Remarried Empress


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Navier was the perfect empress, however, the Emperor wanted a wife, not a colleague. And so, the Emperor abandoned Empress Navier and placed an ens*aved girl beside him. That was fine until Navier heard the Emperor promise the s*ave the Empress’ position. After many ups and downs, Navier decided she would accept being the Queen of the neighbouring country and remarry.

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Hoàng Hậu Tái Hôn
The Remarried Empress
재혼 황후
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frostcrystal rated it
June 20, 2019
Status: c70
Well, I'm hooked! Every other day I wait eagerly for a chapter to be released.

The Empress is a woman in an amicable arranged marriage whose husband has just acquired a new concubine. The story of him and his concubine is something out of a flighty fancy fairy tale - they meet in the woods, he accidentally injured her, her innocent ways open his eyes to a whole new world outside of the schemes and political intrigues of court, Disney musical ensemble, etc etc.

Meanwhile, his wife exerts unbelievable patience, putting up... more>> with her husband's obvious honeymoonish infatuation. She's obviously going to ditch him for someone better at some point and I'm waiting while foaming at the mouth.

This is a pretty new novel and so there isn't a lot out yet. But it's quite promising, so I would definitely recommend it if it's to your taste! There is only one issue with it for me, and it's the translator's website (the actual translation is excellent). Adblock is not permitted, which is fine, but some of the ads can be very annoying and intrusive, especially on a tablet or phone.


EDIT: So I binged and MTLed this story all the way up to chapter 70 (the translator divides chapters into half, so this is about 140-ish translation-wise). It's good, but the first 30 (60) or so chapters can be pretty slow. Things really start to pick up after that - secrets and schemes and blackmail oh my!, and around chapter 60 (120) I'm getting quite excited. But it's going to be a long wait for those waiting for the translation.


Chapters 1-30: Navier is a punching bag, the ML arrives. Everyone hopes that Sovieshu dies a dog's death, what an a**hole.

Chapter 30: Rashta's old s*ave owner blackmails her and she begins to participate in politics with a friend (?) advising.

Chapter 45 (ish) : Rashta becomes pregnant. It's made clear to her that the child will not be a part of the royal family, and she starts getting desperate. An attempt is made on her baby's life and people start really investigating her background.

Chapter 65 (ish) : Sovieshu figures out Rashta's secret and who tried to have the baby killed, and comes up with a very (very) s*upid plan to legitimize it that involves divorcing his current wife, raising Rashta to become empress until she gives birth, and then marrying Navier again. Everyone hopes that Sovieshu dies a dog's death, what an a**hole.

Navier learns of the part of Sovieshu's plan where she's being divorced, triggering the actions that eventually lead to the scene in chapter 1, which I believe actually happens around chapter 80-something or so.

Surprisingly, I find myself really sympathizing with Rashta the more I learn about her. She's not a shallow white lotus villainness who does malicious things for petty reasons, but instead a character who behaves like what her background has molded her into. Habits that served her well as a s*ave don't do her much good as a concubine (aside from evoking pity). She doesn't mind using her body and beauty, which she probably learnt as a s*ave, but she has dreams of being loved and is starving for affection and attention. She's incredibly protective over her children and only really trusts herself with them. It's still unknown if she's hiding more malicious intents, but so far she seems to be more or less what she says she is.

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Starvenus rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: c11
The first chapter caught my attention right away.


Because it's satisfying seeing a slag man put in his place. I hope to god the author meant the ML be the other guy propose to the empress.

... more>> Our FL is obviously the Empress. Her relationship with the Emperor was amicable. They are good partners. Until a vixen messes with their relationship.

The vixen acts so cutely, naively, and innocently. Because of this persona she portrays in front of people, they chalk it up to "oh she's just an innocent and naive woman.", whenever she acts rude, says hurtful things, clinging to the emperor in public, grabbing attention of the other males, and keep calling the empress "Sister because we share husband."

Not to mention the amount of cries she happens to summon whenever the Emperor happens to came across her and the Empress. It makes it looks like she's being bullied by the Empress.

Let me tell you my opinion : if a woman uses her body to wreck someone's else marriage, she's definitely not an innocent and naive woman, okay. Am I right or am I right?

I like the novel, really. But I'm torturing myself reading the Empress getting such injustice until she's finally met the one that matters. Ugh.. I want to hug her and comfort her so much.

There is nothing worse feeling for her than a wife who been battered by a mistress acts then the husband comes along and gives her a finishing blow. This is what happens almost all the time.

PS : Having a sad background doesn't justify trampling other woman feeling for your own happiness. Not to mention the said woman HAVE NOT DONE anything to you. <<less
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Bubbleducks rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: c174
For anyone who is considering reading this novel. The translator has been asked to stop releasing chapters by the author, the last translated chapter is ch. 173 (174 is an announcement).

Just thought I should mention it because it is a great novel and I certainly got hooked. So for the ones who might not remember to check the release status, just be aware that as of now, there are no scheduled releases Q-Q
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Junjaykimchi rated it
September 3, 2020
Status: c160
Unpopular opinion incoming

I always remember this one scene from the start of the novel that I found odd. Navier's ladies in waiting say that Rashta was filthy and they feel disgusted having to wash Rashta. Maybe it's just me, but it felt like they were saying this because she was assumed to be a s*ave/prisoner. Even if they were saying this because Sovieshu seemed fond of Rashta, it's not Rashta's fault Sovieshu is infatuated with her (I know in-story it is partially her fault, but from what the ladies said... more>> it didn't seem they knew that) and it's still rude. Considering the context this takes place in, the reaction makes sense. But I just thought of all the novels with commoners as the protagonist. Don't the readers feel infuriated by the derogatory treatment that the commoner MC must suffer?

I'm not trying to defend Rashta's actions. She's forced her way into someone else's marriage and pulled strings to get Navier divorced. My problem is one of the reasons why she's mocked and beat-down both in-story and in the comments section. She's a commoner, a s*ave at that. She doesn't know her place. Isn't that the same line that villains use against the commoner MC - the same villains everyone hates so much? Or is Rashta's status just an excuse to hate on her even more?

I do like the novel, but I don't like that the characters' hatred and mockery of Rashta due to her status is glorified in the story. It makes sense in-universe, but these stories are being written and read in the modern day, and I don't think this should be championed. I appreciate Navier isn't the person doing all this though.

Actually, while I don't like Rashta, I don't get the vehement hatred towards her. She's a girl with nothing, treated like an animal because of her status, who wants to rise up in society by hook or by crook. Or should she just be resigned to her "place" and be treated like crap for the rest of her life? Navier as the high-ranked protagonist has some form of liberty and choice that Rashta doesn't have. I can at least understand her story for what it is and empathise with her somewhat.

The person who I would blame almost completely for this is just Sovieshu. He's a complete ass who decides to have complete distrust in his childhood friend and partner and treat her like crap.

The pacing is also another issue, because the climax happens in the first chapter things start to drag after a while and it takes either investment or a lot of patience to get to the divorce climax. But overall, it was a pleasant read. I just think the duality of perspectives in stories is interesting (and I prefer to be the devil's advocate). I'm sure there are many Rashta haters here and I look forward to hearing opposing thoughts as well, though I don't think this website has a comment system for reviews (I don't really use it). <<less
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otomezone rated it
October 30, 2019
Status: c104
This is a really really great novel 10/10. Beautiful art story and characters. I specially love Heinley for being the cutest dog err bird husband.

Navier is an awesome protagonist who is the epitome of what an empress is. They just have really low EQ from being royalty (which led to the whole fiasco). But she's cute when thirsty haha I love those parts

Henley is so handsome I'm crying over his illustrations T.T cutest bestest boy, but still shady asf.

To everyone who hasn't read up to chapter 70+ of the KR... more>> novel (the divorce proceedings, the translations cut the original chapters into several smaller ones so I think they are only around chapter 35), do not judge the characters specially Soviet because there is more to him (but still a blind bastard shit)

It's amazing how the characters simply evolve from the stereotype of reverse otome game villain, the character development is clearly seen (specially Rasta from dumb bit*h to annoying b*tch)

My only complain is like, where are the dowager or previous emperor or something because damn the wrong decisions in life man

Ps. Heinley half naked totally makes me think of that song "I'm too sexy for my shirt"


Soviet is actually not all that blind, he knows everything about Rasta being a s*ave and a bit*h and is just covering it up because he needs the baby, which leads to his downfall because he wanted a successor more than his wife (but tbh it was a tough decision because there is no one else to succeed the throne). He keeps complaining that Navier is infertile (I'm guessing it's not true I think the marquis asking repeatedly "how are you sure (she's infertile) " is a foreshadowing, but he is convinced that he/she/both are infertile because they ate abortion cookies when they were kids (which Navier almost ate everything)) but like maybe they just haven't been doing it enough? Seriously he hasn't touched her once except that time on her birthday (which didn't follow thru because Navier got disgusted and he was sick), and he didn't even wonder or care about Rasta being a non virgin (does he even know the difference)... and Navier wouldn't be that shy seeing a naked man's body when she sleeps together with Soviet but she's like a virgin lady (or Heinley is just too hot). But yeah things wouldn't have escalated so far if Soviet and Navier were just honest with each other, the whole point of the divorce is to make the baby a legitimate heir, also because he feels threatened because Naviers brother used abortion pills so he thinks Navier and her family will hurt the baby. Soviet actually planned out a lot, he wanted to reinstate Navier to empress after a year, he never planned on letting her go, he kept all the dirty shady evidence against Rasta to divorce her after a year but he didn't tell Navier anything and didn't know how deep her relationship with Heinley was. It's Soviet's loss in thinking he can keep her as an abandoned empress. Navier thinks that Soviet is head over heels in love with Rasta and is doing everything (false charges against her brother) to divorce her, so she gets panicked and asks for Heinley's help. But sadly Navier doesn't love Heinley yet, she just kinda asked for his help as a friend (which hurts because he is whipped). At this point, it's still possible for Soviet to win her back and remarry her (since she admits to loving Soviet, but hasn't told anyone yet, and yes Soviet loves her and doesn't actually love Rasta)... but ofc I am rooting for the bird king... though Heinley has more chances with Navier in his bird form tbh XD archduke is also a tremendous cutie pie who needs a girl XD

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Sinking Ship
Sinking Ship rated it
November 4, 2019
Status: c70
The expectations the first chapter sets (Empress dramatically face slapping the Emperor in front of everyone) compared to what actually happens in the story are as different as heaven and earth. I guess the translators have been cutting the chapters up or something? Whatever the case, I read to "chapter 70" and the story still hasn't wrapped around back to "chapter 1".

It's extremely irritating and I feel like I wasted my time on a bait and switch. Not to say that the palace harem intrigue plot isn't also interesting its... more>> just... really different from what the first chapter prompted me to expect. So if I was being objective I would probably give the story a higher rating but because my expectations were raised and then completely disappointed I'm not in a very "objective" mood.

The empress in the first chapter is calm, composed, and a hair away from domineering. When the emperor slaps her she slaps him right back twice as hard. But then in the actual story she's a doormat that gets walked all over by literally everyone. The difference is mind-boggling and I hate it. <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
October 1, 2019
Status: c62
I cannot put into words on how much Rashta and sovie-f*cking-shoo infuriates me. I don't know how many times I've inhaled and exhaled to calm my twitching hand from throwing my phone across the room.

I want to scream for Navier at the unfairness of it all.

The worse part? Even though they grew up together they couldn't have been more distant and I blame the etiquette of the country. It's so heart breaking.

And although I understand that schemes and jeering are the norm in high society, that doesn't excuse Rashta's bit*h... more>> behavior despite her past.

I loathe her.

But I understand her.

And that's what makes me frustrated and enjoy the story even more.

But at this point I'm so exhausted at her actions that I just want that annoying sovie-f*cking-shoo to divorce Navier so she can be with wonderful Prince Heinley.

He, on god, is so lovely I cannot bear it.

A wolf acting like a puppy.

But in this case a bird hahaha


His actions are so adorable I don't know what to do except imagine the future of both of them laughing happily under the sun while sovie-f*cking-shoo realizes regret is a only a 6 letter word.

*sighs* It's so good, like, so so good you won't regret reading it and stay up until 2 am on a school night just to finish reading the available translated chapters.

I don't know how many times I had to swallow down my anger whenever that attention who*e showed up though. Especially shoo's unnecessary anger.

I hope Heinley's country swallows up shoo's country. Then he'll realize his mistake of swapping out a pearl for a fish eye.

There are no words to describe my rating/10

P.s. Wonderful translator, here's a cookie for translating the tr*sh couple's s*upidity with your lovely formatting. I love the included illustrations when the characters speak and for certain scenes. It's wonderfully done ❤ <<less
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sleepycaptions rated it
April 12, 2020
Status: --
Another MC who the novels treats as if they can't do any wrong.

My issue with the novel isn't how long it takes to get to the divorce (and second marriage) as it's understandable that the author wants to build up the characters, as well as the cumulating issues leading up to the divorce. My issue with the novel is that the lead up to the divorce is a just a bunch of "woe is the MC" chapters that paint the MC in only a good light. She's cold, independent, and... more>> work-oriented and instead of these traits being used to exemplify why the marriage is falling apart, they are used to make the MC look better.

The MC can do no wrong because everything in the novel is used to make her look more pitiful leading up to the divorce. The rest of the novel follows suit; the men are all in love with her, and the women are either her supporters or her nemesis but not a proper nemesis where they are both on equal footing, rather no matter who MC is up against, she is always better (or at the very least the narrative paints it so). Her greatest nemesis is a homewrecker, that the narrative continues to build up as this horrible person who is both naively s*upid, but also cunning (huh) and to blame for the failing marriage, when in reality she's just a poor (literally, she was a s*ave) girl who's stuck in a game she's too s*upid to understand she's being used in. The novel, like majority of the royalty novels, doesn't turn away from its classist views and instead promotes them, allowing the poor characters to be portrayed as horrible people trying to become rich, whereas most of the royals and rich are those with better morals.

Many characters can make mistakes in this novel, and be both cruel and kind and a multi-faceted character, except for the MC because unless her mistakes are being used to further push the "woe is me" schtick, the narrative will never allow her to be nothing less than perfect.

TLDR; the MC can do no wrong. If you want to read about a pitiful, perfect women wronged by the world around her, then sure give it a go. If you want to read something interesting, where the world of a story isn't crafted to revolve around a mary-sue, look elsewhere. <<less
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karyyy rated it
July 2, 2019
Status: c70
I just caught up with the novel through mtl. It's a great novel, definitely worth a read. I will say however, the novel still hasn't got to the part where the Empress asked for the remarriage yet. Also the translator seems to be splitting the original chapters into halves or thirds. So that's why each translated chapter are so short. I predict it will take literally at least a year or two to catch up to the original novel. That's why if you really want to read the part where... more>> the Empress dumps the Emperor, just mtl. <<less
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atheleys rated it
May 29, 2020
Status: c173
In the novel universe, Remarried Empress probably holds the record for the most anticipated and celebrated divorce.

The Emperor and the MC (Empress Navier) have been peacefully married for three years until a damsel in distress comes into the picture and gains the Emperor's favor. Falling for her lies and consumed by his selfishness, the Emperor tosses the MC aside and divorces her to make his concubine the empress.

The first several chapters may seem dragging/annoying with the concubine's fake crying and the Emperor's st*pidity, but you'll anticipate how the MC will... more>> stand her ground and turn the tables. And unlike other MCs, she has the guts to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship and control her own life, rather than letting her life control her.

It's so fulfilling when the Emperor finally divorces the MC and she quickly agrees like she can't stand another minute married to him, then proceeds to introduce the king of the rival country as the man she wants to remarry, which shocks everyone to the core. And that pivotal moment, my fellow readers, makes everything that happened worth it.

So, strong-willed and level-headed MC + dashing and adorkable ML + compelling plot... Highly recommended 10/10

As a bonus, Remarried Empress comes with gorgeous, official illustrations in between chapters. But if you want more visuals, check out the webtoon adaptation and/or the simulation app. <<less
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April 27, 2020
Status: c168
Firstly, how is it that they've been married for years yet Soveishu is incapable of having a decent conversation about anything? He clearly has the higher EQ between him and the MC How hard is it for him to say '"I know we're friends but I want a more intimate relationship so could we at least try?"

Instead of expressing all this at some point in their marriage he is clearly using his new found infatuation as an excuse to take out some resentment on Navier, He obviously loves her more... more>> than he would like to admit (though God knows why he can't) since he makes their divorce more painful and traumatic than it needs to be and how he practically holds her hoatage after the divorce. All his done is royally screw things up beyond repair.

Navier is the only Mary Sue character I have ever liked. She might seem like a bit of a doormat but it was her word against the woman Soveishu is infatuated with so she couldn't win without hurting herself so I get it, I would rather resolve things reasonably too if I were in her position. Her EQ may be pathetically low but at least she does try to respect Soveishu and Rashta because she genuinely cares about his happiness. She's so used to being treated as an Empress and not as a woman that I'm not surprised she is handling her personal matters so poorly and keeps getting hurt. Makes her more human than those Mary Sue's who never suffer no matter what they do or how they behave. She never goes out of her way to hurt Soveishu despite how much he tramples on the friendship they once had. Definitely a more mature response than his determination to make her a villain.

Henley is freaking awesome, the ML I didn't know I needed. I don't understand Rashta's appeal, I really don't. There's nothing she gives Soveishu that Navier couldn't have given him herself if he had treated her like a desirable woman instead of a friend and business partner. With such shallow attempts to deepen their relationship how could progress be made with such a dense person? Comparing him and Henley its obvious that she won't get a clue unless you make things perfectly clear.

He wants all the benefits of their marriage despite divorcing, thoughtlessly humiliating and disrespecting her for nothing then has the guts to get upset because she isn't waiting around to be trampled on and used. Someone else values her worth, not only as a good sovereign but as a woman so why doesn't she deserve a happy ending?

Such a man is even more disgusting than those ML who are cold, emotionally stunted assh*les because at least they're obviously selfish and horrible due to their arrogance not like this s*upid emperor who actually thinks he is the victim of the whole mess. Because how DARE Navier get married again? How dare she find another man after he replaces her and tosses her aside?

Totally sick of it. I'm not even consistently following the story anymore, just randomly checking in, waiting for the awesome face slapping, regret and heart ache that's coming to him. Serves him right! <<less
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Nerdandgeek101 rated it
April 20, 2020
Status: c90
We're to begin... Most of the time, I don't even know where to begin my reviews, so please bear with me. (By the way, I believe that the translation is great and I have no problem with that)

I really liked the concept of this story at the beginning, especially since I first read this story as a manga. From the first chapter that I read, and I knew of the divorce, I was ecstatic about the plot line. But then I began with the second chapter and although I... more>> didn't like it, I thought "well maybe it is a good idea to start were the antagonist arrives at the castle and grabs the emperors attention". But then the story dragged on and on and on, and I must admit that as it dragged on and on, I started to dislike the storyline more and more.

One of the first things I disliked was how slow the passing is. I understand the build-up and the need of it, but this went beyond build-up. I stopped reading at chapter 90

, and the divorce is not happening yet, which is frustrating, to say the least. The divorce is not even the only slow build issue that we have here, since the Main Female Character hasn't fallen in love with the ML.

So everything that we have seen so far is just...

The second issue that I have is that although I don't like the villain, I can not understand why they must use a s*ave vs. an empress setting. I believe that although the emperor favored her, it would have been better (from my perspective) for the villaness to be in equal social footing (from high society). To my eyes, this would have made her a truly evil bitc&. But it just came up to her being someone who

escaped s*avery, whose baby was thought to be dead, and who wanted to better her situation and escape by trying to be the emperors lover. (I don't say it is right what she did, I am just saying that being a s*ave and wanting to better yourself, makes her not as evil)

Once I read that, and how the empress was jealous of a s*ave the empress didn't come out as smart. Having a better education and better understanding, she should have been able to control the citation (to my point of view). I understand that the emperor favors her, but I have read other stories with the same setting (concubine replaces important character), and the empress has been able to handle the situations. The emperor doesn't love her from the beginning, and she doesn't love him either, but she is angry that he is getting a concubine (which is acceptable in that world), this didn't make sense to me. Yes, the s*ave should have respected her, but as an empress with an education and with people (royals) having your back, I believe she should have been able to handle her.

This leads me to the second thing that I found wrong: they make the empress come out as smart. However, she is really a doormat. Why? Things around her happen, and she let's them because a quiet girl and a girl who let's other trample her, step on her, and look down at her is strong. Bullsh&t, she doesn't come out as smart or saintly she just come out as weak.

Her excuse for holding everything in, and not doing anything is that, since she is the empress she should stay quiet, because an emperess' only cuality is being poius, quiet and a doormat. In her mind since she is the empress she should let the concubine be regaled higher than her, so that people could magically think better or her for doing that. At the end the male character, who is the emperor of another kingdom, feels like he has to help her, with the situation since she is such good person and empress, so good that she never gets angry (guess it worked for him)

I don't like how the whole romance revolves around him thinking she is smart but weak. The incongruity of the situations made me angrier.

One of the last things I didn't like was how more than one character falls in love with the FL, but there are no side characters falling in love. Everything is about those three, and how more than one man falls in love with the empress

other emperors, and the embassador from another country, all of whomare powerful people in itself, the best of the best.

I like love triangles, but only when they are done in another way.

The final thing I didn't like is how some of the "good" characters (because they were on the empress side) are allowed to be a**holes.

The brother of the empress knows that it is allowed and normal to have concubines, yet he gets pissed off with the emperor for having one. Alright familial love, but then he plans (and goes through with poisoning Rashta) to have the baby aborted, he cuts off the ears of another character, and tortures that other character, but it is seen as right because he is angry on his sisters behalf. In fact, the other characters know, and they applaud because he is doing it on MC'S behalf. I don't understand this. The hero smears the name of the woman he loves (who doesn't like him that way), and acts like he is against her and on Rashta's side, so that when she is "free" she can divorce, and therefore marry him in the future?

Doesn't make sense.

Anyways, if you have made it up to here, I hope you had a good reading. Thank you. <<less
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SamSam rated it
September 2, 2019
Status: c88
I totally agree with some previous comments ! You feel it... you will really wish thousand deaths to that emperor, you will want to use this b****** to beat the not-so-s*upid and not-so-poor-little-thing concubine.

This story is a gem, really well written with well built characters ! Our progress in the story, descriptions, no shortcomings, no endless misunderstanding, the realistic backgroung (kingdom/empire and its society), not childish lovestory... everything makes it a REAL novel ! I am reading the translation made by Crystal (who makes a good job and reguliar releases)... more>> but I am also reading the original novel by MTLing it (chapter 88 was released today!).

If you want spoilers, you can visit the "namu wiki" site (you just have to copy the original title in google, it would be the first link)... by doint this, it doesn't spoil my curiosity about this novel... On contrary ! <<less
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christine09 rated it
March 7, 2020
Status: --
Don't know why this got some high ratings. The plot is s*upid and drags on and on and on. Also, the idea of "reinstating" a former empress after divorcing her is just as depressing and highly questionable, as the emperor's poor IQ. The story's plot is loosely based on historical material around monarchy despite dabbling with a little fantasy, so I don't get why the emperor, with no stronghold power, can remarry and reinstate a former empress (from an affluent noble background), he once divorced, after demoting her for a... more>> mere s*ave with no noble origins and a shady past. This plot seemed to me like overkill. Also, a little desperate. I feel like the author's purpose here is to evoke emotions from the readers which is definitely potent to a certain degree. But aside from this, everything else is unintelligent, makes no sense despite how the author wanted to make the emperor look cunning. And some parts were just unnecessary. <<less
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Ula-Nara Yi Lian
Ula-Nara Yi Lian
March 27, 2022
Status: c330
All I want to say is that the root cause of this evil is Sovieshu..... I've gone through quite a few reviews and I can see a growing trend where Rashta is the only one ppl are condemning but we must understand that when they met for the first time, Rashta was an abused, runaway sl*ve who had just given birth and told her child had died. She had been handed a literal dead child. Her life was in shambles and she literally had nowhere to go and no one... more>> to turn to. On the other hand, Sovieshu was the literal Emperor and much more importantly, a married man in a society where having concubines or extra-marital affairs were not the rage... Sort of frowned upon. His actions would have also worked had this been based on an Asian historical setting where more often than not, polygamy was societally accepted.

Honestly, if I was in Rashta's conditions and had the opportunity to become the freaking Emperor's lover, concubine, heck, even a hidden affair, as long as I was going to have some sort of future better than my current conditions, I would have seduced the hell out of him and here it was mutual so yaa. Also to be noted is the power-dynamic between the two.

Also, in the case of extra-marital affairs or even cheating while dating, the primary culprit is, in most cases (as in here) the one in a relationship/the married one. No issues exist which can be talked out... Just wanted to get it out of my chest...

EDIT: After rereading my comment, I want to add that I am not defending Rashta in anyway. She too is a despicable character and although her backstory justifies her becoming Sovieshu's illicit affair, all her action thereafter are totally uncalled for and she must face her consequences.

Also regarding Sovieshu, yes, he is pitiful but his issues would have been solved had he communicated. He saw first-hand what his mother went through with his father's mistress but put Navier through the same and worse so yaa sorry for not being sympathetic towards him... <<less
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Immernachtreich rated it
July 23, 2021
Status: --
So this is a sob story about a noble lady being upstaged by a s*ave. My heart really hurts for her. (I mean the s*ave).

It was a strategic mistake for the author to make her love rival a s*ave, this makes it hard for me to take the MC's self-pitying sob fest seriously.
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Blackrosette rated it
March 16, 2020
Status: c164
here's the tea my ladies and gents. The story is absofreakin beautiful I can say no less. Read it fall in love or whateva.

the translation was perfect, it flowed like the river nile.

It really gives a glimpse of the past, this story runs in a society very similar to that of the monarchs of the great britain. I will have to compare it to Catherine of Aragon, if she lived lol.

if you want my opinion on the latest happenings of the story here it is boo.

... more>>

What a dick! I mean I understand some sentiment that she is in love with Sovieshu but all he keeps on doing is pushing her away! I mean you have to beg the question " when is enough enough?" And this is enough. She is too good for him, she is basically the perfect empress the least he could do is thank her for her hard work?

I like heinley because he is straightforward and nice to her. If sovieshu actually just f*cking talk to her like a normal person then maybe their relationship might work! Sovieshu is just a stuck up little prince, never experiencing life outside of his comfort. He never thinks for those around him because he think he is above them and self reliant. Well news flash little dick, she doesn't want a colleague as well.

Another argument raised is when Sovieshu gifts her jewelry as a symbol of love or whatevs. In these era jewelry is a common gift among nobels, it shows status and wealth. Even husbands needs to gift their wife expensive stuff to show that they are not lacking and business is good as usual. What I mean by all of this, you have to beg the question "Has he, the person whom knows her best, ever thought about what she likes? "

They were bestfriend since childhood he should know her like the back of his hands. Butter her up as*hole she ain't no hoe who's going to do everything you want.

He can't argue with me that because tr*shta loves his jewelry that Navier would love them too.

Seriously if you love without communicating it then what's the point? The other person won't feel you unless you tell them with conviction. She is not a mind reader and Sovieshu needs to wake up to that reality, that not every woman would cater to his desires.


All in all, I'm all for a divorce. This relationship is too much for poor Navier, she has suffered enough anguish. She needs a new life. Don't care about the haters saying this is a mistake because it is not. As I see it, Navier will continue to suffer on, if this marriage continues. She deserves the world and he can only give it.

As you continue on this story, you will seriously grit your teeth.
I now understand why this story needs to be told. The events before the divorce is what made Navier break and as a woman myself, I can see why she would choose to remarry. Even if it is not out of love. If I was treated that way, I would say sayonara and pack my bags, even if it hurts. I have more respect for myself.

Divorce currently in progress. One last bow for the Empress. Another for the Queen. <<less
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Shannonreidsumner rated it
December 6, 2019
Status: c100
I find this quite interesting and it's quite nice but whatever! My blood pressure's risen up to uncontrollable degree, if I go out and murder someone, this might be the cause of it. Fr*cken' b*tch.
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bozakir rated it
January 8, 2023
Status: --
This is going to be a bit visceral but I hate this novel. Every time I see it, I flinch because I remember some dumb detail or another. Deeply regret reading it. First of all, yes, leads romance story is cool. Empress gets herself a better partner they deeply love each other fine cool. I get that you all like that part so much that ignore everything else going on. But I can't shut my brain off when a novel takes itself seriously.


Navier commits grand treason. Yeah sure there are some extenuating circumstances behind that. But still she defects to an enemy country that was actively waging a cold war to her country which she was empress of. She and her family eat taxes of hard working citizens of her land for generations then flipped them all off and switched allegiances. She is supposed to be an empress not a CFO that can switch companies.

Emperor, waste of oxygen. Setting up a ficus plant as emperor would be more useful to his subjects and novel universe.
Rashta. One person security black hole. She is an unknown that has direct access to emperor, carrying future heir. Nobody checks what she is doing, ever. She routinely meets up with a nobles with questionable loyalties. One of which is practically right hand man of the male lead that is actively waging a cold war against the empire.
And my favourite, that dumb side lead. Whose grand achievement as a state leader is drinking an untested love potion right in the middle of diplomatic talks that is make or break for his nation while looking at opposition.
According to author these are hyper competent statesmen leading their nations but the moment they stop writing romance section you notice a everybody pulling a marvellous shuffle offense. You never know who is holding the idiot ball at a certain moment.
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moose128 rated it
June 17, 2020
Status: --
This is some hot tr*sh. Pretty much everyone in this novel is unlikable. The protagonist could pass as a 1D cartoon classist/elitist villain in a Z-tier series. The only reason the female "villain" is treated as such is because she occasionally smirks and is manipulative, but then you see the protagonist doing everything she criticizes her husband and concubine for and the reader is expected to root for her because she's the MC.

... more>>

The female villain is supposed to be hated because she's a former s*ave rising above her station? It's not as if she isn't manipulative, but the warped moral compass and double standards that permeate the poor writing make it hard to care for anyone. Why should I decry Sovieshu and Rashta when the protagonist isn't any different? In fact, one of the villain characters in the story is a s*ave owner and the only reason he is considered a villain is not because he owns s*aves (that would make him a hero in the MC's eyes), but because he chooses to help a former s*ave.


If K-novels have taught me anything, it's that k-novel stans will defend anyone or anything as long as they're the MC or hot. This role reversal would be interesting if the writing wasn't so atrocious. <<less
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