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A blind concubine lives in the cold palace. The blind concubine has a snow white cat. Day after day, year after year, he lives quietly in the courtyard of the cold palace. It is as if he has already been forgotten by the entire imperial palace. Until one day, the young emperor accidentally chances upon him…

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The Blind Concubine
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New holachica rated it
March 31, 2020
Status: Completed
Rating? I was thinking 4, but then, after some consideration, I gave it 5 to boost the rating a bit. This is probably a 4.3-4.4 star novel.

I dare say... I AM THE REVIEW YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR. For those who want to know the story, but don't wanna read (I understand you guys)

First: Summary

... more>>

The ML (Emperor) meets the MC (Blind Concubine), who resides with his servant and cat, and plays with the little prince, by chance, one day. The romance develops (up to chapter 17/18 ?), and all is well... for a while. But then, General Qi Sheng (a side character ML) comes by to whisk him away from the palace, to a faraway place, under the orders of the Empress Dowager. He brings MC to a side character MC's place (Jue Yu, who gets together with Qi Sheng) We get 2 chapters of peacefulness. Then Emperor comes storming in to bring the blind concubine back. The blind concubine, under the fear of the Empress Dowager and "not wanting to ruin the relationship between mother and child", begs to stay (outside the palace), and says it was all his idea to leave the palace with Qi Sheng.

The Emperor misunderstands this (because Qi Sheng was also like, 'it was my idea! Don't blame the blind concubine!' when interrogated, and thinks they were having an affair. He's pissed, takes MC back (who along the way keeps pleading, which only pisses off the Emperor more), throws him in the prison. Under the impression that the Emperor doesn't like MC anymore, a Court Official (idk who) has the guards dump 10 pails of ice-cold water on the MC. The Emperor didn't plan to see him at first, but under the little prince's convincing (if you don't see him now, you might lose him forever, ie. MC might die!) he goes. He discovers what the guards had been doing to the MC, and brings the MC into his arms and to the living quarters, where he gets the doctors to try and heal him up. But, of course, MC cannot stand the cold, and the ice-cold pails of water make him very very very ill/near death. From then on, the MC is disillusioned. He doesn't know that the Emperor misunderstood him and General Qi Sheng, only that the Emperor let the guards do the water punishment.

sh*t gets worse, and shortly after getting a little better, the Empress Dowager tries to poison him with Osmanthus cake, which he almost eats except his cat steals the bite and dies. This sort of... breaks him.

Now mind you, there's the matter of the MC's blindness, which was caused, Woah! by the Emperor... sort of. Turns out in the past, the MC's father was a doctor and him being a loved son, followed his father along, as his father, a famous (?) doctor, had been called to look at the former Emperor, who is dreadfully ill. The MC, as his father looks at the former Emperor, wandered off, playing in the snow, till he chanced upon an open door (or something like that), and saw the not-yet-Emperor changing the post-death edict (presumably to make himself Emperor, or some other political thing), which is punishable by the death of nine generations of his family (which means his mom, Empress Dowager, will be killed, as well as the rest of the family) if caught. The MC doesn't know what is going on before he's grabbed and dragged into the room. Of course, he doesn't know who is who and is totally clueless. Unfortunately, the Empress Dowager instigates the (her son) not-yet-Emperor to blind the MC. The not-yet-Emperor, in a moment of panic, and without considering that the MC is only an innocent child who does not deserve it, gives the order, and hot charcoal is put onto MC's eyes, blinding him. The MC was then cast into the Cold Palace (or something similar) to waste away.

Now back to present times, the MC (assumedly) found out that the ML (Emperor) was the one who ordered his blinding way back then, if we read between the lines of his weird behaviour somewhere during chapter 15-17. Anyways, it's later confirmed that he pretty much knew all along, except for in the beginning. But he had no hatred in his heart, which was obvious given how he and the Emperor pranced around.

Unfortunately, after the punishment in the prison, and then the subsequent death of his cat due to poisoning from the Empress Dowager (he loved his cat a lot. He found it five years prior present time, frozen, and picked it up to nurse back to health. His cat was one of his lifelines), he starts a downward spiral. (Also, the little prince was almost killed, too, by the poisoning) All his love for the Emperor gradually turns into hatred (which isn't helped by the fact that the Emperor pretty much doesn't even come to see him when he's sick), and by the end of it, everyone is hurt and no one wins. The Emperor, probably 2-3 chapters before the end discovers the truth of things (b/w Qi Sheng and the MC, or at least I assume he does?) and goes to coax the MC. It is at this time he learns that it is he who caused MC's blindness (Jue Yu, who was begged to help MC's ill health, tells him).

However, too many horrible things happened to the MC in too short an amount of time (grave illness, poisoning of his cat at the hand of the ML's mother, near-death of the little prince) and he cracks. He's broken thoroughly. Also, the Emperor tries to send his servant away. MC begs for him back and gets the servant back (albeit reluctantly), and later forces the servant (doesn't tell the servant) out of the palace (with Jue Yu and Qi Sheng, who was removed from his post after the whole escape debacle). It is during that time that the Emperor, after realizing the truth (I think he did, at least, or he just softened up anyways) and regretting his actions, in both present time and the past, treats the MC like a treasure. But, like mentioned, it's too late. The MC is no longer willing to forgive him for what he'd done (both present and past), even though he'd once been willing (even after learning at some point it was the ML--he didn't know at first--was the Emperor (and put two and two together) who blinded him). The leniency in him is gone, and he's just broken. No matter what the Emperor does, he doesn't cave. The love in his heart is gone, and the Emperor realizes that, that the MC now hates him. The MC slowly wastes away, and the Emperor seeing this, finally acquiesces to the MC's desire to leave the palace. So the MC is lead out from the palace to a new residence 'outside' the palace, and he starts to get better. Except he's not really out of the palace. He's been moved to a pavilion far away from where he used to live, still within palace grounds (I think?), and under that guise, the Emperor continues to watch him from afar. MC, of course, doesn't know this. Without the companionship of his cat, or his servant, he whiles away alone. And bam, it is at the very end, the readers realize, that while he 'hates' the Emperor, perhaps, he doesn't hate him that much at all, anymore.

See this passage:

"He soundlessly reclined on the soft divan. He suddenly felt that his surroundings were excessively quiet.
His eyes were unable to see, reclined in this place and reclined in the yard at the Cold Palace, actually didn't have much difference.
At that time, Yu Li was cuddling in his arms, once in a while would swing her tail. Xiao Bao would run about to splash the water, doing chores, feeding the two birds which hanged on the eaves.
But now, there wasn't a single sound anymore.
He was already unable to distinguish, was he actually still alive or already dead. He was already broken up into pieces.
At first, it was only his eyes that unable to see, now, his heart also had become a blank space.
Previously, there was someone who would secretly look at him attentively from quite a distant, despite he would never be able to see forever.
But now, that person would never look at him anymore.
Didn't matter if that person's heart was sincere or not. He didn't want it.
Because he wanted to leave the Palace badly, from the very start, he had prepared to give up everything.
Sometimes he would also feel pain.
From the bottom of his heart raised a kind of sharp pain like being gnawed.
When he felt that kind of pain, his body would tremble greatly. He would curl his body into a circular form while his face was covered with tears.
But only at that time, his heart would be at ease.
He could only be certain.
He was alive."


"Previously, there was someone who would secretly look at him attentively from quite a distant, despite he would never be able to see forever.
But now, that person would never look at him anymore.
Didn't matter if that person's heart was sincere or not. He didn't want it.
Because he wanted to leave the Palace badly, from the very start, he had prepared to give up everything.
Sometimes he would also feel pain.
From the bottom of his heart raised a kind of sharp pain like being gnawed."

I interpreted this as, he wants to love the Emperor, but he also wants to get out of the palace that has caused him so much torment. However, now that he's 'outside', he realizes the Emperor will never watch over him again. He refuses to accept his feelings on this, as 'he'd prepared to give up everything', which I assumed to be, he was prepared to give up the Emperor's love, if only to be free. But even then, now, he feels pain, knowing that he'll never see the Emperor again.

And that's the worst part. He's not truly out of the palace, and the Emperor continues to watch him, if only from afar. But he doesn't know that, and he can't know that, because then he'd also know that he was still in the palace, and that he never truly escaped. So the Emperor can't tell him, thinking that the MC never wants to see him again, despite the fact that the MC is actually desperate for companionship. But hey, tragedy tag, people!


Second: My thoughts?


Damn, Ch. 19 was the game-changer. If the misunderstanding had been cleared up (b/w MC and Qi Sheng, with the Emperor), then the possibility that the Bad Ending wouldn't have happened is high. On one hand, you'd think--you'd hope for the Emperor to know better, to know how much MC loves him and all that, but mind you they'd never confessed to each other, at least not on the MC's part. This, and how he'd disappeared so suddenly, and the pleading he gave when 'caught', only served to deeper drive the misunderstanding in. Of course, the Emperor wouldn't suspect his mother, as his mother had now 'withdrawn from politics'. If only they'd communicated better. All the MC had to do is say 'Empress Dowager is after my life', or something along those lines--yet at the same time the Emperor doesn't know that the MC was the kid he blinded 7 years ago. The MC knows the Emperor doesn't know, and he doesn't want to ruin the relationship b/w the Emperor and his mother, so he stubbornly stays silent (because he's SO kind-hearted, you know?) But then again most misunderstandings are like that--simple to fix with words, yet never resolved.



Otherwise, the MC didn't hate the Emperor for blinding him in the past, but hated him due to the stacking of present events. The hurt that was caused to those close to him, and especially the death of the cat--who mind you, was one of his lifelines--is what fully flourished his hatred.

If Ch. 19 had gone differently, then everything probably would've gone differently. The worst part, is that the breakage caused from the events then on were never fully healed. The MC had become unable to forgive, and when he was finally willing, it was too late because the other continued to think he was unwilling. The ML had wanted forgiveness, and in being unable to get it, decided that the least he could do is give the MC what he wanted--yet months after it was finally given, he did not know that deep inside the MC had started to forgive.


For what he'd done in the past, the ML is punished (though in truth, it's punishing both parties) in seeing the person you love so close to you, yet never being able to meet them or touch them or talk to them in person ever again.

If at that point, there was one thing that could be done differently, it'd be the ML giving the MC time, perhaps half a year, and at the point where the novel ended, steel himself to meet the MC. It wouldn't be suspicious. He could simply be visiting. And then, if he was able to cajole and coax, he could probably work his way into MC's heart again by providing MC that companionship he so desperately needed. Unfortunately, he is also the Emperor, with little time to spear.

Welp, it's a tragedy, folks. I'd say, despite the Bad Ending, if the author had devoted a few more chapters, or perhaps an actual epilogue to the scene I described above, it could turn into a Happy Ending.

The tragedy isn't what happened in the past, but what happened in the present (due to the past).

Ciao, folks. <<less
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Alta rated it
July 6, 2017
Status: epilogue
I loved it! From start to end.

It lured you in with a seemingly soft and classic romance with a hint of mystery.

Until it stabbed you in the gut with a plot twist that re-evaluated everything that you have been cheering on from the start!


I see people not liking the ending but I personally loved it.


It just feels so poetic.

It's like they're back at the start in that garden for the first time.

But, by the end of it, a lot of things have happened and many secrets were uncovered that the readers know and feel that everything has fundamentally changed.

You would visually see the same scene where the Emperor stands from afar in awe of Mu Yan who wouldn't even know he was even there. But now, the readers have the unfortunate pleasure of knowing all the hurt, betrayal, and complicated feelings that run beneath the serene surface.

It shows the relationship between a reader and the story: how different your perception is at the end of it all.

And it's beautifully merciless to end it just there. Because now you're in a high where you can't get down from. There's still a lot of questions and unsolved feelings towards the characters but you're not allowed to descend into an ending and move on.

And I think that's beautiful.

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June 12, 2018
Status: epilogue
There is a beautiful poignancy to the characters. Although I didn’t feel much of the chemistry between the main couple, I was still moved by their circumstances and their tragedies. At times I feel that Rui Xuan (the Emperor) is more of a plot device to enhance Mu Yan (the blind concubine) than an actual character.

With how the past happened, the ending was inevitable.

Rui Xuan directly caused Mu Yan’s tragedy, and he has to bear the consequences of his actions. My Yan had to lose his sight, his innocence, his family, his pride, his everything for Rui Xuan’s throne. Isn’t it right that Rui Xuan has to bear the consequences of his actions? Sometimes, love isn’t enough to save a person.

Although the ending felt rushed, the actual events were provoking. There is a beautiful symbolism in something coming full circle. The story starts with an emperor staring at a blind concubine who was unaware of the company, and it ends in this manner, but everything has changed. There is no more Yu Li and no more Xiao Bao, Mu Yan is all alone in his ordinary house. The young Emperor now knows what love is, but he can no longer grasp it, but he also cannot let go.

There is a beautiful bittersweetness to both characters getting what they want, but not really. Do I dream that one day Mu Yan might be willing to let go of his hatred, absolutely, but I don’t expect to happen, as that is against his character. He already has so little, he should be able to keep something of himself.

This is a tragedy of Rui Xuan’s greed. He was greedy for the throne so he blinded Mu Yan. He is greedy for Mu Yan’s love so he cannot let go. Mu Yan is his punishment, someone he wants so badly but cannot have.


Overall, this is a beautiful short story with some beautiful characters and the nature of humanity.
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clanof7 rated it
February 26, 2018
Status: epilogue
When I started reading this, I expect a fluffy story about a forgotten concubine and the emperor.. Never knew.. That it could be so dark and hideous but so pure and tragic that left such an empty feeling in my heart. It was a brilliant story, how the story being told. The rollercoaster journey, the point where you think it is over.. But yet it still continuing. Please read and you will know it.
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wandering cat
wandering cat rated it
July 17, 2016
Status: --
This story is really good. I love how the author slowly show us the hidden side of characters. The writing is good too.

But then, the ending destroyed all of that. It's not like I can't accept that it's tragedy. But the story and the character didn't lead to this ending at all. There're many many way to end the story more logically. So it made me really disappointed that the author chose to end it this way.
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jxn.24 rated it
February 21, 2018
Status: epilogue
Waaahh! I didn’t want to cry, but the MC’s thoughts and feelings really got to me!

This novel is quite well-written. Don’t mind the other low-raters. The novel is a tragedy, meaning that it gets real sad. Sure, it doesn’t really get a happy ending, but not all tragedies have to have a happy ending.

It’s kind of rushed and as detailed, but the feels you get overrides that.

I really loved this novel, however I wouldn’t read it again. Otherwise I’d start crying all over again T^T, lol.
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Majin11 rated it
February 9, 2018
Status: Completed
Before reading..

Please remember that this story is tagged as TRAGEDY..

... more>>

Honestly, I don't like these kind of stories.. I hate sad or tragic endings!!!!!! Especially in BL!!!!!!

What the hell!!!

Especially, this one..

He's blind.. His cat died.. He had to force his little servant away from him.. He had to spend the his life alone.. And the emperor.,.. T-T

I seriously feel like this author is the type who wants to watch the world BURN..

But this is reality..

If it was me, I wouldn't know how to forgive the person who caused me to lose everything in the past and now.. So I kind of understand why the author ended it that way..

But still.. It hurts my heart.. T-T

I'm going to read more fluffy BL after this one.. T-T

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Otwentyfirst rated it
March 14, 2018
Status: Completed
What the hell was with that stupid ass epilogue. Seriously! It was just rambling. Had my hopes up for nothing.

Anyways the story itself was good, despite the plot holes. It starts of cute then gets serious at the half way point. Keep in mind, it's unrequited love, not romance, so don't expect anything along those lines.

1. I expected the blind concubine to have a different background because of how well versed he was with the court. Like maybe he was jiggy with the previous emperor and got abandoned.

2. Why blind him? Wouldn't cutting his tongue so he can't speak be a better way to keep him quiet?

3. Why didn't he go back home?

4. How does a blind concubine isolated in thr cold palace keep to date about the war outside and know anything about general Qi what's his name?

5. And finally. Come on emperor. You can't see him everyday, but you can certainly visit him once a season. Emperors go out for the summer and stuff you know.


it's a somewhat bitter ending but I wouldn't call it a tragedy. Would recommend as something to read that's short and easy. I really enjoyed how the author teased the mystery aspect of the story out. That was very well done. On the down side I thought the author was a bit ham fisted with the feelings. Author was trying too hard to make the story emotional. It would have been better to show than to say I think.

i feel like it's the perfect story for fanfic as there are a lot of loose threads to play with.
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nixxara rated it
January 10, 2016
Status: --
Meh tragedy, wasn’t all that sad though.

I only wished that the situation wasn’t all that severe but it was treated as so.

MC was the typical pure, fragile, and weak type. He wasn’t ignorant and naive because


he knew about the evils of monarchy and power...

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Batavius rated it
May 21, 2019
Status: c26
As you might notice I'm pretty much almost finished with this novel, I won't be reading the last two chapters, because I rage quit this novel.

The novel is written in an almost poetic way (though not overly so), the translation is very smooth to read and the twist and turns of this novel are interesting as well as unforeseeable. So with all this one might ask why I rage quit reading it. It all came down to the ending. When all was revealed, secrets fully uncovered and the final showdown... more>> was to take place, the exact opposite of what I wanted happened. Now I know not every ending of a novel will be to my liking, but this time it has little to do with taste, it's rather about the characters themselves. The character development wasn't big, but you got really invested into their personalities during the novel and this just increased my disappointment in the end.

Instead of owning up to his horrendous deeds

(ie. Making the MC lose his f*cking sight for all his life even though he was so young and had so much beauty to see ahead of him or his irrational actions due to anger bringing the MC near the brink of death),

the ML just expected the MC to still smile at him and be happy. How do you f*cking expect him to still show you a smile after causing him so much grief!?!


(he lost not only his sight, but also his family might I add) ?!?


WTF, I can't believe how the ML acts toward the MC in the end. He didn't even apologize properly, like at all.

He didn't confront the Empress Dowager about the matter of almost killing him (the second time) and he even gets angry at the MC for 'not being happy about seeing him' frequently.


How is that a happy ending? The MC, although he could've made his life easier by talking about what happened to him in the beginning, doesn't deserve a bastard like the ML. The ML hasn't felt enough regret about what he did to the MC at all, so I honestly don't see it as a happy ending if they still get together after that

(and in such a short amount of time too!). Not to mention, the ML gets pretty psycho at the end, although that isn't the worst thing in my opinion.

Yet they still did, so f*ck this, I'm so disappointed.

To be fair, in the end, this is just a novel and it doesn't really matter. In the rage of the moment, I'd definitely give this novel a one-star rating, but that'd be unfair to the rest of the novel. Because although the novel wasn't that good or interesting either, considering its shortness it was a decent read with an unexpected twist to it. And while reading this you kinda get into it very fast so that's a plus. Some of the development and characters are awkward in the setting and they come in a bit fast, but it's nothing really bad. All in all, it was a good read to waste some time. <<less
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Yomi rated it
February 12, 2018
Status: Completed
Even though the author wrote this to break our hearts. I'll still give it a 5. (T_T)

... more>>

I read this knowing its a tragedy tag but I didn't know that the entire mood I'll get from the story is sadness.
The MC life was so tragic he needed to let go of the people he loves so they'll be safe even if in the end he'll be alone. The only happiness I felt was when he's still staying in the cold palace, when everything was still simple.

I'll cling to the first chapter that gave us a glimpse to a far away future where MC and ML is talking to each other.

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edition rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: Completed
I love this story.

The Protagonist, the Male lead, Side characters and the story line are all beautiful and charming.

The story is complex with twists and turns and I often cried while reading it.

Even now when I remember it I get sad.

But it's worth reading it even throught tears will be spilled at the end of the story.
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potatofriez rated it
October 13, 2017
Status: epilogue
I was bawling at the end. Though there were some plots that did not add up, this is a great story.

I wished things did not end that way.

This is one of my favorites but will hurt to read again.
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January 3, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel was not the tragedy I was expecting. In fact, I don't think I was so much sad after reading this but angry.

I absolutely hated the Emperor from beginning to end. The guy had zero redeeming qualities, and I was hoping that he'd die a gruesome death. But, nope. He gets (almost) everything he wants in this, while the protagonist loses everything. How is that fair?

... more>>

Throughout this story, it was really clear to me that the Emperor's love for the Blind Concubine wasn't really true love; it was the love of a child for his possessions. And that's really how the Emperor treated the Blind Concubine throughout the story: as a possession. He never gives a single sh*t about the Blind Concubine's feelings until it started affecting his health, and only then does he even agree to make the barest compromise. Not even setting him free, but putting him into a (n even more invisible) cage to look at from afar!

I know a lot of other reviewers found this tragic for the Emperor because boohoo he can never be together with the one he loves. But I don't give a shit!! The Emperor deserves to be lonely forever!! He has literally all the power in this relationship and the concubine has none, subject entirely to the Emperor's whims. If the Emperor truly loved him, he would let him go!! And the fact that it ends with the Emperor watching him from afar without his knowledge... ugh, it just gives me creepy stalker vibes.


The only saving grace of this story is that I never got the sense that the author was romanticizing anything of what the Emperor was doing. (Although the final end notes were... questionable.) It definitely felt like an "inevitable tragedy" and not because of fate or whatever but because the Emperor is a jackass. So, 3.5/5, I guess, for actually knowing the Emperor is abusive and keeping the two apart, unlike a lot of other BL WNs.

TLDR; the real tragedy in this is how the Emperor is still alive at the end. Not a bad story by any means, but a frustrating one. <<less
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Jwel rated it
April 19, 2019
Status: Completed
When I read it somewhere I didn't know it is tragic. I gave 4 stars cause I hate tragic story but I honestly like the MC and side characters. I just don't like how it ended. I just feel that the MC deserves better.
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earlgreyt rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: Completed
A very bittersweet/angsty story about the emperor stumbling on a mysteriously blind concubine who has been forgotten by everyone in the palace. Both people have their secrets and hidden pasts. The translation and writing flowed very well, and the imagery was very vivid. Despite the lack of originality in the plot of the story, it was still an engrossing and emotional read.

... more>>

I wasn't a big fan of the emperor for the majority of the story because he was exceedingly self-centered/spoiled and didn't take care of the MC unless it suited him. But taking into account his status as the emperor (in terms of his spoiled selfishness), he did bring a genuine heart towards the MC which redeemed him a little by the end.


As for the ending...


Although the main story fades out before a true 'happy ending/reconciliation, ' the author hints at the main relationship's eventual affection with dialogue in an earlier chapter, which is good enough for me.

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Scaranpannoir rated it
December 13, 2018
Status: Completed
Ah ;w; the feels. The story itself is very good, the plot flows nicely, just that for those with a sensitive heart, I'd advise you to read this in the safety of your room, or don't read it at all. It's neither HE nor BE, a neutral end. Takes on a realistic view, and just, basically I made the mistake of reading this in class and I had to hide in the bathroom to cry it out. Tragic beauty.
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Elissiaro rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: epilogue
Warning: This story is a tragedy with a sad ending.

But I like tragedies sometimes so... If you also like tragedies, this made me cry a little. Like, not heartwrenching sobbing or anything, but it was pretty sad.

I think the saddest and most shocking part for me was ... more>>

the poison incident, when MCs cat was murdered... TTATT


I feel like the slow romance in the beginning helps make the ending more sad,

because they almost had something, but it was doomed to fail.


It's also pretty short, but I feel like it would have started dragging if it was any longer. So the author ended it at the right time. <<less
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ColaArcie rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: Completed

The novel is really good.. I love it and also hate, because it makes me cry so hard!.... To be honest I didn't notice the tragedy genre. If I did, maybe I didn't read this... Which is going to become a big lost to me... So I'm thankful that I didn't notice it...

I'm a person loves to read happy ending story... But reading this is not also a bad choice... Because like other novels, this novel makes me smile and experience the feeling of being in love... And makes me realized the reality... Not all love story have a happy ending... But it doesn't mean that because we have a sad ending, we should stop loving the person we loved or stop to love...

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Zither rated it
October 9, 2016
Status: --
The whole story is understandably ended up in tragedy. I like the little details that the author puts here and there (the description of the settings or some nostalgic memory related to certain character) which welly coraborates with the whole events. The characteristic of the Blind Concubine is also quite interesting. A blind man who seems to be so pure and simple, yet deeply miserable and lonely. The caring emperor who seems to be a sincere helper has his own dark secret. The twisted relationship between the Blind Concubine and... more>> the emperor is well written.
It's a convincingly heart-wrenching tragic, yet a beautiful story. <<less
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January 18, 2020
Status: epilogue
The very first tragedy I've read. Even tho I steeled myself and try not to bee attached to the MC, I still cried bucks for him. ML was very doting towards the MC until the plot twist happened. For a 20-is chapters, this one really stayed in my mind.
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