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Mo Tianliao was a master weaponsmith and a demonic cultivator. When news spread that he was about to complete a divine weapon, cultivators from both the demonic and orthodox sides chased him down and killed him. In a stroke of luck, he managed to possess a new body and was reborn.

So what was the first thing on his mind after his rebirth? Avenging his death? Taking over the world?

Mo Tianliao: I have to find my cat!

Mo Tianliao: Why won’t you let me hug you? You used to be my cat!

Master: (unsheathes claws)

Mo Tianliao: Ahaha, this disciple has too much respect for Master, this disciple can’t bear to let Master walk on the ground!

Master: (lifts paw, sends disciple flying)

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Thần mộc cào hoài không hết
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New izayaYY
Apr 24, 2024
Status: Completed
Awesome lighthearted cultivation danmei featuring a wood spirit/human gong MC x a spiritual beast shou ML. MC gong is very devoted and doting but ML shou is a very tsundere cat who rarely shows his affections... but his actions shows he is a totally committed cat in love lol... there are plenty of ways this cat shows his love. I definitely prefer THIS 'white cat shizun' more than the other (more famous, dogblood, with a s*upid husky) one. I quite like the fact that ML is a real cat, with... more>> a lot of cat-like behaviour... he is not human but a spiritual beast. The side characters are all very interesting with well-rounded personalities... I loved the mouthy Taishi and his didi, the silly shixiong tiger MengHu, the ShiDi/Black lion cp, and the turtle who loves hemp too much lol... and there are a few more interesting wacky characters to enjoy... added to my re-read list. <<less
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Oct 07, 2020
Status: Completed
if you get hurt after reading an angst novel, read this...

if you are animal lover and love their cuteness... read this...

This is a very cute love story... so many cute animal..
I do love the character,
I laugh a couple of time
This is a fluffy story

I am a 2HA lover and very happy can read this...

Don't get distracted by the bloody cover...
there must be a miscommunication between the author and the cover illustrator
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Jul 08, 2020
Status: c61
SO cute my goodness. And more importantly, white cat Master bottom!

By the way, just in cause someone wants to compare this story with The Husky & His White Cat Shizun, the white cat master bottom and the not-quite-righteous MC is the only similarities between the two stories. In all other ways, they're absolutely different. This one is focused on fluff, that one is ABSOLUTELY NOT focused on fluff.

Don't be discouraged by the novel picture. It makes this story seem very dramatic, tragic, etc etc. While MC's "death" at the beginning... more>> of the story involved a lot of pain & suffering, most of the story has a light-hearted tone and depicts the loving relationship of MC & ML and all the colourful characters of the sect and the world. Worldbuilding is not bad at all and the plot is also quite interesting. In my opinion it's not very dramatic. While MC is very OP, there's a more than deserving reason for it, and I don't find it too much. However, I still don't really understand how MC became so devoted in his first life??

The only thing is that I got stopped by reCAPTCHA one every three chapters to verify that I'm a human while reading this story??????? <<less
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Nov 09, 2019
Status: c29
I can read chinese but im too lazy rn (ill edit once ive decided im bored enough to read it in chinese) so I have only read whats translated (nice translations btw) so far.

MC creates a divine weapon, dies after people pursue him for it. Tearfully bids farewell to his adorable white fluff tsundere kitten and then rebirth.

So far, the novel does a good job of explaining the world. The story is already unique compared to the rebirth fantasy blahblah novels ive read so far. The MC's life "hacks"... more>> as I like to call them are not absurd. He even acknowledges the luck and abnormality of his situations but doesnt ponder over it (wonder if its important? Hmmm..). Its nice he is more self aware than other protags ive seen.

he even calls his "hacks" the "new cheat weapon" which made me chuckle

. There is no revenge bull so far which is refreshing. Usually these rebirth stories go like : die painful death, rebirth to before it all happen, the revenge saga starts and its a spiral of just angsty scheme plotting over and over again. But this doesn't, the madlad just wants to live, cultivate, and maybe find his cat along the way (so far at least). His internal monologue is very funny too ahahahah.

I also love love love cats. A tsundere kitty master haha, the hilarity of the situation makes me chuckle. But the plot doesnt suffer from it at all, its pretty good! The cat is also insanely tsundere cute. Everytime I imagine him in my head all I can think is ITS SO FLUFFY AND CUTE dont be so shy u tsundere aww. But maybe thats my furry creature bias coming out. Although its too early to tell I just wanted to leave a review to encourage people to reach for this novel if they have any doubts. When I saw it was Yaoi but there was a cat I was kinda like ???? But dont worry

MC basically is a bloody tree and ML is a divine cat beast but they look humans dwwww

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Aug 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Lord Kitty: Peasant, are you going to review this novel???

Me: Yes, Milord!

Lord Kitty: You can start...

... more>> Me: *clears throat* Ahem! This novel is about a demonic lord cultivator, Mo Tianliao, our gong, who possessed an unparalleled talent for crafting divine weapon which becomes the envy of other sects. He's a very doting lover and would give anything to make his little kitten happy. Our shou, Tongtong, possessed an unparalleled beauty and was an OP sect leader but was a spoiled rotten kitten, lazy to the bones and a tsunder...... ergarghkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

Lord Kitty: (lifts paw, sends reviewer flying to Jupiter) s*upid idiot! *licks paw*

Overall, If you want fluff, meng and dog food this is definitely for you! Also there's a lot of cute demonic animals here and not to mention Taishi! <<less
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Sep 29, 2020
Status: c83
Translation: 8/10, nicely translated. Translator also updates on a mostly regular basis with multiple chapters at a time, so I really appreciate their time & effort.

Story: 3.5/5. The story is an easy & light read but I'm starting to get a bit bored & don't feel this story needs to be 131 chapters.

... more>>

I'm currently at chapter 83 & there's really nothing too exciting that has happened yet. I thought after Mo Tianliao chopped off Ding Ziyu's hand there was going to be an all out war between the two sects & that the story would finally move into some grand action, but then nothing happened. Mo Tianliao just whisked Qingtong away in their little crystal palace & they have a nice little holiday on some snowy mountain. Oh yeah, Qingtong finally gets his ass pounded by Mo Tianliao. Oops sorry, I meant they dual cultivated. ;)

I guess if you look at this story as a fluffy, light read then it's fine. but it really doesn't need to be 131 chapters then. There's not a lot tension & I find the plot gets pretty repetitive & boring. At around the chapter 50 mark I was waiting for the plot to finally get to the main, big storyline, but it never does. Then I realized... this whole story is just about Mo Tianliao feeding his beloved cat out of jade dishware.

Characters: Mo Tianliao is one of those MCs that has no faults. He always finds a way to outsmart everyone & with Qingtong backing him up, has unlimited resources. I get he's supposed to be this really talented & clever guy but his character is so one-dimensional & too perfect. Actually, I feel like all the characters, including Qingtong, are pretty one-dimensional, which is another reason I started to get bored with the story.

I'm even more annoyed with Qingtong. The author spends too much time describing how beautiful he is with his pale skin & mermaid silk robe, blah blah blah. It's almost like even the author knows Qingtong doesn't have much going for him besides his beauty. I know Qingtong is a cat & exhibits those annoying cat behaviors... but that's ALL he ever does! He just lazes around waiting for people to feed him. Yes, I know his soul is damaged but like damn Qingtong, you can't even pour yourself some tea? Don't worry y'all. Qingtong's damaged soul is currently being healed using Mo Tianliao's magical tree s**en essence though papapa dual cultivation.

And finally, from chapter 1 until chapter 83, I don't feel the characters have really grown much at all. Then again, there's nothing happening in the story that is challenging their life perspective & so there would be no cause for them to have to evaluate their personal growth.


I'll follow this story to the end just because I feel committed, but I definitely don't have the same excitement I felt when I first started. Disappointed for sure. <<less
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Apr 03, 2021
Status: c92
If I read this before I read works by Priest, by MXTX, In Quest of Honor Mine, or 2Ha, I would have said it's a wonderful novel. But after I read these authors/works, the bar is so high stuff like this doesn't even make the 'average' grade.

The prompt is very intriguing and as far as I remember unique. But the plot goes absolutely nowhere. There isn't an overarching mystery like in MDZS or HOB, there isn't a series of cases like in Guardian, there isn't a tragic bittersweet backstory that... more>> haunts the present like in In Quest of Honor Mine or 2Ha.

You can say the issue is mine that I was expecting like that, mysteries, conspiracies, plots, tragic backstories, but I argue that the issue is in the prompt of the novel, which is prime material for setting up all these things. If you plan on writing a mellow round-about novel then don't write such an impactful beginning. The rest of the story will just suffer from it.

You can argue that Spring Trees and Sunset Clouds is the same. It starts dark but is all light thereon. But 1) there's dark again towards the end and there's an underlying darkness in the protagonist's handicap. And 2) this novel's author introduces a big cast of character that makes the reader expect a tight, twisting, rich plot, while Spring Tree's author keeps the cast of characters so restricted, the reader's expections are never raised towards a big, grandiose plot.

The tone of the writing is consistently light and funny and the characterization is good. I'll give it that. <<less
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Jul 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Hmmm. I think I’m going to give this a 3.5 (a 3.5 on the lower end so it’ll be a physical rating of 3)

I won’t lie and say this didn’t entertain me, because it did however I have issues with this novel. The first of which is that this is overrated.

This novel has a rating of 4.6 so I’m thinking it would be amazing but really, in my opinion, it was at most, a way to kill time.

I know this is Danmei and I understand what that entails, but... more>> this is probably one of the only danmei novels I’ve read that has such a shallow sense of descriptors.

Even ignoring the lack of creativity in adjectives, the fact that every time the ML or MC was mentioned they had to mention their beauty for literally everything. The dude yawned at least 288293 times throughout the whole story and every time he yawned it was some sort of descriptive word added to show just how attractive him yawning was. It got supper repetitive and I’d end up just completely skipping the words in my head as I read.

My other problem was with this was plot. I don’t even know what the main plot of this story was. There was so many sub plots that I got mad. When one climax would erupt and come to an end I would breathe a sigh of relief thinking “good I’m glad they got out of that” only for it to start a whole different subplot.

You can’t call it an arc because even with arcs they still follow one continuous plot with one underlying subplot. But with this novel, I can’t even tell you what the main plot was all I can tell you was the multiple subplots and how abruptly they ended and how unsatisfyingly they begin.

If this whole plot was the problem with the fact that demon beasts couldn’t ascend and then the subplot was him getting his strength back then it would have been much more interesting. It would have been more of an adventure for them going around looking for the ingredients they needed for the divine artifact and the trip ups along the way. Instead we didnt even know anything about it until the last 15 or so chapter and then that whole subplot took up like 10 ish chapters //:

I could really go on but I’m sure it’s not necessary. Overall the only thing I really liked was how fluffy it could be but I won’t get into how I was also equally annoyed with the cold “shy” trope of the MC.

Anyway, the translations were pretty good so thank you for that. You’re really appreciate.

i don’t know if I’d ever recommend this to anyone, but I guess if you’re just here for the fluff of it and not plot then it’s for you. <<less
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Jan 04, 2022
Status: c110
After reading the novel to this point, I still don't get all the hype there is about this novel. In my opinion, it doesn't even deserve the high overall rating it has.

Where do I start?

First of all, I hate the MC. He is such a hypocritical, selfish jerk who doesn't understand the word 'NO'. Granted, I didn't notice the r*pe tag this novel had when I first picked this novel up which is probably the reason why I'm so infuriated by his actions now, but even if I had known... more>> about the tag, I'm pretty sure I would still be as angry as I am now. Don't get me wrong, I'm actually pretty chill about r*pe in fiction. Hell, I even read novels with r*pe/in*est so I'm pretty confident about my tolerance with r*pe/in*est in novels as long as it doesn't cross my bottom line. However, this time it's different:


Yes, I understand that the ML is a Demon Lord so his character is supposed to be more unrestrained and bold, but that doesn't give him any rights to disrespect the partner he loves the way he did. The way he shows his 'love' is through his desire for the ML, but that only makes him look more like a dog in heat in my eyes. Lust does NOT mean love. Respect, trust and dependence are some examples of love, but it can clearly be seen that he and the ML have none of that (maybe dependence but that is like only one out of the three things I have mentioned and love consists way more than the three I have mentioned). Yes, desire is a product of love, but that is not all there is to this complex emotion is there?

It has been constantly written that the MC has never been affected by beauty no matter how beautiful a person is and only appreciates good looking people, but when he looks at ML's human form, his lust meter suddenly shoots through the roof. It's understandable however as the ML is a supposed unparalleled beauty in his human form, but would it kill him to exercise some restraint? It has also been constantly stressed how much the ML loves his cat, but between choosing his cat and his cat's human form, he chooses the cat's human form? Let me just give an example of what I'm talking about and let me make it clear that this was before the ML knew that his cat was his master (ML in human form).

So there was this one time where the ML had cooked up a delicious meal and was going to go to his master to ask for his cat (ML made it look as if his (MC) cat went with his master after a huge fight) to give his cat the food. When he went to his master, instead of prioritising the whereabouts of his cat, after seeing his master wanting the food, he instead changed his mind and gave the food to his master. I understand that respect to a teacher should be one's number one priority in the cultivation world, but this novel is literally about the MC loving and pampering his cat. Even if you have to give the dish to your master, you should at least ask about the cat that you have not seen the whole day. It would have been fine if it was any other normal cultivation story, but the theme of this novel is literally about the MC being obsessed with his cat. That means that not even a beauty, no matter how beautiful he/she is, would never come in between the MC and his cat. I don't care that both the master and the cat are the same being. The MC had not even known about this fact at that time, yet the attraction towards one's godly physical appearance easily brought about the indifference of his precious kitty in him. The cat which he supposedly loves with all his heart. I know I'm being nitpicky on this one, but it's just something that I could not brush off when I first read it.

Maybe if this was the only part that served to show his awful character, then I would've been fine and ignored this tiny, easily unnoticeable detail. But then there was the r*pe. And it happened not once, not twice, but three times. Twice was borderline while the last one was blatant a.f.

The first time was when the ML became heavily injured protecting the MC. Since his (ML) soul was already damaged prior to the fight, the fight aggravated the injury further and the ML was on the verge of getting his soul dissipated. Of course, nobody wanted that, especially the MC, so he (MC) had to choose between two methods to save the ML. One was to give the ML a type of grass that would help with the injury, but the catch was that the ML would forget the MC. The other was to dual cultivate with the MC. At first, the MC gave the ML a choice. Choosing either to forget him (MC) or lose his v**ginity. Because MC is such a selfish jerk, thinking over and over again that he don't want ML to forget him, that he don't want to redo all that hardship of getting the ML to trust and depend on him again, so before the ML had the chance to choose, MC decided for him. To dual cultivate. Mind you, this may not have been r*pe, but it borderline is. The ML not only have not yet decided on his preferred method of healing, but he also had no say on his choice before succumbing to the pleasure that was his soul becoming complete again. What infuriated me the most about this part was that the MC kept repeating over and over in his head that this was the easier and faster method and that it was right for him to do it, trying to justify his actions, as if he had no other intentions for choosing this option in the first place.

The second time was when MC and ML were just chilling in their crystal palace. The ML was already exhausted from a day of bedroom activities and was preparing to go to sleep when the MC suddenly went into heat from the ML's appearance and did him (ML) even when he (ML) continuosly refused him (MC). Like come on man, give him a break. He (ML) is not like you, he is not a tree that has endless vitality. At least respect his wishes and restraint yourself. It is already tough enough for him (ML) being the bottom and all, adding to that you being such a horndog is already putting a lot of strain on his (ML) body.

Lastly was when the ML once again rejected the MC to have the sexy time. The MC kept pestering the ML for it even when he continuously said no which eventually pisses the MC off. Not caring about how the ML felt at the time, he just shoved his d*ck in him and was like "So you only wanted my body because it can heal you?" or some sh*t like that. This is clearly r*pe. Like wow, the lack of communication or the lack of the MC trying to communicate with the ML is really praiseworthy. And this was where I dropped the novel. I'll get back with the reasons why the ML was so adamant about not doing it with the MC once I cool off and feel like I can pick this novel up again to finish it, but I'm pretty sure the reasons are not as shallow as the MC thinks it is.

The r*pe part clearly shows how untrusting the MC is of ML. And how insecure he (MC) is too. Seriously, aren't you supposed to love and pamper him (ML) all your life? So what the heck is up with all this? And I'm pretty sure the ML will brush this off again just like all the other times. After all, he (ML) just can't bear to leave the MC. He (ML) is just too dependent on the MC and I think that the MC knows this and is just exploiting this fact however he wants.


Secondly, to me, the ML has like zero personality. He eats and sleeps all day and does nothing else. He gets spoiled and lazes around every day, sometimes becoming the feisty kitty that he is, and that's it. The only purpose he served is to be an object of affection for the MC and protect him (MC) while he (MC) is still weak. Nothing more. It might be because of the high praises many of the reviewers gave which was why I had higher expectations of the novel and am more critical of the novel, but would it kill to have at least a little bit of character growth added to this story? Even novels with worse overall ratings than this have at least one or two, so is it wrong for me to expect more out of this overall higher rating novel? Yes I have not yet finished the novel so I shouldn't criticise so much before finishing it, but I just can't stomach the idea of reading this novel further. I will take a break first before finishing as I'm not the type to give up a novel before completing it, so I may edit this review once I'm done.

Thirdly, the plot holes. This is just a minor part that I'm unsatisfied with and is just a tiny part of the overall criticism I have of the novel but since I've already said this much, I might as well add on to it.


Not many plot holes, as far as I can remember, but one glaring detail that I can't let go of is why did the ML not reveal his identity as the MC's master at first? I mean you sacrificed your literal soul for the guy yet you don't trust him enough to tell him about this? Maybe I missed the explanation but I just wanted to put this out there.


As with all things, when there is bad, there is also good. The reason for my rating even with the mostly negative evaluation of the novel I have is that there are some nice side characters that are pretty fun and amusing to read about. The world-building is pretty solid and the translations are just superb. Kudos to the translator (s) for bringing us this novel. The plot is pretty interesting and unique? (IDK I don't read much cultivation novels) The only thing that spoils my reading experience of this novel is the relationship between the ML and MC.

That's all. I'm not going to say much about the good things 'cause not only am I like super tired now and can't think of anything else nice to write about this novel, but I'm also only here to bash on the rose-tinted glasses some reviewers seem to have on when reading this novel. Not saying that it's totally all bad, just saying that in my opinion, it doesn't really deserve such high ratings. No matter what I've written, it's still all pretty one-sided. Some may agree with me while others may not, so it's really better for whoever who reads my review to read the novel first before coming to a conclusion about it. Anyway, thanks for reading this long-ass rant/review and happy reading! <<less
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Aug 12, 2020
Status: Completed
The title of this novel should be taken literally because it tells you exactly what this is about. Despite having a similar name, there really isn't much resemblance with The Husky and His White Cat Shizun, because in this novel, ML is actually cat. Sure, it also has a master x disciple relationship, but in truth... this is a cat x servant/scratching post relationship.

Since ML is a cat, he does typical as*hole cat things such as biting/kicking/scratching the hand that feeds him, tormenting playing with small animals, and indiscriminately slapping... more>> anything he deems to be offensive. Like any helpless good cat owner, MC spares no expense to keep his extremely temperamental honorable Lord Kitty happy.

The extras are really funny. MC and ML finally ascend into the immortal realm -- which should be like falling into the lap of luxury, right?


Nah. MC immediately graduates into a blue-collar worker, hustling wontons on the side. Meanwhile, ML gets taken to babysitting kindergarten at his Master's house every day. Out of jealousy, his Master's partner decides to forego his beautiful phoenix form to fight with the other babies in the form of a small red fat chocobo, hahaha.

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Jul 07, 2020
Status: c53
MC was (is) a devoted cat s*ave..

Really interesting to read from the gong’s pov, since most are from shous.. I love MC - is is so caring and devoted! ML is the tsundere king, but MC willingly turns himself into a scratching post for his lord kitty.

I like the characters’ dinamics as well!

... more>> MC is very chill about having the protagonist’s halo, lol. And I feel like his divine weapon stole my mouth- :x

Aside from that, this story also made me feel pretty upset about the treatment of the spirit beasts. They are portrayed to have their own thoughts and feelings, yet are reduced to objects by cultivators - ML’s sect is pretty awesome! “We only accept beautiful people” is because 10/10 times, spiritual beasts who manage a human body are atractive, so to disguise their intention of sheltering beasts, they put on this shallow slogan and proudly wear it. (Doesn’t help that the beautiful “people” accepted are very talented lol)

Angry about the blatant s*avery and abuse, but am cheering hard for MC and ML face slapping all those fake hypocrites.

Some general plot spoilers bellow!


MC picked the kitty, cared for him, plucked the stars from the sky for him, but in the end he died from the greed of others after he crafted a divine weapon.

His kitty, as a divine beast, had the power to protect his soul and he did... at the cost of half his soul, ML protected MC’s soul until he was strong enough to reincarnate into a divine tree.

After reincarnating, MC found his kitty again, but his kitty had become his master.. he is heart broken from his kitty’s sacrifice and is doing his best to find a way to repair ML’s soul.

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Jul 13, 2021
Status: c1
I feel like it is a 4 star story though I can't find any fault with it. It could also be 5 stars but somehow it feels not right at this moment. well, just Upgrade it to 5 stars after reading it a second time. I just love the way ML is written.

About the Story: MC is the most awesome craftsman in existence, hails from the demonic path and has a rather quirky personality. His forged weapons and items are superior but look like sh*t without any artistry, ... more>> cause he simply doesn't put in the effort if it isn't made for his little kitten! One day, while tinkering around with special materials, he forged a define weapon and heavens proclaimed this weapon goes against the heavens and is capable to destroy earth. This was enough reason for all the "righteous" people of major sects to hunt down and kill MC. Almost 350 years later, MC has the chance to reincarnate in a "devine tree body" and first things first... find his cat, get strong enough to protect his cat and then spoil the cat. Where to start? Go to a sect that didn't try to kill him and start cultivation again...

When will MC find his kitten? Chapter 3+4

When will ML be able to change from cat to human? Even before MC reincarnated. You will already meet him in chapter 3+4.

The writer doesn't keep us in too much suspense about who the kitten is but it will take MC some chapters to realize that his beautiful master is also his adorable kitten.

One of the questions I had when starting this novel was " what is this all about scratching post?" Well... MC reincarnated with a rare wood body... so if he withdraws his qi his flesh and blood becomes wood. Couple that with an extremely proud and haughty lord kitty that likes to show his displeasure by scratching and biting.... yeah MC is basically a scratchingpost... but a well loved one.

And this proud tsundere little fluffball ML is one of the reasons I like this novel so much. ML is a famous sect elder, powerful, elegant and cold in person. People respect and fear him but also love him, not knowing that he is a demon beast. And here the writer did something amazing while fleshing out ML. In lots of novels with form changing beasts it is so that as soon a beast can transform it is basically "human" with some beast traits but all in all behaves human. But ML is basically a cat in human skin... still exuding that proud air like the kitten and also being sometimes unreasonable like the cat. Even in human form he likes his grilled fish, enjoys glass marbles to play with, swatting at passing butterflies (even if they are in human form) and loves to cuddle to sleep and laze around. I love how the writer integrated the personal beast traits into the different characters.

I also like the way MC and ML get along with each other. They already were deep connected before MC died and basically fall back in this relationship somewhat. They just have to realize that this is love. It's the getting along of a totally tsundere lord kitty and his devoted cat s*ave/ scratchingpost. Although ML communicates a lot with scratches and paw slaps, they do actually talk about the important stuff and avoid all the dogblood drama.

The story in itself is good and planned out. MCs way back to the top is rather straight without stumbling blocks. It was fun to follow along and had just the right amount of face slap. The OPness wasn't annoying and still let me enjoy all the side characters with their own little surprises.

I recommend reading this. I had fun, was crying and laughing. It has everything to entertain me. <<less
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The Sliveren
The Sliveren
Nov 18, 2020
Status: c1
I give it a five because Tianshi is my spirit animal!

I laugh hard because of it and damn, it was a badass tool.

The ML (shou) is a very tsundere cat and MC (gong) is very indulgent and doting to his cat. He have high patience to his adorable cat (Shizun) and respect his wishes. He's one now of the decent MC (gong) I crossed.
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Nov 15, 2019
Status: c20
I've been too lazy to wait for the official translation updates on chrysanthemum garden, so I've been reading the MTL. It's so fluffy and full of slice of life! I love it!
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Aug 31, 2022
Status: c131
I really enjoyed this, the world is well built, the characters are fun and distinct (especially love the weapon), not much plot but what's there is fun. My only issue is the relationship, this would have been a much better novel had it been a normal relationship between two companions with no romance.

The cat is too cat-like. Even in human form he's too cat-like. While this is a good testament to the ability of the author to make believable animal characters, he was not anthropomorphized enough for me to enjoy... more>> that kind of relationship without my skin crawling. It felt more like taking advantage of an animal who got attached to you, who instinctively wants to feel warm/ease his pain/heal his soul. This ruined it quite a bit for me. Even when I tried to suspend belief and ignore the creepiness, the relationship never at any point felt consensual. Although it looks like a relationship with a doting partner on the surface, it's actually a very selfish, obsessive, and possessive type of relationship because the one doted on never has a say in the matter, and his 'no' is never respected. He is treated like a possession, a spoiled toy (and he does act like a spoiled toy), not a person with thoughts, feelings, and opinions. <<less
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Feb 02, 2023
Status: c1
It started very interesting, a very interesting MC (gong to boot!) and I found him very entertaining. The problem is that the further I read, the more I disliked it, probably most due to two factors:

  1. The was MC treats ML. It's hard to describe exactly, and obsession in and of itself I very much dig. It's just that despite ML obviously having human intelect, and MC doing everything to progress their relationship together - depsite those - MC still treats ML as if he were something between a pet and a child? It would become quite uncomfortable for me, at times.
  2. When people mention the lookism in this novel they are NOT kidding, so be warned. It's to the point where basically the most prominent (not to say "only") characteristic of ML is how stunningly beautiful he is. He's got very little agency and at one point ML says this: "I don't have to think for myself when I'm with MC because he will take care of everything" (paraphrasing). And indeed he does very little aside from being taken care of and pampered by the MC. Then, I ask you this: imagine, if you will, that a female ML said this about a male MC (when her most prominent characteristic is just how pretty she is, to boot). Sounds terrible, doesn't it?
I just dropped it in the end, perhaps will pick it up sometime when I have nothing else to read, but.. It just left a bad taste is all.
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Aug 03, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 4/5- I really had fun with this. It’s Xuanhuan which is already halfway to being my favorite.

It’s not the absolute best xuanhuan out there when compared to Nan Chan or Legendary Master’s Wife and as much as many people have compared it to ErHa, it’s really not similar at all. It’s not that be all end all type of gods and demons novel.

The highlights are definitely the beast transformations and all the wonderful animals. The story isn’t overly complicated and there’s pretty much no angst or hectic drama. The... more>> ending was different as well which is why I still enjoyed it overall. The relationship progress was nice and I liked the kitten a lot. The MC was absolutely wonderful to his baby, which was really cute.

In Xuanhuan I do prefer more complexity when ascending along with a big BOSS or some kind of showdown. Sadly this book did not have any of that. It focused excessively on the relationship and romance which was fun. But if you want a clever plot or strong side characters, none of that here.

I would suggest reading this for its light and happy context in the Xuanhuan genre- it’s not intricate or heavily weighing. It’s pleasant and enjoyable and a relatively quick read. <<less
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Jan 24, 2021
Status: c76
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Oct 20, 2022
Status: --
why are there comments comparing this novel to other novels. even more so compared to mxtx novels, priest and others. Every writer has their own writing style. and this is indeed the style of lu ye qian he's novel... it has a light and sweet story, there is not much anxiety or complicated problems, this is the type of lu ye qian he novel... I have read wife is first, zhuo lu, peach, and submissive emperor... and I really really like lu ye qian he novels.
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Dec 14, 2021
Status: Completed
★★★★☆ [4/5 stars]

This novel is a menagerie. You'll especially loved this if you love animals. It has bunch of them and they are all so adorable!

I knew there are a lot of good reviews about this novel but I didn't read what this was all about even before starting. To be honest, after seeing the one cover of this novel, I really thought I'll experienced so much angst. Though my heart really ached on the very first chapter (a kitten cries miserably, of course it will make your heart ached),... more>> this is a novel full of fluff and dog food (cat food? Because you know, the ML's a cat lol).

I loved the relationship dynamic of the MC and the ML, like they're each other's entire world. They both have their immaturity and childishness in them, but they handled their relationship quite well, like a real adult. They quickly resolved their issues because they communicate with each other. People, communication is the key! It's so beautiful how they love each other so much, the kind of love that no one can come between them because their attachment to each other was just so tight. The MC simps over the ML so hard even in the events before the novel starts and the ML is a lovable tsundere cat who sacrificed a lot for his owner and has a great dependence on him.

I really did have a fun time reading this novel. This might not be the very best among the novels I've read, but this is still great one and my rating shows how much I enjoyed reading this. Highly recommended!! <<less
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Oct 22, 2021
Status: --
Very on brand from the author.

A godly tsundere and a doting partner, what else do you wanna ask? Lol

Also, you can't go wrong with chrysantium team as the translator (props to the translation team)

... more>> 4/5

If I can nitpick something, for my taste, the momentum of the lovey dovey dynamic after the confession is slightly falls down or stagnant after its been said and done, after I read The Mist no other author able to perfectly keep the dynamic between the both couple that getting hotter and hotter and climax perfectly during end chapter and goes sharper on extra chapter.

But either way, this one will spoil you rotten (just like The Wife is First) if you like this kind of book. <<less
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