My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!


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Lin SuCi transmigrated into a book, and became a kitten who had just cultivated into becoming human.

When he was still young, he was picked up by a good man to be become his apprentice, but he did not expect his master to let his senior — the number one villain in the book — raise him?

This villain senior was too scary, when he had nothing to do he would put him on a plate and stare at him. Let’s not mention cuddling, embracing, stroking and pinching him all day long, he even had a hundred ways to bite a cat!

Lin SuCi covered his butt and had a tearful epiphany, Senior wants to eat me up!

Having tried to run away with his short legs and getting caught for the nth time, Lin SuCi, his paws covering his face, had to accept his fate.

Wasn’t it to just be the boss villain’s favored younger brother? Take your hand off my tail, fine, I’ll take on this role!

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GoldenTiger0 rated it
February 10, 2019
Status: Completed
Read.. Ch2.2

MC is quite open. He was stark naked and all, yet was still able to keep his calm. As for ML, I don't know who's he yet although I have an idea.

... more>>

MC is a young master of a cat beast family, I guess And he fell from heavens according to the master.


Up till now, it's fun to read.


I finally finished the novel. It's amazing with all its background and I think the plot is well laid. There are still some unexplained things at the end of novel... But all in all it was a super great read. Super recommended in Xianxia, Yaoi, Cat, Rebirth genre.

I liked MC the most.


Especially his ability to behave like a real 1 year old innocent child even though he had a rebirth.


ML's original identity is the most amazing...


He was a dragon that fell into magic.


As for MC's origin..


He's a natural spirit born between heaven and earth, was nourished by aura with help of Lin family's owner and formed a cat body due to blood of the Yaozu emperor (who retired later from his post).


I really liked the part when..


MC met his blood father (ex-Yaozu emperor) and ML came in the room, stretched his hands out and asked, "My cat." to which the father replied, "You said, this cat is.. whose?" And then MC and ML simultaneously said, "My!" Then the father and ML watched MC as he said, "I am me, he is my." MC pointed at ML when he said so.


To me it was a very cute cat gesture. I felt that all the pure white kittens should use this, "I am me, you all are my." for all the cat lovers.

Oh and..


There's time shift also when MC goes back in past. When you read that part you will come to understand how all this happened and why. There's also 2 last chapters in the novel which can be regarded as extras as MC and ML are already together. In those chaps, MC goes to a small world built by ML where practically every important or interacting role is done by ML making MC go on rounds of exercising (you know..) that MC never requested for it again and side-relationships are also shown and the original protagonist of novel gave birth to a child with his loved one (man) to which MC regarded it as protagonist halo... 😂 In last chap supposedly they return to MC's original World as MC forgets what happened with ML although he vaguely remembers someone holding him in night which is ML... MC enters high school and he meets ML who's the class monitor and he remembers it at last as soon as ML says his name.. ML turns stiff..


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Bluebell6678 rated it
February 19, 2019
Status: c3
Great book, halarious and refreshing so far can’t wait for more
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