I Woke Up Pregnant With An Undead’s Child


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Zhang Qiu is an archaeology undergraduate. One month ago, he went to Qinling Mountains with a group of archaeologist doctorate students led by Prof. Fang, to study the newly discovered ancient tomb. While the people were excited to open the tomb, Zhang Qiu was pushed back, and accidentally fell into an opening. Before he fainted, he saw a pair of red eyes staring at him. When woke up, he discovered that he was deflowered! QAQ he remembered the deeds and often dreamed of it.

Later, he was having symptoms of a pregnant woman.

After coming back to his hometown, his dad confirmed his fears. Both father and son went to seek help from his dad’s older brother, who ZQ had never met. Who would have thought, Zhang Baba had a dark past and ZQ also found out his Zhang Family was not an ordinary family at all.

While being kidnapped and tomb raiding, ZQ fell for a man with long hair, who always took care of him. This is where he discovered he was BENT! Can’t resist beauty!

Their adventures were filled with new discoveries, new villain, new member and new son!

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I Woke Up Pregnant With A Jiangshi’s Child
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lisyaoran rated it
October 2, 2018
Status: c34
Caution: there's a lot of spoiler in this review...

When I saw this novel's rating is less than 4, I thought the story might be so boring, or ridiculous, or even nonsense. But, thank goodness I read it. This novel is soooo awesomeee~!

Here is the summary, I tend to write a lottt of spoiler in my summary, but feel free to read it, hahaha

... more>>

The MC in this novel is an archaeology student. One day, his professor and a team of students (including him) found a secret tomb. This grave's age is around 4, 000 years. When everyone was so excited about it, they didn't notice that there's something weird around the grave, and when they realised it, they all panic and accidentally push MC and he fell down. Before he loses consciousness, he saw a pair of red eyes. When he wakes up, he notices that his chrysanthemum is wet (you got me right?) and there's a lot of kiss bite around his neck and in between of his thigh.

Later on, he felt sick and nauseous. During the semester break, he went back home and his dad notices something wrong with him. His Yang Qi (positive power inside our body, as in Yin Yang) is low, and there's a lot of Yin Qi (negative power) around his stomach. MC's dad was a Feng Shui master before, but by looking at MC's state, he knew that this problem is beyond him, so they went to meet his "Brother" (Same as martial arts, the people who have the same master will be siblings, and brother here = the person from same master (senpai))

In the train on the way to meet his father's brother, he met seme..I meant ML. ML has nice body proportion, long hair, strong and his body temperature is cold (well, he is the undead..). According to the brother, the baby inside MC is changing Yang Qi inside his body into Yin Qi, so that the baby able to absorb it. This is a serious problem, if this problem persist, MC will not have Yang Qi anymore. (hmmm, somehow this is not summary anymore, its like I'm writing a complete story here, hahaha)

Okay, fast forward, ML and a group of people plan to rob grave as there's a lot of treasure buried together with the owner. They want some help from the Feng Shui's master but he refuses. They want to kidnap MC's father to help them, but they accidentally kidnap MC. (he's already pregnant) (


The interaction between ML and MC is sooo sweett~~!


Especially, after MC was kidnapped, ML was totally looking after him, pat his back when he vomits, make sure he is not hungry, supply some Yin Qi if MC felt sick. When ML saw MC's small round stomach, there's tenderness, warmness in his eyes and he slightly smile (since he is undead, he's not that generous with smile and he has that all-year-chill-dark-aura around him) There is one scene where MC's stomach hurts so bad, and they were inside a burrow (when they want to access the grave, the need to crawl through a hole). MC was trying to hold on, but ML realise something wrong with him. ML was crawling in front of MC, and he turns back so supply some Yin Qi to MC and kiss MC's forehead, he even reminds MC not to hold on, just tell him if its hurt. Later on, MC realises that ML's back was torn and there are blood and flesh torn all his back. He scratches his back when he turns back to ML inside the hole (the hole is so small that they need to crawl one-by-one). #PerfectHusbandDetected (There's more but I can't spoil everything for you guys)



Their baby was born in chapter 31 @ 32 (caesarean operation done by the husband.. he's perfect!), and he was soo damn cutee. His size is similar to a kitten, has big eyes, two small canine teeth. He's especially cute when he says "Daddy, hungry, milk" while hanging on MC's chest, kyaahh O (≧∇≦) O. You don't have to wait too long to read smexy scene as in chapter [email protected] 35, the daddies are getting busy in the kitchen, while their child watching a cartoon in a living room. I don't know why I include this, but I just need to include this.. I need second child.. (▼∀▼)


The story plot is interesting as it unveils the mystery

of ML, the undead, zombies, and immortality.


Talking about the translator.. hmmm, I think she/he might need a proofreader or editor, but thank you for picking this novel up. if it wasn't for he/she, I might not meet this awesome novel, her/his update is fast too. Just

open your mind, ignore the grammar error

and try this novel. <<less
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NotShamelessHeHe rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: c7
Giving five stars because why not, I'm not stingy *creepy laugh*

Actually I'm guessing that the real main dish is yet to serve (since imIin chapter 7)

Translator said he/she is noob so I understand. S/He needed an editor who's very knowledgeable to chinese idioms and chinese itself. However, the story was still depicted *shrugs*. Me no spoil though.

This is mpreg, if you no see tag cuz u lazy. If you don't like mpreg then why are you here? Lol. Just kidding.

... more>>

Is this even a spoiler? Well, so far our lil' MC is pregnant even though it is on chapter one. Yep, the vital plot was suddenly thrown to you like a delicious hot potato. I'm also guessing but not guessing that ML is Li Shu since his conspicuous long hair and devilish handsomness handsomness tells me he is the ML (I want handsomeness too)


I shal return. Whether the 5 ratinr I gave is well deserved or I need to lower it depend on how the story translator-nim translates. Huehue. <<less
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oosydneyoo rated it
October 15, 2018
Status: c27
For those of you that get turned off by zombie tags like me, DON'T BE. Chinese zombies are different from the American ones. Yes Chinese zombies are still undead but they have different states of being dead, they are more like vampires than zombies. The more powerful "zombies" retain sanity, are really strong, and look normal (well they are pale and cold), they don't have brains and guts hanging out nor do they eat people like what you would think when you hear zombie. Now the lower down zombies do... more>> behave like American zombies in that they eat people and seem rather dumb and can have parts missing.

Ok, now to the actual review. I love this! The translator definitely needs an editor but the novel is still readable. Either way I am grateful for them translating this either way! With that being said the novel itself is a 5 star for me.

The plot is good, the MC is kept in the dark about somethings that you as the reader know about. Makes for some "Oh come on", "how do you not see it" moments, but these moments are the enjoyable kind and they aren't so over the top obvious that the readers left thinking the MC is dumb. The adventures in this novel are awesome and keep the plot moving forward at a good pace.

Character development is good, each character has their own unique personality. So far we have only been introduced to two couples and the story is still mainly following our starter couple so this is the couple I'll review. Kind of a spoiler about relations ahead:I'm especially fond of the ML and his doting dad behavior. The MC is not gay at first but when the ML and him start to get closer the MC does a good job of trying to figure out his feelings for the ML instead of dragging him around by the nose and acting like a homophobe. The MC's approach to this is very mature and I have nothing but praise for it. He's very open minded but not TO open minded (doesn't willy nilly try things on impulse). I'm in love with this couple.

P.S. Novel updates sometimes doesn't accurately show the updated chapters. Like right now Novel Updates says there are only 24chap when there are actually 27chap out right now so just make sure to check the translators site for updates as well. <<less
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agathe rated it
January 6, 2019
Status: --
(u to c30) it's quite fun with a bit of action and plenty haunted tomb to raid.

So far; I don't know if there is much to the plot but I enjoy the ride, it could probably be better, as it overall like depth in every direction. But the characters are quirky and witty, for once, they don't shy from their desire, which make for a few idiotic situation. There is plenty mystery that I can hop to see growing deeper, but maybe it won't and it still probably... more>> would be fine and fun

PS: I deeply dislike everything zombie, our personal "undead" is more like the super sexy tyrannic yet sweet character. Not at all gruesome. More like an occidental vampire, without blood craving. <<less
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RoseAmethyst remembrance
RoseAmethyst remembrance rated it
February 10, 2020
Status: c59
Have you noticed that the majority of positive reviewers hasn't reached ch. 30 and that the ones who did reach past ch. 30 are more negative?

To the novels credit, it does delve deep into Chinese beliefs and cultures on burials and death superstition. I applaud the translator for trying to translate and explain these burial and superstitious concepts. People who has a strong interest in tomb raiding novels mixed with Chinese superstition may like this. This aspect of the novel pulled me in until I reached the 30s.

The first criticism... more>> I'm going to make is how bland the horror element is. For a tomb raiding novel type, the horror element is too weak. By chapter 30, I realized that I wasn't getting scared even when reading though the creepier scenes. One reviewer questioned if this was due to the author or translator, but I've MTL'd horror novels before (Mermaid Effect and Desharow Merman) and the bad MTL doesn't dampen the horror elements and fascinating storytelling. I think this author is just bad at storytelling.

The narrative is too bland. The characters are bland and I could care less about the CPs. I couldn't develop no strong opinions towards the villians. I didn't hate them. They were just a mild nuisance, but nothing more.

The behaviors of the characters are very unrealistic. The MC had gone through some genuinely horrific events (got r*ped, woke up in a creepy tomb chamber, finds out that his pregnancy is a high risk pregnancy and could die), yet his reaction....... he practically doesn't have one. He never shows concern when he's warned by his uncle about the horrific possibilities of his pregnancy. Even when he exhibits pregnancy symptoms (growing tummy and vomiting), he doesn't really think about the life inside of him. His thoughts are always elsewhere. His lack of curiosity and attention towards his pregnancy is a huge turn off for me. Who could possible be this nonchalant towards a first time pregnancy?

My final and biggest critisim is that we never get a proper explanation about the circumstances surrounding the title, "I Woke Up Pregnant With A Jiangshi's Child." I don't have to finish the novel to realize that. The fact that the MC still shows no interest in learning more about the ML's background after ch.30 is proof of that. Before ch.30, I was anticipating that these various tomb raids were going to build up to the unraveling of the mystery surrounding the MC's impregnation and the ML's background. I read diligently up to ch. 59 and there's still no sign that I'll get my answers. I got really fed up and just skipped to the last 3 chapters and...... let's just say I lost complete interest in the novel.

If you want to know what happens in the last chapters:


The MC "gives birth" to a second child. From my understanding, the ML uses some magic to pull the child out of his belly without harming the MC. Again, the MC shows no interest in understanding how the ML achieved this.

I'm so turned off by the author's laziness to explain the birthing process considering that the title is "I Woke Up Pregnant With A Jiangshi's Child."

It's like the author is saying "Just throw in some magic and rip the baby out. That's all it takes to have a baby" ----->Really????

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steambunni_ rated it
January 10, 2019
Status: c32
The translation was a bit hard to understand as the punctuation and grammar used wasn't very good in terms of wording. Otherwise, it'd been such an interesting read I dedicated a night without sleep for it. No regrets.

... more>>

Zhang Qiu is impregnated due to r*pe by a zongzi and ends up being forced to go along with a tomb raiding after a couple of incidents. There were a few bits and pieces that left me with a dozen or so questions because of the poor and vague descriptions when it came to the environment the characters are in. One of which being the place where ZQ fell in, that Gu Mu Country tomb was it? My mans slipped up and got raped by a dead person - literally all I got. Yes that was the key point of the scene, but because we're brought back to it in the later chapters, it'd been hard to imagine ZQ slipping from what you'd think was a high place but is actually entered through a tunnel ??? I'm misunderstanding something ??? Other places include their travels while tomb raiding or on the way to their tomb raiding. I felt as clueless as ZQ was whenever he gets transported magically from one place to another.

I think another issue I had was when ZQ gave birth. The description of the child birth made me want to go neck myself because no matter what, child birth will always be difficult? You'd think it'd be harder for a MALE giving birth to his FIRST ever child by cesarean without any antiseptics even if he had his zongzi hubby to tug out the bub from his stomach. I wish he'd at least wake up from a pained faint so it would make the pregnancy look like it actually happened (you get plenty of evidence that it did, but solid childbirth is amazing). I know this is a sci-fi/fantasy novel.... but.... ZQ can't always be sleeping every chapter after the first ? biiig oof. I totally relate, I'd sleep my burdens away too tbh.

What I feel is even more messed is how he treated the baby as if it weren't ZQ's to begin with. Like, bro, you were the only one pregnant in the party, who else do you think birthed the baby? That freak LJ?? I'm soothed by how he has the tiniest bit of attachment towards his baby though.


Actually, some regrets... but would reread! <<less
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Hannalrd rated it
November 19, 2018
Status: --
Idea is good.. There is humor and adventure.. But dunno if its the author or translation, but the narrative is so dry!

The text feels like a script more than a fluid story, I feel no atachment to the characters at all..

... more>>

ML rapes MC for reasons so far unknown. There should be a big r*pe tag there. MC gets pregnant also for reasons unknown despite being a man, and ML takes care of him?

Dunno, because later MC says it felt good when ML had him, and made MC start thinking he was gay. But it doesn't erase that the ML really raped MC... This is one of those Stories, you know?


All in all, I give 4 stars for the interesting idea, but due to the chalk desert level dryness I'm nor reading this anymore. <<less
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Heyyheyy rated it
October 3, 2019
Status: c34
So far the story seems pretty interesting. The translation is pretty rough and hart to read and I don't even mean the gramma mistakes with this. Tbh this kind of takes the desire, to read this, away. I pretty much only understand the half of the chapters.
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Yukina999 rated it
January 23, 2019
Status: --
I almost complete this novel, not sure how many extras are from the mtl section the translator provided. But this is a very satisfying reading even if sometime I need to burn my brain cells. The story is really amazing with mystery and romance.

If you like mpreg with horror and mystery then this is your cup.
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zary11278 rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: c69
Well as someone who is not into horror stories and a none Chinese I could say it was disturbing for me reading those senses happening in the tomb like that Jiangshi eating thing truly disgust me and human skins, I just saw that pic behind my eyes every time I closed my eyes. But as a romance story I can say it is cute, the couples are cute specially the main couple and their first son. If your searching for something to be scared out of your mind don't read... more>> this but if you are looking for something cute with magical characters and myth and some mysteries that are left to be solved until the left of the book, this book can satisfy you. <<less
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July 19, 2019
Status: Completed
in short, this is Daomu Biji but with mpreg and really gay. Lol.
in case you don't know, Daomu is about grave-robbing adventures. As such, this one has similar theme. The idea itself is pretty good but the execution is bit lacking. The translation is a bit confusing too.
just read when you are bored.
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