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Navier was the perfect empress, however, the Emperor wanted a wife, not a colleague. And so, the Emperor abandoned Empress Navier and placed a slave girl beside him. That was fine, until Navier heard the Emperor promise the slave girl the Empress’ position. After much agonizing, Navier decided she would remarry the emperor of the neighboring country.

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재혼 황후
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New Arha rated it
February 6, 2020
Status: c87
This is a pretty good character piece, I think. All the characters are quite fleshed out and behave reasonably and understandably even when they're a**holes. The primary two antagonists don't really come across as being terrible just for the sake of it but rather because one is desperate and the other is... confused, for lack of a better word. I'll just talk about those two briefly since I see a lot of hatred for them without anyone mentioning what actually makes them good characters.

... more>>

First, you have your typical green tea bit*h Rashta, a runaway slave either born into slavery or a former criminal, it's not really clear yet and may never be addressed. Her only real skills are knowing how to manipulate men and make people sympathize with her. Not bad, but it leaves her rather unprepared to deal with actual politics and when this side fails it leaves her with no other cards to play. You can see that she actually kind of admires Navier and wants to imitate her, but Navier's attitude and abilities were cultivated over years and can't be picked up that easily. She isn't stupid, but she IS ignorant, and it's a major hurdle for her. She doesn't even really seem to be aiming for much: She just wants to live a comfortable life where she's respected by the nobility and free from being abused. For a former slave, that really isn't asking for anything crazy. At this point, she isn't aiming to be empress because, well, she doesn't need to be empress to be happy. She just wants someone to care about her and doesn't really mind dragging other people down to bring herself up, such as her slander against Tuania or making Navier look bad. The son of a relatively minor villain put it best: You want to save her because she seems trapped in the mire, but when you get close you find out she IS the mire.

Second, emperor Sovieshu, Navier's husband. While early on it seems as though he cares very little for Navier, the reason for his affair is at least understandable. While rather selfish and hypocritical, there are a lot of points where he shows that he depends on Navier and tries to reach out to her only for her to fail to respond, which leaves him feeling unloved. Mostly because he is unloved. As he points out, he would like to have an actual spouse and not just a business partner, but Navier's feelings only rise to the level of friendship and trust, an attitude that slowly degrades until she comes to find his mere presence saddens her since he's always showing more concern for his concubine. But the concern he shows for Rashta actually seems rather superficial in some ways. Who does he open up to? Who is the one that makes him jealous even as her conduct is much less questionable? Who does he actually respect? Navier on all three points. And if he trusts her less, it's only really because he's been blinded by some woman who keeps telling him exactly what he wants to hear. And as time goes by you can see him gradually growing suspicious of Rashta. He dotes on Rashta, but Navier seems like the one he actually loves. But he and Navier aren't compatible because he wants things from her that she can't and won't give him.

I pity him, a little, because at best he's going to destroy his relationship with the woman he actually loves and will be left alone and loveless through no one's fault but his own. After all, even if he felt unsatisfied with his relationship with Navier, taking in a concubine was not the way to address the situation. At worst, he's going to go berserk and end up dead.


The story loses a point for being a bit slow paced and meandering. Was it really necessary to spend 87 chapters watching the royal family's relationship deteriorate this way? And there's no real end in sight either. <<less
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New eszka rated it
February 1, 2020
Status: --
This caught my attention when I read the summary but then as the story progress it's get tedious the more I read. It's a slow burn read so if you expect a fast face slapping (like in some novels) then this is not for you (and for me... oops). The premise is interesting but the MC really don't impress me so far she's boring, also the characters and story development is almost none. I know it's a slow paced kind of story and it's still ongoing but it seems the... more>> story almost only revolved a story of rumors this and that, gossips here and there among nobles although some are not. The plot development? Well,... be patient.


... still I don't get with the high ratings, the plot isn't getting anywhere, the MC just like a dull mannequin... the rest are nah, gotta drop this click bait novel and what a waste of long and dragged chapters but still grateful to the translator.

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frostcrystal rated it
June 20, 2019
Status: c70
Well, I'm hooked! Every other day I wait eagerly for a chapter to be released.

The Empress is a woman in an amicable arranged marriage whose husband has just acquired a new concubine. The story of him and his concubine is something out of a flighty fancy fairy tale - they meet in the woods, he accidentally injured her, her innocent ways open his eyes to a whole new world outside of the schemes and political intrigues of court, Disney musical ensemble, etc etc.

Meanwhile, his wife exerts unbelievable patience, putting up... more>> with her husband's obvious honeymoonish infatuation. She's obviously going to ditch him for someone better at some point and I'm waiting while foaming at the mouth.

This is a pretty new novel and so there isn't a lot out yet. But it's quite promising, so I would definitely recommend it if it's to your taste! There is only one issue with it for me, and it's the translator's website (the actual translation is excellent). Adblock is not permitted, which is fine, but some of the ads can be very annoying and intrusive, especially on a tablet or phone.


EDIT: So I binged and MTLed this story all the way up to chapter 70 (the translator divides chapters into half, so this is about 140-ish translation-wise). It's good, but the first 30 (60) or so chapters can be pretty slow. Things really start to pick up after that - secrets and schemes and blackmail oh my!, and around chapter 60 (120) I'm getting quite excited. But it's going to be a long wait for those waiting for the translation.


Chapters 1-30: Navier is a punching bag, the ML arrives. Everyone hopes that Sovieshu dies a dog's death, what an a**hole.

Chapter 30: Rashta's old slave owner blackmails her and she begins to participate in politics with a friend (?) advising.

Chapter 45 (ish) : Rashta becomes pregnant. It's made clear to her that the child will not be a part of the royal family, and she starts getting desperate. An attempt is made on her baby's life and people start really investigating her background.

Chapter 65 (ish) : Sovieshu figures out Rashta's secret and who tried to have the baby killed, and comes up with a very (very) stupid plan to legitimize it that involves divorcing his current wife, raising Rashta to become empress until she gives birth, and then marrying Navier again. Everyone hopes that Sovieshu dies a dog's death, what an a**hole.

Navier learns of the part of Sovieshu's plan where she's being divorced, triggering the actions that eventually lead to the scene in chapter 1, which I believe actually happens around chapter 80-something or so.

Surprisingly, I find myself really sympathizing with Rashta the more I learn about her. She's not a shallow white lotus villainness who does malicious things for petty reasons, but instead a character who behaves like what her background has molded her into. Habits that served her well as a slave don't do her much good as a concubine (aside from evoking pity). She doesn't mind using her body and beauty, which she probably learnt as a slave, but she has dreams of being loved and is starving for affection and attention. She's incredibly protective over her children and only really trusts herself with them. It's still unknown if she's hiding more malicious intents, but so far she seems to be more or less what she says she is.

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Starvenus rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: c11
The first chapter caught my attention right away.


Because it's satisfying seeing a slag man put in his place. I hope to god the author meant the ML be the other guy propose to the empress.

... more>> Our FL is obviously the Empress. Her relationship with the Emperor was amicable. They are good partners. Until a vixen messes with their relationship.

The vixen acts so cutely, naively, and innocently. Because of this persona she portrays in front of people, they chalk it up to "oh she's just an innocent and naive woman.", whenever she acts rude, says hurtful things, clinging to the emperor in public, grabbing attention of the other males, and keep calling the empress "Sister because we share husband."

Not to mention the amount of cries she happens to summon whenever the Emperor happens to came across her and the Empress. It makes it looks like she's being bullied by the Empress.

Let me tell you my opinion : if a woman uses her body to wreck someone's else marriage, she's definitely not an innocent and naive woman, okay. Am I right or am I right?

I like the novel, really. But I'm torturing myself reading the Empress getting such injustice until she's finally met the one that matters. Ugh.. I want to hug her and comfort her so much.

There is nothing worse feeling for her than a wife who been battered by a mistress acts then the husband comes along and gives her a finishing blow. This is what happens almost all the time.

PS : Having a sad background doesn't justify trampling other woman feeling for your own happiness. Not to mention the said woman HAVE NOT DONE anything to you. <<less
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otomezone rated it
October 30, 2019
Status: c104
This is a really really great novel 10/10. Beautiful art story and characters. I specially love Heinley for being the cutest dog err bird husband.

Navier is an awesome protagonist who is the epitome of what an empress is. They just have really low EQ from being royalty (which led to the whole fiasco). But she's cute when thirsty haha I love those parts

Henley is so handsome I'm crying over his illustrations T.T cutest bestest boy, but still shady asf.

To everyone who hasn't read up to chapter 70+ of the KR... more>> novel (the divorce proceedings, the translations cut the original chapters into several smaller ones so I think they are only around chapter 35), do not judge the characters specially Soviet because there is more to him (but still a blind bastard shit)

It's amazing how the characters simply evolve from the stereotype of reverse otome game villain, the character development is clearly seen (specially Rasta from dumb bit*h to annoying bitch)

My only complain is like, where are the dowager or previous emperor or something because damn the wrong decisions in life man

Ps. Heinley half naked totally makes me think of that song "I'm too sexy for my shirt"


Soviet is actually not all that blind, he knows everything about Rasta being a slave and a bit*h and is just covering it up because he needs the baby, which leads to his downfall because he wanted a successor more than his wife (but tbh it was a tough decision because there is no one else to succeed the throne). He keeps complaining that Navier is infertile (I'm guessing it's not true I think the marquis asking repeatedly "how are you sure (she's infertile) " is a foreshadowing, but he is convinced that he/she/both are infertile because they ate abortion cookies when they were kids (which Navier almost ate everything)) but like maybe they just haven't been doing it enough? Seriously he hasn't touched her once except that time on her birthday (which didn't follow thru because Navier got disgusted and he was sick), and he didn't even wonder or care about Rasta being a non virgin (does he even know the difference)... and Navier wouldn't be that shy seeing a naked man's body when she sleeps together with Soviet but she's like a virgin lady (or Heinley is just too hot). But yeah things wouldn't have escalated so far if Soviet and Navier were just honest with each other, the whole point of the divorce is to make the baby a legitimate heir, also because he feels threatened because Naviers brother used abortion pills so he thinks Navier and her family will hurt the baby. Soviet actually planned out a lot, he wanted to reinstate Navier to empress after a year, he never planned on letting her go, he kept all the dirty shady evidence against Rasta to divorce her after a year but he didn't tell Navier anything and didn't know how deep her relationship with Heinley was. It's Soviet's loss in thinking he can keep her as an abandoned empress. Navier thinks that Soviet is head over heels in love with Rasta and is doing everything (false charges against her brother) to divorce her, so she gets panicked and asks for Heinley's help. But sadly Navier doesn't love Heinley yet, she just kinda asked for his help as a friend (which hurts because he is whipped). At this point, it's still possible for Soviet to win her back and remarry her (since she admits to loving Soviet, but hasn't told anyone yet, and yes Soviet loves her and doesn't actually love Rasta)... but ofc I am rooting for the bird king... though Heinley has more chances with Navier in his bird form tbh XD archduke is also a tremendous cutie pie who needs a girl XD

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karyyy rated it
July 2, 2019
Status: c70
I just caught up with the novel through mtl. It's a great novel, definitely worth a read. I will say however, the novel still hasn't got to the part where the Empress asked for the remarriage yet. Also the translator seems to be splitting the original chapters into halves or thirds. So that's why each translated chapter are so short. I predict it will take literally at least a year or two to catch up to the original novel. That's why if you really want to read the part where... more>> the Empress dumps the Emperor, just mtl. <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
October 1, 2019
Status: c62
I cannot put into words on how much Rashta and sovie-f*cking-shoo infuriates me. I don't know how many times I've inhaled and exhaled to calm my twitching hand from throwing my phone across the room.

I want to scream for Navier at the unfairness of it all.

The worse part? Even though they grew up together they couldn't have been more distant and I blame the etiquette of the country. It's so heart breaking.

And although I understand that schemes and jeering are the norm in high society, that doesn't excuse Rashta's bit*h... more>> behavior despite her past.

I loathe her.

But I understand her.

And that's what makes me frustrated and enjoy the story even more.

But at this point I'm so exhausted at her actions that I just want that annoying sovie-f*cking-shoo to divorce Navier so she can be with wonderful Prince Heinley.

He, on god, is so lovely I cannot bear it.

A wolf acting like a puppy.

But in this case a bird hahaha


His actions are so adorable I don't know what to do except imagine the future of both of them laughing happily under the sun while sovie-f*cking-shoo realizes regret is a only a 6 letter word.

*sighs* It's so good, like, so so good you won't regret reading it and stay up until 2 am on a school night just to finish reading the available translated chapters.

I don't know how many times I had to swallow down my anger whenever that attention who*e showed up though. Especially shoo's unnecessary anger.

I hope Heinley's country swallows up shoo's country. Then he'll realize his mistake of swapping out a pearl for a fish eye.

There are no words to describe my rating/10

P.s. Wonderful translator, here's a cookie for translating the trash couple's stupidity with your lovely formatting. I love the included illustrations when the characters speak and for certain scenes. It's wonderfully done ❤ <<less
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SamSam rated it
September 2, 2019
Status: c88
I totally agree with some previous comments ! You feel it... you will really wish thousand deaths to that emperor, you will want to use this b****** to beat the not-so-stupid and not-so-poor-little-thing concubine.

This story is a gem, really well written with well built characters ! Our progress in the story, descriptions, no shortcomings, no endless misunderstanding, the realistic backgroung (kingdom/empire and its society), not childish lovestory... everything makes it a REAL novel ! I am reading the translation made by Crystal (who makes a good job and reguliar releases)... more>> but I am also reading the original novel by MTLing it (chapter 88 was released today!).

If you want spoilers, you can visit the "namu wiki" site (you just have to copy the original title in google, it would be the first link)... by doint this, it doesn't spoil my curiosity about this novel... On contrary ! <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sinking Ship
Sinking Ship rated it
November 4, 2019
Status: c70
The expectations the first chapter sets (Empress dramatically face slapping the Emperor in front of everyone) compared to what actually happens in the story are as different as heaven and earth. I guess the translators have been cutting the chapters up or something? Whatever the case, I read to "chapter 70" and the story still hasn't wrapped around back to "chapter 1".

It's extremely irritating and I feel like I wasted my time on a bait and switch. Not to say that the palace harem intrigue plot isn't also interesting its... more>> just... really different from what the first chapter prompted me to expect. So if I was being objective I would probably give the story a higher rating but because my expectations were raised and then completely disappointed I'm not in a very "objective" mood.

The empress in the first chapter is calm, composed, and a hair away from domineering. When the emperor slaps her she slaps him right back twice as hard. But then in the actual story she's a doormat that gets walked all over by literally everyone. The difference is mind-boggling and I hate it. <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dona rated it
June 12, 2019
Status: c32
Maybe because it´s a korean novel, the writing style and plot is quite different.

These first two chapters are quite entertaining. I´m really looking forward to the rest.

The story begins with our MC getting divorced and later it jumps to a flashback showing what exactly lead to the emperor and MC separating. MC has some spirit and composed but hopefully there´s more to her. Seems like a fun ride about ML losing his wife and regretting it mixed with jealousy and revenge marriage. Yum.

Update at ch 32: Gosh I love this... more>> novel so much. I love MC´s personality, her gracefulness and intelligence. ML is an absolute sweet pie, and as much as we all hate them, the emperor and Trashta really are a great target for crushing later on once MC takes her revenge. I´m waiting for that satisfaction. And to the translator thank you so much for updating so frequently! <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pirate Of The Stars
Pirate Of The Stars rated it
August 20, 2019
Status: c39
I HIGHLY recommend this novel. We've got a strong woman who's husband (the emperor) is a blind moron to seduction, and who finds herself meeting a prince from a neighboring kingdom. The emperess deals with a lot of sh*t because of her crappy husband and his craft concubine, but gets through it. The prince ends up becoming a person she can talk to, and the two form an unlikely friendship (though the prince obviously feels more than simply friendship). WARNING, this novel is gonna make you FEEL things. You're gonna... more>> wanna punch quite a few people, I promise you. But you're gonna love it anyway. So read this! Do it! <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jayen rated it
June 13, 2019
Status: c4
In the first chapters it shows that the MC is calm logical person. Who doesn't make decisions based on her feelings like hatred and jealousy.

... more>>

so the MC empress maybe doesn't know she likes the emperor? Anyway the emperor is a bastard and one of those tropes ML that would do stupid things for love to prove their 'powerful' or maybe because they became stupid falling in love ugh


She thinks of the emperor as her friend and quite dissapointed on how the emperor disclosed the topic regarding the slave.

I like how she looks pitiful and emperor seems like a bastard

. I'm excited on the future chapters on how the story will flow.

I'm waiting on what will be the emperor's reaction when he knows that she will be remarry! Will he be dissapointed? Jealous?

Or relieve?

Hmmm <<less
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Intertwinedinside rated it
December 11, 2019
Status: c101
I discovered the comic of this novel from LINE Webtoon. Turns out the story is so good! Every character has their own flaw and strength. Pretty realistic. You will be hooked definitely.

I need to give precaution because you will hate the Emperor to death. Never seen someone who can tolerate him. NOT AT ALL. He's so trash. Be careful, if you have high blood tension, you might hurt your neck since chapter 4!!
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
OfficePony rated it
October 13, 2019
Status: c82
Emporer: Stereotypical Otome Game Cheating Bastard falling for the Game Protagonist

Concubine: Stereotypical bit*h Game Protagonist who kicks up a fuss

Empress: Chick who didn't see the storm coming and was caught off guard because everyone else told her it would be fine.

... more>> Prince: Waiting-on-the-sidelines-to-steal-yo-girl-since-you-don't-appreciate-her.

You know that the country is going to get f*cked in the ass if the Empress doesn't step in to mitigate the damage after she leaves. You know the Emporer and his Concubine are effed because they are about to lose the largest power their empire has, namely the Empress. You know what's going to go down, but the way the author writes and executes things just force so much emotional investment into you that you can't look away from the trainwreck that is gonna be happening in the very near future.

Great read, Author makes great use of showing instead of telling to get things done. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shannonreidsumner rated it
December 6, 2019
Status: c100
I find this quite interesting and it's quite nice but whatever! My blood pressure's risen up to uncontrollable degree, if I go out and murder someone, this might be the cause of it. Fr*cken' bitch.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
crustlessbread rated it
June 16, 2019
Status: c4
i really like the MC so far, she actually has realistic emotions, and most importantly she's SMART.

the story is kinda like a cliché romance story but from the perspective of the side hoe who gets thrown away. the emperor is similar to the cliche mls who are all usually cold to everyone but then finds their one true love!! the slave¿ girl is like a classic female lead who hides behind the ml, cries over everything, is soo beautiful, and is naive of her actions. to them, our MC is... more>> protrayed as the antagonist, when in reality, shes the only person thinking logically. (at least this is how I interpret things so far... the slave girl could turn out to be a snake)

cant wait for our MC to inact her revenge!! the translation is great and i'll continue to follow the story!! <<less
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kuroimochi rated it
December 19, 2019
Status: c106
First of all, props to translator who has done such a beautiful job, the formatting and the translation is such a joy to read and the best one I've seen. The artwork are also beautiful and adds to my imagination.

I enjoyed the fleshed out fantasy historical setting with undertones of magic, court intrigues, and different cultures of the empires.

The writing style is mature, subtle and, immersive. MC is likeable, villains (Stupid shoe and Rashta) are not, and I never feel like the author tried to make that decision for me.... more>> Each has their own driving reason behind the things they do, although it is not directly revealed from the beginning. Although some reviews mentioned that the pace is slow, it is just right for me as it helps build the eventual catharsis promised at the beginning of the novel.

This is one of my favorite stories in this site, and I can't wait to see it completed! <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jhunajane rated it
January 1, 2020
Status: c38
Okay. The translation is great. The characters are well built up. The story is amazing. But I was not in the good mood throughout of it. I based my expectations from chapter one and I thought wow this seems interesting. And yes, it is but not the way I expected it to be. I thought it was gonna tell the story of her new love and sometimes recall the painful past (the first marriage) but it didn't and that is still good. I just didn't have enough tolerance to continue... more>> on experiencing her painful marriage in real time. I thought it was gonna be short first marriage but it lasted so much more than I can take. So... for now I dropped it. Maybe I'll continue on sometime in the future. Kudos to those hearts and brains who were able to keep with the story until the end. Respect! :) <<less
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Catleya Neko
Catleya Neko rated it
December 3, 2019
Status: c98
Chapter 1 made me really "ohhh this is interesting"

But then it changed and started re-telling the whole story 🙄

Im not saying that its not interesting, but im looking forward to the face slapping which disappointingly didn't happen. This is very slow paced.

... more>> My heart ached for Navier and I felt so frustrated. This emperor is really a biased shit. All I want for her is to be happy and atleast be appreciated *sighs*

Im conflicted if I want to continue reading this or not.

I feel tortured 😂

5/5 for translations!!! I love that you added pictures, it wasn't boring to read at all. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Siddhi rated it
January 3, 2020
Status: c115
**Meant to give 3 stars**

I loved the novel in the beginning, I really did. I loved the way the characters were described. The dialogues were well drafted and I expected more. However, 100+ chapters into the story, and there is still no resolution. Why introduce the first chapter this, when the plot takes so long to get to those events. The whole love Vs marriage scenerio started to drag. I skipped a few chapters, still there is not much story development. I hope that the story doesn't drag more and... more>> we get to the events of the first chapter soon. Kudos to the translator for an amazing and smooth translation. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kalliope rated it
December 1, 2019
Status: c97
I sacrificed my sleep and binge-read this in 2 days because IT'S SO GOOD. I first encountered the manhwa and the art is also gorgeous!

The plot sounds cliché at first but the characters are written so well that I can actually sympathize with every one of them. Except Sovieshu of course. He's such an a**hole.

If you're looking for a mature, wise, elegant, and confident FL, then Navier is IT. She's beautiful not only in looks but also in bearing. Some people may hate her because she refuses to fight Rashta... more>> but they don't understand that she chooses to remain silent because she was raised to be calm, poised and not let her emotions control her. Fighting with her husband's concubine and involving herself in drama would not look good for her and the royal family's image. She knows her place and the power she wields and she handles herself with grace and dignity. She's an empress in every sense of the word. I've lost count of how many times I wanted to fight Sovieshu for her honor.

Rashta is an intriguing rival. Of course, I loathe her for her naïve act and how she twists everything to her advantage. But I have to admit that I'm impressed with how she uses her assets to subtly control Sovieshu and the people around her. Given her background and the things she experienced, her being obsessed with achieving fame and status is not surprising at all.

It's actually interesting how there are some moments where she doesn't really express any ill-intent towards Navier. There are times when she sincerely expresses her admiration for Navier. She just wants to secure her place in Sovieshu's side.

She's a complicated character and it's amazing how much I hate her yet still admire her skills.

And finally, there's Heinley. I love how he can be wicked and calculating in his plans yet he's still so innocent and lovestruck when it comes to Navier. He's fiercely protective towards her and he feels her emotions as if it were his own. I seriously lost it when he cried for her. He's loyal, charming and devoted. He's so much more than what meets the eye and I can't wait for him and Navier to be together.

Overall, the story is rich and emotionally-gripping. The translation also deserves a solid 5 stars. The plot moves slowly because the author wants to unravel Navier and Sovieshu's relationship in detail and that's fine with me. I just hope that Navier doesn't suffer anymore. My girl has been through so much. I'm ready for some Navier x Heinley action. <<less
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Tarsis rated it
November 11, 2019
Status: c83
That novel it is really perfect. The characther are complex and all what happen to them. I hate Rastha with all my heart, and Soviet for been an idiot with Navier. She doesn't did enything wrong. So... I am really anxious. I have to read more of this.
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