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After Song Juyao died and emerged from the virtual world, she learned that her entire life had just been a reality show which was led and controlled by others.

One billion viewers watched this live broadcast, all of them pointing fingers at her and ridiculing her life whilst the director team thought up every possible method to design setbacks for her, pulling her into the mud over and over again.

Then, Song Juyao was reborn. This time, her memory was not suppressed.

This was a crazy world. People were discontent and bored of their lives. They had also lost their enthusiasm for various kinds of entertainment, falling to the point of seeking all sorts of thrills in order to arouse their emotions.

Later, they found a precious treasure. She was perfect. They held her in the palm of their hands and went wild for her. They even regarded her as a God and worshipped her fanatically.

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Ecirteab rated it
June 13, 2022
Status: Completed

Song Juyao has been falsely accused of mu*der charges. To prove her innocence, she signs up for Judgement, a virtual reality criminal trial where criminals are forced to live several lifetimes and audience members act as the jury.

That's the basic premise with rebirth added of course. It's revealed early on so no spoilers but it's certainly an interesting and dystopian Qt concept.

From the beginning, the worlds are heavily stacked against the criminals so the fun is seeing how MC circumvents the system and loops it around. I think the concept... more>> is very unique with how such an advanced NPC system even exists (linking back to actual real world lore) and throwing in 'actors' to muddle the waters.

The arcs were interesting to read and because it's a battle between MC trying to prove she's a 'good' person and the external team forcing bad circumstances; you get a different flavour than the usual QT faceslap-love plot.

In general, MC is definitely OP in terms of intelligence. She's generally a few steps ahead of the program team but it's still fun.

Romance - loved it. ML is in every arc and is sorta insta love but there's actually plot reasons for this and it ties back to the overarching plot. Love how much MC loves ML and in his own way how much he loves her. Read the extras for pure fluff!!

Honestly the romance was really interesting in its own way. There's a really interesting 'love triangle' and it's more in focus in the final arc.


was really happy 2nd ML lost. MC and being unwavering in why she chose ML and how long she was willing to wait at the end. Yay for happy endings!

It was impossible for her and 2nd ML and I'm glad author didn't do the cheap merging route because it would have been so cheap for him to get her after watching in indifference through all her pain. ML deserves his own life and I'm happy he got it


Anyways I binged this in one day. Recommended. <<less
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nayumi_.0o rated it
June 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Finished the book in 2 days.

The immense amount of emotions I felt while reading this novel still makes me shiver. Especially in chapter 169 and the (last) chapter 175.

I was bawling my eyes out while reading about Song Juyao and Jiang Baiqi's love for each other. I don't believe I can find love anymore.

About the story:

... more>>

The MC is extremely talented, a genius amongst all geniuses. She handled all the words perfectly. Her hysteria when the ML was not there, happiness when she found out the truth about her rebirth, and the ending are all extremely satisfactory. Will probably never find a book like this again.


Major spoiler:


I personally loved how Song Juyao didn't accept the 2nd ML and was still longing for Jiang Baiqi so much that she turned hysterical. Although it broke my heart for her, this love was all worth it in the end.


100/100 will re-read this no doubt.

    • Great job author, I hope you become very successful in life.
Thank you. <<less
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kaister rated it
January 6, 2023
Status: c175
After reading a few extremely positive review of this novel, I've decided to give it a chance. And...I'm kinda surprise and how positive others are. I've almost read till midway...I might or might not finish it depending on whether I have time or whether I've found something else more interesting.

One positive I have... the world building is "interesting"... now I'm just saying it's interesting. Not saying whether it's good or bad, I think that's subjective. If you're reading my review and was wondering whether you should read this or not,... more>> please read my following few points:

  1. Mary Sue main character - What does that mean? It means the main character is so overpowered, she resolve any obstacles with the flick of a wrist (figuratively), her beauty is unparalleled, her glare will change people heart, and all men will fall for her. Not only that, if bother by characters with plot armor ("omg how did they survive that" "they're protected with a heavily reinforced plot armor... duh")... Mary Sue has the thickest plot armor you'll find in any story. Are you ok with this type of main character? If you are, then proceed.
  2. Logic - Oh boy where do I start?
    • Let's start with the premise. The main character is a convict in and unknown futuristic world where an individual can have her current memory erased and enter a virtual to live an alternate live broadcasted all over her world so people can judge her to decide whether she's a person worthy of having her sentence commuted. She is to live seven (or eight I'm not sure) life separated into "season" lasting about 2 weeks in the real world and another 2 weeks between each season. How you act determined whether people will cast vote for you. 50 million to reduce sentence and 100 million for a retrial which is what MC wants. No one in the show previously gotten more than 10 millions. Nothing seems terribly off. It seems like a pretty cool concept until you start thinking about it. So you're telling me I've committed a crime in the real world and the only way I'll be given a chance to have my sentence commuted is to live a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT life and then be judge on the action of the alternate me? Like how does that make sense? There's a Korean move called Against the Gods where the MC dies and there was a trials to decide on whether he goes to heaven or hell by going through different part of his life... my point is that this person is being judge by the action of his life. The main character here is being judged by essentially action of a completely different person. There are different line of thinking on nature vs nurture on an individual upbringing. This story obviously believed her character is inherently good or evil. However, there are argument made on how an environment affect an individual development. In fact this very story kinda explore that to a certain extent... by going into the "director" and "scenario writer" of her trial using different scenario and background to influence her character. Which then brings me to the most CONTRADICTORY part of the story. So hold on, if I have to relive my life to be judge by my actions... how is it truly my action if people in the background is constantly pulling strings and trying to influence me to behave a certain way. Now the author goes on and defend this by saying the director only influence the actions of people around her but ultimately she make the decision to herself so it's still "her action". And then in the very scene the director is like "oh no the main character is not doing what we want or behaving how we want so we should do this, change this, insert more character to alter her situation so she does what we wanted instead". It's not a secret behind the scene thing that these director and scenario writers are doing when they're taking these actions... the whole world is watching and actually anticipated these "responses" from the director and scenario team. Like author...I don't know how exactly you define "making your own decision" but to me this is not it. Like is no one in this world gonna step up and question how flaw and messed up this system is. Really? Like the author continuously flip flop between "oh people of the world take this show very seriously" to "oh people just want a good show/lots of rating" like do people care or not.
    • Her crime - Oh boy... yes let's talk about her crime. Let me preface this by saying the MC lives in one of many nation of a faraway mega world in the distant future that's specifically highly technological based and has a highly developed and respected JUSTICE system. So this is a place where people love and deeply respected their judicial system...I think or at least it's what the author is giving me the impression of. So her crime... what is the main character's crime. Apparently her crime is killing a second son of a rich family after lusting after him and attempting to r*pe him. Yes you read that right. A young beautiful beautiful lady employed by a rich good-for-nothing second son to tutor him, attempted to r*pe him and killed him by pushing him down the stair or something like that. Although mu*der is already a serious crime, why tack in attempted r*pe... because the author has to established a "reason" for the world to hate her to show she's truly a despicable character. mu*der can be self defense but if you're an attempting to r*pe and then kill someone, then you're truly evil right? What's wrong with this some of you may asked? Well let's just pretend that you are sitting watching the news and story about this beautiful young girl committing crime MC is convicted of (remember not accused, but convicted). How would you react? While some of you might be shocked and then moved on, I bet a lot of you will be curious and skeptic. The skeptic part is what irks me... the entire world, her world, simply accepted the conviction her crime as if its the most sensible thing. The rich son mother bribe her way to get her a guilty charged... it's mentioned early on so it's not a spoiler. However, even without know that is no one is going ask why would a young girl conduct such a heinous crime? "Poor girl, rich guy with powerful family"... is no one is going to questioned whether there's any power play in this? Like no one questioned her conviction before the start of her VR reality TV trial. Note this VR trial show is broadcasted and watched by hundred of millions of people in this world. It's super popular that celebrity fight to get a chance to be part of the trials. Like any popular show in our world, is no one going at least profile the main character of the latest season. Well maybe there are a few people that are skeptical but majority of her world just accepted her crime as a proven fact. Well the author shows the after her first "season" (you go through 7-8 season per individual) some people, mainly her newly established fanbase, a lot of people are still like "oh I dont' want to support a rapist and mu*derer". A crime she vehemently proclaim innocence but obviously all criminal is going to say they're innocent. However, is no one going to question the validity of her criminal charges? Like what proof do they have to so such a strong acceptance to the outcome of her previous crime.
  3. The excessive "netizen's comment" to drive the story - It's not uncommon for web novel to deploy this technique. For example, I've seen story involving MC as a male/female celebrity reading like Weibo comments after major event. And these are literally quotes of standard comments you see online anywhere. It's fine and acceptable in web novel that shows heavy sense of internet culture. However because this story involve essentially a live stream realty show, random netizen comments from faceless individual shows up so many times in each and every chapter to help drive and illustrate the emotion of audience... is excessive to a point where it's kinda annoying. To me it's a cheap way to develop a story. We just can't write out the general response and feeling of the audience. Oh no. We have to read a few snippet so random ass comment from netizen... all with its internet lingo. sigh
These are a few things I like to point out. And I haven't even gone into the illogical behavior of many of the side characters act. They are all shallow caricatures... all of them. The romance... oh man... imagine if you walking down the street and suddenly a random women started spying on you with binocular, calling you cute, professing her love to you and then ask you to marry her. Don't you think it's bizarre? Also why would you act that way when you know hundreds of million of people are watching you and already think you're some kind of creepy rapist mu*derer with a beautiful face. (Another major plot point that's also a plot hole... she's supposed to have her memory erased and live her VR life in a blank slate.... it's one of her advantage but she's sure doesn't like to hide it and no one like are "oh no she definitely going through these trails with her memory intact"...."impossible! the system is fail safe".... she's going as far as to literally stare at an imaginary camera saying "is this world real?" breaking fourth wall and then the audience are all like "oh sh*t oh shit... that was intense".... no if I'm one of these audience my reaction would be like "oh she definitely knows and now she's just messing with us")

Another reviewer called ML cute for blushing at the MC actions I dunno. No it's creepy and twisted, I mean it's one thing if she wants to make the ML fall in love with her each and every life but it's another to act like a crazy rabid fangirl in front of their idol... and that, my friend, is the romance that I've seen so far.

Boy you sure hated the story, why do you even bother to give it two stars? Why because despite all the flaws one thing I can say in positive light is the author ability to create intrigue and make things interesting. You want to know what's her next challenge, you want to know how she'll handle it despite the excessive amount of plot armor the author is deploying. However, I have no issue stopping and taking break in between chapters. Not breaks in a way where I have to stop and let thing digest. But more like stop cause I read something so over the top and ridiculous that I have to take some breather and shut down part of my brain so I don't lose any brain cells. This is why I said the story is "interesting" in the beginning. I call this the Shounen Jump style of developing story. It's the imaginative story arc that authors like to develop. It's an audience drawing tactic that a lot of web novelist try to employ. The arc-driven model that help you sell by the chapters. Still, even with this is not the best of this type because of all of its flaws. Still not the worst because you only need to be one thing in this type of story -- intrigue. I've finish story with better character, plot, arguably story but yet at the same time very boring.

It's a love hate thing. It's like these movie so bad that people started developing cult following for. Or a train wreck or car accident you can tear you eyes away from.

My two cents.

I'm pretty much done with the main story and honestly didn't even feel like finishing the extras. Yea it's still a 2 stars for me. The story wraps up rather well but it just felt potential unrealized.

What I said before still applies, so let's just straight to the spoilers.


So the "romance" plays a heavy part to the story and depending on how well you like the romance, it'll make or break the story. And to me... the romance is unearned, it just felt kinda forced if I'm being honest.

Quick overview. MC was reborn to engage on a reality tv show where she lives through a brand new life in a virtual world each new season that lasted for two weeks with two weeks break until the next season. People watches and determine whether her sentence can be commuted or retrail (50 mil votes) or ask the king's court to investigate (100mil votes). She's being "reborned" now know she's part of the trail (her memory is supposed to be erased the beginning of each season only to get restored about each season ended, either when the time limits ends or she dies inside. In the story, shoes goes through 5 seasons (earned 50mil after 3 seasons and the final 100mil after 5 seasons).

The mystery in the beginning is why is she "reborned" and why is the ML always following her by her side. Each season should have a new set of NPC and no NPC repeats after a season.

The seasons are split into the following:

  1. First season is a school genius life. Introduce to a seemingly plain ML who happened to be also a tech genius. Ended when she was seemingly being kidnapped and kill by a pyscho who's a real life player and not a NPC of the world (based on her former memory of her first trial earlier) but rescued by the male lead.
    Shocking element is the ML revealing he has a helmet that allows him to capture and hold real-life player within the virtual world. He and the MC capture them and reveal them one by one to broadcast.... note all these people had their identity hidden and been conducting malicious act in the virtual world (ie. raping and killing)
  2. Second season is a survivor island world - a world where she was a legitimate daughter of a rich family that was swap at birth. She was orphaned while the other girls living her life and became a famous singer. She was supposed to be adopted by a pedo guy and his wife complicit to his sick tendency. She escaped and ended being raised by a foreign parent who's family contains a bunch of big time celebrity. She become a famous author of this world. On top of that she spend her younger years (not the season don't start until she's 18, what happens before happen on the background to simply fill out her back story and give her character a richer layer. Turns out a megacorporation (ran by the ML) created a virtual reality world akin to what shes experiencing right now and trick these celebrity into his own reality show (note the actual reality show only has vantage point FL and other real world player... not any of the NPC). Anyways she survive and at the same time exposed the fake daughter evil schemes thoroughly embarrassing the director's teams. Tricked her twice actually and MC gain more votes and followers.
  3. Third season is this weird modern cultivators world. She's supposed to be a cherished genius daughter of rich family that's supposed to have a powerful spirit core but secretly doesn't. Her good friend help her hide this only for her to supposed to be exposed when she's 18 where she's also abandoned by her real family. She obviously know this trick and secretly ran away and join highly disrespected and weak sword sect. Sword sect is weak in this world because they can't read secret ancient sect and she can read. MC constantly borrowed money and boasting about turning the sword sect into a highly respected sect which cause her to be ridiculed by everyone in the virtual world. Director's teams learn that she ran away but let her be after learning about all the negative news she's drumming in the virtual world. She became really powerful.
  4. Fourth season is a god mode setting where she and two other real-life player compete to become a god of this virtual world. The can use any mean to make people fear and follow them. Create a really weird "card game" that stokes people insatiable sense of greed. Think loot boxes and slot machines. Anyways, she goes after mainly the rich and influential and gain a lot of high quality "follower" whereas the other two went after thugs greedy for power. She exposed to the virtual world that they're in the playing field of a god mode type games and they'll be embroiled in a battle between god as their followers.
  5. Fifth season is her essentially reliving her original life and reborn with the world judging her life after rebirth. At this point in the story we've already found out why ML is always following her. Apparently the king of the land is prophesied to meet a destined lover who's supposed to be his soulmate and can control and affect the king's emotion. Note the king is non-human but exist in a human form. The king rejected this and took out his heart... which eventually gain sentience and became a cat... and ignore her which allows her to end up in the current state. When she was arrested, this heart followed her and became the ML. The virtual realty system is a creation of the king and since the heart is kinda a part of the king, he can go into the virtual world. However his memory was erased. So the final season is simply getting her to react to the news of her being the king's destined person and whether she'll choose to become the queen or abandoned her position as the king's destined person. She was so disgusted as the king's cowardice of not even going to her and asking her to break the bonds. She doesn't care about being the queen and simply want to be with the ML. Unbeknowst to her at the moment, the ML is not actually a real person. The king's servant defended his action by saying he doesn't want to be beholden by a female human and can't be sure whether she's a good or bad character (based on history). She's not having it and wanted nothing to do with him. Honestly I'm with her here. The two real life players this time was prisoners with memory erased and fooled into thinking they're reborn. They try to kidnap the MC because they know she's the king's destined person and wanted her necklace with the king's blood (they're, one is a woman, wanted to replace her). They didn't realize the king can sense his destined person so there's no way to fool him. She exposed to the kidnappers that this world is fake and they're being watched causing them to breakdown accidentally killing her. The ML here is in the form of the cat she rescue before her crime.

After the 5 season she garnered 100mil vote the king's court reopened her case and clear her name. Also during the fifth season the king search everywhere for the cat. King reveal to her who she was but again was rejected. Her brother in season 2 tried to help her and safeguard the cat (so apparently NPC in the virtual world are actually based on real life people. Once the NPC is recalled the real life counterpart can reabsorb their memory. She, with the help of her brother, try to search for the ML only to find out later that the king took him (remember he's a heart) out of the cat and reabsorbed him back into this body. The king after witnessing her and her character wants her now but she was so distraught about what happened to the ML so rejected her. After going back to her brother place, she had a mental breakdown and assume she's still in the virtual world engaging in the 6th season. Thinking this is all fake she try to "exit" this world. After surviving her su*cide attempt, she was taken by the king. He sent her back to a virtual world, this time reliving a her in which the king found her at her orphanage and try to raise and groom her as his queen. His intentional is to replace her real world memory the memory she has in this world. On the night that he's going to "proposed" to her, she reveal she knows all along (just like she has her memory in tact during VR reality shows) and twisted his heart... she can control his emotion as long as she is bounded by him. It was reveal the "rebirth" in the beginning is not really a rebirth the ML as a cat sacrificed his chance to get a real body so she can "remember" everything in the VR world and get a glimpse of the future so she can best prepare and protect herself. Anyways, the king finally relented and dig out his heart and give it back to her. She then took the heart and grow it from donated from other nation. note: kings here are non-human entity the controls territory and are not born the same way. She successfully grew a body from the heart of the ML and they now live happily ever after in the tiny plot where he's the new king of the land and she's his queen. Daww...

Anyways, the story is not terrible but all my complaints are still valid.

Two of my biggest complaint.

  1. The romance - oh boy... it was always off for me since the beginning. I never understand why she loves him so much. I mean there are no romantic development. You, as a reader, never see how they fell in love. Sure he protected her, but so did a lot of other character. She said he's the only one that see her for who she is and loves her unconditionally whereas everyone else loves simply a virtual version of her that she carefully crafted. But doesn't she realize he's the heart of the king that followed her because she's the king's destined person? Every life and everyone... it wasn't like he "fell" in love with her... it's just because his heart beats faster when he's around her. Is he falling in love with her is he just following his basic instinct? Also did she fall in love with him... each and every life he's basically a new person and she just basically stalks him. Again, the romance just felt so unearned. Like it doesn't feel organic. They're in love with because the author said so... pretty much.
  2. The king's reason for rejecting her. On quick glance, it kinda make sense and the fact that he doesn't understand love and simply think it's a cursed to have his emotion tied to a single person he doesn't know. I get it. However, how he acted and responded to this is illogical at best. Remember the king, in author's world is the brightest and smartest person in the world. What did he do? First, apparently there was a book the explain what a destined person is. And he refused to finish it because if he did, he'll realized there's a way to severed the bound by either the male or female side. He only know that she can sever the bound but not that he can also do it. Not him or any of his court advisor realized this. So even he, the king, mentioned he was tormented for 20 years for no reason. It's just s*upid... author just because you also call this out as being s*upid doesn't mean it's not a s*upid plot point. SO what did he do instead, he don't want to be tormented by having his emotion tied with her that he ripped his heart out literally. And discard this heart that turned into the ML. NOTE: It didn't work, he still feel all her emotion, but that was his solution. Not only that he basically ignore her and ignore all of his court advisor to search for her. Again if you're the smartest person on this world... why would you even allow such a weakness linger around... wouldn't it make more sense to look for her, keep her on guard, and watch over her emotion so it doesn't affect his emotion... even if he chooses not to see her at all. She goes through all this pain and he felt all of it. Keep her under surveillance and then try to figure out what kind of person she is. Isn't that the more logical thing to do? I'm not asking him to accept her. If he felt she's such a threat, why wouldn't he keep her under his watch? It's s*upid. Again the king is the smartest person in this world apparently.

Yea, this is just not my favorite. It's an interesting world and premise but the logic here is just severely lacking and kept me from enjoy the story more than I would like. <<less
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Kerry976 rated it
June 3, 2023
Status: Completed
One of the most satisfying endings for me.

Even though it's quick transmigration, instead of focusing on love, it lets MC shine. Since MC is being judged by the audience, she has to constantly think of a way to appear genuine, smart and kind person, all the time. Her life is on the line after all. One mistake, and she will be sentenced to die.

Armed with the experience of her previous life (which already changed due to butterfly effects), and an introverted ML (who is almost invisible to others), MC plays... more>> with the mind of the audience with a kind smile.

Yes, her indifference isn't highlighted again and again. But, when she calculates her actions and the reaction of the audience, it's evident, she is ruthless (with due reasons).

The only person MC genuinely cared for and loved is ML. To what extent? Wait till the end. <<less
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Eueu rated it
March 31, 2023
Status: Completed
The first thing that came to my mind while reading the first few chapters is that, it sounds a LOOOOT lyk Strategy to Capture Men, which is one of my favorite novels here.

Now, it's honestly not as good as SCM because there's some plot holes that even I, who usually just casually reads, can notice. But I was just so hooked by the plot that I could ignore those. I can even ignore the icky parts because I wanted to know what happens next.

You can treat this is a QT... more>> faceslapping novel because a huge chunk of it is MC being badass and tricking the whole world.

However, what I really enjoyed is the tragedy part. Yes, this novel can be considered a tragedy because while it's technically HE, whether for the MC or the ML, it just feels so tragic. Especially when I thought that

the King would be ML

. So I was a bit blindsided by the ML's identity.

Towards the end part I literally couldn't stop crying because the author is good at throwing knives 🔪🔪🔪

Beware of the spoilers. It's tragedy! It's love triangle! A lot of su*cides. There should also be a mindbreak tag.

ML's identity:


Jiang Baiqi. The person with almost no existence that has always been by the MC's side whether in the first life or the second life. He's also the King's heart. Yes, literally his heart which he threw away because he didn't like how it made him feel emotions. He uses a cat as a vessel. So there are some uncomfortable chapters where ppl find out that ML is a literal cat in the real world when they all knew MC and ML f*cked a lot in the virtual world. Lol. So the author just glosses over it, wc is a good decision.


My favorite character: the twins! I wish they had more screen time.

As to the 2 star comment above, a lot of it are very valid comments but there are also some that I don't agree with. Objectively speaking, in terms of world building, the logic, it's not a masterpiece but it hooks you so much that I went through MTL just to finish this novel in lyk 3 days. I slept at 2 am and was even late for work the next day. It's that kind of novel. <<less
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Freyalily rated it
June 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Trust me, you will definitely regret it if you don't read this.

HE guys, and very nice ending.

Im glad she choose the main ML, as for the 2nd ML, I think he deserved it, no happy ending for your shitty attitude.

The world building is quite fresh, interesting and cool for me.

... more>>

I agree MC say that, ML and 2nd ML is not the same person.



Im quite uncomfortable about the arc where the ML have fox soul.

I dont mind when she doesn't know it wasn't him, but after knowing it wasnt the ML, she still treat the fox like ML to make him jealous.


The MC is very intelligent in IQ and EQ, but I love the ML more, I love his character, he really struggling to live and struggle to help MC, the ML never give up on MC in each arc, no matter in the 1st or 2nd life, no matter how bad she was, or how good she is now. He really love her whole heartedly. He sacrifice a lot for her, and the MC also fall in love with him very deeply in the end


at first she was using the ML in the first arc, but she starting to like him in the 2nd arc, like slowly turning into love



She went black and mad when the ML is 'dead'

She cant accept the reality that theres no more ML, and thought the real world shes in is another trial (arc), she tried killing herself thinking to end the 'trial', she almost dead that time fortunately rescued by her brother.

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ragingmisandrist rated it
October 1, 2023
Status: --
I actually really love the premise, fl, ml, and especially the satisfying ending but I would have liked it more if there wasn't so many casual mentions of s.a.

Like it's almost every single arc she is almost assaulted or someone is instead of her.

I get that it's supposed to be a dark story but it really could have been better if the simulation's villian wasn't always a rap!st. They could have been a cannibal or cult leader and it would have had the same scary affect without the same uncomfortable... more>> scenes over and over again. <<less
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Karlysle rated it
June 13, 2023
Status: Completed
I just finished reading this. Time check: 1:38 am. I couldn't put this book down. It's heartbreakingly good. I cried so much towards the end, and this book has one of the most satisfying endings I've read so far. The way the MC schemed, outsmarted and planned her 'revenge' to all the people who didn't even give her the chance to try to defend herself.

... more>>

The ML is so good, he is the best. They loved each other so much that none of the men who liked our FL as well ever stood a chance.



I loved that FL didn't end up with the King. He didn't deserve her at all.

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TenkaDXS rated it
May 17, 2023
Status: Completed
Great novel, but maybe don’t go past the fourth world when you’re feeling fragile, it’s really logical and completes the novel, but it gets pretty abusive with a lot of angst and feelings that you can’t really resolve until the conclusion as there is less faceslapping or quick revenge on antagonists so unless you really want a good cry I’d suggest waiting for a time when you’re feeling better to read the end of the novel. So you’d appreciate the emotionally heavy last plot lines.
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MusicFromMiles rated it
July 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Just finished reading it, and it was amazing. At first glance you would think this is a revenge type face slapping novel but it is so much more. The plot for each world or trial the MC is actually pretty good and creative especially the more superhero like one. If you're a fan of livestream novels of protagonist in another world then you would love this. The comments part although basic is actually pretty fun to read especially when they are screaming for their cp.

The romance for me is the... more>> best and was looking forward to see where it was going and luckily it ended beautifully. I read a bit of spoiler of who was going to be the ML but damn I really didn't expect that twist and I understand and happy it concluded that way. The ML is a freaking sweetheart and the FL is equally crazy about this guy as much as he is to her. Another worth it mtl read <3 <<less
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frostcrystal rated it
January 7, 2024
Status: Completed
It's decent. I saw another reviewer mention Strategy to Capture Men, and I can absolutely see the similarities between the two, though I also agree with that reviewer that this one doesn't match up.

I really like the concept of this novel, but the execution slips up for me. I usually like QT only where there's a strong overarching plotline, and I super enjoy how MC is using real world concepts in the virtual world and vice versa. It's very clever. Not so sure about the plausibility of a reality TV... more>> show that affects criminal sentencing, but... I can live with it.

The weakness of the novel so far are firstly, the trials. They're very hit or miss for me. Two have been really good and two have not been very compelling. I also have very little tolerance for 2D cannon fodder - they're annoying when they're topdog, and then when they get their slapdown I feel so bad for them that I skip their comeuppance. So I've been finding it difficult to push through when there's a lot of cannon fodder in play.

Secondly, both MC and ML are very powerful (almost Mary-Sueish powerful) right from the start. I wish that there had been a more gradual curve. I think I would have enjoyed watching them slowly get more and more powerful, rather than the sudden enormous, almost unbelievable jump in strength between the prologue and Chapter 1.

Finally and maybe most important, there is a sort of veneer of unrealism about the novel. At heart, it's a Cinderella story with a twist, and there's a lot of love at first sight and magical gilded genius MC stuff that I find difficult to swallow. I'm afraid to say that I actually was not too invested in the romance because of this, so the ending fell a bit flat for me.

However, I did still finish it even if it took a bit of struggling, so if it seems like it would be your thing, go ahead and try it out! <<less
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Sonu rated it
December 10, 2023
Status: Completed
I liked reading this novel. The extra chapters were my favorite because it showed me the ending that I was eager for... Not every virtual trial were up to my liking but by the end of the story I can’t wait to finish it in one go with twist and turn about ML... god I became a CP fan of MC and ML... I would have really really given this novel a 4 star if not for the fact that ending was satisfactory for me... and the world background of... more>> the land and born landowners was very interesting... <<less
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Geet rated it
October 12, 2023
Status: --
I love this novel. I always liked the novel with strong FL and this is perfect for me. I love the fact that FL is strong and beautiful. She knows what’s she is doing. Not entirely depending on ML. Some of the novel I read, the reborn one, I don’t know why FL thinks that she has marry this person to get the revenge and fell in love easily. You are reborn so you should have been strong, not looking for man to help you. It’s depends on novels as... more>> well. I am not against ML but it’s depends on the story if the ML is needed is needed in earlier or later part of the story. Treat how they treat You. <<less
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Vakkerbela rated it
March 9, 2023
Status: c175
Read this with MTL to the end and it was beautiful. MC is strong, smart and always finds a way out of traps since she was reborn. ML is definitely powerful but he never overshadows her and he's so sweet, never overbearing.

Just 175 chapters and there's like 5 worlds so obviously the arcs are not very long and conflicts are resolved quickly which is a blessing.

... more>>

At first I thought relationship between MC and ML was too imbalanced despite the fact that they both loved each other, but her spending so long waiting for him at the end made me feel like she pulled her own weight.

Another thing I liked was that the antagonists in the survival show didn't get over the top retaliations. Except the criminals at the end, everything the antagonists did was in a 'virtual world' so it would have been weird for them to go through hell because of it in reality.


Overall great story and really deserving of my 5 star review. <<less
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Angelicain rated it
March 8, 2023
Status: --
Absolute must read!! Romance is incredibly touching, and no red flags is involved their love for each other is so touching and ends in a happy ending. MC is also incredibly smart, most of the plot is of her outsmarting everyone and genuinely proving her ability to people, not just another cliche white lotus MC or someone who just relies on the ML to save the day. Try it if anything about the tags, reviews or genre interests you, I promise this will quickly be your favourite!
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Loganlock rated it
November 10, 2022
Status: Completed
Omg, this is so gooddd!!! Really love it so muchh! Both the storyline & characters development have been developed very well. Also love the extra chaps that kind of give a good completed story endings. Everyone should give it a try. Recommended <3

p.s: I read it mostly on asianovel & some chaps on shubaow (using translated page) for the 2-3 missing chapters.
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Caffae rated it
July 11, 2022
Status: c108
Love her character and just the way romance and fate doesn’t mean everything. Unexpected twists throughout the book and it’s just one of the best novels I’ve read. Love shy ML too. Sweet fluffy fic with the quick transmigration feel and some villain bashing
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June 17, 2022
Status: c1
I'm just starting it, so I don't have any right to really rate it fairly yet. I'm only rating it 5 right now because the concept alone has REALLY caught my interest. This has huge potential. I don't know where to MTL it, so I'm praying the translators stick with it. I'm nudging you, Foxy!! 😘
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