I Became A Flashing Genius At The Magic Academy


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A character with extreme difficulty and the worst performance, Baek Yu-Seol was considered tr*sh in the game because he couldn’t use magic in a fantasy world where everyone else could.


[Due to the wrong ending, 90% of Aether World has been destroyed.] [Please reach the ‘True Ending.’] Suddenly, those words echoed in my mind before I was transmigrated to the Aether World.

[You can use the skill ‘Flash’.] “Why did I possess this character?”

Flash was the only magic skill I was given.

Surviving in Stella Academy where many genius mages ran rampant, I became the notorious Flash Mage.

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마법학교 앞점멸 천재가 되었다
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New Dyudd04 rated it
November 21, 2023
Status: --
The novel quite good, the MC itself is now basically garry stu that can solve all problem but his character are quite all right. Now onto the heroines, they are quite good in character. They have interesting personality, especially hong bi yeon. Now onto the tl, they..... are not good, not the quality but the release of the new chapter. I mean look at those interval between each chapter released, they are too long. they are to focused on the paid one (which is alright) but neglect the free chapter.... more>> Other tl also prioritize the paid chapter, but atleast they update the free chapter when they are also updating the paid one. <<less
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Daoist Ghoul
Daoist Ghoul rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: c60
started yesterday and binged 60 chaps instantly even though I had to read through MTLs.

A well developed story, the author has really planned everything.

The MC is a fun character, who loves having fun.

The main girls are also good, properly developed and so far there's no romance which is a good thing as author is taking his time to develop everything

The world building and lore seems really deep.
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Moniker12 rated it
January 3, 2023
Status: c18
Don't be mistaken by all the reviews and hubbub. The translator over at inoveltranslation is practically begging for reviews on novelupdates in his TL notes at the end, offering new chapters for every X reviews received. Pathetic tactic. As for the novel itself, it's either poorly TL'd or poorly written to begin with, probably a bit of both.

The setting is also an absolute mess. So there's this game right. Very popular old game, you pick a unique character with a name within the setting to play as. Oh cool... more>> it's a singleplayer game. Wait no there's PVP servers and world interaction with other players? So it's like a consistent online game with each player having their own server unless they decide to do PVP? Because it's mentioned several people playing the same unique character and certain npcs always receiving a "bad end." So it's not an MMO nor purely singleplayer. Never explained properly and it makes little sense, but I guess you can just think of it like dark souls with optional pvp content in the form of invasions or something. Except the unique named characters part and that it's more story heavy, initially targeted at women to be a romance oriented game.

But wait there's more. This game is actually based on a novel, and the novel had a transmigrator written into it, so it was an isekai. So it's a novel about a game isekai which is based on another isekai novel. Why it needed that extra arbitrary layer is beyond me. It just screams poorly thought out. If you can get passed the setting and the poor writing then it's fine. The main character's shtick is kind of cool, his only spell is a blink which is a short range teleport that is seen as useless. But he mastered the spell and really enjoyed using it for the challenge. That's about it. Unnecessary game system with levels and experience. Unnecessary system voice in the mc's head giving announcements. All the lazy writing pitfalls you see in countless other lazily written isekais that serve to both make it easier for the author to write and their usually not so bright readers to comprehend something.

Not the worst thing I've read but it's nothing special and I won't be checking back for updates. <<less
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VenerableFang rated it
May 16, 2022
Status: c5
binged all 5 chapters in an instant and suddenly I am craving for more.

This story really pulls you in with the premise. The quality of translation is good for a mtl and you can easily understand what's going on.

The main character seems to be fleshed out and well written. It feels more like a free flowing story now and I am excited to see where it goes.
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Triarkdown rated it
June 9, 2022
Status: 70%
Alright have you read Mobsekai or Little tyrant ?
Do you wanted both games good things like the main blonde heroine Nora/angelica being called evil/villain, the game setting but with a new plot twist ? Here we have it then.

Divided old review and new edit using spoiler. Read it if you want character review.
... more>>

[[EDIT: (Alright I read starting chp again since I said I will change rating in future to understand more. The Reincarnated FMC, & the FMC (not "reincarnated" like above fmc) as their name says they were originally MC of this fantasy world. Now both of these above guys are in game our MC plays, they cant reach real ending enter our MC !

We got two new Protagonists one is our MC and the another is villainess Biyeon Adolveit. It took long time to figure out like our MC has exclusive chapter where no one appears, same way still less chp amount Biyeon Adolveit has her own solo chapters (I.e. Our MC not present). As for why Biyeon is one of protagonist prob cause she is written villain to die in game like alot diff ways as told in 3rd chp and in game pretty much everyone fights with her like all even mother (legit commits warcrimes to Biyeon since born). Another thing is Biyeons enemies/battles arent part of Main story which is the only thing MC wants to do so shes handling them alone. But shes learning to think like MC too idk if MC gonna help I didnt read far. Shes like Darth Vader I mean literally, just there was healing in this world.

In big events both appear but most MCs arcs focus on other heroines than Biyeon since like she gets her own solo chp right? But she does interact with MC dw. I am guessing Biyeons time is after 50% of story. Whatever author dumped 7 new girls in 10 chp so I gave it 1* in anger but maybe I shouldnt think all are heroines.) ]] EDIT END


The world has progressed and the knights/heroes taking up a sword to fight the evil are things of fairy tales and chivalry is no more but just thing of past as flying wizards with godly powers look down on the world. All MC wants to do is complete the game defeat the final boss and as a modern person he is like nice, kind, saviour. Basically ppl laugh at MC for being kid who likes impersonating fairytale fighting the evil with sword following chivalry (modern values like above). Well they are in to left speechless

Only issue is too many heroines hinted in future. Like another heroine thats just copy of Main villainess Biyeon is added for future. If author tries to divide focus between 7-10 heroines leading to main heroines not getting focus at all. Even the early 3 cant get enough focus. But I see hope.

This novel is how should I describe. Its author wants the novel to be "average good". I have read it past chp 200. The author always stops shortly before an arc becomes epic or great. <<less
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Drunken Translation
Drunken Translation rated it
June 18, 2022
Status: --
I am the translator for this and I must say it is a very good novel. It is a beautiful mix of good worldbuilding, magic, well thought out characters, a decent plot and gives you a wonderful novel worthy of binge-reading.

I am also quite happy with the response it has got and plan on contunuing it.

This novel will definitely succeed you expectations, that I am sure of.
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grenfunkel rated it
June 21, 2022
Status: --
No the MC is not "flashing" his underwear. Story is quite interesting. It is about a gamer who entered a world where the game MC is someone from the modern world who entered a novel world. Pretty neat. I wonder if I am also part of a story and someone is reading it lol
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DrVanilla rated it
July 10, 2023
Status: Completed
An excellent novel that was ruined by

A terrible ending. Author ended the story with an open ending with a lot of unanswered things and just said "A new story is just beginning" (seriously?)

I sometimes wonder if KR authors (won't say names but Gab Song) just don't like their protagonist.

Even with that, the novel was still a good read but left a bitter taste, so unless you don't have something else to read feel free to give this a shot
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Sol-Imperatus rated it
December 30, 2022
Status: c331
Read the raws a while back, so I'm writing this because I saw it was finally being translated and wanted to give readers an actual idea of what to expect. Out of all the novels attached to this site, this work is probably the one closest to 'The Novel's Extra' in both structure and writing style. It's a different setting of course, but it does feel like the author took heavy inspiration. It's still different enough that it doesn't feel derivative.

The story is often times told from multiple POVs besides... more>> the main character, and you may not even see the protagonist for a few chapters when you follow another characters POV. There is a more apparent overarching plot than 'The Novels Extra' in that it's a classic "prevent the apocalypse"-scenario. The narrative will feel slow, because it is unless the author decides to feature a time skip later on. From where I'm at in ch 331, the first year hasn't even ended, but the "apocalypse" is set in 10 years from the start of the story. The author makes good use of foreshadowing while also world building, so I find it odd that another review is complaining about that. Characters are all diverse and have their own goals and motivations that generally don't focus on the MC, and the setting is constantly expanding.

Q. Is the novel a harem?


Multiple girls will have interest in the protagonist, but he sees all of them as children. I wouldn't read this if all you want is a harem, since frankly the MC only really cares about his own affairs.


Q. What's the protagonist like?


He's kinda goofy. He often acts as though he's trying to amuse himself. It's very apparent he treats the world much like a game especially early on. In that's sense he's pretty self-oriented and only really gets involved with others to progress what he views as "the original narrative." He's also dense.


Q. Are there major antagonists?


Yes, but most are just introduced and being set up for later in the story. In general, the story does a good job of introducing you to characters before they are ever relevant.


Overall, I'd give the story a 4.5/5. It has the best traits of 'The Novel's Extra' while leaving behind a lot of the melodrama present in that work. <<less
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shadeslasher rated it
July 7, 2022
Status: c14
It's an interesting story, but one that is hindered by a lazy translator who doesn't bother to check his work. From constant switches between first and third person to grammatical errors, there's even an entire chapter full of korean puns that the tl just translates literally and writes it off as "local korean wordplay that's too hard to translate", like come on, show some love and respect for the work. Edit: Novel is being picked up by reaperscans, looking forward to the improvement to the tls. Will update review.

Edit2: Novel... more>> has been picked up by a new translator, so far everything looks great. Will update to 5* if translator can adapt the korean puns well. <<less
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Singsiam rated it
June 8, 2022
Status: C216
It's good the MC is op (for where he is at) but I do believe that's because it's at the beginning of the story considering his ability.

The plot is nice. The author is really adding in those world building details deliberately so that he can use them later ... more>>

example is in the elfs domain or whatever where he got a key and entered a very old elf persons chambers where that elf is asleep or something and he just does some body training like pushups, pullups and plenty of juice, and he talks with the spirit of the elf and leaves. Just that, no waking the elf up.


The character interactions are also really well done with none of the characters being 1 note in my opinion. My favorite character aside from the MC is probably Eisel or Azel I'm reading the mtl not too sure.

Even though I am 63 chapters in it definatly feels like this is one of those 800 to 1000 chapter kinda novels depending on how it is handled as it doesn't feel like much is happening and the characters are still in the beginning phases.

I will change my rating and comments as I read more but currently it's a 10/10

Chapter 63 and before spoiler.

since full frame thinks the MC is a regressor I wanna see the story end with everyone thinking that the MC will disappear and start crying about how they'll never forget him and he's just super confused and it ends with him saying that he's not a regressor


Chapter 200 above something spoiler


even after 200 chapters im still hooked. Its really good. The main character is op because of his knowlegde and I love that it completely disregards the story going onto a slugfest of fists without any strategy in the future with the MC also be suprised a lot of times. My current favorite chapter is when Eiselm full frame, and hong bi yeon go to this celestial library and look at the MCs past and everywhere surrounding them theres just baek yu seoul getting mureder and them thing that he went through all of that. This suprised me as I though this story would be where they find out the the MC isn't a part of the world but they find out the MCs past is the game characters past. Im at a part where the 12 moons are being met like every arc or 2 and its very interesting like in a part of the story the 11th month says that what would happen in 10 years from the beginning of the story is completely set and it wouldnt change. The arc where baek yu seoul goes 10 years into the past is also really interesting and is a testament to the author thinking of the story before actually publishing it as Eisels dads soul is still free se he's still alive and also not to mention baek yu seoul is getting every girl

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bvdaf rated it
June 8, 2023
Status: c40
I want to like it, but I can't.

Reason for that is the main character "flash" (literally teleport wherever he wants, there is a range limit though). That is fine, cool ability, he can also use it almost constanty. On paper it should be overpowered af, but the author goes to all sorts of efforts to make it not so overpowered.

What does it lead to? To dumb fights.
Example: The main character teleported to a place in front of an enemy. Why? Why the f*ck would he do that? Why MC... more>> couldn't just teleport behind the guy, before the enemy could notice MC and just kill him from behind?

Like author is trying so hard to make the MC's skill not broken by making him use it like an idiot. It's so frustrating. The fights are s*upid because of that.

There are also many ret*rded misunderstandings between the MC and other characters. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mr. White Tower
Mr. White Tower rated it
January 14, 2023
Status: prologue
This isekai novel starts off promising with a intriguing plot and well-crafted characters. However, as the story progresses, the direction becomes unclear and the plot feels directionless. The action scenes are lackluster and the heroine's delusions add to the confusion. Overall, if you're seeking a novel with a clear direction and strong character development, it may not meet your expectations. But if you enjoy stories that keep you guessing and curious, it could be worth a shot.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Syntax_Error rated it
October 26, 2022
Status: c370
Would slap it with a 5 star rating if you're looking for some casual read and into or don't mind harem.

All of its elements are pretty decent.

Plot is engaging. Background check, there's a rpg game where a girl isekai'd in a classy academy romance novel. Our MC, one of the stagnant players, got isekai'd into that game. So we follow him as we see how he changes and influences his surroundings to survive as the weakest character and get the true ending. Pretty much generic but execution is... more>> aight. Couple of things that kept me engage,

    • See how he navigates encounters and challenges as a character that can't use magic in a world where magic is a norm.
    • Plot has a lil mystery element going on

      like why full frame disappeared at the end of the game.

    • Combat skills doesn't heavily rely on system. So much novels use system to justify acquisition of skills which breaks my immersion. It's personally fun seein MC explore how to use his unique powers to catch up to his maxed out character in game and maybe surpass it.
Characters aren't that fresh except for few imo. So far, MC feels like [insert self] kind of protagonist. But female leads are cool so that keeps me going. There's some misunderstandings but it's fresh.


Like how few heroines technically misunderstood that MC is a regressor trying to save the world. While full frame misunderstand that MC is her lover in his past regression. Funny how those misunderstanding caused some interestimg moments


Action is not that bad, can't really tell since I read mtl. But it's creative in some area, and a bit dull in others.

Romance is there. Would have rate its romance below decent but lately it's building up some momentum but they're mostly one sided so far. That's as far as I can say for now because it's slow pace.


Biyeon, the princess, is the only one who got a solid romance so far and that's after 370+ ch and yes they kissed but that's because of plot not romance. He saved her from her bad endings. Officially confirm that she's fallen for the MC since she regain her sense of taste. Game setting made her so that she regain her taste when she fallen in love cuz butterfly and fairy tail but it is what it is.

Full frame is still on limbo, she thinks that she and MC are lovers in other itinerary. She and MC once got into a fake relationship, that's as far as thier romance goes so far. She misunderstood MC wanting to draw a line in thier relationship so she stay below the line as a friend but will probably change in the future.

The CEO villain daughter is one sided love. I don't know what will happen to her yet.

There's that witch but I she seems like an extra because she has little screen time.

Then the elf king/queen (doesn't have an exact gender for now) is still in the level of trusting friend. Will turn into male or female depending on who she fell in love as setting dictates but right now she's genderless.

The blue hair lady, forgot her name, is just friends with MC... so far at least. Her past arc aren't finish yet and MC is heavily involved in it.


Giving it a 5 not because it's perfect but because it's fun and engaging. There's few bumps but they're mostly negligible at this point when the novel is building up new level of momentum in plot, action and romance department.

Give it a shot and see for your self. <<less
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Emperor Li Qiye
Emperor Li Qiye rated it
September 3, 2022
Status: c27
I have caught up with the translated chapters and contemplating whether to read the mtl or wait for the transaltion.

Coming to the fic, I loved it. It is a relaxing story so far with less tension. The author is taking his time to properly introduce characters and establish them rather than pushing through it. We are also getting small details about the world slowly.

The misunderstanding seems to be an important part of the story from what I have read and it is well done. There is a justification for the... more>> misunderstanding and it is played out very well.

Romance - now from what I've heard, it is slow. Really slow. But still, I love all the girls so far.

I would say, definitely give it a try. You won't be disappointed. It has very high potential.


Hong Bi-yeon is best girl

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 22, 2022
Status: 150+
One of the best isekai story I like. MC is likeable. Not OP, and compared to other characters' skills are relatively weak. But with his creativity and execution, it can be classified as an OP MC. But that's the thing that I love the most.

All heroine likeable and The author prepares a plot that focuses on each heroine, so readers can gradually like the heroine. And this is an important element for the harem genre.


Hong Biyeon is the best girl

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hose246 rated it
June 19, 2022
Status: c18
The novel is currently too short to give an accurate review.

Despite the generic concept, this novel is actually pretty good. The characters aren't annoying, the powers are cool, and the fights aren't bad.

The story isn't rushed, and the female characters didn't suddenly go "omg I love him!" the moment the MC appears. Since the novel is still currently short, we have not yet seen much of the side character's story yet.

The MC isn't dumb, he's a bit of a troll. When he's summoned to another world, he didn't suddenly got... more>> used to using his powers with sh*tty excuses like "I'm a try hard key board pvp master who's been playing this game for 1000 years blah blah bs". He actually needs to learn to get used to his powers.

Tbh, that's all I can write in here currently, I might add more in the future. Recommended to read. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tapeonmyars rated it
July 13, 2022
Status: c23
Enjoying this read! If you like TNE I think you'll like this too, it has similar vibes.

I don't mind harems as long as the MC isn't a womanizer that has 10 wives so the harem is fine for me. All the characters are nicely written and not annoying so that's also a plus.

From the other reviews it seems that there'll be a lot more to the story in the future so I'm excited for more!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Abi mana
Abi mana rated it
June 6, 2022
Status: c10
This is just the type of novel that everybody is dreading for, it's concept and creativity flamboyantly succeed my expectation, and I hope yours aswell, and has brought me bundles of satisfaction throughout the whole novel.I just started to read more consistently so I don't know if my review is acknowledged in the novelupdate community but I hope it helps some people who are in the state of debate in which they want to or not read this novel. Thanks.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Veresta rated it
May 15, 2023
Status: c382
The Good
The novel has rich world building and incredible attention to detail. For instance, when he was transmigrated to this world, he needed to acclimatize before he could even use his skills. Which makes sense, just because you're good at Call of Duty doesn't make you at the level of Special Forces. He also has a tool which records events that happened in the game. This separates our MC from other isekai MCs who can somehow remember everything. Questions such as why was he transmigrated or why is he... more>> the only one capable of blinking are also given a background story. This level of attention to detail makes it so that is has only a few plot holes if not none.
Heroines are actually likeable. Unlike other novels wherein the heroines fell in love instantly after getting saved once. This one has a more gradual approach. They first take interest in the MC and in their attempt to uncover his secrets, they start having feelings for him.

The Bad
The story has a hard time juggling screen time of its characters. This stems from the fact that the novel has too much harem members and the author tried to be greedy by fleshing out all of them. Chapters could go on for so long without mentioning one heroine. This is also true for other major characters such as his buddies Mayuseong Haewonryang. It is even true for villains. The villains feel like they had a meeting and decided who will rampage first and who's gonna lie low for a while. For instance, when the enemy months are attacking, there will be no mention of demons.

The Ugly
At the end of the day, the story is still the same old harem collecting isekai genre with an OP but ultra dense MC. And the cherry on top is it is also an another academy story. Even the one thing that makes this story unique which is the " he can only use blink" twist will be gone since he'll be getting an OP swordsmanship and OP blessings. Blinking can only get you so far I guess but I was hoping to see more applications of it. So yes, this is just another cliche isekai albeit done in a good way <<less
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January 6, 2023
Status: c27
This novel is honestly really good. Yes, there are a few things that are keeping me from giving this a 5/5, but nothing is really perfect. The really big thing keeping me from giving this a 5/5 is the POV switches, without a real indication besides the character referencing themselves in the 3rd person or a pronoun change, it gets really confusing. But other than the novel is really fun.

The MC has a pretty broken set of powers with his blinking and his insane senses but his inability to use other magic really makes it stand out from the rest. The trope to use one super broken ability gets used a lot, but his flashing ability is really cool and actually uses teleportation as an ability that negates everything else and is super OP. The limitations placed on it with room to grow makes the ability actually interesting. Also, his glasses are cool, which I guess are something I should mention.

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