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I ended up transmigrating as a third-rate extra in a game I like, but worst of all this character has already fallen and been disowned.

I have no ambitions. I just want to graduate, but the world won’t let me.

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How to Survive at the Academy
Surviving The Academy
아카데미에서 살아남기
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raintl rated it
August 31, 2022
Status: Completed
A great novel through and through in terms of plot.

The main plot is nothing new. It is like scone at this point; it is quite common, some like it and some don't, but what stands out is the turn of events that are beautifully planned out by the author, exhibiting the epitome of butterfly effect.

Our main protagonist, Ed, thrown into this world of game for an unknown reason attempts to stick close to the original plot but every single action of his leads to other unexpected outcomes in a believable... more>> manner. The world feels very organic due to those unplanned events that despite going outside of Ed's expectations are very much plausible.

What adds the cream and the beautiful strawberry jam to the scone alongside the well-constructed plot is the comedy. Although our main comic relief is yet to be introduced as of yet (ch40), I certainly believe that the character will quickly make everyone smile immediately after her introduction.


Tanya, the true protagonist of How to Survive at the Academy


Overall, a well-written novel that focuses heavily on the main character's set of skills and growth.

It was one of the novels I wanted to pick up. :/ I guess that's no longer possible but I wish the translator all the best and thank you for translating such a great story! <<less
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Reindeer rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: c17
The start was promising but for someone who swore not to mess with the storyline, the MC sure keeps messing with the storyline. It would've been fine if he didn't say so, but the fact that he apparently "tries" not to but still does so is really annoying. It feels really hypocritical, the author likes to pretend the MC is smart and knows what he's doing but he doesn't realize just how big of an impact he's having on the storyline. The lack of self awareness coupled with other characters... more>> shocked at how "deep and mysterious" he is makes it really feel pretentious. I like the premise and idea, but the execution is starting to get ugly. These "reincarnated as a side character so I'll try to be low-key" novels just somehow NEVER do it right. <<less
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ShinUon rated it
June 28, 2023
Status: c95
Bottom Line Up Front: This is a really well-written series that reads more like a proper novel. However, it is now licensed by Yonder and the translator was DMCA'd so good luck trying to read this.

Details: First off, this is well-written and uses the medium well like a proper novel. The author helps us get into the heads of the characters and exposition is limited with information being conveyed organically. This is very much the author doing a good job of "showing, not telling."

As for what drives the story and... more>> makes it interesting, it is a mix of plot dynamics and character dynamics. The MC transmigrated into a third-rate extra that should've left the stage in the prologue but doesn't for his own survival. His mere presence causes a butterfly effect that gradually creates more deviations in the plotline, which require his intervention. This creates a looping butterfly effect that over time threatens to cause the plotline to spiral out of control to a potential bad end.

Side characters are relatively fleshed out with their own internal dilemmas. Their interactions and dynamics with the MC are done well and done subtlely. They are also also an important part of the butterfly effect. The MC is likeable and goes from weak to strong as he struggles to survive. The MC is the determined and focused type here.

Overall, it's hard to do justice for the plot dynamics and character dynamics by mere summary. What really makes this series good is the execution and good writing.

Unfortunately, most will probably need to drop this series now as the translator was DMCA'd a few days ago. The series has been licensed by Yonder, which means micro-transaction hell. Supposedly their translations of this are also inferior to the fan translation. <<less
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Poireau rated it
September 14, 2022
Status: c41
The MC, Ed, is transmigrated in the body of a 3rd rank vilain, bannished from his noble familly. The plot is known by Ed, but opposed to similar novels, there are no divine artifacts to find somewhere for Ed to become OP before someone else finds them.

Thus only by trainning can Ed becomes stronger. For that he decides very early in the novel to not interact with the normal stroryline, and focus on his shcool studies to graduate and leave the academy asap, because he has no money and many... more>> things in his plate to survive. The first chapters are quite good, thanks also to the craft parts, because it follows the logic and goals the MC decided early on.

Yet, at some point Ed still decides to interact with the main characters of the storyline, and then, every important events go sideways...

This is in total contradiction with the main goal of the MC to just grow stronger and just obtain his diploma. Why does the MC care about maintening the storyline if as a reader you've been told he does not care about it early on? It would have been much more interesting for the MC to just be an observer or create chaos on purpose, but by letting him trying to fix the normal main story, it is very frustrating. The MC acts like a mute but a single sentence from him and things go sideways...

Of the other things a bit annoying are :

    • The total lack of world building, there are no mysteries at all,
    • The fact that some boring events are seen sometimes by more than 1 pov and are thus reapeatitive: lots of filling to skip...
    • The lack of common sens of the characters and overall logic: all the events of the story up to the chapter 41, happen in the total absence of proffessors or older sudents and every single first year student is stronger than the second year. There is no deepness in the storyline.
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kawaii12345 rated it
April 19, 2022
Status: c17
4 stars I'd like to give it 5 but it just doesn't seem to be there.

The MC seems believably real up to a point. At the opening he's reduced to the status of homeless person, after transmigrating into another world. This is something that's hard to muster up the sangfroid and go on unperturbed. But our guy is cool as a cucumber. I have to say I kind of like that, it frames his character as being deeply in control. On the other hand he doesn't even have internal... more>> resentment for the people who put him in a horrible position. It's one thing to be self possessed it's another to be a robot.

The harem characters that have been introduced so far seem really annoying. (Yes if you haven't noticed the women hanging around his house on the cover, it's going to be a harem without doubt.) The princess is arbitrary and self righteous, the mage enjoys screwing with people, and the other mage is nearly catatonic. So far they haven't done much for the story.

The system and survival aspects have been carrying the story so far, but I don't know how far they can go. The story reminds me a little of the manga "Dungeon Reset". You have the looked down upon MC and his production skills advancing to own the place. So far the system is working but it has hints of being very arbitrary. The author hasn't had the MC play with it in depth and just gives as much information as needed for the current feature. We don't get to see him actively min maxing it. If it keeps up this way it will be a case of making it up as they go along, and that's very annoying. The MC also hasn't done much with what he has available to him yet, but we will see.

Bottom Line: What I have read isn't bad but I really can't say about what's coming next and I am cautious. <<less
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Cypher4496 rated it
June 16, 2022
Status: c120
Ok so it started different, MC gets reincarnated into a game he likes as villain, his arc is over of being beaten up, so he decides to stay out of the story, build a hut in nearby jungle to get the degree and live later on a better life, in every chapter till ch 25 he insists on the point that he will stay out of the story, and does exactly that, which is kinda fun, then thats it, after that it goes back to the typical of not wanting... more>> to intervene, but still intervene with bullsh*t logic, s*upid misunderstandings, and one by one turning the girls of real MC harem into your own harem, while being completely oblivious to it, the female character were intresting at first but as story goes as one dimensional annoying harem members with no personality they become, it seriously is just like any other novel of this kind out there, and feels worse cause the female character are annoying instead <<less
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Roby1610 rated it
May 9, 2022
Status: c16
Well if you like demon prince and similar novels then you will like this one. From what little I have read of it I enjoyed it quite a bit.

My only problem now is how impossible it is to find raws for korean novels. I tried everything and still failed. Even tried to look it up on its original site to read what little of the chapters is free and still failed cause aparently my mobile network is suspicious. So if anybody has raws for this one, please send them.

Well my... more>> desperation aside I hoppe you enjoy this one cause its worth the read. <<less
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traitorAIZEN rated it
May 23, 2022
Status: c112
Not a big fan of harem, but I don't hate it either. I can tolerate it to a certain extent depending on how it's used in the story; however, the harem in this novel is the worst kind imo.

The MC got transported to his favorite game as an extra villain, his main advantage is the knowledge of the events that will happen and he plans on sticking on it while, maybe, assissting the protagonist.

And THAT should have been the story, but here comes the harem messing up everything.

These girls are... more>> also of help to the MC especially in his survival way of life, teaching him magic and are good friends. Nothing wrong there. But when the scenario comes, these girls either mess up the start, make things worse, or just break the scenario because they're OP af.

And somehow someway, or maybe just some plot armor luck, things get resolved and MC still gets unforseen benefits.

Speaking of the MC. He's not bad. He knows his weakness and his strengths, and he works really, really hard to better himself. I'm really rooting for him while reading. He is not really OP, and although he has few fights/battles, I consider them a treat because of how good they are.

As of chapter 112, he's not really interested in romance while being surrounded by this harem that is full on flirting with him. B*tches, leave the guy alone! Instead of the story focusing on the 'story', it spends more time on this girl and that girl, and not on the actual protagonist who became like a forgettable extra.

Less story, more harem. If you're into that kind of novel then you'd really like this. <<less
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Ehuii rated it
September 21, 2022
Status: c200
I dont know why the ratings are so high. The characters are super clichee. They act like japanese Harem members. And the story is nothing special either.

3/5 because its well written, would have given it a 2/5 instead.
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mainizgeldi rated it
October 27, 2022
Status: c20
MC : I will stay away from the main story and live a loving life with my wife.

10 days later MC : the original who lost the war shouts to MC " HEY KEEP WORKING YOU WILL SUCCESS "

yes, in short, this is the summary of the book. I do not recommend that you read it. In addition, MC can survive in nature with 0 knowledge, on top of that, he is officially building a hotel for himself. He can catch so many fish that he can share it with... more>> someone. Also, he never looks bad, even though he lives in the woods in a school where the nobles go. IF HE LIVES IN THE FOREST. <<less
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lettersandmoreletters rated it
July 24, 2022
Status: c24
Kinda hate the wishy washy protag. He makes a good plan to avoid main characters to preserve as much foreknowledge as he can and avoiding trouble but refuses to drive them away when they keep showing up, befriending them and tying himself to caring for them and being dragged into annoying and dangerous situations. Also the plot of the guy being kicked out of the dorms but not the school doesn't make sense.

Teachers would have to know at least some parents would be upset when they learn about a student... more>> being driven to living in the woods- after all if one guy can be kicked out of the dorms and forced to struggle to survive then why not their kids too especially if something happens to them and they lose any protection they had? If there's any logic in that world someone's getting fired once whatever passes for the PTA finds out about it. <<less
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E.V_calista rated it
June 12, 2022
Status: c52
It is like TCF but not exactly a copy... A lesser version I'd say.

Ima just say the quality is low compared to TCF... why?? because there is a harem in the first place

The "knowledge is power" here isn't that satisfactory.

... more>> The MC not really thinking about the butterfly effect and also not trying to interfere with the storyline but does anyway is annoying... Cale sama did a better job in this aspect...

The girls are the most annoying thing in this novel... They do be messing things up for the MC lmao...

And dude someone said it focuses more on the harem which is a BIG FCKING NO for me...

Harems make it worse... In these kinds of novels, girls always end up being a burden... Of course, there are exceptions... In my opinion, even if there is a FL, they should not end up ruining the story by being troublesome...

It is not a bad read though.. of course, that is not the case when compared to other novels I've read.

This has a whole load of plot armor which makes it less attractive... As everything is always kinda solved by the plot armor archon (yep I used a genshin reference ehe~)

Still, you can read this for time pass

And I still have hopes that this will get better in the future

And until that future comes I am willing to wait... I just hope there is no sickening drama with the harem...

ok Idk why but it got rated 5 stars... It is actually a 3.5 or 4 star for me <<less
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pomoli rated it
May 31, 2022
Status: c29
Another good one in the genre of "replacing a petty villain by someone better".
I recommend it.


  • MC is interesting, the way I like, dense in love, but competent, determined, and having a purpose. He's isn't a skirt chaser, a pe*vert, or hot headed.
  • The girls are also interesting : at start I thought they would be less developed than that, but they have a hidden depth, each one of them, and thus the harem is the "good kind", not rushed.
  • I wonder where the story is going, the MC is seems to really want to be kept outside of the "main story", and the main hero is still around, which is actually surprising.

  • Some chapters are confusing with weird non chronological events explained.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
seonhun rated it
June 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Story starts off well. However, I do not recommend reading it. The copyrights for this novel was taken by a Korean company that does webtoons and Manhwas. They will be starting their novel serialization after some time (possibly years). However, I always cease all support of novels that stop independent translators due to copyrights that may or may not be in use after many years (pretty much all Korean copyright companies). I probably would not come back here but the novelupdate page popped up while I was searching for another... more>> novel. For some reason, the rating will not update. However, while the story is about a 4 so far, I give it a 1 due to the author and his copyright comoany’s antics. <<less
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Gugu26 rated it
June 28, 2023
Status: c140
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 3, 2022
Status: c24

Innteresting characters.

The writing does get better after the early chapters.

... more>> Though it's a "MC doesn't want to interfere with the game's plot" type of plot you see in Self Insert fanfics, the plot deviations here actually are interesting and the butterfly effect portrayed very subtly.


There's too much monologuing. Too many words to say the same thing. Every character has a title, like Benevolent Princess Penia, and it kept being repeated so many times that it got annoying.

The cliche of "I don't want to interfere with the plot" even though the plot has already been unwittingly derailed can get annoying.

The MC's bad reputation also looks overblown given that what he did wasn't exactly that horrible. <<less
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Dusk rated it
July 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Would rate it at 4.5/5

Haven’t read the side stories yet but this was certainly a very enjoyable binge. It’s a nice change to have a side-chara MC who *somewhat* faithfully stayed as a “side character” until the end.

Battle scenes and rom-com were highlights of this web novel for me, along with occasional feels chapters.

Given it’s genre, it’s a well executed web novel that deserves to be rated as one of the best in this site, I hope the TL speed could give this series a little boost one day.
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VoxAura rated it
June 20, 2023
Status: c120
I thought that this was a pretty enjoyable read. The MC possesses the body of a third-rate villain and has below-average stats. The author does a good job of making the MC's progress realistic. The MC isn't crazy overpowered and has to put some serious effort in to grow stronger.

I really dig the wilderness aspect of the novel. The MC basically lives in a cabin and has to figure out how to do everything himself. He's like a boy-scout in the making.

Compared to other novels, the MC isn't crazy powerful... more>> (i.e. He doesn't have some overpowered skill or obtain a heavenly god-slaying sword). He's more of a thinker, preferring to solve everything with proper planning rather than battle-prowess.

As the novel progresses, it focuses more on the harem-members and their relationship to the MC. The harem-members struck me as pretty annoying. It's always about them visiting the MC but nothing is initiated. There's also a lot of repetitive monologue, but the overall quality of the story makes up for that. This is better than most novels. If you're bored, definitely try it out. <<less
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R-cats rated it
June 14, 2023
Status: c90
Overall The novel itself pretty solid. I got pretty decent experience reading it.

The Novel is not for you if :

  1. You Hate Harem trope.
  2. You don't want to read another same "fall into isekai as villain trope".
Otherwise you might love the novel. Overall it pretty solid novel but not perfect.

... more>> Deep analysis :

Main Theme (focus point of the story) : Story about a guy isekai'd into game becoming third rated villain while making sure he survive and follow the main story line of the said game.

Character :

The character in the story introduced through third person point of view or what I often called all knowing POV. Basically the each character described as detailed as possible following the progression of the plot. Making sure there is no character act out of determined template.

Character development : There is character development, however it lacking. As a reader, every character feels more like a template character. The only attitude change is when the heroine starting to fall for the MC or its obvious enough that reader don't really see it as a character development but as a 100% definite outcome.

World Building : Its pretty solid. Its pretty difficult to nitpick the way how the world actually operate, since it actually the strongest aspect of this novel. The way how the author actually building the world is by narrating it to the reader directly. This is a double edge sword since it left little room for error, but it also could possibly make the the novel full of naration and stale or straight up boring. Unfortunately, personally it fall more to the latter.

Plot development and pacing : Plot progression is linear progression. Any detail will be explain during that ongoing plot. Making the the plot possibly look slow depending how much story detail that the Author want to fill and depending how much is too long for the reader. Pacing wise its actually decent 90 chapter and 2 climax action reach. Objectively it actually pretty decent, however it feels slow because the author fill it in with so many detail and some even felt repetitive.

POV : Author actually doing great in term of using multiple POV while using all knowing naration. Basically the story progress by using multiple character as story teller. This is the strong suit of this novel you will see it when you read it. Personally this is what make this a solid novel.

Overall : This Novel actually decent, however it did not get a pass in a concept of "To show and not to tell". This Novel could be 30% better maybe if the author try use character action more to define a character rather than to tell the reader how this character act and what type of personality it have. It also could be better if the the author actually cut some detail and leave it to the reader imagination. The reader is not s*upid enough that you need to tell every single reason in every action. This will make a better novel with better dynamic interaction between character as oppose to current story where author interject to fill in the detail in between dialogue. <<less
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HanBoitheLamb rated it
March 25, 2023
Status: c103
This novel is incredible. It takes a normally generic Korean Isekai story but it uses it to it's full advantages. However this story isn't for everyone. As much as the battle scenes are incredibly descriptive and intense as of c. 103 there hasn't been that many. The true part of the story lies within the protagonist (Ed) and his relationship with the three main harem members and the rest of the cast. Each arc has a different girl taking spotlight as a secondary protagonist or even antagonist to Ed. Since... more>> they're the highlight I'll give a brief overview over each. (Btw you'll catch me on Yonder leaving comments as the username Lun Ah)

Ed: The protagonist. The best way to put him is a blend between a shounen protagonist and a KR protagonist. Like shounen protagonists he's a kind soul even if he doesn't admit it saying "it's for my survival" and like a KR protagonist he isn't a hothead idiot like shounen protagonists but a cold, smart, pragmatic one. He also isn't op but gets stronger over time like Kim Hajin in the Novel's Extra. He also strangely shares similarities to Kim Dokja from ORV. Especially the fact that both have crippling low self esteem. Also he's as a dense as a black hole but we all knew that.

Yennekar: (nickname Spirit Yandere) : She is the first girl to have a dedicated arc. Yennekar is a kind, sweet, airhead, and is considered an idol and cannot lie for the life of her. She also loves making friends no matter who they are. Also like her nickname she has certain... yandere tendencies every know and then. It doesn't help she's a one man army either. Like the main 3 harem members she is hiding a sadness that I won't spoil (even though it was pretty early)

Lortel: (nickname: Stonks Woman) The second harem member to get a dedicated arc. She is the one who is most naturally like Ed. She like Ed is not strong (at least compared to the other 2 harem members) but makes up for it by being the most intelligent of the three and is a shrewd businesswoman. She is also the most "evil" of the three and acts for herself unlike Yennekar who acts for the benefit of others. She is also the one most likely to fight dirty even more so than the pragmatic "I'll do anything to live" Ed.

Lucy: (nickname: OP Lazy Loli) She's one of my favorite characters. As of c103 she has gotten the most development as she has basically had 3 dedicated arcs to her basically back to back to back. She is also a kuudere where her emotions are suppressed from past traumas. She is also so far the strongest character in the series. If Yennekar is a one man army shes the bomb that dropped on Hiroshima. Before her first arc she was kinda a side character (before c50ish) but as of c103 she is definitely the girl (or Yennekar sorry Lortel) who has gotten the most spotlight. She is also the one to fall in love with Ed last and it hits even harder when she does. Like above she is a kuudere however being around Ed has made her more expressive and happy. Her personality is basically a stray cat and that's what the story says as well. Actually if we were going for this animal comparison, Lortel is a fox, Yennekar is a loyal dog, and Lucy is a cat.

Other characters (very brief)

Ziggs: I like to call him the 4th harem member. Out of the 4 above he has definitely gotten the most screentime and he deserves it. Bromance is strong with this one.

Tylee (and Ayla) : These 2 are the original protagonists. The best way to put it is that these two are heroes of another story they do their own separate thing from Ed unlike The Novel's Extra.

Tanya: Ed's little sister and the funniest character in the series.

Clevius: Aside from Ed, Yennekar, and Lucy he has definitely gotten the most character development and it's amazing watching him grow. Should the author make a whole story around him I'd definitely read.

Anyway I really recommend this novel to people who love harems and isekais with actual fleshed out characters. <<less
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