The Wife is First


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The wife is first, the country is second, and the husband is of lesser importance.

All of his life was spent riding a war horse and accomplishing meritorious military services. But what was the result? In the end, he was cast aside once he had served his purpose.

Out of selfishness, he had favored his consort and neglected his wife. Ultimately, the one who stood by his side was the wife that he had neglected for 10 years…

After being reborn, Jing Shao decided to repent and turn over a new leaf…

Standing outside the door while holding a pillow, Jing Shao gazed at the sky. He must first mend his relationship with his wife. Jing Shao formed a fist and knocked on the door, “Jun Qing, I know I was wrong, let me in!”

Associated Names
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Qi Wei Shang
Thê Vi Thượng
Wife Above All
You Own My All (Manhua)
หนึ่งคํามั่น นิรันดร์กาล
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New luhyung rated it
November 25, 2023
Status: Completed
It took me 4 tries to finish this story because the manhua was too draggy. Thankfully the novel has much better pacing.

While the novel is well-written, there’s a lot of dubious plot points that were hastily skipped over because the author had no real way to explain it.

The most obvious being JS returning to the past. How? Why? I don’t know. And even till the end I don’t understand Prince Jing’s consort and her downward spiral. I was expecting some kind of justification like JS had previously harmed Prince Jing but she hated him for being a bastard son? When he’s Prince Jing’s full-blooded brother? I don’t understand.

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XuRuel rated it
May 27, 2019
Status: Completed
Personally, I think this is a very sweet novel. Therefore, I have decided to translate it so that others can enjoy it too. I'll be translating the next chapter soon. So to the previous translator, I hope you don't mind?? But if u do, just tell me ok.
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DewDropsOnMellons rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: --
Evidently based on the reviews here and the comments under the chapters, there aren't a lot of people who share my opinion on this so it might just be me being over sensitive but I found this story somewhat disturbing. It could be because I was looking at things through a modern lens.

Before I get into my rant let me just say that this story doesn't have much in the way of plot and intrigue. The plot is lacklustre and basically if you're looking for anything beyond romance I suggest... more>> you look elsewhere.

Now lets get on with the rant.

The MC is utter tr*sh. He has no wisdom or intelligence nor does he have a sense of responsibility. He commits domestic violence against his secondary wife because she was disrespectful and annoying, so what if she was? Does that mean it's okay to hit her? He clearly has problems with violence starting from his first life when he brutally r*ped the MC on their wedding night just because he was p*ssed off (on another note, why wasn't there a r*pe tag? Does it only apply to graphic r*pe or something? If so please correct the tags since I added it).

Also what's with the disgusting chauvinistic outlook? If he considers getting penetrated as shameful and degrading why is he so eager to inflict that on the man he supposedly likes?

The part where they were talking about "how to subdue a male wife" like it's some kind of conquest made me want to gag. Why are people speaking like the ML deserves a prize for not r*aping his husband (after he got traumatized by the brutal r*ape during his wedding night, he still pushed his boundaries, harassed him and made light of his trauma) ? And in what world is r*pe redeemable? "He said sorry so all is well" is not applicable to r*pe!

The MC is utterly incompetent and just complete garbage. He's mad that his wives weren't willing to go to prison with him and saved themselves. I get him getting mad at the ones who took evidence and spied and stuff (that's if he was falsely charged, I'm not clear on some of his charges, it might be that not all of them are fake) but treating them like an infection because they didn't want to get punished for a crime they didn't commit with him? That MC that said he saw a concubine was pretty so he gave her favor for a while and then ditched her has the nerve to demand that kind of mindless devotion?

Besides, the ML stood by him and became a doormat because he had no choice and nowhere else to go and after his 10 years of neglect and abuse he had nothing left not because he was so in love and loyal, he was practically suicidal at that point.


He didn't want to become some guys wife he wanted to be a scholar and unlike the MC's lousy existence who wanted to be king while not even being able to handle 4 wives, the ML actually had some talent (but not character). Although don't get me wrong, the ML is also a cruel, ruthless and unethical person.

He suggested that the MC take a doctor's child into his army and have him make a mistake to manipulate and blackmail that honest doctor who just wants to do his job away from all the politics. He keeps coming up with these kinds of disgusting schemes, he's definitely not a good person by any means.


I started feeling sorry for the concubines when he was going on about how this person gifted him that concubine when he was at this age and that person gifted him that concubine like he was talking about shoes and purses instead of people. Since we saw the ML's mom who was also a concubine get pitted, it's clear just how unfortunate these women are. In those circumstances I find it really hard to blame the concubines that much. The story tries really hard to make almost all the women in the story devious and evil (specially the ones in harems that aren't the MC or ML's birth moms).


One of those girls got gifted to the MC by the first prince and gifted by him to the fourth prince, she's practically a commodity being tossed about by people in high positions and since she was sent by that the first prince the MC didn't touch her and was always wary of her. She was a scheming person but just imagine if she really was innocent, it wouldn't have mattered, she would still be treated with no respect and wouldn't be regarded as a human.


The MC feels very entitled and he doesn't actually change as a person at all, he just favours a different person in this lifetime but he's still the tr*sh that he was in his first life.

He already married a bunch of women, whether he likes it or not he has a responsibility towards them but in the first life he was fickle and favored some while ignoring his husband and in his second life he just changed the person he favoured and in my opinion he still doesn't treat him with respect (I don't consider the ML as respectable but that isn't the point, also I don't think not raping him after the first time is the standard for respect) while he completely neglects and mistreates his helpless and powerless concubines. Like I've already mentioned, he has a responsibility to them as their husband so it isn't even remotely romantic that he isn't willing to sleep with them after having married them.

He wants to live a happy married life with the ML but what are the other women going to do? He already married them and they can't even divorce while they likely get pressured by the people who married them off to this guy and they have nothing for themselves; if they loose their husband's favour they might even starve. If I remember correctly, they don't even have inheritance rights and I'm not sure if they could own property or not.

It's a good thing then that all of them without exception were made scheming and unlikable. If they weren't like that though they would still get neglected and struggle to survive, the MC is just that irresponsible.

Honestly I just have a problem with harems in general. If one of the parties involved has a harem than nothing in then novel is romantic to me, I'll just feel sorry for the other ones specially in this sort of s*xist and unequal society.

Overall, to me it was a slow and boring story without an interesting plot, just fluff and smut between two unlikable characters. <<less
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Print rated it
August 22, 2018
Status: Completed
list of reasons why this novel is good

  • it's f*cking great.
But in all seriousness, this novel was quite fun to read. It's just the right amount of comedy, drama, smut, and pure fluff. I would definitely suggest reading it if you're the type of person whose sick of the Gary sue Yaoi novels (for now). For anybody who has a decent understanding of Chinese just search up 妻为上 on google and you'll find free versions of the entire novel.
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November 11, 2020
Status: c1
The way that JS treats MHZ is too disgraceful. "We have already done the deed between husband and wife, what are you afraid of?” Seeing that person’s place face getting redder, the corner of Jing Shao’s lips could not help but curve upwards."
What's so damn funny? You brutally r*ped him and now you want to laugh about it? This author obviously does not understand the trauma and consequences of r*pe. JS thinks he can make up for it by being a little bit nice and freaking condescending? What BS.... more>> I totally dropping this novel. I don't want to support an author that makes light of r*pe <<less
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NanairoHana rated it
January 31, 2021
Status: c78
Okay first of all, before you start this story, comprehend the title "THE WIFE IS FIRST". So, of course it is a story of a man pampering his wife. What do you expect actually after reading the story title?

Next, after reading the title correctly, read the summary. The country is second. Yeah, that is right. There is nothing deceiving about this story title and summary. It is basically laid out there.

So my review after seeing some of latest review that makes me double check the title and summary:

It is an... more>> easy going story with not overly dramatic events. MC had the advantage of knowing future events but the rigid him alone can't successfully change it due to some other ever changing situation that arised by his intervention actions. So he needed ML and his elder brother to give him advice and help. He pampered his wife all the time; giving what he wants, avenging his injustice, spoil him rotten. What is refreshing about this story is that, even though MC had lived two lifetimes, there is still secrets that he failed to see by himself. He himself isn't some invincible being, with OP brain, tactic and scheme. So far, the throne fight is still flourishing and real villainess had been revealed. Latest arc is about seizing back the vassal lands and subduing the vassal kings. Huainan King - Gu Huaiqing is a unique and nice character. Hoping to see him more. The bond that needed mending had been mended and some forces needed to be win had been won over. There are also many comedies situation: JS's stingy friend, JS's army generals and lieutenent generals, Assistant Minister of Rites and his male wife, Gu Huaiqing encounter, tiger cub meeting lion cub.

MC (Jing Shao/Cheng Wang [title]/ the third prince: the gong) :

Honest, straightforward, impulsive, loyal and candid. He is forced by his Emperor Father and current Empress to marry a male wife. In his past life, he believed he is alone and his family hated him thus done that to him. So he retaliated by wanting to contend as the throne heir (as, if you married male wife then you automatically lose your chance as heir candidate. So he rebelled). But in doing so, he becomes blind from those that care and geniunely towards him (not only his wife, but others too).

He is a military officer with his own army troops that he gained from all his meritious services. He excels in commanding wars, real battlefield but sucks a big time in politics that twisted their words into unrecognisable knots. So he lose the fight for throne and the one winning seems to be his true enemy. So his ending is imprisonment. Not just being jailed and will be released later. It is jailed to be beheaded later. So, while his household collapsed, the one didn't run away to save his life is his wife. That wife was imprisoned and suffered with him. With some luck (yeah right, of course they had help), he escaped and in the process, the wife died in his arm and he vowed, "if there is a next life, that life will be devoted to you" and jumped off dying together. This basically happened in chapter 1-2.


ML (Mu HanZhang/Jun Qing [courtesy name]: the shou)

Super calm, soothing, gentle, quick minded and a bit mischievous. In this era, male wife isn't rare. Male concubine is crime. Noble family restricted their male descendent of illegitimate line (born of concubine) by marrying them with male wife or sending them to be a male wife. To preserve the heir position. MHZ is a child born from North Marquis's low status concubine.

He is an excellent son where initially had bright prospect in martial arts and valued by his father but that is shattered when he is like 5/6 under Mu Ling Bo jealousy and Marchioness deliberate belated help. Unable to train martial arts, he strive to be a scholar and attending imperial examination. His father basically ignored him after he can't train martial arts but the Marchioness still can't let him go to excel in court. So he was sent to be male wife of a prince; thus eliminating his chance to ever attend the examination. He is a filial son, although his feeling for his father isn't as strong as for his birth mother. He still give advice and help for his father when needed. MHZ is a person that accepted his fate. So he isn't as antagonistic towards the marriage like JS in previous life. This life, he is a bit apprehensive towards JS in the beginning to due the bad timing of JS's rebirth. But the wise MHZ knew from the start, his life now already bounded to the livelihood of Cheng Wang household.


Jing Rong (first prince)

Of lowly birth since his mother seems to be just a nobody. Desperate to prove himself as heir candidate.

Jing Chen (Rui Wang [title]/ the second prince)

Resolute, caring, wise, clear-minded about who can be keep and who can be discarded. In both lifetime, he genuinely loved his little brother, Jing Shao.

But he changed since he learned the secret of Empress Yuan (his and JS's birth mother), and strived hard in politic to ensure their lifes. A harsh reprimand from him during their mother burial made him become estranged with JS. Now though, they are warming up again. Seeing JS's change, he also disclosed about their mother and younger brother death and the real culprit. He also had good attitude towards MHZ and didn't look down to him. All in all, a real good brother! Oh, in one of author's mini theatre, it seems he ascended the throne, WITH A MALE EMPRESS! It was said as Empress Gu and the only Gu that had appeared is an interesting character 😅.


Jing Yu (the fourth prince)

Jing Yu's birth mother is the current empress, Empress Wu. By chapter 78, it seems he is just ordinary achiever, without his mother's support, he can easily toppled.

Empress Wu (current Empress)

A super restless being. She is the one suggesting MHZ as JS's potential wife. When MHZ seems unfavoured by JS, she is happy. When MHZ seems favoured by JS she began jumping madly again. It can easily be seen that last life, this is the main instigator that the words seems like caring but with double meaning of sowing discord.

Empress Wu is implied to be the one poisoning Empress Yuan and her unborn child. Empress Yuan seems truly favoured by Emperor (you see, Jing Chen, Jing Shao and that unborn child coming unstoppable lol) and heavens since all her children are male. Empress Wu is a jealous and restless one. So far, it implied that she revenged against Empress Yuan from having her planked simply because she planted a plant that only Empress can plant when she was still a concubine. Like wtf. That is you provoking Empress Yuan and then you said her the one to be jealous so your retaliation is justified. Bruh. She tried to show her might in front of MHZ and mistreat him in the name of punishment many times, but backlashed since MHZ is just that good haha. Many of her traps this time also failed under MHZ's advice and JS's vigilance


Emperor Hong Zheng (current Emperor)

He still hasn't named the crown prince making the four princes that had come of age restless and trying to gain as many achievement as there are. He is a bit hard to understand regarding his feelings towards his sons. He wants to unite the lands back.

He and Empress Yuan named Jing Shao, Shao as in the male phoenix from a poem. It is to represent their wish for him to not fight for the throne but assisting the emperor (you know dragon phoenix thing). If so, it seems they intended as Jing Chen to be the heir but until now he is still undecided. He had rebuked Empress Wu for trying to humiliate JS, saying "his sons can make mistakes and misdeed but the one that can discipline them is only him". It isn't revealed yet what happened to him last life and his stance. But it seems he didn't know Empress Wu poisoned Empress Yuan? He appointed Empress Wu as empress after she vowed about something undisclosed yet. One scene shows him reminiscing about Empress Yuan. Saying if she is alive, all four princes won't be as they are today.


Empress Yuan (late Empress)


Poisoned to miscarriage and death. JS was there seeing the incident but since he is too small, the incident is too traumatic and blocked from his conscious memory. It is triggered after JC told him. He had nightmare where he saw her mother bleeding saying "my child, my child" making him remembered about his unfortunate little brother. She is a nice person. JS had flashback when visiting the princes' study room. Jing Rong, Jing Chen, Jing Shao and Jing Yu had to study together due to their close age. At that time, the four brothers had good relationships. They study, play and eat together. Empress Yuan would frequently visited them with delicious snacks for all of them fairly. At the end of flashback, JS lamented how everything changed since Empress Wu later do the same but it is only for Jing Yu and the other three are prohibited from even drooling over it. Basically sowing bad feelings over superiority and inferiority in the children young's heart.


A plus point and charm of this book is that a male "wife" isn't necessarily the "wife in bed" 😏. <<less
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Kriwufei rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: c1
Its actually pretty good so far. Don't go off of the quality of the description available here, the translator (s?) did a good job and the translation is easily understandable. It started out intriguing and I'm definitely looking forward to reading this series.
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Celissiye rated it
December 1, 2021
Status: c15
I'm with DewDrop's review on this one. Rating: 2.0

I find the MC of this novel so damn dislikable. I get that he finally realizes his husband is a nice guy after the ML sacrifices his damn life for him, but the story is filled with cringe-worthy behavior.

I'm the type that prefers to read BLs where both MC and ML are masculine to some degree and even if they aren't that strong are treated with some respect as an equal. You know, where they can both carry their weight to some... more>> degree. In this story, the MC has really just been reduced to a 'wife' character. The MC (based on the descriptions) had r*ped the ML violently on their wedding night and even after he is reborn barely seems to reflect on it for more than a few seconds. The LAST thing I would want is a person who tormented me in bed to then insist on 'taking care of me', bringing me to the bath, and literally hand-holding me afterward, yet this is exactly what occurs in the first few chapters. I mean, come on... besides being a little flinchy for a bit, the ML barely takes any time before softening his attitude towards the MC who had recently been terrible towards him. I just don't get why the wife dude is so forgiving. Not only that, but ML literally had his entire future stripped away because of this dumb marriage... like YO. That's what women had to deal with in the past, but for men, they usually were supposed to be responsible for their family and get an image. Being FORCED to be a wife if you were a man would be humiliating.

Anyway, I dislike the MC's petting behavior and his general disgusting treatment of those he is married to, including the other concubines. And instead of rejoicing at how the MC treats the ML better and how "cute" they are, it just grosses me out as I am unable to comprehend why the ML would want such a life.

You can argue that this is 'how things were back in the old days' so the MC isn't in the wrong, but the writing style clearly suggests that this story isn't intended to be 'historic'. The author purposefully goes out of the way to try and make the MC seem more 'romantic' by taking better care of and not raping the ML the 2nd time around. And what I hate the most in romance novels is romanticizing rapist, chauvinistic males. <<less
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icecream52 rated it
October 30, 2019
Status: c5
there's nothing to anticipate. So far it's just MC declaring how he will cherish the ML. There's nothing compelling me to continue reading, there's no mystery that must be uncovered, there's no chemistry between the characters.
i have zero attachment to the characters, unlike in MDZS where I could immediately tell what personality each character had from their first lines.
there's no humour to drive the reader's interest along until we got to a plot point. Sorry but I peaced out at ch5.
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richarddixonriddle rated it
August 3, 2020
Status: c97
I would give it a 5 except... I guess I will never understand why semes are so uncomfortable with their own masculinity that even the very suggestion the role reverses sends them onto these frantic sex-crazed spasms... like... f-cking man up... lol

otherwise, basically an easy read... and like many rebirth stories... stuff before the rebirth isn't so nice, and the seme spends the rest of his life making up for it...
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teagsho rated it
December 1, 2020
Status: Completed
108 chapter is not enough ah-😭😭 it is really good lol

spoiler for you Gu Huaqing is gonna be


the Empress of Jing Chen.

Did you guys remember the author note about the theater below some chapters that have Empress Gu on it? It is Gu Huaqing lol I knew it but I still shocked, btw Empress Gu is the top one AHAHAHAHA


very recommended, I read the raw in one go and satisfied, now I don’t know what to do anymore haha
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yuukine rated it
June 23, 2020
Status: c55
Rating: 4/5

> "If there is an afterlife, I must treat you well. I will spend my entire life making it up to you... "

This is a very intriguing book with very interesting harem drama system, rebirth, respect your husband/wife juice and changing history.

This is a story of Jing Shao, a prince who was removed from succession by being forced to marry a man. And not just any man, but lowly son of a concubine. For a decade their lives had been entangled and Jing Shao hurt and neglected his... more>> wangfei husband Mu Hanzhang by ignoring, neglecting and hating him for no other reason but for being slap in the face by his parents.

But when he supports the wrong side, when he should have strived more to help his brother, when he realized that everyone abandoned him... Then he found out that the only one who stayed was his principal "wife" Mu Hanzhang/Jun Qing, even after being fatally wounded. So they die together...

Except the story doesn't end there for Jing Shao. Jing Shao has been thrown back in time, at the night of their wedding and so he decides!

He will support the right side and he will pamper and give love to his Jun Qing!!!!

This is very wonderful and sweet novel when you see all the pampering, all the cuteness and everything Jing Shao does to redeem himself and his attempts to woo Mu Hanzhang.

But Mu Hanzhang is a person with complicated feelings. In the first life, he was alone, his mother was not allowed to support him, he was not allowed to call her mother and he was deemed as useless son. And then they married him off to prevent Jing Shao from inheriting the throne. It was a huge slap to Jing Shao and then he began maltreating Mu Hanzhang over nothing. But he just wanted love, stability, peace and safety. Too bad in his first life, what he got was being alive just to be abused and neglected.

Thankfully those knives are just said and not overly shown because I, for example, wouldn't be able to bear reading those in detail.

Both of them are lovely and wonderful characters. Please read it for them.


◙ Main characters: cute as hell, will knife you hard. 4/5

◙ Side characters: okayish, could be worked on more. 3/5

◙ Story: clear, linear, very understandable but nothing really mind-blowing happens so don't expect an epic scale story. 4/5

◙ Humor and angst: subtle knives hidden to hurt you, parts that will make you smile. Lovely. 4/5 <<less
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MasterOfProcrastination rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: Completed

It’s everything I wish for and more! I read it for the first time in my native language (bless the publisher!) quite a long time ago and I can still say it’s still one of my best, so far.

It’s very good to your heart, I guaranty you. ML loves and worships the ground MC walk on. MC, after believed ML ‘s sincerity, loves him back and always help him. They both realy compliment each other. Many stories with other characters are also good and fun.

All in all, I... more>> love it, but then again, it’s personal opinion. So.... I guess you must try it yourself! ;) <<less
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Jwel rated it
November 29, 2020
Status: Completed
I love how the relationship between MC and ML grew. Their combination, MC as a war god and ML as a smart military advisor made them powerful.

... more>>

MC's army didnt know that the military advisor is their generals Wangfei. Their reaction is funny once they found out.


I also like the brotherhood between MC and Elder brother, even if the people around the elder brother doesnt like MC, he believe and cared for his little brother.


A rebellion took place and Emperor was poisoned. MC and elder brother was with the Emperor, before his last breath, he asked Jing Shao to be the emperor but MC declined. He firmly rejected the edict and said that he just wanted to be his elder brothers general. The emperor got angry but he showed another edict. Elder brother then became the Emperor. MC did his best to protect his elder brother until the army under ML arrive.


Another chacter I like is Gu Huaiqing, he likes to fight with MC. Their dynamic is so funny.


He and Jing Shao are fighting maniac, so they always spar. During war, GH despite being the enemy, would sneak out to MC's tent to steal the food ML made. Lol, they are like bear children that ML have to take care of.

He became the Elder brothers Empress.

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Flying Jade
Flying Jade
September 22, 2020
Status: --
The book is above average. The plot is fairly stable, the schemes are not deep but are acceptable, and the fluff and smut is present.

That said, the book kind of throws lows blows at women. It's subtle but the way the characters view women and treat them as not smart, nosey, gossipy, scheming people is just... I believe the only good adult/married female character is Mu Hanzheng's mother.
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nazgul8126 rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: c11
Overall: 4/5

Story: Decently complex with military/political schemes in Imperial China. A fix it story, where MC travels back to night of his wedding with ML and 1) uses his experiences from his first 30 years to establish better relationships with those who actually care for him and 2) exploits his knowledge of future events to come out on top. Refreshingly, although major plotlines play out as expected and people's motivations/character remain the same as in MC's first life, there are still unexpected challenges as others react/adapt to MC's... more>> actions.

There are subplots including how ML navigates his role among MC's prior wives/concubines, gains respect in his own family, and establishes his own business in order to not just rely on MC--just interesting points that seem mundane but would actually be very important to ML and flesh out the story.

MC: The gong. The fourth prince who was assigned a male wife by the current Empress (not MC's biological mom), effectively cutting him off from being able to become the Emperor of Heaven as MC would have no legitimate heir. As the summary states, he is moved by ML's dedication despite his poor treatment in the first life and becomes the doting husband in present times. Very indulgent and extremely thirsty towards ML. MC is an OP war leader but has a poor mind for politics--which he readily defers to ML.

ML: The shou. The North Marquis' son via low ranked concubine who had his own aspirations and the skill to become a governmental official before his imperially decreed marriage to the MC. Very thoughtful and resourceful. Not a damsel in distress, he works to find his own independence and be an asset to MC (as he was raised to be a man and not a wife).

Relationship development: Well, MC returns in time to their wedding night, to a point after having done the deed already. But MC then restrains himself while wooing ML properly, and things escalate fairly quickly from there.

Critiques: A feel good story where you know MC and ML will come out on top no matter the challenges--not a bad thing but makes conflicts feel slightly shallow. Pacing is slightly slow, especially in the beginning. <<less
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dramamonster rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: c17
The Prince had favoured the concubine and neglected the male wife. Yet after betrayal and imprisonment, only the male wife stayed by his side through ten years of hardship. When the Prince is reborn into his 19 year old self, he resolves to live his life better this time. The male wife whom he scorned and hated, he now treasures and pampers. The concubines who betrayed him, he now ignores. His brother whom he distrusted, he now helps.

The Prince and male wife are actually a perfect pair. The Prince is... more>> a military man who is powerful but clueless about political stratagems. The male wife is a scholar who is brilliant but had low status, and now cannot enter officialdom. The Prince pampers and protects the male wife, and the male wife observes and advises the Prince against plots. They cover each other's weaknesses well.

The translation is excellent. The story has a nice historical drama feel to it. Both characters are kind, reasonable, men in a tense, complex situation. There's plenty of character development and the story and characters are very well written. I liked how the story went into the difficulties of how a male wife would interact with female concubines, male guests, leaving the inner courtyard, etc. You can tell the author put a lot of thought into the world building. <<less
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April 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I had finished this story couple of months ago but only now that I manage to sit down and give my review.

As the story shows from the POV of the ML, it's more like a fix it / repent type of storyline. Since the ML knew the events of the future, he able to make a better decision than his first life. It's a light reading. Not too much of a conflict that can make you feel drain or weary after reading. (A compact 105 chapters is acceptable).

I like the... more>> whole world building. Ex: the rules where a prince wouldn't be able to inherit the throne when he marry a male wife. That's quite refreshing. Something that you rarely found in other novels. The amount of characters that the author introduced was also decent, with a simple background, you can remember the roles play by each characters. Each plot, there's nothing redundant. I think the author did an excellent job on arranging the conflicts and progress of the characters as the story goes on.

Regarding the main characters, I like how they compliment each other. With the ML become the MC strength and vice versa. The MC is certainly not a damsel in distress, he is smart and know his position and how to assist his husband. The ML acknowledge his short-sightedness and prefer to have a comfortable life with his wife. And if there is a misunderstanding, both of them is mature enough to talk and not let the conflict goes on.

By the end of reading this story, I enjoy their personalities and sweetness a lot. The ending is just nice to wrap up the story. I had read the manhua adaptation and I really love it! (Beautiful character design and smooth transition) Highly recommended for everyone to check it out after reading this. <<less
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dona rated it
April 25, 2019
Status: Completed
Each time I need to cleanse my heart I come here. After reading 8 chapters I went and used mlt and finished it all. And wow I loved it. There are very few novels that I give 5 stars and this one deserves it. I

d argue it

s one of the best yaoi novels here.
    • a good plot without too many complexities
    • Decent characters with solid substance, ML was my favourite. Despite him being the prince s consort, he was a strong, understanding and rational man, you just can

      t help but love him.
    • MC and ML truly were a perfect couple and the way their relationship developed truly made it worth reading.
This is essentially a story about the rebirth of MC, getting a second chance with his male consort whom he neglected in the past life. Since he was given a second chance he actively worked to make a healthy relationship, and eventually fell in love with him. At the beginning ML was sceptical and afraid but later he opens up. It

s really beautiful with a certain "depth" to it.


s really lovely to read. Although the updates are sadly slow, so I

d recommend to use mtl because it

s not hard to understand.
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Ko heymi
Ko heymi rated it
July 3, 2021
Status: v3c97
Personally I really liked this novel and the translation is also awesome.

It's a light hearted and nice, cute story.

I would love to finish reading it but it's not updating..... Umm is it being dropped. I don't usually write review's but please don't dorp this novel and continue it..... It's a really beautiful story + thank you for translating it

Still waiting for next update patiently 😅 by that I mean I check every four-five times in a day if it's updated... So don't drop it......
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KSyl rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: c84
I really love this novel!! It's such an enjoyable read!

The plot is pretty well-made. Even though it's pretty messy at first, after a few chapters it'll improve. The court affairs (i think that's the word? Idk) is pretty well made. The schemes.. wow..

The characters are pretty well made ^^ I really love Mu Hanzhang and Jing Shao.. their interactions are so uwu. I like how the author made Mu Hanzhan show his true talent after the reincarnation <3 and as for Jing Shao, he's not the best but he's so... more>> loyal and lovable. And it's.. quite unbelievable how fast he can repent on his past.. but well... <<less
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