No Money to Divorce


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The strongest force in battle x the man on the supreme throne

This was an era where artificial intelligence determined the direction of human life. The most infamous enemy to the Federation, the supreme commander of the Navi Military Command, Adrian Yate, and the youngest representative councilor of the Supreme Council, Zhong Yan, were matched up by the AI as the most optimal marriage candidates to each other.

If they reject the AI’s optimal recommendation, they had to pay the fine.

Adrian: Why should I pay? I don’t have money, so scram!

Zhong Yan: I don’t have money either.

AI: If the fine is not paid within the time limit, congratulations to your unification.

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December 10, 2019
Status: --
I will not rate it in respect for all those who really liked the story.

And it is a good story. Very well written, that itself deserves 5 stars. Even if it's a futuristic setting is very logical and reasonable. And the translation is impeccable.

But I found the shou ZY very unlikeable. The author tried to explain his actions as well as finding excuses. But no. He was still a power greedy who backstabbed his best friend/lover only to have power. So for me is a No No. Not my coup... more>> of tea. I don't like betrayal between main characters. Even more so when there is no remorse.

When you do something that you know is wrong and you'll hurt others, but you still do it for power.... Well I guess I don't need to say any more... <<less
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Melange rated it
December 14, 2020
Status: Completed
First, I need to preface this by saying that first, not all characters in novels are intended to be perfect or even likeable, and second, that this novel is one that you truly need to read the whole thing for, in order to give an honest evaluation.

Reading the first few chapters, skipping to the end, or reading some spoilers, really does not do this novel justice. Yes, the general understanding of the plot will be there, but the nuances of MC and ML's complicated relationship will be poor.

If you are... more>> the type of reader who is looking for easily likeable characters and a couple who have a relatively care-free or uncomplicated romance, then turn around and read something else. This is a novel that is more of a self-reflection of two individuals, their misunderstandings of each other at a young age, and the fundamental differences in their core beliefs.

At first, I really hated the gong. He came from a very affluent background, didn't struggle for much in his life, and unilaterally blamed the breakdown of their friendship onto the shou. He didn't give the shou any chances to clarify as he immediately ran away and started a one-sided cold war with him. And the shou, for his part, didn't come clean about it when they met up after 7 years either. But, this is all explained later and quite honestly, neither of them were really in the wrong.


For the shou, he was ambitious and wanted to live a good life. As an orphan of unknown origins and no backing, accepting the position granted to him by the AI was his best shot at changing his life. Yes, he understood that the gong hated the AI and expected him to hold the same views, but he didn't have the means nor the authority to change anything. For someone like him who is powerless and can only start at the bottom, it was only logical for him to accept the role. Where is a poor new-graduate going to get the money to pay the fines after saying "f*ck off AI" and how is he gonna get a job afterwards? It's not like he was like the gong who could just pay it off and go back to his AI-free planet.

He also didn't understand the relationship between the two of them, since he had never had any close friends before. He really just thought they were best friends. Did he backstab or betray the gong? No, he didn't. He just thought they were best friends and that they would choose their own paths in life.

On the other hand, the gong believed that they were in a burgeoning romance due to the way the shou treated him. As rich kid with a strong background, it was easy for him to spout his righteous philosophical ideas onto the one who he thought would become his life partner. This, on its own, is not reason to alienate his best friend. But it is later revealed that the gong actually wanted to propose on the day of their graduation. He'd even had a really really frickin ugly, like oh my god WHO THE HELL EMBOSSES THEIR NAME INSTEAD OF ENGRAVING IT ring prepared. That is why he cut the shou off, because he was heartbroken.

They didn't immediately reconnect and come clean to each other because they had already built preconceived notions about the other. Plus, what they both wanted were different and bound to clash. The gong wanted to overthrow the AI in order to better humanity. The shou wanted to overthrow the AI in order to gain power. They were wanting the same things, but for different reasons, and the shou knew that his reason was inherently selfish, which is why he didn't disclose it for a long time.

But is it wrong to want to be powerful? He never did anything to harm the public, didn't force people or commit any egregious wrongs, nor did he selfishly inflate his pockets. What is the difference between wanting to be powerful and wanting to be a leader? Should leadership go to the person who can do the most for the nation? Or should it go to the person who wants to do the most for the nation? Does a leader necessarily need to be entirely altruistic? Or should it go to the most qualified individual? This is a point of contention between the gong, who already had power, and the shou, who wishes he had power. While the gong reached his position through brute force, the shou was engaged in a slippery game of politics and espionage while pretending to be a puppet of the Yates family.

Additionally, they were faced with the task of evading and overthrowing the AI who could quite literally blow everyone up.

It is only through the shou's machinations that they were able to connect again and ultimately destroy the AI. He bargained with the AI in order to match himself up with the gong as a marriage partner, and he was also the one who created the underground anti-AI society.


There is nothing wrong with disliking the characters, but I don't think it's fair to evaluate a novel without understanding the entire story. So if you're committed, then please read the whole thing. Otherwise, just don't read the novel and don't write ignorant reviews. <<less
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October 7, 2019
Status: Completed
Military gong x politician shou. Love the OP couple, they balance each other out. I LOL at the translation describing the shou as "murderous bunny".

I'm so guilty loving the blood drama in the beginning. The saying "thin line between love and hate" is real on this Interstellar romeoxjuliet couple. I can't really fault their actions bec the individual flashback explained their behavior later. The circumstance & their opposite way of thinking created a painful 7yrs of separation. And produced the angst I so loved.

I was a crying mess at the... more>> part

when the almost dying gong requested "Tell me you like me even if it's a lie so I could die happy." Then the shou cried bitterly and my tearducts just exploded.


What I'm appreciative about is that the drama between the couple did not persist needlessly (like other novels) but got resolved around half of the story so readers had the chance to see them get lovey, heal and grow their love as it got closer to the actual, final antagonist.

And the bunnies! Don't forget the bunnies. ? I'd love to binge read this again after the english translation finished. <<less
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karwasama rated it
June 27, 2020
Status: c100
This has to be among my favorite interstellar BL novels of all time.

There was the perfect amount of romance, angst, humor, political intrigue, and world building to keep me hooked throughout all 100 chapters. Coincidentally, No Money to Divorce also contains all of my favorite tropes (friends to enemies to lovers, betrayal, a bickering but also doting couple, childhood friends, a balanced power dynamic between the MC and the ML, etc) which only made me love it more.

However, there are two things I just need to get off my chest... more>> regarding this novel. The first is the "hate" other readers have for the ML (the shou), which I think is 100% unreasonable, and the second is my complaints regarding the MC as a character. This rant is probably going to be riddled with spoilers, so if you don't want to know what happens, I would skip whatever is between the asterisks.


The main conflict between the MC (the gong) and ML is the ML "betraying" the MC during their school years. In the world they live in, there is a god-like AI (Butterfly) that dictates everyone's future based on calculations and observational data. The Supreme Council more or less managed that AI, and the people of this era are split into those that support the Supreme Council (and thus Butterfly) and those that don't. The MC is very adamant throughout his life that he is anti-AI, and the ML is well aware of this as his roommate and best friend.

The ML and MC attend a prestigious school reserved for the best of the best and this institution serves as a model example for Butterfly's success. At the end of their education, the AI will recommend them their optimal career. Because the MC does not support Butterfly, he straight-out rejects the recommendation, but the ML, who is recommended to hold a seat on the Supreme Council, accepts wholeheartedly. The MC is subsequently furious and breaks off all communication with the ML.

With just the surface level information above, I can understand why some may think the ML is a conniving backstabber -- however, there is so much more to consider.

First of all, MC's decision to oppose AI comes with his incredible privilege. He is born to a family with enormous power and wealth. He doesn't explicitly need Butterfly because all his material desires and needs are met. The only real problem he has with AI is his lack of privacy, which is still a valid cause, but it comes off as incredibly privileged of him in my opinion.

On the other hand, ML is an orphan who suffered much abuse in the foster care system. A couple takes him in only to abandon him when they conceive their own child, and in order to keep up appearances, they lie and say the reason they're returning him to the orphanage is because he stole. As a result, the ML is beaten and even gets the word "Thief" permanently carved into his skin. The planet this happened in did not have Butterfly, but the moment the ML is under the safety of AI, he is able to request a proper investigation and prove his innocence.

Therefore, it's pretty clear why the ML and MC have differing opinions of AI. The MC sees Butterfly as something akin to a hindrance, while the ML sees Butterfly as a savior and a means of justice. Of course, these are only their feelings as teenagers and their opinions change and develop as they mature into adults, but right now I'm only discussing the deeper machinations behind that so called "betrayal".

Additionally, I don't understand why accepting this position automatically means that the ML is a traitor. Friends can have differing opinions, right? Saying that the MC is justified to hate the ML because he has a different stance on AI is just s*upid to me. It's like saying "my best friend, who has loved and supported me for my entire life, is running for office as a Democrat when I myself am a Republican, so now I will block them and never speak to them again". You can have differing political ideologies and still be friends, you know? This just sort of highlights how spoiled and childish the MC is at times, which is why I have some issues with him, but I'll get more on that later.

I really don't see how this is a case of the ML stabbing the MC in the back for power. It's not like they both made a mutual pact to turn down the recommendation from Butterfly. Also, why should the ML give up this huge opportunity just because his friend doesn't like AI? In what world is that fair? Why should the ML cater to all of the MC's needs and not care about his own dreams or his own future?

Maybe the sense of betrayal comes from how much the MC and some readers romanticize what relationships are actually like. They think that for love, people should be willing to do anything, including giving up on their own life and devoting themselves wholeheartedly to their partner. Well, sorry to break it to you, but real life doesn't work like that. If my boyfriend made me choose between my job and him for some s*upid reason (like if I worked with phones and he didn't support 5G or whatever) I would probably choose my job -- mostly because I need money to live, but also because I feel that anyone who puts me in this situation is not, in fact, someone I want to be with.

So yeah, I have no f*cking clue why people loathe the ML so much. I guess it's because it's natural instinct to side with the MC of any novel, which is understandable. When looked at it objectively, however, the ML's "betrayal" really isn't something that makes him deserving of hate. Honestly, I just think the reason this misunderstanding blossomed out of control was because of the MC, which brings me to my next point --

-- I don't like the MC.

Take it this way. The ML was flawed, for sure. He had his wrongs. He did things I didn't like, such as manipulating the marriage match and changing his ideal partner from the MC's cousin to the MC. However, his imperfections made him human and he really went above and beyond in redeeming himself both to the audience and to the MC.

The MC, on the other hand, does not. I take issue with his behavior in general and how he presents himself to be flawless and morally superior.

To begin with, one of the main reasons he's so upset with the ML's "betrayal" is that the ML had known his stance with AI and despite having a different opinion, never told as much to him. Normally I would be on his side as I think it is a valid reason to be annoyed, but the MC has told ML multiple times that he won't bother with people who don't think like him. With that in mind, how could the ML even bring that up, especially considering how close they were? Regardless, I think it's incredibly childish of the MC to just flat-out reject anyone who disagrees with him, and this sort of behavior can be seen when he refuses to listen to the ML's explanation after he agrees to the Supreme Council recommendation.

Like, he was your best friend and someone you've had feelings for for over 3 years. You really couldn't just hear him out? I guess the MC really is that immature, because not only does he not let the ML defend himself, he also f*cking blocks the ML from all further communication. This "betrayal" could have been cleared up so much quicker, but alas, the MC is a bit of a blockhead.

I also hate how the MC feels he is so ethically flawless, especially when he compares himself to the ML. He looks down on the ML for being "corrupt" and not actually caring about humanity, but again, that's his privilege talking. The ML grew up experiencing the worst that humans can inflict on each other -- how can the ML, who hadn't experienced this kind of trauma (yes, I know his parents didn't love him, but he still had other forms of parental affection and kindness. At the very least, he wasn't subject to verbal and physical abuse like the ML) ever understand? Also, even if his motivations are self-centered, the ML still is trying to do good. What's wrong with working towards a good cause because it benefits yourself?

Actually, I find it sort of funny how the moment the ML starts doing underhanded schemes for the benefit of the MC the MC immediately adapts a "hmm well I guess I just have to accept this part of you oh look at me I just love you so much aren't I great" (mayhaps this is an exaggeration), but whatever.

My last complaint would be that because of the MC, the ML gives up so much. This isn't explicitly the MC's fault, but I don't understand how the readers who victimize the MC can still hate the ML so much after reading how much the ML does for him. In the end, the ML sacrifices the AI that cleared his name, his position on the Supreme Council, his later presidency, his own life (though he is saved later), his pride, and everything he had strived for when he was younger. In fact, it turns out the ML uses his seat with the Supreme Council to secretly aid the MC's cause by creating an anti-AI organization. The ML learned to cook and clean just for the MC. He dotes on him 24/7 and shows over and over again to the MC that he cares for him, but because of the single fact that the ML says he wouldn't give up his dream career for him, all of these things suddenly become negligible. Ugh. Jesus Christ.


Anyway, please don't take the massive rant above as a sign that I didn't like the novel. The fact that I even had so much to say should speak to how good the this actually was, though of course, it had it flaws. Overall, I would absolutely recommend it. I rate this a 4.0/5.0 stars. <<less
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ceric_sulfate rated it
May 10, 2021
Status: Completed
This is the perfect relationship-centric novel. It shows us the beautiful friendship Adrian (MC) and Zhong Yan (ML) in their school days, untangles a mass of conflicts and misunderstandings that led to their falling out, and patches up their relationship to be stronger and deeper than before.

Adrian and Zhong Yan have fundamentally different perspectives that are difficult to reconcile. Adrian's identity is staunchly anti-AI, pro-humanity. He rebels against his traditional, aristocratic pro-AI family because his grandfather forced his parents into an AI-proposed marriage that led to tragedy. His style is... more>> brash but upright - he only does things he believes in. But despite his estrangement from his family, he's still a "young master" who has powerful connections to pay for the consequences of his impulsive behavior.

Zhong Yan never had that margin of error. He is an orphan from a backwater fourth-tier planet. He learned how to lie when he was three years old so he could get a little bit more food. His traumatic upbringing has entrenched in his heart a strong desire for power, that power is the most important thing. So when he's offered to join the Supreme Council that is subordinate only to the ruling AI, Butterfly, he takes the chance to climb up the ranks, setting on a political career directly opposing Adrian.

Their different backgrounds makes them clash in rich and dramatic ways which make up the real juice of the story. Adrian is preparing to lead an insurrection against the governing AI council that Zhong Yan is a core member of. They handle things differently, but it's hard to say who's right or wrong. Zhong Yan is portrayed as underhanded and unafraid to gamble innocent lives, yet for albeit selfish reasons, doesn't want to disturb centuries of world peace on a macro level. Meanwhile, Adrian is building a military complete with weapons of mass destruction and isn't afraid of starting bloodshed for the cause he believes in. Zhong Yan is cold hearted - the sliver of warmth he holds, the love he should've felt for his parents, family, classmates, the rest of humanity, goes only toward Adrian - whereas Adrian would martyr himself.

The main criticisms towards Zhong Yan and Adrian's characters are actually the strengths of this novel. Firstly, Zhong Yan's "power-hungriness" is the core of what makes his character unique. The scene where he stands on top of a giant space rabbit to look down on Adrian and expose the extent of his ambition to rule gave me chills reading it. Moments where he lays bare his greed, pettiness, and unscrupulousness, Zhong Yan comes across as both vulnerable and powerful: he shows Adrian a side of himself he knows Adrian won't like, but a side that is also enchantingly dangerous. Maybe not everyone enjoys reading about a ruthless character, but I found the duality of these scenes addicting.

On the flip side, it can be easy to dislike Adrian. In his youth, he comes across as narrow-minded; he states himself that he's unwilling to become friends with an AI supporter. He is especially hard on Zhong Yan, but that's because he holds the highest expectations for the one closest to him and wants him to share his compassion. That's why he feels so betrayed when Zhong Yan accepts Butterfly's recommendation. As a hot-headed 20 year old with strong personal reasons to hate AI, he was indeed narrow-minded. He's sometimes childish, and mistreats Zhong Yan because of a certain unfortunate timing that caused him to be emotionally wounded for seven years. But as an adult, he has become much less innocent and more willing to listen. He's no hypocrite to his ideals and his humanity bleeds through. And he does have the right to take the moral high ground in certain moments with Zhong Yan: he really is a more selfless person. It can be frustrating how he takes his anger out, but from their very first reunion, we can see that he cares and is willing to take care of a sick Zhong Yan. As more details of their high school life are revealed, we can see why he ended up being so hurt and afraid to get close to Zhong Yan again.

Finally, the world building is not weak at all, rather, the anti-AI politics and the Navi star system's conflicts with the Capital are detailed and logical. The AI-enforced marriage setting is unique and its consequences are explored thoroughly. There's plenty of intrigue, from scheming council members to neighboring planet politics to the underground anti-AI organization "Specimen". And of course, the 20 feet tall giant space rabbits that are just an endless source of cuteness throughout the novel!

It's just that most of the world building doesn't escape the domain of Adrian and Zhong Yan's relationship development. For example, Zhong Yan comes to Navi to politick, but the focus is on how he reconnects with Adrian while living at his house. We know he's scheming through video calls to the capital and such, but there's more emphasis on Adrian and Zhong Yan's domestic interactions. There isn't too much plot outside of their relationship. Both of their families are either dead or estranged, so we barely spend any time on them. Adrian's friends and Zhong Yan's assistant Inchon provide enough of a social life to act as a backdrop for their relationship, most notably by walking in on them at well-written, comedic moments.

The advantage is that readers can focus on unraveling the delicious drama between Adrian and Zhong Yan. Coupled with the abundance of domestic fluff, this makes this story light, while still packing rich interactions between the two leads. Personally, this makes for an amazing one session binge-read, since you can easily keep track of the plot while experiencing the full relationship rollercoaster. The tradeoff, unfortunately, is that the AI ethics, free will, and interstellar politics aren't explored to their full potential. It's clear early on that fighting against Butterfly will be for practical reasons, ie. Because Butterfly is becoming evil, instead of philosophical reasons, ie. Because free will is more important than convenience. Contrast with Priest's Imperfections, which dives much more deeply into futuristic themes with respect to humanity, instead of just in the framework of the MC and ML.

All in all, Adrian and Zhong Yan have captured my heart. I'll definitely be a braindead silver-eyed space rabbit owner from now on :3 <<less
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Vrio rated it
October 1, 2019
Status: c10
I'm enjoying by now this one. And at last the marriage thing has a better logic than other novels.

MC and ML characters are pretty distinctive and DO really have reason for the choice they made, be School close friends (almost school's sweethearts) or Political Enemies at opposite sides.

The only downside is how they act like children with one other instead... but oh well is part of 'misunderstandings' tag.
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jazzva rated it
July 14, 2020
Status: c31
It was quite good. However, sadly it looks like you have to pay from 31 onwards. So unless anyone has any suggestions sadly I can't read any further
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HitchHiker rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: --
The way this story is written gives a very amateurish feeling... Over the top acts to prove a point and extreme romanticizing of revenge. There's absolutely no place for logic which to be fair, was clear from the synopsis. Still I expected things to at least make some sense, but no. Characters and the mob in the story behave completely OOC for the plot to move forward or coz it'll get some cheap claps. I lost some brain cells reading this.
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Staringatastar rated it
June 9, 2020
Status: Completed
This was a surprisingly thoughtful romance novel. The setting was well-thought-out and the characters were richly developed (with the exception of perhaps some of the villains).

I quite enjoyed the political intrigue in this novel; it was very House of Cards-esque, if only Frank Underwood had a partner with a moral compass. I love how Zhong Yan doesn't wait and hope for the best -- he plots and strives using whatever means possible to get what he wants. Zhong Yan is very similar to the main character in Dexter (a TV... more>> series about a do-gooder serial killer), in that he's smart, brilliant at manipulating others, and doesn't care about the majority of mankind. However, he does care about Adrian, who in turn cares about humanity, and so acts in a way that brings about good. I loved reading about the development of the relationship between Adrian and Zhong Yan as they learn to come to accommodate each other's different opinions. They might not always agree, but they learn to move past that because they love each other. I really enjoyed how the painful misunderstandings at the beginning evolve into harmonious compromises.

There were many thought-provoking themes in the book, the primary of which is obviously the question of free will. Are centuries of peace worth humans giving up their free will? And what happens when the entity in control of all decision-making turns from benevolent to harmful? Like any dictatorship or oligarchy, the system works well whenever the leaders act in the best interest of their community, but what guarantees that these leaders or their successors won't get corrupted by the power they hold?

There's also a question of whether an AI will ever be able to understand humans with their unpredictable emotional biases. I thought it interesting that the AI government was portrayed as evil in this book, whereas a human government was portrayed as good. In my mind, a good AI-led government is probably as good as a good human one; and a bad AI-led government is probably just as bad as a bad human one. The main difference I guess is that it's easier imagining overthrowing a bad human-led government than an omnipotent AI-led one.

There are so many themes that this novel touches on. Whether motives matter if the end result is good. The importance of dissent in monitoring and identifying corruption in the establishment. How an elite education isn't just for the academic knowledge, but the community of intellectual peers it fosters. And of course, the magical luck and cuteness of space bunnies. <<less
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May 5, 2020
Status: c10
Not gonna vote because tbh my vote wouldn't be fair as atm I'm not really in the mood for a story as dramatic as this one. So far, I will say that it is quite interesting, but tbh the ML just makes me so mad. He feels so self-justified, such a troupe-y weak bottom that just causes trouble even though MC is always like "ML is so strong and powerful and calm etc etc". Yes I get power and money are really important to him due to his upbringing, but... more>> basically, he lied and pretended to be someone that he's not to our MC for three years as best friends and then betrayed him for that power and money. I really can't read this story from any other perspective. I assume author will portray him in a better light as the story goes on, but as of now I just can't... <<less
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veancie rated it
November 6, 2019
Status: c60
MTLed some of the chapters. The rating doesn't give this novel justice, I think. I thought this would be an arranged marriage situation where both parties start as strangers.

... more>>

But no, this novel does a really really good dish of best friends to enemies to lovers, a trope I'm particularly weak for.


The MC (our gong) is reasonably stubborn, while the ML (our shou) is reasonably timid towards MC. The development in their relationship has a really REALLY good pace.

This novel is definitely one of my current favorites, and I can't wait to finish it. I hope more people would give love to this novel. <<less
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volcanov rated it
May 23, 2020
Status: c91
This is an amazing story but I don't like Zhong Yang. I have never been so sure that politics was not for me because ZY is a great politician. I am trying to be balanced against my dislike of certain aspects of ZY's personality, but a lot of his actions and ideals just put me off the story. I had to skip large chunks and chapters just to be able to keep reading. That being said, I KEPT READING despite how much of an anathema ZY's mindset could be because... more>> of how great this story is. There are several other comments that love ZY, I am not one of them but I can tell you that despite not loving the shou and actively disliking him at multiple times, I still loved the story. The gong isn't even one of my favourites in all the stories that I've read. So to recap, I mildly dislike the shou and I'm indifferent to the gong, but I would still recommend this story to anyone. THAT'S HOW GOOD IT IS. Give it a try. <<less
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MonikaP rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: c79
I hardly write reviews because I can't put my thoughts into words articulately. But I was reading certain reviews of this novel where the character of Zhong Yan was criticised for being weak and deceiver (in the reviews below). That made me sad so I am making an exception. He is a classic case of why we say not to judge a person without knowing his background and experiences in life. In my opinion, Zhong Yan is one of the most realistic characters who is strong, independent and has his... more>> own thoughts on life and morals. As you read further, you will understand his motives and the fact that he loved Adrian so much and protected him in his own way. The person in the review below who said that he is a weak willed bottom hasn't actually seen or read one. I absolutely adore Zhong Yan much more than Adrian if I may say so. Please give this novel a chance. &Lt;3<3 <<less
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PotatoCakes rated it
March 10, 2020
Status: c100
It's fluffy yet intriguing. MC and ML are clearly both in love with each other, but due to circumstances and misunderstandings, they are unable to be together. Unlike most stories with misunderstandings - this one is believable and intriguing. Even without the romance, you want to know what happens in the world.

The plot is deep and the political intrigue is full of twists and turns. Surrounding this is also a boatload of fluff and moments that squeeze your heart. Truly a well written story.
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chrissy987 rated it
December 6, 2019
Status: c71
I thought I was gonna casually pick up a BL novel to pass the time but this one is a hidden gem! I love the character settings, especially how ZY is NOT a whimpy little kid who can't do anything without his man to protect him. He is a murderous bunny and he will come to play. And I love the cliche parts, the intriguing part, the world building, etc. ALL OF IT OKAY

Thanks to translator Helliot and team for your hard work!
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0213 rated it
July 1, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel was on my list for a long time and I was not sure to read this but thankfully I did cuz it exceeded my expectations and surprised me a lot. Without knowing myself I enjoyed this novel a lot and it humour is up-to my taste. I loved the pair so much and it made me laugh and cry a lot. Strongly recommended!!!!. But I can't able to read side stories cuz I don't know where to read it. If anyone knows where I can read it kindly... more>> msg me so that I won't miss it. Amazing novel!!!. <<less
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October 29, 2020
Status: c11
I have only read about 11chapters out of 100, n read a spoiler thread to get a basic idea of the plot.

I hate it! Everything about the MC/ML irks me, mostly ZhongYan (bottom).

This is gonna be a long rant, but do know that if u don't mind the deception bit of it, the story seems to be quite alright. Just FYI, Most ppl seem to not mind. (+_+) '

... more>> RANT STARTS....

The "misunderstanding" is so freaking s*upid & is further exacerbated by ZhongYans character flaws.

1. Is lying/deceiving by omission, correct?

2. This is worsened by the fact that ZY wilfully chose to not clear the MCs incorrect assumption abt him, to avoid a confrontation non-beneficial to him.

How u ask? He is an orphan with bad experiences & likes that someone for the 1st time cares for him n doesn't wanna lose it.

Sad, I knw. But it doesn't justify this behaviour, Especially if the other person is Ur supposed best friend!

It clearly shows that the character is a selfish child lacking moral fibre and is soo Weak!!

Later, On grad day, ZY accepts the AI job while Adrian n his friends rejected it n had planned going to the sole AI-free planet. So Adrian rightly considered it betrayal n left.

Despite this, 7years later when they 1st meet, ZY is happier when Adrian hates him instead of ignores him.

So to add on to his Weak willed self, he seems so mentally messed up.

3. Adrian also clearly said that had he known the truth abt ZY at first, he would not even have been friends with him. Yes, it's quite shallow n dumb. But clearly their relationship started only out of a misunderstanding.

Being pro-AI / anti-AI / simply wanting a good life is not the issue here.

It's the deeper issues and deception which is a problem.

RANT ENDS.........

Sorry, not sorry, but such a character might be fine for a side pairing or as the 1st love who the ML overcomes, but I feel intense dislike for him as a main character himself.

Honestly, Adrian has his faults... but he was always honest. He shared his plans n dreams with ZY in his naive school days. His assumptions regarding ZY were also implied by ZY silent assent.

My review is harsh but the characters have made me ditch this novel, which might be a 1st for me in d BL genre :' ( <<less
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October 27, 2020
Status: c1
This one have good story, both MC and ML is very strong and both of them have difference own goals to, well you can search the story on google until chapter 96 but for the rest you need to read it Raw :) :) :)
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earlgreyt rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: Completed
Normally, I'd rate this a 4/5 for the novel, but the translation was probably one of the best translations I've ever encountered on this site, which definitely pushed the enjoyment of this story to a solid 5/5.

A great romance novel with some worldbuildy plot to pass the time with. I recommend if you like:

  • equally OP MC and ML in their respective fields
  • dramatic angst / misunderstandings / long separations followed up by reunions
  • arranged marriage trope (secret relationship trope)
  • believable conflicts of interest / priorities
  • best friends to enemies to lovers
  • domestic fluff raising bunnies
  • some worldbuilding with futuristic AI, planets, and space bunnies!
Overall very solid, great pacing and just enough plot to carry the story through (but don't get me wrong, this is primarily a fluffy romance).
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Shieldrich rated it
November 24, 2019
Status: c64
Oh, the story is really awesome. At first I was hesitant to read this but I can't ignored my curiosity that the novel is quite interesting. Good thing, I followed my instinct. Hahaha! This is amazing and superb. The story information of each settings are in detailed way and easy to understand. I also like the progress of the protagonists, their love and hate for each other especially for the ML.

I truly recommend the story. Please try to read this. And thank you to the author for his wonderful work,... more>> to the translator for being diligent and to the editor for his time and effort. Hooray for all BL/ Shounen-ai/ Yaoi fanatics like me, actually I'm already addicted so much. ? <<less
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