Yu Wu


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The traitor Gu Mang returned to his home kingdom again. Everyone rejoiced in his banishment. It was said the one who hated him most was his closest friend – the cold and stoic Young Master Mo.

A rumour: Young Master Mo prepared three hundred and sixty-five methods of torture to try on Gu Mang, enough to play with him for a year without repetition.

But what’s the truth then?

Well the truth is even more unspeakable–

Mo Xi’s identity: the most abstinent commander of the empire.

His relationship with the traitor Gu Mang: they’d slept together before.

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Remnants of Filth
Stains of Filth
Yú Wū
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New Karinkatakika rated it
February 16, 2020
Status: c28
Yu Wu is so deliciously painful. People have been saying they don’t want to read it because 2Ha was painful enough - my dudes, 2Ha was painful because it’s like a metronome: On the left, pure unfiltered fluff, only love. On the right, 🔪🔪🔪. 2Ha is Meatbun just being ‘i haven’t even shown you my final form yet!!!’

No in between.

(for those who get a kick out of stupid people, I had to google ‘tick tock measure rhythm’ to remember it’s called a f*cking Metronome.)

Meanwhile, Yu Wu is constantly... more>> at like 70% pain level? It hurts in the beginning but you learn to cope and the story is really damn good. The TL is just *chef’s kiss*.

On a side note: I really hate Murong Lian, but both Meatbun and the translator keep saying that he’s baby.... well, I became a Taxian-Jun (Mo Ran 0.5 in 2Ha) apologist in the end as well, so what the hell do I know <<less
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New galmarser488 rated it
January 31, 2020
Status: c10
So far it's pretty angsty and depressey : (the MC and ML reminds me of Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian from Mo dao zu shi. I know this story is gonna break my heart but its just too interesting to put down! And I really want to know how the bitter feelings between the two will work out.
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Celissiye rated it
August 17, 2019
Status: c130
Although there is no telling where the story will turn in the future (ongoing 179+), it has been a decent read so far. What does it mean to be a traitor, a slave who, no matter how you struggle, the empire will never view differently? And what does it mean to love a person like that?

You must be warned--ANGST. This story is has a foundation of tragedy, so anything further is also wrought with angst. Despite the plot calling for this angst, the brooding narration from the MC and characters... more>> crying often enough I don't care anymore does make it is excessive. Has the ML/MC gotten a break from suffering so far? Hardly. There are even rituals that practically necessitate torture for what seems to be no reason other than angst. However, the drama is not to the point where I think the story is too silly. If you know that you can happily eat up angst combined with a few sweet moments, this story might suit you. And, whether it be the Gu Mang (ML) acting like a dog, or MC acting Tsundere and mopey, there are still funny moments.

The characters have full-fleshed pasts and motivations. The 'traitor' Gu Mang is a long slog of wondering if he's truly wicked or not. Then several side characters have a complex relationship of 'half brothers', 'not really brothers', and deceased parents, leading to family members pretending that they hate each other. There is a gold loving doctor, a crippled white lotus, a sad*st and drug using past slave owner (of the ML), and a considerate house servant. If any character seemed a little bland, I'd actually say the MC is a bit repetitive at times because it's his POV from the start, and he simply doesn't have as many secrets as the other characters. But, he is also the rarely seen 'top' or 'seme' MC, and definitely has a 'my heart is actually soft but I pretend its not' heartbreak issue. Cute. Overall, even with the other flaws of the story, the characters shine enough that I am interested in learning more about them.

Another flaw I have to mention is the frequent flashbacks. These usually hold a relevant part to the story as you are reminded of happier times, the worse times, and what used to be. That being said, some of the flashbacks are brought out too often, it seems to only remind of the present angst. For example, 'oh another scene of ML and MC happy together'. At least these flashbacks usually don't last much longer than half a chapter. Along with this is that the inner angst monologue of the MC (Mo Xi) is excessive. He is always upset and angry, as readers we understand this thoroughly early on, so it isn't necessary to use flowery prose to describe how his heart has a knife in it 100x times. Moreover, some parts of the story involves 'magic items' or 'martial technique' that are clearly just a plot device for the MC to jump into the past and see what really unfolded, and felt rather forced. Altogether, these details could have been reduced a lot and made for a more compact, compelling story.

Nevertheless, the character relationships and dark themes in the plot are enough that this remains a decent story. If it will remain interesting in the future, that I can't say. Many secrets have been exposed by ch. 120, but it seems that there are yet many more to come. Will the excessive angst overpower the actual interesting parts? Perhaps. Currently, my rating sits at 3.5-4.


As for whether this is HE or BE. As much as the story re-iterates that the ML's future is ruined/set in stone, I have a suspicion that it will be remedied somehow and end with HE. It just seems like one of the angst stories that will end it that way. BUT, I am going off MTL and obviously don't know for certain.

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dona rated it
August 28, 2019
Status: c16
Jesus lord that was intense. I almost cried in the first 7 chapters. Really good solid storyline. The characters all have substance, with their own struggles and motivations for their action, and it seems there are a lot of secrets waiting to be unfolded. Despite the focus being only on MC and ML so far. This novel is full of angst and brutality and I can´t wait for further chapters.

Seriously can´t recommend this novel enough. Everyone should give it a try.
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J rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: c15
Ah. Meatbun does not disappoint. I loved Husky and White Cat and I'm loving this as well. Definitely one of my fave chinese bl authors.
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