Martial God Asura


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One night a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces. Five years later Chu Feng, a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon school, awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. And discovers an egg sealed inside him.

From there we follow Chu Feng on his path of cultivation.

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Tu La Vũ Thần
Xiuluo Wushen
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Azazelx rated it
March 1, 2018
Status: c2500
If you wanna read about the MC fighting irrelevant bugs he could just kill in a second for 6 chapters or so then read this novel. The author over explains unnecessary things. I think the author could write in detail about the MC having a meal for 1 or 2 chapters, like this wouldn't be too different from what he does now.

The MC needs to get strong fast so he can save his family. And the thing is he CAN get strong fast, but he chooses not to. As of... more>> the latest chapters he wouldn't kill a fly even if that made him stronger. People would offer him something he needs, he deserved it, he probably earned it, the guys could insist for days for him to take it but no, of course he wouldn't take it, that would be the worse thing in the world, after all, he would get strong that way and we don't want that, do we, author? It's really frustrating. I was hoping he'd go back to how he was at first but I gave it a few hundred chapters and nothing. One specific case I remember of him being goody two shoes idiot:

He returned to where it all started, he had friends and everything there. He obviously was stronger than everyone there. They specifically ask him how strong he his. And being the humble idiot that he is of course he wouldn't tell them. Being a show off is a sin. Lying is better, what could possibly go wrong anyways? Well, they had trouble with certain bad guys, but since the guy said he's as weak as them then they can't possibly ask for his help and put him in danger, so they don't, and almost got killed. All because the guy's an insufferable saint that won't do anything Buddha wouldn't do.


So basically, for what I remember, only first 1k chapters or so were good, then you can clearly see how the author just wants to make this novel as long as possible. And the MC just turned into the most exasperating guy in existence. I was rooting for him to die or something. I'm still mad that I wasted so much time in this novel. <<less
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zukA rated it
January 27, 2018
Status: c2422
Every arc is the repeat of the previous one.

The story couldn't get more boring.

MC kills entire sects because of the actions of the few.

Everywhere you look, peerless beauty's everywhere, which author takes half a chapter to describe and they get forgotten ten chapters later.

He's got plot armour so thick the Earth's crust could be considered an ant in front of him.

Every so often MC stumbles on some "legacies" that only he can obtain.

And so on... Can't write anymore because there are a ton more 😶
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mytus123 rated it
July 26, 2017
Status: c1674
I've tried to give it one last chance, I did it countless times... and always it led me to experience big disappointment, at the end dropping it, and this time It's for real.

If I need to voice my opinion, then I would say It was decent until the story starts in Holy Land of Martialism, at this point you can get what other reviews about zero creativity, or repetitiveness means, to the point when even w/o thinking you can pinpoint antagonists and how their story will flow... because you saw... more>> exactly the same thing more than ten, twenty, (place here any random value) times already...

I'm talking about my experience from 1.6k chapters and I don't rly know what to think about ppl who can reach 3k... I just wonder, should I be jelous about their patience, or should I cry about it....

Rate = 2.5 stars (rounded to 2) - It started pretty good, but after all I just wasted my time. <<less
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Hisagi rated it
July 24, 2017
Status: c1600
There are 4 sorts of characters in this novel.

Women (a.k.a. Peerless, virgin beauties) -- to be raped by the MC and/or to madly fall in love with him.

Sidekicks -- whose purpose is to worship the main character.

... more>> Mysterious old cultivators -- still alive to save the MC when he is danger.

The rest -- millions (literally millions, I think) of "young masters" which are to be humiliated and/or killed by the MC. (There is a scene in which he forces all member of a sect to tidy up feces with their mouths.)

Tragic. There is nothing beautiful or rational in this world, only a demented, mass-murdering psychopath who is out for blood. I kept hoping it would get better - the story does have some potential, especially at the beginning - but this did not happen. <<less
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pfking10 rated it
January 31, 2017
Status: c1318
Well, all I can say is that I like this novel now. Altough in the first I really struggle to keep going.
Its because in the first the MC is really so super stupid. He keeps looking for trouble mindlessly, and survive just because of stupid luck to the point I want to cry of how the MC so stupid.

But around 600-700s the presentation of MC keeps getting better. Even MC keeps looking for trouble, but he show intelligent overtime.

The MC is demon like character. Murderer, rapist. But for me... more>> its okay because its his character. I just doesnt like how the story of stupid MC goes in the beginning <<less
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darich rated it
September 26, 2016
Status: --
Generic ruthless MC, if you love your MC to get multiple power boost at once and level ups due to bullsh*t reasons, this is your thing.

Romance in the story is like a typical harem, they all love him for whatever reason and still stays with him even though they know he's a rapist. Make no mistake MC is generic ruthless and even a rapist. However, since I've already invested 1000+ chapters into this novel, it's too late to get out and I might as well finish it anyway. If you're... more>> bored and wanna read something, this is for you, translations are over 1000 so you can just off your brain and binge on this. If you want mind blowing stuff and deep profound concepts then f**k off and find something else to read, cuz you sure as hell ain't gonna get it here. <<less
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scribbledoutname rated it
August 10, 2016
Status: --
Chu Feng is an insane, hypocritical, mass murdering rapist. The creepiest part is how he believes everything he does is just and that he's a good person (secret: he's not). He's got some seriously messed up morals, and it makes me wonder if the author actually feels the same way.

I actually ragequit the series the first time Chu Feng slaughtered a bunch of innocent people (who were only tangientally related to the enemies who provoked him!!!) and felt he'd reached a whole new level of scumbaggery. Later, after I ran... more>> out of stuff to read and came back, I ragequit again after he raped someone... the entire time I was hoping he'd control himself, but the outcome pissed me off.

Then why am I giving this four stars?

Because the story's progression is really good. While I can't stand Chu Feng's episodes of crazy, and I really wish the story had a COMPLETELY different MC, the plot is enjoyable. It's also refreshing to see someone decisively killing annoying villains, rather than letting them escape to plague the story over and over again. Chu Feng's growth is satisfyingly fast, and he's reasonable so much of the time that you often forget what he's capable of and hope he stays in decent human being mode.

Also I know some readers think he's not that bad:

For example, some people say that his decision to rape what's-her-face was justified because she tricked him so they could rape him first/make him get her friend pregnant. And that this decision to rape Ya Fei in order to humiliate her was justified, seeing as she tortured him and tried to kill him in a screwed up way, and she was a murderous maniac. But the way I see it it's all messed up no matter how you look at it.


So four stars for doing everything right except for the MC, who is the king of self delusional scumbags. <<less
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exodus18 rated it
July 9, 2016
Status: --
Dropped it around 400+ chapter. The harem is ridiculous, plot armor is too thick, repetitive plots, and dumb MC. This is a novel where I want the villains to succesfully kill the MC.
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Konstantin rated it
May 11, 2016
Status: --
This is one of my first readed chinese novels and one of the most interesting. There is always something happen, action is never ended, MC always have some objectivities and enemies whom he need to destroy. But this novel is underrated because some people has very strange moral codex, for example...

... more>>

And second, he rapes women and thinks it’s only reasonable because they tried to kill him and the people close to him. *sigh* maybe the author has a fetish for rape or something. Isn’t it enough that he kill them instead?

This way of thinking is totally retarded, how can rape be worse then killing? And, moreover, fully justified rape committed by very attractive person? In west society really so many people who believe in radical feminist theory with this twisted and unscientific logic? And yes, large percent of people have rape fetish, women included, because rape is form of dominance and humans like to dominate or be dominated, even killing is just another form of dominance, this is a one of the reason why people kill each other in the first place.

All actions of MC in MGA is totally normal for ancient China and you can even say that he is too lenient in some moments. <<less
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kuban rated it
September 26, 2018
Status: c1245
Man is this bad, like next level bad.

Original premise is weak MC trying to get stronger etc. However after just a few chapters MC is already stronger than his current enemies and it gets only worse later on. What follows is repetitive

  1. MC angers someone or the other way around
  2. fight to the death
  3. if enemy is weaker => MC kills his enemy / if enemy is stronger => someone protects MC for now and it is repeated until MC kills his enemy;
this sums up practically entire novel (unless enemy is woman, because... more>> they never get killed for some reason). In between are little episodes with no real impact on anything or instances without any followup. No character has any personality, they are either enemy or ally (often with 180° turns without any reason), MC is supposed to be intelligent, but his reasoning often lacks any logic or cohesion. There is supposedly romance, but as far as 1245 chapters go, there isn't any - female characters are suddenly in love with MC, after witch they all become the same. The "flirting" that MC does is probably the most cringeworthy part of entire novel.

I wouldn't really mind reading about MC who rapes someone, but it needs to fit the story and context. So far there have been 4 instances of rape

  1. first rape serves to provide MC with love interest, there wasn't any romantic interest before, but voila (hentai logic)
  2. second rape is something like revenge I suppose?
  3. third and four are are probably torture, because it is obviously fate far worse than death (although MC swears that he won't do it again after the second one).
All in all, I'd give it one and a half (for a few good chapters here and there), rounded to one star. Don't read it, it isn't worth your time.

Kudos to translators, the deserve 5/5 a pity they waste their talent on this thing. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
March 4, 2018
Status: c1392
Wow...I never reviewed this?

I dropped it at around 1.4k chapters. I put in too much time and effort into this one... Wasn't worth it.

At one point of time, I gave this a 3 star rating, meaning that people can read this. Since then, I have come to view it as a 2 ie; I don't recommend people to read this.

MGA is made up of the stuff that everyone loves from cultivation novels: action, bloody gore, jade beauties and multiple lovers, MC who is ruthless and doesn't give a sh*t, youngmasters... more>> and faceslapping, and so on and so forth. At the same time, all of these things come back to severely hurt it when they are repeated arc after arc. Currently, the novel doesn't seem to have any end. I feel that this is the pokemon kind of novel: go to a new region, get new bishes, fight people and become strong, and go to new region as a weak guy. That is all there is to it. At least, pokemon has interesting villains in Team Rocket; MGA fails here as well.

The romance is VERY poor. I wish there was none. The cultivation is redundant... For the MC, it is just lucky encounter after lucky encounter. It is a martial arts based cultivation and not a Dao based one.

The girls are pretty.

The face slapping is good... Pretty much all there is working for it. Due to the insane release rate, I expect people with nothing better to read will flock to read this. Is it worth it? Not in my opinion. I gave it enough time to improve. It was a waste.

This is not Mango approved. <<less
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paulrip013 rated it
December 29, 2017
Status: --
Shifted to the machine translations... Currently at chapter 3270+

To those interested in reading this novel, Don't be afraid of the reviews others made.

We do have different perspective of how a story should flow. And some of us have expectations that the writers haven't met.

... more>> So don't be discouraged from picking this one up. But do note of some factors that makes other readers diss this novel. Most of them are currently unavoidable, so be prepared for the nonesense. A few of which is;

  • THE IMPOSSIBRU - this novel has those irritating quotes from other party that goes "Impossible" so many times.
  • THE YOU'RE SO F*CKED - this novel, would obvoiusly have those "You may think you're stronger than me, but I'm the MC, so guess what. You're so f*cked up!" plot pre-installed in the operating system.
  • THE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: INSTA-KILL PASS - this novel also has those "Oh sh*t! I can't escape from this! Ahh!" and then a few moments later "Good thing I have this PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY INSTANT-KILL PASS god-like item with me", this kinda bullsh*t.
  • THE COINCIDENTAL SKILL - this novel, and any other novel, would obliously have this kinda sh*tty skill. The "You may have that level 999998 skill, but I have a level 99999 skill, so surprise m*therf*cker!".
The story has a lot of this, but the writer makes it so that the MC is a tad bit different from the rest. So endure the nonsense.


The BEGGINING of the story is interesting, it has its own mystery to it. The challenges the MC has to take, the conflict of the heart and the struggle for power were all balanced by the writer. The main purpose of which is to make the character grow, to build up a personality.
The ADVENTURE part of the story is for the MC to build up strenght and gather companions. The writer wants to build up custom for survival and a feel for the environment that the MC has to play.

The MIDDLE part of the story is when everything is messed up, and when other readers tend to drop the novel. It's when everything is slow, confusing and irritable. But if you persist and endure through, you'll understand its purpose. It's to prepare us from the shift of plot. There would be a major change in environment, opponent and cultivation system.


To keep this long story short, the novel is like a rollercoaster ride. You're basically changing coasters midway, so try to endure and move forward.
The romance of the story is mild but it persist, it's not forced to the point that you would choke. Which is within my preferences. The fighting is reasonable, and the plot is interesting.

If you're just like me, irritable from all the nonsense common xianxia has built-in their story line. Then I suggest reading through the machine translations, you wouldn't even understand the sh*t they are saying.

Have a good read~ <<less
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Mekronid rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: c2035
As you can see, I've read 2035 chapters of this novel. It starts off with a bang. I was impressed by the grisly scenes and questionable undertones. No other novel I've read has delivered the kind of bloody massacre we got early on. Most novels just tell you what happened, but this author manages to get the reader emotionally involved. The author even risked dabbling with rape scenes, which while offensive, is probably more representative of human nature than the average person is willing to admit. The reader is continually... more>> dazzled with new situations, interesting dilemmas, and the kind of epic storytelling that makes a novel into a classic. The author managed to do all of this without turning our hero into a scumbag, which is a difficult thing to do, speaking mildly.

So what went wrong? About 1500 chapters into the story, our vaunted, vengeful hero turned into a stereotypical hero. Which is not necessarily bad, but is certainly less interesting. He saves the girl, he looks cool, people praise his epicness. He doesn't do anything clever or interesting, but everyone thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread. Where have I seen this before? Oh yes, nearly every superhero story ever written in the history of mankind. Okay, okay, but that's not so bad.

Unfortunately, it gets much, much worse. I'll describe in a spoiler below, but believe me, I was appalled by the author's poor storytelling from chapter 1800 onward. It was like the author suddenly became an untrained novel writer; writing plot holes, stupid character choices, leaving out details, and just generally making a mess of things. Here's what made me put this novel down, perhaps permanently:


Our hero meets the current "bad guy, " who beats the living sh*t out of him. Bad guy "spares his pathetic life" like a 1950s comic villain but kills the hero's newest girlfriend. But oh, the girlfriend is fine, because she has an overpowered hack trinket that can save her life nine times. Was this trinket ever mentioned or even hinted at before? Nope! Have yourself a nice deus ex machina.

Later on, our hero gets a super-rank-up, and then conveniently gets attacked by the bad guy's underling, who is now only slightly stronger than our hero. They meet inside an ultra-death zone which only our hero is vulnerable to, but it's fine because he has a month before it gets dangerous. But oh yes, our great hero still loses, and he loses hard. Never mind that he has super-powerful world spirit techniques, no, forget that! Let's use the cursed sword that nearly killed him last time! Yeah, so then he dies because he's a moron. Buuut the girlfriend gets a super-uber-rank-up that's even crazier than the hero's rank-up. Bad guy loses and girlfriend revives the hero with that hack trinket. Cmon, seriously?

So yeah, they stay behind in the ultra-death zone for reasons god only knows, which leads to the classic "10 seconds left on the bomb timer." But they waited a month for the timer to run out. So now they're fleeing, drama ensues and whatnot, at which point the bomb vanishes. Poof! All gone. But now the bomb has turned into monsters! Thankfully, girlfriend has another hack trinket that she didn't bother to use last time she died. Did I mention this one is reusable? Anyway, she uses said trinket to save the lives of THOUSANDS of people. All at the same time. "No big deal boss, I got this." The enemy inexplicably retreats even though they're winning - probably because they're afraid the girlfriend will pull out even more hack trinkets.

Oh, and by the way, the girlfriend's first hack trinket also conveniently locates a power-up for our hero, right after he just got, what was it, three rank-ups? Yes, the nine-life-saving uber-OP hack trinket doubles as a loot radar.

Fast forward a little, now it's time for the epic battle between the hero and the bad guy's minions. Of course, our hero beats the crap out of them, so everyone praises him for a while. No, really, they praise him for like 5 whole chapters. Then our hero conveniently gets the other three super-skills that you probably thought we'd be reading about for the next 500 chapters. Nope, the enemies just hand it over. BUT THEN we find out it was all part of the bad guy's plan - he wanted to secretly give our hero a power-up by sacrificing half his forces. Wait, what? Yes, really.

"Unexpectedly, " the hero does indeed get that powerup... Just like the bad guy wanted, right? BUT THEN the bad guy suddenly wants to kill him! (wut) Thankfully, our hero's allies are winning the war, so we don't need to fear that bad guy anymore. BUT THEN our hero decides to fork over his spoils of war, including super-powerful weapons that only ~200 people in the series own, to random people who did not bother to participate in the war. I cannot stress this enough: several of the people he chose to give weapons had already back-stabbed him. One of those people back-stabbed him MULTIPLE TIMES.

And everyone praises our hero again! They even praise him for being intelligent!


It was at this point I decided enough was enough. The story had simply become insulting. Not insulting to my intellect, but insulting to my face. It was a big "f**k you" to all the time I spent reading, dissecting, and discussing the novel. It was a joke played at my expense, for no reason other than the author felt he could. This review is my small way of saying "f**k you" in return. <<less
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yusuf.saadu rated it
November 9, 2017
Status: c1876
I would advice you not to read this novel if you don't want to watch a badass but morally gray character become a cookie cutter nakama (friend) crusader. I'm really sad about this novel. It started out with such great potential but the author got lazy and changed the protagonist's personality into that of a self-righteous hypocrite. It's disgusting how the author forces events to go the way he wants in such a way that dumbs down the MC and blatantly exhibits plot armor. I'm only still reading it because... more>> I've already invested a lot of time into this story. The arc are just a repetition of Chu feng meets a weak youth and befriends them only to offend some really powerful people. Next thing you know he's risking his life to save people he hardly knows just to show off how righteous and loyal he is. He gets some power ups, wash, rinse, repeat. I for one hate how he's willing to negatively impact himself for friends he just made. While the author tries to justify his stupid sense of righteous camaraderie by using other characters to voice how they admire his righteousness and loyalty, all it does is show him as a softhearted person who risks everything for really substandard characters. It's like the author is trying to push this righteous image. Each arc just introduces some useless weak characters for him to save and get admired by for his loyalty and righteousness. I would understand if he would risk his life for family or love interests or childhood friends, but he basically jumps into zero survival scenarios for people he met for only a week. The author tries to play it off but it just seems that the MC has a jesus complex. He likes to save and be admired. He's the kind of person who gets given treasure he needs and is too humble to accept. He's like a japanese MC that used to be a badass but is now just seriously disgustingly humble. The author is the king of asspulls because the MC walks into situations knowing he's going to die but does it anyway for people he hardly knows. Just save yourself the frustration and don't read the bullsh*t of a novel. Read Martial World or TMW or Heavenly Jewel Change. WMW is good too if you want an actual cunning ruthless MC <<less
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July 1, 2017
Status: c2240
It was ok at the start but it got so repetitive and predictable as it developed. It was the same thing happening over and over, just with different people at different realms. Go to a new area, pick a fight, beat them, their clan/family picks fight, run, sudden power up, massacres them as revenge, now the strongest so immediately goes to new stronger place in a rush and does the same thing all over. Don't even bother remembering the side characters, they lose all meaning the moment he leaves and... more>> are pretty much never mentioned again. Even his wives are completely neglected and pretty much never mentioned. While the fights and powers are kinda interesting there is not much of a plot. <<less
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CN Reviewer
CN Reviewer rated it
June 11, 2017
Status: c3758
Edit: The review below is my old review. I used to think this trash of a novel was awesome and it was, until Chu Feng enters Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm. All the hype that was built around his Heavenly Lightning Bloodline died because any stray cat and dog had this bloodline in the HROR. There's no more romance from this point on. Chu Feng cultivates so slowly and there's a joke in the fanbase about how his father, Chu Xuanyuan, is actually the main character because of how fast he... more>> cultivates and how he's almost reached the peak cultivation rank in the entire novel (Martial God). The MC is still 5 BIG realms from reaching Martial God. There's 9 small realms in each big realm, so 9*45, meaning this novel won't end until 5000+ chapters. The cons from my old review is still valid because the tropes haven't changed. Each arc is a copy of the previous one with each ending with a "mysterious mastermind" that manipulated all the events in the arc. We find out that "mysterious" individual is the lowest of the low ranked cultivator from the realm higher than the one CF's on. Now my rating is 0/5.

Love the story. Not because of the normal plot line with bunch of filler arcs and sh*t, but the overall plot that builds up throughout the story.

Romance: I mean I appreciate the romance at the beginning but after that forget about the romance until like hundreds of chapters later (even after that, the romance is not that long). There are rape instances, 2 to be exact, but one of them, in my opinion, is perfectly justified (You try to rape me, I rape you). The other two are also kind of justified (maybe?) because when it happened, it was during war, so yeah.

Powers: The power ups are my favorite, especially the one that relates to the main plot, the lightning beast. DO NOT disregard Chu Feng's lightning powers because they are f**king op and right now he can't utilize their full potential, but in the future, oh boy.


If Chu Feng wasn't abandoned by his parents and raised in his birth place until his current age at chapter 1747, he could destroy the earth with a single flick of a finger (Divine Lightning op)


Translation: The translation is awesome, even though we are like 1000 chapters behind the main story. About 2-3 chapters released everyday.

Characters: The main character is Chu Feng and only a few chapters follow him across his journey. After he leaves a location, he might never visit is again. The characters that do follow him need power ups through unconventional means if they want to keep up with him.

Favorite parts: When Chu Feng acts with his emotions. The short instances when his lightning powers are displayed.

Cons: Too many people want to kill Chu Feng. Too much arrogant characters.

f**king bitches, if Chu Feng was raised in his birth place, they would be wanting to eat his sh*t.

Filler arcs. Items acquired by Chu Feng are not used much. Skills acquired by Chu Feng are not used enough, especially at the later chapters.

Overall, a good novel. Though a bit slow, but I love the main plot building. <<less
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nwms8 rated it
October 17, 2015
Status: --
450 chapters in and I have realized that this novel is a waste of time. What started out as an enjoyable read about a young man coming into his own as a martial artist quickly becomes a story devoid of plot, character development or sense. Every antagonist goes on and on about their so and such power level compared to the MC then gets face smashed because the MC powered up. Really, the power levels don’t mean jack in this series; I don’t know why they even bother to bring... more>> it up anymore except to say that this badguy can’t be beat up right away by our MC. After a while, the whole story is basically about power levels. No fighting skills, the descriptions of a fight are basically: “And power lvl 80 fights power lvl 80. Their fight is amazing. Lazers and sh*t. Everyone is shocked. Then MC kills them all. Everyone is shocked because MC’s power is obviously only 40. How did he do it?”

Don’t think I’ll continue to read this. <<less
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Arvind rated it
April 5, 2019
Status: c208
To the shrimp who dares to use his d*ck to write this pile of sh*t, these words come from the depth of my heart:

"I hope u rot in hell."

After reading a hundred or so chapters or even less, u will realise how sick the authors mentality is and how disgusting the characters he created really are and the MC is no exception rather he's the most disgusting one. I'm going to state few things tht literally made me wanna puke (this may contain spoilers but if u dont wanna waste... more>> ur time then u should read it) :

About the romantic plot and love interests-


So at the super early stages of the novel a girl named 'Su mei' is introduced. She's a year younger than the MC. Su mei is ur classic tsundere. She's sweet yet fierce. There r various sweet moments b/w her and the MC tht can make ur heart warm and the MC does many romantic things for her like- giving her a bouquet of rare flowers tht he spent a day collecting in a dangerous place or cutting of a fellows legs and arms cuz he had evil intentions for his girl or making enemy of a huge allience just cuz the moved against her. So yeah, author did everything he could to show tht she was going to be his woman but tht was only until chapter 134, the MC of the novel did something unexpected... He raped the older sister of the girl he claimed to love and he was even shameless to say tht he will marry both of them. Shocked? Theres more, the sister fell in love with him and after some chapters she let him rape her Again! Then she said she and her younger sister will wait for him.


About the MC, words like- ruthless, shameless, cocky, 'some one who bites of more than they can chew' or antihero cannot describe him, he's simply evil and deserves the title of supervillain.


So theres this family tht the MC is part of. This so-called "family" is nothing but a bunch of scums who had bullied and humiliated him since birth. But then one day this "family" goes into war with other families and when the MC gets home he becomes enraged and start to exterminates these families tht his "beloved" "family" was fighting against. He doesnt stop there he sent to there homes and captured the womens and the girls of there house and turned them into s*x slaves and he forced the little kids into hard labour.


And about his cockiness lets say he's at lvl10 blah blah cultivationand the other person is at lvl100 blah blah cultivation, and even if he knows how strong his opponent is, unlike other people he wont be cautious against the lvl100 person rather he will blaber all kind of nonsense and when tht fellow becomes angey and start to attack him. He'll be like, "Damn how is he so strong even if the difference in our cultivation is "only" 90lvls" then he as usual summons the mighty plot armor and safely survives the mighty catastrophe. <<less
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luckymorris rated it
March 19, 2019
Status: c3321
At first, I kinda enjoyed this novel, the same way I enjoyed Against the gods, it's poorly written but still interessing. The MC was ruthless enough, the universe was alright and the background of the MC quite interessing. But basically everything goes to sh*t very soon, and here's why :

1- I couldn't even call that plot holes, it's more like there is some plot into a huge hole. The author constantly have brain fart, can't even remember what he wrote in the last chapter, resulting in saying one thing in... more>> one chapter and the inverse in the next, sometimes it's in the same chapters.

2- Words count. You can see how desesperate the author is to hit his 3000 characters per chapters, he will either state obvious things such as the legendary "The mysterious techniques are called mysterious techniques because they are mysterious and they are techniques", or he will repeat 50000000 the same thing in case we didn't remember the first 49999999 times. And of course, the classic crowd reaction that nobody gives a sh*t about, martial god asura take that to the next level. There is currently 3321 chapters translated and I can assure you that it could be compressed to 1000 chapters without misssing anything, you mostly can ignore 70% of the chapters and still be completely fine.

3- Repetitive, sure xianxia are often like this but martial god asura once again take it to the next level, the formula doesn't change for one bit.

4- At first the MC was ruthless, honnestly that was the selling point for me. Sadly the more we go on, the more the MC become a major pu**y.

5- Useless side characters, there is his friends that tries to catch up to him, that got whole chapters for them but in the end they NEVER do sh*t, it's absolutely ridiculous, the only thing they are good at is finishing as hostage.

6- Plot armor. At this point it's not an armor it's a f**king tank built with the strongest materials in this universe, it's at a point where the MC seems like he know he has plot armor and do stupid sh*t.

7- If a guy sneeze at the MC, he'll want to exterminate his bloodline, but if it has a vagina, the said vagina (because that's all what the woman are all about in this novel) can try to murder the MC countless times, the only thing the MC will do is apologize for stupid reasons.

I'm done with this review, I can assure you that those bad points are just the tip of the iceberg, the only reason i've got to this point is that I have way too much free time and that I could binge read it and therefore skip 70% of the chapters without missing anything, but now that i've catched up, I'm just droping this steaming pile of sh*t, if anything, now I can read anything and think "it's still better than martial god asura" <<less
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arolust rated it
August 30, 2018
Status: c2912
Started out really good, and lasted a while... but the later chapters are just slow, boring, repeating, word count pushing, stupidity. Harsh words I know, but really, after over 2000 chapters, I expect more.

The author had some great ideas in the beginning, but you soon realise that's all they were, the author clearly abandoned those ideas as if they didn't exist.

Did you remember our MC gained the lightening beasts by being struck by lightening, and how they had minds of their own? Or how our MC literally lost control to them once, exhibited super insane world destroying powers while saying how he was going to destroy the world? Or how those lightening beasts manifested themswlves in chu feng making him like a monster, he even ate a guys arm!! Or how spirit techniques we're actually a powerful combat ability?!?!?! I'm sure there's many more even I can't remember...


Than we have to deal with "half" realms?!? wt actual f. Clearly these only exist to further lengthen/slow the story, and it's done baddly.
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