Martial God Asura


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One night a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces. Five years later Chu Feng, a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon school, awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. And discovers an egg sealed inside him.

From there we follow Chu Feng on his path of cultivation.

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Tu La Vũ Thần
Xiuluo Wushen
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Slants Perpendicular
Slants Perpendicular rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: c3356
This novel is a profound work of fiction which transcends time itself to deliver a timeless classic that can be enjoyed with all the family.

The 427 people who gave this novel a one and two star rating simply lack the IQ to comprehend its full depth. This novel draws heavily from authors and philosophers such as Nietzsche and Alex Jones, so it's understandable that the crayon-eaters can't fully comprehend it.

When thinking of this novel the quote, "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster.... more>> And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. " Comes to mind.

I shall re-quote this into an easier understandable and relatable quote for the Neanderthals out there, "Stick your d*ck in scum, become scum" and of course, "When one's world population is 99% vermin, he too shall become vermin."

When I see people complain and criticize the rape in this novel I can't help but pity them, it just shows how immature and stupid they truly are. You must understand there are things deeper than your mother's womb in this world, this novel happens to be one of them. The rape in this novel is not merely a lustful pandering to prepubescent children, no the rape in this novel is much more than that. With each forceful pierce of the MC's wonder rod into these defenseless girls is a pierce into the net covering the truth of our world's society, with each pierce is the authors rebelling at the patriarchy controlling our world, with each pierce he tells the truth of the world, the truth they don't want you to know. Truths such as "the Earth is flat", "vaccinations cause autism", "purple is really called blue" and "Mars is gay, that's why they want us to go there."I recommend you re-read all the rape chapters they were truly the deepest and most telling pieces of literature I've yet read.

Now the rape isn't the only insightful thing this novel has to offer. It also has slaughter. Yes, slaughter. Not just plain barbaric slaughter most of these other pedantic authors have to offer, no this slaughter holds a deeper meaning. This slaughter tells the tales of all the discrimination, s*xism, homophobia, racism, heightism and fat shaming a unfortunate obese-black-lesbian-midget-furry has to face every day. I've got it from a reliable source that the reason why the author could offer such esoteric insight into the lives of these poor creatures was because of his long-term girlfriend being one, "It was hard at first, " Bee says, "but once I saw her undressed it quickly went soft again." That was an excerpt from an interview Bee held, the question the interviewer asked was "Is it hard living with an obese-black-lesbian-midget-furry?"I think with this answer alone Bee has earned himself a spot in the author's Hall of Fame, such a man, a true inspiration.

All in all Martial God Asura is an intricate look at the true side of society and how it shapes those within it. I don't expect everybody to understand Bee's exceptional writing, but I must ask of everyone to respect it. Hating on something just because you lack the IQ to understand it or because you're too scared to face the reality it presents is an embarrassment and disgrace.

All in all I give it a Chinese 1/10.

Not enough rape so minus 9 stars.

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eyy bb
eyy bb rated it
May 7, 2019
Status: c2156
This novel was probably my 2nd or 3rd Chinese novel I've read and honestly, I'm glad this was one of the starting novels that I chose to read and not one of the current ones because it's a piece of sh*t.

If I didn't read several other novels after MGA, I would have really thought MGA was a work of art. For people who have just begin reading Chinese novels, MGA would actually be enjoyable and exciting because it's a brand new experience for them, but when they begin to read... more>> more and more novels, they will notice how poor in quality MGA really is.

If you are wondering why this novel is bad, we would have to start with the MC. He's what you would call a hypocritical SJW. He's always boasting about being righteous, but he's really not. He's just your typical scumbag who pretends like he's Jesus and frankly it's annoying as hell.

The story is also dumb as hell. He starts off in some weak sect and becomes the strongest in the sect, only to find out that his sect is the weakest sect in his country. Then his sect becomes the strongest in the country, only to find out his country is the weakest in the continent. So, he makes his country the strongest in the continent, only to find out his continent is the weakest on his planet. Lo and behold, he later becomes the strongest man in his world, only to f**king find out there's a world beyond his world and there's a f**king galaxy beyond his galaxy.

This guy is literally a speck of dust who somehow manages to find his way up the ladder. It's incomprehensible.

Anyways I don't really recommend this novel, but if you really want to read this novel even after seeing all the other negative reviews, don't say I didn't warn you. <<less
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mrezman rated it
April 2, 2016
Status: --
I really dislike this novel.

At first, it seemed okay, but after a while, the MC becomes a total prick and arrogant asshole, as well as an idiot. He basically becomes a classic young master xianxia villain, but he's the protagonist, so he gets his way.

The story can be summarized as this: he goes somewhere, everyone is stronger than him and all that, he meets a hot girl, gets with the girl/rapes her, meets a bunch of assholes, stupidly picks a fight with them, gets saved by a mysterious old elder,... more>> then becomes an arrogant prick himself and gets stronger kills the asshole guys. Then, all the characters are forgotten about, he goes to a new place, rinse and repeat.


Don't even get me started about the rape. Holy f**k. He's an actual goddamn rapist. (Spoiler alert) Because her friend tried to rape him earlier, he decides it's okay to revenge rape and rapes her. Great. Just great.


This novel is also terribly written. It's fairly evident that the author didn't put too much thought or editing into it.

I really don't recommend this novel at all. <<less
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kma rated it
November 7, 2018
Status: c2528
Utter garbage. I simply don't understand how I survived for this long. I wanted to drop it like 20 times but had nothing else to read.

I simply do not recommend this novel to anyone except those who have nothing else left to read.

The main character is a lunatic and not in the good way. Simply unreasonable decisions the whole novel.

Worst side characters. I don't even know how to express how bad this novel is.

Worst novel I have ever read.
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
June 27, 2016
Status: c792
Average xianxia story. Nothing new. Average plot, average fight, average antagonists, average dialogue, average protagonists. Nothing above average, C grade, xianxia. C+ may be a bit too much. I may give this title C+ if the author decided that after the MC raped two female antagonists, he raped the male too. But, as the average author, he couldn't. Now this novel is passing those average arcs, he can't change anything. So, stick to this average label.

Well, all average readers, please don't be disappointed by this review. At least, with... more>> such average novel like this, we can skip reading and won't miss anything.

Oh, BTW, if author had chance to be around here, please don't take all stars. One is for the translator. Your is only the remain one. <<less
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sadmanex rated it
January 13, 2016
Status: --
i give 2/5 because the beginning is good. If you are masochist, you will love this novel. The MC very hypocrite, rapist, murderer for no reason but even with reason, it should not resulting murder and rape. He want people to respect him but he show no respect to other. The author try to make the MC good/kind and all his action justified, but it's fail. The story repetitive, I rate this worse or on par to PMG

10/10 I would recommend to all masochist
and 10/10 non masochist should stay... more>> away from this. <<less
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February 12, 2019
Status: c2000
My god, this thing is terrible. It somehow manages to use every terrible xianxia cliché I've ever seen. The only things more stupid than the (predictable and repetitive) plot are the characters. A literal 5 year old could come up with the solutions they call 'very intelligent'. Expect experts out of nowhere, plot armour so thick the universe distorts around it, insane powerups lying everywhere, a ton of beautiful women who want to climb in bed with the MC, and several truckloads of villains that abandon all semblances of common... more>> sense and attack for no reason.

Chu Feng (the MC) is such a horrible character that he needs his own paragraph to even begin to describe it. By that, I don't mean 'horrible' in the sense that he's an awful human being (which he really is) ; I don't mind antiheroes if they're well written, but the spectacular thing here is that THE AUTHOR is convinced that Chu Feng is a great guy. Every few chapters, he writes a sentence or two declaring that Chu Feng has positive characteristics that we see absolutely no evidence of; to the contrary, we normally see evidence of the opposite. He's dumber than your average 8 year old (despite being described as a super-genius), except unlike most 8 year olds, he can wipe out millions of people singlehandedly and he does! He runs around torturing people, raping people (men included

because he throws one guy to be raped to death by a bunch of apes he summons

), and massacring whomever the heck he feels like massacring. "Delusional maniac" and "hypocrite" don't cover half of it.

About the rape: This book is such a flaming hot pile of garbage that if you're going to read it in the first place, there's no reason for a detail like 3 or 4 rapes to stop you. Seriously, the fact that he's a rapist barely makes the book worse because he's already such a godawful character there is essentially nothing left to lose. And don't try to justify it by saying that it's a crapsack world—the rape scenes are all written in a way that it's clearly the author's fetish.

To be fair, though, the first "rape" doesn't actually make him a rapist because neither of the two were in control of their bodies, but the second and third rapes certainly do.


Overall verdict? I'd say read it. It's incredibly addicting. God knows why. <<less
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Maniac89 rated it
March 3, 2017
Status: c1276
After struggling for so long to continue reading, I just can't bring myself to continue this messed up repetition textbook. The characters have the lowest IQ in the world. The MC's rivals are all portrayed in a stupid way with no IQ. With no 'smart' enemy, how is chu feng expected to be faced with any challenging situation. He normally kills someone for looking at him the wrong way or gets in a bitter feud with someone for speaking rudely to him. No suspense because the MC is a super... more>> hero who is suppose to win in everything (most times he starts a pointless argument). Does the MC have to win all the time in both verbal and physical fights. There are many fights which the MC had no chance of winning but miraculously uses a technique the author creates out of nowhere for the sake of victory. Don't bother reading this piece of garbage. You will save yourself a lot of time. <<less
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Magnas rated it
August 24, 2016
Status: c985
Very rarely does CF do something that makes me think it was a poor decision. Like most stories, he finds good fortune under every rock and many characters are forgotten or lose so much relevance they become a joke. I always read quite a few reviews to remind myself of both good and bad points. The issue of rape: the 3 times it happens to my knowledge, was not a big deal to me as I've never been affected by it personally. Realistically if people had supreme power compared to... more>> others around them, rape would be happening millions of times more often than depicted in these stories, but that would be a huge put off to the readers, so in a sense it is unrealistic how often it doesn't happen. While there is a harem, his actions, words, and feelings seem to indicate that he genuinely cares for them all. Several Xuanhuan that are higher rated have writing, character, or plot flaws that bug me to a higher degree and more frequently; I should objectively give it a 4 stars, but I want to differentiate it from others stories I've rated as such, and I do enjoy this one more than most. Not quite a ISSTH but better than most others. <<less
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Hantosh rated it
April 4, 2016
Status: c2150
Like most Xianxia/Wuxia, it helps if you leave your brain at the door before you start reading. Like others have said, the MC is a mass-murdering, hypocritical, rapist, idiot. It's never a good sign when the MC's entire family is killed and your first reaction varies between "good", "meh" or "lol". The MC is a poorly written self-insert character that breaks character constantly to suit the situation.

Side characters are shallow and the overuse of the word "genius" (which kinda implies intelligence) to describe people in the translation feels pretty ironic.... more>> The author's writing style falls into the same bad habit many chinese WNs exhibit of repetitively explaining the same concepts/things over and over again, even when they're bloody obvious things (like simple addition to determine the MC's power level), and telling instead of showing. The power system is shallow and ignored whenever convenient. Fight scenes (among other things) often aren't even described. Like the "mechanisms" in the tombs that are never described; or skills used during a fight that are directly referred to as "rank X" without even being given an actual name; or during the Monkey King's mass World Spirit summon and they're never even described, just referred to as "World Spirits". If you can ignore that, it's an entertaining way to pass the time.

Also, I've found that the story is endlessly more amusing when you replace the words "Chu Feng" with "Doom" (via an addon). Eg:

*poof* Suddenly, the city lord of the Vermilion Bird City knelt to the ground and endlessly kowtowed to Doom, "Doom, please spare me, please spare me. I was truly forced and had no other choice! I had no intentions of harming you."

"It's fine no matter what you do to me, Doom. However, you ignored your daughters' happiness many times in order to continue living in this world. You truly aren't qualified to be a father." Doom slowly walked over with oppressing killing intent.


Reading up to chapter 920, wow the story is a trainwreck. Basically the entire Eastern Sea Region arc can be summed up as:


– MC is rich as sh*t but doesn't spend a single cent to buy cultivation oddities that'll boost his power level after he buys the dead lava fetus for practically nothing.

– MC creates a secret identity to protect his loved ones but blows it every single chance he gets.

– Previously powerful side characters get sidelined like in every other Xianxia/Wuxia WN and turn into dead weight.

– Power system is still incredibly stupid and treadmilly. Fights all feel the same; stronger guys can instagib weaker guys unless there's plot reasons. Asspulls out the yin yang, MC suddenly uses abilities he's apparently learnt out of nowhere. Fight rubberneckers can somehow magically discern the exact power level and skill ranks of combatants.

– The girl that the MC raped into a fish monster turned out to be demonically possessed and raping her actually helped her. He finishes a quest to find a magic flower to help seal the demon, saving her life. She secretly thanks him from far away, as he speeds off into the sunset. My eyes can't roll back any further.

– MC rapes two female bad guys after Eggy, his female World Spirit summon, eggs him on (see what I did there?). The male bad guy who got cuckolded was the fiance and brother to them and was so incensed he penetrated his fiance with a spear in the hoohah. After she gives a short but strangely coherent, impassioned, defiant speech about why he's such a c-word, he detonates her into blood mist. Also slaps his sister after she gives an appropriate WTF for added measure.

– Magic rape poison incense strikes again. It conveniently depowers women, makes them horny, and eventually kills them in a blood explosion. Why even bother learning martial arts?


On the plus side, the writing's so simplistic you can understand 90% of it with GT.

Read up to chapter 2150 (beginning of the Outer Heaven arc) and dropped it. Finally found out what was in the baseme- I mean Emperor Tomb. Was as disappointing as what was in the Asura Ghost Tower.


- mrezman's summary perfectly describes the entire Holy Land of Martialism arc. It's so formulaic it's laughable. At one point he forms a team of mysterious old elders. On the positive side, the author's stopped with the rape. Not much romance either (if you can call it that). Poor Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi keep getting bullied. Alas, the fate of a Xianxia side character.

- Martial Half-emperor and Half-ancestor are stupid ranks. Like, plan this stuff out before you run into power inflation problems during the story. The naming's kind of stupid when everyone's a Lord or King or Emperor. Same with the pointless armament ranks.

- World Spiritist is a literal do-everything ass-pull profession. The MC will often randomly use OP WS powers out of nowhere, stretching plausibility. In one egregious case, apparently the MC studied architecture sometime during his HLM journey and can create multiple floating palaces in seconds out of thin air.


Poorly written and inconsistent MC; shallow world building and characters; recycled, formulaic, trainwreck plot; disappointing plot resolutions; poor writing. The world building being interesting at times (despite how it eventually turns out) would be the only positive I can give to bad WNs like this. +1 star for lots of content if you have some time to kill. <<less
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paste rated it
November 3, 2018
Status: c3048
This is going to be a long rant review, because I took the time to make an account for what will likely be my one and only review on this website. As such, here is the 'TL;DR' version: If you are looking to waste time with a mindless read or don't mind repetition and convolution, go ahead and pick this up. If you are looking for a good source of entertainment, don't bother. If you plan to just power through the redundancies of the novel because you're interested in the... more>> mystery of Chu Feng's secrets, just know that I didn't find it worth it.

Let me be perfectly clear: At first, I enjoyed this novel. It was one of the novels that really got me back into reading, and one of the first Chinese Webnovels I ever read. The translation quality is consistently great, and I couldn't complain about it a bit. WuxiaWorld does a great job, so kudos to them.

I neglected to realize that quality of translation =/=quality of novel and that quantity of chapters =/= quality of chapters (unfortunately, so did the author). If you remove the filler, remove redundant and convoluted descriptions, this novel would perhaps be only half of its current length.

At first, I could deal with the redundancy of the never-ending cycle of "get oppressed by someone significantly higher in status and/or power for either absolutely no reason or because everyone in the story is an asshole. Then, get stronger at the cost of making more enemies of higher status and/or power. Now it's time to get even stronger to beat the hell out of them before moving to a new location. Rinse and repeat." It was tolerable, as I was interested in the mystery of his identity and the whole revenge plot that it set up, and I think a part of me just wanted to see it to completion. However, these issues not only do not get fixed over time, demonstrating the author's growth and improvement, instead it gets worse and worse until it's intolerable.

Here's this novel, broken down into a nice little list of ingredients:

    • One headstrong protagonist whose pride can never be tarnished.
    • Several beautiful love interests who have no character of their own and live only to be subservient to the protagonist.
    • As many instances of deus ex machina as you can possibly stuff between the covers.
    • Several handfuls of tropes and archetypes that will be repeated.
    • Many power-ups that fall into the protagonist's lap whenever it is convenient with little to no effort involved.
    • Several hundred lines of dialogue from unknown, random bystanders, which serve as either exposition or to tell you just how bad-ass the protagonist is.
    • An endless amount of one-dimensional, boring side characters who you will inevitably forget entirely until they resurface just for a line or two later in the story so they express how much they regret wronging our protagonist, how they wish they could accompany him further, and/or how much they love him.
    • A pinch of "justifiable" rape
    • An overwhelming amount of illogical behavior from every character that exists.
Be sure to leave out any male characters similar to the protagonist in age that are kind, attractive and/or greedy, unless they are secretly evil, or repulsive enough that they would not be a hindrance to the protagonist's harem.

Descriptions of literally anything possible will be repeated for several lines, yet somehow the author adds nothing more of substance. Take chapter 3039, for example. This chapter spends ~600 of the ~1000 words describing how scary a big red octopus is, how scared the people who see it are, and that the random bystanders (who conveniently expose the power level of the big red octopus) know the power level of the big red octopus, because they have already seen a similar power level and thus know the level of power that the big red octopus has. The following ~600 words are spent describing how Token Old Man Who is Wise and Powerful but Smart and Kind Enough to Support Protagonist basically one-shots the big red octopus, and how random bystanders are super impressed because he beat it. I managed to suffer through three thousand chapters of what can only be described as lazy writing, in hopes that the plotline based on his identity and revenge would be worth it. Spoiler alert: It sure as hell was not.

The following spoiler tag conceals my disappointed rant and complaints about this plotline's resolution, and obviously contains spoilers regarding said plotline.


The plotline is currently not entirely resolved by chapter 3048, because it faces a sudden interruption that serves no purpose other than for the author to make more money. Here is what has happened up to 3048:

When we finally get to the part where his identity as a member of the Chu Heavenly Clan is revealed, it's as if every one of these supposedly intelligent, powerful elders in this god-forsaken clan is an absolute nimrod, barring approximately three individuals. Exiled for being thought of as "trash", Chu Feng returns to the clan and proves his worth on their clan's famous Legendary Mysterious Staircase of Absolute Talent Detection by surpassing literally everyone who has ever been in the clan (as far as we are made aware) by reaching a legendary and mythical step on Legendary Mysterious Staircase of Absolute Talent Detection.

Obviously, by proving himself to be a talent worth investing in, the clan's elders leap at the opportunity to ingratiate themselves with the youthful clan member, further tying him to the clan in the hopes that the clan's future will remain strong and unwavering, and perhaps even grow in power. They make the choice to sacrifice a little bit of pride to lower their heads to the youthful clan member they once wronged, the youth whose father and grandfather (who he has proven himself to be innately more talented than) happen to be significantly more powerful than literally everyone (barring our protagonist, of course) who has ever been in the clan. They do so because this is clearly the most intelligent decision for the elders because they have already witnessed the maniacal and murderous rampage said overpowered protagonist's overpowered father had wrought after his son was exiled. Just kidding, they instead continue to refer to him as "exiled trash" despite the fact he's already proven he's no longer trash.

Surely none of these highly intelligent, experienced elders who are trusted by the Clan Master to put the clan before their personal interests would concoct a plan to kill the protagonist all because they want their grandchildren to be deemed Most Special Clan Member of The Generation, weakening their clan in the process and making themselves a target of the incredibly strong, extremely vengeful, impossibly powerful father that will obviously kick their asses if they pull something like this. And surely they wouldn't be so stupid as to assume their target is dead without ever seeing a corpse, and just assuming that the Super Dangerous Area Nobody Has Ever Survived was enough to kill him, right? Spoiler alert: They do.

And now, for the nth time, Chu Feng's miraculous escape from death utilizing Plot Armor Technique: Invincible Until Author Runs out of sh*t Content to Draw out this Novel brings him absurd power-ups that render the concepts of hard work and effort meaningless. But that's not all! Suddenly, the resolution of the plotline about his heritage and desire to prove his doubters wrong and to redeem his and his father's name, which I personally believe is one of the only things even remotely interesting in this novel, is interrupted. Why? Because it's time to go on some meaningless journey to pick up the forgettable side characters who you will likely not recognize the names of

Chu Feng's friends and explore Filler Clan's Sacred Ground in the Abyss Filler Ravine.

And that's where I'll be leaving it at. Filler 1, Paste 0.

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Seregosa rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: c1555
Heh... Yeah... So, let's get started on this review.

If you're looking for a novel with horrible romance, bromance, asspulls, plot holes, characters and general view on women (along with a lot of other things), but fast pace on the revenge and pretty much bloodshed along with a retardedly reckless MC with a lot of hypocrisy and double morals that manages to cause everyone he walks by to want to kill him as if he had used an entire can of axe on himself (only to get killed shortly thereafter after... more>> a nonsensical and illogical development), then you've come to the right place.

This novel... isn't a good one. Giving it a 2/5 or 2.5/5 is already me being very generous. I would've given it a 1/5 if it didn't manage to somehow keep me reading for so many chapters despite being so horrible. It's pretty scary how this novel is a rollercoaster of ups and downs, sometimes it's pretty interesting and makes you want to click the next chapter, sometimes it makes you want to drop it out of sheer fury and annoyance, sadly the downs are far more numerous than the ups.

The romance, bromance and the authors views on women and how men should treat them are probably the worst parts of it all. No, I'm not a raging feminist, I'm just someone who wants a somewhat decent romance. The romance, yeah, the harem (and the bromance), they're all pieces of trash that are the definition of worthless. They drag the MC down all the time, never can they help him, they just leech off of him and their only worth is as ornaments that can let the MC act out the whole "damsel in distress" plot. They're all shallow and even if they were somewhat interesting when introduced, as soon as they fell in love with the MC (or in the brothers case, became fully loyal and adoring), their personalities was overwritten, all of them became identical and their previous personalities pretty much disappeared, replaced with a suck-up, meek, clingy, restrictive, demanding and annoying personality. This seems to be part of chinese beliefs on what happens when women fall in love. They're all pretty much just there to praise the MC and show how good the MC is to have so many awesome harem members and brothers, they're also not there for most of the time (thank god) and tends to be hidden away somewhere, the MC visits them once in a while. Oh, and they're super weak with no real talent, but as they are the harem and and brothers of this story, they also have plot armor. While the MC is slaving away and risking his life every day 24/7, they get a smooth journey by cheating and forced plot. First two girls too weak? Let's give them two heaven-defying pearls that'll boost them up so that they're just strong enough to join the MC on his journey to the next zone! They didn't need to do sh*t, just sleep. All 5 of the harem members/brothers are really weak compared to you and can't pass to the next zone? No problem, you just go ahead on your own, we'll come when we catch up, but then when the MC leaves, some weird old man just so happens to take all of them as disciples and forces their cultivations all the way up to the point where they've, in one year, caught up to the MC and even all exceeded him in both cultivation level and world spiritist level! All without doing anything, even if they had no world spiritist power or anything before either. Of course, this leaves a backlash effect which will, guess what, make them useless to the MC even after powering up, and the MC will very soon catch up to them and far exceed them again, so they can just be hidden away somewhere, so once again they're just burdening ornaments without getting to display their powers even once and help the MC. These powerups will continue later on... Oh, by the way, the MC has that disgusting mindset of committing suicide if one of his girls dies, which is obviously REALLY smart since he'd kill off Eggy along with him and all other people will be left alone, whew, retarded MC.

Then the author is really annoying when it comes to girls. He keeps on introducing unlikeable girls and makes everyone think that they will be harem members by making the MC like them a lot and get turned on by them. A lot of young, beautiful girls show up all the time and here we see the true power of the MCs hypocrisy and double morals. He seems to very easily like just about any young and beautiful female, no matter how unlikeable they are or how offensive and rude they are, he will usually always like them. Even worse, if the enemy is a girl who tortures him, almost kills and turns him into a soul-less puppet, cuts his family jewels off and plans to use him as bait to torture a little girl the MC was fond of to death, he will still not really truly hate them. When he catches them, he "can not bring himself" to torture them or kill them, so, at most he will rape them and then he will feel guilt and pity towards them despite all they've done, and also feel a "bond" to them since he took their virginity -.-. Oh, and no such girls ever truly dies. So, as long as you're a young beautiful girl, you get a free-card to act like a conceited, rude, pretentious arsehole and the MC won't do sh*t. However, if you're a guy, he will torture you until your soul breaks and you die if you so much as look at him the wrong way. I really hate this attitude and it was one of the most enraging things in this novel. Both genders should be treated somewhat equally in a story, especially if you already have a lot of girls and aren't planning to add more, and even more so for enemies. This MC might as well get stabbed to death for being lenient to females, see if I care.

There's also plot holes everywhere and extremely forced stuff where you knows the author just f**ked up and conveniently added stuff, half-step martial emperor is one such example where all of a sudden there's a new big realm that we WOULD'VE known about earlier if the author had actually properly planned ahead. Then there's stuff like us never knowing progress of skills or what the MC poaches from other peoples bags, he can just conveniently pull out anything from his bag if it's needed. When he faced someone in world spiritist weapon techniques, he was somehow extremely skilled at it and had all materials prepared already, despite us never knowing he had even trained it. When he faced someone with pill techniques, he somehow had all the ingredients and he could somehow copy the opponents formation and perfect it in a very, very short time before using it extremely well. Well, there's a lot more everywhere.

Then there's the repetitive plot. This author recycles plot like there's no tomorrow. He re-uses the exact same scenario several to dozens of times, over and over again, to the point that we knows what will happen before reading. There's absolutely no originality or variation at all. The same stuff happens all the time, every time, in every zone... There's also arrogant and retarded bastards around every corner, as soon as one is dealt with (killed or humiliated), another one will pop out of the woodworks to keep the circle turning, often the new ones are the stronger people related to the person that was previously killed or humiliated, the same villain often comes back a few times too. There's about 99% bad people and 1% reasonably good people in this novel and every single one, including the MC, is retarded to some extent. Oh, and not only do enemies court death, the MC courts death as if it's his profession, he doesn't even try to avoid offending people, he says whatever he wants and keeps on jumping into the fire, by this point I'm starting to believe that he's a legendary masochist. It also doesn't make it better that 50% of this novels text is just rubbish that you don't need to read, filler text with absolutely no purpose whatsoever, it's painfully obvious how the author cheats his way to the wordcount all the time.

There's also a lot of other flaws, of course, but that's enough from me about that. So, since it's so bad, everyone would think that it's not worth reading at all? I'm not really sure about that. It shouldn't be high on your reading list, but it might be worth a read, even if it might also be a good idea to avoid it like the pest. I mean, I managed to read this many chapters despite hating most of it, it's pretty amazing in a way, and I know I was far, far from the only one, as you'd see in the comment section of that novel. This novel is pretty good if you want to just take a few hundred chapters of massacres and fast revenge while just skimming the romance and other irritating parts. It's kind of the fast food of the novel (mind) world. You know it's not good at all for your health (mental health), but it's pretty damn tasty at times and it's fast-paced. It should be kept in moderation and not bulk-read in one go, just go for a few hundred chapters at a time.

By the way, the first few hundred chapters were pretty good, then it turned bad for around 200 chapters, then it was readable for 200-300 chapters and then it was bad again for a few hundred chapters before turning readable again... Though there was always annoying stuff and a lot of sh*tty parts, there were indeed some huge arcs that were pretty interesting.

So, that concludes this long review. I really had to get this out there. This novel might be worth a read at moderate doses, or it might not be, it depends on what you're looking for and how much you can tolerate. I enjoyed some parts and it let me have something to do for a few weeks, but my mental health suffered due to stress from rage and annoyance with the author and I think I lost half my brain cells while reading it. It's really best to keep this low at the reading list and just go for it when you don't have much else to read. <<less
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novelarr rated it
June 24, 2017
Status: c2148
I will borrow someone else's line to describe this novel. "In MGA villain's are on drugs, Side characters are on drugs, MC is on drugs, everybody is on drugs". I repeat this line is completely accurate.

Author will go out of his way to make villain's evil, you can expect 90% characters in this novel are psychopaths.

MC arrives at a sect. Where sect is divided into parts on basis of living conditions, quality etc. Part with the bottom ranking only have cripples. Why? Because disciples from upper ranking part come and cut-off their arms, pluck their eyes for fun. If these cripples use their cultivation to heal themselves, they will suffer worse torture from upper disciples. These are full grow men (Psychopaths) plucking out eyes of little kids (10-11 year old's) for fun. Elder in charge of bottom ranking part does nothing. Why? He says these cripples don't have self respect. According to elder they should heal their limbs and wait for more torture. They don't get enough resources, cultivation technique's. Well Adults are fine But What do you expect from children??

This novel is overflowing with characters like this. Villain's are villain (simply psychopaths) for the sake of being villain.

I'll list another character.

A female character was looking for a little girl who is special and have mysterious origins but MC saves the little girl and gets himself caught by the female character. This female character goes on to torture MC using variety of ways all the while mentioning that she will do the same thing to the little girl. Why does she wanna do that? What enmity does she have the girl? None, she simply wants to dissect the little girl for experimentation (she ain't a frog) because little girl is special. MC frees himself and later on somebody else's suggestion rapes this female character because he hates her and wanted to destroy her pride. I hate rape. But what happens next will show you what I meant by MC is on drugs. Later on female character's grandpa helps MC because female character was taken hostage by MC's team. Due to this MC starts feeling guilty for female character. Why is he feeling guilty? She is a psychopath and you are a rapist MC!! Every girl he had s*x with all started as rapes (every single one). He even decides if she wants he will marry her. Why? What help did she provide you? What redeeming act did she do so you feel guilty? She is still a psychopath and you are still a rapist.


Ok last one

A group of clans want to kill MC because his bloodline is better than their's. They post wanted posters's. Try to assassinate him again and again. Lastly the kidnap the entire school MC is a part of and threaten to kill them off if MC doesn't surrender. After a brutal battle a powerful person comes and forces MC and clans to make peace. MC accepts and author explains MC is not a narrow minded person. Later on another group of sects are forced or hired by someone to attack and destroy MC's school. This group didn't try to assassinate MC, didn't Post wanted poster's, didn't kidnap anyone. He only had a single battle with them. Another powerful person comes and forces MC and group to make peace. But this time he decides that he will exterminate them in future. Why? They simply didn't create enough enmity with MC that they should be eliminated while the previous group crossed all lines and he still let them off. As I said he sometimes forgives people who have tried to kill him multiple times (author says he is not a narrow minded person) but goes all out to kill someone who he doesn't have enough enmity with.

As I said he is on drugs.

Author had many things at his disposal (decent cultivation system, world building) but he simply failed to utilize them and create a good novel. Sometimes it feels like he is going with the flow. Personalities of characters will change after every few chapters. I gave it repeated chances and somehow suffered till 2148 mostly because I didn't have anything to read at the time and wanted to know about MC's past. But when truth about MC's history is revealed I was fed up with this story and dropped it.
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kpran rated it
September 14, 2016
Status: --
Another WN with decent ideas but poorly put together. Incidents happen just for the sake of having the MC save damsels in distress right in the nick of time... several times. Important events only happen as the MC is passing through and are often written in a way that disrupts the flow of the story. Characters are inconsistent and become one way or another without good reason. Villains are evil for the sake of being evil. Pretty much everyone outside the MC's circle are evil and stupid. Author tries to... more>> portray MC as a hardass tyrant who would cripple anyone for even saying the wrong thing in front of him, and sometimes end their lives however, randomly, the MC would reward people who cheat and look down on him just to show off to a crowd of strangers... then explain multiple times throughout the story how the MC doesn't care what other people think and will have his way while killing those who obstruct him. MC is basically bipolar where his standards for killing and rewarding change depending on the chapter. Gotta check your brain at the door to enjoy this one. It's bad... but there is s*x... rape too if you're into that sort of thing. <<less
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oezsoyb rated it
November 17, 2015
Status: --
I can only give this Novel a 2/5 because the beginning was decent, what followed was a repeated hypocritical cycle of bullying, raping and killing everyone. I dislike the MC because of his double standards: E.g.: 1. He kills millions of people in a clan just because of the actions of 1-2 individuals belonging to said clan. He bullies others like there is no tomorrow, but when he gets bullied he goes full psycho and is close to murder his whole family. The MC is a psycho (he wasnt that... more>> bad at the beginning), who goes somewhere, finds something, meets a girl, someone bullies him and he kills them -> cycle repeat. I stopped after chapter 450, it was getting nowhere. <<less
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Andeetected rated it
October 24, 2018
Status: c3027
This is one of the first few webnovels that got me into reading this particular genre which is to say, this WAS my regular favorite until it went extremely downhill.

Not because of the repetitive plot, nor the casual shove of previous key side characters, not even for the constant idiocy of opponents.

It is the unending circulation of useless chapters just to milk this novel. Don't get me wrong, this is a pretty common trait within other chinese webnovels, but this one has brought 'chapter milking' to an unparalleled art form.... more>> Forget the plot, it's non-existent anymore. It's just a jungle of irrelevant events to continuously extend this never ending novel.

TLDR: This level of shamelessness is currently unrivaled amongst its peers. <<less
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Eiris rated it
July 24, 2016
Status: c367
Like most Xianxia/Wuxia, it helps if you leave your brain at the door before you start reading.

But.. It will not be enough because this novel is a bunch of stinky and disgusting sh*t!
If you are masochist, you will love this novel!

The story.. Story.. Mmh.. Wut? WHAIT! This novel have a story?

In short, this novel is about an MC who is pretty much the same as other trash villains in the story, the only difference is he won't die like the others or get punished for his crimes whatsoever because... more>> he's the f*cking MC and everything he does is justifiable and is invincible from the start as blessed by the gods, or any type of OP powers fall on her face with nothing to do.

The MC is an so huge hypocrite, he acts like he is righteous, good and vertuous, when he commits mass murder on larges populations for the sins of a couple people, rape and kill everything just comes of as a mindless animal without any sort of control. <<less
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kuban rated it
September 26, 2018
Status: c1245
Man is this bad, like next level bad.

Original premise is weak MC trying to get stronger etc. However after just a few chapters MC is already stronger than his current enemies and it gets only worse later on. What follows is repetitive

  1. MC angers someone or the other way around
  2. fight to the death
  3. if enemy is weaker => MC kills his enemy / if enemy is stronger => someone protects MC for now and it is repeated until MC kills his enemy;
this sums up practically entire novel (unless enemy is woman, because... more>> they never get killed for some reason). In between are little episodes with no real impact on anything or instances without any followup. No character has any personality, they are either enemy or ally (often with 180° turns without any reason), MC is supposed to be intelligent, but his reasoning often lacks any logic or cohesion. There is supposedly romance, but as far as 1245 chapters go, there isn't any - female characters are suddenly in love with MC, after witch they all become the same. The "flirting" that MC does is probably the most cringeworthy part of entire novel.

I wouldn't really mind reading about MC who rapes someone, but it needs to fit the story and context. So far there have been 4 instances of rape

  1. first rape serves to provide MC with love interest, there wasn't any romantic interest before, but voila (hentai logic)
  2. second rape is something like revenge I suppose?
  3. third and four are are probably torture, because it is obviously fate far worse than death (although MC swears that he won't do it again after the second one).
All in all, I'd give it one and a half (for a few good chapters here and there), rounded to one star. Don't read it, it isn't worth your time.

Kudos to translators, the deserve 5/5 a pity they waste their talent on this thing. <<less
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Krazyguy75 rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: c2382
Another novel that petered out and withered towards death slowly, but never died.

I read the beginning of this novel. The world building was great. The MC was ruthless enough to keep interest and lawful enough to stand behind, though decidedly not a good person despite being called one. The girls were good, the romance was alright, though the rape was bad. The MC grew and progressed, and you could see the difference as he grew stronger. The antagonists were fairly generic, but they all had their motives and were discernible... more>> from each other. It would have been a solid 8 out of 10 at the beginning due to freshness.

Then everything went downhill. The world building went to absolute sh*t, wherein you have no sense of the world or anything in it, and even the places the MC visits get the most bare description possible, to the point where it is hard to even grasp it with my overactive imagination. Anything the MC doesn't visit is at most a name on the otherwise blank map, with no details given.

The MC got more and more hypocritical, sparing girls for straight up conspiracy to murder his friends, and crippling and torturing guys for harassing girls he's just met. He does things like sparing a sect out of "mercy", and then later destroying every member of another sect down to the last child. He starts making "friends" with random people, and by that I mean they literally come up to each other, fight each other once, and decide they are friends instantly despite having nothing in common and having no reason to even talk to each other.

The MC ditched his harem, which is not necessarily bad... except for the fact that he ditched every single side character alongside that. Then he got new side characters. And promptly ditched them. And then new ones. And ditched them. So on. They introduced a bunch of girls, playing like it was still a harem, but suddenly the MC, who previously would marry anyone who struck his fancy, suddenly is a celibate man with no interest in s*x, and becomes like a wishy washy japanese anime rom-com protagonist who can't commit to anything, and leaves them behind upon leaving the world.

The cultivation went from being graspable leaps in power, to silly numbers. Sure, he can be incredibly power and able to destroy vast swathes of land with a single blow... but from there you're just upping the damage, and it's not really noticeable. When two people fight, they are almost always on a similar level, so it feels the same as it did 10 cultivation tiers ago. Moreover, they start throwing around silly terms, and at one point even claim that the average cultivator has a battle power able to surpass two whole levels of cultivation. At which point you wonder why they don't just up everyone by two levels. With so much cultivation surpassing, you start to wonder why you even bother with a numbering system. And the attacks are just generic, so it feels like watching a Pokemon Go battle.

The antagonists went from just being fairly cookie cutter to being factory produced and stale. Every single one is either an arrogant Young Master of some major clan they just introduced, or they are the elder of that major clan taking vengeance for their Young Master after he picked a fight for no reason. And then once that elder is beat, some other Young Master shows up out of nowhere and picks a fight for no reason. Even after he's known as extremely powerful, people keep randomly picking fights.

By the point at which I dropped it, it was a 4/10. Generic, boring, and uninteresting. I recommend you drop it as soon as he leaves his home plane. <<less
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krasoft rated it
May 15, 2018
Status: c2700
The first 200 chapters are quite different from the rest of the story. The MC is still coming into his own so he makes an enemy out of every single person and pays back any humiliation with death of entire families and organizations no matter if they're innocent or not. Eventually he learns to stop being such a reckless and ruthless loner and actually starts making friends and thinking before he kills someone. Overall as the story progresses, the MC becomes milder and milder, so stick it out to about... more>> chapter 400 to really get a feel for the story.

The main problem this novel suffers from is predictable repetition. The author uses a couple of scenarios and he replays them over and over and over again. The universe is separated into different level worlds that can't interact with each other so the MC ends up following the same pattern in each world as he progresses. The enemies also all share the same spoiled brat temperament regardless of their age. The enemies just don't like him because they're jealous or because some girl likes the MC instead of them. The actual complex and interesting plot enemies are far between.

The leveling system is incredibly strict in this novel so if the MC ever encounters an enemy that is stronger than him, he will almost certainly be saved by someone stronger as there is no way to win a fight with your wits. People that differ by 2 or 3 levels simply do not fight each other as the outcome is predetermined by level. The MC only gets targeted because he has much lower level but surpasses his fighting ability using various treasures or attack skills that he acquired through chance encounters. The author combats this by always presenting the MC with enemies that are at his level or friends that can handle the higher level enemies.

Regarding the romance, the main character actually works to capture the heart of only a couple of girls. After establishing those few key love interests, the MC disregards all future females as love interests. He's still very friendly and familiar with a ton of girls, but it never progresses to anything even close to romance. Most of the problem stems from the MC leveling up too quickly compared to most other characters so he will always meet a new girl with whom he interacts for a few hundred chapters before parting and meeting someone else stronger.

There are a few instances of rape but in one case it's due to a drug and in another case he's just aiming to cause as much torture as he can to his enemies. Considering the MC skins people alive and dices them up into a hundred pieces in some cases, rape is not even in the top 10 list of terrible things he's done. Even then, the MC learns the consequences of his actions so I wouldn't rule the novel out because of this.

Overall the novel is like walking on a treadmill. The level of the MC rises and the worlds change but all it does is change the names of organizations, people, attacks, and equipment. Somewhere around chapter 1000-1500 the battles all started to devolve into energy blasts and who has the better energy blast. Whether it's a dragon or a lion or lightning, it's all pretty much the same. The author just can't raise the level anymore than he already did. The creativity falls off after that and fights become boring. There's some neat ideas with the magic spirit power that the characters have but those are usually limited to the typical sealing, unsealing, summoning, illusions, and healing. Rising in levels just means he can cure tougher illnesses, regardless he will almost always be able to cure it.

One thing I can say is there are no plot holes. Any questions that are raised in one world are all answered one by one as the MC explores the world, wrapping up everything before leaving. The pacing is pretty decent as well. The MC makes pretty steady progress gaining just enough power to beat his current enemies or take on a new challenge while avoiding the enemies he can't handle.

I would recommend reading up to the end of volume 5 (chapter 2148). After that the story just becomes too repetitive. <<less
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