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“Presenting your soul power, I fulfilled the wish in your heart!” Because of the instability of the soul, Bai Chen travels through the various small worlds with the systems, fulfilling one’s soul. It’s just that in every small world there is always a man who makes him fall in love at first sight.

Bai Chen: “Can you kiss and hug me?”

Man: “Baby, come here!”

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New princezz rated it
May 2, 2024
Status: Completed
Cute and fluffy !!!

I enjoyed reading this story.

I loved it !!!
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ParanoidKitten rated it
February 15, 2022
Status: c233
This is my 2nd time reading this novel, since I had forgotten the first time I read it. Back then I think I barely made it through the first arc and then dropped it.

The reason for me dropping it back then is kind of hilarious. Because I made the mistake to read the reviews! (Curiosity kills the kitten.... -.-)

As you can see, most of the reviews are negative, ... more>>

made by people who obviously didn't expect this novel to be a pile of dogfood mixed with some plot, or people who accidentially jumped into the wrong genre (BL = boy x boy // BG = Boy x girl // otherwise don't select the "Romance/Yaoi" Genre.... -.-)

But in my opinion the novel is really great. If you want to read a sickenly sweet QT novel with tons of dogfood, come and join us :)

Now let me introduce you to this novel.
So far (Ch. 75), we don't know anything about MC and ML. It is said MC is a god and his godhead was unstable due to him having been injured. To heal himself and stabilize his godhead, MC (Bai Chen) has to enter the different worlds, take over the body of a soul to fulfill their last wish and after doing so can collect the soul power of the original?! Something like that.

From the moment where MC crosses over, his (initially severely weakened) system will tweak the memories of the people around MC, so they won't notice that MC isn't the original bodyowner.

Why is there a need for this? Because MC is like a literal blank paper regarding emotions and interpersonal relationships. Take the first Arc for example:

MC doesn't know how to smile and upon his first contact with the original's family he first has to download the human facial expression samples to learn how to express feelings.

He also doesn't know what happiness/sadness/desire/shyness is and needs his system to explain it and point it out when MC is showing that expression.

And he doesn't even know the term "kissing" and calls it "biting the mouth" (seriously, I laughed so hard)


Let me clarify one point. Bai Chen is neither an idiot, nor mentally challenged or anything along those lines. Although he's not a genius, but he's still smart when he needs to be and his common sense is also online. His main problem is that he simply doesn't know how to react to situations he's unfamiliar with, so most of the time he doesn't react at all, or belated. (Please note the emphasis on "he doesn't know how", but he is learning thanks to our ML.)

Let me say it bluntly, Bai Chen's constant expression, in every arc: expressionless, cold, silent. (When ML is not within sight)

But he does a 180° turn the very moment ML appears in front of him. Bai Chen turns into a human-shaped dog skin plaster who wants to grow on ML so they won't get separated. He acts spoiled to ML and ML loves to spoil him in turn.

The very moment MC and ML meet each other they will recognize the other instantly and at the same time, they will fall in love seemingly without reason (the fact that no one doubts this in any way is questionable, but hey). As I've already said, they are both extremely sticky to each other, which is basically an instinct for them. Especially Bai Chen, who can't even sleep peacefully without ML. He sometimes reminds me of my dear A'Huai from The King's Game who appears to be weak and helpless despite being extremely strong, same here for Bai Chen. It's just that in most cases he doesn't need to do anything because ML resolved all problems already. But if he has to act, his opponents will regret it instantly, since MC isn't a talker, he just literally beats whoever is s*upid enough to make him upset.

The arcs have each their own plot, a backstory of the original, the wish of the original which MC has to fulfill to complete his mission, but those plots are kind of... overshadowed by the dogfood thrown around everywhere. So if one wants to read a plotbased action QT with less dogfood, how about go read QWTFOD? *cough* sry.

Do I regret picking this novel up again? Nope. Not in the least, I'm currently obsessed with such sickenly sweet novel, regardless of BG or BL xD

Do I recommend this novel to you? Well. No? Why should I? I'm not you, so I can't decide for you on whether or not you'll like it. Go read the first arc, decide for yourself, but be aware that the translator sadly doesn't have an editor. But it's still readable. At least, I've read worse translations *cough*

And in case you are wondering why I wrote this "novel" disguised as a review, it's simple:

I want to prevent people interested in this novel from abstaining because of all those negative reviews and because I want to give my own opinion. So let's summarize my review in one sentence:

Bai Chen, he's super sticky! xD I love it. <<less
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Alexania rated it
November 21, 2021
Status: c17
I have pretty low requirements for an entertaining, face slapping, BL, transmigration romp and I still haven't dropped this one, but it's more in a kind of "this train wreck still holds some entertainment value" way.

MC is your typical indifferent, aloof, emotionless transmigrator... right up until he meets ML, at which point he turns into a mentally challenged child. He's in Uni, so they're both adults, but their interactions feel like a sexually active romance between a 4 year old and a 40 year old. Expect to get very tired... more>> of the words "baby" and "sticky".

This novel also hits a record for me on fast romances... in the first arc, to go from "Who are you?" To "Baby, I love you." In the space of like 5 minutes, thats a new for me. (Obviously there are plot reasons, yada yada, but wow)

Now in it's slight defense, MC does appear to regain his IQ when he's separated from ML, but since he can't handle being physically apart, those moments are few and far between.

Also, in the first arc he literally resolved the original body's entire trauma by indifferently dropping one sentence and then mic dropping his way out of the room. After which everyone else just kind of got a clue and slapped faces for him? 666? I guess. <<less
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honanana rated it
January 2, 2022
Status: c20
I’m not really sure how to start this review. There’s a lot in this novel that I find unsavory. Mild spoilers will be sprinkled here and there with a warning, so beware (although there’s not much to spoil in the first place).

First, the writing. Genuinely, this novel feels like it was written by a teenager off in candy land. The writing is incredibly generic, there’s not a single point about it that stands out besides how utterly bland and uncharming it is. The combinations of words are so predictable it... more>> feels like the story is one big stereotype. The food is always delicious and fragrant; The mother is always gentle and virtuous; Lu Songyuan (Bai Chen/MC) is aloof, cold, and intelligent; The sky is sunny and the face slaps are plentiful... It’s all so generic. Words like “naturally” and “wronged” and “aggrieved” fly everywhere. The sky is naturally blue, Lu Songyuan is naturally better than the cannon fodder, the fake son will naturally try to weasel into the family hierarchy.

Of course, there’s the plot, too. It can be described briefly in one phrase: there’s not an ounce of suspense or complexity. It felt like the whole story was spoiled by the first few paragraphs of the first chapter. All the villains and their connections were revealed, essentially all the important characters were described. This isn’t even worth talking about further because there quite literally isn’t anything else to talk about. It progresses and ends predictably.

Now, the character interactions (this is going to be a long trip, buckle in). I wonder which sort of world the author lives in, because I haven’t found a single interaction yet that seems like something two humans would carry out in the real world. Mild spoiler without context: For example, when Lu Songyuan (Bai Chen/MC) broke both the arms of his ‘archnemesis, ’ not only did this ‘archnemesis’ barely react, he laid on the floor silently until aid came. I have broken an arm before. I did not remain silent and complacently calm while waiting for help. It hurt like hell, and I cried. I seriously wonder what the author was thinking when they wrote this scene.

The only redeeming point about character interactions so far is the subversion of the trope of hating the adopted son in favor of the biological son. (Mild spoiler) Despite Lu Songyuan (Bai Chen/MC) being mistaken as an adopted son, Mother Lu chooses him over the perceived ‘biological’ son, and even wants to go abroad with him so he doesn’t have to face being ‘pushed out’ of the family and mocked by others. It’s a little interesting— I haven’t really seen many stories where familial bonds run deeper than blood ties. I kind of wanted Bai Chen to go abroad with Mother Lu; It’s kind of nice being loved unconditionally like that, and I had half the mind to want to live vicariously through Bai Chen for a while. Understandably, this is the only scene that made me feel anything.

Now to the main point of discussion in character interactions: Bai Chen and Qi Xiao (ML). There is a lot to discuss, but let’s start with the elephant in the room. As another reviewer stated, this felt like watching a romance between a prepubescent child and an adult man. Let’s look at some examples from a random chapter. In chapter 6, the phrases “Juvenile sensitive body” and “A child who got sugar” were used to describe Bai Chen (MC). Normally, I don’t see anything wrong with describing a character as childlike— it gives a sort of innocence that’s often otherwise unattainable— but the overwhelming majority of descriptions of Bai Chen are that he’s, essentially, a child. Not even that, but his actions display this same childishness. If the author didn’t say he was 20 I would suspect he was actually about 5 or 6 years old. The spoiler is a scene I clipped from the novel. Take a look and see how he acts. Hint: it’s like a five year old child with no emotional inhibitions.

“System: [Little master, you are very happy.]

Bai Chen: [So this is what you mean happy, um, then I am very happy.]

System: [Little master likes him, so stay with him a lot, but the little master should not forget to do the task.]

Bai Chen: [But I want to stay with him all the time, system, I don’t want to do the task anymore. ]

The system is happy and helpless: [But if the little master does not do the task, I will disappear, and the little master will also disappear, so the little master can’t be with him all the time.]

Bai Chen hand holding the spoons tightened, his excited facial features drooped.

‘What’s the matter?’ Qi Xiao, who had been paying attention to Bai Chen, said with concern, ‘Not delicious?’

Bai Chen shook his head, put down the spoon, turned his head aggrievedly into Qi Xiao’s arms, and hugged Qi Xiao’s neck tightly.”


Again, that was all from one chapter, and I didn’t even pick out the worst examples. Bai Chen is frequently and consistently described in ways that better suit a child, it’s a cycle of near constant infantilization. He’s “small, ” and “cute, ” and “lovely, ” and “naive, ” and “sticky, ” and the list goes on. This is already bad enough but I should also mention, Bai Chen being described in a way synonymous with a literal child doesn’t prevent the author from expressing how seductive Qi Xiao (ML) finds him. I think it goes without saying that ‘seductive’ should not be used to describe a character being infantilized.

Let’s not even mention how cringeworthy their relationship is. One of many possible examples:

“The box is carefully selected by the housekeeper. The pink and white box is tied with a pink ribbon, which is cleverly tied into a beautiful bow, and a little perfume is specially sprayed on it, which is full of girly aura and sweet taste of love.

Bai Chen looked up suspiciously.

Qi Xiao lowered his head and touched Bai Chen’s forehead with his lips, ‘Open it and take a look.’

Bai Chen took Qi Xiao’s hand to open the bow and then opened the lid, revealing a white touch-screen mobile phone inside.

The white mobile phone is very familiar. Bai Chen thought for a while, remembering that in the morning, Qi Xiao had held it in his hand for a long time.

‘Do you like it?’ Qi Xiao held Bai Chen, put one hand across Bai Chen’s armpit, held the phone in his other palm, and skillfully opened the screen, ‘This phone is the same as the one I use. This is called a couple phone.’

[Skip a couple paragraphs]

‘This is my number, baby, whether you miss me or want me, you can call me, and I will be there anytime.’ Qi Xiao opened the address book, and there was only his phone number in it, save as husband.”

Ick ick ick ick. There’s a something about the idea of a couple phone that makes me want to gag. ‘Husband’... they met literally the day before. (Vomit)

(Note: all scene clips were directly pasted— typos are just like that in the translation)


Disclaimer: I did not read the whole novel. I gave the first arc a fair shot and concluded that the rest was not worth it in the slightest.

I do not recommend this novel in the slightest, not even if you want a fluffy junk food novel. The interactions between Bai Chen and Qi Xiao are so embarrassing, even as a reader, and I felt like my face had twisted into a sour lemon by the end of the first arc. I gave this novel three stars entirely for Mother Lu (and my mommy issues) and the very excitable translator. To said translator: Although I may not agree with your taste, your footnotes were cute and I’m jealous of your enthusiasm xoxo.

That’s it. Read or don’t read, it’s up to you. <<less
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XiaoMelly28 rated it
November 2, 2021
Status: c34
Even though some of you guys out there don't like this type of novel that is fast pace but for me this is perfect 😍😍 so thank u translator-san for translating this that I found this wonderful treasure. I wrote this review cause of the system, he is so good to MC and I'm happy for that xD. And even though some of you might not like MC because he's so coquettish, just read furthermore and you guys will found MC is kinda badass but a little naive, because of... more>> that ML is there for MC to not lose control xD. I might come back again if I already finished this. OK thanks for reading my review :)

(ノ'ヮ') ノ*: ・゚. <<less
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Rlackbabbit rated it
April 5, 2022
Status: c99
The author must be an enlightened buddha because this script has completely shown me the path of nothingness.

The plot? Stale. The romance? Hollow. The pacing? Non-existent. The story? Meaningless.

I persisted for 99 chapters thinking that maybe it would become interesting and for the world settings, but the settings were underutilized. The author builds expectations and yet never lives up to it. Truly living up to the experts who can use even blades of grass as swords, the author also ignores all his blades (potential plot points and settings) to battle... more>> empty handed. Too bad the author doesn't know kung fu.

This is just two people mindlessly spreading dogfood, so much it becomes stale. But there's little to no flavor to it at all. The two chacters act exactly the same in every world pretty much negating any effect of the settings and the revivals/rebirth/transmigrations, especially since the world building is never sufficiently expended on. <<less
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mongryoong rated it
March 1, 2022
Status: c18
All I can say is trust the low reviews. I try to take low reviews with a grain of salt to see for myself if I like a story or not, but this one is truly unbearable. I wanted to at least start the second arc to give it a fair chance since it is world hopping, but I can't finish this. The MC really is like a mindless child and the fluff isn't even enjoyable.

... more>>

They become obsessed with each other instantly so it isn't even satisfying watching them be lovey dovey.


Please save your time on this one. <<less
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c.decora rated it
February 12, 2022
Status: c72
About a tag:

Unconditional love is true.


About another tag:

"Clingy lover" is an understatement.


Why my rating dropped from 3 to 2 to 1 as I continued to read:

The MC is a child. What you see as cold and apathetic should be seen as that from a child, a psychopathic child.


Pro: quick updates, QT, short arcs, no need to bring head to read, skimmable

Cons: biased/tinted perspective, mindless, power dynamic?

I can't imagine the MC ever growing up.

Will update as I continue.
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Fisukisuki rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: Completed
I fcking can't relate wit the low rating. I can't even understand the low rating.

This is pure Fluff. Since MC and ML first 'met', I fell in Love. I know it's going to be good. And I was Absolutely Right!

It was Absolutely Pure Fluff between MC and ML. They don't need much logic to Love each other and be Clingy with each other. They have unconditional trust toward each other. They Love and Protective toward each other. They both very Clingy and Tender and Loving towards each other. You can... more>> call their relationship so far is pretty flawless and I'm Envious, but I'm Loving it soooo much!!!

Do you want to complain about the Plot, then? I don't think there's anything to be angry or disliked. No one exaggerate things. Mission that MC have to do, like Revenge, MC didn't do anything that seems Cross the line or Morally Grey so far. ML also don't do anything beyond things he's not related too.

How about the System? The System doesn't act like those Cute System or Cold/Cruel System. This System is like both Best friend and a Nanny for the MC. Imagine a personal Buttler with the same age as MC, that's what I feel like of our System like. Very Caring toward MC, but also know to be Firm and remind him what he need to do. Very very Good System.

So I Dont Fcking Get the Low Rating!!!

Finished at 27 June 2022:

I don't think I have any dislike to any arcs in this novel. All the arcs were truly well done! Some written in unique way. And it works with how the MC and ML love to cling to each other like there's no tomorrow!

I won't call this novel perfect. But the Ending IS Satisfying and rather Perfect for this kind of novel.

I'm going to miss this Lovely QT Novel... I adore and enjoy it so much now it's finally completed.

But I can finally say it; that I Truly Love and Loving this Novel with my Eternal Love for the Eternity and Beyond!!! <<less
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Potatoteeth rated it
June 28, 2022
Status: --
I love QT and I love sugary fluff, so my instinct is always to bump up the rating on such novels. However, what I gave this time is the highest I could go.

MC has the mind of a toddler. When interacting with the ML, it looks suspiciously like age play. The content is repetitive, the exposition is soggy, and happiness is cheap for the two love brains. Neither MC or ML have to think or work very hard for what they get, so forget about something so useless as character... more>> development. Both of them are high on sap, drugged on it, and nothing else matters.

Context: read the first three arcs, then dipsticked the rest to make sure my review was fair. Don't really understand why some of the reviewers who like this title are upset about others giving it low ratings. Those who enjoy this kind of smell will click to read no matter what; it's simply that nutritional value is important to the rest of us, and this novel has none. 2 stars. <<less
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Xiu_er rated it
June 4, 2022
Status: c188
This is one of the times where the title is super accurate and basically tells all you need to know about the novel.

I have read my fair share of overprotective and doting gong handling trouble for his shou. But this is on a whole new level. As someone who likes independent and strong MCs, the MC here was not up to my taste.

At first I thought the MC acted like someone on the spectrum, ignorant of human emotions, social norms and morals. Like a blank sheet of paper basically. I... more>> thought, he would learn and grow from his experiences in each world. But that did not happen. He stayed a spoiled petulant child who throws unreasonable tantrums and blames the ML for things the other could not help or had no fault at. On top of that, the MC displayed violent tendencies, very much yandere-like behavior to the point that I was surprised that this novel has no yandere tag.

And the ML is only enabling the MC's erratic behavior by doting on the other and accepting what I would consider toxic behavior. He also helps the MC with dealing with his mission task so the MC doesn't have to lift a finger in each world and can just lay back, let himself be spoiled and pampered while everyone else his doing his job for him. The MC barely does anything. Everyone else does it for him, be it the ML, the system or various other side character. Honestly, what even is the purpose of the MC aside from being a cute vase and being spoiled?

Their relationship progress is also irritating as f.

As soon as the MC and ML see each other it's love at first sight and only a few minutes later they are already a couple and sucking faces. This makes the pacing of the novel feel so out of whack... The worst case I have ever experienced.

There is basically no real character growth, no emotional development. They act the same in each world. The focus of the story is also only on distributing dog food. The mission worlds and mission tasks is all but a negligible backdrop, unimportant enough for the task missions to be completed on the fly while they show off their love.

I tried hard to finish the novel. But my interest just dissolved and turned into annoyance as I read on. This is why I dropped the novel. <<less
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Cold Service
Cold Service rated it
January 17, 2022
Status: Completed
This is definitely a shut off your brain and feed on dog food type of story. The MC is called “Baby” by the ML in every world and to be frank, it’s a very apt description! He whines like a baby, is needy like a baby, and is as selfish as a baby. Sometimes while reading I even get a slight feeling of discomfort because I cannot believe that Bai Chen is an adult.

The ML and the MC are the type to fall in love at first sight every time,... more>> but even with their backstory, it doesn’t seem that believable. The MC relies heavily on the System and the ML in many different worlds to complete his task, in some worlds he’s just like a doll who has no other personality aside from being absolutely enamored with the ML. It goes both ways though.

In some worlds though, you can see that he’s capable of more and that he can do tasks by himself and be proactive. I wished I could have seen some character development but no, he’s always indifferent to everyone except for the ML and it always remains that way. The face-slapping wasn’t developed well either, it’s all about the MC and the ML sharing their love to the entire world.


It’s not all bad, otherwise I wouldn’t have read all 233 chapters. Some arcs are just a miss for me and ruined the overall experience. I recommend reading arcs 3 (Entertainment arc, MC is a cross dresser who aspires to be the best female entertainment star), 4 (MC became super tiny but is strong enough to protect the ML in a fight), 7 (MC’s task is to become a vampire and he actively hunts for vampires that could turn him (the ML is jelly) I think there is less romance in this story actually but they’re still sticky with each other), 8 (Zombie!MC, not much drama but an MC who is like a puppy delivering gifts to ML which he killed zombies for is cute), 9 (ghost hunter!MC x ghost king!ML, the MC shows off his badassery but don’t expect much description of his action/fight against the arc villains), and 11 (ABO! Sci-fi arc with A!MC and A!ML but the ML is pretending to be an omega, reading this you can’t help but wish for the end of the annoying omega trying to add more people to their harem (including the MC but not the ML)).

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ishiharachitose92 rated it
July 2, 2022
Status: --
Well the stories was supposed to be sweet but the storyline is a little bit hard to digest, like everything happen without explanation. This is my first time reading a novel where the sweetness of the couple feels absurd and out of place, making the story hard to read. I do love slice of life storyline but this one is just no.
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Hadhira rated it
January 1, 2022
Status: c15
I can't read this anymore.


I originally liked the concept of the first arc, where the original guy is the biological son of the rich family but some other weirdo came and claimed to be their son and got his friend he knew from childhood to now, but turns out he's lying. But the thing that turned me off is when he met the ML, like it just felt so off to go from "What's your name?" to "I like you" in a matter of seconds. I honestly like fast romance but not this fast. It honestly overwhelms me. And the way they separated, pleasseeee I can't be the only to cringe!!! Like mate you met just today, calm down. And I was getting a bit irritated with how he didn't comfort or even tried to calm his mum down, I get his an apathetic MC but it really got on my nerves.



Secondly, I really hate how they spreading their love without a care of the world. I wish they were more conscious of others and wished they kept their romance sh*t at home or like when they're alone and not with so many people. And acting all lovey dovey in front of parents and in a bloody birthday thing. I wish they were more composed and more respectful during times when they're supposed to. It was the male lead's grandpas birthday but they were the main focus of the whole gathering. I wish they also had more interactions with all the other characters like the parents and the grandpa.


Sorry, I just can't handle the second hand embarrassment and the very very veryyyyy sweeet fluff. It's rotten my teeth that I can't even read this anymore.

If you like immense dog food (fluff) and PDA, then you'll love this. However, it ain't for me.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Gumamela rated it
November 14, 2021
Status: --
Based on the title itself, the MC and ML are very sticky, very sweet and very loving. I did not finish the whole novel because I can already predict what is going to happen.

Don't get me wrong. The novel isn't bad. I only gave it 3 stars because of its predictability. Once you read it, you will understand the premise of the story.

Still, the novel is a good read. When you are tired reading angsty, dog blooded or tragic novels, I recommend this one. You will eat lots of dog... more>> food. <<less
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UsageK rated it
June 6, 2023
Status: Completed
I am so annoyed by the low rating!

It is such a good novel, and also, literally, the name says he is super sticky! It promised something and delivered!

What more do you want???? Like, take things at face value!!!

... more>> Their love is so sweet and wonderful, and there is a lot of PDA that is welcomed by the people they are with!

I recommend you read this for dog food sprinkled with a bit of foreshadowing and plot!

And pls don't rate a novel you haven't even read a 3rd of! At least finish it or read 90% of it!

if you wanna share an opinion of why you dropped it early on, you can do it without rating! <<less
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bluedrop rated it
December 24, 2022
Status: --
As a QT connoisseur, I was wondering why I hadn't read this before or hadn't come across it, until I started the first arc and it hit me. I did try to read it before and it was unbearable. Maybe it isn't fair but gosh I could feel my brain melting with just the first arc. The way MC and ML just fell in love. The way MC acted completely like someone who doesn't exactly have the capacity to consent. Like I get it, it's setting up the overarching plot... more>> and there must be reasons why. But the writing was unbearable. <<less
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Medha rated it
June 30, 2022
Status: c72
I understand that this story is written to describe how sweet and obedient and sticky the MC is and how they love each other but I felt tortured after a point of time. They try to show that the other characters are wrong but the MC and ML are not morally right either.

I tried and tried to tell myself that it is sweet and good logic is not required to the point of almost hypnotizing myself lol. But nah... At least to me individuality is an important aspect. I didn't... more>> see that here. So im dropping this. <<less
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Tuzi rated it
May 29, 2022
Status: Completed
I wanted to give it 3 stars before reading the ending (main story/background story)

Honestly, from yeh the title, description, tags and comments I was ready for it and even liked some of the stories.

I accept the baby like MC, assuming that he had suffered some heavy injury and no matter what world his behavior must be because of the injury. But that's not true.

After reading the last part, I don't like ML more than MC. Well. After reading all of it you can say they are perfect for each... more>> other.

They got the type they wanted?

Anyway, I regretted reading the back story. Also after reading 200 chapters with utmost patience trying not to judge the same process of brainless plots. I at least expected a decent or even cliché back story. But what I got was something totally different and disappointment.. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
candylane rated it
September 23, 2023
Status: Completed
Maybe I'm brain dead, but I freaking love this novel. The novels name is perfect depiction of what you're getting into: the MC and ML are super sticky to each other. MC is very Baby and the ML is very doting. A match made in heaven, truly. They fall in love at first sight, and then just become super clingy to each other like. Immediately. People might find this redundant, but I love the dog food. Maybe I'm loved starved, maybe it's Maybelline.
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alixiae rated it
May 29, 2023
Status: c150
Hmm.. I'm trying to think of how to describe this novel. Usually I love my share of dogfood. But this novel, the dogfood is a bit too excessive for me. I actually quite like the arc story backgrounds, but how each story develops is really anticlimactic. Each arc is basically 90% shoveling dogfood into your mouth, and 10% plot/story.

I'm all for MLs helping to solve MCs issues, but this novel all the MC does is be super duper clingy, eat, and sleep (as well as having absolutely no expressions except... more>> for the ML). I've read a lot of novels where the ML does most work and where there's A LOT of dogfood, but when both of these combinations are mashed together with an MC that feels just like a 6yr old who basically doesn't want to complete the missions but just wants to stick to the ML, it completely makes this novel quite unbearable.

Like there will b 3-4 chapters that's ALL dogfood, then half a chapter of plot/story, then another 3-4 chapters of even more dogfood. It just gets extremely tiring. I find myself seeing "oh more dogfood so skip skip skip" because the way the MC acts is extremely childish. <<less
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