Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits


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A tale of urban demons and spirits, the mysterious exorcist and I.

Do you believe that supernatural creatures exist in this world?

I’m an ordinary college student while he’s the handsome and powerful demon exorcist from the mysterious old manor.

Our paths had never crossed before and yet, our fates became intimately entangled after one chance meeting.

The knocking on the coffin in the dead of the night, the little girl weeping inside the box-shaped structure, the good friend of mine who was cursed…

Together, the mysterious exorcist Mr. Wen and I embarked on a path into the world of the grotesque and motley.

Gradually, I realized that I had developed special feelings for him that went beyond friendship…

But, the problem is I’m a man!

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solomaize rated it
February 7, 2018
Status: c23
Honest, I thought my friend lied to me about this being BL, just to lure me in to read a horror. Try not to read this at night, alone, with the lights out. Not gonna lie, I almost pissed myself.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. It's refreshingly not focused on the leads romance. There is no romance at the moment. But instead you are given a goofy friend, clear headed love interest for said friend, a strange boss, a snobish cat and a really normal MC.

The story is really engaging... more>> with a mix of humor and drama. You will also be introduced to some little known Chinese beliefs and tradition. Not usual for modern BL.

As long as the horror is kept to a minimal, I'm hooked. <<less
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Anra7777 rated it
December 5, 2018
Status: v3c11
I really liked this story at first. The first two arcs or so gave me nightmares. I liked the MC. But I think there were two points where I started liking the story less.

... more>>

One was at the start of the school trip arc. The starting scene with the family in the car felt so cliché to me, especially since the previous arcs had felt fresh. The second was the meeting the MC's family arc. I couldn't understand how the MC could accept his mother so smoothly and without doubts or resentment after years of abuse.


While I haven't had a problem with the story points, per se, other than the one mentioned, I've grown to like the MC less and less, to the point where I almost can't stand him.

I have two problems with him. First, he recklessly makes naïve promises he has no way of knowing if he can keep but believes in himself through the power of... idiocy, usually forcing the ML to clean up the mess. Second, he rushes into danger like an idiot. He does the s*upidest thing he can every time.

It doesn't help that he has the exact same argument with the ML Every. Single. Arc.

Part of the appeal of the story initially was that it felt like there is a secret about the MC that only the ML knows. This potential plot point, however, seems to be going nowhere. Another problem is that the ML is kept so mysterious, I feel like we still don't really know him, so I don't have particularly strong feelings towards him, other than

being slightly grossed out that he had a one sided affair with MC's aunt.


At this point, I'm not really enjoying the story. <<less
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Efu-sama rated it
October 8, 2019
Status: V2
To be honest, I should just give this one a two stars, but for the sake of (should have been) interesting plot and cases and the hard work of the translator who finished this story, I give it a three stars!

... more>>

Edit : actually I try to read it further, but the further I read the more irritated I felt! Damn it, every interaction just felt to damn amazingly forced out! forced out to make a drama, forced out to make a hint. Seriously! Even a quick wear or quick transmigration stories have even better plot and not forcing out interaction just for the sake of drama. Even the interaction between MC and ML are forced out! seriously! too forced out, too awkward, the MC is so conceited! too dumb, too arrogant, too annoying, and the whole things he said are too weird, seriously too forced out. Its seriously a f*cking cheap web novels. Even some fanfiction are much better than this.


It's actually kind of similar to one of Japanese manga, Natsume Yuujinchou. A boy with strong spiritual power, meeting some exorcist and embark on some adventures and cases solving. But what dissapoint me was how annoying the MC is. No, it's actually because the MC is lacking personality. He's too 2D. The author is not good at building his character and ended up making him quite bland.


I understand for a boy with childhood trauma will likely hard to trust another person. I understand that a boy will likely have a naive thoughts like saving every single person. But I couldnt understand how the boy (MC) doesnt learn from experiences, seriously! The MC is truly annoying, I dont know. He's described as a kind boy with something like a tsundere personality (character who cant express their goodwill very much). But, somehow I feel like the author just forced it out, making some interaction between ML and MC that makes MC like a cute tsundere. No instead of it, because that feels so forced out, in the end it just turned out to so dumb and annoying. The MC got angry at the ML (s*upidly) so easy! Fuming at him recklessly, making the ML could only sighing helplessly while trying to explain to him. That's so annoying. Seriously, boy, you should think it straight! The ML already said soooo many things, even I as a foreigner, not a chinese, understand the concept of demon, supernatural and others that the ML explain from the earlier chapter. Why didnt the MC ponder about it even just for a while? Instead, he always couldnt understand, couldnt grasp the relation over things, and finally always got mad at the ML. Seriously, whyy :" (


The first time I felt so dissapointed at the MC was at the second case of the story, when they tried to solve about a living demon, a murderer who tried to kill a little girl.


The ML clearly saved the MC who almost killed by the living demon when he barged in at the wrong momentum, but instead of feeling grateful the MC was mad to the ML because he thought the ML didnt really care about the little girl, whether she's alive or not. Seriously, if you're upset about it then just try and ask the person involved, not just only pondering about it on your mind! But the MC didnt say anything and just ran away, left the ML without trying to understand his method, or without trying to ask about the right momentum he should've came. He just stubbornly, adamantly, think that ML is bad, and unwilling to help people, without understanding the ML's reason and what his goal at every case. Aaaand that repeats for so many times ahead!

Also, for the MC's character foundation, his basic personality formed by his childhood :

The MC has a chaotic childhood, child abuse problems, and was mentally damaged by his mother who pestered him to act like a girl. Even though he has such a complicated background, surprisingly the author doesnt give much a foreshadowing about his past. Its just suddenly at some chapter when his mother call him, the scenes about his past were played. isnt that such a waste? he does have a complicated childhood, if the author give some foreshadowing that would much more interesting. Like for example, the MC supposed to have a long hair and wore dresses. Suddenly the MC was appeared with a short hair. It would be good if at first the MC came with a long hair and then have a scene where he cut his hair with some thoughts for foreshadowing. Or maybe a scene where the MC suddenly bought clothes on his own for foreshadowing that in his luggage was full of dresses from his mom. Or a foreshadow where the MC acted more manly. Shouldnt he act more manly or show more masculinity since he escape from home, and shouldn he tried to prove himself that he's a men?

But no! none of foreshadowing were there! His complicated past just suddenly came to light, just like that. The only scene (that maybe count as) of foreshadowing was when the MC accompanied his female friend buying a lipstick and reccomended a matching lipstick color to her. And then the Weasel (a demon) suddenly asked him "are you gay? because you know a matching color of lipstick, you should be gay then---" or something along the way.

Seriously, are you f*cking kidding me?? Just picking a matching color count as being gay? isnt that too much? I mean, even my brother at home alwasy nagging me to pick a matching lipstick color, and he's not even slightly gay! a damn straight as ramrod guy who loves big boobs! Knowing a matching lipstick color for a guy means that guy always observing many girls around so that kind of guy usually know about what lipstick that makes a girl looks pretty. I know the author tried to foreshadown that the MC have something with cosmetics in the past, but the author tried too hard and ended up feeling so forced out. Furthermore, the person who thought that the MC is gay because of knowing a matching lipstick color was a f*cking demon! for the n-th time, SERIOUSLY!? a demon actually care about human's problem being gay lesbian transgender or whatsover? shouldnt a demon doesnt really gives a damn about gender? because you know, who cares a lot about it are humans after all. Besides, the demon suddenly accused him of being gay. Thats truly ridiculous! Even though he's curious about it, shouldnt the interaction would be like this considering he's a demon and he SHOULD NOT understand human affairs :

"oy you know a good lipstick, you played with your moms' often back then right"---playfully. or, "not bad, kiddo! you know how to woo a girl with your taste on lipstick. you damn lady killer, "----playfully.

and then the MC should answer it with "thats not what you think..., "---smiling. or, "what? of course, im a men among men after all. are you feeling to bow on me now as your senior?"----playfully, considering his past that he wants to erase and wanting to prove as a men. wouldnt that be more realistic?

Beside, the weasel is a demon, a f*cking demon I repeat. He should have a proud and arrogant demeanor. But every interaction just shows him like a s*upid pet, not a single trace of him actually a demon, forgetting his base character, making him lack of personality, sigh....... again for the n-th time, SERIOUSLY....!


the MC supposed to come to the countryside city in order to escape from his past, trying to break the shackle called his mom. But the whole stories, the whole scenes, the whole narration, the whole self thinking, when he's in the town, not a single of it have a foreshadowing of him trying to escape from something and trying to enjoy his life a bit more. None of it! If not for the sudden narration from the author saying he's actually coming to the town to run away, I wont ever understand it. Even the revelation of his past doesnt make a big surprise for the reader, like its just some description to keep a story going on, to give another excuse.

I know the author are trying to make some scenes (somehow) looks like a foreshadow, but the author truly doesnt know how to make a good foreshadowing, and instead failed miserably, making it a bland narration.

Another one, the mother supposed to be some psycho, a woman with mental case, she can be unreasonable and brutal, and suddenly turn soft. She should be a nightmare for the MC, the biggest fear and shame in his heart, and should make their relationship as a love-hate one, because he knows how his mother suffer and he knows everything his mother do to him are the form of her twisted love but he also wants to break free from her. Their relationship should be complicated and making their interaction full of foreshadows. But, no! their interaction just turn out to be a mad woman and a timid yet want to rebel child. the mother's personality has no depth at all. The author failed to make her psycho personality shine!

I know the author tried to make the MC's past complicated to make the story interesting, but he/she failed to express it properly. Like I said, every personality has no depth, every interaction felt too forced, and she failed to take advantage of the plot to make a foreshadow that makes the reader excited, curious, and finally surprised when the truth come out.

I could see that the author trying to make the MC to be the same type of a kind boy as Natsume in Natsume Yuujinchou. Kind, naive, but have a unique power. But what dissapoint me greatly was because It's a novel! even a manga/comic that doesnt have much space to write many words could build a nice 3D personality character like Natsume in Natsume Yuujinchou, shouldnt a novel usually have much advantage to build a character? but instead The MC truly helpless and annoying : (From the beginning to the end of the story the MC really doesnt change much, he's still a dumb chara. Why didnt you learn boy QAQ I cant help comparing about it because the whole ideas are similar. You know when you know something and find another thing similar to it, you cant help but comparing it dont you?

P.S this is the longest review i've ever wrote here T_T Its almost looks like a oneshot story itself. but what can I do, I have so many complaints! I cant help it. I felt so dissatisfied, because I know so many loopholes and so many places for foreshadowing, and yet the author really failed my expectation. I feel like wanting to coughed up a barrel of blood T_T Cursing the author who actually has an interesting ideas and yet doesnt understand how to take advantage of it <<less
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periperi rated it
February 18, 2019
Status: Completed
I actually read this like about a year ago.

This is one of my favourite genres. I liked each arc of the story, the supernatural/fantasy elements and the cast.

I took away 1 star because of the ending.

... more>>

I'm not even sure if it's a HE... It reminded me of xxxHolic ending where MC never ages while his friends aged as he waits for ML. It's one of the saddest endings I've read and dammit I wanted that HE for them so bad especially after finding out MC and ML's past.


Overall the romance part is on the light end (def just shounen-ai) but people who enjoy this kind of genre (supernatural, case based, mystery) will enjoy it. <<less
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June 24, 2018
Status: v2c13
In my opinion this novel is like BL version of XXX Holic. It quite predictable (if you read this after watching xxx holic I say) but I like where it is going. There is a mystery to it and obviously MC and ML has a past (previous life) relationship (which differs it from xxx holic and more to 'Betrayal Knows My Name'). It seems that in prev life MC is a woman?

I really love novels that focuses on their traditional beliefs, reincarnations, painful waiting for their loved ones and etc...... more>> Oh and don't forget about ghosts and devils. You can learn new things about ghosts and devils when MC is given new tasks by the ML.

I have high expectation for this novel especially about the MC and ML relationships about how they met, what happen to them previously and all.


The ML is really cold to the others than the MC [ T.T ] And has a lot of secrets.

Thank you translator for translating this novel. I really regret didn't learn Chinese. If not I will just finish it in one go. T.T <<less
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Lalala45 rated it
October 11, 2019
Status: v2c67
This novel gives me a complicated feelling. The story was intersting. The translator did a good job too. But the thing that makes me annoyed is the MC.

I dont like the MC.

I dont like the MC.

... more>> I dont like the MC.

#important thing should be repeated three times#

The MC is really the typical MC. Yes. In those shojo stories. Except it is a he. The MC was 'innocence' or dumb (but some times he become smartass. I really dont get it T-T. I swear!!!), kind, help people who come or not come to him, dont listen to other, getting into trobles when people, esp. ML told him not to... and was saved by ML in the end. Arguing with the expert ML, when he didnt know about sh*t..., etc.

THE MC IS ANNOYING! this is my opinion, kay...

As I said, A TYPICAL MC.

*Now I understand why there are so many transmigration novels. Please someone, transmigrate to this novel. This is really necessary*

For someone who is okay with this then go ahead. For people who dislike this kind of MC you can skip it.

But anything else aside the MC is interesting for me. Moreover it's already completed <<less
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veihakase rated it
January 7, 2018
Status: v5c23
Haha.. Something that my reader soul would love! Again! We got a supernatural, mystery BL story. So far, it really drags you into the story which involves imagination of beings not from here. I wouldn't a spoil anything from the recent chapters published but I can tell that this would be interesting (haha Mr. Wen) though it might be a personal bias for the genre but it's looking good ^∆^) / Check it out :) (Now) lel~

Edit: I like how the events were explained in a tale true... more>> to its genre, say for example on why there are a lot of rumours about schools being a graveyard in the past and etc. I like how everything fits together. XD <<less
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Rustle silver butterflies
Rustle silver butterflies rated it
March 31, 2020
Status: v1c9
I dropped this at the beginning because it's boring and ordinary. MC usual student who faced with different mistifical things and met handsome exorcist. They will be interact and slowly fell in love. It's probably interesting and exciting, especially if you like exorcism and spirits. But I honestly tried but I can't read more than 10 chapters. MC annoying, I don't read many but characters like him really s*upid and dull. He doesn't fun and amusing, he doesn't smart or strong. He just boring and I don't want to read... more>> about him. He is too bland and not alive. I don't know he's like MC in anime, he acts just because plot require. I confident he will be kind, naive and honest, will be commit s*upid illogical acts. I hate this, I don't watch anymore because I hate this kind of behavior. Because I can't sympathize such characters. <<less
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Kikiji rated it
August 27, 2019
Status: v2
This was a so-so story that I didn't mind reading but eventually the protagonist started annoying me too much. The plot is almost entirely driven by his do good mentality. As of where I am now, I can see that to the MC, Gu Yu, the world is black and white.

Showcase #1: Regarding the ML. The ML is more experienced and practical. He may not be the ideal person (and I can see why Gu Yu sometimes have issues with his decisions and choices) but in the end, the ML... more>> always has a purpose and thought process behind what he does. His advice is reliable and accurate, but also misleading when his goals differs from his clients. Gu Yu has experienced many times where he would impulsively ignore the ML's advice and do his own thing (though the ML is also in the wrong for always being so cryptic and never explaining it fully to Gu Yu) but in the end 90% of the time, Gu Yu is either saved by the ML, realizes he's right, or both. Yet at the start of the new arc they play the same game over again in which ML refuses to help someone, Gu Yu labels him as a bad person for not wanting to help someone, despite the fact that he should know by now from his past experience that ML isn't being as harsh as he seems and should have his reasons for his refusal.

In short, it irritates me that the MC has no respect for someone else's priorities and choices when his views of what's good and bad come into play. The first time can be excused. The second time can be brushed off. But when the third and forth time comes, it's clear that he hasn't learned anything.

(Can't say the ML is an angel either since, as I said before, he doesn't explain anything to Gu Yu until after everything is done! Are you asking for misunderstandings!?) <<less
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September 11, 2018
Status: c6
I had difficulty reading this as I am a coward but ive read all fics in the yaoi and shounen ai page...

I cant read anymore as I have a very vivid imagination... but

The story is very engaging, ill push myself to read more soon, its really good! Its such a shame not to finish it. My legs wont stop trembling so I have to stop frequently xD
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