To Rule in a Turbulent World


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“At the end of the song the man is drunk, so much like the tears by Poyang River. Ten thousand miles of easterly winds; the country is broken, the mountains and rivers reflect only red.”

~A line from Shorthand Tablature of Magnolia Blossoms by Zhu Dunru

At sixteen years of age, You Miao lives a life of luxury. Yet with rapid changes in family circumstances, the once little young master now only has his deceased mother’s barren estate and a loyal Quanrong sIave left. The dilemma and distress of starting everything from scratch becomes the greatest trial of his life.

As the imperial state exam approaches, You Miao enters the capital for his tests. However, all of a sudden the tribes of the north invade, causing a diaspora to the south. The Hans flee to the south in great numbers with the uprising of war everywhere. The country is at the cusp of ruin and homes are lost…

Along with his band of sworn brothers, You Miao finally returns to Jiangnan in the midst of displacement, and using all of his strength, he supports this broken, half sliced nation.

The good days don’t last long, and the imperial court now in the south faces both internal and external enemies. The court is in turmoil, the government officials in dissension, but as tides rise and fall, the most beautiful moonlight of the great desert is yet to come.

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Luan Shi Wei Wang
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New hiryukaede rated it
August 7, 2020
Status: Completed
This story really good!! Really recomendid to someone who like read abaut hard working, no drama, political, and ofc strong MC and ML relationship.

Literaly this is good novel to read for spend the time, its like to read a journey how people change to become more adult, and mature.

Firstly, when MC meets ML, he still become a s*ave and MC is the master, later, they build their relationship slowly, ML such a great material husband, and MC not like sissy type, and naive,.. at the beginning maybe a lot thinking... more>> of how spoiled rotten the MC is, and naive,.. but No, the MC not naive, after he learn he change slowly and totally become mature and amazing person,..

There is scene when MC let ML be free, and do not be s*ave anymore,... That scene really beatiful, and how ML treats MC its the best, noone love MC more than ML loves him, Also the smutty part its not feel digusting to read at all🌚.

No cliche plot like revenge ML/MC, no third party, no drama,.. this is so well written and feel realistic, and how MC and ML really start from zero to be Hero,... Totally amazing,.. <<less
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New Logophile rated it
July 25, 2020
Status: c46
You'll never regret reading, I love the translation, the details! Especially the uke, dangg yall never expecr but

he asked for it!!! And he's effin a minor HAAHAHHA

okay we got some good, brave and responsible gong ahhh he's like a tigerrrr!! Rawrr loving thisss thank you translator, hope you're safeee!!
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Adagio rated it
January 5, 2020
Status: c12
As the description says, this is a story about a young master and his trusty companion trying to make a life of their own as merchants. The entire first book is basically a long introduction for the main plot (starting in book two), but it feels neither long-winded nor boring. Great pacing in both story and character development. I'm also happy about is the way the author handles the topic of trading - I've read books where half of them was more of a trading manual than actual plot, but... more>> this novel weaves the information well into the fabric of its story.

The character dynamics are very interesting, especially between the MC and the ML. MC is a spoiled young master from a wealthy family, but practical and responsible when he really needs to be. I've seen actual children - quite professional at the age of 11 or 12 - on bazaars helping their fathers sell their goods, and MC could easily be one of them. Despite his background, he is good to people of lesser social rank (apart from one or two choices in the beginning) and knows they're human just like him.

The ML is quiet, skilled, and extremely loyal. He is in a very desolate state at the beginning and has basically given up on his life, but he blooms by MC's side as time passes. It's a very beautiful thing to watch. It's also implied there's more to him than meets the eye, so I expect things getting somewhat more political in the future.

The only problematic thing is the huge age difference and the MC being a minor. The MC is 15 (at one point it says 17 though, and then again 15? I'm very confused) and the ML is 22. Even considering the age of consent was 15 in Ancient China, I wouldn't blame anyone if they put down the novel. I think the saving grace of this romance is the fact that MC is in a much higher position of power, which creates an interesting dynamic.

There's also a little bit of smut

in two cases currently.

Although the ML is somewhat reluctant at the beginning, both do it willingly and without being pressured.

Personally I'm still rooting for them and I wish them all the success they can get. Surprisingly enough, they actually have the potential to be a real power couple. I just really, really wish the MC was older.

Thanks to the translators for picking this one up! <<less
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yuukine rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: c43
Feitian YeXiang is an expert in making you fall in love with characters, side characters, history, places, customs and everything else. His extensive knowledge of how some things works and how he implements them in his novels is outstanding.

This one is not an exception. This one is filled with world and character development, wonderful and extensive research and Suika and Rynn delivered absolutely amazing translation filled with wonderful footnotes and explanations the non-chinese people wouldn't understand in case they haven't watched many court dramas or daily lives of ancient china.

This... more>> is a story of a young master You Miao (Meowmeow for short) who has everything he asked for - a place in court, friendships, connections and everything he needed. His family, on the other hand, is in another town.

So to speak it means that in the capital he's alone. One day, he visits his good friend Li Yan who gave an order for one particular s*ave to be beaten to death. The unfortunate s*ave here is our main lead Li Zhifeng, a captured Quanrong s*ave who was forced to be also bed s*ave.

So, You Miao saves his life by buying him from Li Yan and nurturing him back to health.

This is a story of how You Miao saved a person who was on brink of breaking. It's wonderful to see that gradual return of Li Zhifeng's personality traits and to discover what kind of person he is. I, at first, misjudged him and thought this prolonged 7 year torture he experienced as a s*ave would make him numb, cold and unfeeling, but it's completely opposite!

You Miao grows and develops and goes through fiery trials and tribulations connected to his family, his loyalties, his friendships and it leads him on a path of self discovery in a remote piece of land bought by his mother.

And finally, there is also third prince - Zhao Chao, of their empire, who is just a son who wants to prove that he's not useless and that he's worth something and that he should not be abandoned like he already was. Too bad, he also goes through many trials himself and develops over time.

There is a span of years involved, places change, people change, people die and people disappear and some run away - and sometimes war is just something you can't escape.

The description of battles was wonderfully done, the strategies were great (as someone who is history battle obsessed I admire the thoughtfulness put into it) and it's still not too much.

Prepare for laughter. For crying and for fulfillment while reading this novel. It's wonderful journey of feelings and dedication and devotion. Of loyalty, of humanity and of rediscovery of self.


✭ Characters: 5 - fantastic development of main characters. This story spans through set of years and don't let the age difference put you off.

✭ Side characters: 5- Fantastic, detailed, you care for them.

✭ Story: 5 - Very easy to follow and Suika and Rynn helped a lot with their footnotes!

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chrysanthenum rated it
April 9, 2020
Status: c30
What a magnificent and pleasant masterpiece! This novel has so far exceeded my expectations.

... more>>

At first, the main character is a shameless and rich boy who spends money prodigiously and has a carefree approach towards life. He spends all of his time having fun with his aristocratic friends in the Capital in order to build connections, while neglecting his studies. One day, he saves a barbarian s*ave (ML) who soon becomes devoted to protecting him. When You Miao's family situation becomes unfavorable to him, he resolves to move into his late mother's dilapidated estate with his new loyal servant and become an independent man. After this event, the MC undergoes huge character development and builds a beautiful relationship with the ML. He restores his new home to its former glory, learns farming techniques, and takes on projects to improve both his own living conditions as well as many other poor people's while studying hard for imperial state exams! The MC soon realizes that he does not treat the ML as a servant anymore; in fact, he has naturally and slowly become his lover. While You Miao cannot currently afford his former ways of luxurious spending, he finds happiness in this hard-working, but comfortable lifestyle filled with enlightening experiences. However, after performing extremely well on exams and mixing himself in the political and social landscape, the main character encounters dire circumstances. The war has broken out, the imperial court is in inner turmoil, the enemies are winning, the people are becoming more and more desperate, and everything is threatening to collapse.


The main character is absolutely endearing. He is quite shameless, quick-witted and stubborn, but very clear on his principles. In fact, You Miao undergoes an admirable character change throughout his journey. He learns to become independent, work hard, look at the bigger situation, and get himself together when he has to. What I found very commendable is that he willingly helps people in unfavorable situations despite the consequences it may have on him. In fact, the main character begins to value more the lives of other people as he starts to understand that although they may lead different lifestyles than him, they are very similar to him—they all have sadness, fury, despair, happiness, dreams, hopes, and loved ones to take care of—which is why he feels so inclined to help when he sees people in need. Although he is the young master of a rich family, he doesn't use his advantages to look down on others, but more as a means to provide assistance for others. He isn't afraid of getting dirty and doing menial tasks in order to accomplish his goals, and even took care of the main lead and let him sleep in his room although he was only considered a s*ave.

The romance is a slow-burn, but it is portrayed realistically and naturally. From the interactions between the main character and the main lead, it is evident that they are in perfect harmony and that they hold mutual respect and a deep affection for each other. The main lead doesn't talk much and isn't as literate as You Miao, but he shows his tenderness and thoughtfulness for the main character by taking care of him and demonstrating his support in You Miao's aspirations.

The plot of the story is also incredibly engaging. I particularly enjoyed reading about You Miao and the main lead's life at a small farming village and how they managed to restore a run-down estate. I equally appreciated the scholarly discussions between You Miao and his teacher when he was preparing for the imperial state exams and You Miao's thought process on certain topics about one's lifestyle. Reading their exchanges and opinions felt very enlightening, as if the reader was the one being taught. The concepts, strategies, plans, and ideas conversed and debated about during this part of the book as well as when You Miao joined the political landscape provided me a better understanding of You Miao's character, making him more life-like. Throughout the novel, there were many sayings and poems, which really helped me to relate to the characters' sentiments by bringing the story and characters to life. The political affairs at the Capital were also very engrossing and suspenseful to read about. The situation is described meticulously with detail and it is interesting to see the battle of power in the imperial court as well as how the plot gradually develops to political disorder and war.

Lastly, the story is well-translated with many informative footnotes, which helped me gain a better understanding of life, issues, and the culture in ancient China. The author and translators are fantastic! I do not regret reading this beautiful tale and am waiting in anticipation for the next chapter. I highly recommend this novel to everyone who loves an informative, historical, thought-provocative, realistic, romantic, and fascinating read! <<less
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Roro97 rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: C60
OMG I really love this! This is the story of MC who is rich son that brought our s*ave ML, but then due to some threads of fate our MC lose some of his prestige and have to go back to the old house his mom brought before she died (summary describes well the story). I love MC. At first I thought MC is going to be annoying or winning like most rich sons but he isn't. He takes life as it comes and strive to make the best... more>> of opportunities. Although he was already quite good, there's a bit character development in addition. I love characters growth or change.

Also I love his relationship with ML.. It isn't like most BL or even BG Novels with mostly narration of falling in love first, in this they had pa pa pa in chap 3 already due to Mc's curiosity (plus the smutty scenes are well written). So their relationship was more like protecting each other and stand by as support for each other. But I think currently they're realizing their feelings??
ML is *blushes * blushes! I don't how to describe him sweetly but I guess I just did? Hahaha bc he is sweet. You will think after all he went through as s*ave, getting captured, beaten and coming from his so called Barbaric people that he will be a crazy Yandere but noooo he sweet, protective and always there for MC.

turns out ML is a prince back in his tribe whose brother was trying to get rids of thats he finds himself there

this novel good (politique, intrigue, plotting, smut, awesome protagonists). I definitely recommend, you should read it. <<less
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Celissiye rated it
December 19, 2019
Status: c9
To start, MC isn't a dumb rock--he's a money-squandering rich boy... and, to be noted, at first the story starts a lil abusive for our poor ML, but don't be discouraged, this doesn't continue too long...

No one-dimensional characters here. All major side and main characters are interesting and multifaceted, none of them all bad or all good. For example, our MC didn't fall in love at first sight, want to do a good deed or anything like that when he first met the ML. No, the MC made an impulsive... more>> decision, spent too much money buying the ML and didn't want his invested money to go to waste! Other side characters includes old rich dad that sends money, aristocrat friends that seem mostly no-good wastrels, and there was also a grumpy doctor once. Perhaps the simplest character so far is the ML. Quiet and loyal after MC saved his life with money, but he seems to have a large amount of past to reveal.


Here's a really good part. No beating-around-the-bush romance yet. MC and ML BANG in chapter 3, just because MC is curious. Frankly, it makes sense, nothing is inhibiting a rich kid like him from playing around, so he goes and does what his d*** tells him. None of the 'blush I'm too embarrassed BS'. Yet there's much to be invested in, for one, MC and ML have to get past master-servant thing and develop more feelings.


The world building is filled with historical tidbits, all carefully footnoted by the translators, and quite a few action scenes are packed in. Those parts add thrill, while many other parts have a more domestic, slice-of-life feeling, with detailed merchant wares or political matters. There is no overblown family drama--well, there is, but in a way portrayed realistically.

Plenty of funny bits as well-->

The father and the MC get in a screaming match a couple times. To be honest, this was the most hilarious part of the novel for me so far. No, the MC wasn't in the 'right', neither of them were 'right'! Both were just being petulant rofl. The Dad started chasing MC around with a plank... saying, "I'LL BEAT YOU! YOU DAMN PUNK!"

Overall, I'd say the synopsis above reveals too much, it's practically the entire first book. Nevertheless, the first book was a joy to read. Want a little more mature of a story, give it a go!


Not gonna lie... the novel image on the INFO page for this novel on the google doc is different than here, and it kinda SCARES me. But no where listed is tragedy... so I am sallying forth...

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 15, 2020
Status: c45
Story: The summary above on the main page actually says it all so I won’t add any redundant information. Imperial China setting, with major focus on politics and power struggles.

The author impresses with the sheer variety and depth of struggles that MC would realistically have to face. Just using MC’s first major hurdle as an example... Transform his mother’s old barren estate into an enterprise that provides the livelihood for hundreds of families? It’d be easy to wave a hand, write a timeskip, and have MC magically grow crops... more>> after “working hard.” But the author does an excellent job at showing rather than telling how MC has to start from scratch but then finds tenants old and new to farm the land, employs laborers to renovate his home and build farming supplies, ensures a steady water supply, determines which crops to plant, occasionally gets swindled, etc while staying true to the idea that MC is a charismatic individual who establishes interpersonal connections and exploits them the best he can. These details enrich the story without overburdening it with mind-numbing minutiae.

This continues through the rest of the story, and you’ll find yourself thinking “oh wow, yeah, that would be an issue that would pop up.” These conflicts aren’t all as mundane as farming but range from familial (estranged father, well-meaning but frankly not as skilled half-brother), bureaucratic (placing well in the Imperial exams, currying favor with the young masters in the capital, throwing support to one imperial prince vs the other, fending against the scheming of other governmental officials) to militaristic (strategic fighting against the northern tribes, civil unrest, mutiny) to natural (flooding, droughts, food shortage). The cast is large and varied, reflective of the different people needed to keep a simple household or an entire nation running, and people naturally act in ways according to their own agenda—which doesn’t necessarily mean the best for MC/ML.

MC: The shou. A fairly unique character in that he is the son of a (granted, exorbitantly rich) merchant rather than the typical prince or official’s son or cultivist that usually play protagonist in this type of setting. Excellent character development. MC starts off as a self-aware but spoiled and flirtatious young master who was sent by his mercantile father to study and, more importantly, establish connections with the powerful families in the capital. His initial very sticky/flirtatious personality is hard to read but MC matures organically through arc two and later turns down the affections/offers of some very powerful people, in loyalty to ML.

ML: The gong. Fits the bill of being OP, stoic, physically gifted, and indulgent/dedicated to the MC. He is half Han Chinese and half Quanrong (northern tribe). I’m hopeful his background is explored further in the second half of the novel still to be translated.

Relationship development: Smut in chapter 3 and more afterwards. That is all.

Just kidding. Relationship starts out superficial, with a huge power disparity between MC and ML as master and s*ave, respectively, but quickly becomes deeper.

Critiques: Nothing glaring. MC/ML aren’t safe from remaining completely unscathed with the fall of the nation but they irrefutably have protagonist halo in some very insane scenarios. <<less
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HoneyMilkTea rated it
May 22, 2020
Status: c39
I am totally in love with this story.

First of all, the pacing and storyline is great. The relationship between the MC and ML do not seem forced, and their love for each other develops naturally and steadily, transcending their differences in background and race. While the MC can be childish at times, I quite like him and do not find him annoying as I do with some other protagonists. Throughout the story, the MC does have character development and becomes more mature. The ML is also quite likeable also, and... more>> I think the main couple balance each other out well. (And I cannot stress this enough, the love between the MC and ML is one of the most beautiful, heartrending, and pure ones I've ever read about).


In the third book is where the angst really comes in. While some parts of it were really hard to read (torture, death, defeat, humiliation, etc.), I found myself being pulled in and unable to stop reading. The hardships and challenges the MC must face are portrayed wonderfully.


All in all, I have enjoyed reading this novel a whole lot! The main characters are complex, reasonable, and smart. The storyline is interesting and well thought out. I will defintely be awaiting the full translation! <<less
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January 11, 2020
Status: 40
Ok so bc of the tags and synpnosis on the translation site I actually thought it's gonna be an action packed war or courtdrama novel but it turns out to be a slice of life so far lmaoooo.

Well I'm no expert in classifying genres but book 2 reads as a slice of life so far. Book 1 was reaaallly good tho.
And I'm no fan of slice of life but it's still one of the best slice of life I've read so far. But then I don't rly read slice... more>> of life so...

The 2nd book is the MC trying to run an estate his mom has left him. So he's basically using all kinds of only-protagonists-can-do-it-and-succeed ways to bring the estate back to life so he can start a business.

At the start of book 3 he goes back to the capital, so maybe a change will occur there I dunno. (edit: book 3 is actually courtdrama lmao, but like rly subtly courtdrama. MC is dragged into the courtdrama by a side character. So far, it doesn't rly concern himself)

Maybe bc book 1 indicated more action that it became an anti-climax.

I love the relationship between the MC and the ML is sooo much. They're not intimate 24/7 but they will be from time to time. Also the s*x scene at ch3 was like wow. The writer was prob like "the sooner I write it the sooner I'm done" because after that R-18 scene we only get their bedroom activities summarized in like a few sentences if not only one.>: <<less
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Ninjagal rated it
May 15, 2020
Status: c38
And wow this is amazing. The world building, the intimacy that develops between MC and Ml. The character growth. The family dynamics. It's very very realistic. I was engaged the whole time, no matter which part. I savor each and every progress/development of all the characters (yes even the side ones). And I love MC's relationship with different people in the story.

I want to see more of ML's tribe customs that was mentioned early on. And hope we can get an arc that has more details about ML!!

Over I can't... more>> get over it. I love it to bits. Definitely would recommend this as a MUST READ!!!! <<less
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mintchoco rated it
April 17, 2020
Status: Completed
This is really good. I really love both MC's and ML's character, their interaction, their love, their determination, etc. The story keeps me absorbed until the end. (Too impatient, so I MTLed.) The plot is grand and very interesting. For me, there is no boring part at all.
Thank you so much, the translator and the author! For their superb job and for introducing this great novel!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report rated it
February 10, 2020
Status: --
I like this a lot so far! Enthusiastic consent on the part of the MC - no shy, retiring flower but also no super-slutty shamelessness (not that there's anything wrong with that). ML is a former barbarian s*ave and there's mention that he was forced to be a beds*ave, which I really don't like, but if you bear with it, the MC frees him pretty quick and then he's just a devoted companion for the rest of the story. No insta-love for either of these guys. MC is a bratty... more>> 2nd generation heir who slowly matures throughout the story, but even at his worst, he's still clever and ultimately kind at heart. <<less
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Kanchanok06 rated it
July 9, 2020
Status: Completed
Okay firstly I wanna say I already finished reading this novel a long time ago (Translated into Thai language)

since I decided to write this to share my thoughts on this novel even though my English is not good but because I love this novel so much.

This is the best BL novel I’ve ever read so far. I read a lot of very well known novels but I still can’t get over this novel.

... more>>

. It’s a very long story and very intense, very sad and a lot of happy moments, you will not disappoint in MC/ML at all. Their relationship is very deep. They’ve overcome all the hardships together. Always believe in each other no matter how hard their life would be. At first MC was very young so his actions might be a little bit childish but he’s not s*upid. The story is very realistic. And when he got older he became a very clever and mature person, also very dependable. As well as ML.


the plot develops and conflicts become increasingly complicated during a story’s.

I swear to y’all this novel is very worth reading. I always recommend this novel to my friends.

and sorry again for my English <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 21, 2020
Status: c5
Ok so let me leave a review 1st and says I did not expect this. So far the story is very interesting and really diff than the others. Warning tho, it is realistic. So if u r looking for fluffy, fairy tale like story, tis is not it.

And anthr note, the translation is excellent.I mean I appreciate everyones efforts in translating but sometimes wen it's bad it really gv me headache tryin to figure out head or tails.
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Chairgod rated it
March 20, 2020
Status: c29
Very good story isn't exactly new idea but It takes a general idea that has be repeated for many stories like this and makes it interesting to read. It isn't all about yaoi and happy love. It got alot of action and alot scheming.

Not just a 100 chapter of building stuff. A main character that is a man that feels like a man not just a man that like a woman.
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