The Wife is First


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The wife is first, the country is second, and the husband is of lesser importance.

All of his life was spent riding a war horse and accomplishing meritorious military services. But what was the result? In the end, he was cast aside once he had served his purpose.

Out of selfishness, he had favored his consort and neglected his wife. Ultimately, the one who stood by his side was the wife that he had neglected for 10 years…

After being reborn, Jing Shao decided to repent and turn over a new leaf…

Standing outside the door while holding a pillow, Jing Shao gazed at the sky. He must first mend his relationship with his wife. Jing Shao formed a fist and knocked on the door, “Jun Qing, I know my wrongs, let me in!”

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Thê Vi Thượng
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XuRuel rated it
May 27, 2019
Status: Completed
Personally, I think this is a very sweet novel. Therefore, I have decided to translate it so that others can enjoy it too. I'll be translating the next chapter soon. So to the previous translator, I hope you don't mind?? But if u do, just tell me ok.
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Print rated it
August 22, 2018
Status: Completed
list of reasons why this novel is good

  • it's f*cking great.
But in all seriousness, this novel was quite fun to read. It's just the right amount of comedy, drama, smut, and pure fluff. I would definitely suggest reading it if you're the type of person whose sick of the Gary sue Yaoi novels (for now). For anybody who has a decent understanding of Chinese just search up 妻为上 on google and you'll find free versions of the entire novel.
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Kriwufei rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: c1
Its actually pretty good so far. Don't go off of the quality of the description available here, the translator (s?) did a good job and the translation is easily understandable. It started out intriguing and I'm definitely looking forward to reading this series.
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MasterOfProcrastination rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: Completed

It’s everything I wish for and more! I read it for the first time in my native language (bless the publisher!) quite a long time ago and I can still say it’s still one of my best, so far.

It’s very good to your heart, I guaranty you. ML loves and worships the ground MC walk on. MC, after believed ML ‘s sincerity, loves him back and always help him. They both realy compliment each other. Many stories with other characters are also good and fun.

All in all, I... more>> love it, but then again, it’s personal opinion. So.... I guess you must try it yourself! ;) <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mariri 199x_
mariri 199x_ rated it
December 30, 2018
Status: c5
Such a cute, doting gong!! And the shou is not a doormat :D I'm very excited to see how this story goes, but so far it's looking great!!
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dona rated it
April 25, 2019
Status: Completed
After reading 8 chapters I went and used mlt and finished it all. And wow I loved it. There are very few novels that I give 5 stars and this one deserves it. I´d argue it´s one of the best yaoi novels here.

  • a good plot without too many complexities
  • Decent characters with solid substance, ML was my favourite. Despite him being the prince´s consort, he was a strong, understanding and rational man, you just can´t help but love him.
  • MC and ML truly were a perfect couple and the way their relationship developed truly made it worth reading.
This is essentially a story about the rebirth of MC, getting a second chance with his male consort whom he neglected in the past life. Since he was given a second chance he actively worked... more>> to make a healthy relationship, and eventually fell in love with him. At the beginning ML was sceptical and afraid but later he opens up. It´s really beautiful with a certain "depth" to it. It´s really lovely to read. Although the updates are sadly slow, so I´d recommend to use mtl because it´s not hard to understand. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fanya rated it
December 16, 2018
Status: c5 part2
So far enjoying it. The overall plot is similar to many others. Prince was betrayed, then realized his male wife that was neglected is the only royal one, goes back in time to correct his wrongs and chase his love. What I like about it is that the Prince is not all-powerful with everything in the palm of his hand, he's a good general but he knows he's a musclehead and needs the wife's brain/help. And secondly, he's not controlling/secretive/manipulative and is open with his wife, so there's not much... more>> dragged out misunderstanding or implicit understanding at one glance despite being strangers or something. It's rather refreshing so far and I look forward to seeing them working together to navigate the complicated/hidden political scene. :) <<less
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dramamonster rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: c17
The Prince had favoured the concubine and neglected the male wife. Yet after betrayal and imprisonment, only the male wife stayed by his side through ten years of hardship. When the Prince is reborn into his 19 year old self, he resolves to live his life better this time. The male wife whom he scorned and hated, he now treasures and pampers. The concubines who betrayed him, he now ignores. His brother whom he distrusted, he now helps.

The Prince and male wife are actually a perfect pair. The Prince is... more>> a military man who is powerful but clueless about political stratagems. The male wife is a scholar who is brilliant but had low status, and now cannot enter officialdom. The Prince pampers and protects the male wife, and the male wife observes and advises the Prince against plots. They cover each other's weaknesses well.

The translation is excellent. The story has a nice historical drama feel to it. Both characters are kind, reasonable, men in a tense, complex situation. There's plenty of character development and the story and characters are very well written. I liked how the story went into the difficulties of how a male wife would interact with female concubines, male guests, leaving the inner courtyard, etc. You can tell the author put a lot of thought into the world building. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Farid_san rated it
November 29, 2019
Status: c33
It's pretty good so far! Whether the plot or the romance between MC and ML are developing nicely. Being the reborn or reincarnation troupe, the story slowly uncovering the key events in MC (gong) past life, and how now in his new life he face with those matter more calmly, and with the help of his wangfei (ML) he can see all the problems more clearly, and finally solving them skillfully. The gong here is good at war, but not good at handling politic and all of the tricks... more>> and scheming behind. And that's why at the past life he was easily framed and getting schemed on. So now with him realizing the worth of his wangfei he relies on his smart shou for that matter, while protecting his wangfei's grace and honour, not letting other people disgrace him.

I like that kind of relationship, because it shows how their strength and weakness complemented each other.

Definitely worthy for being in my reading list! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
A188 rated it
September 15, 2019
Status: c21
I love this novel, particularly the interaction between ML and the MC. The MC dotes and respects the ML so much that I feel my teeth aching from the sweetness😁...i never get bored/tired reading the chapters, already translated, repeatedly while I wait for the next chapter release.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Justalittlechesspiece rated it
November 7, 2019
Status: Completed
This was a great read! It was a lovely combination of comedy and romance, and I especially loved that both the MC and the ML are equally capable in their own right, but it is only when they're together that they become the definition of unbeatable.

Those that love dragged out melodramas probably wouldn't like this. The focus is on how the relationship between the two develops and how they deal with the situations that life throws their way. So it starts off slow and frustrating with the lack of communication,... more>> but the pace picks up pretty significantly soon so it all works out.

And well, not everything needs to have a conspiracy plot to drive the plot forward.

although there is a secret conspiracy in this. Squint and you'll see it. I think the author dropped hints early in the beginning. But again, not a major major plot point. It's still good without it :P


Bonus point to the MC that respects the ML's boundaries, and while he does gets handsy, he doesn't push the ML too far.

Just. The characters alone, from the MC and the ml, to the emperor and random family members and supporting characters that turn up, would be enough to guarantee an enjoyable read. Sure some plot points are predictable and cliche, but it's not meant to be a serious read. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lasika rated it
November 7, 2019
Status: c29
I really like this novel. It's sweet without all the drama and negative characters that otherwise seem to infuse c novels.

If you love "dogblood" dramas, this is the wrong novel for you. If you want a sweet, hassle-free, light-hearted novel then this one's a good pick. At this moment, we have a gong protagonist willing to go to all lengths to right his wrongs.

What that means is that the protagonist is upfront about wanting to communicate any issues and feelings straight up to his partner to avoid misunderstandings (and so... more>> far has done it- let's see for future chapters) and makes it a point to always consider his partner's feelings. It's nice to read a novel where the seme tries hard not to abuse his authority as a Prince and wanting his partner's consent. Don't get me wrong, there are obvious issues still being glossed over, but I do appreciate the effort and the protagonist backing off.

The plot could be better but again the point of the story seems to be how the main guy will cherish his partner and hear him out to avoid the mistakes of his past. And I'm definitely not being disappointed on that front.

A sweet, somewhat funny and light-hearted novel for when you just want to read it for fluffiness and nothing else. Also kudos to the translator for their work- it's good quality translation. Am definitely going to look forward tomore chapters since it seems that now, the tone for palace intrigue will be set. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Windemerald rated it
April 13, 2019
Status: c8
Jung qin and cheng wang.

This is a story of rebirth and redemption. I really like this plot. Its like we only live once so we do whatever we want but sometimes. There are things we dont know and miracles we regard as nothing. People we disregards until they are lost that we finally realized how precious they are.

Cheng wang redemption and setting back to find his happiness
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
icecream52 rated it
October 30, 2019
Status: c5
there's nothing to anticipate. So far it's just MC declaring how he will cherish the ML. There's nothing compelling me to continue reading, there's no mystery that must be uncovered, there's no chemistry between the characters.
i have zero attachment to the characters, unlike in MDZS where I could immediately tell what personality each character had from their first lines.
there's no humour to drive the reader's interest along until we got to a plot point. Sorry but I peaced out at ch5.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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