Ex Rank Supporting Role’s Replay in a Prestigious School


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When I cleared the final chapter of a game that was a national failure, I became an unnamed side character in it.

A non-standard, unmeasurable, EX rank side character.

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EX Rank
EX Rank Side Character's School Replay
명문고 EX급 조연의 리플레이
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49 Reviews

New Novirp13
Sep 16, 2023
Status: c626
Unfortunately, some chapters still have a very bad translation. They say they'll fix it alongside the daily update tho, so don't worry. Beside that, this novel is awesome as heck! It's a story about Isekai, where the main character, Euishin, get transported into a failed game (they called it failed because the game don't exactly have a fanbase with how crappy their story is, hence no one want to use real money to gacha. Or even play the game itself) and he decided to help this world reach a happy... more>> ending instead. I like how the author foreshadowed things from way, way back then and always remembered every single details that turned out to be important in latter chapters. Everyone is important. If author give em a name, then they'll play a role sometimes soon. All the characters have a unique personalities. Even Euishin acted like a clown sometimes. He's definitely a fanboy, always on his 'playable characters' side no matter how cringey they are lol. This novel is still ongoing and per chapters is actually kind of short. My suggestion is that you should wait till this novel updated for, like, 10 or 20 chapters before you continue on reading. Because some of the cliffhanger are kinda mean! Will edit this review when the novel is finally complete <<less
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New Ryoiki
Sep 08, 2023
Status: illustrations
The novel was going okay. But I feel that the first few chapters went well. Until I got to chapter 16.

the search for the dog is irrelevant. He said he is going out of his way to find a dog that died because it made the female lead cry.
The f*ck

bro. Does that help the plot. Except maybe to get you in her good graces.

Maybe the most pointless thing he has done in 16 chapters.
who knows what other pointless things he is going to do as the chapters go... more>> on.

2 out of 5

because it is slightly better than a 1star <<less
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Mar 17, 2021
Status: c70
Honestly this is a prime example of a good novel being ruined by horrendous translations. You could even argue that just finding the raws yourself and doing a google translation could be better, because at least they won't change the terminology 3 times.

Ignoring the translation quality itself, you can tell that the story itself is good, even while trying to sift through and understand what sense you can make out from the jigsaw puzzle of a translation. Long story short, the protagonist got into the game he played as random... more>> student A (with some isekai cheats because thats how it always goes) and his main goal at the point of I'm reading is to prevent the bad endings that the characters go through. There is also

some alliance of people protecting Korea in the story that has an obvious zodiac reference which feels really interesting.


All in all, while the story looks to be really good with potential to be great, I sincerely hope that another translation group picks this up or they improve the translation quality, because holy moly its really terrible. (rating is 4 only for the story itself, would give translation quality 0/5)

Update 11/06/2021

There has been a new group translating and they look to have done a much better job than multiverse at the moment, hope they keep up the great work! <<less
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Jun 03, 2021
Status: c905
I'm literally in love with this book.

It gets even better and better.

When they are more chapters translated (and when the translation gets better), I'm almost certain that this could be as popular as tr*sh of the Count's Family, the Novel's Extra and the S-Classes that I Raised because how similar these are. But even though they give off a similar in the vibe, it's a completely different and original story.

It's so sad to find out what would've happened to all the characters if the main character hadn't intervened ... more>> T-T.

Conclusion: The plot and world building are top tier. The characters are excellent. But the translation sucks ass. <<less
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Sep 25, 2021
Status: c153
List of Self-sacrificial MC's I love with all my heart and want to choke at the same time:

1. Cale Henituse

2. Kim Dokja

... more>> 3. Cho Euisin

God, I love Cho Euisin (MC) so much. He's like everybody's dependable older brother. If you have a problem, go to him and he will give you solid advice or give you extra courage. He will come save you if he knew that you're in a situation where you need help. He's not like those OP MC's who doesn't give a sh*t about anyone anymore just because they became OP/famous (or become generally dimissive *cough*Sung Jinwoo*cough*). He actually wants everyone (those who deserve it) to become happy, even if they were just his acquaintances. He doesn't kill nilly-willy, but that doesn't mean that he's a softie either (he subjects his enemies to torture instead what a chad).

Maybe it's because he acknowledges, more than anyone, how important life is, as someone who previously died of cancer.

He has traumas and it doesn't get magically solved in one chapter, he actually works on it by facing it. I could talk about this man all day and this review box won't be enough for it, that's how much I love him.

Then, there's his classmates and allies. His classmates and other supporting characters actually have character developments on their own.

Even Hwang Jiho (the guy next to him in the cover; also the school's negligent Principal and a literal god) knows that he f*cked up and seeks to improve the school and his interpersonal relationships. That might've been because he was depressed and could not give a sh*t anymore (there were four tigers including him, one died and the other two were punished and so he became alone for centuries), but thanks to Euisin fixing things, he now has many things to care and protect and he's doing so rather vigorously (he's going to be the first one to choke Euisin out of his self-sacrificing tendencies lmao)

They all have their own circumstances they're struggling with and maybe due to that, they're very understanding and empathetic.

The villains are either A. Really bad guys that needs to be smited from the face of the earth or B. Became bad guys because circumstances made them so (which you could sympathize with).

Overall, this novel is easily a 5/5, the translations could be improved (PLEASE IMPROVE EVEN AN EDITOR WOULD BE NICE PLEASE I'LL GIVE KO-FI FOR THE LOVE OF GOD; how to apply as an editor because I totally could shelve a few hours in my busy day for the sake of editing this masterpiece) and well, I tried to mtl this once and it was 50x more awful than the translations. Even understanding one sentence was a struggle. <<less
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Jun 27, 2021
Status: c1
I try my best. I really do but the translation really suck and it didnt work well with me as I am a forgetful person and couldnt keep up with the changes for the names. I honestly want to read it til the end tho cuz the plot is interesting and people say that translation is good around ch 70. I will give up for now and hope there is a better translation for the old ch in the future.
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Nov 21, 2021
Status: c170

This will help you get a general idea about terms/events/names and help understand the further chapters available on NovelMultiverse better. Translation at NM is... wonky. The first 75 or so chapters were nearly fully MTL and then it improved for a while before plummeting back to cryptic machine language around 115. Then it improves again around 150....🤥 It's an arduous ride. One that not many appreciate or got the patience for.

Well the story itself is a solid 4⭐ for me (i upped it to... more>> 5⭐s cause the rating here is teetering on the brink of dropping below 4). I like the world-building and plot even though I'm struggling to enjoy/find the flow of the story because of the poor translation. And I must say, I LOVE this MC!! This is the 'kind MC' type that I like. He's that smart big brother who keep toiling away silently in the background to make sure his family/friends remain safe sound and happy. The fiercely protective sort that doesn't mind getting his hands dirty to protect the people he like. And like all my favorite MCs he too have that accursed habit of disregarding his own self for the safety of his friends. Oh and did I mention that he's a BIIIIG dog lover?!! The sort that buys out the entire store cause they can't decide what to get as their pupper/doggo will look great in everything! Yup~ the best sort!

And even tho there's no romance for MC there's nothing stopping anyone from building ships!! And there are just so many possible ships!!! Some of them are real with the rest having varying probability of becoming real~


• OrgML, Joo Su-hyukx OrgFL An Da-In. they be crushing on eachother so hard that everyone around them just try and help them get together

• Genius painter with social anxiety, Min Green x Song Dae-seok, the satellite otaku with social anxiety.

• The blue violinist, Kwon Jae-in x The Butterfly Lady Na Bi-ryeong, who wants to stop the storm instead with the flapping of her wings🦋

• Red Tiger x Ungnyeo of Sorrows (Bear clan) they were married and even had a child.

• A 5000yr old half tiger-half bear troublemaker child, Kim Shin-rok x Yong Je-gun, the cyan dragon with weird smile and hobbies

• Dedicated master nagger Jang Nam-wook x master of bad dad jokes and unpunny puns, Do Shi-hoo

• The orgML's cousin, the reserved, cold President type Joo Su-gyeom x Oh Hye-ji, the one the family elders were trying to set orgML (JSH) up with.

• The Blue Jade Poet who teaches a bunch of obsessive fans students, Jegal Jae-geol x Hong Kyu-bin, His first student and the sly team leader of the Player Association's Team 1.

•And finally My favorite ship-

MC x White Tiger!!

They've got such a old married couple vibe going and the rest of the gang are all just their kids and siblings😌


Imma go MTL the rest cause things have just started getting interesting!

_____________ _____________ ___________

Well... MTL follows a 30-30-30 split. 30% understood, 30% inferred and 30% pure assumption. The rest, the unmentionable 10% is oohlalalaooleloo. pure gibberish. Especially the names

Moonlight Tax, Thanksgiving, Lunar New Year, Glass, Stone/Marble, Army, Emporer/Empress, Zegul Jagger, Public Hearing, Scratch Girl, Screaming Girl, Holy See, The Fever...😅😭

My brain's gone into overdrive deciphering who it corresponds to

41 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 27, 2022
Status: c300
Translation quality has a BIG effect on this novel. I think it's a complicated novel to translate (lots of Korean myths etc.), so it goes through like 5 translators lol. If you read Waffles' early chapters and are interested, I'd stick it out through the badly translated chapters because it's a good novel and eventually gets picked up by a good TL (as of now).

Common TL errors in the badly translated chapters include:

... more>>
  • different names from each translator (not really a TL error, but it sure is hard to keep the characters straight)
  • not translating easy-to-TL places of names/groups (why not just translate 'bear' as bear instead of the original KR lol. Got really hard to recognize which group was which)
  • messed up pronouns (we know she's female... why'd you use 'he' etc. KR pronouns are hard, but if the previous translator has confirmed that this MAIN character is female for many chapters already...)
  • 1st person novel seems to suddenly be 2nd person sometimes?

My summary of TL Quality:


Waffles' early chapters are well-translated. I compared a few to NovelMultiverse's early chapters and it's like heaven and hell. Recommend reading Chapter 1-37 with Waffles because NovelMultiverse is ouph early on.

37-70 is currently unfortunately rather painful to read on NovelMultiverse.

Around chapter 70, a good TL shows up, but drops the novel around Chapter 100.

Chapter 100-171 is rather painful to read, about the same or slightly better than 37-70 imo. Around 163, a new TL shows up briefly with better TLs, but drops it quickly.

Chapter 171 is when a good translator starts translating and stays all the way (as of now).



Waffles 1-37 good

NovelMultiverse 37-70 pain

NovelMultiverse 70-100 good

NovelMultiverse 100-171 mostly pain, brief interlude with a good TL

NovelMultiverse 171-now good. Thank you, translator!

I think this novel might be a little confusing if you don't know Korean stories (it is for me), but I like the characters a lot. (Ex: At the start, I was confused about alignment, but it's: bears mostly bad, tigers good). Though, the confusion is probably from a wonky translation + Korean myths I'm unfamiliar with.

The characters are quite lovable. I had to struggle and figure out who was who because of the bad early TL from NovelMultiverse, but even then, I really like the characters. I think they're the best part of the novel, not that the plot is lame either. I really appreciate how the early characters are still relevant 300 chapters later. The characters just feel really human and not flat.

The novel is the type of novel in which a smart and kinda powerful MC basically tries to prevent the whole world from going to sh*t by saving the 'game' characters and befriending them while doing so. The interactions are wholesome! I really appreciate how the NPCs+playable characters aren't just treated as robots after being successfully 'saved' but are genuinely treated as friends by the MC and play important roles later on. The plot is also pretty interesting; some twists surprised me and were set up well. Not a lot of tension in fights yet since the MC arranges everything well and prevents most losses, but I feel like (at Ch. 300) the plot hasn't really reached the big boss battles or anything so it's probably gonna be really hype later.

The MC's characterization briefly confused me because he seemed like a loser in his original world but suddenly became really smart in the new world, but it's eventually explained later why he's smart.

He's a top tier chess player that knows the 'game' he got transported into really well, so ofc he'd do well. He also has high pain tolerance due to cancer so... MC adapts well.

Really later... like idk 100 chapters later. MC seems kinda bland at first, but you realize that he's just like a protective mama bear and genuinely cares for his friends. You also find out why his life was kinda tragic despite his intelligence.


Successful chess player, but his entire family died in accident while he was away competing, so he has some trauma he faces when he picks up playing chess again. Character development whooo


Basically: good novel with great characters, but it's hampered by its translation quality <<less
31 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 16, 2022
Status: c469
Character Guide:

This was written while reading the NovelMultiverse translation, but will be updated with waffles' translated names as well.

... more>>


Cho Euishin: The main character. Vice president of year 1 class 0. People say he looks really suspicious when he thinks. Gained the player code name "Unknown Supernova" because of his actions during Silverlight's entrance exam, and nickname "Phantom Thief of the Red Barrier" when he burned the Fantasy Auction. [NM: Also "Jo Euishin", "Jo Ui-shin", etc.]

Bestowed Light: a player's unique skill. also translated as "gwanglim" or "light skill" by NM. It is said that it cannot be copied or mimicked.

The unknown entity in Wealth and the Weight of Life: Can take potential in exchange for wealth or lifespan. Takes interest in Euishin because Sorrowful Ungnyeo did too.

Eukwang/Silverlight: The player-focused high school where the majority of the story takes place.

Landwing Union (Jiikhoe) : The union at Eukwang High, run by students, responsible for looking after students, especially at the dormitory.

The Four Major Groups: Hwangmyeong Foundation (owned by Tiger Clan), Namgung (Related to Namgung Gyuyeon and Hong Gyubin), Joo-Oh (Related to Joo Soohyeok and Oh Hye-ji), and TC Group (associated with Do Wonwoo and King of Ships on the Do (T) side, associated with Cheon Dongha and Cheon "Eunha" on the Cheon (C) side).



Joo Soohyeok: Main hero of the game. Friendly, earnest guy with a rich background - grandson of the Chuo group. In Class 2. Melee/dual sword fighter. [Translated "Joo Soo-hyuk" by NM]

An Dain: The "Magic Bullet Marksman." Main heroine of the game. Ranged gun fighter. Special constitution suppresses curses and poisons around her. In Class 1.

Maeng Hyodon: Close combat martial artist, joo soo-hyuk's friend from middle school in basketball. He was used by his father & by Choi Pyeondeok to become an underground pit fighter for the rich. Retrieved by Cho Euishin. [Also "Meong Hyo-don", etc.]

Do Wonwoo: the "Wedge of Steel" student council president. Good at crowd control/entrapment, can produce & manipulate steel chains and electrocute people thru them. A fool in love for Yoo Sanghee. Cousins with Do Shihu. Has support from TG group.

Yoo Sanghee: the "Wild Healing Wind" and sang-hoo's older sister (likely half-sibling). In the original timeline she signed contracts with many gods in order to avenge Sanghoo's death.

Yoo Sanghoon: A fellow student, caught up in beginning incident with Euishin. He plays basketball. [NM: Also Yoo Sang-hoo]

jang nam-wook: student caught up in beginning incident with euishin, enrolled in military academy school instead of silverlight academy. upright and sociable. he tends to nag to express his concern.

Do Shihoo: Jang Namwook's suspicious but easygoing roommate at Military Academy High, who has the ability to take on others' appearances. Cousins with Do Wonwoo. [NM: Also Shihu, Sihu, Sihoo] SPOILER: His light skill was used to bind the Monkey King's family under the river.

Yeom Joonyeol: Descendant of dragon tribe. Skill, "Remote Ignition, " can remotely ignite embers he places in advance. Bestowed Light, "Red Dragon Summoning, " increases firepower and manifests a red dragon. Hates his nickname, "Little Red Dragon." [NM: Also "Yeom Jungyeol", "Yeom Jungyeol", etc.]

Lee Lena (Kwon Lena) : Classmate with psychic powers. Has bad parents who tried to get her involved with the underground illegal Fantasy Auction and drove her to attempt su*cide as well, but they got arrested & scared off by Euishin and now she is determined to try playing the violin. Her light skill, "Banquet of Illusions, " can draw designated people into her illusions. [NM: Also "Irene" or "Lena Lee"]

Sawol Seeum: Classmate. His Bestowed Light allows him to transmit and "realize" a message sent by someone that he recognizes (see ch11 for more details). Was going to be sold off at the Fantasy Auction before Euishin rescued him. Note: "Sawol" means "April, " so sometimes he is said to be from the April family. [NM: Also "Sawol Seum"]

Kim Yuri: class president and An Dain's best friend. Her Bestowed Light allows her to channel the power of true gods. It is sealed because she is afraid of it, and she requested to be placed in class 0.

Min Green (Geurin) : classmate. phobia of lots of people? best friend of song dae-sook, son of the head of the han river cycling team. art prodigy.

Song Daesook: classmate. interested in satellite data used to track otherworld dungeon invasions. best friends with min-green. [NM: Also "Song Daesuk."]

Ji Myungsoo: vice president of student council. His light skill, "Shintan's Shooter, " allows him to shoot flashy light attacks.

Han Yi / Hani: A deaf girl in class 0. Proficient in Tae Ho Kwon martial arts. Volunteers at a nursery. SPOILER: Reincarnation of Blue Tiger. (NM Translation: also "Hani.")

Geum Chan & Wang Chan: the comedy duo president and vice president of year 2 class 0. They have very powerful connections through their families.

Park Seunghyeon: A student with a support-type Bestowed Light who is in the chess club. He has the ability "Military Conducted Marching Song, " which greatly increases players' physical abilities and output of psychic waves. He had a problem with being bullied and illegally admitted, but this was resolved by Jo Euishin.

Oh Hye-Ji: A third-year student, president of the student council, and Joo Soohyuk's friend. Their families want them to be engaged (since Oh Hye-Ji's older sister ran away rather than go through with her engagement to Joo Soohyuk's cousin), but they are conspiring to make sure that doesnt happen. Her bestowed light, "Steadfast Walk Under the Moon, " allows her to move quickly when the moon is up.

Ma Jinseung: A second year, a newbie at chess, and Yeom Junyeol's self-proclaimed rival. He has outstanding abilities but has yet to realize his potential. His light skill, "Roar Summoning Meadow, " lets him control the wood/grass element.

Seong Siwan: President of the Landwing Union (Jiikhoe), a student-run union responsible for looking after students. [NM: Also "Sung Siwan"]

Moon Saeron: A student in class 1-2 and the best informant in the newspaper club. Her light skill, 'Eavesdropping Divine Hearing, ' lets her "collect words" from a set area.

Kwak Gyungu: second year student council, double sword wielder #2 after Joo Soohyuk, friend of Yeom Jungyeol. Works as part of the student council association. [NM: Also "Kwak Kyung-gu"]

Bang Yoonseop / Yoonseob: An extra who picked a fight with Joo Soohyeok, became friends, and died in the original. He has a bit of a crooked character, but a good heart. Later, he becomes Maeng Hyodon's senior disciple under the same master.

Cheon Dongha: "the Omniscient." A playable second-year with a strong clairvoyance skill, "Eye Embracing Heaven and Earth". He likes playing chess and is a guest researcher of an institute belonging to the Hwangmyeong group. He does not gossip and is seen as trustworthy.

Mok Wooram: A student of year 1 class 0, who, like his mentor, is in search of a muse; he eventually finds one in Kwon Lena.

Dokgo Miro: a delinquent girl who solves her problems wiith violence.

Woo Kihwan: Class president of Year 3 Class 0. Notoriously second place to Do Wonwoo.

Gye Idam: The candidate to run Landwing/Jiikhoe after Sung Siwan graduates. SPOILER: The guy who bullied Jo Euishin in the military, reincarnated. Light skill: Mist of Night Silence, indiscriminately hinders energy waves.

Namgung Gyuyeon: A cadet of Player Military Academy and the Defense Ministry's research institute, who is friends with Do Sihoo and Jang Namwook. She has a habit of digging holes. She is Hong Gyubin's younger sister.

Jung Haeon: A student in Year 2 Class 0 whose hobby is following celebrities. She is Dokgo Miro's big fan.

Choi Younghee: Bang Yoonseob's crush, Joo Soohyuk's middle school classmate. An illegal admittee who had a tr*sh character in the original game, hurting many.

Goo Seulbi: Class 0 classmate. A druid, a student of Merlin, and an attention-seeker. She recently joined hands with Phantom Thief Neon.

Phantom Thief Neon (Ong Gildong) : Class 0 classmate. An attention-seeker who loves fashion, has Seodol's attention, and loves being a thief. Aliases: Luis Perrena

Yeon Garam: A class 0 student in year 2. She is involved with the theatre club.

Heo Chaeah: President of the general club. Helped organize the sports exchange match between the two academies.

Ji Myunsoo: A student council member, friends with Do Wonwoo. Light skill, Levitation, allows a sort of limited telekinesis. He is sociable and gets along well with anyone. Candidate to join Hydrangea Scent.

Yoon Yeorong: A class 0 student from the year younger. She is the Dragon King's shaman candidate.



Choi Pyeondeuk: A corrupt teacher working with the traitorous clans, who wanted students as sacrifices. In the original, he was the teacher of year 1, class 1.

Hong Kyubin: the team leader of the player association's Korean branch's investigation/press management team. He is a teacher Jegal fanboy and is determined to save Jegal by any means possible to pay off an unknown debt. Has Seodol's blessing. SPOILER: formerly of Namgung group. [NM: Also "Hong Gyubin."]

Jegal Jaegeol: Director of the education department and the teacher of year 2 class 0. received blessing of 'thoth, ' which gives him the ability to use 'word magic, ' but in return he cannot lie. as such he is bound to only say what is true. in other words, if he says he will do something, he has to do it. he is also known as the "blue jade poet." (NM - jagal, jegal, jaegul)

Ham Geunhyeong: Director of the student body and the teacher of year 1 class 0. Known as the "Heavenly archer." His Bestowed Light, 'Sharpshooter's Sight and Bow of Light, ' borrows the gazes and divine bow of higher beings who made their names as sharpshooters. Doesn't ask questions but is a great support.

Song Manseok: the Great Iron Arm Hero and the head of the Han River Cycling Team, which leads rescue efforts within the area.

Kim Shinrok: Landwing Union advisor and the teacher of year 1 class 1, unassuming but so good at torture. Descendant of both Tiger & Bear Clan. His royal lineage name is "Jeho" (orange-red silk tiger). (Also "Kim Shinlok" in NM translation)

Noh Yeongmi: Homeroom teacher of year 1, class 2. (NM Translation: Also "Noh Youngmi")

Gong Cheonghwon: A good teacher driven out by Choi Pyundeuk, but brought back at Euishin's request. He taught at Han Yi's orphanage and currently teaches Enemies Theory class. Master of Tae Ho Kwon. He has a connection to Blue Tiger. SPOILER: Reincarnation of the Son of God. (NM translation: "Kong Chung-hwon")

Kwon Jae-in: World famous violin player, graduate of Eukwang high. Plays with psychic violins. She is Kwon Lena's older sister, and leads the world-famous team "Lake of Eternity." Has a connection to yong je-gun. looking to catch a 'butterfly.' Was able to ask the mouse clan a favor to investigate some students. (NM - also "Kwon Jein.")

Jared Lee: Kwon Jaei-in's team member and a former member of the Oath of the Three Knights. He was scouted by the Grand Cross (Knight of the Yellow Rose).

Sun Gukeon: the class president from 15 years ago who established the ji-ik committee at eunkwang high. cousins with sawol seum? euishin gets a lot of comparisons to him. currently a political player ad lawkmaker, goal to have a world safe from otherworld breakouts. doesnt trust divine clans or their descendents. [NM: Also "Sung Gukeon."]

jeon mu-young: sun guk-eon's party member and bodyguard, nickname 'colorless.' strongest stealth-type in the game. His light skill, "Time Without Shadow, " allows him to hide from even those of royal lineage or higher beings, unless they have a connection to shadow. (Also "Jeon Muyeong.")

joo su-gyeom: joo soohyuk's older workaholic cousin who was going to be engaged to oh hye-ji's older sister before she ran away.

Hong Kyungbok: min green's art teacher, a great hero.

Sawom Semin: Sawom Seeum's uncle who was captured at the auction with him.

Byun Soonhoe: One of the runners of the Fantasy Gate / Fantasy Auction.

Li Wei: A Chinese player sponsored by the Yeomje Divine Farmer, who has a close connection with the Cow/Bull clan.

Im Jihwa: Head of the satellite team that Song Daesok joined.

Im Yeonhwa: Teacher of Year 3 Class 0, and Im Jihwa's younger sister. Cheerful, crazy, very powerful. In a competitive relationship with her class, who constantly wants to beat her. Formerly a cadet of Player Military Academy. [NM: Also 'Lim Yeonhwa', etc]

King of Ships: Do Sihoo's father and a prominent figure in the TC group.

Yeo Raehoon: Saint of Naejang Mountain: A playable character and former monk who enjoys rapping. His skill allows him to guard people, locations, and things very well, and Jo Euishin used his skill to protect Kim Yuri's ribbon at the beginning of the novel. He has an excellent memory and can remember people who he has only met once.

Ryujang: The patisserie, who also serves the Devil King Sidelentium.

Deputy Yoon: Hong Gyubin's deputy.

Team Leader Park: A sort of rival to Hong Gyubin in the department.

Hwangbo Yoon: The principal of the school. She doesn't like attention and took the position on the condition she could hide her face.

Blademaster Heukrim: A martial artist and the team master of Black Forest, one of the top teams of Korea. A young man who dresses and speaks like an old fashioned shaman. The Black Forest regards itself as a religious sect with the goal of eliminating all Demon Race members (demonic clan) who serve the Demon Gods that are hostile to humans.

Baekhwa Nanman: Team master of Hydrangea Scent, one of the top teams of Korea. She has a connection with Hong, a shaman of the Dragon Palace. (Note: her name means white blooming flowers.)

Lee Yeoreum: Kwon Lena/Lee Lena's adoptive older sister. Works as an otherworld management employee in the Namgung Group.



Also translated as "Foreign Tribe" or "Jin Tribe" by NM. Note: They can control their apparent age in human form. Descendents (human-jin mix) cannot fight against their ancestors.

Jeokho: Red Tiger. Because he betrayed the trust of the Tiger Clan, although he was deceived by Sorrowful Ungnyeo into doing so, his name was erased from the myth. His skill, "Red Fog, " allows him to conceal his presence.

Baek Hogun / Baekho-gun: White Tiger. His bestowed light allows him to summon weapons based on his mental strength. See ch6 for more details. He received heavenly punishment and has been confined to the sacred domain with most of his strength sealed, unless he receives permission from the heavens. Silver Tiger's brother.

Hwang Myeongho / Jiho / Cheongho: yellow tiger. As the chairman of the Hwangmyeong Foundation, which is responsible for player safety, he goes by Hwang Myeongho. He is the headmaster in charge of silverlight. has the ability to take different apperances and split into different avatars while in korea; he has an avatar in class 0 named Hwang Jiho, and later on a kid avatar named Hwang Yuho. (NM translation - hwang meongho)

Silver Tiger [Eunho, Cheon Eunha]: He isn't dead, but he "can't open his eyes." SPOILER: Jo Euishin's reincarnated friend.

Ok To-yeon: rabbit tribe, CEO of moon rabbit corporation. close ties with eunho, the white tiger who 'can no longer open his eyes'

Ok To-yoon: To-yeon's older sister (?). she has the power to monitor korea through the moon palace map (Wolgoong Gyedo). best warrior of the rabbit clan.

Sorrowful Ungnyeo: One of the Eight Bear Immortals of the Bear Clan. She can create powerful items. Despite her role in causing Red Tiger's fall, she still cares greatly for him.

Yong Jegeon: Dragon Clan member who is a teacher and chess club advisor at Silverlight. He looks like an old man and has strong spacial powers. To work as a teacher, he signed a contract that adjusted his stats to human-level. Considers Kim Shinrok a good friend. (NM - Yong Je-gun)

Yeom Bangyeol: Chief (?) of the dragon tribe and Yeom Joonyeol's father. Fiercely loving and protective. Also known as "Lord of the Red Flames, " he leads the "Red Lion, " one of the top 5 otherworld-attacking teams.

Olmu/Snare (formerly Cottonball) : the divine beast that lost its power, taking the form of a fluffy white puppy. Originally, it was taken care of by an dain but killed by those jealous of her. [NM: also "Shinsu, " "Shinsoo, " "Olmu, " etc.]

Na Bi-ryoung: butterfly tribe and a 'humble one'. wants to see if she can stop the storm caused by 'the one' but doesnt care about casualties. (NM: also "The Butterfly")

Jeopalgyae Kang-ryup Jeo: head of the pig clan.

Seodol: The wise rat who is the head of the rat clan. He has a hobby of stalking people who are interesting to him, and is Hong Gyubin's sponsor. He also wants to sponsor Wang Chan. Seodol is good with spells.

Hyunmoo: The Black Tortoise. Has powers related to wisdom, guidance, and divination.

The Shapeshifter: Right hand of the Bear Clan.

Hyangrok: The head of the Deer Clan. Makes medicine.

Heukma: "Black Horse" who is the head of the Horse Clan.

Son of God: Wished to become human. Also known as "Cheonja", "Cheonshin", etc.

'The One': someone opposed to heaven and has the greatest reason to hate them...?

Sidelentium: The Crow Devil, or devil of silence, who looks out at the world through the eyes of crows.

Head of the Snake Clan: a minor sponsor of Bang Yoonseob.

Jukho: The tiger from the bamboo painting, only about 500 years old but is the chief spellcaster for the Tiger tribe. He acts as Kim Yuri's teacher sometimes.

Eunho's descendents: The three brothers. Eun Seuho, Eun Iho, Eun Jaeho... they are very attached to Jo Euishin.

Jecheondaesung: "Sun Wukong, " the head of the Monkey Clan. He guaranteed his innocence by giving his headband to Hwang Jiho as collateral. Once a year, he likes to have gatherings to meet the talented younger generation of pretty important groups.

Wu Zhiqi: Jecheondaesung's family. She was sealed under the river using Do Sihoo's light skill by a mysterious group that can forcefully activate light skills, then used as an energy source.

Punbaek and Usa: bear twins behind the Black Screen.

Chokryong/Zhulong: The Torch Dragon and the Wanderlust dragon. One of Yeom Junyeol's other teachers.


Story: 4.5/5

Translation: I read this on NovelMultiverse. Average 2/5, but would give a 4.5/5 for the latest translator. I can't speak for waffles.

Overall Review:

Great plot, interesting characters, quite a few moving pieces. I would highly recommend this story to anyone who is capable of slogging through fairly long periods of nearly unreadable machine translation.

The NovelMultiverse host site seems to employ translators to translate each story, and for Ex Rank, they change the translator multiple times. The translation is okay at the beginning, but degrades pretty rapidly in the middle before improving again around ~ch65-70. Translation problems include: 1) terminology changes; 2) inconsistent naming; 3) mixing up first-person and third-person pronouns, forcing the reader to rely on context clues to piece together who & what is being referred to; 4) awkward sentence flow.

That said, if you can get through the translation, the story itself is quite interesting and engaging. The premise is fairly standard: the MC, Jo Eu-shin, was the only player to clear a certain infamously shitty game to the very end, thus witnessing the tragic end of all the characters he was attached to. When he died, he transmigrated into the world of the game. Jo Eu-shin is driven by a simple but effective motivation: to save all the characters he got attached to from meeting their tragic ends.

While Jo Eu-shin attains powerful allies very early on, the story is still interesting to me because of its large cast and the slowly uncovering conspiracies. Jo Eu-shin's knowledge lets him prevent certain incidents, but by doing so he becomes entrenched in a larger overarching plot by an unknown higher being whose goals in engineering these incidents is what led to the end of the world in the game. But what does this being want exactly? And does it have something to do with the entity who brought Jo Eu-shin to this world in hopes that he could intervene?

If you enjoy the typical sort of transmigration action-suspense story, then this one will probably appeal to you, too.

Other notes:

  • The game's genre is "soft apocalypse" -- specifically, it is a school setting in a modern-day Korea in a world that is constantly under threat by the random dungeons that open up all over the world. To combat this threat, the Player's Association gathers Players (people with special abilities) to fight off the threat from the other unknown worlds.
  • No romance with the MC (as of yet), no harem (as of yet), but the author has a tendency to pair off the side characters.
  • Jo Eu-shin acts maturely according to his mental age. One running joke is that after doing some good deeds, his persona attains a nickname that he finds highly embarrassing because he has long passed the age where he thinks having that kind of flashy name for himself is cool. He is prone to being extremely biased in favor of "his playable characters." Well, he's the guy crazy enough to want to stop the end of the world for their sake after all...
  • Because Jo Eu-shin is concerned with attaining happiness for his favorite characters, the story spends quite a bit of time focusing on daily life, interpersonal relationships, Jo Eu-shin's interactions with his friends, and the emotional development of the side characters. This style of storytelling may not be for everyone.
  • So far, all the introduced cast have interweaving relationships with each other, so they are all relevant and their roles in the story continue to develop. Initially, each character gets one or two memorable traits, so as to make them memorable to the reader; however, as their roles in the story expand, they also gain more depth. I enjoy the sheer number of moving pieces. I've copied my personal (and slightly spoiler-y) guide to the characters introduced thus far. You can use it for reference while reading.
If you can read Korean or do MTL yourself, it may be in your interest to go through the raws yourself -- but if the translation issues don't scare you way, I highly recommend giving this story a go. <<less
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Sep 03, 2020
Status: c286
The story is fun but it was difficult to keep up in the beginning. As the story progressed, the more it became interesting but there's so many useless talks or conversation written in the story. The MC knew everything literally, he's the only one who knows the world. You might feel like there's not enough explanation in the middle of the development that's happening but the author always solved it eventually. The MC is like the apostle of happiness who always intervenes to solve the problem, he's a man who's... more>> trying to bring happiness to his friends and beloved ones. I agree with the Korean readers that the title does not match with the story. It's the most uninteresting title for a novel who's main theme is close to gag comedy.

The advantage is the proper harmony or balance of cliche and cliche plot twist, and the carefully designed worldview. Although the story itself is full of cliche plot, it matched the genre comedy. The sentence is concise. And the world building and the way author explained the story is really good. <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 12, 2022
Status: c37
This is a very good novel, and Waffles did it justice. However, as a veteren MTLer I don't find Novelmultiverse translation hard to read at all, quiet straightforward. As long as you can ignore some inconsistencies you will be golden. For the novel - our MC is very dedicated in saving everyone, his heart is as pure as snow. But he's not a virgin Mary, any bad guys will be subjected to severe repercussions, unless he can't help it. And the punishments are quiet suitable too!

The MC's objective is to... more>> save everyone and in the process of saving he unearthed a lot of backstories that the original game never talked about. So you will feel fresh eventhough it seems like MC able to bulldoze through everything with his OP powers and the game walkthrough. The more he save the more it deviate from the game, so MC still need to use his brain! <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 20, 2021
Status: c78
First, the translation sucks. Like, reallyyyy sucks. But that got better after around ch70. Hey, the name changed so many times I thought they got some new clone or something.

Okay, anyway. In the first five chapters, it's kinda confusing if you're not really into this modern-isekai-type. But if you focus on the story (or the MC minds/theories he blabbered as narations) rather than the battle actions, you can guess what the stories before those first five chapters. The translation got more f*cked around ch 40 because they keep changing the... more>> characters alias/name/ability in one chapter.... ya, that much.


it's hilarious to see Jaegal-Jaegol name changed to so many names like Zegal Zherrgul or something lol sorry. And the alias they have as a player not translanted properly, they're just changing those long +3 words alias to the romaji.


Oh, ya, thank you for fixing the translations to a better one ;D but you better edit the chapters when you have the time, translators. I hope more people can read this with a proper understanding because the plot is interesting and amazing, also here's some peek about the MC


MC overpowered but he sincerely want to change his 'playable characters' original fate. And, the MC keep reminding me that he IS INSIDE of a game so I hope he can have a proper relationship with them as a person (proper human) rather than as his loved characters from game T.T

12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 06, 2022
Status: c54
Interesting take on popular premise.

A smart character with foreknowledge who doesn't come off as a know-it-all. That alone is such a nice change of pace. There's enough new and creative elements that I don't feel guilty for enjoying it.

I'm happy to continue waiting for Waffles' translation.

Which is the only version I can currently recommend. I speak from painful experience.
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Rian Dwiki Indrawan
Rian Dwiki I
May 16, 2022
Status: c203
I really like this.

Long story short, this novel is about a gamer named Jo Eui-Shin who played the very unlikable game for around ten years. So far he was the only gamers known who played that game (kinda like how Dokja's the only one who read Way of Survival). In the end of his life (because of cancer), the game was update for the last time, but the ending was not satisfied Eui-Shin. He then died with a little regret because he can't save his 'playable characters' in that game.
When he woke up, he realized that he was suddenly in that very game he played this whole years. In... more>> the very first chapter nonetheless. So he thought, it was his chance to change the game plot and save the characters he loved.


The plot is smooth (though, a little bit slow) and power system is quiet easy to understand. I like how this novel is more focus on other characters in the POV of MC, Jo Eui-Shin, while at the same time the readers are also given clues here and there about the MC himself. Every supporting character has their own importance to the story. I can say almost all of the characters is not being left behind by the author. Like, the one character was showed up in early chapters, then they never seen again, but dozens chapters later, they are mentioned to actually drive the plot 'till now. And all of more important characters, especially Grade One Class Zero (since they are the main characters) have their share amount of portion to shine.

Jo Eui-Shin, the MC, is also very interesting. He's kind, smart, good-hearted, and always cherished his 'playable characters'. Though, he can be silly sometimes, especially in front of something adorable, but that's one of his charms.
He's not naïve, but not ruthless either. He can beat up his enemies just fine, but when it came to killing, he always hesitated to do so. Before this life, he was a normal human without any exposure to dangerous situation like that, anyway, so that's understandable. That's why in the end of battles it's either the enemy ran away, or being held/killed by someone else.
His role is more like a mastermind. He planned everything, calculate any probability, while guide his friends to do their own roles perfectly so they can level-up. Though, he's not alone. He needs his closest allies (especially Hwang Jiho) to discuss and execute the plan. He can't do it by himself.

Another factor I like this novel is the mystery and question I had about all of it. Just when one question is answered, other questions came. No, actually it goes like answering one question with another question. So, when reader finally knows something, they face with another mystery once again.
Jo Eui-Shin is also a mystery himself, but for other characters in the novel. The readers already know about his skills 'Player Trajectory' and 'Destiny' which actually very rare in mention as too good to be true. But how he hides them from everyone is very fun to read, especially from Hwang Jiho who always full of curiosity. Well, for this, I'm rooting for Jiho to crack a mystery called Eui-Shin. I wanna see Jiho strip Eui-Shin naked from his secrets.


Anyway, for you who hesitate or stop reading because of translation, don't worry. The translation is getting better and the previous bad chapters are already fixed. Though, the teams need time to translate new chapters. But hey! It's fun to re-read it since we keeps got new clues linked to what happened in earlier chapters.



I'm sorry I'm mumbling alot. I just like this novel. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 08, 2023
Status: c865
Recommend! [No spoiler]

Buckle up, because this novel is a whole journey!

Despite the bad translation, I was able to get through the whole story with the latest chapter and my god, it was good.

The plot was amazing, every tiny details was mentioned later on and every events mentioned will actually happen in the novel. There are many cases in novels that an event or arc was mentioned for a moment but was never actually happened in the novel itself. However, in this novel, every event mentioned will happen later on in... more>> the future chapters. Like school events, small quest that was in the game that the MC played will play some part to the plot too.

And because the plot is slow-pacing, you will find details that help you make theories of the future chapters. Many theories was made from the tiny details in the novel and the discussion that we had was so interesting that it make us wait for new chapters every time.

In my opinion, a novel with good and deep plot is when the reader can make theories from it.

The characters, trust me, every characters was unique. They all have different backstory and different personalities, supporting or main characters, I do remember them.

You like a certain character but it might not be important? This novel solves that! Every characters, even minor ones have at least a role in the story it self and it might even becomes important in certain arcs. Their relationships with other characters was also very important, it can help the plot moving forward without forgetting any characters and it can also help the main characters himself.

One of the amazing part of the characters is their relationships, certain characters can have some sort of relationship with other characters and it can affect some what of their character development.

Characters that annoyed you? Don’t worry! The characters themselves is very important and they would play some part in the story, they might even have great characters development!

I do have a character that I hate, but the more I read, the more I see how unique and different that character is.

The main character, my god, I love him so much. He was a good character in my opinion.

His personality was great and his motivation, goal was very clear. He have reasons to do things and he have things that motivate and make him do so.

He, himself is not OP, he needs help from other people and he cannot solves problems by himself. He know how to make plans and how to put his allies into the plan itself to make it reasonable and successful.

Not only that, he was not emotionless or a cruel human. He have people that he wants to protect and support, he treat them with kindness and affection. He always take their safety into account and he would do everything he can to help when he sees them hurt or sad. He wouldn’t disregard their opinion and he would try his best to be with them.

Villain is too weak, his plan was too successful? No worries! It won’t be a smooth plan all the time, his plan can failed by small varieties and the villain themselves is powerful.

The villains themselves was very unique, they have purposes, they have goals, they have relationships and they have backstory. They weren’t those villains who just evil, they have reasons why they want to do this, they have other villains that support them and they play a great part in the story. And of course, they won’t be destroyed or killed by a simple plan, they can get back up again and fight when they gain enough supports.

Not only that, the main villain is also very smart. Although at first, the main character’s plans was going well, late on they might even caught on the main character and create spare plans in case the plan that they created failed.

This part, these chapters is so boring? The chapters where the main characters doesn’t involve into dangerous things and only enjoy his school life and friends can be boring sometimes. But trust me, it helps, those chapters purpose was to provide information and create bonding with other characters, some of them even have good details that you can make your own theories out of. Besides, they were simply a preparation for the “big drop” or the big plot. They helped you understand that characters better and it relaxes your mind before anything bad can happens.

It can also help artist or fanfics writer take resources to create more content for the novel.

You want romance but at the same time no romance? This novels included romance but not as much as you think. Romance in this novel is simply a treat for those who loves to ship characters with characters. What about the main character? He doesn’t have any involvement in romance but there are tiny hints that you can take to ship him with other characters. There were also romance as relationships from other characters together but they won’t disrupt the novel, and instead it would also play a big part in the novel.

The best relationships you can find in this novel is siblings, family and friends relationships. (They are very wholesome)

Why is a chapter so long? Chapters that have no-danger is simply providing you information, like to help us understand the main character, characters in general, their relationships and the plot itself. They might seems useless but it will play a part in the later chapters.

You find the story a bit boring sometimes? My solution was check out the spoiler page! There are many theories out there and there are many moments that you might want to take a look, besides that’s what I do when things got bored.

I’m glad I took a risk despite the horrible translation, now I’m addictive into waiting for new chapters.

P/S: if you prefer no romance, fantasy, card game/game, bromance, not OP MC, great characters, good plot (the terms or words is just a bit confusing) this one is for you. <<less
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Mar 16, 2022
Status: c201
The story is awesome. The mystery elements are really well written. The characters are well written with diverse and interesting personalities. They undergo development too. His classmates are also very nice people who have thier own problems. They encourage and support each other, help them solve their problems. It feels nice to have someone to talk to and cheer you on, right? The interactions between characters is also nice to read.

The main character Jo Eushin is really lovable (I am literally fangirling of him, Cale Henituse and Han Sooyoung).... more>> He cares about the characters and wasn't like "this is just a very real-like game. I won't get involved." He tries his best to make things right and see the happy ending.


makes sense since he played it for years despite it being a failed game. He has a bond with the characters he raised/leveled up with hard work. You can't just abandon them especially after seeing that they are all real.


He cherishes life and doesn't kill anyone. But he isn't soft to his enemies either. He isn't OP either. Well... he does have a OP skill with some limits but he doesn't completely depend on it. He uses his own skill

Use of all things

to deal with many cases. He doesn't try to do everything himself either and takes help from others when needed.

The only problem is the average and poor translating. TL was good until some 50 or 60 chapters then it went down all of a sudden. Then a new one picked it up after some chapters and it went back on track and became readable. But it has gotten better from around chapter 120 since another translator picked it up. The translators keep changing! You see some korean terms in between which are kept as it is for better effect which are OK after getting used to it like 'Gwanglim' for 'abilities or skill'. When new translators pick it up they change it or find it hard to follow making some mistakes.

Overall it is a really good novel worth reading/ rereading. Give it a try and read atleast the first ten chapters before deciding for yourself. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 12, 2022
Status: c769
Definitely one of my favorite novels that I have already read. The characters are likeable and have their own story and character development. My favorite character is Jiho. He is funny and one the character that has visible character development.

between the novel extra and omniscient reader view point. I actually like this novel more than novel extra.

Unfortunately, the translation is bad, but get better at around 160 chapters. Waffle has a better early chapter.

This is the first time I have written review, since I see the rating has dropped.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 09, 2022
Status: c660
Wow, just, very nice! Luv it!

If you likes tr*sh of the Count's Family in a Novel's Extra kind of settings, you may highly probably, definitely like this one too!

MC is a logical, tactful, humble, patient, kind-hearted, observant, thoughtful, meticulous, quick-witted, decisive, farsighted, but also stubborn, and likes to put others over himself kind of person.
... more>>

Ps. I'm on the same opinion as Euishin's junior and fan CSH/CEH on the above points...


He is also a big dog lover & diehard game fan, and as a master chess prodigy + game junkie + top student, he possesses a really high quality brain =creating= a Master Strategist on Cale's level, who's unfortunately also reckless about his own safety and would prioritizes others' safety+happiness, accomplishing the goals with zero casualty policy above his own well-being.

And when he planned for sth, his suspicious smile :) always sold him out to his friends lol.

He always advocate for happy endings for every playable characters of the game with great conviction, bc everyone all literally died throughout the game no matter how meticulously he played and replayed the game. So he was obsessed with this to the point of being a bit self-sacrificing/reckless, and overly vigorous in burning his brain cells to save/help/guide/support those characters he's together with 10 yrs through the screen.

So a lot daily life interaction, and interwoven relationship came to play in addition to many, many side/main/supporting characters and NPCs (known from the game) development to create a situation where Silverlight High will never be isolated and there're helping hands/allies when needed.

I'll tell you, his actions literally saved many people who can be said to have died young without having time to make a splash. Now many says he's humble and polite, and that's why many calls him benefactor so that he knows they're very grateful and willing to help him so just say the words, and not bears everything himself.

You could see the result in the long [Christmas Eve] arc that's called Playerbase Concrete Collapse where even the diehard fans who still hang on due to the characters they likes, to turn their back, cursed and quit the game bc many, I mean many to most characters died, a game with no hopes, no dreams, and despaired all those who preservered.

Now with many he asked for favors and they, willing to help him save those important and innocent lives, he could finally achieved the no casualty and death, he, as a diehard fan, was obsessed with. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 03, 2023
Status: c508
The rating should've been higher. This novel is a hidden gem. There are a lot of things that I like in this novel.

1- Main character: I like the MC (Jo Eushin) a lot. He's a kind of character that everyone can rely on. He's also pretty fun and caring person. He likes the world he's in and is trying to protect it.

2- Side characters: There are a lot of Side characters that I sometimes forget their names (remembering after a while) They have different personalities and abilities. Some are... more>> pretty unique. There are weird ones too. I like the fact that we get to know other class students. Like our MC is in year 1 class 0 but we get to know other classes and years and more than that

3- Story: It is pretty good. I literally fell in love with it. I wasn't even a little bored while reading it. It was enjoyable. Story flows like river that I didn't even realize I've read all the chapters available.

I can say a lot of praise words for this novel.

The only bad thing is probably the translation. First chapters are kinda hard to read. You should first read from waffles then you can continue from novelmultiverse so you can get the general idea. Those chapters are a bit hard to read but not unreadable. The New translator does a pretty good job now. I'm satisfied and thankfull to the translator-sama. I've read up to 500 chapter thanks to you ♪ <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 22, 2021
Status: c151
This novel is one of the best novel I have read with such well written characters and plot. It was slow in the beginning but it become interesting and addictive as the chapters goes. It could have become one of the greatest novel but mtl translations ruined it. It has the potential to become a masterpeice
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 13, 2021
Status: c142
The story is really good, however the translation is not.

The names change so many times and the pronouns are all over the place.

Although it gets much better for a few chapters, it goes back to how it was.

... more>> The storyline is interesting. The characters are written well and I'm very curious about the other students in class 1-0. The MC is OP in the sense that he pretty much knows everything that's going to happen and can prevent them. He's smart, except when it comes to Snare he becomes an idiot...

Overall, a 4.5/5 for the plot and 2/5 for the translation. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 14, 2023
Status: c435
JUST GO READ. 5/5. Although the translation in the middle are kinda bad (would improv later on), but don't give up reading this. Me for example, not regretting going through all these lol.

MC really started as a realiable brother and then... we know this man has the same tendecies as dokja, cale, yoojin, and gongja (sss su*cide y know) sacrificial basta like y know. The "i have to do this so that my (insert protag/playable chara/friend/comp/dll) can be happy/survive"

Dont get me wrong. I love them all.

This novel has many mysterious... more>> plot that we have to unravel. And every character has their own stories? Like literally no one was a side character or cannon fodder. That one kid who provoke MC later will be on his own path not just getting killed suddenly or smth.

Everything started to link and making sense. Although has many character, you can't help but subscon remember them one by one because every chara has important plot.


One I waited the most was his hoobae back in "not game world" stories lol. Cheon sungheon. Like, I though he just a side chara at the prologue and then there was no mention of him but voila. Spoiler, he is actually the silver tiger, someone say that he has yandere vibe lol I kinda get it. Not yandere but obbsesive? Like who the hell chase your hyung by playing hell like game to literally another world with some kind of erorr. If you have a man who love you enough to chase you to another world even it caused him harm, go marry him. I mean immedietly. XD.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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