Immoral Holidays


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“Before the end of his break, I’ll have to discipline brother until he can no longer leave me!”

Shrouded in the light of their noble birth since the day they were born, top military academy honour students—twin brothers Ling Qian and Ling Han have always coveted after the ownership of their older adoptive brother, Ling Wei.

During the intense competition between the twins, Ling Qian made the first move.

“I absolutely can’t let Ling Han, who’s returning with military privileges, take sole possession of brother!”

Ling Wei, full of soldierly bearings and pure as the sunlight, by his second brother’s cunning tricks, was coerced into becoming his younger brother’s sexual object for discipline and sating his lust, constantly subjected to cruel and tender ravishments both mentally and physically.

But most embarrassingly, he grew from unbearably shameful resistance, to gradually being pulled deep down into the abyss of immoral pleasures.

Just as Ling Wei writhed under his second brother, crying and moaning from his restless thrusting, their third brother Ling Han was returning after successfully completing a trial of life and death, full of extreme jealousy ….

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Uniform Punishment Series
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remy911 rated it
October 26, 2015
Status: --
That younger brother sure is something...


Rating 5/5 because 1 star is too low for a Feng Nong work. Even if you don’t like BL, Feng Nong is an amazing writer and rather famous in China. She’s a published author with many books. Completely different league from web novel writers.

Yes, I am salty that someone takes the trouble of rating most BL added to this site with 1 star, even when there are barely any chapters translated. Rest assured, I will fill this site with as much BL as... more>> I possibly can find thanks to you! <<less
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dona rated it
June 7, 2019
Status: c7
This was so agonizing to read. I don’t mind incest, I don’t mind rape- not at all. What I can’t stand is a s*upid beyond reason MC. He keeps being praised for being such an outstanding soldier with perseverance and mental strength yet couldn’t even hold a foot against his younger brother for a day.

Immediately in the story he gets threatened by his younger brother who secretly lusts for him. For the sake of upholding his foster parents reputation, MC agrees to become his brothers s*x toy.... who writes this... more>> stuff?

And it just gets worse and worse when you realize his IQ is below zero. What man, especially a military trained man, would agree to this humiliation? Worse part is he never suspects that his pervert brother may have hidden motives, or that he’s lying, no no, there was hardly any struggle and you just know in a couple chapters he’ll be a trained s*x toy being f*cked by his brother and justifying it as a sacrifice in order to uphold his family’s reputation.

When reading the first chapter I thought this would be a worthwhile story where 2 twin brothers struggle to get their elder brother- instead it just jumped right into holding him captive until he begs for it. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
June 30, 2019
Status: c8
All story developments are super forced; the "military" training is always used as a bad excuse for why the brother would be obedient to do shameful things. The entire premise of elder brother agreeing to be the toy to prevent the younger one from sleeping around is just ridiculous.

That said, the smut seems like it will be quite smutty, which is why I'm giving it 2 stars instead of 1.

It's really just a classic novel written for smut, so it'll probably be enjoyable if one's morality and human character sufficiently... more>> oppressed. Not trying to judge or anything, since most novels geared towards satisfying lust can't operate on moral high ground. I guess my main issue is that this novel is trying to be one that does well on both story and smut, but it's falling on its face at least in regards to the story, so I would like it to not put up so many pretenses lol. Of course, I'm only on chapter 8, but I don't think it'll get better. <<less
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June 19, 2020
Status: c106
I've read the raws until around Chapter 100 where the 3rd volume (part?) of the novel started. Though I don't think the site where I'm reading the raws got the chapter numbering right at all.

During the 1st part, it's pretty much all unadulterated smut scenes and barely any plot, with the twins coercing the protagonist to engage in sexual acts with them after years of repressing their desires, love, and possessiveness for him. The protagonist, albeit being described as a standard upright and strict military student, is easily manipulated by... more>> his adoptive brothers which is, in part, caused by his struggles to protect his mother's feelings from getting hurt over various reasons (but I believe is mostly because he had lower emotional intelligence to defend himself against those two manipulative jerks).


The older twin brother has a spoiled, overbearing, and headstrong character, and is the type that gets easily swayed by his emotions among the twins. He is also far more gentler compared to his twin brother.

While the younger twin brother is more intelligent, patient, and talented than the former. However, he is many times more decisive, cold, and domineering than his twin brother.


The second part of the novel has a bit more plot added in the mix, unfolding the mystery of the protagonist's parentage. Again, lots of smut (I mean, what do you expect with that title anyway 😆). This is also the part when the protagonist returns to military academy with the twins (as instructors).


The twins were determined to "train" him in order to win the first place in the upcoming special examination. (Surprisingly, they're really very good at what they do, with the military stuff, I mean. They're more skilled than the protagonist, though that might have something to do with the differences in resources being invested in each of them.)


Honestly, I can't remember if this part of the plot belongs to the 2nd part or the 3rd part of the novel 😅 But somewhere in between that, the mystery about the protagonist's origin begins to be revealed gradually...


He learns that what he had always known as his biological father is not actually his biological father. He discovers the picture of an outstanding dead soldier — known as "Wei Ting — with a very similar face as him, who seems to have been deliberately hidden by the military from the public's eyes. His attempt to learn more about this man nearly puts his adoptive brother, Ling Qian, in jeopardy as the mystery behind his relation with Wei Ting grows bigger.


The third part of the novel is filled with conspiracies and secrets either being revealed or foreshadowed.


By the end of the third part, the twins learns about the past revolving around Wei Ting and his relation with the protagonist through their father. With more dangers lurking everywhere that may threaten the protagonist's safety, the twins vowed to become stronger and spare all of their efforts to protect him from the military and all the hidden forces behind the conspiracies.


There's still the 4th part, but I haven't read it yet, so...


I don't know how to rate this, so I'm leaving it blank.

The reason why I wrote this review in the first place is to inform some readers about the development of this novel, since there may be lots of people who dropped this for various reasons. So here's a little heads up of what you could expect. Of course, don't forget to read tags since they're huge spoilers in their own way.

If you're here for the smut, then congrats, there's a lot of sexual scenes in this novel. If you're looking for some plot mixed in all those smuts, then surprise, it exists!! XD But it takes a long build-up.

Honestly, the reason why I've read this in the first place is because I saw the "twins" tag. 😂 <<less
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Chan2 rated it
November 2, 2019
Status: c9
Feng Nong never fails to deliver especially story on BL. I quite like the storyline although I feel the MC is kind of s*upid for a military man with high distinction. Do not understand how he could be manipulated to be a toy s*x for his brother....

Anyway the translator has dropped the novel so it is goodbye for now until another translator picks it up.
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Ouryuu Zeno
Ouryuu Zeno rated it
March 19, 2019
Status: c25
Torturously good book, I feel deeply with the MC. Too bad his twin brothers are sadistic motherf*ckers that wish to possess, break and bond him to themselves. They say its all in the name of love, and basically yandere level is maxed out. But it's my guilty pleasure book.

The MC is a really straightforward, serious military guy and its kinda heartbreaking having to read what he has to deal with all the time.

On the Other hand the twins are pretty much excellent students and have power over lots of things,... more>> hence able to Blackmail and bribe things to go their way.

There's an underlying plot going on but with mtl I can't really get it. I just hope the twins soon learn to give him freedom and repent.. <<less
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Raven Blues
Silver Raven
August 3, 2018
Status: prologue
A head ups. The hohoe translation has moved and updated chapter 4 and 5 on their new website. This is chapter 4 link : https://nolymtys. Wordpress. Com/2017/04/18/3lp1ch4/

The latest chapter (actually its just chapter 5) is updated in June 2018. I have problems updating it by myself on my mobile browser, so I'll leave the link here.

I don't know what happened to bear translation, but all updates is stagnated in 2016 (everything they updated is still can be viewed). The chapters update from hohoe up there is not there anymore since... more>> they've moved, but its still can be viewed on their new website (that's in its comatose state). The link is on the left over website.

I just want to thanks the translators for translating this series, although just a few chapters out. I can't really say how I feel about this series, but the second bro is a manipulative bastard. That's all. <<less
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