Broken Bonds


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Beitang Ao, Master of the Four Heavenly Sect’s Northern Sect, Ming Dynasty nobleman and inheritor of the title “King of Beitang” (Ruler of Beitang). He was elegant and cool as snow; but within his body, a peerless martial skill was contained.

Yan Feili, General of the Northern Sect, in his need to seek vengeance on behalf of a benefactor, met Beitang Ao and after being subdued, pledged his allegiance to the Northern Sect.

For eight years, Yan Feili held feelings for Beitang Ao. In the beginning, it was no more than a God-like reverence but gradually, it became a greed fueled admiration.

Following the incident in the Demon Forest, Yan Feili soon discovered he was pregnant. It turned out that Yan Feili was, to his surprise, a descendant of the “Moye” tribe. He kept his pregnancy hidden until the child could be born, but soon afterwards, was sent off by Beitang Ao, beginning the dispute between the two.

When all is said and done, how will these “entangled emotions” be “resolved”?

Entangled emotion: or deep seated emotions (literal translation: Complex), is a call back to the “情结” in novel’s name.

resolved: another call back to the title as the word “了断” can also mean to break/end.

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duàn qíngjié
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Meow4meow rated it
March 8, 2020
Status: Completed
I feel so greasy after reading that. First of all the MC is cracked in the head. The ML had s*x with him, but pretended that nothing happened and got engaged. He even invited MC to his wedding. And the MC went even knowing that his due date was around the corner and ended up giving birth that same day. Then got his child taken away from him and he was clearly not ok with it. But a couple days after he and the ML were back at it again.... more>> This time he lost the kid. And all this was happening while the ML was still married. The ML says its completely fine for him to do so but if MC got married he would be really upset about it. What kind of logic is this? Kicked MC out for years because he thought they needed to cool down. Then followed MC years later and professed his love for him while he still had a wife said wife had even gotten pregnant with his kid and was forced to take this kid in while she was pregnant with hers. She even lost her kid due to smallpox but ML thought it would be a good idea to just find and replace the kid. No question there she got crazy, as any sane person should have gotten. But MC doesn't care that he's sleeping with a married man and said man took his kid from him to give it to his wife to raise without either of their opinion. He just wants ml. Who knocked him up again knowing that it could kill him, but so what the ML said he loved him. In other words, some truly disgusting human beings.

All those 4 and 5 stars rating. I just wanna know at what point did these people crack their heads? <<less
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September 15, 2020
Status: Completed
So I finished this for 2days mtled accrding to the link given by previous reviewer

From the title one know this will be a dog blood drama, so while reading I've been making some notes (Heck yeah cause I've been full by fluffy/doting stories, I guess am strong enough for more drama)

So here it is From the get go of the story the start was already the Birthing Process of MC, he's a Commander General of ML and yep he went through with it alone though w/ a doctor, (read... more>> for more details) where is the ML?


It was the day of ML engagement, well a marriage with political views, both sides want something, ML found MC is missing went to find him then Tada!!! Shookt MC is preggy


Well both dont know that MC can give birth -it was known that he has a blood of MoYe tribe wherein men can give birth, if ya'all like me lurking for so long here so maybe you read it also on other novels

ya'all see that mpreg tag, How did the MC got preggy?


in the ghost Valley, ML saved MC

then ML got doused of some drug and need to vent it if not his core will be broken, well so who became his partner??of course MC, MC been inlove w/ him for along time and willing to be under him.

ML was already not in the right mind --no preparation whatnot, Mc?? Well it hurts but it was a painful but with pleasure, still hurts with blood and so on: ((


Their 1st night was before the ML engaged. So being preggy was a shock for both of them&MC hid it fr ML (course he shookt, they have diff statuses so what now)

Now the ML know he had a son, 1st he hid their son, saying will not harm him since its the eldest child &have the mark of Beitang Blood (north people. What can MC do? None

What to take note first/Facts

ML is a Prince & One of the 4 Tianmen leader of the North. Normally Cold and dont care about anything. Wants to make everything under his control

Mc?He's just a Gen. Commander, orphaned, then followed ML aftr being a bandit &got revenge for the Bandit Leader who adopted him, Too loyal, and keeps his problems on himself (ML was always worried cause of this throughout the story)

Both are handsome ML 22, MC- 28 years old (1st pregnancy) though they know each other when ML 14, MC 20

Yrs old

Normal people of course will view wrong in issues/relationship like them, since MoYe clan was thought to be extinct for years

Sooo ML been having a relationship with MC (they also have a son sooo) even ML's married

though for sure he didnt love the Girl. The supposed Wife (Lin Yanyan) son also died &ML- Beitang Ao exchange it w/ a diff son (was Clued that this 2nd child has Beitang's family blood but it was not cleared) plus Xtra chaps had given MC&ML eldest son had soooome ambiguous relationship with this 2nd son, so what noww????

Well anyways as readers we See ML Beitang Ao&MC Yan Fei Li to be the Main couple, there will be some Wars (op course both are leader/general). There will be many fights between the two. ML will pursue MC (also gave 3 yr distance to each other) & ML finally believed that he really loves MC, the 1 thing that he can't control in his life and accepts it.

Many steamy scenes and MoYe clan had diff body types to women. Wanna know how many times MC got preggy?


1st time preggy-Eldest child (Beitang Yaori)

2nd time-Miscarriage T.T MC drink med to not give birth anymore but its not effective to moye people. Cant save d child it was during war

Also remember the supposed 2nd of Beitang Family was the boy swapped by ML to Lin Yanyan dead child. It was not cleared what that child (Beitang Hui) past/ life experience is---

3rd time: TWINS!!! 1 boy&1 girl

4th time preggy: 1 Boy

So in Beitang Royal Family the children are:

1st child, 2nd child (sketchy past), 3rd&4th, all Are birthed by MC excpet that 2nd child

His last son will be parented by Him and will get MC last name. Thats good!finally MC had time to see his child growing up process until adult (hopefully)


At the end of the Novel Linyanyan /wife was really driven crazy &known the truth then helped enemy. After the fight it was said she & Beitang Hui fled. But only Beitang Hui (2nd child sketchy past) was retreived after

So I guess she was already considered dead =traitor

Anyways at the end of the novel until MC last child hopefuly sincr its reaaaally hard for him to give birth (40yrsold) ML is happy with MC having children but he doesnt want Yan Fei Li to suffer again. Decided that the last chile will be surnamed Yan and will grow up with MC. ML&MC have already been living Secluded since Beitang Yaori (eledest son) was 7yrs old+. ML just goes back once jn while to check somethings if needed his help

Where are they living?


LingYing Valley/forbidden valley. Where most MoYe clan lives. Was not stated how they found this place


with MC&ML life, I think this where they will live until their old age. ML only person in his heart is MC and MC is the same.

So here's my rate (MY RATE) okay and things I want the Couple should have done. It's just me

Story: there are so many loose ends on some things. Like I said Where is Lin Yanyan? How they came to Lingyan Valley?? What is Beitang Hui past??


Characters - ML was originally cold, Aloof but he became mellowed at the end +not afraid of showing his feelings to MC it's just:

They're not honest to each other thats why they fight sometimes minus 1. ML never publicly declared their relationship to the world (though of course some close friends/aids know) minus 1. Though its good ML the 1st to say ILY and MC need to be teased b4 saying ILY

Overall chara:3/5

Translation:4/5, good some minor mistakes

OverAll 3.5/5

Broken Bonds was the 1st part of trilogy and my heart/mind were tired reading this so I'll read the 2/3rd part for next time. Now back to Finding some Fluff Danmeis with good Main Cp combo that will soothe my heart <<less
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richarddixonriddle rated it
December 24, 2020
Status: --
Why do people get upset when you give a poorly written story 1 star? It’s because the story is fulfilling some fantasy you enjoy and good authors don’t bother writing about topics you enjoy so you cling to t r a s h because... look, you don’t have to like it but don’t be all... “read it for yourself whether it is good or bad”. No. That’s the whole f r e a k I n g point of a review. Lol

CG has good stuff on their site but this... more>> ain’t one of ‘em. <<less
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February 26, 2021
Status: Completed
First of all, this is set in a timeline where "yin and yang harmony" is a strong belief as well as an important part of cultivation. There is no official divorce or out of the closet thing in this world so the protagonists are always at a loss what to do with the woman after the couple make certain of their feelings for each other. (So if you are someone with strong modern/liberated beliefs then you'll have a hard time reading this one)

EXPECT A Dog blood story, the first... more>> half is the MC suffering so much I shed a few tears. Other reviewers described him better but MC is like a shoujo heroine LMAO. Scum ML but later came around after they took time away from each other to figure out their feelings. Thankfully the second half is so much better and they manage to shake off the drama of the first part and became smutty loving. Lots of kids for those who like little buns. #Moye pregnancy

Beitang Family/ Four Heavenly Sect Series (the available translated ones, can read in any order) :

  • Broken bonds - story of the parents
  • My Wangfei is a man - story of the second son
  • Praying for Fate - modern reincarnation of the parents, less toxic story.
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Liyu rated it
December 30, 2020
Status: --
I give three stars when I am conflicted.

The story is NOT poorly written, it's even a realistic story with dimensional characters and just for that, it can't be lower than 3. Now, do I like the characters?

I hate the ml, such a slag! I wanted him to be face-slapped so much! The ML lacks logic and is what you call a big version of an entitled little spoiled brat, or the successful version of these genius young master cannon fodder in a cultivation novel that didn't have the misfortune to... more>> meet the protagonist.

The MC is no better but I can somehow understand. Even when you are a successful general with great mental power, if you base your self-worth around one particular thing. No matter how strong, you can still be dragged to such lows.

Regret mtling this S***

For the first time, I wanted a bad ending, because I wanted the ML to suffer the consequences. <<less
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xiao cang
xiao cang
October 16, 2020
Status: Completed
I have binged read on MTL and its actually a good romance story. There are those who won't like these kind of novels but there are also like us who appreciate a good read. And this novel actually have a continued english translation in wattpad.. And its also updating chapters regularly..
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Sarah_Jae18 rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: Completed
you will understand when you read it yourself, then you can decide wether this novel is good or not

but, so far I'm really interest to see what's going on next in the story~

I hope the translator can continue to translate this good novel <3

... more>>

I'm looking for the raw, and some of them really shortened up I guess, and doesn't matchup with the translator vers, so this is one of them that I know really complete : https://www.52shuku. Info/go/1882/



Beitang Ao despite being cold in the beginning, but then he realize that he can't let Yan Feili go, and whenever Yan Feili got pregnant there're must be smth triggering us that make our heart racing! My lord it's so explicit and I really like the extra chapter! Overall this novel has a lots of aspects that should be consider high rating you know! A bittersweet and happy ending novel!


<3 <3 <3 <<less
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IzanamiZaki rated it
June 26, 2020
Status: c15
disregarding the low reviews. I am giving a 4 star on this one. First of all, I enjoy this kind of genre and I am not a prude. Although there are scenes that makes you want to slap MC, but hey, this is fantasy fiction BL novel. And without those plots and twist you wont appreciate and love the characters. Pls dont drop this. And I am still waiting for translations.. If you need help, I cud help translating although I dnt know where to get the raw... more>> ones lol <<less
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Alliee rated it
March 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Such a good novel As expected of CG with very good translation ^_^

I liked the story very much it is a little heartbreaking and MC experiences many hard ships but it's the good point of this story not all BL novels should be fluffy and boring. This Story was very interesting for me and always I wanted to know what will happen next.

In this novel the relationship between men was known as something very bad and illegal so that's why MC and ML should not allow anyone to know about... more>> it.


ML is not actually very bad it's just he didn't like the MC at first as a lover but he liked MC as his loyal subordinate MC fell in love one sided.

one time ML fell in to the enemy's trap to save MC and so MC slept with him to eliminate the poison at that time ML didn't Love MC and thus was very embarrassed so he went to another battle he came back after 8 month with a woman as a fiance, MC was very sad and heartbroken which stimulate and thus he gave birth at that time



MC got pregnant 3 times but unfortunately in his second pregnancy he didn't know he was pregnant and thus the infant was aborted in the battle because of fighting he found out he is pregnant when he felt stomachaches while fighting and it was already too late


The story will become much better when ML confess that he is in Loves with MC.

I hate the wife her early delivery was mostly because of herself she stressed herself very much and it was not MC's fault at all but she hates MC. <<less
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serueu rated it
December 26, 2019
Status: Completed
Main story-wise, throughout at least half of the story you will think ML is scummy and like those relationship txt posts, dump him. Like kinda shed a few tears bc MC deserved better. This is MC getting pregnant multiple times and yet ML has 'responsibilities' kind alright. But it's HE so I mean what about it.

Side story mentions 2 side CP. One is the doctor and the other is the eldest son, incest mention (not blood related) I Think.

Also if you think the mpreg tag was like 1 or 2... more>> child, guess again. <<less
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Amari rated it
March 28, 2021
Status: c100
So much angst... ML is a scum bag for most of the story and I swear the MC is suffering from battered wife syndrome.. It’s still a pretty good and interesting read. Made me cry during some chapters
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Natural_Sapphire rated it
March 12, 2021
Status: c45
For those ppl who gave very low rating to this story, they should read tags and description first before starting a story so they can avoid if it's not their cup of tea.

I agree this is not a very good story but still significantly better than some BL stories I've read recently.

Seriously, what those ppl expected from story with tags of /r*pe/ and /victim become lover/

I'm rating 5stars just to make up for very low rating because this story deserves better than overall rating 3.4
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Sivajani rated it
April 15, 2021
Status: --
Translation: 10/10

Plot: 2/10 🙃

The ML is a freaking scumbag

Omg MC whats wrng with youuuuuu.

Those who came here after reading My wangfei is a Man, keep your expectation low.
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SAddict rated it
March 18, 2021
Status: --
I lost it as soon as he says “amniotic fluid” while he straggles to call for a doctor who also says “amniotic fluid”. In such alarming situation of giving birth it seems unrealistic to mention “... My amniotic fluid is broken... ” instead of “... My water broke...” especially in the olden days.
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Logophile rated it
February 17, 2021
Status: c73
dunno why CG took this but well 4 star because when you actually see remarks from the group site people actually like this too bad they're too lazy to rate in novel updates and people won't read low rated novels. So 2 points just for the sake of the translators and well 2 points for the plot line which could've been better if we had a dif kind of ml. MC was so stubborn and naive at some point he was suppose to be a general but he's so weak... more>> willed. So un-likely but oh well. <<less
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February 1, 2021
Status: --
In order to truly understand where the two are coming from, do please start with My Wangfei is a Man. You might understand the Beitangs better. Seriously not a healthy family relationship and Ao Beitang is cold as ice, but when it comes right down to it, he really does love Yan Feili and considers him the only person to be his equal, even when Yan Feili is chasing after him. He was required to find a bride, even knowing the disastrous results, still had other children with Yan Feili,... more>> knowing they were his, and they were, but to truly see what kinds of parents they are, do please read My Wangfei is a Man. It gives a beautiful account of Yan Feili and their son, Yao Yue when Yao Yue (who is also made of ice like his father) gives birth in a cave. Just from that alone, you understand that they genuinely love their children, I believe. <<less
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