Fei Pin Ying Qiang


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The journey of a generation’s male empress started because of four words.

“Send a dowry escort.”

During the 19th year of the Yuanqing Era, Qi Yunruo boarded a carriage and entered through a corner door of the second prince’s estate. Then, across the watery corridor, he gazed at the prince from afar.


The promotional record of a young teen married off as part of his legitimate sister’s dowry.

From two people who never met before to two people who could understand each other’s thoughts by just a glance.

There’s a type of happiness sparked when the most suitable people meet in the most suitable place.

In order for aristocratic women in imperial China to marry into a family part of the upper nobility, they must be of the legitimate line and must also have a dowry escort that married into that family. That escort would be a “ying” (媵) and could be considered a concubine.

Associated Names
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The Promotional Record of a Male Consort
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New karien_91 rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: --
I really like the characters from MC. He is very mysterious. Although their love journey is very slow, but this novel really shows the reality of life.
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Rainess09 rated it
November 7, 2019
Status: v1c24
Haven't read much of the MTL but I am starting to read it. From what I can tell, their relationship (MC and ML's) is of dubious consent. It's the MC just basically accepting his fate. As this is an ancient era, it isn't really anything to frown upon. Everyone is basically forced to act a certain part based not on their capabilities but their position/rank at birth. Apart for the upper echelons or the highest/ noblest of birth, basically everyone performs their part of the dance. The concubine fights for their position, the courtiers performs for merit, s*aves, well they do what s*aves do until death or until redemption. The prince themselves have their part to perform.
For the lowly MC being a son from a low-born and a highborn, which is highly frowned upon by the current society, he can only accept his fate whatever that is given to him. He didn't seem smart nor dumb. He was, for me, ordinary. Ordinary in the context of being part of the under-privileged. He wasn't 'maltreated', beaten, starved or taken advantaged of sexually or anything threatening his life in his birth home when he was young. He wasn't specifically maligned or anything. He was just not privileged. The worst treatment I think that he received was that he was ignored.
Although I said that, I felt, while reading the already translated chaps, that it was a far worst feeling for the MC. At least with being beaten, starved, criticized, or sexually harassed, he'd have a definite reason to spite, to feel sad or have vengeful ideas. But from the lines in between, it felt like he was suffering an unimaginable loneliness that he himself could not explain. There were sentences in which his heart suddenly feels sullen, out of the blue. Moments where he just looks at the sky in a daze. To not be recognized as someone who exists, to not have a place where you belong, to not being able to say you're own name with pride... I know and have first hand experience on such. Which I think is why I feel it hurts more for MC.
Anyway, with regards to ML and MC's relationship, seeing as MC has been ignored since young and have not even a little bit of comfort/doting before ML, I felt it's only natural that MC's heart has softened for ML. It was only ML who has taken notice of MC. Only ML pampered and protected him. Even if MC was not comfortable with having relations with men, it was the only line he can hold on to for self protection. But I feel, given MC's character as depicted, if he was set free by ML from the beginning, then he would've proceeded with whatever interested him with no preference. Maybe married a woman of low-born along the way.
All and all I think this is a good read. I like how the story was being relayed. I also like the fact that the MC doesn't speak much and treasures his words. Although I wouldn't call him smart, at least he has a good enough head. A bit naive, but only because he hasn't experienced much. I like how the ML didn't like bang*fireworks* fall head-over-heels-turned-yandere all of a sudden upon contact with MC.
I like to think most of the relationship between people happen based on circumstances rather than fate. Close contact does produce good feelings.
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applejelly rated it
June 28, 2019
Status: v1c15
This is one of the few danmei that's got me reading ahead in the raws. I personally find it sweet, although there's some points where it's kind of... angsty? I'm not sure if that's the right word for it. But it does make me want to beat up whoever's bullying the MC. But I don't find the MC weak either... it's hard to explain

Anyway, author does a good job in making up sympathize with the MC. Now I'm off to binge the rest of the chapters
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Piggychan rated it
September 19, 2019
Status: v1c14
I heard that 'To be A Virtuous Wife' author also wrote danmei. If they did, I imagine the story/writing style would be similar to this.

The ML was the true depiction of an ancient Chinese man with his harem (you can't get more ancient Chinese than impregnating 2/3 women at the same time lol), but the way the author described it makes me kind of cool about it. Can't wait to read more.
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dramamonster rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: c48 part1
Qi Yunruo is the downtrodden and unloved illegitimate son of the powerful Qi family. He is also Prince Chun's person after entering Prince's estate as a dowry escort for his sister, Princess Consort Chun. Like any historical novel, powerful men have harems, money and soldiers; their women strive to bear children to maintain their own status; and young men go to battle to earn martial merits or study for examinations to become officials and make their mark in the world.

Because of his personal history, Qi Yunruo's family has ruthlessly neglected... more>> and confined him so that he cannot pursue any of these achievements. He doesn't want to be cast away by his family to be a bed warmer, but once he enters Prince Chun's estate, he belongs to Prince Chun for the rest of his life (like any other young girl who enters a harem, except he's male). When he enters Prince Chun's estate, he is unassuming and bland to avoid trouble, and has no ambitions beyond staying alive. However, Prince Chun, who is gay (but being a royal, he still does his royal duty and has biological children), notices him right away.

The story begins with Prince Chun's estate and its harem politics and feels more like a slice of life novel such as To Be A Virtuous Life. There are moments when you can see Qi Yunruo hating what his life is, but tamping it down in order to survive. His honesty, caution and pure heart eventually wins him allies.

Later, Qi Yunruo accompanies Prince Chun to the battlefield and has many adventures that help him mature and display his bravery and intelligence.

If you like historical chinese slice of life novels, and BL novels, this is an interesting read. There are a lot of people in the harem/estate, and in the battlefield arc, so the names may get confusing. The translation is great. There is no smut, just fade-to-black scenes. I hope the rest of the novel is this good. <<less
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Sarah_Jae18 rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: Completed
Sweet romance story🥰

in the begining I assume the prince like Qi YunRuo but not to much (bc he still go to others) and I'm a bit disappointed but later on they're love become stronger? Yes, it's a slow romance with a lot of political problems and household problems.

but overall this is a sweet love story that is worth to read! 🐥🐤🐣 *I read the rest untranslated chapters on mtl😶 so I hope to read the finished translated version by the translator group🦄
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Silangan rated it
December 28, 2019
Status: c30
A well written story about Ancient China politics and the ML’s harem.

The romantic build up is meh. I mean it aint bad, the same level as all the danmei - very little build up and just fluff galore (and angst everywhere)

What I don’t like about it is that the MC is pretty useless. Its understandable how he is that way, but he doesnt have the drive to be better - because his family snuffed it out of him.

What I love about it is the translator. They really work hard... more>> on it, and I really like their notes and comments explaining whats an action or phrase means in regard to the whole story. <<less
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dona rated it
July 13, 2019
Status: c27
There´s not much to say so far. But what put me off first of all is MC. Don´t have a clue about his personality. So far it seems like he´s just a clueless, helpless child being pushed around by scheming adults. I don´t really look forward to his scenes or dialogues since he doesn´t really do or say anything meaningful.

Secondly, I don´t really mind ML having multiple wives but there are seriously way too many characters. I can´t keep track of all names. And this novel is somewhat unusual because... more>> the females get to have a lot of appearance. It almost makes me forget I´m reading BL and instead it feels like a Chinese historical novel about the inner struggle between the women in the royal palace.

We´ll see where it goes.

update: I decided to drop this. It´s honestly a good read for those who enjoy a slow but sweet story but I got bored. I really don´t like MC´s character who live like a small white sheep with his fate already handed to him. <<less
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June 27, 2020
Status: --
I feel weird, ML is..... sleeping with the concubines, even makes them pregnant, well, this happen before ML and MC has feeling for each other.

But still....... when I know Concubine Wei is pregnant, I feel uncomfortable since when this happen ML and MC relationship starting to soften, but in the end ML still sleeping with others....
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Indelible Faith
Indelible Faith rated it
January 29, 2020
Status: v2c34
Honestly, the romance is secondary right now, there's progress but not much. But ooh am I really intrigued about all the mysterious pasts of the characters! Looking forward to that!
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rambling.d rated it
January 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This was truly a lovely book. I especially loved the romance development. I wouldn't have minded if there were a few more chapters!
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Ritu rated it
October 31, 2019
Status: c21
Really beautifully written novel tbh. The characters slowly reveal their depths and history. The MC is like a blooming flower. Quiet and closed off in the starting. You'll hardly know about his thoughts but the author slowly unravels his character and you start to adore him.

There's a kind of beauty in the authors storytelling. It's set in ancient China and there are concubine and old thinking style but the author doesn't let any bit of modern sentimentality seep into it and you manage to appreciate the story properly.

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sadjam20 rated it
July 22, 2019
Status: v2c36
Really liking the story.

MC starts to grow in the second volume. He broadens his horizons and isn't as easy to push around anymore. I'm glad, since it shows depth in the MC's character. He doesn't stagnate, but is actually dynamic. It's hard to tell in the first few chapters that are translated.


In the second volume, Li Chen brings Qi Yunruo to the northwest border with him. We also learn some things about his mother.

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nothing of the sort
nothing of the sort rated it
June 11, 2020
Status: c50
One word to describe this book ; predictable. Everyone's personality feels like a tool for the story to proceed. Not a bit of originality in nearly any of the characters : (I would love to hear more about characters personal wishes like consort wei once said she would rather marry an ordinary man.. And I get it there will be competition between the harem members but is it really necessary to revolve the book around their schemes? They're no even that good.. Classic, predictable schemes..
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
starrysea98 rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: v2c46
honestly wasn't expecting to be so invested in this??? It starts off a little bit cliche but I found myself wanting to know more. It helps that MC is so cute, I want to protect him from everything bad in the world. Ok, granted, he doesn't start off so great but I love that the author hints at what's beneath his placid surface and finally starts to unravel his complexities as we get to know him better.

also, i'd say the fade to black smut scenes do more good than harm... more>> bc MC is underage here. Yeah, imperial china sucks.

the palace drama is pretty interesting too (i am just tr*sh for court intrigue, sue me). Anyway, massive props to the translator for their hard work!! <<less
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sunnyeggsy rated it
July 4, 2020
Status: c51
So good that I attempted to MTL. (but I gave up after the first line since I got so spoiled with the wonderful translating job, thank you Sleepchaser!)

As compared to most already strong-to-begin-with-MCs, this MC's honest and straightforward personality was very refreshing. The lack of power + bullying catfight drama that often happens in harems felt more realistic as a result of that. The plot of the novel unfolds itself a little late in the story, but it's still enjoyable to see how the MC and ML grow to... more>> cherish each other.

Most of the MC's thoughts and emotions are concealed and there are some parts where I would be left wondering at why MC reacted that way... but I find that intriguing in a good way. There are also many names/titles in the novel that often got me a little confused but the translator did up a neat and helpful little character list page.

My only regret is that I've discovered this without it being completely translated and now I have to wait... (;´∩`;) <<less
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April 24, 2020
Status: v2c40
Interesting premise and good start. But the pace and flow is off beat. Characterization is also muddled with characters just seeming one-dimensional.

It starts off well with a rags-to-riches promise wherein our lonely oppressed unloved MC will have a chance to shine and show his talents after being noticed by the powerful ML.

However, the flow is either too slow or highly unconventional in a bad way. There is a habit of introducing conflicts and plot points but then suddenly dropping them and moving on to another one. And it makes for... more>> a very frustrating read because nothing so far gets satisfactorily resolved.

Now, I'm only at Chapter 40. I know this is relatively early on but the list of dropped conflicts and halted plot points is too much to bear at this point. Some of them do get resolved but in a way that it seems like a footnote within another conflict than a climax-resolution scene on its own. Most of the time, the response is either to be forgotten or shrugged off as "can't do sh*t about it"


Xiao Qi when gets to shine as being responsible for management of the household but his efforts and dedication just gets glossed over with a few sentences of praise and little personal pay off. When Xiao Qi would either have to gain a foothold in the household or duke it out with the concubines, he gets whisked off to war. In the military camp he finds out about his past and resolves to solve them but war happens and he's captured. He's captured but when his captors run into trouble and are at danger of losing power, so he helps them out and is involved in a political drama that unfolds in a fraction of the time that the politics with Li Chen had to be built-up.


BTW No explicit intimate scenes. Just probably 1-2 sentences about touching then fade to black. <<less
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