

The meltdown theory: The day a mysterious darkness enshrouded the world. It was theorized that the earth's magnetic field had been changed, the data that corresponded to it also changed. The previous academic knowledge had been overturned, and numerous things had to be re-explored. The science that humanity was familiar with had been disrupted, including the genes of human beings. One of the largest disasters brought by the change was that 80% of humanity transformed into zombies. After years of struggling, a few lucky survivors would... more>> evolve and awaken a power inside themselves. Chu Han was never that lucky.

While holding on against the first wave, humans weren't the only ones getting stronger. Soon, stage 1 zombies evolved into stage 2 then 3 and so on. 10 years after the mysterious meltdown, the world of man belonged to the zombies. Humanity was nearing the of the end of the eschatology.

One day, Chu Han consciousness came back ten years before the end of the world (eschatology) came. He was awakened by a loud noise in a dormitory in Minqiu University. With only 1 day to prepare before the meltdown begins, he slowly begins to realised that he had undergone a rebirth. A power was awaking inside of him now despite never appearing in the hellish future. It calls itself the meltdown system. Despite losing the monstrous strength gained through years of harsh training, this system claims to trade kills for talents. This is a story of a collapsing world, a meltdown system, and Chu Han being on stage as he travels to save those he could not save before. <<less
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VanVera rated it
November 27, 2017
Status: c37
3 star are only for the story about the zombies and the post-apocalyptic plot.

This novel started with up-down factors, first 10-20chapter were not edited, so that explain the bad reviews, but for many (like me) the story itself is interesting so we kept going.

Now on c37 I can say the editor is doing his job, so nothing to say, 5star to the translator/editor;

In this novel we have zombies, in the actual world, we should read about the difficulties in this new harsh environment (like TWD or a game-like resident evil),... more>> but here we go with a game-like ability where killing zombies give the our MC exp point for upgrading his status and gaining ability. Until here I can say "ok ok, passable", indeed the cheat-like system that affect only the MC is a prerogative for the novels with game elements (i got used to this).


Our dear MC is not only enjoing this new system, but he have the knowledge for the next 10year, why? He came back from the future, he actually is survivor, he was ranked low on the surviving rank list, it appears that humans develop super abilities and he didn't have one, for now he look likes others MCs in other game novels (cooperative only when he gain something, don't listen to others opinions/ideas, solo-doing most of things thanks to his new ability and past experience).



Side-characters, too few for now, but whatever villans or companions they are almost brain-dead, maybe it's the environment, maybe it's too early to judge, but the most of males even came back from the future regressing in their puberty-age-mentality (I think the author read too many wuxia novels villains young-masters and their s*xual desire for women). For these males surviving is the second option, they have first to fck every woman and kill whoever don't lower his head to them. (Truly I hope there will not be any sect with young master and elder in this chinese novel). Regarding the side-female-characters the hints that this will be an harem novel are many.


I'll continue to read this novel (there are still 1000+ chapters), the MC is bearable, but not the villains, I hope the author improved his way in the plot.


until now appaered 2 young master and 1 stilltosee (young master or an elder from a random sect, still in pending for see his true color)

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SnoopyGM rated it
November 24, 2017
Status: c300
I already read until 300 ch, the concept is nice and interesting

The setting is apocalyptic world with 80% of people become zombies, 10% died of it and the rest either become something else, died of hunger or kill each other for food. The MC is not a dense guy, he is very quiet and not at talker type. He have power but never show off, and only fight the people who attack him. No he is not beta type MC, in fact he is very alpha, he dont want to... more>> kill other without reason because duh kill the zombie not the human.

One of the point of this novel is because he has the memory of future, he help other who he cant help and gather strong people.

The downside is maybe the slow pace of the story, 300 ch is no more than 6 month, but thats is not too bad though. The other downside maybe is the plot of how he met the 'future' top zombie killer, and he befriend many of them, in no more than 3 month! Thats kind of rubbish plot doesnt it, but maybe thats why he got the cheat power or something (god will maybe), dunno. And other big downside is the quality of the translation, personally I can even read the machine translation so I dont have problem reading it, but the translation is bad, you can read it yes, but I start to think the one who translate using machine after that fix it to his style, readable but bad, some point got missing in the translation, some point become confusing and some even become downright "what...", for example when the story reach climax the MC sound very fierce and cool, but after the translation its just become quite cool, maybe the translator is new after learning english/chinese.

The cheat skill is in a way is cheat, but in other way is not. In the past live he dont have 'supernatural' power but in this live he got this cheat skill or cheat 'supernatural' skill. After apocalypse human can become stronger and stronger, and they name it type 1 as the start (already as strong as best athlete) and stronger as the type number goes. The MC growth in his type is strongly influenced by his cheat so he cant advance fast enough as other 'top' zombie killer. But because the cheat also have other function like strength up, agility up etc, because of that he can win against people at higher type. But as the 'type' thing significance power, people always belittle him and always mock him, its kind of become his routine, where they mock him, insult him etc until they attack him, and he mow them all (this happen often).

And of course warning, many people died lol, lots of blood, human parts, and other gruesome thing.

I recommend this for people who like the apocalyptic theme with ruthless/smart/calculative/cool headed MC. For those looking beta/comedy/dense MC you may not like this. Also for those who is special snowflake you better dont read this before you cry about sh*t, I read some comment who like to comment about s*xist rape etc in apocalypse theme story, what a snowflake. <<less
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ScotlandForsythe rated it
November 17, 2017
Status: --
Other than the fact that I am very ticked off by the 'synopsis' (it's what made me put of checking out the few chpaters that came out...), It isn't that bad. I can't really say much since the Description (*cough* summary *cough*) has spoiled how many chapters? '-'

And the translation quality could be better, but it's pretty good and decent. I personally think it doesn't take too much away from the story.

I really like apocalypse + game system stories so hopefully this goes well.
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RedKaiser rated it
December 5, 2017
Status: --
Short chapter

Slow pace

Huge plot hole..

MC has second chance but still an idiot. Save a fatty that will rank 20 in future but so far only bring trouble. MC will die cause of it if not plot armor protection.

How in the hell there are ranking when MC the only one has game systems. Others just normal human without powers.

I put it on hiatus until chapter 200+
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lazycrash rated it
November 21, 2017
Status: c50
kinda bad and not what I was expecting, the world building is terrible. Ex: he has a system, he talks to it, it replies check it out yourself, the end. No other information was given.

The credit system also isn't well explained as if we are supposed to imagine it all up-suddenly: ah I need 800credit for the talent. When it wasn't even explained anywhere about it-He made it all up in his head and customized it
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HorseHeadGuy rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: c16
There isn't much to say about a novel with so little chapters translated, in my opinion. It seems interesting, the plot is just starting to develop and the MC has a clear goal, unlike many other MCs, which is to protect his parents and roommates.

However, I am going to drop it because of one thing - the translation quality. My god is it awful. Although it's bearable in the first 12-13 chapters... it becomes a total mess later. Almost every sentence is incoherent. Honestly, I think google translate can do... more>> a better job.

I can still enjoy a novel with a sh*tty story and amazing translation quality, but a novel with a superb story and godawful translation quality is quite honestly repulsive. <<less
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boldrini31 rated it
November 16, 2017
Status: c16
The history until now is a lot like God and Devil World but the MC is much more charismatic he already have experience and he dont have the same amount of lust as other in a post apocal. World, so for the ones that like slow paced and PA histories it is a pretty good one, until the last chapter that I have read.
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