Ex Rank Supporting Role’s Replay in a Prestigious School


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When I cleared the final chapter of a game that was a national failure, I became an unnamed side character in it.

A non-standard, unmeasurable, EX rank supporting character.

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명문고 EX급 조연의 리플레이
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New seekingsnow rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: c142
The story is really good, however the translation is not.

The names change so many times and the pronouns are all over the place.

Although it gets much better for a few chapters, it goes back to how it was.

The storyline is interesting. The characters are written well and I'm very curious about the other students in class 1-0. The MC is OP in the sense that he pretty much knows everything that's going to happen and can prevent them. He's smart, except when it comes to Snare he becomes an idiot...... more>> It's a bit annoying but also funny.

Overall, a 4.5/5 for the plot and 2/5 for the translation. <<less
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New omgquiznak rated it
August 25, 2021
Status: c72
The translation is all over the place. Mixed up pronouns, weird sentence structure, constantly changing character and skill names. Inconsistent naming and translation.

It's readable but it's a mess. In the 50~ to 60 chapters the bad translation is absolutely thriving and you could spot a mistake almost every other sentence.

Some examples of bad translation:

    • Words in Korean w/o T/N or explanations: "Jecheondaeseong", "Gugutakyesulrak", "Songhwa Dasik Songhwa"
    • Aegyo gets translated to aggro
    • Weird phrases that don't make sense: "God of God", " (a dog) penetrated into my arms", "and a series of course"
    • Skill and character name change: "Eushin">"Joshin">"Ui-shin", "Destiny">"Fate", "Snare">"Olmu">"Reid (?) "
    • One of my favourite example is this teacher who (I'm guessing) is called Zhugeul Jae-gul whose name somehow through bad translation, turned into Jaegal Jaegeol or Jegal Ja-gul, and to Zhugeul Jagger, then into Zhugele and Zhuge Liang.
The novel seems fun to read, the characters all have (actual) personality, the plot has something interesting to it, but there are a lot of parts that seem unclear and vague. I'm not sure if it's due to the author or the translation. The translation definitely affects the reading experience, that's for sure. I keep on wondering 'Who is this character' because the names keep on changing.

Edit: The previous parts were written when I was at chapter 50-70. The translation has improved tremendously especially starting from chapter 80, though I'm sure it could still improve more.
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Kii rated it
March 17, 2021
Status: c70
Honestly this is a prime example of a good novel being ruined by horrendous translations. You could even argue that just finding the raws yourself and doing a google translation could be better, because at least they won't change the terminology 3 times.

Ignoring the translation quality itself, you can tell that the story itself is good, even while trying to sift through and understand what sense you can make out from the jigsaw puzzle of a translation. Long story short, the protagonist got into the game he played as random... more>> student A (with some isekai cheats because thats how it always goes) and his main goal at the point of I'm reading is to prevent the bad endings that the characters go through. There is also

some alliance of people protecting Korea in the story that has an obvious zodiac reference which feels really interesting.


All in all, while the story looks to be really good with potential to be great, I sincerely hope that another translation group picks this up or they improve the translation quality, because holy moly its really terrible. (rating is 4 only for the story itself, would give translation quality 0/5) <<less
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June 27, 2021
Status: c1
I try my best. I really do but the translation really suck and it didnt work well with me as I am a forgetful person and couldnt keep up with the changes for the names. I honestly want to read it til the end tho cuz the plot is interesting and people say that translation is good around ch 70. I will give up for now and hope there is a better translation for the old ch in the future.
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Unna666 rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: c476
I'm literally in love with this book.

It gets even better once it reaches chapter 100.

When they are more chapters translated (and when the translation gets better), I'm almost certain that this could be as popular as tr*sh of the Count's Family, the Novel's Extra and the S-Classes that I Raised because how similar these are. But even though they give off a similar in the vibe, it's a completely different and original story.

It's so sad to find out what would've happened to all the characters if the main character hadn't... more>> intervened T-T.

Conclusion: The plot and world building are top tier. The characters are excellent. But the translation sucks ass. <<less
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wondermity rated it
July 13, 2021
Status: c112
The 5 stars is for the story only.

Translation quality is very inconsistent. Although the latest chapters are better than the earlier ones in my opinion, at the moment it's clear that it's just an edited mtl.

A rather lazily edited one too -- does it really take that much effort to make a glossary to make sure you don't call the school "Silver Advertising"?

For now I'm just going to skip reading this until it gets translated properly since I'm already on chapter 301 of the actual mtl, so why bother.
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September 3, 2020
Status: c286
The story is fun but it was difficult to keep up in the beginning. As the story progressed, the more it became interesting but there's so many useless talks or conversation written in the story. The MC knew everything literally, he's the only one who knows the world. You might feel like there's not enough explanation in the middle of the development that's happening but the author always solved it eventually. The MC is like the apostle of happiness who always intervenes to solve the problem, he's a man who's... more>> trying to bring happiness to his friends and beloved ones. I agree with the Korean readers that the title does not match with the story. It's the most uninteresting title for a novel who's main theme is close to gag comedy.

The advantage is the proper harmony or balance of cliche and cliche plot twist, and the carefully designed worldview. Although the story itself is full of cliche plot, it matched the genre comedy. The sentence is concise. And the world building and the way author explained the story is really good. <<less
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LiuWhite rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: c78
First, the translation sucks. Like, reallyyyy sucks. But that got better after around ch70. Hey, the name changed so many times I thought they got some new clone or something.

Okay, anyway. In the first five chapters, it's kinda confusing if you're not really into this modern-isekai-type. But if you focus on the story (or the MC minds/theories he blabbered as narations) rather than the battle actions, you can guess what the stories before those first five chapters. The translation got more f*cked around ch 40 because they keep changing the... more>> characters alias/name/ability in one chapter.... ya, that much.


it's hilarious to see Jaegal-Jaegol name changed to so many names like Zegal Zherrgul or something lol sorry. And the alias they have as a player not translanted properly, they're just changing those long +3 words alias to the romaji.


Oh, ya, thank you for fixing the translations to a better one ;D but you better edit the chapters when you have the time, translators. I hope more people can read this with a proper understanding because the plot is interesting and amazing, also here's some peek about the MC


MC overpowered but he sincerely want to change his 'playable characters' original fate. And, the MC keep reminding me that he IS INSIDE of a game so I hope he can have a proper relationship with them as a person (proper human) rather than as his loved characters from game T.T

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aShinyVaporeon rated it
November 16, 2020
Status: c25
It just seems that the translator (NovelMultiverse) didn't do the best job TLing, although it is being TL'd at a very a quick speed. The translation is dry in tone and the TL didn't bother to do much beyond direct translation, so it reads similarly to MTL. Names can be inconsistent and grammar is often off, making the story a lot harder to understand. Thus, my review may be somewhat off.

Premise Summary:

... more>>

The MC, a terminal lung cancer patient, dies and transmigrates into the urban fantasy, school life mobile game he'd been addicted to for 10 years, a game with a huge budget that still failed miserably in the market due to unbalanced gameplay and bugs, among other things.

He becomes a just-graduated middle school student (KR high school freshmen are 16-17 I think) taking his high school entrance exam to get to the main setting of said mobile game, a prestigious high school for professional superhuman ability users (who are referred to as "players").


Review for the actual novel: 3.5/5, rounded up

Our MC gets some pretty high-ranked skills and a game interface as a cheat, as well as some perks from his progress in the game before he died and transmigrated. He's a goody-two-shoes that eliminates crime and stuff in secret, so if you'd prefer a more edgy MC, this is not your novel. <<less
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Pamey rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c105
Okay. I binged all the chapters. I honestly couldn't wait to post my review, because I have so much to say.


It's interesting, something right up my alley. I also enjoy the protagonist and other characters. This novel has the potential to be far more popular, and the rating could be much higher - no doubt. If you are looking for fantasy, action themed novel with no romance and annoying characters - you might like this one.

... more>> Translation:

*exhale* well, well, well... First 66 chapters? Like many people have said already - looks like mtl with minimal editing <sometimes it even looked like the editor didn't really read the story and just skimmed through looking for more eye-catching errors; if it was not the case - I apologise, but also you can't blame me alright, It was really bad and some of the things could be easily edited hence my doubts>. The most annoying parts of the translation - inconsistency. The switching between names (with Cho/Jo Ui-shin/Eui-shin, Lena/Irena/Lenna, being one of the two examples) or mixing up the povs (using "I" and "he" one after another, sometimes I wasn't sure from whose perspective am I reading or maybe the character was talking about someone else, who knows).

BUT even though I compared it to mtl, it is still more readable <it still doesn't make it a great experience>, that is why I was able to power through the poorly written chapters (1-66) to the properly edited and translated ones.


If you are someone who is not familiar with reading mtl or it's your first time reading a novel within this genre, then it might be hard, however if you are willing to power through - good luck and from the chapter 67 onwards it's going to be a smooth sailing.

If you are someone who is just unable to read poorly translated chapters - let's hope the first 66 chapters get properly edited or just re-written <manifesting>

If you are familiar with these types of settings and are quick-witted enough to read the first 66 chapters with just a tiny bit of difficulty - then proceed. After ch67 it's exponentially getting better, I swear.

The rating is mainly for the plot and to reward person who is tl-ing 67+ chapters. Kudos for that. <<less
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Baldingere rated it
March 12, 2021
Status: c75
Starting point: a nationnal korean game became a well-known failure, booed by the whole gamer community. MC is a hardcore fan of the game, played it again and again, played all the characters and tried every playroute, but it always ends tragically. MC did his best in life, but after finally getting a job, learns he has a terminal disease and holes himself up to play the game until his death. After ten years of playing the game, the final chapter is uploaded: everybody is dead. MC is very frustrated,... more>> dies then wakes up in the game, as a side-chara, one destined to die that day due to a monster. He will do his best to save all the characters of the game and change the ending, with his suspiscious cheat skills and narrow knowledge of the future tragedies.

The story is very cool: it totally owns up to it's tags, it's funny, there are fights and school life like studying and making friends, the science-fi elements don't really matter but the fantasy elements are interesting and complex, it makes for good world building. The side-characters have a personality.

MC is OP, which is necessary because he has to deal with many schemes right off the bat, but has room for growth and the info he has can only help him at the beginning. His personality is a good responsible smart guy. He loves the game and feels a responsability for all the characters, he loves them and wants to help them. <<less
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Gigz rated it
August 25, 2020
Status: c5
It is far too early to give a decent review but here are some of my thoughts.

The story has a strong start, which kept me invested and immersed. I could actually feel the emotion behind the MC, who was left struggling and hopelessly dedicated to a failing game. This particularly appeals to me as I’m always playing failing games like the MC did.

The transfer to the main plot was executed more beautifully than most other world transfer stories.

His presumable death was slow, painful, and depressing. It felt amplified further with his neighbor attempting to save him. The use of dreams as a transition made me feel a little light headed, which somehow made the experience more wild? I can’t tell if I was just too immersed or I drank something awful earlier.

I can’t describe it well, but it’s better to just read it firsthand.

However, when the main plot with (a lot of) game elements begins, my immersion was kinda broken because I was heavily confused with what was going on. The MC seems to know what’s up, since this is apparently just a rerun of the game’s plot, but I’m still confused with the setting, the surroundings, and the people. There is little description to imagine off of. The story tells that it’s a middle school or something, and there’s a test going on. But the only person we know at all is MC. I just nodded through the rest of the chapters thinking, “Yeah so MC is doing this and these other people want to survive and are doing stuff. I think.” This would probably work better as a manhwa so I can get a better sense of the surroundings and characters. Despite the current plot being confusing, it also feels a bit predictable right now, and a bit cliche. Honestly it kinda feels like the Novel’s Extra.
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