The Obsessive Maniac Is Trying To Confine Me


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I possessed someone in a BL novel of forced imprisonment.

I became a maid who brings the meals to the male lead (top) who was imprisoned by the main love interest (bottom).

I was destined to die when the male lead tried to escape from his confinement.

“Can you help me get out?”

“I can’t hear well because I have a hearing problem.”

Whenever the Male Lead tries to put a death flag on my neck, I will successfully block it.

I’m sorry for the Male Lead, but I decided to do my duty.


“Did you say your name is Rosie?”

Richard’s blue eyes gleamed eerily.

“I don’t forget what happened.”


“Your name, I will remember everything.”

For some reason, I was scared. It was because Richard successfully ran away

I’m screwed. The main love interest (bottom) will surely kill me…


Because the Male Lead run away and his love interest will kill me. I decided to make a quick exit at night.

It’s been such a peaceful three years but…

“Now it’s your turn to suffer.”

“W, what…”

“Now you can’t go anywhere without my permission.”

Excuse me?

You should have said that to the main love interest who confined you. Why are you saying that to me!

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집착 광공이 나를 감금하려고 한다
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kmcmacho rated it
October 22, 2022
Status: c96
LOL I’m sorry, I know y’all hate her but I really like the female lead. While I do sincerely like kind, sincere and insecure female leads as well, there’s just something strangely satisfying about a bitter, apathetic, and selfish woman doing her best to survive in a world that’s trying to ruin her life. And to the people saying that she doesn’t have any attachments, that’s not true. It just bothers y’all cause it’s not the male lead. She has a begrudging sort of love for both Emily and Michelle,... more>> two of the only people in the novel so far that haven’t forced her to walk around on tiptoes, or attach conditions to their affection for her. This novel isn’t a masterpiece or anything, but it’s sure as hell fun to read. Give it a go if you like, but if you don’t like main characters who actually commit to doing anything to survive, this isn’t for you. <<less
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Nepenthe rated it
February 27, 2022
Status: c32
I do appreciate a novel that keeps you on your toes.

This series has your typical I-became-some-random-maid-in-an-important-character’s-house scenario. The FL transmigrates and says, who the heck is this? At least half the time it doesn’t end up even mattering who the poor original maid was. That is not the case here. The MC slowly realizes that the original maid’s past makes her a very dangerous person to transmigrate into. I like that she is not scared of interacting with characters from the original novel, and isn’t scared of how she might... more>> change the plot. No simping for them here—she treats them with quite a bit of disdain, actually.

KR stories sometimes have issues with passive protagonists and with telling you all the information input the setting up front (which then leaves you with practically no suspense as things unfold). I appreciate that we’re just as in the dark as the MC is, and that when she says she is going to run away she actually does, and persists in doing so.

The male leads are wholeheartedly unhinged, so take those “male yandere” and “manipulative characters” tags seriously!

Translation is good and updates are every Wednesday and Saturday. Overall verdict, this is currently one of my favorite series. <<less
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Smaforte12 rated it
December 9, 2021
Status: c1
The FL is crap. Horrible personality, skeptical about everything, just can't seem to grow attached to her at all. She does t trust anybody or anything. She just wants to use others and solo out in her life like a lone wolf.
she is not a good person.
selfish and self centered.
Really only worries about her own being and f*ck the rest.
now, the novel itself is another deal...

Oh boy~ I love the thrill that anything could happen at anytime in this novel! Just out here keeping me on... more>> my toes at unexpected psychopaths that could potentially come around through the corners at any given time! 😭😩😂 Because this story is just full of them! It actually amazes me that the author is able to mention so many of them... 👀 there's a horde of 'em!
I think he either knows a bunch of messed up people, OR his mind is an endless desert of mentally disordered individuals...

BUT all in all! A Great novel because of all the crazy male leads! Really making me yearns for each and every chapter here. 🤙🤌👍🙌👌✊👏 <<less
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moonie12 rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: c18
The female lead has a mysterious vibe going around her ~

We don't know how she got to be in this world and she hints of a previous life but not much information so far...

She strives to survive doing anything she can but she isn't cruel and often does "kind" actions to soothe her conscience...

Her inner monologue is a fun read and so is the male leads...

He's complex and he doesn't immediately fall in live with the FL for no reason but starts as an attraction...

... more>>

Though he is already showing signs of possessiveness....


The past of the female lead seems angsty and It's exciting to unravel...

Worth starting!! <<less
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Panda93 rated it
April 22, 2022
Status: c45
It's not worth reading honestly. No hate to the translator because I know how awful mtl is. Korean sentence structure is action before subject, so it's not like the translator did a bad job of translating, it's just that they didn't do enough editing.

Which is too bad because the idea and the characters are very compelling and interesting, but unlike cnovels which are written in third person and gives enough context about what's going on and helps you to stay invested, this is written in (kinda) first pov.
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Slowday rated it
April 1, 2022
Status: c42
I don't know if it's the translation or the author, but it's badly written. It's like you're reading an essay. Wait no, even an essay is better than this. The story goes like, "I woke up in the morning. Then I took a bath and had breakfast in the kitchen. Also gonna meet my friend today." Not an excerpt from the book, but that's how the whole story sounds like (until chapter 42). It's like written by an elementary student. Also by the time I write this, NU stated there... more>> are 170 chapters and still ongoing. I don't think I can handle this.

This author's other novel is fine, though the genre is a tragedy. Frankly speaking, this time's project is not to my taste.

The FL is so frustrating. The other characters are too, especially the maids. Nothings really going on. I'm waiting for a *successful* escape but I don't think it'll happen anytime soon.

Dropping this because the story is so boring (for me). Maybe it's fine if you read it in one go, but it sucks when you read it as it's being updated. I mean, the pain of waiting and reading the text at the same time is freaking intense. <<less
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ragingphoenix rated it
March 28, 2022
Status: c40
NGL, this genre (transmigrating into a BL novel and changing your villainess/extra fate) is ridiculous and a little awkward to read since the premise usually involves having nominally gay characters fall for the FL. So this is definitely a guilty pleasure genre, though I guess any 'villainness turns the tables' plot is a guilty pleasure genre, so....

I can't recommend this to anyone who isn't already looking to read the 'villainness turns the tables' genre. This is not some amazing work that will change one's mind about this genre.

But, this story... more>> is hilarious. If you like this genre already I definitely recommend giving it a read. It's not deep, but it's a fast-paced light read with a setting that's just... so tropey it's funny. And it does 'keep you on your toes', as the TL says.

The MC is a little... well, she's not dumb or helpless, but the plot is definitely trying to force her into awkward situations. There are some complaints about her character in the reviews here that I'll just address quickly:

Original!Rosie (who I'm not convinced isn't transmigrated!Rosie) was so apathetic she was practically suicidal. So, it's not weird she didn't change her hair color or otherwise try to disguise herself. The story is still in its early stages and there isn't much established about o!Rosie yet, but the characters who knew o!Rosie and o!Rosie's original memories make it pretty clear she had a hard time taking care of herself.

The story establishes it took two years to put out a description of Rosie along with a bounty, which indicates the place she ran away from didn't care much until recently.

As for why t!Rosie didn't change her hair color, it's really not that surprising given the character mentions she plans to change her hair after leaving her current job. Suddenly changing your hair color in a place where a lot of people see you daily, right after the bounty is released, is the kind of coverup that would make her appearance more conspicuous. It's basically a big sign that says, "Yep, I'm guilty."

The situation where she has to serve a bunch of noble guests is a bit forced, but... it's not unjustifiably strange. Outside of faking illness I'm not sure what she could have done to avoid it, and I'm guessing that she thought there would be more time before Yurtha became relevant to the story.

As for t!Rosie's personality... well, she is a little on the cold side, but it's a completely reasonable reaction for any normal person who transmigrated into a story full of psychopaths. In a story where you might lose your head at any minute over circumstances that are outside your control, keeping your head down is the right decision.

I actually rather like t!Rosie's personality. She's cautious and constantly weighing whether or not something is worth going out of her way for. She follows her conscience as much as she can within the bounds of reason.

Being distrustful and unwilling to make any permanent connections is a normal mindset for someone whose initial thoughts amount to: "I have transmigrated into a story full of psychopaths. I've just found out I have a not-so-secret identity which will cause me huge problems if I'm found. Something is strange about my body. The job I'm working is a death trap, even though it pays well. I should leave ASAP."

I can understand most of the decisions t!Rosie makes. Of course, there's plenty of s*upid railroad plot working against her as well. The one decision she made that I don't get is:


Okay, your yandere stepbrother just showed up and identified you. He has told you he's going to show up in your room at night. Instead of packing your bags and running immediately, you... waste time by running over to the dungeon, from which there is no exit? And then after realizing the dungeon is a bad place to be, you THEN decide to run away, at which point you're predictably caught (by more than one person, too...)

I mean at this point, it's over, you're screwed, everyone important knows there's something wrong with your identity and good luck ever getting away properly.

I'm guessing what the author meant to portray was that Rosie was planning to hide in the dungeon until the danger had passed (when the guests were gone?) but Richard made staying there too dangerous/uncomfortable due to asking Rosie to help him run. But I don't get why Rosie had to go there when she decided to run right afterwards.

Granted, I don't think she would have gotten away even if she'd run earlier. Argen definitely discovered something was up with her starting from when Richard stopped needing magic suppressant medication and Yurtha merely confirmed there was a problem with her identity for him. He wouldn't have let her run. And Yurtha probably had someone on lookout for anyone running as soon as he identified her. So, running sooner or later wouldn't have made a difference. But that doesn't change that running to the no-exit dungeon was still a weird decision to make!


Ahem, anyway, that aside, I actually really recommend this story if it's the kind of genre that'd be up your alley already. Just know what you're getting into. <<less
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Kvan rated it
March 6, 2023
Status: c122
After 122 chapters, I stop. Too much artificial mysteries, nonsensical actions and multiple changes of direction. It was very interesting at first but now it's too messy, with no structure at all and absurd actions and time travels. Nothing is explained after so many chapters. The FL likes and dislikes are a mystery and so are her relationship with others. 2.5 for having bien table to lead me until this chapter but gros luck for the others who keep reading. I'm out.
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November 5, 2022
Status: c100
Smaforte12 out here complaining that the FL has a shitty personality and isn't the usual lovable white Lotus MC

Keep that sh*t to yourself

This sh*t is literally in the f*cking tags so what the f*ck were you expecting of a selfish protagonist who finds herself in a dark and twisted novel she read

In the first place this is a review section where you write a review constructive criticism or a rundown on what people can expect not a comment section for your nitpicky ass to complain how the female lead doesn't... more>> meet your personal tastes

Leave that sh*t for a tr*shy blog or a forum <<less
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shugu8rena rated it
February 11, 2022
Status: c22
I got frustrated with her. The original Rosie ran away but did not even try to hide her hair color and eyes?

The current Rosie did not even think of countermeasures after a bounty for pink hair and eyes was known plus the nightmare, knowing there's a party for nobles and she will serve them? Isn't this just asking to be found.
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foxfireK rated it
December 19, 2022
Status: c115
I have read everything that’s available so far. I like the story, it’s a very engaging read. FL has a reason everyone is obsessed with her. Plot is good. The obsession stuff is fun.

I am disliking the current stuff though. FL has gotten to the point where it seems like she can’t fall in love with the ML of the novel, she just doesn’t seem capable of caring about someone like that.

Maybe I’m weird but I was also hoping for a bit more confinement/obsession from ML. Instead it was all... more>> very PG and bland. It’s good that he isn’t like that but it’s annoying that she doesn’t even notice and treats him so badly. I can’t imagine any real romance coming from the story which feels unfortunate and unexpected. <<less
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Kandee_krush rated it
November 5, 2022
Status: c101
Well I like the FL she's practical and doesn't do things rashly I feel like if I was in her place I'll do the same she's realistic dunno why people hate of her..I'm loving this story and I recommend it
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 22, 2021
Status: c13
Ah! This story is quite interesting, I assure you won't get bored. It seems our FL who's maid is long lost sister of someone called Yurah- something.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RuyahNox rated it
December 13, 2022
Status: c112
This is so good. I almost finished reading all the chs in one night. If you like ml’s that are borderline crazy obsessed with the FL then this is the right novel for you. P.S the ML might be a little to much unlike other novels because he would do just literally anything without reasons for FL to stay by his side forever.

FL doesn’t know that ML isn’t trying to confine her for revenged, so she is trying to run away from him and other sub male leads. While they all tried to kidnapped her, she runs away and eventually got caught by the bottom and they made a deal with I don’t know what because the CHS is taking so long to come out TT.

This is hugely recommend if you like obsessed yandere male lead that needs FL as a tranquilizer to be able to live everyday.
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October 2, 2023
Status: c163
All in all, not a bad novel for the first 100 or so chapters. I appreciate a person who doesn't fall in love with the characters instantly (as someone who is ace, I see this as an absolute win) but then we get into an entire mess. The plot is all over the place, nothing is being answered and even more questions are happening.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good mystery and when I have so many questions, but when not even a single of the questions get answered... more>> there's nothing to interest me anymore because all I have is questions and no answers.

I really wish I could like this but I can't. It was too disappointing.

So I'm Stopping here.


I am glad she was able to get the semi-peaceful like she wanted in those 3 years.

I personally, hate every single ML, literally the only people who were like a pallette cleanser (beside obviously the MC) was Emily (when she was there, where is she and Anri anyways), the Count, and Michelle and that's it. Hah, everybody is shitty.

None of the ML's were ever willing to listen to her honestly, (the only exception is early Daniel, but later on he becomes just as insecure and insufferable as the rest of them)

At first I thought the intended ML was going to be the saving grace and the story will be something like Roxanne, but I got my hopes up too much. The ML turned out to be absolutely shitty later on too.

Especially once we get to the part where everyone is kidnapping her. And then the person who's body she didn't even willingly take over is blaming her. She didn't even want to be there in the first place. She just wants to survive and not die and get back home.


I genuinely feel so bad for the FL, all she wants to do is go home, but she's literally trapped in this horrible game and world that's constantly after her with barely any time to breathe. All she wants is peace and to go home, but even peace is hard to come by.


The only ending I'll except is that she goes back to Korea and can finally not be in constant fear, and terror, and be so tense every second of her life because of these shitty men.

I don't accept that she's imprisoned in her original world, no way, what kind of- this just feels like the author just wants to torture the FL.

Especially with the recent chapter where her memory is constantly wiped and has the play the sick game of pretend love and marriage with the ML. When with her memory wiped, her true memories was of Korea, so even then she just wants to be back in her original world.

I don't even know what's happening anymore, shits too confusing and the entire thing became a huge black hole with no answers.

Are Rosie and Rose body swapping? Why does Rose only come back to Korea when she died? Why did Rose literally immediately get dragged back into the world again. How did Rosie even appear when her original body was snatched???? I'm literally so confused and there hasn't been any answers since we started.


Tdlr - read it until you find it unbearable and then abandon it, it doesn't get any better than whatever point you stopped at.

Good luck to whoever finishes it. The ride is long and the road is nonexistent. <<less
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stephhiny rated it
February 20, 2023
Status: c120
Honestly, at first I am intrigued with the story, the plots and character backgrounds. I liked that the FL is on the smart side and things, but after a while... I feel like the FL is becoming more and more on the cunning side in a negative way. I loved that she's always prioritizing herself in all her choices rather than anyone else, but sometimes it felt like she was a bit heartless (?) and very much more on the logical side without considering the feelings.

anyway this is just an... more>> opinion of mine.

In summary, this is a story about 4 man obsessing into 1 woman bc of their own needs and circumstances. Minus the sweet kind of love story. The story was unusual and interesting that I found myself still reading this until chapter 120 the latest chapter updated right now, but I can't say this is one of the best I've read. I mean I love novels with obsession plots, but I think I was more into a pure/selfless obsessions rather than this kind of obsession plot. <<less
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Eusouotaku2022 rated it
September 9, 2022
Status: c75
I'm leaving this story sorry to the translator who is great but I just hate the female protagonist clear from her point of view her life is more important what would it be in real life more if she was going to pretend if nice don't say "I don't trust nobody until the end" for me this is just frustrating it's ok if it was a +18 but this story is not, so for me it's just selfishness it's obvious that he won't kill her if he wouldn't have done... more>> it then why this tongue tongue? I simply tried this far for the male lead who was interesting sorry I'm leaving. <<less
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Krnovel lovers
Krnovel lovers rated it
June 20, 2022
Status: c53
I like the story. MC is cunning, and puts her brain to good use. However she underestimated others too much when she had to think about the slightest possibility of harm, she didn't think that other people could trick her either. Honestly, MC is selfish, she lacks empathy when she's in danger, and above all, she's an opportunist.
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s1d rated it
May 6, 2022
Status: c40
This novel has already 200 chapters and its still ongoing. And since its translation they have to split chapters so point its its gonna take time for character development and not every FL is smart atleast ita not as s*upid as to just fall for ML because hes hansome and forgives him for every betrayal and insulting trucks. The intersection between characters is funny and also between ML and FL too its very friendly but distrust for eachother since botj cant just trust with a few meeting. Translation is confusing... more>> sometime though you can't sometime get who is talking but grammar and pronunciation is everything is all right I personally like this story. <<less
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gazabon rated it
September 26, 2023
Status: C44
Excerpt when talking about a rumor going around about the lost second daughter of a count and the reward for catching info or something about her, who disappeared 2 years ago - MC and her friend...

... more>>

"I heard the reward is huge. They say it's the price of a mansion."

Emily's eyes twinkled as she talked about the reward.

"I don't think there's such a thing as a portrait. Didn't they say she had pink hair and pink eyes though?"


Come to think of it, this body that I possessed also has pink hair and pink eyes—

At that moment, Emily's eyes looking at me got a little bigger.

"Come to think of it, Rosie. You too—"

"I didn't know I'd get caught this easily. Actually, I'm the daughter of Count Herthas—"

"Yeah, I see."

Emily turned her head away with a cold face, as if her interest had calmed down. "


The f*ck happened here??!!

The story is passable, it won't AWE you but it's OK to pass the time. The FL is not very sharp but when it matters, she's quick in the head and quite the flexible and very adaptive one in such cases.

It is said (rather inferred) that she (MC) cannot let ML escape because she will either be used by him (ML) and be killed, be possessed by him (thanks to his powers) and be killed, await his revenge to annihilate the house, in the case that he (ML) escapes and (probably) be get herlsef killed with everyone else, or be beheaded by the bottom/ (the marquis who imprisoned ML) - it is supposed to be a BL novel she transmigrated to - ; her superior, in case ML either half succeeds or completely succeeds in his escapades and furthermore, getting herself also killed, so go figure. Her decisions can sometimes make you wonder if she's a dimwit or not (at first/at least for me) but if you take into account the above (what I understood), just being confused about how much to make of a thing so it's neither too much nor too little, is quite stressfull and asks too much of oneself. My poor little girl.

The only thing I really don't like are those moments when I think I've skipped like 5 paragraphs of the story. I mean. The excerpt above "en spoiler", like, really happened, even though I tried to rationalize it by saying that maybe Emily just wasn't surprised and wasn't interested in revealing the MC's "identity" ('cause even FL isn't sure if it's really her) as she (Emily) still wants to be with her friend (¿) , I mean, shouldn't Emily be trying to be surprised or shocked or something!!? And not just taking it at a stride like that!!!

I am not sure if it's because the wording structures in the raw novel are like so or if it's 'cause the translator's fault, but these things happen so often (at least each of the first chapters -up to 20 chap?) that leaves me guessing and doubtful. it's only thanks to my newbie MTL'ing experience that I can still catch up or just fill those holes in my mind since I am not a native english speaker... sigh.

I put 5 stars so as to help the reviewing go up to at least 3.9 in NU. My true rating is 4 <<less
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