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Eight hundred years ago, Xie Lian was the Crown Prince of the Xian Le kingdom. He was loved by his citizens and was considered the darling of the world. He ascended to the Heavens at a young age; however, due to unfortunate circumstances, was quickly banished back to the mortal realm. Years later, he ascends again–only to be banished again a few minutes after his ascension.

Now, eight hundred years later, Xie Lian ascends to the Heavens for the third time as the laughing stock among all three realms. On his first task as a god thrice ascended, he meets a mysterious demon who rules the ghosts and terrifies the Heavens, yet, unbeknownst to Xie Lian, this demon king has been paying attention to him for a very, very long time.

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Tiān Guān Cì Fú
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New chiakiss
March 31, 2020
Status: Completed
i am so sad I wrote a gigantic review and then my computer died because the battery ran out I'm pissed and I'm not gonna write everything again but this is really good, all characters (even secondary) are have distinct, solid personalities, the cases, mystery solving, and twists are great and even more meaningful because you care about the characters involved, the story is non linear and that's hard to do right and clear, but the transitions are nice and well placed. Nice vocabulary, great writing overall, great translation... more>> (sometimes, it's a bit too dense i'll admit it and this book is too big, I'm used to it but it might tire some people out). Completely personal preference here but I don't like long fight scenes, so I was kinda uuuugh in some parts but thats me

I think the biggest complaint that people have are:

1- that there a huge part of the book that is dedicated to flash backs and side stories, and the main story is under developed. And I see how it can come across that way, but in my mind the flashbacks are part of the main story, they are teh best parts in my opinion so yeah

2- Xie lian is a self sacrificing naive martyr kinda mary sue, and honestly this kind of character pisses me off too but Xie Lian just isn't it, I'm kind of baffled how people interpreted it that way. He was like that in his 20's, and his whole journey is about seeing that the world isnt so simple as the life he had in the palace. The present Xie Lian is like a normal good person. Not naive, like he was

UNLIKE MDZS, this book follows a more traditional "hero's jouney", and has a more black and white development of villains vs. protagonist. This surprised me too, since this element is what one of the things I found interesting and liked a lot in mdzs. But I wasn't disapointed, there's plenty good stories with this traditional storyline, and I thought it was very well done, except for the end, some things didn't make sense, and it seemed like she did a rushed redemption arc on the villains

I like the romance, and yeah it's cheesy and they don't f*ck but I liked it. It seemed natural, soft, and it moved me. I read some reviews, stopped to think about it and agreed that hua cheng's personality is "liking MC", but even so he's... charming leave me alone yes I'm biased

OVERALL I really liked reading this, I admit is not perfect, but for me the flaws are very minor. This is one of those novels you won't know if you like until you read it, so give it a try. I won't be blinded by my love for this to say this is a must - it's long, it's got a lot of flashbacks, romance is cheesy - so I get it. But I must say it's a 4.5 for me an <<less
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xie lians luck
New xie lians luck rated it
March 31, 2020
Status: Completed
Great book!

I won't make a super long review on this one, cuz if I do, I'll go on forever, so I'll sum it up real quick:

Characters? Yes

Plot? Yes

Heartbreak? Yes

Will I re-read? Yes

It'll appeal to almost anyone, I'd recommend giving it a try!
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eikyrona rated it
May 12, 2018
Status: Completed
The five stars is purely based on the english translation thus far, and not on the original chinese novel that should be reviewed on jjwcx instead, as the quality of the writing and translation is evident. As I've read the whole novel, and not read to halfway and skipped to the last chapter, I think my grasp on the novel's characterisation and plot is fairly solid.

Probably because the plot and characters hit a lot of the tropes that I like, reading this story was a very enjoyable experience for me.... more>> The MC's past is hinted at and slowly unfolds in a series of emotionally devastating flashbacks, revealing his tremulous fall from grace: from his position of coddled crown prince beloved by all, to being able to pick food off the ground and eat it without a care. His acceptance and resignation to his current state of life is something that hurts both me and the ML.

As the translation is currently up to chapter 5, the ML has yet to appear, but the ML's characterisation is still very interesting: beginning with the impression of that suave all-knowing, all-powerful seme, to gradually unveiling his insecurities and his reasons for struggling so hard to become powerful. The reasons for the ML's devotion start out opaque, but the more of their past interactions you see, the more it's understandable; culminating in that flashback where he says 'I still have a beloved person in this world' and the ML's previous skittishness all makes sense.

I personally really like both the MC and the ML's characters and personalities. MC on the surface seems like a soft, innocent angel, but in reality that's all because he's been worn down by 800 years of struggling to climb his way out of the mud. He lets most things slide without a care because he's long stopped caring about what other people think of him and has mostly become numb to his own suffering. But the MC has a steadfast nature and an unbending will and he's shaken out of this numbness by the ML.

On the other hand, the ML starts out appearing like the perfect boyfriend: ultra smooth, ultra powerful, and always like he's in control of the situation. But that's just how he's built himself to appear in front of the MC. Because he's devoted 800 years to becoming someone who can protect the MC from other people's cruelties and yet knows he's failed already because the MC has already become accustomed to pain in those 800 years. Behind the perfect facade, the ML is still that young boy who worships the MC with his heart on tenterhooks and never dared contemplate that his god might love him back. <<less
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ritpoppy rated it
October 19, 2018
Status: Completed
I've just got to say, physically reading this was exhausting. Not because of the storyline, but because I read all 252 chapters in a short amount of time cause I was so freaking invested in the whole story!

This follows the story of Xie Lian, our bubbly protagonist, and his adventures after ascending to Heaven for the 3rd time (you've got it rough buddy). On his first assignment, he meets our Male Lead (who has me sweating). Hua Cheng is literally the smoothest man you'll ever meet. If you're looking for... more>> a fluffy, angst, fantasy, bl, story driven novel. Boy, you picked up a fantastic one. Flashbacks get tiring sometimes, I gotta admit even I skipped a few times, but they play such an important role in the storyline that it's SO worth it. Story is extremely well-written and let's not forget the romance. Based on this author, most of the book will be fluffy pinning (which I'm actually perfectly fine with, but if you aren't into slow burn be cautious), but they get together quicker than in GDC and Scum Villain (at least that's what I thought ¯_ (ツ) _/¯)

More information on the 2 Main Characters:

Xie Lian


A cute old grandpa. No one can tell me otherwise. He's one of the oldest gods in Heaven and also the one that's been through the most. Only though so much hardships did he get to the him he is now, a kind, understanding, logical, and non-biased angel. We need more people like him in the world. I just wished he valued himself more. I want him to be able to happily smile and joke again. There's one line later on in the novel where Hua Cheng does something for him that causes him to start laughing, and he just says along the lines of, "Thank you for making me realize how simple and wonderful the act of laughing is." *ugly sobbing*


Hua Cheng


I LOVE YOU. Honestly, so dedicated and a huge romantic. He loves our MC so much and is completely loyal to him. I enjoy his small gestures and hints that tells us that he adores our MC. So kind but everybody excluding our MC thinks he some malicious and sinister demon (in which he some ways is). The thing about his devotion is, when MC finds out about how the other harbors feelings for him, they way he found out made me kinda have chills for a moment. The whole atmosphere of the place made me think like I was in a horror movie and I had a wild murderer chasing after me. But in all honesty, a great confession scene nonetheless.


This novel's main theme can be described using two question.

"Are gods really as gracious and virtuous as we worship them to be?"


"Is mankind really worth it?"

Overall, this novel was a fantastic read and if you can't read the Chinese chapters, english translation is slowing getting there, the wait is so worth it. One moment I'm screaming my sister to insanity from the fluff, and the next I'm curled up in my bed sobbing my eyes away. I really love this author and her works, and hope you'll too ❤ <<less
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kly rated it
August 7, 2017
Status: c50
Okay, even though there's only one chapter translated it's a bit ridiculous to cast votes already because the actual novel hasn't been completely published by the writer so there's no telling how this novel will go. Rating this a one star is poor judgement on whoever that casted that vote so these five stars is in hopes to counter that.

in terms of the novel, from where I've mtl'd up to, the plot progresses quite seamlessly. Intrigue and some stellar 'aww' heart-melting (in a good way) vibes are there too which... more>> is always a big plus in my books. Just like the writer's previous works (Founder of Diabolism, Self-Saving Scum), you don't get the full picture at once but as you progress through the chapters, pieces of info weave together a beautiful story with much more depth that you'd assume. Both MC and ML are both very enigmatic, and together they're one of the most adorable couples (even if they're not together at this point of the novel so far) I get the pleasure of reading.

In this genre of BL novels, I find it challenging to get the chance to read well thought-out novels that can juggle engaging plot and warm fuzzies so stumbling upon this writer and their works is an absolute blessing for me. I have high hopes for the writer and from what I've been reading, my faith isn't misplaced ;)

(I'll edit this review once more chapters are released, both raws and tl'd lol - one star ratings off the bat for any novel drives me up the wall a bit, especially for a novel with so much potential!)

In terms of the translation, it's readable and flows well so no complaints from me. I'm not sure about the updating schedule considering only chapter one has been posted but I don't think the translator, Evangeline, intends to drop this. Also, many thanks to them for picking this novel as their first (?) project!!

All in all, give both the translator and this novel a chance, I say! <<less
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alexfilia rated it
August 11, 2017
Status: c1
Its another novel by the author of the Founder of Diabolism and The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System!

It may not have many chapters out yet but just from the spoilers you can tell its going to be an epic story <3....I mean the mc's favorite past time is trolling the heavens!!!
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rakuu-en rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: Completed
I don't use this phrase lightly, but this book is a literary masterpiece.

I found the first ten chapters in English, and the premise was captivating enough that I gave the rest of it (200+ chapters!) a shot with my banana Chinese. That's how good it was, that I was willing to invest that much more time and effort in reading a book written in a mother tongue I am unfortunately not very well-versed in.

It was worth it.

The English translation is quality work, but invariably a lot of the original nuance... more>> and tone gets lost in translation. If you are able, I would recommend that you read the work in the original Chinese it was written in- to preserve as much of the hilarity and heartbreak that the author managed to skilfully convey as possible. Even if not, the countless plot twists, the strong supporting cast, and of course the stepwise progression of the main couple's romance work together to create a story that I really believe can transcend the language barrier to move any reader's heart.

The English fandom for this work is sadly minute at the moment, especially compared to the author's other works (ahem GDC I'm looking at you) I assume due to the dearth of translated chapters. Don't get me wrong, I love that other piece, but (this is my personal opinion) it pales in comparison to this one. If Baidu is to be believed, most of the Chinese fandom agrees with me on this. So I really hope that with time, this novel will receive the acclaim and fandom size it truly deserves. <<less
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TimeToEscape94 rated it
November 5, 2019
Status: Completed
Okay I don't even know where to start, but basically THIS IS A MASTERPIECE !

  • This story is about pure devotion, unconditional dedication and love -over a period of 800 years- = thanks to our ML; Hua Cheng.
  • MC: despite the fact that he is deprived of his powers, the main character is absolutely not weak. He's intelligent, strong and calm (when ML doesn't make him lose his means).
  • The romance between the MC and the ML is built throughout the whole story (not only at the very end). In other words, you're gonna fangirl/boy a lot because there're a bunch of sweet moments between them (specially in the last chapters).
  • There're many humor's scenes! Almost all characters are concerned. For example, the relationship between Mu Qing and Fen Xin is hilarious (frenemy). Here is another example (not a spoiler) : " However, it was too late. PuQi Schrine was only so big and had no place to hide. Immediately the two saw behind Xie Lian's person stood a SuPrEme GhOsT KInG who was in the middle of doing dishes" LMAO
  • In my opinion, there weren't too many characters. Everyone has a role to play. Even the minor characters come back throughout the story. I didn't find it had any "useless" characters.
  • The scenes are very detailed (nature, feelings, sceneries,...). It's very easy so imagine the story in your head (?)
  • Every arc is somehow related to the final one.
  • Volume 2 & 4 are flashbacks about the MC's past. It's coherent and not boring at all since there're constantly new revelations and links with the present time. OH and you're gonna LOSE YOUR SOUL while reading volume 4. It's the saddest one. Even when you think the MC's past can't be more sad and tragic, it becomes worst :))))
  • Very satisfaying & happy ending! The last chapters are a big emotional rollercoaster. Be ready to cry from sadness & happiness.
  • No "smut" scenes, but it's implicitely confirmed that they had s*x at the end of the story and many times in the extras ;-)
Aaaah there're so much to say, it's definitely my favorite MXTX novel!

A manhua is also available! The art style is insane omg go have a look!

(Sorry this is my first review & my english sucks)
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PotatoCakes rated it
January 10, 2019
Status: c143
I'm usually a huge fan of this author (5 stars for both GDC & Scum Villain), but this book was a huge disappointment. The high point for this author is her ability to create likable and compelling characters who travel through a fantastic world with a beautifully crafted storyline. She may have been overly ambitious with this novel. The larger cast of character with multiple boring plot lines makes it feel long, slow, detached at the same time.

The issue may stem from the MC and ML being uninteresting in themselves.... more>> MC is an typical hero (similar to WWX) who always tries to do the right thing, but sometimes fails because that's just how life works. ML is a perfect, powerful, and utterly devoted husband type who watches over MC, with his only weakness being his inability to write calligraphy. The fact that the combination of the two of them as the most powerful couple in the entire world makes all their problems seem trivial. There's also very little relationship development since the ML has been devoted to MC for 800 years and the MC is clearly in love with ML within the first 30 chapters.

She uses and abandons great characters throughout the series: Yi Rong becomes comedic commentary after acting out his part in book 1 despite being one of the 4 evils, Feng Xin and Mu Qing become increasingly petting/childish after giving them great background story in book 2, the Black Water Demon becomes stupid and worthless after acting out his ingenious plot in book 3, and every side arc MC collects random children/other pets etc.

For me, the biggest turning point where this book goes from a 5 star to a 3 star is chapter 124. Chapters 90-124 was amazing - the character development, sense of mystery and discovery the reader gets as they follow the MC's logic/deduction was suspenseful and rewarding. However, she completely dropped the ball with the aftermath.

Perhaps I am biased since Shi Qing Xuan is my favorite character, but how she handled the aftermath of that plotline was atrocious. There's no explanation as to what happened between "please kill me" in a dungeon with the Black Water Demon in ch124 and "life is good" as a beggar in imperial city in ch200+.


If this novel shortened by 50%, removed some irrelevant monster of the day side plots, reduced the cast of rotating comedic side characters, introduced some kind of high stakes friction between the MC and ML, this novel would have been much better. <<less
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aiji rated it
December 27, 2018
Status: Completed
After reading this novel, no doubt, I've officially become this novel's author's fan. I gave this one a full 5/5.

[Wall of words, incoming..]


Having read the author's other two novel's (FOD and The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System), I must say the story's execution and pacing is quite similar to FOD's, which contains an interesting plot, intriguing chain of events, action-packed scenes, and unexpected plot twist. The fluffy/cute and heartwarming moments is also present. Though they have these mentioned similar elements, this story's premise and universe is completely different, which you... more>> can't help but be emerged and ride along in fascination and amazement.

As expected, the author did a great job in establishing a brief background of the MC, giving you an idea what his character is like which aids you in understanding why he do what he does, giving you a preview of how his world works. And yes, gods and ghosts/demons are present here.

The pacing is not too slow, and not too fast either. Just enough to give room for the necessary details for the story's development. But please we warned of the looong flashbacks and sad stories along the way as their bitter history unfolds. Though long, it's not at all boring. If you don't have a fragile heart (unlike me) and can stand heartbreaking scenes, I suggest you finish it until the end.

The story is not that too complex, I think. But a little deep. The only problem I encountered was the poor english translation I was reading painfully, and also had a hard time distinguishing names.


Same with the MC of FoD's Wei WuXian, Heaven Official's Blessing's MC (Xie Lian) is very likeable, as they are both witty, caring, lovable and.. A little dense (which I truly love about them 'cause it adds to the 'kyaa..!!' factor). The only difference is, though Xie Lian is also a little shameless sometimes when it comes to his personal actions and decision-making, for me, towards others, he's too.. 'pure'. He's so kindhearted that you'd feel the urge to protect him at all cost, but also scold him at the same time. But he's not weak, mind you. He's just a selfless-type of god. But, by being so, sometimes invites harm and hurt himself in the long run. If you continue to read up until the end of the novel, you would somehow feel and understand why the ML (Hua Cheng) harbor such kind of feelings towards the MC. He is such a precious bun.

Speaking of Hua Cheng, the male lead (the 'smooth criminal'), I have a mixed feeling about this guy. At first, I was simply intrigued about the small description regarding him as the ".. Mysterious demon who rules the ghosts and terrifies the Heavens" and "this demon king has been paying attention to him (Xie Lian) for a very, very long time". I was like, "???".

If you think that Lan WangJi's (of FOD) love and devotion to Wei Wuxian is admirable enough to categorize as "eternal" and unrivaled, Hua Cheng's devotion to Xie Lian is in a completely whole different level. As in. To the point of sometimes you would pause for a moment and think of his actions as a little.. creepy. But in the end, you would only think of him as a very loyal guy, full of unconditional love and devotion for the MC. Like Lan Wangji, they don't have to say long and corny and cheesy words to express how they feel for the other. They just express it through their actions, which leaves you speechless in awe and admiration. This is what I like with the author's way of writing—you don't have to read straight from the ML's mind. Their action is enough for you to understand their intention and feelings, then just sigh and cry at corner, saying to yourself, "I also want this type of guy.." They got my utmost respect.

The side characters are all likeable, especially the ones who are frequently interacting with the MC (his two hot-tempered, cats and dogs-like "attendants" whom he had to babysit with extreme patience). The funny scenes mostly happen when they are around. Their reactions are gold!


All in all, this is a pretty good read. The conclusion is good, but how I wish.. (See spoiler), but nevertheless, I'm very satisfied. The extras/side stories are especially good, too. JUST A WARNING: you might get a diabetes!


.. How I wish, at the later chap, their long-awaited reunion should have ended with a kiss, coupled with whispers of sweet-nothings or something..

(Although I'm a newbie when it comes to reading shounen-ai/yaoi novels, but I think that should've happened at least, right..?)

Oh well, it's just me. It's still a happy-ever-after story, nonetheless. Congratulations to Hua Cheng, especially. I think he received more than what he could have ever hoped for in the end.

*wipes tears of joy*


If you're a fan of fantasy/xuanhuan genre with likeable characters, a good dose of comedy, pure love (or eternal love?) story, and *ehem* not minding a mild BL story, give this novel a try. You won't regret it. <<less
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chenjiayi rated it
June 15, 2019
Status: c190
2.5 - 3 stars... This novel admittedly gave me a lot of frustration, so I need to relieve that here. I tried really hard to like it but it felt like I was forcing myself to read it and that is never a good sign.


  • I liked her other works but this writing style was a miss for me
  • Romance and plot have such little correlation sometimes
  • MXTX writes gore and misery in more detail than everything else, which was especially the case for this novel. Obviously some people will like it but some won't
  • IMO the misery is excessive. It's supposed to provide contrast to the romance but I feel it's so overdone that it's in poor taste. Like 20 chapters of straight misery is not necessary... You would only need 5 At Most. Her writing style is about being efficient but when it comes to suffering she seems compelled to write it incessantly.
  • This point is especially preferential and idealistic so please take it with a grain of salt (you can ignore completely if you like). If you're a fiction writer, from a moral standpoint it's better if your works seek to teach or bring healing. Yes it can contain suffering, but if it doesn't contain those elements as resolution... You're probably bringing more negative energy into a world that doesn't need it. The romance is the only positive aspect and suggests romantic love is the end goal and the solve all to your problems. Not to mention that the characters betray each other every 5 minutes; you can't trust anyone unless they... Worship you?
  • I'm a softie so maybe you'd like tgcf if you are emotionally impaired and need a lot of simulation to feel anything. Then again it was so exaggerated that it brought me out of immersion completely
  • Comedy is not a strong point unlike Scum Villian
  • She doesn't write the gong's thoughts which means it's left to your imagination. I feel it doesn't work as well for this particular novel, and only seeing Hua Cheng through Xie Lian's eyes greatly reduces character depth.
  • The other novels trick you into thinking there's hate instead of love, which is why the singular perspective works. There was never any misunderstanding with Hua Cheng for the audience, so there's no need to narrate from Xie Lian's perspective. Seeing Hua Cheng's thoughts and reactions would be so thrilling yet we get almost nothing. It's also contradictory. Xie Lian, having an interest in Hua Cheng would definitely examine his reactions, so this is purely for convenience's sake. I find that there a are a lot of small "ooc" details like this
  • Randomly introducing new arcs for side characters feels jarring. Many mini arcs come and go, and it feels like an episodic anime where you have 'monster/crime of the week' but you just want to find out the main plot. I'm probably quite biased because I tend to struggle with episodic anime ^^;

  • Characters don't have enough depth...
  • Hua Cheng's flaw was insecurity about his appearance but he's confident and self assured 99% of the time. This is basically his only flaw other than not caring about anyone but Xie Lian, and it manifests like every 50 chapters.
  • He also is quite relaxed around Xie lian despite being obsessed with him. I would honestly like him more if MXTX made him something like a socially awkward character; it would feel much more dimensional and make room for humour too
  • Xie Lian teaches compassion and Hua Cheng just doesn't... adopt any of the qualities that he praises Xie Lian for, which is incredibly strange/not thought out?? He says he admires Xie Lian for wanting to save the common people, yet despite having the power to help civilians now, it's not as if he is actively seeking out ways to better the people. He runs a casino so others won't and that's probably the only mention I've seen
  • Xie Lian's flaws are also quite... Mild. 'Being too nice' with 'unable to cook' *sighs* This could be much better
  • In all honesty I struggle to enjoy the main pairing because of Xie Lian. His fundamental positive personality trait is that he wants to help people. To me it's actually not a desirable character trait... Human nature is inherently selfish and every species is designed for self preservation. You could say there are people like him in the world, but there aren't, because deep down, humanitarians also better the world for self-satisfaction, fame, prestige and a future for their children. That's what makes them human. To say that Xie Lian helps others on the basis of nothing, with nothing in return is unrelateable and almost dehumanising. Sorry, I know this sounds incredibly pessimistic, but his character is literally not conducive to human nature.
  • Well what are his other traits. He's 'savage' sometimes, and it's much more interesting to see him throw away him inhibitions, but this only happens when he's under intense emotional pressure
  • I think familial or sect bonds are a beautiful thing. When she writes about Yunmeng trio or disciples or Cang Qiong Mountain it's beyond precious and emotional, but there isn't anything like that here... Only mentions of a shixiong that wants to kill his shidi and other passing, unpleasant relationships

  • The constant blue balling was annoying and tested my patience to be honest.

    180 chapters to get together is just ridiculous, and I know there are longer waits out there but bottom-line is anything longer than 150

    starts to become absurd, especially when these characters are supposed to have godly levels of IQ and EQ.
  • Romance is really vanilla and mostly was idol worship... yes it's true that when each one started liking the other, they didn't know them that well at all. Gratitude and some admiration can lead to love, but for it to last 800 years there should be much more than that. There was, of course, lots of pity but you should never develop feelings based on that.
  • Spoiler
    • They kissed several times before getting together which was a bit of a turn off. Like the only action we could get between them had to be physical because MXTX wouldn't write true pining or romantic hurt. So rather than getting a nice, bitter-sweet, heart squeeze you just read about making out every now and then...
    • What bothered me moreso was the really Anime esque pretences like 'spiritual energy is best transferred via kiss', and you don't see any of the other characters making out, it's just them...? Like kisses should be for love not for transferring energy or air!! Or relentlessly under the guise of doing so.
  • Their romance is really cheesy. Maybe that's why some people like it so much, but personally I read danmei to get away from those kinds of 'he fell on top of me', 'he needs mouth-to-mouth', shoujo tropes

Overall I was desperate to fall in love with this novel but couldn't. That frustration was furthered upon seeing people make fun of the characters as dumb gays or making incredibly elaborate fan theories to justify why characters act inconsistently (ooc even), and why certain things happened, when a lot of it was just ill-conceived writing.

I want to end on a more positive note by saying that I have the utmost respect for MXTX and I know that she put a lot of work into tgcf. Thanks for reading and I hope people find this constructive.
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rICKY rated it
May 10, 2018
Status: Completed
UPDATE EDIT: In a fit to convince myself that the author didn't really drop the ball on such an interesting world, I read the last 20 chapters or so. And wow it's worse than I thought. Final thought: This story DESERVES 1.5 STARS AND THAT'S ONLY BECAUSE HUA CHEN EXISTS IN IT. Author completely did not give a f*ck about this story. She didn't tie up any plot points, gave us this whole cast of characters that she didn't know what to do the f*ck with. It felt like she... more>> was tired and done with the universe, tbh.



Everything about hua chen's past is idk haphzardly mentioned in 3 paragraphs???Wh at?? This is how we find out some of what he went through and where his weapon came from?? I got so angry for hua chen. HUA CHEN DESERVES BETTER.



i read up until halfway and then stopped (then read the last chp lol...). Honestly speaking, it's not that great. The plot is slow and plodding, and feels like it doesn't get anywhere. It also tries to be too "smart." Every plot point is entangled in some other plot point, every person is entangled with another person somehow. And some plot points aren't even resolved in the final chp! Cardinal sin!

i also didnt care for the main couple either. MC is refreshing in that he's not super over-powered dude, but has failed over and over again. But his character is just sorta eh.... flat. His dialogue scenes are uninteresting. Side characters are far more refreshing. ML is typical par per course for this author: SUPER in love with MC. Very powerful. But sadly... so powerful to the point that it's not really interesting. Like where is my flawed ML like crybaby maiden Luo Bing He ???

But this author always has an interesting slant in her novels (hence 3 stars even though reading it was pulling teeth). I thought it was cool how sometimes "doing the right thing" is never clear, or how you can try your best, and still f*cking f*ck everything up. Thought it was super interesting that a lot of characters had to make difficult decisions or face situations where there really was no easy answer, or much less, a "right" answer. It's a theme the author's been getting at since Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, and I think it was even more explicit in this novel.

Really disappointed - I thought her other two novels were superb and engaging. Her first novel had a really interesting premise that unfolded in ways that were unexpected and dare I say subersive. Her second novel had a lot of interesting characters (i could read 300 more chapters of the MC and ML just doing nothing) and a complex plot that was deftly handled. This third novel is unwieldy with FAR TOO MANY FLASHBACKS, uninteresting central characters, and what feels like... low stakes.

It's weird - the romance felt really low stakes. I never felt like they weren't going to end up together lol. They didn't fight, have misunderstandings, or value clashes. And that's usually refreshing, but it felt like.... they got along too well to the point of..."why should I care about how this relationship turns out?" <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
June 30, 2019
Status: Completed
It seems every other MXTX work gets longer, her style solidifies over years and as a reasult we get another great piece. If you're acquainted with her previous novels you may notice common traits and those include ghost/scary stories. But MXTX's works are also spiced with a good drama.

HOB involves three realms: human, gods and demons. With MC and ML coming from 'gods' and 'demons' respectively.

Setting on a journey of a not so simple task to find new devotees for MC we dive into solving mysteries of the present with... more>> a strong involvement of past events. Which is also one of MXTX things - flashbacks. The story is actually like a snowball which gets bigger and bigger, finally creating an avalanche finale.


  • Beautifully described locations, it's easy to imagine where things are happening and it creates unique atmosphere for each grand scene/arc. Even most favorite parts like ghost stories serve different purposes, it might be a demon rooster who baths in a boiling water so there will be a chicken broth or they might be ghosts of prisoners unkept and crying bringing the feeling of despair;
  • Because gods/demons are a big part of the human world the interwined fates of those work really well together and the worlds don't feel like existing in different universes;

  • Is GRAND. Get ready for big and small arcs. The main line will follow adventures of MC and ML on solving, what it seems, unrelated cases, which eventually leads them to a greater mystery. But it is divided by past events to show how the present was built on that past;
  • Flashbacks may not be everyone's cup of tea, but here they are necessary. Firstly, you can feel the difference between how MC and ML used to be and who they are now today. It shows the actual growth of a person, especially MC. You get to experience his road to adulthood, on what he believed in, what he tried to do, what he achieved and where he failed, how he came in terms with himself. I find this part very helpful to lots of people;
  • Each arc comes with its own message, like a morale of the story, which I think is great. My main favorite is the - is evil entirely evil and is good entirely good? The drama is impactful. Some relationships are bittersweet, but it's never one-direction, everything is moving and changing with the point of going somewhere.

  • There's ton of them. Maybe it's a good thing or bad thing, it's your decision. One thing is clear, there's a set of character that will follow thorugh entire story, some will appear, surve their purpose and are never mentioned again. Like any big story. Yet each character is special. But most notable are still MC and ML;
  • MC - Xie Lian - the fake simplicity of his character comes from a lot of suffering. I have no idea how MXTX could grasp it, but her depiction of XL is similar how people simply grow up, when you reach a certain age you understand how different you've become, how you take a totally different approach on things. But yet he stays kind, compassionate and righteous, he's the one who doesn't judge;
  • ML - Hua Cheng - is the epitome of devotion. Devotion to one person. When you finish the novel you realize that it's not simply love, it's devotion, it's where the story actually begins. This is why I say flashbacks are important, while sharing events in the past with XL you slowly unveil the strength of his feelings, how something simple can turn into life-time commitment.
This is a great read for anyone who enjoys heavy-plot, multi-arc stories. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who is into stuff with quality knives :) <<less
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May 14, 2019
Status: c20 part1
Edit: The review sounded harsh. I must be pissed off when I wrote it. I apologize. Should have kept my words to myself instead.

Gist of original review: Unapologetically ungrateful and blamed the translator that releases were slow thus ruining content.
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optionalpanda rated it
November 7, 2019
Status: Completed
I wanted so desperately to love TGCF that I'm almost frustrated to find that it's only a solid 3.5/5 read for me in the end. Don't get me wrong, I like TGCF, and enjoyed large parts of it. I just didn't love it, and at some points actually struggled to maintain interest. Some vocal fans have assured me that this is a gorgeous romantic masterpiece that would sweep you away with its emotion and incredible writing, but I find that the obvious flaws detracted too much for this to be... more>> a masterpiece by any stretch. Pros

  • MXTX has a really easy, engaging style that is her trademark, as in her previous works. She excels at pulling readers quickly into the vivid worlds she writes and being pulled into the world of the gods was great fun. She also incorporates both supernatural and murder mystery-type elements to great effect here, although to a lesser extent than in MDZS.
  • Xie Lian and Hua Cheng are both eminently likable, much like her other protagonists. In classic MXTX style they're both OP as heck, which I personally enjoy, and to no one's surprise ever, MXTX delivers some lovely moments between the two.
  • Wind Master Shi Qing Xuan (and the Shi brothers, really) are a highlight all by themselves! Theirs was the most engaging and emotional arc in the novel.

  • Two volumes of flashbacks. I know MXTX's flashback format in MDZS received varying reviews, but I felt that it was done well, with the past scenes cleverly woven into the present timeline so that the mystery of Wei Wuxian's past and relationship with Lan Wangji was gradually revealed. In TGCF, though, it is a massive flashback dump rather than intermittent chapters; both Book 2 and Book 5 are entirely flashback. Worse, they seemed to wallow in the misery of Xie Lian's past; chapters dragged on as he experienced every pain imaginable - not so that he developed as a character or in his relationships, but solely to see him brought to his knees. Then it cuts off just as he finally reached a turning point.
  • There is a distinctly stronger focus on romance in TGCF, in comparison to her more plot-focused previous novels. This is by no means an issue, except that it feels too deliberate in its handling. It almost felt like the author wanted to make this "the most romantic CP ever!" With the mish mash of everything from thousands of lanterns to red strings of fate, poetry, butterflies and flowers as romantic themes, it was simply overkill. I still liked the sweet moments, but the OTT was a bit of a turnoff and there was a lack of any tension or stakes. More importantly, I never felt like the romance was developed well enough to warrant such sweeping dramatics.
  • This extends to the use of similar tropes, but dialed to 150%. While I love MXTX's devoted MLs (like Lan Wangji) and Hua Cheng has a similar appeal, I'm of two minds on whether this was taken a bit too far sometimes here.

    Specifically, the Cave of a Thousand Gods. It's supposed to be a major romantic gesture, underscoring Hua Cheung's single-minded devotion to Xie Lian, and it IS touching and sweet in a way. Yet, if you think about it more deeply - carving a thousand extremely life-like statues of Xie Lian in various poses, from his standard godly image to him with clothes half torn, suffering from the effects of an aphrodisiac?! Added to the fact that Hua Cheng has effectively worshipped (or if you look at it differently, stalked) Xie Lian for 800 years, I couldn't help but understand Feng Xin and Mu Qing when they said that it's actually kind of creepy. I also find the repeated emphasis that Hua Cheng considers Xie Lian his god and himself as his most devoted believer just a bit uncomfortable for the romance.

  • Character development mostly happens off screen, even for the protagonists. Xie Lian was mentioned above, but this is particularly true for Hua Cheng, whose entire M.O is that his whole world, his reason for doing anything is Xie Lian - we never get to see how it developed to that point. He starts off already that way and we see almost nothing of his past. Xie Lian's impact on him is explained in passing, but aside from being pretty on paper, it hasn't enough depth to convince me that it'd be significant enough to warrant 800 years of devotion. I wanted to see how his love for Xie Lian would affect him, but apparently aside from being his raison d'etre, it seems to have zero effect on his character growth.
  • Xie Lian himself in the present timeline of the novel is rather adorable, if unbelievably naive and silly for someone who's been around for 800 years. He's almost like a damsel in some ways, despite being incredibly strong physically. However, past!Xie Lian's naivete was compounded by a frustrating tendency towards self-righteousness and bullheaded stubbornness that brought about his ruin and also made the flashback portions really not fun.
  • Side characters seemed to come and go, forgotten once their arcs were over. Loose ends abound! Poor Shi Wu Du and Shi Qing Xuan, though at least they had a proper storyline (even if it fizzles out rather than having adequate closure). Lang Ying, Ban Yue, Pei Su, Lang Qian Qiu - all promising characters that are treated as afterthoughts. Even Qi Rong, who hangs around being a pest for most of the story, just disappears from sight and mind as soon as he's no longer needed narratively. We jump from arc to arc, with no such thing as a smooth narrative transition; aside from Xie Lian and Hua Cheng, everyone and everything just drops in and out of the story as necessary.
I know this seems like a huge list of cons, but I did ultimately enjoy TGCF and still find it one of the better examples of its genre. Perhaps my greatest mistake was allowing myself to be swept away by the excessive hype and build overly-lofty expectations based on the author's other works. <<less
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oceanofstardust rated it
August 7, 2019
Status: --

Ahahahahahahahaha read some reviews from the mighty critics! Honestly guys, do you ever feel yourself as humans like a REAL HUMAN BEING? Would you love a child like Cuo Cuo? I don't think so. You guys are just like those mortal believers who stabbed and stabbed Xie Lian, burnt down his temples after not getting their wish fulfilled. Or should I say the remaining people of Jun Wu's Kingdom who are basically responsible for the man to go CRAZY to the point of no return? This is exactly why this story felt sooooooooo boring to you LOL! 'Oh MXTX usually writes so good. But this one lacks so much. We must not show any mercy while criticising it.' Please, all literary gods, do write a story with all the lacking this one has. I will be the first one to read! You have heart this narrow and self centered, you couldn't really grasp onto the messages this novel tried to give. Yes it has some lacking but that makes it more humane. A HUMANE story told by gods and demons that live inside us. We can be the god and also the demon. Hua Cheng refused to be a God and became a demon king who didn't exactly act like one. Jun Wu was both God and Demon. At the end he only needed a FRIEND to stay beside him. A kind gesture which he yearned for but never received.

Black Water was forced to become a demon but after he accomplished his revenge he was just lost and embarrassed. Victim who felt ashamed to face the person who is basically the reason for his own ill fate. Hello psychological storyline.

Qi Rong, growing up with an abusive father, having to face the shame because a mistake his mother made developed such negativity inside him. In modern world he would have needed therapy. Guy only looked up to his cousin brother who never really recognized him, tried to understood him. HUGE flaw in Xie Lian and we see how he regrets his carelessness later. Anyway his fall caused the guy to go full on crazy. Who stabilized him? Gu Zi. What did we learn? Qi Rong always yearned for a father figure. He found that being one. What else do you need him to do?

And the protagonist Xie Lian, a talented yet spoilt prince with a good heart learnt the truth of this bitter world after experiencing it. We all say this world will never change, full of bad people claiming we are the only good ones and we start to criticise a fictional character for trying to be someone who helps common people. See that's our psychology? There's no need to point out other characters in details. Because it's very hard to think stepping out of your safe, happy bubble and see what exactly is happening in the real world and how humans actually crave to see any simple human gestures. Humanity is becoming rare. Anyway I loved this story and you didn't and that's that. Remember to write a man booker prize worthy story mate!

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Kyrina rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: Completed
I found both MC and ML in this novel are very mature hence lack of conflict. It makes sense considering that they had lived for 800 years and gone through all sort of ordeals.

This is an extraordinary story about extraordinary people. The pace is not slow, but the author chose to unravel the story bit by bit and keep the most crucial part in the end. I'm glad that I read the spoiler beforehand otherwise I would have drop this amazing story because honestly, the beginning is kinda boring.

It takes... more>> 180 chapters before we finally learn about the most tragic period of MC and ML life, which is truly heart-wrenching. So, keep reading and don't drop this before you reach chapter 180-ish.


Our MC was an idealist prince who ascended as god. His life was as perfect as fairy tale, but then things started to go wrong one after another and his life went topsy-turvy. His kingdom was ruined. His parents committed suicide because they didn't want to burden him. He himself was banished from heaven, harassed by evil, stabbed to the point he couldn't be more dead by his own people whom he tried to help, and ended up as street performer and scrap collector mocked by others gods before finally ascended again and yet still purehearted as ever.

ML might seemed very OP but his background wasn't less tragic. He was abandoned human who was once saved by MC. He was MC silent devotee who kept following MC even when everyone else walked away. But he was still weak and powerless in the beginning and could only helplessly watch MC being trampled. Thus after he become ghost, he strove to be the strongest.

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scratchienails rated it
April 30, 2019
Status: --
Went in with high expectations because it was highly recommended, and was sorely disappointed. The story moves impossibly slowly, the MC and ML aren't particularly interesting, and the rest of the cast are underdeveloped. The few interesting characters will come and go in the blink of the eye, but there are some good moments and the very occasional cool plot line. MC and ML's romance was by far the weakest link for me, as every development between them was completely lacking in any sort of tension. Probably only good for... more>> readers that only like sappy interactions.

People told me the story would be emotional, but I'm afraid to say it really isn't. Some "emotional" stories are told, literally told by word of mouth, and always fall flat, and you rarely get to see anything with any genuine emotional impact. The story's opening arc is probably its strongest, with the intrigue and side characters, but its pretty downhill from there, until maybe the climax of the arc of the Wind God, and even then, that far more interesting tale gets frequently interrupted by the MC and ML completely erasing any of the tension the story can have.

Every time the story tried to make me feel bad for the unfortunate MC, I ended up wanting to laugh instead, at best. However, lots of other people seem to enjoy this one, so I think its really a matter of taste. But if someone tries to sell this to you as a fantasy epic, don't believe them. It's not. What little action you actually get to see falls flat and even fantastical events and places that should be interesting come off as bland. If you like a slow, sappy romance however, this is up your alley. <<less
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RiYueLingKong rated it
November 21, 2018
Status: Completed
I have a feeling that this is an extremely polarising novel, talking about the nature of gods and ghosts and their relationship to humans. A lot of the concepts would require a complete anthropological study, not to mention politics and the relationship of royalty with divinity.

Like, the main couple's relationship needs a lens of 800 years of suffering in order to be comprehended, which would require much thought. They get along well - too well. It requires a second read to note that most of the time it was Hua... more>> Cheng playing along with Xie Lian's pace, and Hua Cheng more or less stalking Xie Lian for 800 years; as a ghost, the only thing which really keeps him in existence is his attachment to Xie Lian. At all.

I don't think any psychologist would ever want Hua Cheng as a client tbh... <<less
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Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild rated it
October 24, 2018
Status: c11 part2
So far Heaven's Official Blessing has not disappointed. Hilariously funny one minute and then heartbreaking the next like the author's other stories "Scum Villain Self-Help System" and "Mo Dao Zu Shi". The story follows The Flower Crown Prince aka the worlds' crappiest Martial God. He's a God of War that wants to feed the poor and shelter orphans. How bad at his job is he? He got booted out of Heaven twice for trying to help the common folk! Very un-God of Warlike of him. He gets a 3rd shot... more>> at redeeming himself. He has no money, no powers, 2 useless "hand maidens" to babysit, and demon stalking him. <<less
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bugvisordx rated it
May 5, 2019
Status: --
The sad truth of this novel: it's boring. The story starts at probably the least interesting place it could, in regards to its plot-line and the character's backstories. Everything that would be cool, all the fantastical elements, get shoved into side-stories, flashbacks, and weird moments of the characters standing around telling each other stories?? There are so many times I wanted to scream in frustration at the author to show the story, to actually write it out and let me experience it, instead of just having the characters sit around... more>> a camp-fire like they're telling ghost stories and not giving major plot points the only extrapolation they ever get. It's either that or the scene will cut away as soon as something intense happens, like the author couldn't actually write the exciting event and decided to just tell us what happened later through yet another story-time session. This seems like an flaw inherent to how the story refuses to leave the protagonist, even though he does the bare minimum in most arcs. And when the author can't find a way to force him into an event, the reader doesn't get to experience that event.

The ML more or less carries the whole novel with his charisma, and even then, his natural charm isn't enough to make it worthwhile, or even make the MC likable.

It kind of feels like the author just wanted to write some silly slice of life domestic thing about an unlucky guy and his absurdly successful husband, and then forced it to be fantasy because that's what worked for her in the past. The result is a half-hearted plot made up of threads of what could have been far better plotlines had they actually been written out, and a completely unsatisfactory tale from start to finish. <<less
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mariaphoebe rated it
September 4, 2019
Status: Completed
Eh. I've got to be honest, I loved Mo dao Zu Shi. Adored it, even. So it is understandable that I started this novel with high expectations. Everyone loved it, rarely anyone would rate it bellow 4 stars, I was convinced I was about to find my next obsession.


The protagonist is portrayed like such a selfless martyr in pretty much the overwhelming majority of the novel that it gets boring after a while, not to mention gives absolutely no depth to his character. I get it, it is mainly used... more>> for comedic purposes, plus the fact that the author has a thing for making her main characters seem like underprivileged angels that suffer through hell just because, but she still managed to overdo it here.

The male lead is okay, typical almost, if I get passed the fact that he waited 800 years for his loved one while making statues of him, he is indeed likeable when he talks with our MC.

The romance? Meh. I mean, it is there (not as much as you think), but it didn't move me by no means. The thing that did annoy me is that the MC just accepted any advances the male lead threw at him, without a logical thought process. What I mean by that is: "He flirts with me, I don't know how to feel about it yet, but he is the only one who treats me so nicely so I must accept it!"
Yeah. Our MC barely has a character.
And it is so sad because the author clearly knows how to write good characters, clearly knows how to write compelling plot lines (Did I mention that this book has hardly any plot?), but delivered such a poor attempt of a great idea that is almost saddening.

Also, why the need for writing 2 whole books dedicated to flashbacks?

I sincerely do not understand how so many people love this, let alone prefer it over Mo dao Zu Shi.

Now, to the good bits:

The writing style still flows with the same intensity that the author got us used to, so even though the plot and the MC lack a lot of work, the writing is consistent and I get how it can give a fellow reader the illusion that the book they are reading is of good quality. Nice use of vocabulary, really nice transitions. Thus the 2 stars. Compared to most danmei novels, unfortunately this remains as one of the best one of its kind. Take from that what you will.

To all the people that liked this novel and to all the people that didn't, I wish us many good bl novels to come in order for us to find common ground. <<less
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