Apocalypse Meltdown


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It was a world of zombies and human beings were in despair. The magnetic field was changed and everything was back to the beginning.

One day, our hero, Chu Han, unconsciously came back ten years before the end of the world (eschatology) came. He was awakened by a loud noise in a dormitory in Minqiu University. He suddenly realised that he had undergone a rebirth. He fought with dozens of zombies and went to the parking lot to steal a G55. He decided to find his parents and his brothers with the G55, which was what he regretted not doing in his previous incarnation. He met a group of people on the petrol station, one of which is included in the top 20 of the eschatology, Chen Shaoye, renowned for his excellent sniping abilities. They met a vast horde of zombies in the highway and Chu Han used the G55 to crash into the enemies. At that moment, he finally came to realise that this was a meltdown system and he could gain credit points by killing zombies These credit points can then be exchanged for all kinds of talent. Consequently, he started his travels with the melting-down system.

This is a story of a meltdown system and he, Chu Han, was on the stage.

Apocalypse Meltdown average rating 3.1/5 - 129 user ratings
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One entry per line
Meltdown System in Eschatology
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New aytrama rated it
February 12, 2018
Status: c168
Truly disappointed. Story was building up and the author decides to put fillers. Ridiculous OP character entries.

MC keeps collecting future OP comrades every where he goes,

thick plot Armour,

Takes his sweet time even tho he needs to go to his parents. Like leaving the main mission to collect weeds.

stupid reasoning and that forced mysterious fog around the MC is so bs that im dropping this.

And before you know, at some point the story becomes boring.
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New mainzer45
February 10, 2018
Status: c156
I found this novel quite interesting at first, albeit a tad cliche. It starts out with this dude who travels back in time to just before the apocalype that hes lived in for 10 years, whos goal is to save his family and close friends from the apocalypse, which he couldnt manage to do before his time travelling. All well and good but most of the time it feels like this goal is forgotten. He stops every once in a while for all these little side things that most of... more>> the time have nothing to do with him, his personality is all over the place because at one point he'll act like a nice dude and go out of his way to save a group of strangers, and other times he'll just slaughter some people for calling him asshole. Other than that, the side characters are largely bland, and his personal harem is growing with very little signs that itll ever stop. The translation quality is all over the place, where some chapters can feel like a professional job, and others feel like they're barely proofread mtls. This combined with the confusing writing makes a lot of chapters feel very abtruse with a lot of things going on that arent explained well enough. It feels like something happens all of a sudden with no lead up, and while that can be used as a story element itself for surprises, when suddenly the characters are in a different spot than before with no transitional period, it can get very confusing. <<less
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Reggie rated it
December 1, 2017
Status: c45
Lots of filler and short chapters ruin the story. The author also has a mental problem in creativity.... more>>

He drags the story on and on for a single side character, emphasising how bad the side character is and how dirty the guy's thoughts are. And you guess it, he gets killed in not one but two chapters later by the MC. Just makes me really angry, all the author had to do was to make the MC instakill the bad guy to avoid any future troubles. But once again some stupid bottomline appears in the MC that holds him back that leads to more people getting killed. Happened several times already.


Loopholes in mc's thinking as well, e.g.

knows it's an apocalypse and has even been reincarnated and should know the best action to do yet gives food away to strangers who ate human meat and lets them run off to cause further havoc

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Narmi rated it
December 10, 2017
Status: c64
The MC is a bit too "edgy" - the dark and brooding type of character that expects everyone to follow his orders but doesn't explain why. All the villains are amazingly stupid and cruel too, constantly working against what is in their best interest. I can understand people becoming very selfish and cruel, but not stupid.

There are a few partsof the story that just are too hard to swallow. The MC apparently has a ridiculously amazing axe that never chips or gets dull, no matter how many zombies he kills... more>> or doors/locks he bashes in. The MC is always "waving" (not swing, chop, slash, cleave or anything else, just wave) his axe around. He'll wave his axe and a dozen zombies are decapitated. The author could at least have him clean or sharpen it once in awhile. He'll also be completely covered in zombie blood/gore, even getting it in his mouth, but he never gets a single scratch. Anyone else would have turned into a zombie, but he just walks it off. Finally, he's a borderline sociopath, willing to use then abandon anyone, even those who show him goodwill.

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DriftingCloud rated it
November 22, 2017
Status: c25
Better description in my opinion:

The meltdown theory: The day a mysterious darkness enshrouded the world. It was theorized that the earth's magnetic field had been changed, the data that corresponded to it also changed. The previous academic knowledge had been overturned, and numerous things had to be re-explored. The science that humanity was familiar with had been disrupted, including the genes of human beings. One of the largest disasters brought by the change was that 80% of humanity transformed into zombies. After years of struggling, a few lucky survivors would... more>> evolve and awaken a power inside themselves. Chu Han was never that lucky.

While holding on against the first wave, humans weren't the only ones getting stronger. Soon, stage 1 zombies evolved into stage 2 then 3 and so on. 10 years after the mysterious meltdown, the world of man belonged to the zombies. Humanity was nearing the of the end of the eschatology.

One day, Chu Han consciousness came back ten years before the end of the world (eschatology) came. He was awakened by a loud noise in a dormitory in Minqiu University. With only 1 day to prepare before the meltdown begins, he slowly begins to realised that he had undergone a rebirth. A power was awaking inside of him now despite never appearing in the hellish future. It calls itself the meltdown system. Despite losing the monstrous strength gained through years of harsh training, this system claims to trade kills for talents. This is a story of a collapsing world, a meltdown system, and Chu Han being on stage as he travels to save those he could not save before. <<less
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Rorrim rated it
December 21, 2017
Status: c66
Alright so this started out pretty decently in my opinion but it starting going down hill VERY quickly.

The translation quality started out acceptable and yet, somehow started getting worse and worse until it just devolved into broken english. I don't think it's much of a spoiler, really, but what bothered me a great deal about this story is how it seems that every male EXCEPT for Chu Han (The MC of the story) and his follower were immediately extremely violent, having their minds clouded by lust, and arrogant. They are... more>> ALWAYS extremely covetous and malicious.


Every male character that comes across the MC and his rag tag band of miss-fits IMMEDIATELY wants to kill him so that they can rape the female members, who are described as beautiful, and take their food and equipment. The major human antagonists that I have come across so far (3) are all basically the same. The characters are very one dimensional and none of them display any real thought besides "he has something I want, he must die. If that doesn't work, I should beg for mercy and try again later." They're all incredibly dull and arrogant, one recently introduced character going so far as to hope that his brother, who is at that moment going out to solve a zombie tide heading in the base's direction) will die and never come back because he was slapped by him for wasting ammo and making a ruckus that could draw tides. This is the case even though just before being slapped he was basically being described as worshiping and loving his brother for being so dependable.


It just seems unrealistic. I get that it's the apocalypse but it hasn't even been a month and people are acting like complete savages with reckless abandon. The MC is also lackluster as he is described to be calculating yet he often doesn't even follow his own guidelines.


He has past knowledge and it is said frequently that he doesn't trust anyone, yet he has on several occasions blindly followed people who offered him food and shelter when he needed neither. It just seems like the author was pushing for events to happen even though there was no reason for them to. The MC also has said that he doesn't waste time with dead people (people he plans on killing because they are a threat) yet he broke a guy's wrist when he rushed for one of his follows and sat there taunting the man, effectively wasting time. He is described as rushing to go save his parents yet he constantly does unnecessary things that are a complete waste of his time. For someone who's biggest goal is to save his family before they are eaten alive, he doesn't seem to be in that much of a rush.


Honestly, the author just seems to try WAY too hard to show 'the dark side' of humanity which just ruins the story.


He far too frequently comes across people he is somehow acquainted with even though 80% of the population turned into zombies and it would only make sense that a large portion of the rest of the 20% died from the initial meltdown. Worse yet, the people he is acquainted with are ALWAYS rotten. If they are male, they covet his female followers and strength. If they are female, they try to kiss up to him to leech off of him. Its a reoccurring theme that was just trampled into the ground.


My last gripe with this story, so far, is that everyone besides the MC (and those that follow him) just seem to be completely useless.


Everyone is terrified of the zombies even though they're described as slow, weaker than the average adult (at least the first stage zombies), and they are said to have fragile bones and tissue. It's just ludicrous how people will just let themselves sit there and die even though the author tries to create a story about people devolving to their baser instincts and yet they won't even ATTEMPT to fight to survive. The people are just brainless morons and it's so infuriating to sit there reading over and over how people look down on the MC like he's some grunt when no one would do that after seeing him in action.


I'm really considering dropping this story because I'm just losing my patience with it. The translations are sub-par, the characters are copy pastas and everyone is so blindingly arrogant and simpleminded that the story has no tension at all. It just leaves me feeling frustrated that I have to sit there reading about crap that doesn't even matter so I end up skimming the chapter to see if anything actually interesting develops. Even when going back to fully read the chapter, its disappointing to find out that, honestly, I didn't miss out on much at all. The story, while not exactly unique, I felt had potential but the low quality characters and repetition of their designs just makes the story boring and predictable.

Just... disappointing really. <<less
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RedKaiser rated it
December 5, 2017
Status: --
Short chapter

Slow pace

Huge plot hole..

MC has second chance but still an idiot. Save a fatty that will rank 20 in future but so far only bring trouble. MC will die cause of it if not plot armor protection.

How in the hell there are ranking when MC the only one has game systems. Others just normal human without powers.

I put it on hiatus until chapter 200+
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ieatp-ssy rated it
December 31, 2017
Status: c1488
This story starts out like many others in the genre, in which the MC was a normal man who survived the zombie-apocalypse, and all of a sudden, was whisked in time to just before the apocalypse, so that he could 'prepare' for the arrival of the zombies. Oh, and much like any other CN webnovel stories, he also has a cheat system, a super-computer system implanted in his subconscious.

That's only how it starts out.

I've read up to about 1, 500 chapters or so, and I can tell you that the... more>> world is still in post-apocalyptic era, and the zombies are still there, but the story has morphed into something different. Not in a way that most CN writers often morph their stories, when they run out of ideas, and then go totally into a different improv'd direction, just to keep the money coming, like a zombie story suddenly turning into space opera or something like that, though. In this story, the author seemed to be working off of a planned-out, pretty detailed of a story outline.

In that sense, he's more like a traditional print novelist, rather than a CN web-novelist, who may not know from day to day where his novel's plot will go.

The plot moves fast, and there's not a lot of 'filler' to the story. I can't tell you too much about this story without giving away a lot of its 'secrets, ' but I can tell you that this story has elements of hard sci-fi, mystery, military strategy and just a touch of xuanhuan woven into the primary plot-trunk.

If you've read and enjoyed 'Gate of Revelation, ' you would enjoy this novel. I can tell you that they are made from the same vein, with an over-arcing big secret in the story, that won't be revealed until much later, but that the foreshadowing of the secret is present, even in the early chapters, so it felt planned, rather than improv'd. Just like how the translator/publisher of GOR's English translation had mentioned, the closest thing to GOR that he can think of is "The Matrix" movies, and that description is fairly accurate for this novel as well. Where GOR is packaged in a video-game universe as a shell, this one uses the zombie apocalypse.

Fair warning, though: this story requires a minimum IQ and some level of mental maturity to fully appreciate. It is more suited to an adult reader than to a young-adult, teenie-bopper set. As you go along, you'll need to remember the clues you read along the way, to keep up with the mystery's progression. Once you get over the more typical and well-overused 'horror' elements present in the beginning of the story and get into the 'mystery/thriller' meat, you'll have to remember more and more, but if you're willing to invest the time and attention, you'll get a worthwhile return in a very exciting novel.

If you're tired of the usual CN-based FS/RFC (face-slap/revenge-face-slap) as primary plot progression, or perhaps seek affirmation that a CN web-writer can do more than the usual FC/RFC crap, this is for you! If you really enjoy the FC/RFC element of most CN-stories, or just want a mindless light-read, you won't.

This is clearly a new author. He's a little short on style and still fairly dependent on the typical tropes of CN webnovels, so on initial read, the novel feels like a typical CN stuff you see out there. He can definitely benefit from a strong literary editor -- and I mean editor in the literary sense, not just an error-checker. He's got a good grasp on pacing, world-building and economy of characters, all are makings of a good novelist, someday. I give credit where credit is due, and this writer might surprise us all, someday.

I don't think the story is concluded yet on Qidian, but if the story stays consistent in quality and execution, Qidian would be smart to cease the amateurish high-school-English-quality translation and invest in a professional team of translator and editor (read: expensive), and consider publishing this novel in print. With a professional editor on-hand, I can see this novel appealing to a more 'serious' novel reading crowd, than to the typial CN 'light' novel crowd. But then that requires some actual cojones in overlooking the penny to seek the Dollar, so I'm not too optimistic.

I gave it a four-star. It's a good effort from an obviously new writer.

Happy reading! <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
November 24, 2017
Status: c300
I already read until 300 ch, the concept is nice and interesting

The setting is apocalyptic world with 80% of people become zombies, 10% died of it and the rest either become something else, died of hunger or kill each other for food. The MC is not a dense guy, he is very quiet and not at talker type. He have power but never show off, and only fight the people who attack him. No he is not beta type MC, in fact he is very alpha, he dont want to... more>> kill other without reason because duh kill the zombie not the human.

One of the point of this novel is because he has the memory of future, he help other who he cant help and gather strong people.

The downside is maybe the slow pace of the story, 300 ch is no more than 6 month, but thats is not too bad though. The other downside maybe is the plot of how he met the 'future' top zombie killer, and he befriend many of them, in no more than 3 month! Thats kind of rubbish plot doesnt it, but maybe thats why he got the cheat power or something (god will maybe), dunno. And other big downside is the quality of the translation, personally I can even read the machine translation so I dont have problem reading it, but the translation is bad, you can read it yes, but I start to think the one who translate using machine after that fix it to his style, readable but bad, some point got missing in the translation, some point become confusing and some even become downright "what...", for example when the story reach climax the MC sound very fierce and cool, but after the translation its just become little cool, maybe the translator is new after learning english/chinese, even I can use machine translator and edit it better than them, it just that bad.


The cheat skill is in a way is cheat, but in other way is not. In the past live he dont have 'supernatural' power but in this live he got this cheat skill or cheat 'supernatural' skill. After apocalypse human can become stronger and stronger, and they name it type 1 as the start (already as strong as best athlete) and stronger as the type number goes. The MC growth in his type is strongly influenced by his cheat so he cant advance fast enough as other 'top' zombie killer. But because the cheat also have other function like strength up, agility up etc, because of that he can win against people at higher type. But as the 'type' thing significance power, people always belittle him and always mock him, its kind of become his routine, where they mock him, insult him etc until they attack him, and he mow them all (this happen often).

And of course warning, many people died lol, lots of blood, human parts, and other gruesome thing.

I recommend this for people who like the apocalyptic theme with ruthless/smart/calculative/cool headed MC. For those looking beta/comedy/dense MC you may not like this.

And below is my rant for special snowflake and crybaby who rate this below 3 star without logic cause they want to know everything and want everything happen to be what they think


Also for those who is special snowflake you better dont read this before you cry about sh*t, I read some comment who like to comment about s*xist rape etc in apocalypse theme story, what a snowflake. Many thing doesnt got explain very detailed in the early chapter, and some crybaby already commented about it, pfft what a noob. If all the information is already out in the open its not a web novel idiot, it maybe isnt a story at all, just read, some thing is not explained because there is time to explain it, stupid. I already read to ch 300 so for those who just read only 20 chapter and complaining sh*t about ranking and stuff, its in chapter 100ish, and for the every character background etc its to far off, so many unexplained information, and if you want to know all of it kill the author, you jack ass. What an asshole, give 1 or 2 star rank not because the story is bad, but because he/she is a snowflake and want to know every f**king thing at the early chapter! I may only give 4, but this wn is doesnt deserve low rank if you cant understand what a story is, jackass. Try to write one if you can, and yes I already try it, so I can feel the rage if some story got stupid idiot comment. If you are stupid just score it dont comment and mislead every other people who never read it.

Some people also commenting about the lack of 'good' people in the story and everybody is malicious, bad etc... well we dont need sherlock to answer him cause this is f**king easy, its apocalypse idiot. 80% turn to zombies, and if you are unlucky maybe all in your house except you turn into one, so where is those 'good' guy? Dead, definitely dead, those who survive will of course competing for resource you moron, and how to do that? Asking nicely? Sometimes I ask myself why some people with limited imagination and knowledge start to commenting like they sound so smart even though all their argument is full of flaw. And yeah 1 or 2 zombies is not a problem, but 1 bite you turn to become one, and there is not 1 zombies, every person need to fight at least 4 of them (80%), and dont forget the zombies will swarm, try play zombie game, tell me how you beat them, even using a baseball bat is too much energy consuming for each swing and will you swing another 3 zombie will probably swarm you to death.

Also about the rape thing, human instinct remember, the one who become the leader always the strong one, and how many of those strong people is a good guy? Most 'good' guy is weak and they use money or law to influence people to also become good in society, have you ever see strong man politician, maybe 1 in 50. Most strong guy is not so nice you know, especially in country like China, so of course that most of the leader is bad guy, and how to release their stress? Basic need, food, place, and woman, if you dont know this maybe you are a sissy or woman. Also in later chapter there is a good guy, just not in ch 66, actually there is many good guy who become leader, if I count maybe almost half is 'good' guy who dont rape woman in first glance. Also another reason why so many bad guys is maybe can be explain by this quote 'In the worst situation people will show their ugliness', basically apocalypse if stressful, using percentage 4/5 of people you know is not alive and want to eat you. And those alive is also 'potentially' zombie in the future, think about that Rorrim. Think with your head next time.

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lazycrash rated it
November 21, 2017
Status: c50
kinda bad and not what I was expecting, the world building is terrible. Ex: he has a system, he talks to it, it replies check it out yourself, the end. No other information was given.

The credit system also isn't well explained as if we are supposed to imagine it all up-suddenly: ah I need 800credit for the talent. When it wasn't even explained anywhere about it-He made it all up in his head and customized it
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HorseHeadGuy rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: c16
There isn't much to say about a novel with so little chapters translated, in my opinion. It seems interesting, the plot is just starting to develop and the MC has a clear goal, unlike many other MCs, which is to protect his parents and roommates.

However, I am going to drop it because of one thing - the translation quality. My god is it awful. Although it's bearable in the first 12-13 chapters... it becomes a total mess later. Almost every sentence is incoherent. Honestly, I think google translate can do... more>> a better job.

I can still enjoy a novel with a sh*tty story and amazing translation quality, but a novel with a superb story and godawful translation quality is quite honestly repulsive. <<less
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Tarlos rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: c120
Story is all over the place and full of contradictions. MC's primary goal is to find his parents and protect them, but he prances around doing everything except that. One moment he's cold and aloof, and the next he's a charming and charismatic leader. Narrative says that eating zombie flesh will inevitable turn people into zombies, but MC constantly have zombie blood and flesh falling in his mouth with no problem (bro even if you spit it out some is gonna go down your throat). MC has no problems killing... more>> strangers who threaten him, but later he doesn't react when people shoot him and his team. Translation quality jumps all over the place, with the worst of it being almost like pseudo-MTL. Not really a good read <<less
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SchneiderRitter rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: c1333
So I've read ahead till about chapter 1333 in chinese. For those reviewers below I can safely guarantee that most of their complaints are unfounded by about that point.

... more>>

So the MC has survived for up to ten years in the apocalypse, before he was reincarnated back to the day before the apocalypse. Now the thing that people don't realize is this. Before his reincarnation, he was a normal evolved human in the apocalypse. People like him were a dime a dozen, and he evolved pretty late as well. Despite his slow start, he survived a good ten years and had friends in lots of high places, that get revealed as the story goes on. This gives him an extremely big advantage when he reincarnates cause he retains 2 things: The survival skills he has built up over the ten years, and knowledge of important future events as well as knowledge of powerhouses before they rise to power. With these two advantages, he now goes forward to build his own power in the apocalypse, to protect the things important to him.


-Harem where the members aren't actually useless

As of now there are 4 members. First member is Shang Jiu Ti, she ends up being the manager of the base he eventually founds, as MC has to travel all over the place both to get stronger and to find loot. Second there's Guan Yu Ting, she's actually the daughter of a general and she ends up taking over the base her father owns and supporting MC. The third is the Bai girl, she's a member of a hidden family and way stronger than the MC. Last is a girl with mental powers that rapes the MC cus he rejected her.

-Side characters are interesting and actually relevant to the story.

As long as a character is named and doesn't die, you can bet he's gonna appear again and contribute to the story. Some of em are pretty hilarious as well.

-Kingdom building

-Not just a simple apocalypse story


Hidden families! Aliens! Mermaids! Conspiracies galore! At where I've read to the story has revealed more and more secrets, that the MC has encountered in his previous life, and have never come close to unlocking.

-Antagonists that matter


The MC only seems OP now cause he's a dragon in a shallow pool. Right now he's like a adult playing with kids. Later on he meets real antagonists, such as members of hidden families that could crush him with a single finger, the king of cannibals that has a huge power advantage over him, and despite the fact that he's strong he's not a match for them. He survives via ingenuity and good use of his resources. And scamming. He's the king of scammers.


-Interesting MC


He has a goal and he works towards it. He's filial to a fault. He's a scammer. He's a scrooge. He's basically Meng Hao if you threw him inside an apocalypse. He's ruthless as well, which is the temperament you'd expect someone who survived 10 years in the apocalypse to have. But he doesn't ruin plans by randomly slaughtering people. He slaughters with a purpose. And I enjoy that.



MC is somewhat similar to MC of LLS as well. He scams a lot of people, and always ends up getting out ahead. The process is extremely fun as well. Certain side characters are retardedly funny as well, and their interactions are amusing.

-Story is pretty edgy

There's a part where a little girl gets raped by her uncle and her tongue cut off so she can't scream. MC saves her. He then proceeds to ask her what she wants to do. She wants to kill the uncle. So MC hangs the uncle on a tower in a zombie filled city where the zombies can't reach him, and feeds him everyday so he'll survive but he's permanently hung there. He tells the girl, you can have your revenge if one day you're strong enough to reach him yourself. So the little girl joins his army. I find this wonderful. The world has gone to hell. If children want to survive they have to get strong as well. If they stay weak all that's left for them is to suffer. No, the girl doesn't join his harem.

-Multiple Perspectives

There are parts where the story goes on when the main character is away from the base, and the side characters aren't exactly helpless without him around.


-Translation is pretty bad.

-Chapters are short.

-MC is pretty lucky honestly.

And that's about it. If you can, do yourself a favor and read it in the original language. The translation doesn't do it justice. <<less
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VanVera rated it
November 27, 2017
Status: c37
3 star are only for the story about the zombies and the post-apocalyptic plot.

This novel started with up-down factors, first 10-20chapter were not edited, so that explain the bad reviews, but for many (like me) the story itself is interesting so we kept going.

Now on c37 I can say the editor is doing his job, so nothing to say, 5star to the translator/editor;

In this novel we have zombies, in the actual world, we should read about the difficulties in this new harsh environment (like TWD or a game-like resident evil),... more>> but here we go with a game-like ability where killing zombies give the our MC exp point for upgrading his status and gaining ability. Until here I can say "ok ok, passable", indeed the cheat-like system that affect only the MC is a prerogative for the novels with game elements (i got used to this).


Our dear MC is not only enjoing this new system, but he have the knowledge for the next 10year, why? He came back from the future, he actually is survivor, he was ranked low on the surviving rank list, it appears that humans develop super abilities and he didn't have one, for now he look likes others MCs in other game novels (cooperative only when he gain something, don't listen to others opinions/ideas, solo-doing most of things thanks to his new ability and past experience).



Side-characters, too few for now, but whatever villans or companions they are almost brain-dead, maybe it's the environment, maybe it's too early to judge, but the most of males even came back from the future regressing in their puberty-age-mentality (I think the author read too many wuxia novels villains young-masters and their s*xual desire for women). For these males surviving is the second option, they have first to fck every woman and kill whoever don't lower his head to them. (Truly I hope there will not be any sect with young master and elder in this chinese novel). Regarding the side-female-characters the hints that this will be an harem novel are many.


I'll continue to read this novel (there are still 1000+ chapters), the MC is bearable, but not the villains, I hope the author improved his way in the plot.


until now appaered 2 young master and 1 stilltosee (young master or an elder from a random sect, still in pending for see his true color)

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ScotlandForsythe rated it
November 17, 2017
Status: --
Other than the fact that I am very ticked off by the 'synopsis' (it's what made me put of checking out the few chpaters that came out...), It isn't that bad. I can't really say much since the Description (*cough* summary *cough*) has spoiled how many chapters? '-'

And the translation quality could be better, but it's pretty good and decent. I personally think it doesn't take too much away from the story.

I really like apocalypse + game system stories so hopefully this goes well.
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Daoist LastWish
Daoist LastWish rated it
January 9, 2018
Status: c118
A standard post-apocalyptic story, with some interesting elements. However, the writing is inconsistent, and there is no real plot, except to try to make Chu Han (the MC) seem like a badass. The story started off being interesting initially, but then slowly stated loosing steam and eventually became an incoherent mess.


Good Points:

The world building was fairly good early on, and how Chu Han dealt with things was mildly interesting.


Inconsistency. Chu Han started off being a nice sort of person. In order to make him seem cool and badass, the writer changed his personality into a indifferent person. This didn't seem to satisfy the writer though. Circa chapter 116, Chu Han suddenly turns into a homicidal nut case - he kills a bunch of people just because he could.

Worse still, each woman that comes into contact with him totally joins his harem, and become his bitches. Even the lone guy in his team is his bitch too.

All the standard tropes of a Chinese Novels are there - including the Dumb young lords.



If you like reading a crappily written crapshoot, then by all means read this crap. Otherwise, try reading some good stories like Ze Tian Ji (Way of Choices), Death Sutra, etc.
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January 6, 2018
Status: c1
This is the worst zombie story ever. I agree with all the 1 star reviews. The MC takes way to long to find his mom and dad. It wouldn't take this long to drive from New York to LA. The MC finds some secret agents with guns in a gas station. One is a 12 year old loli. This is the day after the apocalypse started by the way. I wouldnt read this if you paid me.
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boldrini31 rated it
November 16, 2017
Status: c16
The history until now is a lot like God and Devil World but the MC is much more charismatic he already have experience and he dont have the same amount of lust as other in a post apocal. World, so for the ones that like slow paced and PA histories it is a pretty good one, until the last chapter that I have read.
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Yoburi rated it
February 5, 2018
Status: --
Truly bad MC says he is going to save his parents but stop at every single location and even change his course doing side missions, also people act like beasts after just 1 day since the zombie show up.

Side characters are very annyoing and the system the MC got is the most generic type ever like playing a terrible MMO that keeps telling you to kill 200 monsters to get a skill and thats the only quest you ever get.
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PopeBuddha rated it
January 1, 2018
Status: c110

  • Standard second chance basis
  • Semi formulaic interactions with new characters
  • Not enough development on the MCs ability system (not full explained, doesnt seem it will be but I digress)
  • Short chapters
  • MC can feel a little jesus kun when hes not meeting a significant challenge
I started with the cons because I feel that theyre really nitpicky and they dont really take away from my enjoyment of the story


  • Reincarnation knowledge doesnt really come into play, itll let him have hints on what he can do in a certain situation but its usually used as a plot device to get the character going in a certain direction that he still has to figure out.
  • World building is works very well, each city or place the story goes to feels grounded and believeable
  • Main characters are likeable even though originally they felt a little copy paste
  • MC is consistent, has a goal that may not be a main driving elemeny of the story but still gives him a place to reach after each little arc (arc may be a bit generous though)
Overall its really entertaining and has some minor foreshadowing and some blatant expositing for future elements but remains intriguing. May have been a bit much to write but wanted to get it right for people wanting to read it.

Happy New Year :)
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Viole22 rated it
December 12, 2017
Status: c71
Dont be affected by cryings. This is good stuff. There are some holes but there isnt a perfect book anyway. This is one of the best apocalypse type I read. Beware that translation is bad in beginnings but its much better in later chapters.
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Mahiro9 rated it
December 30, 2017
Status: --
Here's my cliché checklist, it should be enough to justify this low score.

- Arrogant young masters.

- Braindead villains.

... more>> - Women with powerful backgrounds around the MC.

- Fat sidekick who's also a yes-man.

- Women bitches that aren't part of the MC's harem.

- Tryhard "cold-hearted" MC but inconsistent and even the emotional fluctuations feels forced most of the time.

- Greatly exaggerated words to describe everything the MC does no matter how anticlimatic it is just so he can appear like some badass character.


Decent novel to read as long as you can swallow all the bad things about it, but it also doesn't have much of a pulling factor to make you want to keep on reading for more than a thousand chapters. <<less
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