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Lin Mu rescued a Samoyed.

Capable of eating, smiling, has a high IQ. Picks up anything you teach him quickly, a good helper around the house.

The only thing was that he doesn’t bark nor wag his tail.

Lin Mu took a ham sausage and coaxed for the thousandth time, “wag your tail, and this ham sausage is yours to eat.”

The Samoyed raised his eyes impatiently, and with a single shake of his tail, shook out nine.

Lin Mu: …… F*ck.

Afterwards, the fox that did not wish to reveal his name, Mr. Yan Xuanjing, said in an interview: “Now I regret, I deeply regret. At that time, I shouldn’t have pretended to be a dog to take advantage of him, shouldn’t have touched him, rubbed against him, eaten his food and slept in his bed. Now I have a home that I can’t return to and a wife I can’t sleep with, I regret, deeply regret.”

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New Szara rated it
November 29, 2019
Status: c34
I'm currently only on Chapter 34, but I really like this story so far.

It's sweet and funny, and low on the drama side (but it's definitely not boring!). The ML is a good person who treats the MC well. All of the side characters are charming and likeable.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
PotatoAndSleepy rated it
October 26, 2019
Status: Completed
A cute and fluffy story with a fluffy fox that has nine fluffy tails! With comedy and sad bits throughout the story. The story is quite slice of life, with an ongoing mystery that eventually gets solved.

MC isn't the white lotus 'oh we should save everybody! Nobody gets hurt!' type, and has his own biases, thoughts and ideals. But this does mean that he's biased towards people he cares for, and can accept them doing kinda iffy things because he cares for them.

ML is cute!! Both in his fox form... more>> and his 'I'm trying my best, but all your hints are flying over my head.' manner. He does try to protect the MC, but not just shelter him, and instead helps in any way he can.

Side characters are wonderful, with their own mini-plots and characteristics.

Points to note:

  • Not very action/adventure based. Even though there's a conflict going on, it isn't the main focus of the story.
  • Sad bits here and there.
  • Quite a bit of the plots are based on Chinese myths/ideals.
  • Revenge and karma is a theme.
  • Different worlds, different ideals.
All in all:

  • 9/9 fluffy tails, overall very cute and sweet
  • No love triangles and dogblood dramas
  • good side characters, though lacking in female characters
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xiin rated it
October 29, 2019
Status: --
Read this novel a while back before it got picked up... good story with depth~ lots of comedy on the surface, but definitely has angsty/sad undercurrents that were a little too much for me.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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