Till Death Do Us Part


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Set in early-20th century China, this story takes off in the port city of Tientsin (Tianjin) that is divided into lands called concessions and owned by several foreign powers. Shen Liangsheng is a charismatic and cunning playboy, a son of a rich businessman, who has profits as his top priority. He meets Ch’in Ching, an average school teacher who appears mild but actually holds a patriotic heart for his home. The two cross paths and sparks fly. But will their love hold strong through the imminent forces that will tear the country apart…?

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New kiraluvst rated it
June 13, 2019
Status: Completed
Oh my God, this is truly a masterpiece.


One of not many novels that I would love to give more than 5.

... more>> Even if you skip all of the smut parts (I did on my second reading), this is still a masterpiece with no less magic.

It felt so true, so beautiful, so heartbreaking and so warm.. The words pierced through my heart and I just felt like crying.

If true love is real, then this must be it.

Even when you don't believe in one, you will want to after this journey :""

I read this after Living to Suffer (what a ride too, that one *phew*). What can I say, this is a perfect redemption after such a tragedy.

I feel so much respect towards the author and the translator, the words are just splendid! Many times I found myself stopping to re-read some parts because I just wanted to let myself immersed in the beauty.

Will definitely read again!

Here are some parts where I felt so touched T^T


Yet, he had the strange feeling again that he was lost in space and time. It was as though he had been blindfolded as he wandered along the path, touching each blade of grass and each tree trunk until his destination, but when he turned around to look back at the way he had come, what he saw was not what he had pictured in his mind’s eye.



It was summertime in the dream. He was sitting with Ch’in Ching on the couch in the lounge; it seemed to be the scene of their first farewell.
However, what he said were the words he could not say the second time around...
“Ch’in Ching, I love you. Don’t leave.”
“But Shen Liangsheng, ” the Ch’in Ching in his dream retorted as though surprised, wearing a peculiar expression. “Why would I want that?”
He didn’t know how to answer and, indeed, felt there was nothing more to be said.
Oh, so that’s not what he wanted.
But if his heart was not what the man wanted, then he really had nothing else to give.



“You say I should go...”
Shen Liangsheng was on his knees like Ch’in Ching and was at a loss. Then after what seemed like minutes, he asked in a puzzled tone as though he really did not know the answer,
“But with you here... where else do you expect me to be?”

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sakatakin rated it
September 4, 2017
Status: Completed
All I could say is that you won't regret reading the story. For me, it's so beautiful and bittersweet. Love all the characters, and the writing of the author and also the translators job were amazing, really professional.
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meridianna rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: Completed
i read this to find solace after reading the prequel. the result? I still cried. fortunately I was crying in my room alone in the night. I fear for anyone finds out I cry loudly because of some fiction...
it's so beautiful that I lose my words to write about. just read it. appreciate it. a̶n̶d̶ ̶b̶a̶w̶l̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶e̶y̶e̶s̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶
the cultural references are so rich that it's worth a lot even if the smut is excluded.
and the couple....... what can I write about them?! they are so well-matched... more>> that I feel so glad to read about them living together.
this novel ends beautifully and serenely. this is HE alright!! but why I still cry loudly :" ( <<less
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SmallTimes rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: Completed
Everything is so great about this novel and the translation work is nothing less than phenomenal. The human emotion resonates intensely in each chapter and it really makes you reflect on their journey in hindsight.

MC and ML shamelessly relish in their perverseness therefore the explicit content in this novel is not your typical vanilla play-as a warning to unsuspected readers.

The ML is blunt and passive (in terms of his emotions) and he irks me sometimes but since the presentation of his mentality is really well done I couldn't help but... more>> root for him whenever drama occurs.

The MC is clever, kind, -possibly a natural masochist- and his emotions wrecked me harder than I ever hoped to prepared myself. Reading his inner thoughts made me sob with no self-control.

The overall development and plot is stellar, the despair is immersive, and the sweet definitely comes but not after the bitterness. A wonderful experience. <<less
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TheDaoistNextDoor rated it
June 23, 2018
Status: Completed
Any BL fan worth their salt should at least skim through this one...

Lots of smut and angst and yet a happy love story that makes your heart melt. A true 5 stars rating worthy.

... more>>

Shen is a douche in a first half and the beginning of chapter 8 made me truly believe that there were ninjas cutting onions all around me... I wanted to hate Shen so bad...

Directly from the story.. read at your own risk:

... he wasn't actually a simpleton. Although he didn't know what Shen Liangsheng saw in him, he did understand that the man didn't actually like him as much as he had pretended to in the weeks prior. However understanding that did little to stop him from falling.

So just bear with the suffering, he said to himself. You wanted this yourself after all- you're the one who fell for him.

By chapter 10, I kept wishing that the Ching wasn't as smart as he was, because his simple lines about just how low his expectations were worse than any heart-wrenching angst that the author could have written instead.

Then in chapter 13, he is hidden upstairs like he is a dirty little mistress- away from the public and never to be known to anyone else... And although Ching seemed to fine with it all, my fighting instincts were rising faster than the sea levels due to global warming.

When we reach chapter 15, we have the "punishment" that honestly wouldn't be that bad, until you see the context. You also remember their first time when all Ching could feel was faint disdain along with every amorous action. My hate for Shen was also riding high at this point.

Chapter 17 and the whole garbage about the apartment made me want to seriously just drop the book.

And then war happens.

Chapter 18 is like a brick to the Shen-hating face of mine.. From there on you'll have a real hard time even disliking the man...

I'm going to stop here with- this is a very very well written and translated story about two men who fell in love when the morality of that day and age and every circumstance was against them... Quite angsty and the gong can be a piece of sh*t- but you won't regret reading it. Keep tissues on hand.

I'm going to be completely honest here- about 20 chapters are about their relationship development- so they can be heavy but great.. But then the intense stuff starts... All I'm going to say about this is that it's a sad kind of happy ending and boy did they have to work for it.

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Nic rated it
March 7, 2018
Status: Completed
It was a good thing that I read this first before the prequel otherwise I would've suffered from emotional torment!

The magnificence of this novel can't be describe with words. It is so beautiful that I guess the adjective beautiful is still an understatement. Next to the BL novel 'Brother', this is the second novel that made me emotional. Their journey of love was tough and challenging but they never abandoned the other, instead they struggled together. It is very inspiring!

In love, nothing matters but the person by your side.
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January 7, 2018
Status: c27
The synopsis is kinda misleading, at least for me who got too excited because this is a danmei that has emphasis with nationalism, something not usually touched not only in Chinese danmei but also with Japanese BL. Nevertheless, the meticulous writing of the author by integrating facts about China and different places during that period, up to events reaching Cultural Revolution (if I'm not mistaken), will bring its readers to a rather realistic story of the characters as if travelling through time in China. The romance may be kind of... more>> dragging,

with the shou/uke getting annoying at times, the gong/seme makes up for it with his character development.


Definitely a good read, especially if you want a danmei with a touch of reality and history. <<less
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ikitty03 rated it
December 12, 2017
Status: Completed
I always want to read it but put it behind my mind. Maybe bcuz the the novel cover. The novel is best I have read. I have no idea who rating this novel 1 star. They probably did not read it. The novel like this love at first sight, stalker, straight men, enjoying each other, and old married couple. If the novel isn't your cup of tea of straight forward detail s*x scene; don't read it. The author know it stuff. But... yeah really mostly s*x scene in middle of... more>> the story line. Later it got better. I only wish the story tell more about character personality. <<less
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Sceer rated it
August 29, 2018
Status: Completed
At first it was all about smut and all the hot stuff, then everything else is bittersweet.

This is one of the best novels (not just limited to BL) I have ever read. Despite only having 27 chapters it evoked my feelings as a reader towards China, and the struggles of people during those periods mentioned in the story.

I cried a lot T_T
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