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This is the story about the rebirth of a little gong with a sweet steamed bun-like little shou.

In the past life, little shou, in order to help little gong block a poisonous blade, ended up dying due to blood loss.

After the little gong is reborn he proceeds to dote on the little shou endlessly.

This is a cliche story where the second life is warm,sweet,no abuse.

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New BeneathAHibiscusCanopysWarmth rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Story Quality (Plot/Characters/etc.) : 1/5

Entertainment Value: 4/5

I really enjoyed this story. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I MTLed it whole. It's very sweet, very fluffy, and my heart just swells at the sheer amount of pampering 💕💕💕

However, the reason why I gave the Story Quality a 1/5 is because of 2 specific problems. Without these problems, I would have given it a 3/5 for being an average novel.

1. MC's AGE

... more>>

I am the kind of person who sees fictional characters as completely separate from real people. Here, the MC is only 14 years old when he is taken by the ML as a male bedservant. Although they wait until 16 to have penetrative sex, the MC has been romantically and sexually (oral, hand) involved with the ML since he was 14.

Personally, I can ignore this as this as I don't think this novel will convince actual 14 year olds to have romantic ties with grown men, nor will it serve as a justification for grown men to think that it's fine for them to date minors.

Neither do I believe that any of this novel's readers will apply its plot to real life in the sense that they will honestly think that it is not unhealthy and immoral for a real grown adult to predate upon and seduce a real minor just because a fictional 14 year-old character was taken advantage of by a fictional grown man who, because of rebirth, either genuinely loves him or at the very least will stay faithful and loving to him in a novel where their relationship does not end up as tragic and toxic because this is a fantasy story world where apparently, trauma just DOES NOT exist.

HOWEVER, I do acknowledge that some readers do not think this way. And personally, I think that the MC's youth is not needed for this story to work. Yes, 14 WAS a suitable age to marry in Ancient China, but this is already an unrealistic story. Gers exist, for goodness' sake. And the plot itself is not really realistic either (a servant with no meaningful connections becoming an Empress without meeting the disagreement of EVERYONE just because the Crown Prince really really likes him? ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE in any real Chinese dynasty).

I would prefer for the author to simply raise the MC's age. Say that 18 is now the age of marriage. Just extend the recuperation period of the poison that the ML takes and extend its harmful effects to also hurting gers, so that he will have a reason to wait two years if that waiting time is truly vital to the plot. ML can still tell his mother that only gers will be unaffected, but this time it'll be a lie. This lie will further cement the ML's affection for MC, as he is willing to lie to his parents for MC. This will also work because neither the Empress nor the Emperor ever bother to consult ML's physician or have ML go to a different doctor to further confirm his illness. They just take his word for everything.

Although, I do acknowledge that while this may be alright for me, this may not sit as well with Chinese readers, the audience that the author actually keeps in mind. It's very common for Chinese novels, movies, and series based on Ancient Times to feature 14 year-old characters as Romance leads regardless of the historical accuracy of their plot, although they do cast older actors for those roles. It seems as if Chinese audiences EXPECT that age no matter what, and that is why those characters are never aged up. Thus, I don't assume that the author is just a shotacon and that's why they made MC underage.

All in all, while I ignored it and pretended as if the MC's an adult so that I can continue indulging myself in all this novel's sugar, I acknowledge that the MC being only 14 IS an issue among readers that CAN very much be solved easily, and I hope that I'm not wrong in assuming that no one will truly apply this novel's plot in their perception of what is alright to do and what is not alright to do in the real world.




Cannonfodders and White Lotuses are the bread and butter of Chinese webnovels, it's almost impossible to find a book that doesn't include or mention them. Sadly, both of these archetypes rely on those aforementioned cannonfodders and white lotuses to have an IQ lower than -10000.

The MC is kind of a doormat in the beginning of every conversation he has. He does say 'no' and understand how to use logic eventually, but his guard is ALWAYS lowered. It only goes up when the person he's talking to says something that will OBVIOUSLY work against him, after which he will reject his conversation partner, although after their conversation his guard against that person will immediately lower again.

He fails to grasp the subtleties and traps in the words of others. He fails to see other people's intentions. One time, he made the only servant following him return to the Dowager Empress' Palace to get back an item that he left there. While alone (he still has shadow guards that he's unaware of, tho), he meets a crying maid who tells him that her mistress is dying, and he just FOLLOWS HER. The crying maid. Who he DOES NOT KNOW IN ANY WAY. He never stops to wonder why the maid cannot approach any other servant, which, if he does think about, will inevitably lead to him thinking about the identity of the maid's mistress, and whether that woman is someone he would be able to help without getting in trouble. He doesn't even stop to wait for his servant to come back. HE JUST FOLLOWS HER. AND THEN HE BELIEVES THE WORDS OF THE MAID'S MISTRESS. WITHOUT QUESTIONING HER INTENTIONS.

That is only the beginning. The protagonist shows the same blind trust to others and always nearly gets harmed for his trust. Like most White Lotuses, he gets really irritating when he does this.

His s*upidity may be attributed to him being a relatively spoiled 14 year-old, but he doesn't really get that much better even as he ages.

The ML's overconfidence about the death of Li Qinwang is also a little dumb, but it can be attributed to the fact that he's reborn and roughly knows what may happen. Although as someone who had already been Emperor, that change is still kind of impossible.

What the ML is REALLY dumb for is his total lack of suspicion for his harem. The author tries to excuse this as him being too busy to pay attention to his women. But the thing is, MANY emperors are like that. But still, any emperor with a normally functioning brain will wonder why he can't conceive any sons or why every woman who he does get pregnant and up miscarrying. BUT NO. ML doesn't. Because the magical author wand took all of his braincells away.


Basically, the story needs to proceed and have drama somehow. The author, who we can assume only aims to write a casual sweet novel, doesn't really write anything that will make the plot's unravelling seem like a logical progression of actions and decisions, she just goes with the easiest route, which I don't blame her for since she may be just writing this casually.


All in all, really sweet and enjoyable novel full of pampering. Everyone has a negative IQ, which may really take away from your enjoyment of the book as a whole. The MC's age may also put you off. <<less
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anggr291 rated it
July 9, 2019
Status: --
i’m.... so many things.... first of all.. ... more>>

u fell in love with a BOY U r*peD. u dont even know him... he died for u and all u can do is sit there and draw pedophilic pictures and romanticising him.. you say u love him (for 30 years! wow! all that time he was dead and u didnt even know he existed :)) but youve only loved the idea of him unconditionally loving you and dying for you... you bring him back into the palace to f*ck his life up... entitled ass prick...


i’m thinking I guess I really cant deal with emperors plot stuff if they have like.. “oh no, we must have other people in the harem cus thats... politics!” while the supposed lover of the emperor just gotta sit there grit their teeth and endure this f*cked up plot honestly man... you’d find a better life in a simple home somewhere tbh... <<less
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byunnie rated it
January 23, 2020
Status: --
The emperor is super gross and his reasons for loving the LJB is just utter bull* he doesnt know sh*t about him basically filled in his idealized person on the ljb after his death then called it love.

Brought him back to the palace just to make him go through sh*t again because he "loves" him.

Poor ljb probably had stockholm syndrome the first time and had to be trapped again
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DhiVhi rated it
June 3, 2019
Status: Completed
sweet... sweet... sweet

I like the way the prince prepare for Lin Jiabao to become queen. He didnt deliberatly opposed his father & mother, but he shows with his cleverness how he didnt need help from harem to stabilize his throne. He also knows how to protect Jiabao from harm eventhough Jiabao is someone who is brave & firm in urgency times. Jiabao is also such a cutie, he is somewhat naive & (too) kind but he knows how to protect his loved one. Jiabao also not a virgin mary, he... more>> is not someone who always forgive everyone who do harm to him.

All in all, this is such a sweet royal palace story. <<less
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LostMySoul rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: Completed
So, the Emperor actually does not love the MC at all. Just the idea of him. I bet if the

... more>>

Empress back then hadn't revealed the traitors in the harem which was literally ALL of them EXCEPT MC


the Emperor wouldn't fixate on our gullible MC. There's also the fact that mc's family poses no threat to the emperor so less trouble for him, really. He does stay true to his words tho. He dotes on the MC. So there's that, I guess.

I actually kinda like the MC but let's face it, his type wouldn't survive in a true ancient chinese harem political arena or whatsoever. He also feels like one of those white lotus in rebirth stories that you can't help but hate lol he's too gullible and submissive but he does try his best, really.

Basically, after reading this novel, it just felt like I was reading about the Emperor raising his favorite pet or something. Would've been more interesting if it was the MC who was given a second chance. But eh, with his character, he'd still be a white lotus through and through. He'd have to have a change of character for it to be at least interesting. <<less
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Boba rated it
August 27, 2019
Status: Completed
Alright! This is SWEET ? (omit 1 star cause I don't really like the Gong)

Truly you would not know what treasure (ayyyyy.... Look at what I did) is until you lose it.

This story is filled with Gong redemption journey towards Shou (read: pampering shou until you have cavities) the problems are solved rather quickly and no heavy dog blood angst.

Rec for a light reading when you just get tired of dog blood stories
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tomr1 rated it
April 6, 2021
Status: -
i like how the synopsis bravely proclaims that there's "no abuse" in this story while the 'r*pe' and 'r*pe victim becomes lover' tags are right there for everyone to see.

one star for bold face of whoever wrote the description.

you know how sometimes there are little things about the MCs that you happen to dislike, but tolerate anyway, because overall they're good/well written/nuanced characters?

... more>> not the case, for this story! If I ever met the MC of this novel irl, I would probably commit crimes. Violent ones.

there are very few cases (because there are very few stories, where the themes are this disturbing) where, I feel the need to 'protect' the ML.
usually, authors try to balance powers, dynamics, and give solid foundation to their main CP, right? But here the main motivation of the MC is pure and plain obsession for the man he once r*ped.

high key, the ML would be so much better off being single than being with this creepy sort of MC. <<less
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takame rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: Completed
Like, IDK I am probably being dumb to fail to understand how other readers were able to draw a lot of theories about the Gong-MC's affection to the shou with that one whole paragraph...

So am I going to question MC's feelings based on that measly word count that totals to at least 1% of the whole story? Uh. Tbh I don't want to bother myself making criticism on such a small part of the story when the entire 99% is spent on MC coddling and protecting ML from the... more>> green tea b*tches of past and present. As I see it, (pre-rebirth) MC is a good emperor but as he is naturally unfeeling, he thoroughly neglected his backyard (harem) thus snakes run rampant behind his back. The wake up call came thru death and he suffered alone for a few decades. His first love came too late. Again, this backstory is told in just one chapter meaning it was not the main point. I like how the entire story is spent with MC doing the do and never allowed any slip ups to happen again and paving the way to make the shou his only one. Gong really did make full use of his second chance.

Perhaps before rebirth MC got moved from the shou's sincerity that started his affection but Rebirth gave them chance to fall deeply in love for real with each other.

Overall the story is very sweet and all kinds of dog blood were prevented before it happens which I appreciate. The chapters might seem few but one chapter is really long. I enjoyed reading MC's preemptive strikes and verbal taichis whenever he goes against the tradition. <<less
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April 8, 2020
Status: c4
I just don’t like the gong. The shou as a character is so flat and boring. These two combined are basically the perfect example of a typical shoujo couple which I loathe
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sleepingjay rated it
July 18, 2019
Status: c15
SUPER SWEET. This novel is just full of feel-good feelings, not just between ML and MC but also between them and side characters.

It's not full of sunshine, of course. There are bad people but author never lingers much on them, not even to face-slap them, which I appreciate.

Some points I liked is how amazing MC's family and friends are! They treasure MC and take no sh*t from people trying to exploit them. Also kudos to ML for introducing MC to some very good people.

Also, ML too has very good family... more>> and friends. And he treats them well, such as


making sure the friend that died from illness in his past life gets proper medical treatment this time around.


Also, you know how sometimes rebirths steal future ideas from other people as their own? Not ML! He purposely "coincidentally" met the guy who had the idea in his last life, and made sure this guy got credit this time too.

ML and MC are super sweet with each other too. They're adorable and filled me with fluff energy, I kept rolling around on my bed from excitement.

Honestly, the only "flaw" I can find from this novel was that ML was too slag in his past life! <<less
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Sonata123 rated it
April 8, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is very warm and gentle. After the first chapter, it is all about sweetness and pampering, with any danger dispelled quickly. I enjoyed it very much. Lin JiaBao is such a loveable person, and it was nice reading about him being loved and being happy.

I understand what triggered many readers according to the reviews, but I can't really slam the gong for what he did it the past life. He was ignorant and selfish and he spent a lifetime reflecting on his mistakes, so when he's reborn, he... more>> is a very different person from the one who'd r*ped the boy in the previous life. And yes, he is kinda obsessed with Lin JiaBao, but as for not knowing him... he did his best to find out as much as possible about him after his death. Lin JiaBao dying for him was one thing, then he turns out to be the only innocent person in the harem who didn't scheme and hurt others, and then there were all those details about his simple and gentle character the gong learns; wasn't it enough to fall in love with? It might start as an obsession but it's clear they love each other deeply and are happy together. <<less
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Aneel rated it
November 20, 2020
Status: c15
Would give this zero stars if I could. The ML is a terrible person and completely unlikeable. I was willing to give him a chance, maybe the author intends to have him grow as a person and learn his lesson, but...


He basically just committed genocide and I'm sorry but there's nothing the author can do to redeem him now. Dropping this like a hot potato.

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Mairunovich rated it
October 14, 2020
Status: Completed
I have mixed feeling about this novel.

1. I don't like MC at the beginning. He's an as*hole full with utter bullshit. He r*ped ML, ditched him, left him alone in cold palace, and finally making ML die protecting him. All his misfortune and betrayal from his Empress and concubine is payback for all of his disgusting treatment for ML.

2. But at the same time he realize ML is the only one who cared for him and protecting him with his own life. So it doesn't matter if his feeling wasn't... more>> actually love, but he did try his best to make ML live a happy and fulfilling life. MC stay true to his word until the end, did lots of thing just to make sure ML won't be sad.


Finally he got everything he want; ML by his side, his unborn baby + bonus batch of babies, his parent and little brother living a happy life


3. MC is too much. I like a decisive and ruthless Gong, but MC is beyond that.


He's a cold hearted person. Only his parent, lil bro and ML who can make him smile. But the rest of him is totally heartless. He won't even bat an eye while killing every single person who makes his family and ML suffered in his last life. He even easily disposed everyone who make a bad comment about ML; a random son of imperial court member, ML's uncle family, his concubine, his brother's wife, and his father's concubine little brother.


Despite an annoying and disgusting start, this story is sickeningly sweet and full of dog food.. <<less
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dyodaks rated it
May 6, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is exactly as the summary says. Be prepared for a lot of fluff. Plot mostly revolved around court intrigue and the CP is just flat out throwing dog food around.

This isn’t a one-of-kind novel but I still enjoyed it. The shou is pure, soft spoken and obedient but he along the way he proves to be reliable. While some may call his character flat, I personally think that his personality is a result of his upbringing and later on, MC’s doting and therefore realistic.

... more>>

What I especially loved about this is MC and ML’s families. Both parties are just lovable and agreeable. MC’s father the late emperor and his mother were righteous but kind. ML’s immediate family did not even think of taking advantage of his position all throughout.


However, I do wish that certain side characters could’ve been fleshed out more to add color to the story.

I’ll be waiting for the translations but you can definitely MTL this. Don’t think too hard when you’re reading this and don’t compare BL stories in Ancient China settings to your morals in real life. If you can’t stomach an underaged ML then don’t bother picking this up at all. <<less
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snowvel rated it
April 22, 2020
Status: Completed
So much pink bubbles

Innocent and pure shou X doting reborn gong

It is easy to MTL

... more>>

gong in the past life was saved by the shou during the assassination in his birthday party and after some slight drama, he found out that the only person who loves him in the harem is the shou and those he dotes were poisoning his balls ?, so after he was reborn he spoil the shou endlessly and remove everything that blocks them. I like how pure the shou is without any pretense and how doting the ML is


It was not stretch out and has satisfactory ending ♥️ <<less
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Hmntlzn rated it
February 8, 2020
Status: Completed
If you're looking for a sweet and cute story just read this novel. Do drama, tragedy and annoying villains.


I love how ML pampered our cute MC in this whole novel :)
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kthp rated it
May 23, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a very fluffy, easy read. I will remember it for the loving families and in laws. So refreshing!!! The love MC’s parents and siblings have for him is so heartwarming.

MC and ML kinda jump into their honeymoon stage right away and stayed there forever - which I enjoyed.

I disagree with the reviews that criticize ML for not really loving MC. IMO, ... more>>

ML mourned MC for 30 years in the first life, and fell in love with him after learning his life story through others and retracing his steps. He doesn’t impose any expectations on MC.



Serious warning about AGE GAP While acknowledging that 15 was a normal age of marriage, it is impossible to ignore the “grooming” in their relationship. ML (~20) is intimate with MC (~13). And MC actually has the maturity of a preteen.

if you want the main example:

It is not explicit- the head maids teach MC about s*x and how to please ML using his hands and mouth - since he is too young for penetrative sex. On their wedding night, ML reiterates that MC is too young for penetrative sex, but should use his mouth to show what he has learned. The story is censored, but you know what is happening.


There is always a power imbalance when ML is the Emperor, but MC’s naïveté is more blatant than in other stories. Of course, his innocence, straightforwardness, and kindness is his charm. <<less
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Erudite.Cielo rated it
February 2, 2021
Status: Completed
I thought this would be a boring slice of life story... boy, I'm wrong.! (´∀`) this is exciting!! The MC and ML were able to be together and have children but their journey is not easy either. The conflicts and contradictions in the story made this more worth it. (∩_∩)

P.s. I absolutely adore the ML.. so kawaii.. (。・ω・。)
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darkelf01 rated it
October 16, 2020
Status: c14
When you've read too many court drama with complex MCs who took chapters to scheme something, simple MLs like Jia Bao are like refreshing breeze. Sure, this novel did dealt with questionable themes which might be your personal squick, but that's common in novels about ancient China, so that's that.

My real rating is 4.5 stars because the author likes to describe unnecessary things i.e family lines and court relationship in long paragraphs. I can't care less about who is whose daughter or this concubine is this super important person's niece.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TweTar rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Though I read with MTL, I will definitely read it again when the translation is completed. The story is super sweet and super cute. I've enjoyed very much.


Because this story was based on ancient china, shou's age is a little too young when they papapa for the first time. Cough Cough. But it was within the acceptable level. The gong really treasured his baobei so much that I was full of dog blood right now.

Anyway, I recommend this story!!!!
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obriensshookface rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: --
Although his love started out as an obsession from his previous life, the Emperor still needs to discover the real personality of the little attendant and learn how to love him in the current reality instead of the romanticized version the Emperor has. I will leave a five here because I see that the story although may not be for everyone it is still nice to see that the Emperor is taking great care of the little attendant and cleaning up his messy past to ensure that the future will... more>> be different from his previous life. <<less
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