I’m Bearing My Love Rival’s Child


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Ruan Tian is a cat which gained sentience, and is infatuated with the goddess who once saved him. During the college class reunion, Ruan Tian once again confessed to her, but she openly proclaimed that she would only marry Qin Li and no one else.

Qin Li was Ruan Tian’s number one enemy and love rival, and he was born to put Ruan Tian down for a hundred years!

Ruan Tian looked at him furiously. “Let’s battle! Only one of us can remain!”

Qin Li: ▼_▼ Shall we get on the bed?

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02/18/19 Scrya Translations c4
02/14/19 Scrya Translations c1-3
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February 20, 2019
Status: Completed
proud to be the first one to write a review after finishing the novel.

First of all the MC isn't the typical queen-acting-stupid MC, he's very pure and innocent. And of course lovable.

the ML is the guarding-and-putting-barricade over our cute MC. He's very meticulous and I really pity him for having unrequited love for a very long time. Damn boy thats some consistent effort.

... more>> the plot is general and although there are bit of drama and some makes you want to cry the story tends to lean on fluffy moments and positivity.

about their son, he's very matured. Like, literally. I can see him in the future snatching MC from ML lol He guides our MC when he's confused about love. I think thats one of the plot holes here, the baby's too matured for these lind of things but maybe thats really his character cuz in the last few chapters the details about him shows that he has many things up in his sleeves (idiom: he's not what he seems to be at all)

overall, I love the story. Wish it could have some extra chapters thou to completely satisfies my craving.

im giving it 5 stara because im easilt satisfied and the story went in what direction I like. I highly recommend this to those who likes mtl because its easy to mtl. Also to those who likes pampering, fluffy and slight drama


the thinf I like the most is that the MC and ML opened up to the world about their rl and the child in their first exposure to the fans. Unlike other stories where they wouldnt announce it


Edit: my vote for 5 stars wouldnt show damn it. I VOTE FOR 5 STARS!!! <<less
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Joyceusero rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: c3
Based on the the first 3 chapter released, the story is indeed interesting. And how the author shortened the explanation how they made the 'Deed'. How they interact or they attitude with one another. I'm pretty sure ML loves our MC since they had met. Just read mc's asking for ml's to get the girl he likes to him. But his attitude turned a 360 degree. It seems that our MC is a bit dense though. For mc's foster parents, I like his mom. She actually adopts so well to... more>> let his son to be with a man if he's not able to get a gf. But let's see for future chapter how their interactions and feelings will develop. And how their identity will be broadcasted. I felt that ML also hiding something. Regarding the translation, it is on good condition. I don't have something to comment but to Congratulate you for a successful job. So, jia you!! <<less
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