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Hiroyaki Kuze, part of the Ground JSDF, was assigned to the fleet of JSDF ships being sent as reinforcements to a UN mission. The flagship of the fleet is the Aegis class Destroyer Ibuki. However on their way a girl with wings transported their fleet to another world. A fantasy world of Swords and Magic. Kuze’s platoon was sent out scouting to see where they were. His platoon found and landed in the capitol of the United Kingdom. Kuze’s platoon attempted to withdraw when there was an attack by the Filbolg Empire on the capitol. However when children were in danger they protected them. The Empire regards them as reinforcements for the Kingdom!

On land and sea the power of the JSDF in the arena of warfare explodes! The alternate world JSDF fantasy that was popular on the net has made it’s long awaited novel debut!

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07/14/18 Kondee translations v2c3
07/14/18 Kondee translations v2c2
07/14/18 Kondee translations v2c1
01/05/18 Kondee translations v2 prologue
12/17/17 Kondee translations v1 epilogue part2
12/17/17 Kondee translations v1 epilogue part1
12/17/17 Kondee translations v1c6 part5-9
11/28/17 Kondee translations v1c6 part1-4
11/14/17 Kondee translations v1c5 part3-6
10/17/17 Kondee translations v1c5 part1-2
10/14/17 Kondee translations v1c4 part2-9
09/28/17 Kondee translations v1c4 part1
09/26/17 Kondee translations v1c3 part3
09/26/17 Kondee translations v1c3 part2
09/25/17 Kondee translations v1c3 part1
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Victor DoUrden
Victor DoUrden rated it
June 9, 2017
Status: v1c1 part6
Quite similar to Gate but also quite different and the way it's setup will be special in it's own way. It is an extreme shame that garbage bags full of crap cliches are being translated while this gathers dust. There is only a teaser and has only been a teaser for quite a while... so not enough material for a solid review. The story has great potential depending on how it works out.

This series is published in Japan by AlphaPolis the same publisher of Gate, The New Gate, Tsuki ga... more>> Michibiku Isekai Douchuu, Spirit Migration and several other works worthy of note. <<less
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Nvelist rated it
July 28, 2017
Status: v1 illustrations
Modern soldiers again to another world saga.

This time its the Navy Force to show their blast.

If I were to compare this military to the US is not even comparable. The JSDF true to that a strong military force of Japan but it's strength is not on the level of the world 3 superpowers - US, Russia and China. If the US ground, air or navy force is sent to another world or their country literally transported by some unknown mysterious power that nation itself and its military would tear those... more>> foolish kingdoms apart if they tried to opposed them. Magic quickly studied and can be counteract. WMD burning Empires, Demon Lords and even dragons.

In GATES the JSDF only defeated a handful of dragons but can't even defeated a demigod.

It goes to show this kinds of japanese novel is trying to make their military an invincible force to be reckoned but in reality weak against the current superpowers of the world. There still remain strong against minority countries combined or mid-level scale nations. <<less
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Yukina rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: v1c2 part9
It's a new JSDF another world saga adventure novel.

Well if you've read/watched Gate Jietai and love it, then I'm pretty sure that you will also like this novel.

Although it has a big similarity with Gate Jietai this novel has it's own uniqueness and charms too. So enjoy reading
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WhiteNekoKnight rated it
December 18, 2017
Status: v1c3 part2
My rating for this story stems from the fact that I was a soldier, and the way the JDF has been presented in this story irks me a bit. That combined with the interesting way some of the sentences are translated make this an okay story. If you like "Gate-thus the JSDF fought there" for its showing of how a modern military would react to a middle age fantasy world, you probably won't like this one near as much IMO.

As of finishing the book, I can say that it... more>> does get better. It becomes much more like how a modern military would act. It will be interesting to see if the JSDF merges magic with there tech. <<less
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captain crunch
captain crunch rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: v1 epilogue part2
Rating: 2.5-3, Translation: 2.5

[Rating/Translation scale: 5 = almost all readers may enjoy / infrequent minor errors. 4 = large majority of readers may enjoy / frequent minor errors or infrequent major errors, no difficulty to read. 3 = 50% of readers may enjoy / frequent major errors, unable to understand some sentences or a paragraph in a chapter. 2 = niche audience may enjoy / unable to understand moderate portion of a chapter. 1 = portion of niche audience may enjoy / unable to understand most of a chapter.]

Positives: The... more>> concept of the story is alright. It's one of the few I've seen about a modern military going to a fantasy world. Imagine Gate except it's a convoy of naval ships with marines and helicopters being sent on a 1-way trip, instead of the full JSDF with a 2-way portal. The author uses and describes specific real-world weapons for military fans.

Negatives: A big problem is there's no main character taking the lead, and the characters aren't well-developed, which makes it harder to cheer for specific characters. The plot is alright, but there are some minor issues. Examples are minor plot holes on how a target reacted to being hit with anti-ballistic-missile missiles, and how a Tomahawk missile acquired a target. Or how the romance between 2 characters didn't feel natural, or did feel rushed. The pacing could be better. For example, official contact between the JSDF and a fantasy country was breezed through, while explanations or monologues could be long.

Translation: WN/LN translators or translation groups work hard and often with little monetary reward, but my opinion is this translation is difficult to read. Awkward wording or sentence arrangements take time to reread. Explanations can be confusing. I end up skipping over some portions of some chapters, but I can still get a gist of them, so I give a translation score of 2.5.

Conclusion: If you liked Gate, you might like this. Gate was done well so that audiences outside of military and isekai fans would enjoy it, so I gave Gate a score of 3.5 to 4. Rune Troopers has a problem with characters, and several other minor issues, lowering my score to 2.5-3. The translation may have a slight influence on enjoyment. There are 9 more volumes to be translated, so there might be a lot more interesting plot yet to come. <<less
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