I’m Bearing My Love Rival’s Child


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Ruan Tian is a cat which gained sentience, and is infatuated with the goddess who once saved him. During the college class reunion, Ruan Tian once again confessed to her, but she openly proclaimed that she would only marry Qin Li and no one else.

Qin Li was Ruan Tian’s number one enemy and love rival, and he was born to put Ruan Tian down for a hundred years!

Ruan Tian looked at him furiously. “Let’s battle! Only one of us can remain!”

Qin Li: ▼_▼ Shall we get on the bed?

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11 Reviews

Jan 24, 2021
Status: Completed
I read negative reviews about the little bun in this series. It's not that, the little bun here is beyond common sense, he really is.

It seems that people here already forgotten that this is a fantasy novel involving cat demons. MC is a cat. Our little bun was born as a cat. Couple with the ml's genes, he didn't turned out s*upid like MC.

I just wanted to clarify for the Novel's sake– our little bun was in a little kitten since birth. He needed six months before ha could transformed... more>> into a little bun, who looks like a one year old child.

MC. Also. Said. That he was teaching our little bun how to turn into a human and he already know how. I think that six month period is the maturity period or something.

They always have those, though it was not explain.

Remember how cat growths. Six months is enough for a kitten to transform into a cat. Except for there instinct to spread out their genes, their body is still. Consodered to be a cat.

So, there's nothing wrong with our little bun being intelligent like that. More so, his not at all normal.

Anyway, it was stated in novel as well. It was when our little bun first turned into a baby, our ML observed his son and described him. Though not in detailed.

But I think that is enough to explain why our little bun is not so ordinary.

Over all this novel is cute and fluffy. I read this after reading something tragic and depressing.

MC is really cute as well. He's s*upid, yes. But it was not the kind where you would be pissed. Off. Becaise of MC's idiocy.

Our ml, on the other hand, was a good example of an overbearing CEO. He is perfect in every angle, but his only flawed was his inability to make. MC realized his feeling after all those years. He really underestimated mc's negative value EQ.

This is really cute and easy to read. Though, the mtl is not the clear and there's some vague words you can still see the big picture. There's some case though that I get confused sometimes cause I can't read MC's name. So, I dunno whether or not he was at the scene. <<less
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Feb 20, 2019
Status: Completed
proud to be the first one to write a review after finishing the novel.

First of all the MC isn't the typical queen-acting-s*upid MC, he's very pure and innocent. And of course lovable.

the ML is the guarding-and-putting-barricade over our cute MC. He's very meticulous and I really pity him for having unrequited love for a very long time. Damn boy thats some consistent effort.

... more>> the plot is general and although there are bit of drama and some makes you want to cry the story tends to lean on fluffy moments and positivity.

about their son, he's very matured. Like, literally. I can see him in the future snatching MC from ML lol He guides our MC when he's confused about love. I think thats one of the plot holes here, the baby's too matured for these lind of things but maybe thats really his character cuz in the last few chapters the details about him shows that he has many things up in his sleeves (idiom: he's not what he seems to be at all)

overall, I love the story. Wish it could have some extra chapters thou to completely satisfies my craving.

im giving it 5 stara because im easilt satisfied and the story went in what direction I like. I highly recommend this to those who likes mtl because its easy to mtl. Also to those who likes pampering, fluffy and slight drama


the thinf I like the most is that the MC and ML opened up to the world about their rl and the child in their first exposure to the fans. Unlike other stories where they wouldnt announce it


Edit: my vote for 5 stars wouldnt show damn it. I VOTE FOR 5 STARS!!! <<less
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Aug 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Admittedly, I read this a while ago and to say that it didn't leave any lasting impressions would be an understatement. Upon re-read, I remember why I didn't enjoy this series, because it's just silly.

The entire premise of the novel is quite poor and the feelings between MC and ML aren't very strong. I really hate how it starts off with MC vomiting and everyone's first thought is, 'hmm... must be... pregnant?' There are 3 million reasons for those symptoms. Like maybe... food poisoning? Or the flu? Sorry MC's... more>> dad, I'm with you but unfortunately the author isn't with you. As the plot progresses, it becomes more and more nonsensical.

Also, I can't believe they let their son (in kitten form) just wander around so that grandma kidnapped him and almost gave him away. What the hell, real parents of the year. <<less
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Jan 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Yes, it is dubcon (for both btw) but there was no r*pe, they were both dead drunk for chrissake. Just because ML is very calm in the aftermath plus being the top he immediately got tagged as a rapist? I knew that most readers take the side of MC to an unreasonable point but labeling the gong as rapist is just too much. It was clearly a drunken one night stand and since chapter 1 everyone and mc's mom can clearly see MC had feelings for ML despite how his... more>> mouth expresses hate. ALERT: Uber!tsundere MC. He never rejected the gong that night. And we will see that in both of their POV later.

(essentially, if you dislike a tsundere shou and w/ bit of low IQ at that, might as well skip)

MC is a cute, spoiled meow-meow. Even he himself admitted to it and I hope future readers put that in mind that his brainwave is totally different. He isn't an idiot, he's a naive animal that just happen to be able to turn to human. As for their coupling... IDK I'm Asian. The family's perspective makes sense.

Re: Grooming: I don't think so? They are the same age (just different level of maturity). If they have an age gap I'd probably view it differently. But growing up together made them practically childhood friends/childhood sweethearts.

Concluded everything up nicely, from mc's feelings to mystery parents. I like how the kitten (son) is one of the major characters. My only problem is the writer does not know how to characterize infants but for the fantasy setting its not a major thing I guess. It's actually a pretty nice fantasy shortie. Pm me for raw link. <<less
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Oct 14, 2020
Status: c50
This story is silly. The author doesn't really seem like they have a cohesive thought as to how they want the plot and setting to play out.

The MC is your clueless MC, male but with feminine features, heterosexual, with toxic masculinity issues. But I think that's more the author projecting what she thinks men are like.

Their kid likes to wear "colorful clothing, bright pink, long hair etc" but will bite and just be overall rude when adults say they're "beautiful". I can't even begin to guess the kid's age because... more>> the author can't and don't seem to wanna explain the fantasy creature side. Kid is born a cat and then turns into a "baby" after 6 months but then the next paragraph that "baby" is suddenly picking their own outfits and demanding things like wtf??? So are they still a baby or do they look a 5 year old now?

The ML, oh lord. He's your typical stoic, rich, always cleans up after MC and basically treats MC as his entire universe which is quite sad considering MC gives zero shît and is a clueless hetero who might as well be a walking "No Homo". But also has all the shît quality of being overly possessive, controlling, and unreasonable.

I just couldn't go on. <<less
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May 20, 2020
Status: --
A little disappointed. Since I dislike ML forcing MC in bed. Also, the MC has no conviction. There are ways to obtain your beloved than forcing yourself while he is drunk. Since there is no a r*pe tag, I thought this one is dubious consent. Though the ML is sweet to MC, buying and doing the things the MC likes, it won't change the wrongdoings he did. Also, the ML is the usual overbearing president. Common BL trope.

The only thing that I like are the MC's adoptive parents. Even though... more>> they thought that the MC is an alien, bad luck etc. They still accepted the MC. <<less
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Feb 03, 2020
Status: c40
It’s ok, but just not to my tastes. I got to chapter 40 before I gave up but overall it’s a very sweet story about a cat demon whose royalty but accidentally crossed over to the human world and stayed there. The characterization isn’t very deep, it just lands on MC’s cute, ML is stoic, cool and doting on MC. It’s pretty straightforward and their child is cute, but it’s a little jarring at how quick everyone accepts both MC being pregnant and MC being a cat (demon).
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Feb 14, 2019
Status: c3
Based on the the first 3 chapter released, the story is indeed interesting. And how the author shortened the explanation how they made the 'Deed'. How they interact or they attitude with one another. I'm pretty sure ML loves our MC since they had met. Just read mc's asking for ml's to get the girl he likes to him. But his attitude turned a 360 degree. It seems that our MC is a bit dense though. For mc's foster parents, I like his mom. She actually adopts so well to... more>> let his son to be with a man if he's not able to get a gf. But let's see for future chapter how their interactions and feelings will develop. And how their identity will be broadcasted. I felt that ML also hiding something. Regarding the translation, it is on good condition. I don't have something to comment but to Congratulate you for a successful job. So, jia you!! <<less
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Mar 19, 2021
Status: --
In the beginning, the MC's childish/low-IQ personality was really unappealing to me. But then I realized his character is like a meng housecat / cat boy personified, and his characterization started to make more sense. Admittedly, though, his craving for candy and shota-like behavior creeped me out at first, given he is actually a proper human-aged adult -- but lol, as this story is about a cat-spirit, I decided not to take it so seriously.

Though, to the previous reviewers' points, yes, unfortunately, the MC was definitely forced in his situation.... more>> And he was certainly traumatized, but his family all were on the ML's side, given the ML essentially 'groomed' him from childhood. And yeah, if the story was realistic, it would be pretty creepy and wrong. The author is catering towards fantasy yaoi fetishes, though, and wrote the MC to lose his fear of the ML pretty fast, so the issue was sidestepped due to the unrealism of the situation.


The poor MC's plight was pretty much summed up in this scene:

"You want to live with him. If you don't sleep with him, who do you want to sleep with?" Hu Shi (MC's mom) asked with aggravated tone and wary eyes.

Ruan Tian hummed twice and muttered softly, "None of you asked my opinion."

"You..." Hu Shi looked at Ruan Tian, ​​her eyes changed, and she frowned and emphasized, "Ruan Xiaotian, this time don't stab Louzi for me. You're like this. The Qin family wants to keep your child. Are you not going to spend time with Qin Li (ML) ? You heard Qin Li's promise tonight. We (parents) asked him to make a guarantee, yes. If you plan for your future, your parents will be content. Besides, Qin Li has been kind to you since he was a child. Your father and I are also very relieved that you can't let him down, let alone be sorry for him. "

... Though, reading further I have to say the MC's IQ is pretty darn low. His son is actually smarter and more mature than he is. 🤣

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Novel Crazy
Novel Crazy
Apr 11, 2022
Status: Completed
I really liked it.. Though our MC is very dense he is cute and ML is very caring and loves MC so much he can't hurt him even when he is the one who is getting hurt.. Even though everyone says the cub has maturity of a little adult but I think he is very cute and this intelligence is from his origin (ML's intelligence and a spiritual cat's intelligence and power) and it is also helpful with the novel's next circumstances..I enjoyed this novel very much.. It is... more>> cute, relaxing and heartwarming.. There is plots and twists in this novel.


MC is a spiritual cat who can change into human or cat



The one who rescued MC when it was dying was ML not the female character

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Jul 23, 2020
Status: Completed
the MC is very lovable an cute~

the most important aspect of the MC is he’s very honest to those he deemed precious. Luckily none of them were a tr*sh, so there’s no dog blood drama about his identity reveal.

Although the r*pe is borderline accident, afterwards, the ML is very patient, and he’s so unlucky since the MC is sooo dense, lol

It was a very enjoyable fluff read.
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