Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World


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Nagato Kazuya, a “Military Nerd” high school student who gains the ability to summon modern-day weapons and soldiers, when he reincarnated into another world.

Together with his summoned yandere military advisor, soldiers and modern-day weapons, they will conquer the land, seas and skies of a fantasy world.

These are the unparalleled existences of his yandere harem and their stories of combat.

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Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World
Fantasy Sekai wo Gendai Heiki Cheat ga Iku
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Overlord rated it
February 11, 2016
Status: --
To be honest, it's a mystery to me why the rating is that high..

- there's no real introduction, not even the outer appearance of the MC is described O﹏o
- characters have no background, totally one-dimensional
- behaviour of the MC incomprehensible - first chapter he's of the impression, "no way would I kill others". Shortly after in the following 2nd chapter he gave out the orders to kill without even considering to speak with the other party..

So far, the only real somewhat unique features of the novel are the yandere harem, and the interesting use of his unique skills, with him ordering his troops around like a general. A filler read - nothing more, nothing less.
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OneEyedLich rated it
December 27, 2016
Status: --
I bing read it in the span of two days.
I think the critics are undeserved and I'll try to explain why

For the critics :

-> He can lvl-up via his soldiers’ kills. He has thousands of them and they can ”respawn” after 90 days.

Yes, he can lvl up via their kill, but they don't really respawn after 90 days. If an infantry soldier dies, he dies for good. After 90 days, he can summon another infantry soldier to replace the decease, but the summoned one will be someone else.

-> MC only use them as a garrison force, the obvious lvl-up marathon is too complex to think of.

Wrong. MC use his aerial forces to bombard the demon's breeding ground a.k.a spawn points. He levels up with it in the beginning. Next, with no demon left, do you want him to kill ordinary peoples ? MC is ruthless in a battle, but he's very far from cruel.

-> MC want to leave the castle and fight with his subordinates on the front lines while he has the fighting capabilities of a recently conscripted otaku. (A.K.A., none whatsoever). Any random soldier he summon could probably take out a hundred of himself. He’s s*upid and suicidal. This novel is a joke and entered my ''Shitnovels'' list. Thanks Admin for the option of hiding updates from selected reading lists

Really? Have we read the same novel? This happened when MC decided to defend a city from 50 000+ enemies troups. He entered with tanks, heavy weapons, and crushed some enemies before entering the city. He left a couple dozens soldiers outside the walls to defend against the enemy unit, but they get cornered. MC is stronger than his soldier, he can heal any wound (well, as long as he has enough mana), and has the ability to save them without exposing himself to too much dangers. He climbed down the wall with some soldiers, reinforces the surviving soldiers and saved their lives. I see him as a good leader.


MC has some skills like strong mind, body strenghtening, he wield his gun well and isn't a moron. He's just.. A reverse r*pe yandere magnet. Yes, he keeps involved with yandere with dark aura, but they're good. They're not too violent.. Hum

His aide, the first girl, and bigest yandere, is okay to share him, as long as she is is "his number one".

Spoilers/summary of the novel :


Basically, we know nothing about the MC except his name and that he was a typical high school student. After death, he chose 3 skills and get summoned in a demon infested forest.
He establishes a base, summon troups, weapons, supplies etc. After a few fights, and making a secure base, he wanders outside with some tank, MV's and soldiers.

He saves some knights who escort a princess (seen as a cursed child because of her heterochromia). Well, apart from the knights and her mother, she's quite hated. Posing as the chief of an adventurers groups, he gets aquainted with her (yeah, she'll be yandere too, and the process is explained in the side story lol). She grows found of him quickly. After that he goes to the capital to receive compensation, but during his meeting with the Queen, they learn that a city called Fort city is surrounded by the strongest country in the continent. The country is facing destruction if the city falls. The enemy country is heavily magic based, with a racist religion, and backed by other worlders.

MC decide to help this city because the mayor of this city.. Hum. During the travel, he passes by small conquered towns. The inhabitant were killed and their corpses hanged.

He appears outside the cornered city, save the day, raise *yandere* flags but then the ennemy other worlder make his apparition.
He comes along a giant floating island and flying ships, with magical barriers. (Is that really magic omg)

MC no longer hides himself, declare himself as the Excellency/President/King/Emperor of "his country" Parabellum, which devise is "If you want peace, prepare for war", and send his aerial unit bombard the floating island. What magical barriers ? A few rocket and explosives take care of that. The other worlders is scared shitless by seeing advanced weaponry, and escape with the damaged island. MC then finishes the 50k+ unit on ground.
His prestige is established.

Afterwards, he make some treaty with the country that was attacked. He accepts to defend them and give logistical help, but won't help in attacking. Except if the enemy send an other worlders. Many things happen (well, many many yandere stuff lol) A dwarf from a neighbooring kingdom come to ask MC for help, telling him that the magic country have developed new weapons, golems, magic guns etc. MC accept to help his country, a country of non-human. Many thing happens again, and a month later MC come to sign a treaty with their demon king. He heals her, (MC can restore cut limb, missing eyes and organs) and gain more respect.

Next, the fight begins. MC had destroyed all the enemy supply routes during the last month. They lack food, so ther intend to ransack a city. MC's artillery and tanks trample the enemy (his commanders note that the enemies are developping strategy to cope with MC's unit, not to avail).

It's not a serious read, but a fun one. Don't expect too much from it, and you'll be pleasently surprised as I was. Modern army trampling and massacrating racist magic kingdom ? Who doesn't want to read that :p
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SeventhTale rated it
July 14, 2016
Status: v3c3
Summoning modern soldiers in a fantasy world and surprising the citizens, nobles, and royalty with their power I think this is really a good plot. (Bad points)
If you saw the reviews with low rating, I can understand them, that is because the start of the story is very fast paced. The MC suddenly died and thrown in the otherworld suddenly, he easily accepted his death and choose his skills without asking too much questions. Then there is also a fact when the subordinate he summoned which is the female liutenant, where he suddenly think that she's a yandere just because she has a deep loyalty to the MC. Then also without even having a background in his past life, he's just a high school student and understanding the weapons, soldiers, facility needed and also the way to command soldiers. He also didnt hesitate to kill a man which won in the battle from with it's enemy in the forest. (Good points)
After volume 1, the story will start to develop smoothly, it feels like the volume 1 is almost not needed and just an addition.
He started to know many people originally from that world. He suddenly thrown in the battlefield of war between two countries which is one who is on the losing side and the winning side where it has many shitty otherworlders too like him, The otherworlders from the otherside use their cheats for their pleasure. The MC is on the losing side of course.

It all started when he saved the carriage of the princess with heterochromia eyes which is treated as disgusting. That loli princess became too attached to him and yea, feels like she's a yandere.
Almost all girls the MC have relation is a yandere.

The one best point here is the liutenant that she summoned is very loyal to him. That she asked the other girls to make the MC feel good, (they did it (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)). Also seems like the MC's healing magic has a some sort of side effects which make a person he saved look at him like a god.


Of course the MC is not someone who has a deep sense of justice where he save the country. He will just cooperate with them when the otherworlders are included on the war. The military part here is really good, the MC understand it and issues comman like a tactician. He really acts like a King or General now

Since they tell that they are summoned country of otherworlders and the MC is their king


Anyway, this story is already developed though there are still some bad points when it comes to daily life setting or relationships, it's good when it comes to military part.
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Aigomorla rated it
May 8, 2018
Status: v1c6
This series is a train wreck.

Its like a little 5 year old kid drawing a color book, going unicorn need more unicorns.. rainbow pony princess unicorn, and dragons... big colorful dragons... but not too scary ones, lets do puff the magic dragon...

Seriously, I dont understand how it got some good reviews.

... more>> The author is straight up conflicted.

He wants his MC to be OP, yet he doesnt, so he restricts him.

Then he wants to pretend he knows history and weapons in that era, so he allows the heavy classes, yet, again, he restricts them because some units were technologically ground breaking vs the others.

What made me laugh the hardest is the ability to summon soldiers.

Sigh. Why doesn't he just summon a Zeplin and fly off to the sunset with his harem of summon female soldiers

Or better yet, why not just summon a Yamato class / Hiryuu aircraft carrier with planes, and dominate the entire country. Food / Logistics issues? no problem because of his cheat, which again the author tries so hard to make him not OP, yet fails horribly because the Author has no idea on how to do a proper character development.


This series does not deserve a 3 star raiting... id place it near the garbage spectrum, where 2 stars would be generous. <<less
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Bunseth168 rated it
September 21, 2016
Status: --
:3 MC? Well, he is an idiot who is a badass-wannabe. Skill? Nah, he sucks. He depend on his troop but act like a real commander when he barely know shit. Appearance?..... knows only his name. Fun? Yes! It is kinda fun to read about modern weapons and vehicles wiping those magic religious wussies and read how they react to the awesomeness of our era battle level!.... that kinda sum up the whole story

edited: story is no longer meh and that fun for reading while taking a poop. It is... more>> now become foul <<less
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LordGrim102 rated it
December 20, 2018
Status: --
Not worth the time, even if its wasting time don't read this. Even if you shut your brain and unemotionally read this novel it won't help ease at reading this. The author clearly doesn't know games that much but he incorporated game elements in his novel. He clearly just jumping the ISEKAI Bandwagon genre, hoping to earn some money even if its just a little. I can't think of any positive points in this novel other than it is isekai. Like the others say previous to my review it has... more>> bad writing, no character introduction, sudden events, the author assumes that the reader knows some things even though it is not mention what so ever in the whole fr&&king novel. All things in this novel can be classified as hazardous waste material and should be properly dispose of immediately so that no one will be a victim. <<less
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Pyushis rated it
December 24, 2017
Status: v3c16 part1
This novel is worthy of a poem:

The premise was good, the beginning was great;

But then fan-service arrived and now the plot is sh!t taste.

... more>> Seriously, I even forgot this novel existed and when I did remember, I got disappointed once again.

Why did people rate this novel highly? Well here's why:

They're delusional pe*verts living their fantasy through this novel. HELL, HAVE SOME TASTE Y'ALL. There's a better erot*c novel out there. Don't be satisfied with mere sub-tier. At least in other erot*c novels the characters there are not as flat as a board. [character development wise]

I've read until v3c16. And I can honestly tell you this. It pains me to acknowledge I wasted my time when I could've read other novels. <<less
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May 21, 2018
Status: v2
    • Why do I read erot*c novel?
Yeah sometimes when everything I read start to feel boring, too slow, or boring. I do read some ero-story. Here's why:

1. Erotica didn't need too many development. Just some simple plan and crash-bang. Climax.

2. The fast pacing used in erotica feels good because there's no need for too many scene. But even then, the simple plot feels quite complex with author's way of writing it.

3. Even in erotica, character development is a must, people can't be explained like your right hand. White, has 5 fingers, and made of meat and bone.

So in my opinion Erotica is good and if you need some, try check storiesonline.

Hmm. What else.. Oh, right. The review.

For me :


This story is suck.


Sorry for the bad words. But everyone has their own taste.

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rikuolin623 rated it
February 10, 2016
Status: --
Up to chapter 4:

Interesting story unlike the stereotypical jp harem cliche.

Instead of just 1 special character in the entire world, there are over beings with special abilities. If you kill another person who has a special ability then it is yours for the belonging and vice versa.
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Anduin rated it
December 1, 2016
Status: v3c20
People say that this novel is fast paced, but there is plenty of content. This is not a slice of life. It will not spend an entire chapter focusing on a cheerful dinner conversation and how good the food tastes - and I like that about this novel. Rather than talk for ages about a boring conversation things actually happen in this novel.

For people like me who find most slice of life novels boring, this novel is perfect.

As for the story itself, I found it very interesting. It's hilarious to... more>> read about how modern weapons own fantasy. It's fun to listen to the reactions of people in their world when they see a fighter darting through the sky and blowing away a dragon rider in an instant. <<less
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Siikalahna rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: v4c6
I used to like this quite a bit in the beginning. The premise was good, and it was going well. However, it has continually been going downhill, and the latest chapters show how much we need the MC to kick the bucket and someone competent to take his place. He's risking not only his subordinates lives, but also everyone else's with his arbitrary decisions that bring nothing but suffering to everyone. Yet he's too dumb to grow up and remains the immature little brat that the majority of these Japanese... more>> MC's seem to be. Very disappointing.

While I generally don't like Chinese novels that much, since the MC and side characters in those tend to be very aggressive and unwilling to forgive, at least they get one things straight.


That is, they don't arbitrary decide to halt their attack, because of one individual whom they've never met nor heard about before, happens to be in the place they're attacking at (at least according to the intel that they got, which is probably an enemy's trap to begin with), and thus not only jeopardize all of their forces that are attacking, but also the whole war and potentially any and all allies that they might have in that world. And all because of that one individual, who doesn't have any worth (as the enemy obviously left them there to be a bait in the first place).

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Crywolf641 rated it
September 27, 2016
Status: v3c6
Well first things first this Novel first starts with our MC being dead for unknown reasons and now reincarnated into a different world, this novel (for me) is a fresh approach? I think is the right word for it. The MC is Rational and could give out commands like a true general from his Cheat "Could summon and command the summoned soldiers/people" or something since I havent re-read in a while this may not be the exact cheat like wish he typed. Yes typed its real go ahead and read you'll be stupefied.

During the first chapters of this is a nice paced action pack already fight, where god's could interfere with the MC. Also MC's powers ain't that omnipotent if you think about the details clearly, first is because ----


first of MC's powers for summoning people and weapons and facilities are sealed when in battle. So basically speaking if the MC is ambushed he won't be able to summon the supplies and soldiers if there was a suddent trial by the God's or God from that world.


and many veiwers are forgeting about this terrible weakness of his, yes he could summon a damn Army and Damn Nukes but those are nothing if he gets ambush since if MC is killed its game over.

There are also many other worlders out there which is basically powerful than the MC, because MC could only summon things while they could use magic and s*upid things, so dont neglect the littles of details

Note: I am not that good at english so forgive me if there's any grammatical errors
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changen4125 rated it
July 1, 2019
Status: --
The basic premise really doesn't make sense...

Why a high schooler?

The use of the military jargon and the detail of the weapons and even the charisma of the character makes no sense for a high schooler. I mean, if it was an old grizzle general or enlisted master chief of the army that reincarnated I would understand, but a high schooler???? WTF?

The setting really needs some work, but this is ok as military p*rn (killing with overwhelming power and technology).
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Oz-kun rated it
October 18, 2018
Status: v3c18
Well the military plot is there. You can say the author is a military maniac.

Other wise the plot wont revovle how sh*t badass those armament are.

There's a rapid character dev. Which isn't new in isekai wn.

Overall is it is fine it is just that the TL keeps forgetting the name of the sub character. And if you hate yandere there is a yandere tag out there and it isn't hard core one of a common yandere where they'll lock you and molopolize you. It is just another cheat a rapid... more>> loyalty convertion.

Keep it up :) <<less
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Silvertin rated it
August 7, 2016
Status: v3c4
I love the concept of this novel, it is something I have always wanted to see be told. Its a good read, though the descriptive oversights can be a bother for some people. Yet weirdly enough all the military object descriptions can get really in-depth, and they start throwing laundry lists of military equipment names at you. But the author does try to walk you through on what they are supposed to be, so that is a plus.

One example of what may be an oversight is, they never actually describe... more>> what the protagonist looks like, they just say "ordinary male high school student". This part gets a little ranty so i'll spoiler it for convenience sake

Honestly it didn't bother me much, because well, what do you expect him to look like? Average Japanese high school boy I say. Why is simple, his name is Kazuya Nagato (sounds Japanese enough to me). As for what that means to you, that is up for you to decide, but do you really need some one to describe it to you? And when you think about it, if its written in japan would they necessarily spell out "japanese school boy" to themselves? Just picture our own novels saying "American school boy"... it gets kind of weird, so maybe they didn't expect this to hit it off internationally? I am very glad it is though.


Something to keep in mind is that the yandere is strong with this one! I can understand our protagonist having a hard time to deal with them (getting flustered etc), but I really wish he was more capable at handling them... more so considering he seems like the yandere magnet equivalent to Satou being a loli magnet (from Death march). I don't know. I just really want to see more yandere romance... but skillfully and tamely done. I don't think it will ever go the route of his yandere's harming him in any way, but I could be wrong! Yanderes get scary when they get a hint of a thought that he may not want them (with him).

Ah, but make no mistake, the protagonist is in fact getting some romance, and a harem... one that seems to be getting filled with yanderes.... with some very aggressive romantic moves...

Now its no surprise the novel is called "Modern weapons cheat in another world" So when it starts off I can see how people would be really confused considering his cheat is limited to weapons from world war 1 (capped at year 1945). But I just want to say that indeed it gets upgraded to modern weapons as the story develops, don't worry you won't have to wait too long, and you would understand why he was restricted in the beginning

His first group company he summons is 250 soldiers. Now I wont get into all the specific rules about his ability because there are TONS of those, but basically out of those 250, 150 are female, and apparently all quite the beauties. The other 100 are male, they never really describe them.... or maybe I missed it somehow? But I digress, his summon ability makes the race, gender, and appearance random, unless he picks the choices himself, that being said, when its random I think it also picks things leaning towards his preferences. Now I don't know if his subordinates start including non-human after he meets and learns of them (you got lamia, elves, half spider people, various beastfolk), but I wonder if it does or will, considering "race" was even part of the choices. Maybe it is just purely human by default on random or something? Maybe they just never really brought it up? (He certainly showed an interest after meeting his first non-human, a wolf-kin)

I say that because I think I recall the character himself says that all his female subordinates are like models... or at least I think he said that, he definitely thought to himself Chitose was a "hot young commander". Now I don't know if what he can choose includes personality, since they never mention if he can ever select those traits... but Chitose, his lovely yandere advisor, has her personality traits set to fanaticism, love enthusiast, devotion, and dependence. Right off the bat... we can see she is definitely a hardcore yandere. More on that in the spoiler below.

I think its good all his troops seem to basically be yandere for him, wouldn't want to be summoning soldiers that would betray you or disobey you. But at one point... after a huge trial and lots of worry, he just wanted to rest, his advisor suggested he rest first, but he insisted to resupply the troops ordinance first.... As a surprise to help him rest and unwind. Chitose made a suggestion to a small group of female soldiers, and with crazy yandere smiles they acted, though they later hinted ended up the ENTIRETY of the females he summoned... well, basically he got reverse r*ped by 150 women over the span of 2 days. I laughed so hard and found myself shocked at how fast that escalated, all the more funny though because it all started with him and a high pitched IYAAAA scream when he realized what was about to happen! But whether we should consider him lucky he has 150 beautiful women would just throw themselves at him, or should we despair for him he got reverse r*ped by 150 beautiful women without rest for 2 days... take that how you will (thank goodness for himself he had stamina and vitality MAX blessings). The male troops in the command center just saluted him and left... he had no idea why, but that just made it funnier.

Chitose even states her very reason for existing is for her master (I think of it in a similar way to Re:Monster creature summons with intelligence) There is one chapter where an adventurer tries to touch her, and it ends with 5 badly beat up adventurers, one of which got flung out a window, and when the protagonist steps in... he sees her with a combat knife ready to slash the guy's throat and the poor sap having already wet himself.

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Skoll028 rated it
March 21, 2016
Status: --
Read to the Most recent chapter
Good story, but whoever put those similar recommendations on this page needs their head checked. 4/5 of those recommendations are for a different audience entirely. That aside, this is a nice read, and an actual Yandere Harem.

Edit: Thank you to whoever fixed those recommendations. Story is still the same great yandere harem ^.^
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SchwarzVoid rated it
January 7, 2017
Status: v3c6 part1
It is a fun read. Not very big on character development or anything, nor is the story a masterpiece either, it is simply fun. Guns, mayhem and Yandere is pretty much it. The only thing is that translations have stopped and wondering if it will be picked up by someone again.
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SunsetChaos rated it
July 25, 2016
Status: v3c16
Translations gets worse with every new translators, oh well.

First, pretty interesting story because of the modern technology vs fantasy medieval. 5/5

Second, too little carnage and action given the premise and cheat. Too much harem and shit, boring, not what I and others are here for. 3/5

... more>> Huge variety of modern weapons/technologies ranging from drones to ICBM. Author also loves to throw all those technical names and jargons at you. Impossible to visualize for everyone who don't know wtf they all are.

MC summons everything from bases/facilities to ships and people, pretty much everything for a perfect military. Near infinite resources and ammunition and everything, which only continue to grow and expand as MC level up. There are other 'otherworlders' each with their own cheats, but compared to MC yea...


There's also the regal empire on the other side of the world with WW1 technologies fighting their own wars. They're not aware of MC's newly established military nation yet and they probably can't cross the ocean but it'll be very interesting to see them go up against MC's nation. They're probably the only ones as a big threat.


Oh yeah and yanderes with reverse r*pe. <<less
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The3DWeiPin rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: v5c1
For all intend and purposes, this novel is bloody s*upid, but damn was it s*upidly fun

For the longest time I search for something that show absolute human technological superiority against magic beast, this one is s*upidly awesome at doing that

Since I'm also a military nerd, seeing all the familiar name and vehicle showing up makes me grin, a lot, so s*upid but so damn fun

... more>> Alright a short one now, basically your average isekai overpowered MC story but this time it has pov of several other character's view

give it a read if you likes to turn off your brain and shout heck yeah

Oh btw I don't really understand why people say the story is bad, yeah I get the part where people said the MC is too much of a bottom but honestly? What can he do against a gandered harem that can overpower him

Also several people said using nukes to resolve situation easier... Seriously? How would that even help

And people complaining about this being erotica... Are we even reading the same thing here? The heck, there's barely any description of the s*x scene, and most of the time it just glanced over, how do you actually get turned on by "And so, they spend a passionate and gruelsome night together" such a weirdo

Just some part that I don't understand of the criticism against this novel, they sounds as dumb as the whole premise of this novel

Edit: Got frustrated and decided to look up til volume 7, welp, the novel is basically abandoned by its author now, sad, still which some translator keep working on it though, cause it was horrible with Google or apple translation <<less
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Spectator3 rated it
September 17, 2020
Status: v4c19
The plot is good, it is enjoyable at the v1 and v2 and probably parts of v3

On v3 he gets getting r*ped by very detestable characters that you dont like and you would just like to kill

He gets getting r*ped by princesses and stuffs of the country he is helping, that time I wished that he just bluntly ask if they think he is a who*e and just nuke the fking place.

Also at v4 I barely read it, full of fillers of some guy that I dont really care, mc's... more>> just s*upid he makes me want to kill myself, keeps making s*upid actions for the sake of his "goodwill"

I dont even know if he really knows what he is doing or he is just acting cool

My little advise, on v3 when he got r*ped by the succubus, just stop. It only got worse at it progress and you would lose considerable amounts of brain cells and you would get high blood pressure while reading

Actually im impressed that the translator can bear to translate this shit. <<less
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