She’s the Older Sister of the Obsessive Male Lead


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In this life, I was born with a gold spoon in my mouth. I thought my future would be bright.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t realize that the place I reincarnated into was a discontinued R-19 tragic BL novel that my friend wrote.

And of all things, I became the older twin sister of Lisandro, the crazy obsessive yandere male lead who horribly, brutally mu*dered the sickly prisoner Frey at the end of the novel.

If I didn’t remember this, I would have just jumped into the sunset, blissfully unaware…



With a suitcase in one hand, I flinched and looked behind me. The mysteriously beautiful Frey came towards me with a bright smile on his lips.

In no time, he towered over me with his tall, lean body.

“Where are you going?”



Don’t ask.

I wanted to say this firmly, but I just wore a smile instead. Frey, who kept staring me, tried to grab my suitcase.

Taken aback, I held onto it tightly. In return, I heard a refreshing, clear laugh.

“Let me hold it for you.”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Why? Oh, I get it. You’re trying to escape. Am I getting in your way?”

The hand holding the suitcase flinched. As he looked at me with an eerie smile, he looked exceedingly dangerous the more he stared. There was ice glistening behind his golden irises.

“You thought I wouldn’t know.”

His large hand wrapped around mine and held the suitcase handle tightly.

“Just to avoid me and that bastard, you’re trying to run away.”

His harsh words didn’t match his aloof expression.

“It’ll spell trouble, Yuni. If you disappear from my sight.”

The gentle and feeble, sickly prisoner suddenly became an obsessive yandere himself.

Associated Names
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BL 소설 속 집착광공의 친누나입니다
She’s the Older Sister of the Yandere Male Lead
She’s the Older Sister of the Yandere Male Lead In a BL Novel
집착광공의 친누나입니다
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8 Reviews

Aug 31, 2021
Status: c5
Lmao it's generic so far, what pissed me off was the MC.


she is basicallytreating an eleven years old like shite cus she "knows the future". Fine, do that. BUT she's literally planning on destroying his dream of being a sword master. Like yeah no bit*h f**k off. You don'tget to do that to someone. She's literally on the same level of shittiness as lisan in og novel.


PS:Not my thing lol
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Sep 18, 2021
Status: --
Her little brother is a literal sociopath who has no care for anyone but Frey and the MC. Even at a young age he show sociopathic tendencies that he himself is fully aware of, but choose to not change even when MC confronted him about it. The little brother acts cutely and innocently only towards the MC and is a danger to others. Additionally, as far as I know their relationship is pretty much like how anyone with siblings is -constant banter, bickering, and hitting but not to the point... more>> that its painful. The only reason why it would seem like the MC is treating him like sh*t is because she's very straight forward when it comes to addressing her little brother's toxic traits. She attempts to change her brother's sociopathic character and having him not learn the sword would be beneficial to everyone with the exception of her brother.

My problem with this novel is the ML's obsession over the MC. There's no reasoning behind it (yet). <<less
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Jan 06, 2022
Status: c23
i’ll be opening w/ something about a trend I've been noticing w/ the reviews on this. Warning for some minor spoilers for like, the first few chapters of the novel.

... more>>

the reviews on this are so weird lol.. MC isn’t ~acting like her brother is a villain~ — he brother is a villain. And you know what, if it meant the prevention of the death of countless innocents (as you know, he caused. Last time. When he was unsupervised) i’d threaten to beat the sh*t out of my little brother, too.


anyways, besides that, I love how the characters here are written. I feel like they’re very human, and even the more messed up characters/thinking patterns are well written and interesting enough imo.


i found it (and still do find it) super interesting that even despite giving lissandro a lot of attention during his formative years and trying to teach him how to form a healthier connection to another person, he still remained at his core an obsessive person and showed zero capability of truly understanding and being able to empathize with his object of obsession’s feelings. I feel like this sounds as if i’m pulling it out of thin air, but this is from the scene where MC is scolding him about how you can’t just lock a person up against their will or something to that effect because they’ll be unhappy - and lissandro just completely not understanding what’s bad about it still, despite being sharp enough to understand what she’s saying. Too real in my experience, lol. He did get it when MC threatened to beat his ass tho.


Anyways, I think this is very much worth the read. Super interesting <<less
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Apr 07, 2022
Status: c32 part2
Oh, dear. Where should I start. There're something that needs to be clarified, ig? Contains some spoilers.

- FL loves her brother, even if she perfectly knew that he's an inborn sociopath who is an "unrecyclable piece of tr*sh", apathetic and insensitive towards lives and morality.

- The only one Lisandro acts cute to, listens and cares about is FL, his twin sister. Others only receives his coldness or contempt, then upgraded to hostility when it's involves his sister. Basically, bad-tempered, showing no consideration and respect for those that he deems below him. For those a bit higher, maintaining basic etiquette is already enough to be thankful for.

In all his life, it is his twin sis who is with him, loving, caring, understanding, and rebuking him. Guiding and correcting his mistaken, crooked thoughts with loving iron fists.

- Are their parent not there? Ain't they irresponsible? Why let him became a living scourge of society under their noses?
Answer: They're super busy.

Mother is a Duchess owning large wealth/businesses and territory. Father is an Arch mage geek who holed himself up in the lab if not working.

MC described them as good parent who doesn't demand their children to be young elites, and would support whatever decisions they makes. Quite like an educated modern double-income family's parent.



Well, enough of that.

- FL is being too excessive to a child? Doing corporal punishment, destroying his future?
Hehe... You can't talk senses to a psychopath/sociopath, only compromises could be made. If only he listens to and sees you as equal that is, and Sis hit the right spot there.

Overwhelmed and stressed, distressed with low expectation of Lisandro apprehending what's right and wrong. Her only requirement is for him to know restraints, and basic common sense on that. Even if she has to ram it into his head or exaggerate her repulsion to those anti-social behaviors of his so that he'd gets it and promises not to do so to her.


- She also didn't get to do much actions such as physical punishment or stopping him from learning sword.

Firstly, she didn't have the heart to badly hurt her baby brother. Some form of exercises as punishment for not heeding and taking her teachings to heart at first? Sure is. They also bickers and got into argument a lot like any other sibling does. And when FL lost her patience, she gets physical, pinching cheeks, shoving, smacking, head locking, etc. The brother didn't do anything back as a matter of fact.

As he loves her, and doesn't want to hurt, nor see her being sad or angry.


- She wanted to interfere with his sword learning progress, either prolonging it or sabotaging it as much as possible, but didn't gets the chance too. Why do so?


Who in their right mind gives a knife to ur sociopath brother u fully knows is very talented in killing and doesn't have qualms in doing so if u have a choice?

At least in her opinion, not becoming a Swordmaster is less destructive to others and easier to handle/suppress.

(not mentioning FL being paranoid about all this sh*t trying to change Lisandro/the future, thinking if it's fated to be and unchangeable. Are all these efforts a waste, her being delusional, and all is doomed, etc.)


It is also said that LSD was determined to work hard studying and learning sword to become stronger, able to protect his precious sister and to prove himself, refusing what his sis said of him being childish. Ouch, backfired.

- Spoiler: Why the twins got estranged and Sis was killed in the novel.

The only person he recognizes, his Sister, had decided to abandon him for others as a Saint. They part way badly, he cuts off contact, she thought he was old enough and don't need her. Then, Doom! Hell breaks out. She regrets and blames herself a lot. She's determined to kill her little brother to end this sh*t once n for all, and to set the innocent ML free, but failed and was killed instead.

24 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 13, 2022
Status: c1
Honestly I don’t know why some of the other comments are so harsh on the MC. She didn’t really treat her brother badly, she just scolded him when he showed traits that were concerning. I actually love their relationship it’s like cats & dogs with their squabbling. Also I love how the ML is obsessed with her! This novel is very interesting and I can’t wait to read more.
20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 07, 2021
Status: --
So far it's really good, if you see from her perspective then you can see why she take such measure. FL is wise and kind through I will describe her as practical. There is so much to discover about FL and ML. What's interesting is that ML is already possessive over FL.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 10, 2021
Status: c20
FL made the brave decision as a grown woman in the body of a child to prevent the tragedy of the main plot by [drum roll please]

... more>>

Bullying the s**t out of her brother! Then she continues doing so into adulthood bcs she has essentially broken him to both crave her affection and fear her wild fits of temper (despite being An Actual Saint) on the off chance her fear and intimidation tactics somehow stop working.


It's only amazing it hasn't made him grow up to actively want to kill her, since he's "such a villain." <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 06, 2022
Status: --
Tbh, MC relationship with her brother is realistic, idk why people hate on her so much claiming she treat him badly, me and my brother tease each other a lot and fight most of the time but we still care for each other, I don’t see anything wrong with how she treat her brother, on the other hand her brother is a sociopath from a young age.
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