Cold Sands


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He’s just a low-ranking deputy general and he’s a prince. They meet on the battlefield but it turns out to be the beginning of a complicated and beautiful story.

Murong Yu is a very confident man – until he meets Han Xin.

There’s nothing he cannot get; there’s nothing he cannot destroy.

To let live or not, is all up to him.

He is the future ruler of Great Yan and so it’s only natural that the world should bow down at his feet.

But he had never thought that one day he would lose control of it.

That even his own will would be uncontrollable.

Murong Yu can neither get nor destroy this prisoner of war.

Han Xin has never given a care about the world – until he meets Murong Yu.

He has never cared about anyone, nor has anyone cared about him.

It doesn’t matter if you’re alone or sad, as long as you can still laugh, life will go on.

He has learned long ago how to not question, how not to believe, how not to lose and how not to care.

Destiny’s uncaring teasing and humiliations have already become numb to him.

That’s right, he doesn’t have a care in the world.

Even if it’s this Prince Royal of Great Yan who’s started to warm up to him.

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Beyond the Frore Dunes
Mo Shang Han Sha
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79 Reviews

Oct 03, 2018
Status: Completed

Ah, tragedies. I traditionally avoid anything with a whiff of a sad ending, since I've always been the optimistic type who feeds off of happy endings to survive.

But I can only applaud Cold Sands as the embodiment of the perfect tragedy. Where two people's differences are finally irreconcilable. Where an unhappy ending is logical, even inevitable. Where a proud and determined human refuses to bend, and in the end can only break.

1) Story

Han Xin is an idle young nobleman pressed into the military by his corrupt nation, despite dreaming of nothing other than living a free life. He ends up captured by the enemy, where he remains proud and unbroken despite his seemingly lazy nature. This gains him the admiration, trust, and eventually affection of the ruthless ambitious enemy prince Murong Yu. Out of their mutual love, Murong Yu lets him go to live that free life. Yet at this seemingly happy ending, a revelation shatters everything Han Xin knew about himself, and he is dragged into the clutches of destiny's unceasing machinations.

(Re) reading Cold Sands is a uniquely bittersweet experience. The beginning of the story is an archetypal example of my beloved "enemies-to-lovers" dynamic. The bickering s*xual tension between Han Xin and Murong Yu is so much fun to read, especially with the hilarious levels of crude swearing coming from Han Xin's free-spirited mouth.

Then at the halfway point of the novel, the story takes a drastic turn into serious court drama and politics, as Han Xin's personality is warped and changed like steel forged in the fire.

Finally, yes, the two main characters of Cold Sands do meet what can only be called a truly unhappy fate. The ending was absolutely flawless in that it even had the tiny glimmer of hope just to add to that depressing realism~

This is the essence of a perfect tragedy: if Han Xin and Murong Yu had the chance to do everything over, they still wouldn't have changed a thing.

2) Characters

Our main character Han Xin is absolutely the star of this novel. It's both really fascinating and really depressing to see him evolve from a carefree, lazy, and hilariously mouthy/sarcastic youth... into a cold and ruthless emperor who must personally take the responsibility of an entire nation on his shoulders.

On one hand, he gains a sense of purpose and the ability to make a hugely positive difference in the lives of countless people. But at what cost, at what terrible cost?

In the end, he has lost everything--his friends, his freedom, his love, his very self.

On the other hand, the main love interest Murong Yu is wonderfully written as Han Xin's exact counterpart. Where Han Xin grows to deny his own humanity, Murong Yu develops in the opposite direction. He starts off as an inhuman conquering prince, but grows to acknowledge his own humanity through his love for Han Xin despite knowing how it will become his glaring weakness. Still, in the end, he cannot abandon his ambition and thirst for power, and it costs him his last chance to be truly together with Han Xin.

Besides these two amazing main characters, the side characters of Cold Sands also fit the story extremely well. Every single one represents and develops the themes of the main story: Han Xin's childhood friends that he must cut ties with, the crueler subordinate generals below Murong Yu, the corrupt old order of Han Xin's nation that he must root out... Special shout-outs to the love rival of the story, the wonderfully written Heng Ziyu.

3) Overall

All in all, I have pretty much no complaints about Cold Sands whatsoever. It's just that I don't want to reread it since seeing how happy Han Xin and Murong Yu used to be makes my heart hurt too much.

I can only hope that in their next life, Han Xin and Murong Yu can live free of all these burdens and worries, and finally be happy together.

I'll leave you all with this poem, which I think captures the bittersweet ending of Cold Sands perfectly.

Rima XLI by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (Rough translation)
You were the hurricane, and I the tall tower which challenged its power: You had to either smash me or knock me down!
It could not be!

You were the ocean, and I the firm stone which awaited your waves: You had to break upon me or tear me down!
It could not be!

You beautiful, and I proud: accustomed one to crush, the other not to yield; The path narrows, the inevitable impact...
It could not be!

[Side Note: The translation of this novel is on the more liberal side. It reads very smoothly in English, but there are anachronistic changes here and there.]

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Jan 21, 2016
Status: --

I cried so much. Truly a bittersweet romance. If you like happy endings then don't read this, for it it's a gut renching romance that shows the pain and bitterness of love. It has happy times and is light and refreshing at points, well written and draws the reader in. The ending is magnificent and couldn't have ended better, even if it was truly sad. The story gives the reader a feeling of hope throughout the narrative, like it could work and they can be happy, I truly recommend this novel, for though sad, it is fulfilling.

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May 26, 2016
Status: --

I have finished reading yesterday, but I still have lingering feelings about the story. this story is alive, too realistic, and it could never be better. but, for my sake... since I can't get the feeling out of my heart... I shall share my feelings here.

i really hope there's a sequel.. maybe in the modern days, they were reincarnated... han xin shall raised by adopted family, when he had finished school he works at the palace, acting as an emperor for tourists. there he met with yu and a deja vu suddenly came.

yu on the other hand is the future heir of a talent agency, famous for bringing up actors. he himself is a famous actor. so he got han xin to work at his agency.

their love blossoms when they both re enact the story from their previous live... who could play it better then the REAL emperors themselves? they changed the script on the whim during the act, but the director finds the changes interesting thus he kept it.

before the drama ends, han xin got kidnapped only to find out that he is the heir of rival talent agency company. but the fact that he is he heir is closed from public thus he don't have the way and chance to explain to yu.

after months separated away from each other, they finally meet again during a show, it's a show where the guests were important people from any organizations. this time they invite the ceo of two big talent agencies to talk about their achievements. that time, they were the youngest ceo in history, that is also the reason they both were invited to the show. with no where to run, han xin faced yu with complicated feelings.

after the show ended, yu suggest to have a drinking party with people from the other company, han xin got no way to escape. in the middle, yu forced han xin to follow him to the hotel room upstairs... (use your imagination)

well, for the rest of the story, I still feel the need to insert xiao qingyue as well but the ending this time around wont be too tragic... I believe most will be happy if they were to get together in the end.

finally, my heart feels a bit lighter.. LOL

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Dec 25, 2015
Status: --
Very heartbreaking, but the characters had such a passionate all-consuming love. The situation was very realistic, I couldn’t have thought of a better ending.

Definitely worth reading... this book really pulls on one’s heartstrings.
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Apr 14, 2017
Status: Completed
> Must READ if you like Captive Prince--- with tears and realism!

> A++ translation - really good like you can publish it.

> Great character developement and likable main character like Lelouch. The main character has bad luck but is very capable and level headed and very... Lonely. (ಥ_ಥ)

... more>> > Save it for when you want a good story with a great main character, historical drama, war, and you dont mind crying for a while.

> The love scenes are not alot but if there are, it will be 2 chapters long and will be very sweet and tender. They dont f*ck, they make love. ღ˘‿˘ற꒱

>Depending on how you look at it, this is not the normal kind of tragedy without happiness. It's more of a natural kind that is inevitable for everyone like the passage of time. It is bittersweet and subtle and does not aim to make you cry but the circumstances they experience makes it hard not to feeeeeeeeeel it.

>It also gives you a dose of realism so rare in BL novels even more so for a historical one where it is so easy to just magically make everything ok in the name of the BL!

>The tragedy in this novel does not come instantly BUT it come subtly like a slow trickle at first and then as the chapters goes by and you are immersed in good plot, this trickle will turn into bigger drops and then at the end and you can't help but be swept away.

>This will be one of those novels that will forcefully carve a part of your heart out and it will snuggle in whether you want it to or not.

Read it! (ಥuಥ) <<less
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Queen Cassiopeia
Queen Cassio
Sep 01, 2021
Status: --
If someone asked me what I thought of this novel, all I would say is, "pain." Because really, that's all there is to this book no matter how much I think and recall about it.

The novel in itself is a masterpiece -- a tragic one, at that. Halfway through the story and I already had my hand on my chest. To be honest, I didn't even know it was a tragic story at first, since I wasn't really one to glance at tags before starting a book; I could only... more>> regret when I noticed something was amiss as I read. I can only blame myself for my misfortune.

But, no matter how much I think about it, I can also say that, although this book gave me utter pain, it also gave me a type of joy I can't even describe (or maybe it's my inner masochism). It's just such a beautifully-written story, and, paired with the poetic undertone and excellent translation, it makes you wanna cry involuntarily.

Nothing describes the main characters' story more fittingly than "tragic." Everytime I recall all the things they had to go through because of their so-called destiny, I just wanna smash my screen and scream and cry with all the tears that's left of what this novel made me spend. I wanna curse everyone and everything that forced them to where they were, but then I'd be cursing the main characters themselves; ultimately, and without a doubt, we all know their decisions showed them the results it was expected to show.

As an idiot, I didn't really understand some of the things that were happening inside the story; all I knew was that they weren't any good for anyone's heart and sanity. The politics is well-written (the cannon fodders are frustrating, in a good way), the side characters are also very well-written and I found myself getting attached to them as the story went on, and of course, the tragic romance between Han Xin and Murong Yu -- perfect!

I can't even describe how much I love both of them and their relationship; their love was as solid as my grandmother's dentures and the two of them were just so... heartbreaking, in many ways. I don't have much words enough to put into detail their devotion for each other from speechlessness; you only have to know that their love, although restrained by destiny's shackles in this life, are as fine as well-preserved wine.

This life has wronged them.

For all the lifetimes they get reborn for each other, I hope they get what they know they deserved and lost in the past; I hope they never get reborn for the purpose of sacrificing themselves again for the sake of others, and I hope they live the way they want without destiny's shackles restraining them.

The love I have for this book is the same as the one I have for TGCF -- I am telling you, that love is immense. <<less
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Dec 11, 2015
Status: --
It’s really great. The character, the plot, the romance, all was woven into a bitter sweet story. 10/10 recommended.





It’s mostly bitter. I cried, checking the epilogue like crazy, yet until the very end it is still bitter. Good, but bitter. Both male lead are citizen, the emperor first, then an individual. Which means both will sacrifice a lot of thing for their country. Even their life, family, and love. I hate that they never abandon other to find their own happiness, but that's why I love them too.

“Please be with me, until the earth ages, the sky crumbles and our hair whitens; The winds never rested, blowing away my troubles... ”
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Jul 14, 2019
Status: Completed
Both were very nice emperors sacrifices everything for nations. But I think as a lover they were bit lame.... Don't get me wrong!! I mean after signing treaty of peace why did they take pledge to never meet again?? Oh! Come on! They longed for each other for twenty! years?? I don't get it why they didn't meet each other secretly?? At least once a month if not then at least few times in a year?? Can't they send letters to each others?? Han Xin just died and didn't even... more>> demand the last visit of Murong Yu and his empress?? I guess authors just wanted readers to immerse in the story to shed tears and made this story sooo pitiful.

But I liked few things though...... I had never ever read this much passionate intimate scene ever in life full of lust, desire never wanted to be separated. I mean if I think of myself I can never be this passionate to anyone ever in my life.... Their intimacy in chpater 40 and 41 shook me so hard.

But in the end all I can say is that they were just foolish lovers suffered till end. And one more thing... I really can't find any of those songs that Han Xin played in this story. What are they? <<less
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Dec 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Cold Sands was such an emotional journey, and is such an underrated story! I have only ever cried twice while reading a novel, and this story actually made me shed multiple tears (╥_╥). The story is only 41 chapters long with a few extras, preventing the pacing from dragging or the tragedy from feeling overdrawn. The novel is a very well-rounded story with interesting, fleshed out characters, an exciting plot, and good writing. Personally I think it helps the story that the tragedy comes from the circumstances and loyalties of... more>> the characters, and not because of misunderstandings. And even when the main story ends, there’s this empty feeling because these characters and the story will continue. I’d roughly split the novel into three parts:


Meeting and falling in love in the first 16ish chapters, then separation and heavy politicking until you’re in the mid chapter 30s, then reunion and buildup to the ending.


Han Xin is an amazing MC with so many layers revealed as you get deeper into the story. Oh how he breaks your heart! The book is written in first person, so readers get to read all his sarcastic comments, dark humor inputs, and general cursing of his luck (very justified ( ̄  ̄|||)). He wishes for so little, but destiny and loyalty for his country means they won’t be granted in this life. Han Xin perseveres through so much crap, and you really get to see how he changes and turns into a different person. Han Xin gives up so much, and loses so much. He may be harsh on others, but he’s the most cruel to himself T_T.

ML Murong Yu isn’t present for the whole middle chunk of the story, but you still end up loving him as well. He and Han Xin are soulmates, two very lonely people who understand each other. It’s too bad they’re not on the same side and both place loyalty to their country over themselves. Special shoutout to Heng Ziyu, Marshal Heng! I had him pegged as an annoying obstacle, but boy does he grow on you. Say what you will, he’s one of the few people in power who cares about the citizens.

The politicking and court drama are also well written. Everything makes sense and every action has consequences so the stakes feel real. There’s no miraculous “golden finger” moments for MC, every bit of power is fought for. The war is realistic and written to the point you can see in your mind every bit of chaos, suffering, and tension.

The smut is good, each time made more precious because of how little our main characters can be together. But seriously Murong Yu, would it kill to use some lube or something XD!

Ayszhang’s translation is amazing, and really helps to elevate the story through its translation into English. Not only do the emotional beats hit harder, the politics and cultural aspects are also translated so it’s easy to understand. There are also helpful notes and pictures at the bottom that help readers form a better visual of the settings described in the story.

Please read the extras, as I believe each serve an important purpose that enhances the story:


The first extra written from Murong Yu’s perspective is so bittersweet T_T. You really get to see the extent of his love for Han Xin, his thoughts on events you have only read through Han Xin’s POV, his hidden sadness and longing.

And yes I do think the second extra serves an important purpose XD! The only sweet extra, it’s a tiny bit of sugar for the bitterness of the rest of the story!! It’s also placed in a part of the main story where our main characters have been apart for several chapters already, so it’s some much needed relief!

Oh how my heart weeps for Heng Ziyu! Our Marshal Heng! He deserved better, and his love remained true and pure through his death. I was admittedly mad at Han Xin for treating him like that, but I think it also showed how much Han Xin had changed, and was one of the first outsider perspectives that showed how others perceived Han Xin. At first I wondered if the Heng extra was going to be his POV on falling in love, but nope, it was more heartache XD.

The last extra was another heartbreaker as well, and important on many levels. Han Xin is like another person from the start of the story, and you really get to see just how cold and cruel he comes across to family, officials, and citizens. It’s so sad when the story reveals how little history remembered all the good he did, all the sacrifice and pain he went through that will never be known. What we know about history is only what people documenting it have wanted us to know. And I’m so glad he and Murong Yu get to meet once again before he dies :’ (.


Thank you Mu Yun Lan Qing for this wonderful, wonderful journey you’ve written! And thank you so much ayszhang for the amazing translation once again!! (´ ∀ `) ノ~ ♡ <<less
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Christina Gordon
Christina Go
Aug 03, 2020
Status: Completed
I wish I have checked the spoilers before reading it. The story s**ked me in and kept me occupied for 2 days. The story is heart wretching and so sad that I was crying towards the last few chapters. It was so bitter sweet and it just showed that one cannot have everything. You might be the heaven's mandate but you cannot choose who to love. I wished that Han Xin would sacrifice his throne, fake his own death and somehow to join Murong Yu under a new identity and... more>> live his own life. I felt very frustrated for both of them towards the end as I was still hoping for a good ending. <<less
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Apr 03, 2017
Status: extra 4
This novel is worth reading. I love it so much and keep reading it again and again. I know it may not end the same way as typical yaoi novels nowadays, but I didn't feel like it's sad or tragic. It's just so beautiful. The feeling that they have to each other. Don't feel discourage because you think it's sad... It is not that kind of sad. This novel is one of the best I have ever read in my life time and I am yaoi fan for more than... more>> 20 years and read countless of them both in English and Japanese. This one leaves something behind and you will feel it for a long time. <<less
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Jan 21, 2021
Status: Completed
  • Years have passed since I've read this story but even so I still can't seem to forget Han Xin and Murong Yu. Their love was just so pure, but also so heartbreaking that whenever I remember them my eyes just stings and my heart throbs.


    Until now I can't seem to get over the fact on why they can't be together. They loved each other so much so that even if years passed without each other their love never faded but instead grew much more.


    Fate was really cruel to them

    To those who haven't read this masterpiece doubt not, this is a story very much worthy of your time, your tears and heartache.

    To Han Xin and Murong Yu, you have suffered and endured great pain and sadness in this life. I hope that in your next, you will obtain all that you wished and finally be together for eternity. No more pain, no more heartaches, no more sadness, just happiness.
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Jul 25, 2020
Status: Completed
This is my second time reading this, im sobbing like a baby. A star crossed lovers indeed!


"Their blood finally merged into one."

Han Xin leave earlier than Murong Yu but he left him with longing memories. I wonder how Yu cope up with his sorrow after knowing his lover passed away.


I hopelessly wished they could continue their love, somewhere, sometime, in other world where they could be together and never part. My heart still aches for them ????
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Aug 01, 2017
Status: Completed
Beautifully written, the prose was poetic, the relationship bittersweet. The story was surprisingly realistic, portraying the despair found in war time very well. I was impressed by the depiction of details such as wartime rations and refugees. The characters were written with a lot of effort. For example, the more I learned about the main character, the more mysterious he seemed. The author's depiction of the character's emotions is this story's strongest point. It twists your heart, sometimes leading you on, making you hope for a happy end. The ending... more>> itself was also not a forced happy ending. Instead it felt like a natural result of the characters' choices, which causes your heart to ache, but at the same time, accept it. The extras wrap up the story very well; the supplementary extras were in just the right place. <<less
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Dec 11, 2021
Status: Completed
oh my gosh! I read this without looking at the reviews. This is really a lesson for me so that before reading the story, prioritize reading the review first. But, I don't regret it it's very good and very HAPPY LMAO HAHAHAHAHA

*crying in the corner
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Mar 27, 2021
Status: --
This novel is quite heavy. The chapters don't exceed 50 but each one is quite long. The story isn't rushed. The details are fleshed out and it really makes you experience the ancient time.

Right of the bat you know war is a prominent theme of this novel. The tragedy tag is true.

The MC suffers all kind of pain that comes with different statuses and power. You'll know what I mean when you read this. The author is fair in the treatment of the characters, every position has its own struggles... more>> and difficulties. No one has it easy.

The MC isn't made to be extremely likeable. But he's realistic and he takes responsibility on what he chooses to do. He doesn't pretend to be righteous but he holds on to his principles. In the end, this is what charms you to him. As you go through the story even if you have different values or wishes, you still empathize with him.

The ML isn't made to be perfect or likeable as well. He takes his duty seriously. He is ambitious and he works hard to get what he wants. His personality doesn't change just because romance comes into his life. This story is on the realistic side. The love is strong but that doesn't mean it'll always be high up in the priority list.

But the love between the MC and the ML doesn't lose out either. It's great and it fills up your chest to the point of suffocating at times. It's pure even with all the pain and struggles that come with.

The story deals a lot with duty vs heart. To take responsibility or to abandon everything. Your heart will be filled with both understanding and misery when you read this.

This novel is filled with angst and has a serious tone. If you love tearjerker story, this one is a delicious treat! The plot is excellent and there are some twists too. I love this novel and I will re-read it in the future. <<less
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Nov 10, 2020
Status: --
"None can escape the wheels of fate" this broke my heart

Note: if you like sad endings read this, it's a sad story that can make you cry a lot A LOT NOT EXAGGERATING, this hurt so much is a masterpiece that can broke your soul, I loved and I hope you love it too..🌼

This story has broken my heart into so many pieces, I can hardly breathe, the pressure that the sorrows and pain of seeing two loving souls being separated from each other by so many kilometers apart in... more>> so many years without even being able to see each other in the distance, It hurts my heart to think of his love that lasted and was enriched with the passage of time despite the fact that circumstances, war, kingdoms, and many other things made them separate forever, their love is eternal no matter how far time passes will be bigger and more beautiful in the depths of their beings, each one lived in a palace in the melancholic darkness of loneliness longing and yearning in their bodies minds hearts souls and spirits to meet again even once more, it is painful to see how it ended Everything, the fate of each one took them to a different place of the world, distancing them centimeter by centimeter, they began as enemies and ended as lovers, giving each other warmth, trust and love. I know that they always wanted each other in their lives but fate did not have their same thoughts and made them suffer in silence, leaving their aching and sobbing souls for the other, whom they could not look at, hug, touch, kiss, love and adore, how cruel is fate, how unfair the fate is, the world and the people, Han Xin sacrificed all his entire life his freedom his breathe his years his straight.. He sacrificed sacrificed everything his yearned love for the kingdom and they did not appreciate it after he died it is so regrettable it fills me with anger, he left the love of his life for those people and no one saw the merit of his achievements in the end, Murong Yu yearned with all his heart for Han Xi, I know he did completely, his heart must have ached and suffered when he heard of his death, you know what it is to yearn to wish to long to desire and to love a person for so many years and never be able to even fulfill the wishes of your heart? The fate of both of them is so horrible to never be able to be together in that sad existence filled of pain that they could never show because their love was their own secret, they promised to meet each other in the next, and I know that they will meet in that eternity where the two can love each other until they cannot without obstacles without anything that can separate them again, In that eternity their love will last forever and will never die like it was in their lives, this story is one of the things that has made my hurt me more than anything in my life, I have cried so much, the sobs of pain every time I saw the love of both that could never be fulfilled, it is so miserable to see them and see that they could never remain united as they longed for it so much, I wish that in the next life their souls remain forever united in the eternity of that existence and they never ever will be apart again... I loved them so much my soul ached for them and I will remember them in my heart as the most beautiful love that I know will be united forever..

Their sacrifices and sorrows in this life will be rewarded in the next...😭😭😭

Thank you for the translation, I sincerely appreciate it, the translation was splendid, I have never seen a translation as good as the one you have brought us, thank you with all my heart and I wish you are always healthy and happy🌼 <<less
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Jan 07, 2020
Status: Completed
Even though I know how this ends, the last chapter makes me cry every single time.

Unlike what Disney would have us believe, true love does not overcome all obstacles. Sometimes, reality is a curse which cannot be broken.

Both Han Xin and Murong Yu choose country and people over love. They live their lives doing what is necessary but never forget each other. Their sacrifice brings peace to their people.

A beautiful story. Excellent translation.
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Sep 05, 2019
Status: Completed
I have read this story like a long time ago but I am here to express what I felt while reading this wonderful novel. The story was so interesting, so heart-wrenching, like I cried a bucket while reading this masterpiece. It was si awesome. Just read it then you will reLize how beautiful this story is.
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Mar 11, 2019
Status: Completed
Finished read chapter 40 and the extra..... and I was bawling my eyes now while writing this, tears wont stop pouring, like a spring. My throat hurts, my nose is runny........ omg..........

People, you need to read this.

I hate ending, but but this is really a nice story. Those who can make me cry a bucket is def something I never forget.......

I dont want to see this as movie or manga, no no my heart wont be able to take it.
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