Nihonkoku Shoukan (WN)


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One day, Japan was transferred to another world.

Because of its poor food production and previous reliance on imports from other countries, Japan faced a food shortage crisis. To slow the effects of starvation from its populace, the Japanese government declared a state of emergency. The Japan Air Self-Defense Force explored the surrounding area and found a land mass about 1000 kilometers to the southwest―the continent of Rodenius.

Japan was able to resolve its food shortage after entering into diplomatic relations with the Principality of Kua Toine and the Kingdom of Quira. However, at that time, another country on the continent, the hegemonic Kingdom of Rowlia, declared war on Kua Toine and Quira.

In light of this new crisis, how will Japan respond? A survival story on a national scale!

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Summoning Japan (WN)
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24 Reviews

Jun 11, 2019
Status: c43
This one was... bad. Technology discrepancy was extreme, even excluding Japan. We have technology ranging from the classic fantasy medieval to WWII in the same world, despite everyone being within the range to communicate and trade thanks to the mana communication tech.

Japan economy. Real world Japan depends on imports like every country in the world. Losing of most of the internet, fuel import, food import, raw and processed materials, machinery parts, and technology. Large part of Japan needs international trade for their work one way or another and the novel... more>> act like it was just 'some trouble' not 'catastrophic'.

Major empire diplomacy was incredibly idiotic with how ignorant they were and the whole massacre thing. Why would they try to strongarm Japan? To annex them? Why would the empire want to annex Japan if they don't know how advanced/rich Japan was? Pretty much every single diplomat in the novel is unbearably s*upid.

I just can't... <<less
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Jun 07, 2019
Status: c42
I'd class this as gun fantasy p*rn with a massive application of wish fulfilment, the kind that believes that "I got big gun, my big gun never misses" from a writer who probably has never fired any gun other than his inbuilt one before in his life.

If you are expecting rationality and realism in this series, forget it, it is seriously just gun p*rn (and tank p*rn and fighter p*rn and warship p*rn) written to "kill" targets that can't even fight back. It's like the Stormtrooper vs Star Trek redshirts... more>> joke. The stormtrooper misses every shot. The Red Shirt dies anyway. This story is written with such a Japan bias it's like Han Solo vs the Red Shirts. I'm still waiting for the chapter that the enemy dies because a Japanese soldier sneezed and his sneeze caused a Force 10 hurricane.

The bright side to this is that the translator is very skilled and even translated, the material is easy to read.

I'll list this series down as a "guilty pleasure" if you like that kind of thing but it's not really to my taste. <<less
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Apr 14, 2019
Status: c35
I like Gate. I love stories with technology gap, modern science/technology vs pre-modern and magic. Yup this is my kind of story..... but one thing that really irks me is how s*upid it is sometimes.

A peaceful Japan got transported to a more hostile world... Wait, genius idea! Let's allow Japanese civilians to go on leisure tourism in a country that is currently in an active state of war with an empire well known for their cruelty who were already hostile to Japan. Omfg big surprise! The Japanese tourists got massacred,... more>> publicly executed, slaughtered like the sheeps they are! Who would've guessed. <<less
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Apr 03, 2019
Status: c52
Everyone makes comparisons to GATE, which is understandable considering GATE's popularity. However, it's more correct to compare this to SM Sterling's "Islands in the Sea Of Time" series, except without the indestructible YASSS-Queen fetish and the author's OTHER fetish of graphically describing bestiality forced on the straw feminist character (who's there to contrast the not-straw STRONK FEMALE MAIN CHARACTER WHO DON'T NEED NO MAN BECAUSE SHE'S A LESBIAN. Seriously, look at a picture of Sterling, it just screams "I'm one of those 'Allies' that winds up getting Harvey Weinstein'd"). Like... more>> Sterling, however, it's a civilian's musings and thought exercises on what would happen if a modern society was transplanted into another era, and how its dealings with the natives would affect that world and how that would in return affect the modern society.

Instead of Nantucket, a small little vacation island off the coast of Massachusetts, we have the entire Island Nation of Japan being transported, not to the past but to a fantasy world which has seen entire nations transplanted there in the past, from all different sorts of universes and parallel realities over the course of millenia, and how this has turned the world into a free-for-all with fantasy weapons versus modern armaments of various eras


In later chapters, we find that a Zero fighter plane from either Japan's past or possibly a parallel universe version of Japan had been transported onto the world eons ago. In addition, we are introduced to Japan's version of Atlantis, the Continent of Mu, whose disappearance from the pages of Earth history are explained by it having been transported to this world 12 thousand years ago. There's also yet another empire that seems to be a parallel earth version of WWII-era Imperial Japan, with the same aggressive expansionist tendencies, so there's Modern GLORIOUS NIPPON vs WWII GLORIOUS NIPPON to look forward to in addition to modern ordinance vs Dragons in the future, I suppose.


But yeah, like Sterling, Nihonkoku Shoukan's author seems to have a particular focus and ignores some interesting points, including the presence of U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine bases as well as 50, 000 U.S Military personnel stationed all over Japan (not to mention all that U.S. Military hardware), and whatever portion of the 32 million annual foreign tourists that happened to be visiting Japan when it was transported, as well has Japanese nationals of foreign descent. Perhaps whoever facilitated the transport was kind enough to send the U.S. Military assets back, as well as the foreign nationals.

In addition, Japan as a whole tends to make various political blunders and rash decisions in order to move the plot forward and has no basis in realism. Lots of plot holes, but it further emphasizes the author's particular focus and lack of knowledge in certain areas, or rather, his decision not to focus on those areas for the sake of dramatic license. In that sense, the comparison to GATE falls a bit short, the author of GATE was served in the Japanese military and was familiar enough to give a good portrayal of how modern military tactics and weapons would fare against fantasy-world magic and warfare. "Japan in the Sea of Isekai" attempts to expand this into other areas outside of military engagements into foreign relations with the nations of the new world, but we see in the WN version where it sometimes falls short.

Maybe it ruins the immersion for some, but it just reinforces the idea that it's just a thought-exercise, and should be enjoyed as that, nothing more. <<less
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Jul 05, 2021
Status: c60
While I like this kind of plot, the approach of other countries with low technology is left to be desired. They always ridicule another country for the difference in technologies only to end up with a slap in their face. It felt like reading typical Chinese arrogant young master troupe getting face shaped.

The other countries' intelligence was reduced for then glorify Japanese technology might. But Japanese intelligence remained questioned. Their conduct in this story made me a bit frustrated.

... more>>

Why do they always let themselves suffer first before taking action? Why not try to take caution or prevent an enemy attack? I knew Japan only execute self defend acts, but, c'mon, it's already in another world. After so many accidents they need to make a new policy.

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May 17, 2021
Status: c68
This novel satisfied my modern-vs-medieval/fantasy fetish. It always gives me excitement and thrills. I really like the way Japan rekts the countries in the New World. Moreover, I think I'm not the only one who cackled like a madman every time Japan annihilates a prideful country.
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Mar 19, 2019
Status: c31
This is just GATE all over again. But hey, I love GATE so it's fine.

This wn is unique in which there's actually no set Protagonist... No if I stretch it, the protagonist is Japan itself. This story chronicles the "Adventure" of Japan in isekai, so you know where it's going...

... the good ol, primitive barbaric fantasy countries in awe of the Glorious Japan big boomstick!

... more>> Mmm... nice... stick those 120mm gun far up those pesky dragons ass. Yes! Jam it up till they taste the 21st century in their mouth!

Ha... Ha... *Slurp* my apologies, I seem to get too excited.

Anyway, this novel is great for those who loves Fantasy vs Science story and those who already read similar novel such as GATE and Rune Troopers. Though if there's one thing I want to complain is that the author seems to like to include intermission chapter whenever stuff start to get interesting. I kinda hate this trick, and that's why it only got 4 star instead of perfect 5. <<less
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Jan 25, 2019
Status: C21
I like isekai series it has a "what will happen if it will become true". From diplomatic to militaristic way of governing. Well, good thing it's not China but Japan got summon. Hehehe
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May 24, 2021
Status: c74
Pros:It's entertaining once it gets rolling and the worldbuilding is really elaborate.

Cons:It's really slow and unsatisfying most of the time. The other countries and Japan also takes a lot of Ls first before Japan gets moving.

Tldr: It's good popcorn fun but I don't really recommend it if you don't like slow developments.

Tips: Read it by arcs not by chapters since it has a lot of cliffhangers.
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Jan 17, 2019
Status: c13
I've been the type of people who enjoy OP Slaughter, In this case, Guns Vs Medieval is like my haven. The Translating is pretty clear and Straight. I Can't Review it profesionally, but I can Say I Love it.
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kazuki minami
kazuki minam
Jun 14, 2021
Status: c83
I love this web novel it make my heart boil with excitement for that I give it 5star hope it continue for long run
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May 13, 2021
Status: c65
It’s hard to say whether this novel is good or not. To say it plainly, it’s like reading One Punch Man in novel form. You knew right away that Japan can win everything easily. But the novel stall its punchline so much you got annoyed by it
Don’t get me wrong it’s a good novel to read but I also want to point out a notable flaws in it.

- Japanese in this novel is too nice. It’s actually disturbing how they are so nice it felt like this is a... more>> propagonda novel.

- The disparity between each country technology is too weird. Some country is using biplane while the other felt like they are in middle age.

- the filler chapter is Sooooooo Longggggg it felt annoying.

but overall, it’s good if you have nothing better to read. <<less
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Apr 16, 2021
Status: c65
This novel is not outstanding as a novel by any means. However, it's just really satisfying and I personally really enjoy reading about Japan beating up all the evil countries through shear technological superiority.

A unique part of the novel is that it's told more from the perspective of the countries involved rather than individual characters, meaning there's none of that drama, lovey-dovey, misunderstanding, or harem BS. Things are easy to understand and most of all, satisfying. People often draw similarities between Japan Summons and GATE, but this novel has depicts... more>> a much broader picture of the world than just a single guy going around making a harem and exploring the world like a classic isekai.

As long as you don't take the world-building critically and purposefully pick out plot holes and errors, I think it can be a fun and relaxing read for anybody.

The translations by A Mob of Deer are absolutely brilliant; they're extremely high quality and thorough. <<less
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Dec 17, 2020
Status: c52
I suppose that by this time, it's no longer a hiatus but a complete drop which is a shame because this was a very exiting WN from my point of view. Although I finished reading the chapter a long time ago, I come here from time to time with the hope to see it revived once again, but alas, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I managed to find the manga in 3 different languages and different stages, but for some reason it seems as if the manga... more>> also will end up being dropped. <<less
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Jun 04, 2020
Status: c52
This novel is really interesting! Now, I've read the WN on Syosetu and came to chapter 110. That last chapter was published in 4th month which is now a month or from the date I am writing this review. It is regrettable because the publishing is slow but oh well... The point is, the novel is so interesting that it fills me with excitement. I am not an expert but for me at least, I like how are they explaining strategies and equipment trough the story (I don't know if... more>> the story has mistakes about all that stuff but hey...). Overall, from my amateur standpoint I really like the novel and thus I give it 5 stars! :) <<less
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Aug 12, 2019
Status: c45

I hope MoD include the short story "The Forgotten World" in the translated chapters because there is a hint to the next enemy of Japan, the Annun Lille Empire. Pride of Powers 1 will be the 1st encounter of Japan and Annun Lille Empire and the reaction of the ALE diplomat about the knowledge of Japan about their true national power will most likely lead Japan and ALE into war, added by the events in "The Forgotten World"

The Japan-ALE War will also become a test of strength and reliability of the new Japanese weapons (F3, aircraft carriers, nuclear subs, etc.) which will have a very important role in the defeat of the Ravernal Empire. If the ALE are better users of the RavE's technology than the HME (can use the Flying Battleships in its almost full capabilities) and Japan managed to defeat ALE, there's no doubt that Japan can defeat the Ravernal Empire.

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May 03, 2019
Status: c37
I like this. If you're thinking this is same as GATE, it's not even close. You should read Rune Troopers and Modern Weapon Cheat in Fantasy World for the reference. This is much more detailed. Not with your usual loser pu*sy MC. When the JSDF fought the empire, this is the same as Parabellum in Modern Weapon vs Alsace Magic Empire, but with finer detail such as multiple perspective and political views. The translation is also great. Hope the translator continued this. Looking forward for the next chapter.
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Sep 08, 2021
Status: c-104
This novel had an interesting premise, what would a modern country do in an alternative world. But it fails to deliver, first the inconsistency of events.

1. WHY THE HELL IS EVERYONE SO CALM?. In a real world scenario, panic would rain havoc in the streets, crime will go up and everyone would go crazy. Imagine suddenly getting kidnap you would not stay calm in that situation.

2. Japan heavily relies on export, in food, in fuel and many other thing. The moment they get cut off from earths resources, everything will... more>> freeze. The markets gonna go up, people will starve and mayhem will insure.

though they explained it, it would still be insufficient. Even if you have food storages, I doubt it can feed all of Japan and will they have enough resources to make sure everyone receives its fair share. Sound like a logistical nightmare.


3. WHY THE HELL, ARE YOU FREELY ALLOWING INFORMATION TO FLOW OUTSIDE?. Like seriously, you are in a new planet with absolutely technological superiority. Why the hell are giving it away like candies?, it s*upid no retarted to even do it you are in a world we’re you have no allies and no information regarding in this world. So why give you’re only advantages to them, it’s like telling you’re killer that his gun is on safety rather than choking the living day light out of him.

4. And why is everyone in the political table so friendly?, and a LOT more thing that would fry you’re brain.

This novel is nothing more but a popcorn read, where medical warrior vs modern soldiers fight. It’s unlike Gate where it captures real world politics and the course of having something like it. Here it’s basically mowing down grass, no one is ambitious enough to see the benefits of being transported in a non-polluted and resource rich world with almost no military disadvantages.

If you’re looking at Swords vs guns novel then it’s a good read, especially without diving on the murky waters that is politics. But if you’re like me, who like a bit of realism to the novels then this is a hard pass. <<less
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Apr 17, 2020
Status: --
yaep it is nooot bad man, but !
but everyone is already sick of glorifying Japanese values of food and culture, f*ck off, enough to pour propaganda, they seem to have the standard as in the USSR 40 times on the book to mention Lenin, only instead of Lenin "how good is it in Japan" s*upid maggots
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Feb 28, 2019
Status: c17
as of chapter 17: I quite like this, and the only larger issues I have with it are immersion-based. Examples would be things like worldwide (apparent) spoken modern japanese despite different written languages. Another (very large) immersion issue is the apparent worldwide use of the meter, which was not defined until the 1700's and used the earth's circumference, despite this planet having a different circumference.

EDIT: messed up when making this, so my rating is 4/5
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