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Hyperthymesia. Those with this condition can remember every detail of their lives from something as significant as the world’s turning point to something as small and as insignificant as a minor fleeting thought. They cannot forget and their thirst for knowledge allows them to be considered genius in some senses.

Legend has it that Ji Yushi was this kind of genius.

In addition, it was said that he was gay and very beautiful.

As soon as the news that he was going to support Tianqiong’s seventh squad broke out, it sent everyone buzzing.

Everyone knew that the captain of the seventh squad, Song Qinglan, was a hoodlum and deeply homophobic.

He not only relied on his super-powerful abilities to become the dark horse on the battlefield in less than two years, but he also hates it when those at the top forced a flower vase* into his squad.

Sure enough, Song Qinglan announced in front of everyone, “Useful? Us brothers are going out there working ourselves to the bone, we don’t need a little genius who can only speedread quantum waves!”


The squad was forced into a dire situation during their mission.

That beautiful little genius calmly continued, every gunfire hitting the mark, his fighting power peaking.

Song Qinglan begged in front of everyone, “Adviser Ji, stay.”

In the end, he added, “I’ll work myself to the bone for you.”


Ji Yushi had a secret.

He would often be awake at night, suffering from memory overload and recurring nightmares.

There was only one thing that could let him fall asleep peacefully.

And that was Song Qinglan.

*Flower vase: Someone who only looks pretty but can’t amount to much

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New buuble
September 19, 2023
Status: Completed
Time travel is not really my thing but I’d say that this book was very cleverly written. Definitely read if you like interesting plots that make you think and try to figure things out. I don’t think I’d read this novel again BUT I’d recommend it to unlimited flow lovers to read at least once.

The characters were also written pretty well and the CP’s relationship felt like it progressed naturally. For about 100 chapters, I think there was a good balance of plot and relationship romance.
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etsuhun rated it
December 25, 2020
Status: Completed
Mind-blowing novel. Like literally.

Concept of time, its importance and its consequences play a heavy role in this novel. This novel is full of mysteries and plot twists so be prepared for some "oooh that's what it was" moments. The author manipulated this novel to its highest degree, making this novel like a big puzzle piece. Almost every conversation between the MC and the ML has some importance in the future.

MC and ML's relationship is sweet. ML is an extremely devoted lover and its just *chef's kiss*. That guy could do... more>> anything for MC that it looks a bit one-sided, but MC loves him just as the same. The side characters are amazing and also pose big roles in the story. Team 7 is just a bunch of cuties even though they are smothered with dog food.

Clap clap author, I really did not expect to experience a lot of emotions reading this novel.

Please note the dates and time in the story for better understanding in the novel~

This will be the spoiler version of my review (please don't read it if you haven't finished it yet because it ruins the experience!) :


In the end, they all came to square one.

Its hard to pinpoint where the real "beginning" of this story because of all the time travel and other elements that were involved. However, if we were to remove a piece of this story, everything would crumble down into pieces. That's how fragile this story was. It couldn't be done any other way. If they have changed any of their decisions somewhere, would they still have that same ending?

Even though I would really want to smack his bit*h of a father in the head, would Song Qinglan meet Ji Yunshi in the future? High chance they won't as Ji Yunshi would probably pursue a career that would be nowhere near as a recorder. If he wasn't a recorder then he wouldn't be transferred to team 7... see what I mean? If Sheng Han didn't die in 1439, would his father have the motivation to finish the time anchor, which helped them finish the Ouroboros mission?

Its an unforgiving story. You would want Sheng Han to have a happy childhood, but you also want him and Qinglan to meet. But how's that possible? By Sheng Han having a dad and not witnessing a su*cide, both his and Qinglan's world are slowly growing apart. But if you them to meet, Sheng Han has to suffer mentally for 17 years and drown himself in medicine in order to sleep. In another parallel world, a young Song Qinglan didn't leave Sheng Han and probably had the sweetest love story ever. Who knows, their world is vast and infinite anyway.

Now come to think of it, the novel itself is a big Ouroboros. There is actually no ending and no beginning.


I highly recommend this novel. You won't be disappointed. <<less
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ApolloAresZues rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: Completed
Well this was a really mind-numbing, trippy read. It was absolutely amazing, just I wouldn't recommend reading this while you're sleepy or if you're not the type to want to use 3x your normal brain cells for a book. This novel requires alot of thinking and understanding (even with the superb translation) and probably a line graph in order to really get it lol. Really, I came to write a review in order to sort out the events in my head and improve my own understanding of what exactly happened.... more>> If by reading this it helps other people understand the work better, great. But this review will mostly be for me to just outline how things happened. Alot of spoilers will be in here also read at your own risk.

So let me start with a disclaimer that the ML, we just gonna call him SQ, is not actually homophobic imo. He looks down on MC at first not because hes gay, though he does have a bad memories of homosecual people, but because he thinks hes a useless person from administrative jobs and would weigh them down. Prejudiced, but understandable given his position as like a front lines fighter, and what position the MC, JY, is which is more a desk job. He snaps out of that really fast though and JY makes him work for forgiveness. So if that's the portion that worries you, dont worry about it at all. SQ is a good guy, a little judgy at first though, and JY is no wilting flower that takes being talked down to. This really only lasts the first couple of chapters to be honest.

Now that thats out of the way, lets get into the plot. I'm going to talk abt it in order of events of the novel, not actually what came first in terms of time (this book is so damn confusing). Some explanations will be included based on what I concluded. I'd just say read this either for spoilers to see if it's for you or after you finish the arcs for better understanding.

Arc 1 goes as follows:

The first mission for JY and SQ and the squad is a zombie mission. They're on their way to a level A mission, but get intercepted midway and arrive at a Super S level mission instead, with no way to communicate back home. Their instructions are vague af. The goal is chaser of darkness, death means elimination, and the mode is ouroboros. All these later makes sense and I will explain them. They arrive at a zombie town all confused, and sh*t very quickly hits the fan. Some members of the team get killed and when the rest go to escape in a car, they get hit by a racecar that kills off the rest of the team. They all die.

This is when things get interesting. Like a game, the team revives to when they first arrived at the mission point. Everyone forgets the previous extermination of the team, except JY who remembers everything, and SQ who has a deja vu. The exact same things happen again, except this time no one dies at first and they are able to dodge the space car by taking a different turn. They get clues from a library about what's going on (they're on a planet called PU-31, where the sun is artificial and natural resources are now scarce. They are years into the future on that planet). During this 2nd life, they last much longer, but are eventually once again wiped out, this time by another accident that causes them to hit a fence, then end up swallowed by a black wall that causes everything it passes through to dissapear. They die. Then they get revived again.

So now they return for the the third time. Basically, evertime the whole team is wiped out they get revived back to the beginning and lose their memory. Except SQ who has memory training that allows him to recall and JY who remembers everything. This time they go straight to the library using a spacecar they picked up. But on the way, they ram into a car making a turn and kill all the passengers. They, the ones from the 3rd life, killed themselves of the first life. The times they are revived all overlap, with multiples timelines coexisting in the mission. So them from the first life coexist with them from the 2nd and 3rd life, all doing their own thing and in small ways effecting each other. So there are multiples of the team running around figuring out this mission and it's all interrwined. For example, when the Team 1 (life 1) first came, they died by Team 3s hands. This event has to come to pass in order for Team 3 to exist, because if Team 1 dont die then they wont revive to become Team 2, then revive to become Team 3. So it's all connected. Pay attention to that, it matters later.

So now that they know there is multiple of them they do their best to remain separate from the other thems, because if they effect the lives that have already come to pass, they may cease ro exist in this life (which is currently life 3 aka Team 3). So Team 3 goes to the library while Team 1 is already dead and Team 2 is still fleeing zombies and has yet to die. All these timelines coexist. Team 3 gets the good info, but sh*t goes wrong (once again fck). SQ and JY get kidnapped by some survivors who steal their spacebar as well, the rest of the team is left inside the library. While trying to escape, the survivors that kidnapped them ere*t a fence for purposes I forgot. And yep, you guessed it, that fence is what caused Team 2 to die. They just can't stop killing themselves lol.

Team 3 thankfully dont die and SQ and JY are rescued by the other team members. Except, they arent quite the same team members. Let's go back to Team 2. In Life 2, Team 2 avoided the spacecar and didnt die the same way Team 1 did. But remember, Team 3 was in that same spacecar and killed Team 1. But what about the them that never killed Team 2? That almost hit a car, but the car (Team 2) took a turn first and managed to dodge? Who are they? Well, they are Team 4. But they are not Team 4 caused by revival, but caused by changing the past. Because Team 2 dodged the car accident, a Team 3 that never hit a car now exists. So we have Team 3 that killed Team 1, and Team 4 that didnt kill Team 2. They both exist because of Team 2s actions (by revival or changing the past) and if Team 2 does something different or never dies, 3 and 4 will both disappear. This is what it means for timelines to coexist.

Now that the confusing ass explanation is out the way, back to the plot. Team 3s SQ and JY reunited with the wrong members. They are now with Team 4 members. And Team 4s SQ and JY are with Team 3. So SQ and JY ended up being the only ones swapped in the end lol. Both teams are aware of each other, and technically can interact because neithers existence can cause the others death (only Team 2 can since it created them) but decided not to meet in order not to affect potential timelines. They keep the swapped members though lol. They both head to the research center that houses how the Virus started.

They work together to cut off the power, because the thing causing the virus is the artificial sun. They fight off mutant experiments and zombies alike. They later get the help of future thems, like Team 5, 6, and 7 (remember, even if the current Team hasn't died, they all coexist on the same timeline). These future teams sacrifice themselves (since their appearance changes the past, they cease to exist) in order to make sure Team 3 and 4, who have the greatest chance, succeed. In the end, the Team 3 and 4 are the only ones alive. One version of needs to stay to turn off the power, another version needs to return to the beginning to make sure at least one set of the team survives so they dont all end up dead. Team 3 SQ and JY stay, despite their being no certainty that the recombining of all the versions of them will be successful. When they finally turn off the power, they realize that the black wall that causes everything to dissapear was the power from the artificial sun going out, which they, Team 3, caused. But they also realize that the black wall started moving as soon as they got there, not just when they just turned it off. What does this mean? It means a version of themselves needs to head to the very beginning once again, and turn the power off immediately so that it can kill Team 2 (They keep killing themselves yall I cannot do this), in order for Team 3 and 4 to be the last ones standing. Team 3 gets swallowed by the black wall and return once more to turn off the power early in the morning, which corresponds to the time they "first" arrived at this mission and saw the black wall. The cycle is thus complete. My brain is dead. Them lastly turning out the power to make the black wall chase their past selves and kill Team 2 was predestined. The end.

Oh and chaser of darkness being the mission objective obviously refers to them turning the power off being the final outcome. Death elimitantion refers to their revival. Ouroboros is a snake that eats it's own tail, it's also a cycle. They revive again and again and kill themselves in order for the cycle to continue (referring to the MCs).


Now that was one long ass explanation but it helped me sort out my thoughts. After this arc is completed, we learn new things, such as the being that brought them there being like a Master Computer version of their own time travel devise back home. While they can go back in forth in the past, this new system can take them to diff planets and dimensions. It's the time travel devise of all the era's and timelines. Now that that's explained, On to the next arc (starts to cry).

Arc 2 goes as follows (way simpler man) :

So in this arc we end up on the weirdest place in history. A junkyard. JY and SQ are rescued from a junkyard by a bearded man who takes him back to his own Spacecar. The mission objective is fixer of time and the mode is chaos. Later will be explained.

This bearded guy speaks a language no one knows and has lived alone here for years. Ever so often the planet will draw in weird objects (such as SQ and JY space transporters). This planet is actually not really a planet, it's a crevice in time created because of humans getting involved in time, resulting in many errors and issues on various timelines and in various dimensions. Its basically a wormhole. This crevice/planet they are on is one of the issues caused by them delving into time and affecting it negatively. The team needs to straighten it out. Thankfully, this arc is way simpler though also interesting.

This planet is split into 3, the junkyard they arrived in which has an object that pulls things from different times and spaces to it (another error), a rainforest where time moves exceptionally fast, and a city where time moves so slow a day is 8 years. So yeah, time is really f*cked up. The team is slowly reunited as the team mates appear at the junior hard one by one days apart, since time is messed up there. There are also other people from different eras and dimensions who are stuck there due to being drawn on by the force of the crevice. The guy with a beard is from another dimension, which is why they dint know his language. They also meet people from their world who are said to have defected years ago, but were actually just drawn to this planet and stuck here.

As their mission is to fix the time on this planet, they try alot of methods like plating these glowing flowers to see if it can illuminate these dark masses which they believe to be the source of the chaos. Alas they are wrong. The flowers themselves are the cause. The flowers are the evidence of the issues made from the time travel and they are why so many people from different era are stuck there and are never able to return to their dimension. They destroy all the flowers and are able to basically "reverse" time or rather return everything to the state it was in before the time on this crevice affected them. So the old turned young and the dead revived and SQ who at this point accidentally turned into a child due to the flowers was changed back into an adult. It was a fun ride.


Seeing as this arc was much easier I'm kind of reluctant to do the next arc since it was more brain numbing but imm continue since I've started. In this arc, they dont (technically) go to the next mission. They... go home.

Arc 3 goes as follows:

So in this arc they return home. The people at work welcome them back, their families stress over them, and they write reports to explain their experience. As it turns out, time is a loop and the people that they rescued back then (the ones from their time whom they thought were defectors but were just lost) turns out to be people they knew. One in fact is their chief, who knew all along the team was destined to rescue him but didnt know how or when and couldn't say it for fear it would change the past (or future?Yall understand me). Everything seems to be going well, except JY is going through memory overlap. What do I mean by this? Them going to that other dimension and rescuing the chief caused history to change, so the present changed. And JY is the only person that remembers the original timeline or how things were supposed to be before they rescued the chief. Because originally, the chief was actually a woman and this new chief was still missing and declared a defectors.

They actually technically didnt change the past, but by bringing back the people who had been sucked into that strange dimension crevice, they created what is called a bubble. This bubble is like a parallel universe that starts right at the time the chief was saved by them, everything prior to that is the same, with all the same things the OG universe has, all the same people, but the difference here is that the male chief was rescued and become their chief, and from that time onwards a divide between the two universes was created. Many changes happened because of this. Some of the members ended up married with kids. Some had a girlfriend that didnt exist before. Dead family members were now alive. Three cats at home became one cat. Things like that.

JY suffer alot because he has both the memories of the old universe and the memories of this bubble, this new universe. He tries to find the female chief from the OG universe, and her picture brings back the memories of the rest of the members who had forgotten the OG universe and assimilated the memories of the new parallel universe. But not only were their memories alerted to the problem, but this new universes consciousness was as well. So let me explain that to you. When they first came to this new universe, the universe inserted the proper new memories into them and got rid of the old ones. This is to keep this world, this bubble, on the right track and not cause it to collapse due to overlapping memories. But when the members got their memory back, it began to threaten the trajectory and existence of the new universe because now you have two different parallel universes overlapping via the members memories.

Also, yall know that theory that objects and beings behave different when observed? Its state when observes and when unobserved is different, I'm sure yall have heard of it from scary movies or science channels. When the team got their memories back, they were no longer participants of this parallel world, they were observers. So all the people they knew or who might be affected by them gaining their memories began trying to force them to adhere to this new universes arrangements. Cue creepy sh*t like his neighbor staring at JY door in the middle of the night and people chasing them on the train tracks lord jesus have mercy. All trying to get the team to accept this new reality. Some team members fall for it, including JY who gets offered the thing he wants most. But eventually they realise that the this world is basically a fake one. So they try to leave.

They also realize that while everyone else is a copy of the OG world (aka there are two sets of everybody) the team members only have one set. So if they remain in this world, they will not exist in the OG world. Why is that? It is because they are the ones that created this parallel world by rescuing the chief, not them from the parallel world, but them themselves. Which means they have existed in both the OG world and the parallel world. So no new "them" was created and there is only one set of the team. Back to the plot. They realize in order to leave they need the two worlds to overlap enough, and and for it to overlap at a moment right before they deviated from their A level mission and ended up at the Super S zombie mission. This is because that is the moment the parallel world was created. To explain, I forgot to mention that everytime a mission is complete they are returned to that moment on time, like a restart button. So, they need to somehow reconnect with OG world at that very moment. Somehow they do so by making a call to the female chief in the other world, and finally return (NOT). This mission actually turned out to be like a continued mission from arc 2, they basically had to straighten out the issues in time them saving those people caused. The end.


Arc 3 as you can see was crazy confusing man my fcking brain😭. But it was still a good read. Onto the last mission, but this is not the end of the plot. More explaining to go.

I think imma update this later when my brain isn't quite as numb though. I'll be back to explain more. My fingers hurt.

I hope your brain hurts as much as mine does. <<less
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araratam rated it
July 23, 2021
Status: c61
Who voted a 1 star? Come and fight me because this is so good I'm crying!!

The MC and ML chemistry is amazing and I love the gradual and natural flow of their relationship. The side characters are not bland and you grow quite attached as you get to know them.

Sure, the time theories may be confusing but that is the beauty of it - it's not frustrating because you don't understand, it's the kind of confusing that keeps you wanting more to understand...

Not only are we spoilt by KK as... more>> they translate on a regular schedule, their translations are *chef's kiss*. I'm very picky when it comes to writing style and KK absolutely kills it! Thank you so much for your hard work! <<less
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faircure rated it
January 3, 2022
Status: c90
I really couldn't believe how many five star reviews were on this thing. My main issues with it were:

  • The MC and ML are mary sue-ish and have little charm or depth. The side characters don't do much either.
  • The romantic development is not thought out.
  • The author ruins a lot of the mood of the story by incessantly describing how attractive ML and MC are.
  • A lot of the set ups to the scenarios the characters go through are interesting, but the endings are disappointing.
My expansion on the first point and second point:

The ML feels like a cardboard cutout, there's nothing interesting to him. He's tall, he's strong, he's cool, he cares about his team, but I don't have much of a sense of anything unique about him? It's so generic.

Neither... more>> do I have the slightest idea why he falls for the MC. The summary tries to set up this whole enemy to lovers thing happening between the main couple, but that never happens? The ML is slightly mad at MC maybe, twice, and then he realizes MC is madly smart and attractive and decides he needs to love and protect him forever.

There is no real reason that ML decides he likes MC besides paragraphs upon paragraphs of ML thinking about how pretty and delicate the MC is. The ML also isn't homophobic. The summary is just clickbait.

MC also has terrible characterization. The author cannot decide whether he's capable and fierce or a delicate genius and the descriptions of him wildly slide between the two. It's just so hard to believe he's a capable fighter, strong willed, etc., when half the time he's portrayed as this sweet little delicate flower that goes through so much. I wish the author just picked one. His whole personality is also not really generic per say, but he does feel too perfect. His main flaw is that he is just too smart and perfect and he thinks too much, which makes him tremble prettily for the ML sometimes. Again, the novel never gives me a good reason that the MC likes the ML besides that the ML is cool and strong.

The side characters are barely there. I don't have anything else to say. Literally nothing about them is memorable.

Point three:

The author. Cannot stop. Describing how pretty and sexy their characters are. Oh my god. It feels incessant how many times I had to read about the MC having big eyes and long lashes or the ML having long legs. The mood could be incredibly tense and the author would slide in some overblown comment about how perfect looking the main leads are, which totally takes me out of it. It's the same descriptions too, I already know how the MC has perfect pale skin, you don't have to say it on repeat.

Point four:

I think this is what disappointed me the most. I liked the atmosphere and set up of a lot of the scenarios the main party went through, but the payoff just wasn't good. The first scenario with the zombies is the only one where I felt like the conclusion was interesting and fit well. A lot of the others just felt a bit like the author picked some brand new thing to shove in last minute that the party needs to do, and then that solves everything.

My one bit of praise for this novel is that the premises were genuinely really interesting. I like time travel content and I think the author has some unique ideas of what you can do with time travel. But the endings of the arcs just never held up to what I thought the premise was capable of. The author shoe horned in some really generic danmei tropes at points too, which took me out of the whole epic time travel experience.


Ultimately, no I did not finish this book. I tried really hard to get to the end because I saw how much people liked it, but it kept disappointing me. I don't think a great ending is worth slogging through hundreds of thousands of words of generic content. The overwhelmingly positive reviews did hike my expectations up somewhat, but seriously, outside of the plot premise, this novel is so mediocre. It leans on tired tropes and the characters/relationship are these paper thin caricatures of what BL characters are supposed to act like. I think it is possibly still an enjoyable read if you're into the usual stuff, but I don't think a novel rated 4.8 should just be weakly regurgitating the typical formula in a slightly more interesting plot setup than usual. <<less
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November 27, 2020
Status: c2
Too early to tell much, but there’re no comments. Will update later.

So far:

  • translation is good and flows well. I didn’t have to reread anything for clarity, at least.
  • MC and MLseem like standard enemies to lovers. Mutual dislike (probably? MC hard to read. Kinda like a robot, possibly from his memory. But it’s interesting that his viewpoint is very neutral. So far we don’t get his opinions or thoughts really on anything. He’s the MC but reads more like a non-viewpoint character. Whereas we feel the ml’s bias clear as day 😂) But there’s no actual animosity. It’s probably closer to ML looking down on MC and MC being indifferent af.
  • The overall vibe is more quiet and literary, but doesn’t feel boring or draggy.
  • The premise of a time agency is pretty badass, though I had to do a double take when it was suddenly 50 yrs later in first chap.
That’s about it. Nothing much has happened in only 2 chaps but looks promising. I reckon there’s going to be some abuse because their work is dangerous, plus the enemies-to-lovers friction, plus the nightmares hinted in the summary, but since the characters are intelligent and it seems well written, I doubt there will be brainless abuse being filler since there’s an actual plot.

Downside: I wanna read more but something like this... more>> probably won’t mtl well, so looks like we’re in for a long journey on this mystery.

😭😭😭 <<less
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Hot chicken wings
Hot chicken wings rated it
April 14, 2021
Status: c24
A exceptionally well written novel

I cant explain the excitement I felt while reading this and I'd say it is worth a try

The characters of each person is well crafted and especially the plot, damn that author needs a award

This novel might even have the capacity to become an amazing sci fi movie

so just shut up and read cause this novel is freaking awesome and the MC and ML also make quite the cute pair
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bbambbam_ rated it
February 20, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is very good, so very very good. It made me cry quite a lot and cursed a lot. I rarely write reviews because my english is so bad but I couldn't help it this time.

    • If you like guessing games then read this
    • If you like mysterious theories about space and time then read this
    • If you like plot twists then read this. The plot twist in this novel will make you curse a lot, but when you find out the truth you are confused about what to do.
    • ML is great. I love how he tries to guide the MCs with his problems
If you are mentally weak and anxiety like me, read it when your mood is good, there are some parts that make you despair.

The ending.....


It's HE don't worry.

Btw, this novel will end with you having love and hate with MC's father

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Sonialu rated it
August 16, 2021
Status: c74
Right now I'm suffering from a severe headache and dizziness due to binging this absolute gem of a novel. But I have no regrets whatsoever ✌
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saphire8626 rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: Completed
3.5 stars.

An unlimited flow webnovel, which basically means that the story revolves around characters being in a space away from reality, solving puzzles, or advancing in games (similar to The Earth is Online). I was in the mood for this type of story after binging Squid Game some time back and feeling nostalgic for The Earth is Online but not wanting to reread it.

This is a fairly short novel, with two main characters. The protagonist is Ji Yushi, who is very intellectual, introverted and solitary. He is driven to solve... more>> a mystery in his past that was a huge influence on his personality, his beliefs and way of life. The second character is Song Qinglan, who is confident, assertive and commanding.

The book is split into a number of arcs, all of which revolve around time travel. Song Qinglan and Ji Yushi get to know each other and their relationship develops as they solve the time-related mysteries in each arc.

This book started out really strong. I love stories with mysteries and puzzles, and the novel's exploration of time travel and time itself is incredibly fun. Time is not linear, but past, present, and future exist at the same time; the past causes what we see of the present now, but the future caused/causes what happened in the past. Time is circular. Incredibly fun to see how the entire timeline unfold, how various events in the past/present/future weave back and forth to influence each other.

However, the relationship between the two had very low emotional stakes. It was fun at first when they were getting to know each other, but the second half really felt lackluster to me. I suspect that it is because the writing style, which I found a bit plain and amateurish at times. Also, the way the two characters are written feels a little bit like wish fulfillment. Ji Yushi is a mix of woobiefied and Gary Stu lol.

And also, the ending was kind of disappointing? After dropping the bomb about how what happened with his father was planned waaay back in the even further back past, and also caused by events in the future, the novel then wraps this up in about 10 chapters. There's no further significance or development, and this plot line that drives Ji Yushi throughout the entire novel just gets put away like that. You never find out more about the Tianqiong system that kidnapped them, what happened/is happening/will happen with his father. <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: Completed
A gem of a story. One of the best time travel based novel I have ever read. Various theories on time, time travel and the pitfalls in time travel have been logically explained.

Highly recommended.
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Eccentricstate rated it
November 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 5.0

Pairing Type: smart MC x strong ML; Leader ML x subordinate MC; genius MC; tacit understanding/teammates; stubborn, grudge holding MC; gay MC x “straight” ML

Triggers: su*cide; death

... more>> Heat level: high to explicit; definitely NSFW

Re-readability: medium-high; will likely re-read

Similar novels: Surprise! The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually-?!

Similar western media: Netflix’s “Dark”

First, I should start by saying... wow? This was insanely well-done and I’d frankly recommend anyone read, regardless of whether or not you are interested in BL.

It should be noted that you WILL get confused reading this, and feel like you do not have enough brain cells to comprehend what is happening. But trust me when I say, if you stick it out, you are in for a mind-bending experience.

The plot is rich, and well-planned. Every last detail is taken in to account, and there are twists and turns along the the way that will give you major “OH!” moments. The way every plot point comes together in the ending is so satisfying and extremely gratifying to have gone through this journey with the characters. Everything will make sense, if you give it some time.

In this particular novel, it’s the plot the truly shines but I do like the ML and MC. MC has a bit of a cheat, with an eidetic memory. The author tries to play it off like this can have some negatives, but frankly it is difficult to make that argument when he literally gets such an advantage out of it. That’s really the only “flaw” I was able to pick out from this novel, and it’s extremely minor.

MC’s personality is interesting because he’s a good person, but not necessarily kind. He doesn’t hold back his punches and says what he feels.

The dynamic with him and ML is very good. They have an innate, tacit understanding between them, which gives readers the sense that they are truly meant for each other. They’re on the same wavelength and have deep respect for one another.

Side characters aren’t very robust, and it’s a bit difficult to distinguish between them (ignoring the fact that two characters are literal identical twins). But overall I did like them. They were really just a big group of himbos, which, who’s gonna complain about that?

I also thought it was strange that there wasn’t truly and antagonist character. I suppose it makes sense in the grand scheme of things, in a way, time was their greatest enemy.

The general vibe of this novel was also really cool. Cyberpunk mixed with space and time travel. It’s futuristic and stylish, love it!

Overall, I would highly recommend anyone read this if they are looking for a plot to really sink their teeth in to. <<less
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baekthoven rated it
October 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Whew. Where do I even begin with this? It’s near impossible to put into words the amount of elation and surprise this novel has brought me. It’s probably the most well and tightly written story about time I’ve ever read. The thing is, it’s so subtle with its plot threads and connections that you tend to not recognize them until they’ve already happened. And even then, if you’re as slow as me, you might spend a few minutes just lying there like: “???? Wait !!!!! That just happened !!!! Wait... more>> hold on I need to go back and reread that no way-" It’s a total mind trip, but in the most fun way.

The first arc is undoubtedly my favorite, though all of them are great in their own respects. But the first arc is just so special and left such a profound impression on me that I’ll likely remember it for years to come. It’s just that good. I was constantly blown away by how fricking good this author is at writing. Even until the end, tiny plot holes I didn’t even notice were addressed and resolved, and I suddenly felt: ah, I am of very average intelligence lol

As for the characters, oh boy, what’s not to like? I was expecting the usual OP aloof genius MC and overbearing and combat-god ML, and was sincerely surprised by the depth of their characters. They make mistakes and are neither omnipotent nor invincible. All the things that show their humanity, each crack, it was truly refreshing to see. The flaws felt real, not mere plot devices to avoid a Mary Sue scenario, and it reflected in the incredible writing. The relationship between MC and ML was also heartwarming to watch develop, and it earns its slow burn title in the best way. ML also might be my favorite ML from any novel period. He’s just that great.

Another thing I especially loved the was interactions between the main leads and the squad. Man, since when was the last time I’ve felt this attached and fond of the side characters? Their interactions felt so real and it truly felt like I was watching this group of friends grow and fight together. Even as a woman I got swept up by this bro atmosphere and silently praised their camaraderie in my heart (lol)

I can’t recommend this novel enough. If you like really well written plots about time, parallel universes, paradoxes, and every crevice in between, then I implore you to read this. The translator did an incredible job and truly helped tie this dense masterpiece together. To those who’ve been convinced to read this amazing work, I’ll see you on the other side of the mist, hehe. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
September 21, 2021
Status: Completed
A really good and unique time-loop-traveling story.

Just from very successful execution of such a complex concept, 5/5 stars.

Story takes place in an unknown future where humans have unlocked time travelling technology and now there are governmental organizations in place to maintain and repair that tech, a bit like time police and investigators.

... more>> MC and ML are both officers in this sci-fi future.

Strong/OP main characters. MC basically has an eidetic memory (along with an uncontrollable psychological disorder regarding being able to clearly remember his day-to-day and relive his memories).

The psychological disorder in the story isn't entirely accurate (not everyone with hyperthymesia has such a good memory), but that's ok, since we all know that webnovel MCs tend to have romanticized or OP versions of various disorders.

ML is also OP, specifically very good at understanding high-level concepts as well as leadership and morale.

There are some fantastic missions, plotlines, as well as rest-times and domestic moments in-between. Some aspects are very similar to infinite-flow style stories where main leads have to escape from a system or are thrown into back-to-back missions.

Overarching storyline and arcs are well-connected and very well foreshadowed, with some thriller/slight horror elements. Happy ending!

The translation is fantastic, flowed very well and was very immersive. <<less
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Caramellatte rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: --
This is a rare gem of a bl novel. The plot is exhilarating and cleverly executed (the first arc had my heart racing so much!). The characters are likeable, and it was so much fun to read the whole team getting along. The s*xual tension between MC and ML is so high that I can't help but screamed "Goodness just kissed already!!!!" like multiple times throughout the first few arcs LOL.

Truly an enjoyable read.
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Justalittlechesspiece rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Loved it. The whole setup and how everything ties together *chef's kiss* the author obviously went into it with everything planned out and everything just ties up nicely into a neat little bow. The admiration I have for this. Whoo.

I started with the translations then I had to know more so I read the raws and I finished it in one weekend. I couldn't put it down at all. No spoilers cause I don't wanna ruin it for anyone else. I'd say its a must read. The translator gets the... more>> chapters out as true to the raws as possible which is appreciated.

And that gradual enemies to mutual respect to lovers is just the icing on top. 10/10. <<less
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MissZer0q rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: Completed
I FRICKIN LOVE IT✨✨ This will definitely be something I go to every single time it updates. The whole story is just so fascinating, like everything is connected or sum shit. Romance is so frikin sweet. MC and ML are badasses and cool. I can't wait for this to be fully translated 🥺
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November 30, 2022
Status: Completed
Pro-tip: don't start reading this at midnight like I did, this novel is a very addicting read and you have to actually think a bit while reading

The translation is very easy to read, I appreciate the translator a lot for all their hard work on this project!!
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Zofie rated it
November 21, 2022
Status: Completed
A gem. The plot is amazing. The storyline is interesting. The novel is like a rollercoaster ride that needs patience and brain to enjoy it. If you like thrilling plots with a side of brain twister then this novel is highly recommended 👌
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moon-bunnies rated it
April 26, 2022
Status: Completed
All the 5-star reviews made me expect Mist to be very literary, and unfortunately I was disappointed by how underwhelming the prose is. The writing lacks form, and constantly repeats itself by summarizing what happened only paragraphs ago, or even a summary of a summary. And no, it's not an elaboration of previous information given, but a complete repetition. There's also a lot of imagery heavy scenes but the prose is too short and simplistic to give it justice, though that might come down to being lost in translation.

... more>>

I'm very tired of reading how feminine and delicate and beautiful the MC looks thrice a chapter. Like I get it, if he had a high nose bridge last chapter, rest assured, he'll definitely have a high nose bridge this chapter.

Not to mention, if I take a shot for every time the definition of hyperthymesia is repeated or how brilliant the MC's mind is, I'll end up in the ER before the hour's over.

Also, is the h*mophobia gonna be important to the plot or ? Why is it constantly justified just because some dude hit on the ML lol. And how come every time they say it's cool if the MC's gay, it's followed by pointing out how good looking he is?

Ex. "Ji Yushi nodded and smoothly admitted to it, as if he wasn't embarrassed about his s*xual orientation in front of this squad known for their h*mophobia.
Ji Yushi usually behaved cold and dignified. His bookish atmosphere was something only top intellectuals would have. When faced with danger, he could always get through it without bullshitting and his fighting abilities weren't inferior to that of Guardians. On top of all that, his appearance was too outstanding. It made everyone regard him as a dazzling and magical existence."

A moment of silence for all the mediocre gays, RIP.


Anyways, complaints aside, the premises are fascinating.


The first arc is brilliantly constructed, and I really liked its resolution. Not the biggest fan of the 'Who Am I' arc. I thought so, so much potential is lost there. It starts off fascinatingly creepy, then dissolves into messy and rushed expositions/info dumps.


I enjoy how the MC's personality is portrayed. It's great to see an OP character suffer from his own abilities, and really adds tension to the story. I'm also a huge fan of how he doesn't mind showing his emotions and vulnerabilities. ML's a little flat, but I suppose most MLs are. It's fine though, he's still cute.


Okay, finished it. Still same opinion on quality of writing as before. A lot was left unexplored, such as why MC's dad felt the need to complete the system in absolute secrecy. If it had been conflict against the flawed system or government, I feel like there should've been a whole arc dedicated to that ? Feels like pretty important context. Author also implied that there's some questionable circumstances in regards to MC getting shot, but didn't pursue it either. As another review said, the author's very good at building up each arc, but the resolutions are rushed.

On the other hand, I really appreciated the time loop structure, as well as how creative the arcs are. The Rubrik's Cube arc was my favourite, and I would've loved for it to be longer. The relationship between MC + ML also developed well, and I enjoyed how flirty they were.

I'm also a big fan of how despite MC & ML's OP status, they're plagued with anxiety and fail many times before they figure out a solution. It adds dimension to their character as actual protagonists, instead of robotic cliches that rely on one deus ex machina after the other (looking at you, Global Examination).


This is only my second unlimited flow novel, so my opinion's still subject to change. <<less
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Mogure.v rated it
October 18, 2021
Status: Completed
I started reading this because I got lured in with the 4.8 rating—and thank flipping goodness I did because it's so good??

Prior to finding this book, I was actually in a burnt-out state after reading soo many CN bl novels for the past few months. But for some reason, when I tried to give this a try, I immediately got hooked in and when I realized it, I already couldn't escape ┐ (´д`) ┌

So I binged this in three days. During university midterms. I know—I've got my priorities sorted.

I didn't... more>> regret it though—not at all. It's so good.

The main characters—Ji Yushi and Song Qinglan—I love them both. The rest of the squad—I love them. The story—do I need to say it again?

The plot requires your brain to think, and if you don't want to read something that's heavy, then this might not be for you. But if you do like heavy plots, go read this.

Just be prepared to (willingly) suffer from brain damage trying to comprehend all the time travel fiasco. But I assure you, you will not regret it.

Go read this, go! <<less
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