I Became The Servant Who Received The Crown Prince’s Obsession


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I was possessed by a 19-rated omegaverse BL adult novel.

I’m not a bottom, not an omega, I’m just a woman. It means nothing but scraps.

However, perhaps it was a joke of the original novel, but I suddenly took care of the crown prince. I’m a caregiver who looks like don’t even have a name for the position.

I had so much work that I have never been home before.

“Your highness, I’m going home now.”

“You would encounter some difficulties on a night journey. Why don’t you just take a break here?”


“Let’s see. I’m a little sorry to make you sleep on the couch. I need to make room for Edith to rest.”

I don’t need a place to rest.

Please let me go home!

“Would you rather use my bed?”

“No, sir.”

“I’ll sleep on the couch. Take it easy.”

It’s a pitiful caregiver life where she have been pushed by His Highness The Crown Prince (a.k.a. rotten X) and forced to sleep in one room.

* * *

“How can this be the scent of Beta? I can’t believe it.”

He murmured close to Edith’s abdomen.

“I am Beta.”

“I’m not sure. Is that true?”

Edith was neither sitting nor standing, she was being pressed by Clyde. When she wriggle, she lost her balance, pushed by her reckless action.

Just before she collapsed, her fingers dug deep into his deep blue hair.

It was a reflective act, and she didn’t mean to provoke him. But Clyde was as shocked as if he had been stabbed by a sword.

Suddenly, the Alpha’s body twitched for a moment.

He tilted his head back with animal movements and glared at her with sullen. There was a strange energy around him. It was an area that Edith couldn’t understand.

“Is this a sign that you want to be eaten by me?”

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I Became The Servant That Was Obsessed by The Crown Prince
황태자의 집착 받는 시종이 되었다
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7 Reviews

Aug 15, 2022
Status: --
a/b/o is a non-con genre. And I should expect that this story is a fountain of non-con scenarios but what rubs me wrong way about this one is how the ML treats the FL in their workspace. Like she barely catches a break bc she has to do the ml's every whim, and she isn't even allowed to go home.

i don't give a f#ck that he suspects her to be an omega, let that woman go home and rest! I wish the FL was smart enough to ask for a... more>> contract but ig how can you when he's royalty?

it just made me angry how she gets treated at work. She barely gets a break and literally falls a sleep from exhaustion. And now she has to unknowingly endure the ml's se×ual harrashment everytime she falls a sleep.

I straight up hated the ML when he gave this ultimatum:

he'll reduce her work if she stayed in the palace.

i want to punch him. <<less
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Jul 11, 2022
Status: c35
This novel is quite fun! I love omegaverse BL, and it's rare to see her novels in the genre.

MC is a pragmatic facedog who is bad at setting boundaries. That is, she holds her lines strongly once they're hit, but she allows too much ambiguity before that point due to lust.

She is likeable tho. She is academically smart, and not your typical oblivious character who can't read signals. She tries to deny at the beginning but realizes pretty fast when people are hitting on her.

So far there's three ML. Prince... more>> is on the cover so obviously he'll be the final one. He gets more screen time than anyone else by a lot too. Second ML is the original uke/shou/bottom of the novel. His main trait is he's gorgeous and a skilled social butterfly. Third ML/"villain" is a man from another ducal house who is exactly her type, and proposes to her outright. The other two just grope and flirt with her while being ambiguous with their words.

There's no smut, but lots of fanservice. Also the MC's inner thoughts can be hilarious. She described the original R19 novel as a "cozy tr*sh can". XD

I hope to see more chapters in the future. <<less
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Aug 31, 2022
Status: c34
There's only four reviews here and already half of them have criticisms I don't agree with, frankly.

Although I'm only 34/125+4 chapters in, I'm already really enjoying the setup of this novel. For one, this novel fulfills the feeling of a 'dense protagonist FL' but not too dense where readers get frustrated about how oblivious she is. Instead, the author strikes a good balance between her being subtly unaware of the advances of those around her and her growing realisation. So it's pretty satisfying to get both halves of the story... more>> there.

I also really enjoy the ML's so far and their behaviour around her. To be honest, my least favourite ML is the prince who will most likely be the final ML due to the fact that he's on the cover of the novel. It's not his fault, but it's because I just prefer the other two (who have been introduced so far, I have no idea if there will be more) more.

The other MLs, as one of the reviews have gone into, are the rich heir of a (I think) aristocratic family and the original story's Uke/Shou. The main reason is because I'm a big fan of how the author writes their secret pining for the MC. So cute and romantic.


Like how the original story's Uke/shou noticed the MC from their days at the academy way before she noticed him and was always trying to get close to her etc to no avail. It's done so cutely and it's kinda sad to predict that he won't be the final choice : (


There's some talk about pheremone and ABO stuff, but to be honest, the world set-up is a lot more generous in that it doesn't purely have to be a Alpha-Beta relationship or a Beta male-Beta female relationship to have children.

Addressing a review that says the ML's behaviour regarding work ethics towards the MC is unfair and unjustified: I think this is too much of an exaggeration and has been focused on.

The author dives into how the MC is a workaholic and even the ML tells her she can take a break. But to pursue her dream of being a worker who lives off her salary and can retire, she works hard.


Anyway, the fanservice in this story is soooo good. Like the way how the MLs are always trying to get close to her, get her attention, give her the best benefits they can offer her while being aware of the limitations of their position... it creates a very enjoyable romantic read. Very good reverse harem <3 I'm excited to read more! <<less
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May 01, 2022
Status: c15
My first ever review hahaha xD and even if it's still in the early chapters, I can say that I get so excited, absolutely feeling the thrills while reading this novel ~ Kudos to translator-sama! :D and ofcourse to author-sama for this wonderful story! The descriptions, the flow, the way it shows ~ the scenes, tension between the ML & MC are amazing! It literally gives you butterflies hahaha, well at my pov. Definitely give this a try! Worth the read and looking forward for more chapters in the future!... more>> Thank you so much for keeping up this work ^_^ <<less
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Mar 04, 2023
Status: c110
I enjoy the novel's tension, and I even brought the entire novel to be Google translated so that I could read it. It was good until the novel reached chapter 55, when the plot deteriorated. Because I believe the novel's translation will not be continued, I decided to share spoilers with readers in order to bring the novel's ending to a close.

Spoiler and Personal Opinions:

... more>>

Clyde - Clyde is the Emperor, and Edith works for him as his personal secretary. When Edith was kidnapped, he went in search of her and fought the nobles for their rebellion. He married Edith and elevated her to the position of Empress. He had some romantic scenes with her by teaching her ballroom dancing, etiquette, and archery.

My take on Clyde:

Clyde can overwork Edith and forcefully awaken her Omega side by forcing her to stay in the same room. I don't think he's that smart or capable because Edith has to deceive his enemies in order for him to win an archery competition, and he relies on her far too much to run a country. Hello, she's only about 20 years old! He don't deserve Edith. I believe he marry Edith because she is capable of doing the hard work of the Empress and it is difficult to find a female Omega who is both beautiful and intelligent.

Adrian - Adrian is Edith's classmate, and as an Omega, he pretended to be Clyde's lover. He is a very attractive and well-liked noble among the aristocracy.

My take on Adrian:

Adrian, on the other hand, strikes me as being far too submissive for a male Omega. When he felt Clyde "Alpha" scent is overpowering him, he began to withdraw his confession to Edith when he had numerous opportunities. What does it matter if Clyde is the Emperor? He also comes from a noble family, but he is paralysed by fear. He would be better off as an extra than as a second male lead. Edith mentioned she will be overburdened by his fame but I am burdened by his cowardice and lack of courage as a male.

Peyton - Peyton is a wealthy Duke who is an Alpha, and he met Edith to discuss marriage. In Chapter 23, Edith is deeply seduced by him, but she gives him many minus points after discovering his plot to harm Clyde by humiliating him with an archery competition in front of the nobles. He kidnapped Edith to undermine Clyde's confidence as emperor, and he desired to marry Edith because of her desirable qualities as a beautiful female with Omega and dukedom. He instigated a rebellion against Clyde by establishing a new kingdom under the control of a puppet emperor.

My take on Peyton:

I believe the author went too far in portraying him as a one sided villain but he is quite smart and intelligent. Peyton is a likeable antogonist with the potential to become a yandere villain, and he is extremely seductive with his own charm. In fact, he is more than capable of revolting against the emperor. I believe the author pushed the novel's direction in the middle by making him sound obsessed with running his factory in a small piece of land order to marry Edith. He can, however, start a rebellion against Clyde by seizing another land (I assume it is as large as Monaco) from another noble and installing a puppet emperor to spearhead the rebellion against Clyde. I was quite confused because Peyton don't even need Edith's land for marriage and it was written into the plot for no reason during the marriage negotiation. I have high hopes for smut and seduction scene when Peyton had asked his underling to kidnap Edith in order for her to marry him at this point and she is trapped in a luxurious mansion with plenty of freedom. Interestingly, he barely has time to seduce her and he did not even travel to meet her. I miss the sexy and romantic Peyton from Chapter 23, but he has mysteriously vanished in the novel as time goes by. If I can rewrite the novel, I'd like to write smut and seduction scenes in the new continent for Edith and Peyton. Again, there are far too many missed opportunities where he can win her heart and I blame the author for not giving him a chance. Yes, he is slightly narcissistic but Clyde is also repressive and he is not that great either. I also would have love to have Edith compete with Peyton on an intellectual level too for different business ventures if they ever gotten married.

Peyton is an intriguing villain with the potential to become a second ML to compete with the Emperor, but I find it odd that the novel switches directions in the middle. Peyton met her a few times in less than 5 to 10 minutes, but he asked his underling to kidnap her and take her to a new continent to marry her while he plotted to overthrow the kingdom.

Because this novel contains tension and seduction in the earlier chapters, I was hoping that Peyton would be in the new continent to seduce Edith with some smut scenes now that he has discovered her identity as Omega. No, it did not occur. I have to read over 20 chapters in which Edith plots a s*ave rebellion in order to flee the island and return to the Emperor. I don't understand how ML can't find Edith because he is the Emperor, while Edith must lead a rebellion to return to him. Peyton is currently focused on establishing another small kingdom in order to engage in a war. With s*ave rebellion, I felt like I was being taught American history as it suddenly sound like a textbook narrative with some "Outlander" tv series plot.

Overall, I believe the author has the potential to develop the novel in such a way that Peyton can compete with Clyde for Edith's affection. However, the author must have run out of ideas in the middle and decided to end with Clyde as the happy ending. This novel is a "potential romance with a clever villain but many missed opportunities" to be fantastic.
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Oct 15, 2022
Status: --
I found the Crown Prince pushy, oppressive, and self-centered-grabby in an off-putting, non-sexy way.

I mean, there's being toppy in the bedroom, and then there's hijacking a woman's career and entire life against her explicitly stated wishes. Then thinking she should be grateful and getting pissed when she isn't.

I mean, the poor woman is never allowed to go home and can't even pick her own living situation.

If that wasn't bad enough (and it is) he then goes further and rewrites her s*x and gender against her will to suit his own... more>> personal preference. It's not like he can't have s*x with a woman. They have compatible junk. He just likes s*x better with an omega. So she should change her biological s*x and social gender to suit his tastes, which he does against her will. Again, expecting her to be grateful.

I don't think it ever occurs to him that she has feelings or tastes of her own.

It was like watching a woman being swept away in a swift current, seeing her rip her nails scrabbling along smooth sides too high to escape, and knowing she's about to be s**ked into an underground reservoir drainpipe and never be able to come back up again.

Only she won't die, she'll basically be this overbearing ass of a man's s*x s*ave. For life.

Read if non-con, D/s lifestyle kink is your thing. Avoid COMPLETELY if it is not. <<less
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Jun 25, 2022
Status: c27
Idk what the author is trying to do here but the FL dont know how to be vigilant. About 20 chaps in and she met 3 men. And all of them had to have some kind of feelings to her and skinship. A little touch over here and a touches on waist nd wrist but never really kiss. Their faces was stuck together but not once they kissed. They slept in the same bed but its okay. The ML goes it into rut and ml's head resting on FL stomach... more>> in a room they are the only people. Maybe cuz this is only r15 that's why.

Characters are inconsistent.

Plot? Idk

The world setting is mixed and next to nothing.

Translation 7/10 im grateful for translation but there's some mistake and to my standard its not that good.

I still gave it 4 stars wasnt because I like it, just that the effort of the author and translation.I

t was an okay to read, you do you just that I have high expectations. <<less
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