The Husky and His White Cat Shizun


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Mo Ran thought becoming Chu Wanning’s disciple was a mistake.

His shizun was really too much like a cat while he himself was a dumb pup who’d only slobber and wag his tail.

Dogs and cats were different by nature; originally, the dumb pup didn’t want to reach his furry paws out to that cat.

At first he thought, dogs should be with dogs, like his shixiong, beautiful and tame like a cute Japanese Spitz, and the two of them together would surely be a match made in heaven.

Yet, after having died and reborn, after having lived two lives, the one he hauled back each time to his den in the end was always the one he couldn’t stand at first: that snow-white kitty shizun.

Associated Names
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Er Ha He Ta De Bai Mao ShiZun
Husky Và Sư Tôn Mèo Trắng Của Hắn
Immortality / 皓衣行 [Drama]
Èr hā hé tā de bái māo shī zūn
이합화타적백묘사존: 바보 허스키와 그의 흰 고양이 사존
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New Wonzu rated it
May 21, 2022
Status: Completed
I have to admit, the author's writing style is really great! It's not only about how good her literacy, her ability to weave words, but also how she arranged the timeline and scenes into an interesting and well-written piece that makes this novel a noteworthy one.

There are already a lot of people listing the real horror of this novel: a story of how the rapist is sent to a happy end with the victim, because well the victim loves him, and the rapist repented, so it's a happy end.

The Gong... more>> is called a dumb Husky for misunderstanding his Shizun (Shou), and it's painful how his dumbassery hurt the Shou over and over again. I felt my chest tighten and I want to cry out so bad, during the time I read this novel, feeling injustice for the Shou, and really wanted to strangle the Gong so much.

In the final analysis, the novel's overall idea might not actually be good, but I can't deny the author's outstanding writing. <<less
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New forgetmenot_ rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: Completed
Accidentally gave this a four star rating. It has a 3/5 rating from me personally.

I read this in October last year, so to this is a really late long review of it. Possibly my longest review ever.

Totally can understand why a lot of people don't like this novel. I had a hard time trying to enjoy the first 100 chapters of it. But I pushed myself because I was really curious and wanted to know how and why this novel got so many readers and hype. And yes it has... more>> its own ups and downs. Keep in mind that it has many sensitive (possibly very triggering) contents. Checking content/trigger warnings is a must.

What I like:

I usually avoid main characters like Mo Ran because I used to be the type of reader who disliked redemption arcs because I thought they were such a hassle. Like "you either apologize and die or just simply continue being villainous for the rest of your life". It's hard to find a good one. They're either really rushed or forced. But Mo Ran pretty much gave me a different point of view.

Our thoughts when it comes to redemption arcs are always related to "repaying your evil deeds and karma" which is not completely wrong. But it's also about realizing, accepting, and forgiving yourself first and foremost before anything else—no matter how filthy, evil, and unmoral you used to be. Those actions are redemption arc and character development themselves too.

The romance on the other hand was so touching and angsty indeed. I believe this is the main attraction and the reason why a lot of people read this in the first place. The classic "master-disciple" dynamic. It played a big role in Mo Weiyu's growth as a character as well.


Especially during those moments in which he realized that Chu Wanning had always been the person the person his heart treasured the most.


This couple was indeed an interesting pair for me to read about. Both had their own insecurities. Both of them also felt some feelings like "i don't deserve this" etc. I love how throughout the story progress, they helped each other facing all the conflicts they went through.

What I don't like:

Some of the plot twists were a bit unnatural—like they just came out of nowhere for the sake of a happy ending for the novel. Unnatural plot twist is one of my reading icks, so it indeed has effected my rating for this novel. <<less
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wallyblob rated it
July 9, 2020
Status: Completed

"Shizun, I want to hold up an umbrella for you, for the rest of your life." - Mo Ran

Me: I love reading. It's so relaxing.

Me, reading Husky and His White Cat Shizun: *cries, curses, throws phone to the wind*

Me: *sigh* So relaxing.

First of all, the best part of 2ha--besides the passionate, heartrending romance--is undoubtedly the character development. Mo Ran's character development is commendable, and I can give you it in a nutshell with a few of his lines throughout the novel.

He's vindictive in the beginning, harboring strong thoughts of revenge and violence and wanting Chu Wanning to suffer for his preconceived wrongdoings.

Mo Ran: "Chu Wanning... Hell is too cold, you're coming with me!" (I can't count how many times he said this throughout the novel.)

And after the secrets are revealed and things come to light that stayed hidden from him in the past life, he redeems himself, learns to love and forgive and cherish, and when Chu Wanning tells him that Hell is too cold and he is accompanying Mo Ran, Mo Ran's response was one that had me in tears. He tells Chu Wanning "The world is beautiful. Wanning, I don't want you to come with me." Do y'all see that? Do y'all see that development? I'm bawling.

I'm also impressed by the way everything, EVERY detail ties into the plot. Even the wontons which, by the way, I was not expecting... because I innocently assumed they were just wontons but NOPE even the food has meaning. The fact that Mo Ran shows he loves Chu Wanning with food is just *insert satisfied cat face here* And, like, even the CANDY has meaning???


Chu Wanning saves the candy Mo Ran gave him to the point where it's literally not edible anymore. It's basically a symbol of Chu Wanning's willingness to cherish the little kindness that Mo Ran shows him, knowing that Mo Ran likes Shi Mei and not him.


And Mo Ran, goddamn, is just the most unreliable narrator ever (and that's what makes this novel extraordinary). I thought I knew everything there was to know about Mo Ran and SURPRISE, there's more secrets to him! Like, I trusted you??? I thought we had a protagonist-reader agreement where you tell me everything you know? And yes, Mo Ran, that includes even your own personal secrets. Honestly, the unreliable narrator aspect of this story may be its strongest plot tactic. We're forced to see from Mo Ran's POV so we're not given the whole, true, authentic story. And when everything is slowly revealed, it's catastrophic. We begin to question everything. The questions I had were what kept me reading. I thought this would be a typical rebirth-cultivation novel, but twenty chapters in and I'm like "huh, what else have you lied to us about, Mo Ran?" I wanted to see the truth and not Mo Ran's distorted version of reality.

Mo Ran's circumstances were like playing a game for the second time and discovering all the easter eggs LOL

I think what really drew me to this story were the themes it dealt with:

    • Unrequited love: I love this theme so much because it hurts and it hurts in an oddly good way lol. There's something so heartbreakingly sad about loving someone unconditionally knowing that they won't--or never will--return your feelings. I think there's a lot of selflessness in loving and doing good for someone who is oblivious to your feelings.
    • Sacrifice, unbeknownst to the party it benefits: Chu Wanning is the poster child for making sacrifices and putting himself in harm's way for Mo Ran, even if Mo Ran is completely oblivious to it. As long as the person he loves is safe and happy, Chu Wanning is content with hurting... and later on in the story

      we see that this is also the case for Mo Ran, as he did something in the past that saved Chu Wanning that lead to the resounding events in the present.


      They're just two idiots willing to hurt for each other.

    • Redemption: Mo Ran is a major as*hole in the first 100 chapters, but a calamitous event occurs that really makes him rethink his emotions, feelings, and life. And he does the right thing: He chooses to become a better person. I was literally squealing when he started making all the right choices instead of the wrong ones (yes, Mo Ran, you're my baby!). But the question here is: Are we ever truly free from our past choices and mistakes?
    • Antihero: I am so tired of the righteous and the just protagonists that do everything correctly and courageously and get to face-slap the villains. I love how flawed Mo Ran is. I love how deeply he can feel hatred, hurt, love, and fear. I love that at one point he was the villain. I love how he knows he's not a good person and he takes responsibility for fixing his ways. That right there is as close to human as you can get, and it's something we can all connect to.
    • The multifacetedness of life, stories, whatever: Mo Ran is so narrow-minded at the beginning, believing wholeheartedly in his side of the story and not making room for anything else, not even Chu Wanning's side of the story, so it's a slap in the face when Mo Ran AND the readers find out the harsh truth. I especially was enthralled with how even the side stories were not what they seemed like at first. We get a superficial glance at the side stories, and throughout the arc, detail by shocking detail is exposed and we end up with a deeper insight into the lives of the side characters, discovering that there's more to the story than what meets the eye. And it just goes to show that life isn't always what's in front of us. It's beyond, it's underneath, and other people have the puzzle pieces of our life story sometimes.
    • Forgiveness and grudges: I think forgiveness is a major theme. Between Chu Wanning on the verge of death telling Mo Ran to forgive himself and Mo Ran's mother telling him not to bear grudges (while also on the verge of death, I just realized oof), you begin to question whether it's worth holding all these grudges and need for revenge.
    • Forgoing toxicity for a healthy relationship: The past Mo Ran was like "consent, what's that? Love, what's that?" But after he betters himself as a person, he beautifully and sublimely respects Wanning, and their developing relationship afterwards is truly wholesome, between Wanning learning to accept that he can, in fact, be loved despite his flaws and his unbecoming temper and Mo Ran discovering that Wanning is probs the most adorable person ever and spoiling him with his favorite food.
    • People are much more than what they show on the surface: Chu Wanning, for example, is like aloe vera. Prickly on the outside, but all the gooey goodness is on the inside. Mo Ran really misjudged him in the past, thinking him to be heartless and cold; but in reality, he gave so much for Mo Ran and expected nothing in return. Also Shi Mei, who was portrayed as a one-dimensional white lotus but actually had more depth to him than I thought he would.
    • Love that surpasses time and space: I only have one sentence to sum this up, and it probably won't be understood unless you've read the novel-- "In the previous life, he loved a person deeply, and then that person gave his life and he went to hell. In this life, there was a person who loved him, and then it was discovered that person gave him life, a second chance to start over again in this world."
    • Mei Hanxue: Nothing, just Mei Hanxue.

In all honesty, if you're not emotionally prepared to read this novel then don't force yourself. Take care of your wellbeing and emotional state first. This story does tend to get heavy with themes of r*pe and genocide, and I understand that not all of us have to capacity to read about these dark acts of depravity. If you do eventually decide to read this story, enjoy the slice of life and beautiful themes this story has to offer, including one of the most emotionally-invested plots with the most complex web, like, ever. Everything is interconnected and the butterfly effect resounds throughout the novel. Speaking of the butterfly effect, can we talk about how well this novel implements Chekhov's Rule? The little, tiny things I didn't pay attention to eventually came to bite me in the ass later in the story (just like how Mo Ran's past came back to bite him in the ass, oof). Literally EVERY detail has meaning and pushes the plot forward. The White Pear Blossom Wine. The begonia handkerchief. The brocade pouch. These are just a few things that make multiple, minor appearances in the background, then you learn the backstory behind them--their symbolism--and it leaves you speechless.

My best piece of advice for you while reading this novel isn't even to have tissues by your side. It's to have a good eye and pay close, close, close attention to every detail. Even now, there are details that are barely coming together for me and making sense. Yes, I'm the type to wake up in the middle of the night and go "So that's what Chu Wanning meant when he said that!"

Okay, I'm going to shut up now and go read 2ha a second time.

***Edit: I see so many people comparing 2ha to MDZS and saying they're not going to watch "Immortality" (drama adaptation) because they already watched The Untamed, and it saddens me because 2ha honestly offers a unique and poignant, touching story of it's own. I keep it to myself because I know I will get hate for it, but I genuinely like 2ha more than I like MDZS. The characters and plotline resonates with me more deeply. You don't have to like it--I'm not forcing you to. But don't be a snob and comment harmful messages under Immortality videos that will steer the audience away because your biased outlook doesn't give you room for anything else. We should be supportive of all BL novels that happen to make it to the screen. Only this way can we see more widespread work like this and surpass boundaries. Thank you.

3/8/21: Rereading and some details are finally becoming clearer to me. I've always wondered what dream Chu Wanning had in chapters 40-49 that he was able to give them up and return to reality to save Mo Ran. His dream is never described in detail but he tells Mo Ran "Did you know, the most wonderful dreams are rarely ever real?" and there have been multiple times we're told that Chu Wanning thinks Mo Ran will never return his feelings; therefore, we can assume that the dream he had was one in which Mo Ran actually reciprocated his love, and he was able to wake from the dream because his belief that he's unlovable is so strong that he already knows it's impossible for Mo Ran to notice him.

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hy-d-ra rated it
October 22, 2019
Status: c194
This novel is a massive knife. The author is basically delivering - Have you suffered before? Let me show you a new level of suffering. Because I can't remember a novel where heart-wrenching events would be packed like this.

The only thing the novel takes from its' cute title is the emphasis on Mo Ran's simple dog nature. He often refers to himself like that too. Due to lack of love/care during his childhood he warms up to people who show him a shred of genuine emotion. This simplicity of his... more>> character becomes his moving force after his rebirth/turn back in time to him once again being a teen and having a second chance to 'fix' events that brought his demise in previous life, to lead a better life. Be ready for two lifetimes coming hand in hand through the storytelling. His conscience never forgets the atrocities of his past and often it weighs him down. His main goal was to save the light of his life, as he thought. But later, little by little, with his s*upid brain he started to realize that his entanglement of hate/love with his Shizun in both lifetimes occupies his thoughts much more and means to him a lot more. Complicated war of emotions create a different type of story.

His Shizun, Chu Wanning, is not the typical shou character. Tall, beautiful, he has domineering aura, he looks like an unapproachable iceberg, but behind that facade is a person uncertain of himself. He can't be described as tsun, but his temperament and actions in time make him endearing. His low self-esteem, the age gap between them, seeing his loved one being devoted to other person will give you lots of sweet knives.

And both of them are involved in the plot of slowly forshadowed danger where the one in the dark used demonic Forbidden techniques once mastered by MoRan in his previous life, giving him a sense of bad premonition.

Last thing: trigger warnings. Unlike authors who treat r*pe lightly as something they can use for their perverted characters, 2HA indeed has lots of warnings, but which are used for a character portrayal, madness and cruelty.

Wonderful story, the plot is interesting, the knives are sharp, the range of characters is amazing, main cast has its momentum, it's not flat. The descriptions are powerful, the romance is burning. Give it a go, this novel is highly underappreciated (translations exist, you just need to search for them). <<less
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Svetlyak rated it
December 20, 2020
Status: --
This review is just my personal opinions and analysis of the novel

I started this novel after I went through all the positive (and oftentimes emotional reviews) but then I was left with disappointment but also some understanding of why some others actually like it. Personally, I felt that this novel was more of a gratuitous r*pe-first-redemption-after story than an actual love story. I can't help but think that this novel was written to satisfy those who like dog-blood drama and those who fantasize about or romanticize r*apist/victim relationship. I can... more>> stomach rocky love stories, but I find it hard to consider r*pe-and-redemption stories love stories no matter how much the r*apist seems to "redeem" themselves, especially when this novel is literally filled with countless unnecessarily descriptive scenes that almost eroticizes r*pe. Thus, if I had to sum this novel up in a few words, it would be "abusive dog-blood novel but with bells and whistles".

A lot of people seem to put the dog-blood plot and the main characters of this novel on a pedestal, but I can't bring myself to like any of it.

I'm all for unconditional love and happy endings, but I found ML's unconditional love for the MC unbearable, because unconditional love doesn't work very well when it meets conditional love and abuse. I found it off-putting that the ML's unconditional love would stretch so far as to love someone that r*pes and tortures him, and the ML even goes as far as to even blame himself even though he was the victim.


For many people, Erha might not be a "typical" dog-blood novel, but I beg to differ because I've read so many danmei novels with plots similar to this. In fact, I've read another novel that literally seems like the modern day AU of Erha;

both this novel and the other novel have gongs that r*pe the shou, both the gongs like someone else but choose to relieve their libido by r*ping the shou (because they don't want to "tarnish" their white moonlight who turns out to be a villain), both the gongs imprison the shou and are both directly responsible for the shou's death, both the gongs physically/mentally abuse the shous and humiliate them, both the shous are tsundere but love the gong even during the r*pe and abuse, both the shous suffer physically but the gongs disregard that, both the novels have the gon kill themselves and then this causes them to travel back in time, both the gongs realize they actually like the shou after finding out the truth about the shou and also about the villain, both the gongs become clingy and start to pamper the shous after the rebirth, both the gongs find out that they were somehow manipulated by the villain, both shous gain memories of their past life and choose to stay with the gong (although the other novel's shou was a lot less forgiving).

Now with how similar the stories are, I was initially surprised with how different the reviews for these two novels were. The other novel was flamed and dragged for how toxic the stockholm-like relationship of the pair was, but this novel actually found a way to make itself likeable.

After thinking about this disparity, I realized why others like this novel so much: 1) the MC is the gong, and 2) the author has amazing writing skills (reason I gave this novel two stars except for one).

For my first point, in a literary and psychological point of view, the use of a main character that's the abuser usually makes the reader sympathize with him/her. I've seen many people say that they initially disliked the MC at the beginning but grew fond of him later on. By reading from Mo Ran's view, the readers may find themselves making excuses for his actions, feeling pain for his misunderstanding/miscommuncations, and thinking that he's just being dumb, and thus effectively shrinking the weight of just how terrible the acts he's committed. This novel gave me slight Nabokov's 'Lolita' vibes, because the character was charismatic (or in this case 'dumb husky') enough to get readers to support his relationship with the ML. Personally, MC's "silly" oh-so-simple/black-or-white personality came off more as a dumb*ss POS trait to me than dumb husky. The other lower-rated novel's MC was the shou, so from the shou's point of view the reader would feel the pain that the shou felt without any "reasons" given by the gong, so the reader would feel less inclined to sympathize with the abuser (even if the aubser was also coined as a "dumb husky type"). Pairing the gong MC with the author's writing skills that evoke emotions, it's no wonder that some might like this novel. Maybe if this novel was written mostly from Chu Wanning's point of view, it wouldn't have such high reviews.

To further explain my dislike for the MC, Mo Ran is a slightly unreliable narrator, and once I figured that out, I had no sympathy for a character like him.


I seriously felt that the author was trying to do anything to make MC sympathizable, because the elaborate plot twist which I guess was intended to make me think 'oops, I guess Mo Ran being a r*pist is kinda not his fault because he was being tricked/coerced by the villain' seemed more Deus ex Machina than anything. In the end, I felt that Mo Ran (any one of the 0.5 and 2.0) didn't feel guilty simply because he r*ped and tortured someone, but he only felt guilty because that someone wasn't as bad as he thought and became his lover. I can't help but think that if Chu Wanning didn't do any of the kind things he did such as making him wontons (even if he still wasn't as bad as Mo Ran thought he was) and that Shimei really was a good person, MC would have no guilt in what he'd done to ML and felt justified that r*pe and torture was a just punishment. It hurts me more that this novel has a HE than a BE, because it gives out this message that r*pe and mental/physical abuse is excusable if your significant other has unconditional love for you.

97 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yinyu rated it
September 3, 2020
Status: c84
Believe me, I /really/ tried to like this novel but it just ended up being disappointing on so many accounts. The gratuitous tragedy p0rn and the incredibly.... voyeuristic portrayal of r*pe and abuse was kind of what made me give up. I won't get into it, but, in my opinion, making a character suffer constantly in order to gain the reader's sympathy is not an adequate substitute for real character depth - sure, it's an easy shortcut to making the character 'likeable', but a shortcut nonetheless. I understand others enjoy... more>> it and have a different view/interpretation of the story... but this just wasn't it for me.

Disclaimer: I've never harassed anybody for liking erha, and I have many friends that are huge fans of it - which is why I tried reading it in the first place. To each their own, I guess. <<less
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annnavcx rated it
February 1, 2020
Status: v109
first of all, this novel is amazing. I cant read chinese so I read the translation and they really did a great job on translating this novel. (Thanks a lot!!)

Really, meatbun is the master of making angst!! I am 26 and I was crying on my bed like crazy on some parts of the novel! And I havent cried like that in YEARS!

When you read this, you’ll definitely fall in love with the main guy, Chu Wanning. I think I want to start an army for him.

Also, the main... more>> plot of this story is really between the ML and the MC so I am really wondering how the live-action is going to turn out? What makes this hurts (amazingly) is the relationship between them. (I still hope the censorship will still do it justice.)

So if you haven’t read this, I strongly recommend you to. Or you could be patient and wait for all the translation to finish. Because I’m kinda regretting that I read this too early cause now I want more! <<less
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Chenqing rated it
September 18, 2019
Status: Completed
I love this story a lot. The plot is a wild ride with many plot twists. Rated 5.0 because I kept coming back to reread it.

Unlike the usual rebirth story, MC was a scum until death in his previous life and he continued to be somewhat scum in his second life until falling in love with ML and realising the wrong in his ways. So I like it because the story really shows MC's change and development.

MC is really funny although I hated him at first. He really fits the... more>> description of "dumb husky". He is absolutely so very dumb that he often made me feel exasperated. Sometimes he just breathes and I would be like... *sigh*

I get really fond of him later.

He also showed great IQ potential when he invented intercrural s*x because his meat pillar was too big for ML's crysanthemum.


ML on the other hand is very likeable since the beginning. He is headstrong but secretly gentle and very sensitive to people's feelings. Not just for MC but also for others.

Unfortunately perhaps that's why his student wants to bang him so hard.


There are so many angst that by the time I finished reading I've filled three full buckets of tears.

As for the love triangle, don't let it discourage you as it only happened because MC was very dumb. I assure you that MC only genuinely loves ML his entire two lives. (He just needs his brain slapped and shaken a little before it begins processing.)

Overall highly recommended. <<less
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Lord_Binghe rated it
February 23, 2019
Status: --
I found this novel from Mo Xiang Tong Xiu's fandom (GDC, HOB, SVSSS). They said this novel is kinda interesting and the plot is awesome! Some of them already read this by raw and now someone finally translated this yeay!!! I've read lot of transmigration novel but this one seems really cool and will be worth to read. Cant wait for the next chapter!!!
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YellowNoodle rated it
May 31, 2020
Status: Completed
I...I'm so exhausted.

I have too much to say about this novel that I'm literally speechless.

... In fact, I knew I should have guarded my heart, but like a fool, I bore through the wind and rain, shed sweat and cried blood before delivering my beating organ on a silver platter to meatbun (author).

... more>> I clicked that first chapter and like some masochist, I watched the author trample, devour, and shred my heart to pieces before ruthlessly spitting it out as I continued to read on.

The indignation and pain I felt in this novel just screwed me up.

I couldn't bear it, I don't know how many times I had to stop reading just to breathe and get rid of the suffocating feelings in my chest. I don't know how many times I punched my pillow over the anger I felt.

However, I do know that I cried. Immensely.

The title is true to the protagonists. A dumb doggy and a proud cat.

They're both fools. Heartbreaking fools.

But what can you do? I felt so helpless as I read the text. I couldn't do anything and could only gawk at how unfair and tragic everything was.

It hurts so much.

The plot, the characters, and the mystery is so perfect. Everyone had their fates entwined and the ending just made my nose sour and my throat sore.

This definitely deserves a spot along MDZS and TGCF.

All relationships are extremely well developed.

This is a definite recommendation. You cannot skip this novel.

However, word of warning, this novel will make you stay up at 2 am contemplating on why you chose to read this... but you just can't help but continue to read on. You'll love the plot but hate that you can't know the truth of everything immediately.

I will admit it took powerful self control to not run to the spoilers to find out the ending. That's how much I didn't know what the hell was going on. But once I knew the truth I was mind blown and just sat there in a daze.

It was a big "... What the f*ck?" And "wHAT THE f*ck!!!???" Moment of pure shock. Seriously, I just... mind blown

But alongside all that anger, disbelief, and sadness, the author's notes and mini theatres give you a piece of mind.

In other words, the story is wonderful.

Enjoi and Adieu.

This holds a special place in my heart/10

Fans of MDZS and TGCF will "love" this.

*sighs* I need to go cleanse my soul with fluff <<less
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chenjiaan rated it
August 28, 2020
Status: --
I couldn't even finish it. The writing is good and the plot seems interesting, but I could not stand the main characters. I guess I don't see why everyone thinks the MC is such a "haha what a cute dumb dog/oafish character". He's basically an arrogant self-centered jackass to everyone except his love interests. And I really have no idea why ML would even be interested in him in the first place? Especially considering he was a literal teen when they first met?

Honestly, the most reasonable character in the book... more>> is the peac*ck shidi, but apparently he's just treated as silly comedy relief. Which I don't understand because the most arrogant character in the book is MC, but I guess his flaws can be overlooked because he's the protagonist.

I could only stand so much bratty angsting from the MC and acting like the world revolved around him before the plot twist happened and by then I didn't care enough to finish. <<less
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anonmily rated it
February 16, 2020
Status: --
Ahahaha... haha.... WAAAAAH *sobs*

Don’t judge this novel by the name. I thought this was going to be another brainless fluffy BL novel, but oh hell was I so wrong.

This story is just amazing. So much comedy and fluff, and so much angst (the feels! Omg). I’ve laughed to the point of tears, and cried because of the heartwrenching emotions while reading this (I finished all of the story, reading the remaining parts in Chinese). I cannot even remember when the last time I was able to be so deeply influenced... more>> and immersed in any story, BL or not.

Every character has their own story, has their own desires, a reason for why they are who they are. And oh my gosh the plot! So many hints are scattered everywhere, yet its not until the end when you realize what it means.... Even just a simple act of looking away and responding with silence to a question, a single gaze, a small habit.... everything comes together in a beautiful web that will make you cry your heart out and yet make you melt in the heartwarming true love between the MCs.

This is a story that will have a happy ending (... even though oh god there are times when you might feel like it’d be impossible) and even the extras are just so adorable. READ THIS. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. <<less
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Puleee rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: Completed
For better explanation, the original 2ha translator never calls anyone leech, it's only one translator and has nothing to do with 2ha so please keep loving this novel and meatbun. Second, the drama started because danmeilover translator making scene becase she doesn't know chinese (only learn in 6 months) and want to translate 2ha so she passive agressively dmed the first translator about taking over so that's why the first translation by rynnamonrolls is inaccessible now.
28 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dietcoke rated it
April 13, 2021
Status: --
This is basically like those kind of stories where ... more>>

the female lead is brutalized, tortured and r*ped, victim blamed, mindbreaked into accepting their bastard evil love interest except instead its in the r*pist's POV and the author wants us to feel bad for the r*pist, and that "oh, he's a changed man and regrets r*ping his s/o to near death and treating them like the scum under their shoe". Romanization of r*pe is common in these type of stories so I'm not so surprised but what irks me are the people commenting and downplaying his ill deeds and making him seem like sort of a tragic hero.

27 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
REIchan rated it
January 5, 2020
Status: c106
Best bl novel I have read.

I like this even more than those written by MXTX.

Shizun is just the type of character I like and Mo Ran is a redeemable guy. Any grievances caused by Mo ran gets addressed and doesn't get brushed off like other bl novels. Chu Wanning aka shizun is not a pushover shou (a breath of fresh air tbh). Also there is is good blending between past and present event which MXTX writer is kinda lacking at (not dissing her. I love her too.)

So in conclusion,... more>> this is the best bl novel I read. (#Repeated_againlol) <<less
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ImmaStealYeontan rated it
December 4, 2020
Status: DNF
DNF at chapter 190 (it should have been chapter 100, but damn my pride).

- - -

[Like Meatbun, my review is out of place, because I cannot be bothered to edit it.]

... more>>

It seemed like the author had all of these grand ideas that she thought would impress everyone, and just dumped them in the book with really no reason. Some of the 'plot points' had little point, namely when the dumbass Shizun became a kid for what- three years? Then he dies, and it's like 'why, why did this need to happen?'. Was it an allusion to Wanning being smaller than MoRan, or him being a bottom- because that's reigning in something I do not want to touch on.

Nearly every side character gets a whole, intricate backstory, then they die this tragic death that seems to be so detailed, it's like it wants you to cry for these unimportant characters.

Another thing was MoRan kept things from the reader, especially when there were moments that the reader should have known about something, but MoRan was like "nah, you don't need to know this really important piece of information despite it being a great time to tell you right now!"

The author also didn't seem to know her characters. Both Shizun and MoRan had different ideals and mindsets every like ten chapters. Example; MoRan blamed himself for his past sins, yet in the next chapter he blamed unknown forces or whatever. Same with Wanning, he hates his 'teacher' ways and blamed himself for whatever sh*t he pulled on his disciples (mainly MoRan), then the next chapter he would, yes you guessed it, hold himself up on a pedestal for his great shizun ways! (That was slightly dramatic, mind you).

When Chu Wanning and MoRan finally got together, it was strange. Shizun was rather negative to their relationship- not really treating it as one (which could be explained with him having zero experience) and outright ignoring and running away from MoRan. They grew closer together, which gave off really strong Stockholm syndrome vibes, yikes. Especially when Shizun starting blaming himself for being the victim, that just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Now let's touch upon the truly disappointing part (s) of this book, sigh. R*pe, shall I say anymore? R*pe and non-con is in every single chapter of this book. Shout out to the translations that list the trigger warnings before each chapter, because authors usually forget those.
I'm not sure if the author listed any trigger warnings in the original Chinese version, so I won't say anything about that.
MoRan is the type of person that should not be romanised. He thinks about raping somebody always every waking second (and every non-waking second, might I add), and doesn't seem sorry that he does so.

The most —————— thing is people 'shipping' this literal rapist with an inexperienced and fragile man. Nowhere does it show MoRan feeling remorse, nor does he apologise for his past actions.
If MoRan did apologise, it can be taken as a form of manipulation. The fact that he did such unacceptable acts means his apology should mean nothing.

Read if you like:
- 10+ arcs that are pointless and or easily forgotten
- 90% of the characters are introduced, which is then turned around and you're told that's all false
- 50% of the characters who die, get introduced with intricate backgrounds that have no purpose whatsoever for the end of the story
- The MC (narrator) knowing everything, but hiding some things away from the reader (it's more like he's lying, as there were times it was probably best if he told the reader the truth and not come up with lies)
- A toxic and manipulative main relationship, with a sprinkle of Stockholm syndrome
- Characters running around in circles; and when you think they'll close the circle, they end up opening it wider
- A lot of details about things that turn out to be false, or unimportant
- Information and details being repeated more than once, especially in the same chapter


Note: I do not care if you enjoy this story. I get the appeal, I do, but everybody has their own opinions, and Meatbun put too many no-nos in this story for me to like it. <<less
24 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mungbeans rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: Completed
At first this story seems like your usual rebirth MC novels BUT as the story progressed and the plot revealed, it was full of twist and turns that take you into roller coaster of feels. The main characters are engaging, some of their motives can't help make you rethink about what defines fairness in the world. MC narrative made this story fresh and funny at first but beware of the angst my guys, lots of knives hidden in the nook and cranny!
22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 16, 2021
Status: --
Let's be honest, if we talk about Chinese cultivation novel then only a few will be able to keep up with the storyline of this novel.

Even if we only talk about the plot, this novel is way more good then MDZS. So here the question, If this story is more good then MDZS why this novel less popular??? why this novel has a low rating??? Because if we look at the writing style, it actually doesn't look too different from the MDZS style.

So this is the answer, There is too... more>> much r*pe/sexual content in this novel, even though the context is actually important part of the story, but things like this are basically not everyone's cup of tea.

There is also author's execution which is sometimes a bit confusings (Actually this is just my personal opinion). For example is when the author telling one thing, sometimes he will immediately cut the story without a warning and instantly turned into telling past.

This pov transition sometimes will be confusing as f*ck if we don't read it carefully.

This story itself doesn't use a single point of view, but Mo Ran (ML) was the one that gets the most point of view.

For the characters, all of the characters themselves are told very real, there is no characters thats look to exaggerated or looks unreal.

Actually there is many people say that Mo Ran's character is so s*upid and looks too fictional.


But I think he is one of the most real. He was controlled by chess fraction plus he had a demon flower that's been planted in his body for over 8 years, so what do you expect??? do you expect him to suddenly break free and instantly destroy all the villain??? lolololol.

I mean if he could really get out of control and come to his senses just because of "His great love for Chu Wanning..." then this story is just same like another ordinary BL.


The next is, if we talk about "The most extraordinarily good character in this story" Then it will definitely be shown for Xue Zheng Yong

At the beginning of the story you will be told that there are rumors that Xue Zheng Yong loves Lady Wang very much, while Lady Wang herself does not really love her.

But trust me the problem it's not that simple.

Well in the end, I think Lady Wang is really loves Xue Zheng Yong, it's just that her love is not passionate love or lustful love. But a mature love where there are no need many words, It's just like "Knowing that I'm always by your side is enough."


There is also the most developed character Xue Meng.

He was the characters that are the most perfect portrayal of what "Character Development" is all about. There is no doubt about this.

As for the villain character itself...


There is many people confused, How Shi Mei and Hua Binan which is same person have different thoughts.

Well the answer is lies in the experience that they have.

Hua Binan has committed countless crimes, at first it was just a small thing, but from that little thing he grew more and more numb that he didn't even care if it cost the entire world... You could say he had already no way to go back.

While for Shi Mei, although he also committed many crimes, he had not done anything that truly extraordinary, the things he did were mostly still the basis of what Hua Bainan did.

The environmental conditions of the two of them were also different due to Mo Ran's rebirth, which made him have a more stronger bond with Shizun, Xue Meng and Moran himself.

This why when he finally found out how many lives that he need for the final plan, he chose to back down and gave up.

This all because he had not formed a trait like Hua Binan yet. It was also because he was still at the beginning when he knew how terrible he would be in the future, that why he finally chose to stop and ended up betraying himself and considers his eyes as payment for his betrayal.


Btw don't forget about Ye Wanxi


It's so sad that even after two worlds she and Nangong Si still couldn't be brought together.

21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Karyan rated it
March 4, 2020
Status: Completed
THIS IS THE BEST NOVEL I HAVE EVER READ!!!! Can I give 6 out of 5 stars. It deserves more.

Dun get fooled by the cute title or dun look down bcux it sounds ridiculous. It is not a fluff but super angsty.

the plot is well-written (full of knives tho) and u will feel like riding a roller coaster while reading this.

... more>> If u luv angsts, you should definitely read this! U won’t regret it. Some chapters made me cried a lot and my heart broke into pieces.

The chemistry between the couple is so heart-touching (Altho I wanted to beat up the ML in the beginning chapters). I dun say out loud how much they cherish each other but instead show it with actions. This is what I love most about it.

And Moran and Chu Wanning are so cute and precious that I want to keep them in my pocket and protect ???

There are 300+ chapters in total but I can’t get enough of this and want more <<less
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
monique93 rated it
December 5, 2019
Status: --
First and foremost: You can pry this novel from my cold dead hands. I really REALLY enjoyed this. It's the type of novel that would've ended earlier if people will just learn how to talk to each other. But like real life, conversations are hard especially if already involves prejudice and careless decisions. It's like throwing peas at the wall. Now, if you amped it up with two lifetime's worth of resentment, you get 2HA.

The novel opens up with a typical time travel scenario: MC is now back at the... more>> past, a second chance he never thought of having. But his awareness of things that have yet to happen caused a lot of changes that forced him to face previously misunderstood emotions and regrets. The novel then becomes an onion: you will soon find yourself busy with peeling layers and layers of pain and angst that also makes you cry.

Overall, it's a surprisingly good, if you think you've read all the pining danmeis usually have, then this will surprise you. You will bleed. <<less
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nekonekomii rated it
May 18, 2019
Status: Completed
I made an account just to write this.

Too many damn feels.

And of course I loved it, every single character in the story, whether the MC or the Villain in this story. This novel have the best character development I ever seen. Althought MC have a lot of misunderstanding at first, so many that I have an urge to throw blood, its resolved in the end though. Most of the character have their own motive and story, the plot and mystery make you rethink every single step the character made. Engaging,... more>> full of action and heart pounding. Not your typical rebirth story. A must read gem.

Though beware of the roller coaster of feel... (This story is full of blades, Moran shizun QAQ they deserve the best things in the world)

I wish there are more fluff for the two main character though, can't get enough of them hahahaha <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
scratchienails rated it
April 30, 2019
Status: Completed
Really enjoyed this from start to finish. Not a story for everyone, especially anyone sensitive about certain R18 topics, but its a spectacularly emotional and sensational tale full of badassery, tragedy, tears, and heart-pounding. I was wary going in, but those feelings were completely unfounded. Chu WanNing is one of the best characters I've encountered in danmei so far, and by far the most compelling.

If I had to point to a theme for this work, its that nothing is as it seems, so don't make any hasty judgements. Fantastic read,... more>> lots of fun, enjoyable from start to finish. The final arc was incredible, far better than most I've read, and this story made me cry harder than anything else ever has. <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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