My Wangfei is a Man


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After falling in a pond, Prince Dong Fang Hao Ye woke up with his memory lost.

When he met the Prince consort Bei Tang Yao Yue afterwards, one word came to his mind: Beauty.

Even though he could not remember Bei Tang Yao Yue, his manly instinct remained the same.

But what was going on? Why was his Wangfei a man?

The beauty who made his heart restless was actually a man.

What surprised the Prince even more was that he actually has no position in his own house! Not only that, he also did not have a ‘good relationship’ with his beloved consort.

How can this be?

To save face, he the Prince, must toughen up!

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My Princess Consort Is A Man
Wǒ de wángfēi shì nánrén
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Unbekanntoffel rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: Completed
It could've been better.

Trigger warning for M-preg and consent issues... (and at the same time too -sigh-)

Bonus points for switch!MC and ML who's not weaker nor has any feminine traits. An equal relationship is great.

... more>> The story itself was kinda bland, not really a deep sort of story. I literally just finished it and nothing left a significant impression in my mind.

It mainly focuses on the MC and ML's romance, with the politics and serious stuff taking a backseat.

It's a shame I found MC too unlikeable.

The beginning gave a great overview of what you'd expect of these two, one being an infatuated honest man and the other a cold but kind prince. But they never really developed and remained kinda flat.

MC was a crybaby who kept acting on selfish impulses and didn't really learn from his actions. ML was a bit better, but he became boring after a while.

I honestly have a hard time believing their love. MC's actions show more lust than love tbh.


Is love purposely drugging someone (who you don't even remember) and raping his vulnerable body? Then you want another child so you trick him by swapping his medicine and impregnating him??

This behavior is nasty. Pregnancy shouldn't be decided by 1 person in the relationship, especially when you're not the one who's getting pregnant!!!!!

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anotherworld20 rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: Completed
After I read some bad review and finished the novel,

I need to double check it to make sure that we are reading the same novel...

Because I felt that wangfei (ML) is really in love with wangye (MC)

... more>> ML is kind and caring in his own way, to stay and be loyal with MC,

even thought MC is not his (ML) type,

and ML can forgive MC after all the s*upid things that happen.

So I really don't understand how can some review said that ML is annoying...

I do LOVE this story....

it's not as bad as some reviewers said

So just GIVE it a try....

UPDATE (09-08-20) : there is a audio drama on youtube... go check it...

I stumbled across an audio drama about Yan Zixing (wangfei younger brother) novel.

After I finished I really love the universe this author built, I decided to continue reading another novel,

This author actually wrote a novel about almost all of the family members in this story...

it's quite interesting.... give you another perspective in the story line

UPDATE (20-03-22)

I found the book version, it is longer and some details are explained so that there are no misunderstandings, telling from dong fang Haoye's point of view, for example:

  • actually Yauyue doesn't drink wine when he's pregnant but tea
  • hao ye apologized and there was an explanation to yauyue why he slept with nang gong liu jian
  • there's also yao yue and xiao dong's point of view
  • explained when with yan ze xing, he already recognized him and they were "in bed" only because of yan ze xing's suggestion so that those who were eavesdropping did not suspect
  • Bei Tang yao yue was stressed when hao ye disappeared and was about to miscarry and still wanted to chase him, so sad until yao yue fell asleep accompanied by a baby ice sculpture
  • during a pandemic (extra), yao ye who picked up hao ye and cried hysterically because hao ye almost died
I suggest you to read the book version, it is more detailed and there are some plots changed so as not to make the reader misunderstand, I think the author is trying to show that in fact they both love each other <<less
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RuMI123 rated it
October 17, 2018
Status: Completed
Starting off with my thanks to the translator for translating this Novel. Now, to the story itself, the plot and setting is pretty nice and interesting. Though, the character are some out SEKE couple, I believe the MC is techinally is the SEME/GONG. I really didn't like his personality. I find his character to much of a b*tch, sorry. Its kind of annoying and the ML personality is no help, even though he is presented as tsundere but I didn't feel that, I didn't feel the ROMANTIC feeling from him.
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Helly rated it
December 30, 2016
Status: c1 part2
Hilarious. Worth the read, for those who wants a light hearted story or those who wants something new to read. Well, it is for now. Don't know if it'll change in the later chapters. MC and the empress is entertaining and the other surrounding charaters are lovable. Updates please, guys?
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Addison rated it
February 24, 2019
Status: Completed
I tried hard to like Wangfei. But I couldn't. I know the author wanted to make him cold and so on. But he come across like he doesn't even like the protagonist. To the point where he's always mean with him. I really didn't feel any kind of love from him. To bad. The story is good and it could have been better if the Wangfei didn't treat the protagonist so bad. Till the end and after it only made me feel that is was one side love. Can't give... more>> more then 2. I tried 3 but is not worth. <<less
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Wolvelyn rated it
June 27, 2018
Status: Completed
The story is not bad but slightly frustrating in my opinion. The wangye (MC) is foolishly in love with his wangfei that its ridiculous. Everything he does, he does it for him.

Sometimes I feel like wangfei doesn't like the MC that much. I really can't feel the affection. The wangfei is like a block of ice while the MC is like a passionate flame, impossible to distinguish.

I'm not quite satisfied with the ending (or the overall story tbh). But whatever.

This is only my opinion.
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isecai rated it
June 13, 2018
Status: c20
Trigger warning, the physical relationship started with a dubious consent through the use of aphrodisiac. In any case, this title delivers everything I expected from a wholesome male pregnancy tale, especially with the rare POV of the seme/top!

I love how much he loves his wangfei that he's willing to bottom once and offers in another instance. Yes, willingness to switch is awesome!


There is a frantic pace all over the story that makes the whole relationship progresses in peril situations. I'm not absolutely in love with the romantic portrayal. It's taken in a too comedic way all over the course, especially with the MC's character. It does however, reach a good balance between a persistent MC and the cold, distant, beautiful wangfei ML. It'll do for a one-sitting read for a cute mpreg couple. The side characters are endearing; it makes me want to ship everyone with everyone lmao. They're not simply hurdles to overcome.

Even the jealous love rival of the wangfei is still being treated like a brother by our MC after the event is all said and done, which makes an interesting dynamic between MC and the side characters.


So if you're okay with both seme MC and mpreg (or even, like me, is hunting down both in webnovels due to the scarcity) in a light comedy tone, sprinkled with drama and perilous situations, I highly recommend you to read this story.
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BanniNotBunny rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: Completed
MC used an aphrodisiac to get intimate with ML. (Not a good start)

ML is too cold towards MC. It is justifiable in the start and till some point but later even after clearing everything... then it feels not okay. (and Yes, he was good to MC at times but does not feel balanced.)

MC literally thinks to get the ML pregnant again so that in that time ML will be good to him.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
earlgreyt rated it
October 5, 2018
Status: Completed
Unique read from POV of MC chasing the ML instead of the other way around. I recently began noticing the untold amounts of 'iceberg' MLs in C-novels, so this is another one of those. The intrigue in the beginning was curious, overall plot had potential. The author was a bit too ambitious and tried to write complex political intrigue x Jianghu/martial arts masters, but not very successfully. Lots of random information was introduced shallowly with almost no impact on the overall plot progression.

Ultimately, the story is more successful as a... more>> lighthearted historical (?) romance with lots of humor and fluffy moments, so take it as that. Despite being an ultra-cold ML I think it's clear that the ML has feelings for the MC due to the fact that he is stronger than the MC but allows him tons of liberties (if he disliked the MC he could have easily beaten him up 9/10 times). MC is super endearing! <<less
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IvaAres rated it
April 4, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is nice but nothing too deep or something that will leave you thinking about it after finishing it. Kinda bland.

When the MC lost his memories and began chasing after the ML, the ML seemed surprised, and the emperor (MC brother) was talking about how the MC hasn't managed to get the ML under him. This made me think that before losing his memories the MC was a strong and level-headed dude. Buttttttt Nvm. It turns out that the MC has a very easy going and whiny personality and... more>> he has set his heart on the ML since the first time he sae him as a child. The MCs personality is a bit disappointing but you can see just hiw much he loves the ML.

However, the MLS personality is very cold and indifferent so even though you see slight moments where he willingly gives in to the MC, I don't really see the love from his side. Maybe if the author had written it differently where we can see and understand the MLs thoughts we may have seen some affection in his actions but I just mainly saw the MC chasing after the ML the whole novel, trying to get the ML to accept his love and get them to stay together happily ever after. <<less
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Rice and frys
Rice and frys rated it
January 7, 2021
Status: prologue
Okay the story is funny to read yet very frustrating. ML and MC both are really annoying. MC always cry's. And MC falling in love at first sight with ML why because he's very very beautiful? And every time forcing then saying I like u, I like u and ML literally indifferent to MC. Didn't fell any romance.
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sanlang3003 rated it
June 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Translation: I always appreciate translators' efforts but it was really hard to read this due to the poor translation quality.

Story: If you can get past the consent issues of the story, the storyline is still all over the place. I thought it was a fluff piece? But they tried to throw in a lot of political storylines that didn't really go anywhere. The characters were not fleshed out and I never found myself getting too attached to the MC and ML. I wasn't convinced by their romance.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
numba1nobody rated it
May 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Just wanna write a honest review here:

I argued with myself wether it's 2 star or 3 star whatever I'm putting 2 star so just listen first before making everything harsh for me.

Read the novel I still recommend it even if I said many bad factors. If you just came here for fun guess you're bored just go on and read this novel I guess it's worth wasting time on in the least. Pretty enjoyable and I like it? Huh... why did I rate it 2 star then hahahaha.

Course of events... more>> are improper gets confusing, annoying. Ridiculous cliche plot holes ya I fell hardly come help me get up, twist ya my neck twisted now I'm dead wait what who is writing write now if I am...

The story started interesting. The way they interacted is unusually tempting and the fact that the MC has the 'so called amnesia' makes it s*upidly unrealistic.

The MC liking ML is the legendary 'love in first sight' (Unrealistically s*upid) is very rare. Is it because of how 'feminine' and beautiful the ML is with or without (like I care) anything to be capricious how the ML is towards the MC at first time they met (the extra chapter that is about the past and the chapter where the MC met ML with having an 'amnesia'.

Boring, guess interesting, yet shallow plot. Characters too blunt towards MC. So so romance: gets frustrating the more we dive in the story.

Sudden change of temperament of ML towards MC where the misunderstanding and the quarrel left unexplained (improper points; readers left in a predicament)

Unreasonable to reasonable; nonplus yet bearable ya'll.

r/wotnonfixedsemegongorientation—this one f*cked up the novel: deal or no deal; yaaaa sir there's nothing like that here shoo shoo ya. Gets on the nerve f*cking annoying you sl*t both ML and MC such a b*tchy sl*t f*cking frustrating!!! (Just imagine, not real, but just a made up one: okay so imagine you have a wife (girl) and you're a guy where u f*ck your wife (as in put it in) and imagine ok lol imagine you (guy the husband) getting f*cked (as in put it in inside you in someway by your wife (girl)) lol it's really funny ('no it's not it's disgusting') —Okay so the way I said this is not legitimately what I meant because of gender roles whatever men and women not the same I'm just using them as an object to describe how f*cked up that is...

Non consensual "unspoken rules" in the first few chapters (literally more than half the chapters of all of them) it's too much of a disruption on my head and it's not cool I'm telling ya.

Let me explained in an easier way...

The way the MC acted towards ML at first is keen believable that he really has amnesia. MC drugged ML then f*cked him where blablabla there we go their descendants appeared whatever.

Not consensual s*xual activities where it made the story ridiculous. ML trying to act pitiful moaning like an idiot where there we go he got f*cked blablabla didn't fought back then quarrel when they woke up....

Misunderstandings there we go ha! Guess who am I bit*h I'm the wall: there we go things get left unexplained then act normal like children who got some sweets from their parents.

there we go they f*cked again blablabla our MC force ML to say "I like you and I love you" ridiculously frustrating right?

conspiracies gets a little confusing: author tried still not enough tho...

too much stuff left about the conflict. (maybe I'm overthinking so don't make this info make you not read this novel)

Yaa ML and MC really gets on the nerve guess that's why they are a pair. Not proper romance legit big NO. (what I meant is usually how things go on at current timeline so don't screw on me plus this is ancient times sooooooooo...)

oh and one funny thing.... I mean like there is a token for uhm was it east gates west blablabla yes... so like funny thing is that you can became a master just by having a token I mean like couldn't there be like bloodline key factors for them to become a gate master and like imagine an empire, boom! There we go they stoled all the 4 tokens blablabla now coveting everything now they ruler of them blablabla... ridiculous.

Also imagine you seeing your f*cking husband cheating on you with your own eyes right in front of you and where The one cheating said " omg no this is a misunderstanding blablabla I like you pls no" then you just stare at them and be liked " continue" boom hahahahaha (no kidding but this one f*cking made me annoyed btchy ML imma smack ur ass what a slut)

sigh this novel (lol and I'm sure you might get f*cking annoyed at the ML of how unreasonable he is in the first few chapters: literally almost 1/3 of the time) <<less
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Staringatastar rated it
March 27, 2019
Status: extra 3
Nice translation, but the number of characters for a relatively short novel is a bit overwhelming. It made me lose the plot a bit.

Also, as other said, the couple seems a bit one - sided, reminds me of the king and ger in the 7th arc ("Facing a Double Rebirth Attack") of "Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil". One person is desperately chasing down the other who has the ability to give birth, and eventuality wins them over with sheer persistence/harassment.
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optionalpanda rated it
January 22, 2019
Status: Completed
A cute, quick read, although my interest waned a little in the last third. It would probably have been improved with better pacing and more time spent on fleshing out Hao Ye and Yao Yue’s deepening relationship - less on interruptions by an influx of new character cameos and an over-ambitious political subplot.

The combination of a younger, happy-go-lucky gong/MC and an ice-cold, stoic shou is a bit unusual, but they made a cute couple and I wish there was more of them. Dongfang Hao Ye’s devotion and persistence is enough... more>> to melt the hardest of hearts - Beitang Yao Yue didn’t stand a chance! The first half, which focused entirely on their developing relationship, was my favorite.

My only gripe is that Hao Ye’s love for Yao Yue was much more apparent than Yao Yue’s love for him; even accounting for the fact that Yao Yue is supposed to be cold on the surface and not given to expressing his feelings, it sometimes felt a little one-sided.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mokey rated it
March 16, 2021
Status: Completed
My Wangfei is a Man is none toxic than Broken Bonds. Broken Bonds make me want to cry for the nearly half of the novel chapters. Yan FeiLi was so sad and pitiful in the novel, probably due to the time period at the time. I'm still reading the chapter 100 of Broken Bonds

However My Wangfei storyline is so funny and I love how cute Dong Fang Hao Ye towards the cold Bei Tang Yao Yue, I wonder if all of Yan Feili and Beitang Ao children are as cold... more>> as Beitang Ao. <<less
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nctzen rated it
November 20, 2020
Status: Completed
There are two biggest flaws for me and those are, first, I dont like how the ML is just so cold towards the MC as if he do not have any feelings to him at all before all the chaos happened. It felt completely like a one-sided love from the MC and I just pity him. I finished the story just to see the MC getting the love he deserves and be happy with his life.

Secondly is the plot. This is a 20+ chapters story but the amount of politics... more>> related matters in here make sense for 100+ chapters novels. Sometimes I just don't understand what is happening because everything happen so fast. I don't understand a few things at the end and just felt bored reading it.

You can try and read this if you want but a little disappointing in my opinion. <<less
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Tomoti rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Despite some of the negative reviews, I read it and I love it. A quick light read. I think both of wangye and wangfei match each other even tho they are like fire and ice. If its not wangye who annoys wangfei too death with his love confession everyday, who could melt wangfei’s icy cold demeanor?
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March 26, 2020
Status: Completed
the plot is nice but it doesn't have any point at all. Just because the MC is being cute to ML that he suddenly fell in love with the MC did he forgot how forceful the MC is towards him, the MC even used the aphrodisiac even if he doesn't know what's happening just because he fell in love at first sight with the ML like wth? and just because the MC has an amnesia it's still not a good excuse to not have a proper build up to their... more>> relationship, others might like this story but totally not me


So I gave this novel another chance and their relationship gets a little bit better towards the end but still the ML is sometimes cold towards the MC even to their kids but I get that he grows up with a strict way parenting so that's understandable...I think... but theres also some plot holes in the story and also

the MC got h**ny when the little brother of the ML dressed up as a girl to lure him while his captor is unaware even though he said he misses and worries about ML who is currently pregnant with their twins

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tearlesereph rated it
January 12, 2020
Status: Completed
MC is super adorable, ML is a little unlikable for me due to the lack of love he shows MC. I thought it would be a quick simple read but there was a lot more political stuff to the plot between the two countries and then jianghu factions.
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