Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon


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Humans across the world ended up joining a “Demon Kings and Heroes game”.

Several billion people were set down upon another world to act as “Demon Kings” and “Heroes”. Everyone has to chose their starting races from the start.

Zhang Nu was set in the Demon King camp.

He discovered that he could see hidden information that no one else could.

[Slime Demon King]. Low grade demon king bloodline… Not recommended!

[Kobold Demon King]. Low grade demon king bloodline… Not recommended!

[Dark Elf Demon King]. Mid grade demon king bloodline… Can be selected!

[Bloody Giant Demon King]. High grade demon king bloodline… Recommended!

[Abyssal Dragon Demon King]. Strongest starting bloodline… Extremely recommended!

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demongordon rated it
August 24, 2022
Status: c180
Why 3 stars?

This novel is exactly what you would expect from the title, Power fantasy, MC gain inexplicable cheat that allow him to bypass most of the difficult that others need to rely most on luck to face, as he only one that can see "hidden information" the story follow him getting stronger and stronger, as the question become not if he will win but how he will get the least amount of loss each fight.
Turn off your brain and enjoy him curb stomp, grow and build his empire.
Good Points

  • fast pace
  • a lot of action (most MC easily over power race/units)
  • the MC doesn't make any explicit idiotic moves
  • kingdom building
  • the MC is not a h**ny dog, but the girls just happen to orbit him
Bad points

  • No tension or threat, Ridiculous unfair MC advantage.
  • Any chance of threat the author give the MC the super resistance or the exactly counter to that threat a few chapter prior
  • Cardboard characters and villains, no character development
  • simplistic kingdom building
  • the MC is not a h**ny dog, but the girls just happen to orbit him
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IsekaiFreak rated it
February 14, 2023
Status: v1c105 part1
similar to kumo desu ga, nani ka? and reincarnated as a dragon's egg, but also has a lot of kingdom building


  • Author makes math mistakes every now and then.
  • Because the raws the tls use are flawed sometimes some things can be omitted.
  • The author leaves some aspects of the system vague/ completely unexplained.
  • Fights tend to be anti-climatic because the MC is so OP.
  • The constant underestimating of the MC does get more and more annoying (though his reveal moments are usually still pretty epic).
  • Most of the top of the food chain antagonists tend to suffer severe metal illness (very arrogant)
  • MC only survives most situations cause he has an OP race and OP cheat
  • No reason given for his cheat

  • No harem so far...
  • The TL is decent, very readable
  • Constant progress (the leveling doesn't noticeably slow down so far) in the story, but the world is so vast that it still seems like only the beginning.
  • The system is unique and pretty well thought out.
  • A good combination of strategizing and action
  • MC OP
  • Numbers go up, me likee!
  • Vast world
    • Lots of people with different motives
    • Heroes siding with Demon Kings, and Demon Kings siding with heroes
Overall, the cons are only small critiques and I enjoyed this novel (8.5-9/10). If you like power fantasy, evolution, a little bit of kingdom building, or systems then you'll definitely enjoy this series.
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GabeZhul rated it
February 6, 2023
Status: c97

Modern MC gets randomly reincarnated into a fantasy world as part of a Heroes vs. Demon Kings "game". By a stroke of luck (the first of many), he ends up as a dragon Demon King, and using his OP-ness and an observation-type cheat skill, he rapidly gains power, established his territory, and sets out to subjugate his neighbors while killing Heroes for XP.


Woefully underdeveloped and underexplained LitRPG medieval fantasy kitchen sink world, with more emphasis on the RPG elements than the rest of the setting combined. Everyone and everything have... more>> a level (e.g. Rank 1, 2, 3, etc) and "rarity" (e.g. Normal, Elite, Lord, Overlord, Etc.). Heroes level up by training and killing Demon Kings, while Demon Kings solely sacrifice Hero souls on their altar to gain ability points to buy new talents and tier up, but in exchange, they can summon and subjugate minions and claim territory. The power levels are not very well explained (e.g. generally higher is better, but the MC's minions are always punching one tier above their weight class without any issues, and a Rank 1 Elite is sometimes stronger than a Rank 2 Elite, while other times a Rank 2 Elite is stronger than a Rank 2 Lord, so who the hell knows?), and then there's separate skills that have an F-to-S ranking system.

Outside of the RPG/strategy side, the actual geography, political landscape, and scope of the setting is left vague, which might be for the better, considering that the basic premise is that ten freaking billion people get reincarnated (in the case of Demon Kings) or transmigrated (in the case of Heroes) around the world, with one billion Demon Kings able to summon tens of thousands of minions out of thin air, yet neither the fact that this world gained potentially hundreds of billions of newly summoned inhabitants, nor that nine billion already existing inhabitants got possessed by modern people gets addressed by anyone, ever. The very nature of the "game" is also entirely unclear, as the MC at one point talks about servers and player numbers in chat, but at no point does anyone consider this a game, and the MC's first words are literally "I transmigrated!".

In other words, the world is a shallow vehicle existing just to prop up the power fantasy, and it's even more bland, meaningless, and nonsensical than your average Korean VRMMO world.


The MC is a horrendously OP, high-functioning sociopath, who takes the fact that he was transmigrated in stride, never has the slightest problem with killing people, uses magic, the RPG mechanics, and the other systems like they are self-evident, and has no curiosity, self-preservation instincts, or even any goals beyond playing his role as Demon King by building up his territory and killing Heroes for power-ups. As of this point, there are three side-characters (a pretty fairy Demon Lord, a pretty fox-girl hero, and a pretty elf) all enamored with the MC, a couple of trade partners the MC exploits through the system, and an endless konga-line of self-aggrandizing, arrogant idiot Heroes suiciding themselves on the MC (though the majority doesn't even get past his minions). That's about it.


MC reincarnates as a dragon Demon King with a system, builds up a faction, subjugates other factions, gets more and more OP over time, and that's it. It's a power-up-cycle power-fantasy, so it's all about the MC getting stronger, "tiering up", and curb-stomping his enemies.


Objectively speaking, this is a pretty weak story, with slapdash, nonsensical world-building, flat characters, a static main character without any personality traits beyond "smug" and "stoic", and zero tension in any of the conflicts... but conversely, if you just want to read a fast paced kingdom building/power fantasy hybrid without any of the fat, this is still a fairly entertaining series. In terms of raw quality, I'd give it two stars, in terms of lizard-brain-level mindless fun, I'd give it four, so it averages out to three. <<less
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Luxraypro100 rated it
August 24, 2022
Status: v1c85
<Rewriting my Review>
It appears to me that people have not been paying attention at all. There's a very good reason as to why the MC hasn't had a rough time during his transmigration and they said it in the very beginning. This was NOT his first time, he's been transmigrated before and already had the powers from that time. Of course he's going to get a massive head start not only in power but in intelligence, this isn't his first rodeo. It's no wonder why he was able to get used to his abilities and quickly build up his territory.

You can see the tense situations if you really look at it. But not from Zhang's point of view. A lot of the time, Zhang's actions have been explained by the narrator and has been giving us the general thoughts of the people up against him. That's right, you need to pay attention to the world's reaction to Zhang's actions to realize the tense situations. Just from the Fox girl's feelings you can really feel that she's in a really delicate situation where she can die for a simple mistake. The city Lord was taken and there was literally nothing her friends and allies could do about it their attacks didn't even tickle this nightmare of a dragon that suddenly appeared on their front porch. At the end of the day, this novel isn't exactly about having tense situations, this is about a guy that completely breezes through and takes over the world.

Besides, as mentioned he has an incredible head start. It's only been like 6-8 months since they all arrived in this world, right? So it's only natural that none of the heroes are going to be particularly strong yet aside from those who transmigrated into those who already had strength. The real threats to look out for are again, those who transmigrated into strong folk and those who transmigrated as babies and children. They have plenty of time to train and expand their abilities. It'll take a few years but I'm pretty sure we'll start seeing heroes who can actually harm Zhang. But of course, the larger threats to him are fellow Demon Kings since they can technically excel at the same rate as him as long as they're smart enough. Be patient, the stronger enemies are bound to come.
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bossgamer rated it
July 11, 2023
Status: v1c166
If you love playing RTS, you will like reading this novel.

MC is a cool overpowered badass dragon using a system to manage and expand his country/army with tower defense, unit production, farming, mining, etc...

Give it a try & enjoy
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RedKaiser rated it
April 9, 2023
Status: c126
This is unexpectedly not bad, there are many global isekai genre but many are too OP too fast that killthe plot.

This MC got strong fast but others people talented and lucky people also did
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yugmodnar rated it
November 17, 2022
Status: c14
Everything feels contrived because the author doesn’t do minor things to make situations interesting. He just happens to find the best race with seconds left on an irrelevant timer. He just happens to find OP treasures nearby. A group of warriors just happen upon his major settlement and they happen to have a rare skill he steals. Etc etc.

This could be something entertaining. An unreasonably lucky protagonists isn’t inherently bad. Its too bad that the author wrote this as a boring series of low effort events.
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albreo rated it
August 30, 2022
Status: v1c67

This story is a bit painful to read. First off, the MC is too arrogant and there's none whatsoever threat that can challenge him. Second is a large amount of "coincidences", every loot he got will be absolutely meaningful. It will be used in the very near future. 100% efficiency. Very economic. It can even make the fantasy novel feels fake. He also has a cheat that's more of a detriment to the story's overall excitement.

The premise of the story is entirely missing. The story immediately starts off in... more>> the fantasy world. You will never know why they are all transported to this world or why would they agree to play by the rules or why would they all don't mind killing people.

Character development is a bit too early to be commented on but he's probably going to start collecting beautiful women soon.

If you don't mind all of the above. Then this one isn't too bad. <<less
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Sea Dog
Sea Dog rated it
June 24, 2022
Status: v1c41
What to say about this one... well the summery covers most of it, the protagonist’s cheat is to see hidden system information which when gatcha elements get involved grantees him the ssr pulls every time.

Thankfully at least until this point in the translation it doesn’t come into play very much past getting started. Though it most likely will latter on.

As one would assume there isn’t very much tension in this story, the MC starts as a dragon while others start as tr*sh mobs like goblins and kobolds with the occasional... more>> lucky elf of orc.

This story is basically about an OP protagonist slowly getting more OP while chunking through the masses, which it does do fairly well. <<less
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Rxsidxnt rated it
April 1, 2023
Status: c123
Good novel. Most of these types of novels are just done badly but this one is brilliant. His progression is constant but also not cheated. Another thing is the world around them actually interacts with the base camp very nicely. Would recommend you to read it and dont worry the translation from iNovel is also brilliant.
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Shabu suki rated it
March 16, 2023
Status: v1c115
It's a nice novel. Some might think that it's kind of a loop that enemies underestimate MC and later got kill easily. I would say that it's kind of logical to mislead enemy estimation and it's a common practice in the art of war. In a real war, everything was decided in the planning phase. The war itself is just to execute the plan to get the result you expected and that's what mc's doing. Also, it already secretly explains how did he make them underestimate his manpower and his... more>> ability. So it's kind of nice thing MC knows what his energy is planning and counters their plans. <<less
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KirbyReviews44 rated it
November 26, 2022
Status: c70
This story had a lot of potential in the first few chapters but it was ruined by bad writing and bad plot. The premise is that many ppl have been transmigrated at the same time into a heroes vs demon kings type of game. The heros are RPG players while the demon kings are are RTS players. Basically heros are solo while demon kings build bases and defend.

Premise is very fresh, very unique in the overly saturated litRPG/transmigration/gamelit genre. This is a big plus and why I slogged through dozens... more>> of chapters before I gave up on it. But really, the interesting premise is its only saving grace and everything else about the novel is badly executed.

1st. The MC is unlikable and does not go through any challenges. He is too overpowered. His demon king race is too overpowered with no drawbacks. If there were some drawbacks, it would have been more interesting. But his development is too smooth. Everything goes his way. If he needs something, he gets it. He always wins every battle overwhelmingly. There is no tension in the story at all

2nd. No antagonists. Well, there are antagonists but the MC rolls over them like a truck because he is simply too OP. There is point in even having antagonists.

3rd. Plot is bad, it's basically fight with small village, fight with big village, fight with city, fight with bigger city. There is no progressive plot that draws the reader in after the first few chapters and experiencing the MC's OP'ness.

4th. Did I mention that the MC is s*upidly OP and doesn't suffer any loss, ever. <<less
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Purps rated it
January 27, 2023
Status: c99.2
would be 5 stars

but every single hero is the same

"its the will of the heavens that I will kill you and get stronger"

"lets not wait and gather info, get everyone and we will attack within the next 5 minutes"

"im the son of god himself im stronger than everyone give me everything omg im dying im dead"

"omg this thing must be the demon king despite it having 'Follower' tattooed on its f*cking forehead"

every follower of the MC gets misaken as the demon king
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bezarius89 rated it
January 12, 2023
Status: v1c95
Development fast paced, characters aren't one-dimensional and MC isn't s*upid too, kingdom building interesting. Overall it's simple story with OP MC, satisfying to read. If you aren't for serious stuff then go on.
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freecandy rated it
November 18, 2022
Status: v1c46

BORING. You might as well read a story about a guy going for a walk in the safest city on the planet.

The idea is pretty good and the writing is ok, but the author is terrified of making the MC lose in any meaningful way.

Did some of his soldiers die while fighting an enemy? "Yeah but it was super worth it because he made ten thousand gold from it, OK?! It was a great sacrifice!".

Did he just trade with another demon king? "Yeah he had to give some money but it was totally worth it! Don't even for a second think that he lost in this trade!".

Did he just take a shit? "Yeah but it was so worth it maaaaaan! Listen brooooooo, if you don't take a sh*t you die duuuudeee!".

We f*cking get it. He is a perfect being that can never make a mistake. You don't have to shove it down our throat at every opportunity.

He is also INSANELY lucky. NO NO NO, not in a funny or interesting way. That could make the readers think he's weak! No, he gets lucky in the most boring ways imaginable.


"Oh, I just got a blue print for an OP tower".

"Oh, two goblins randomly ran away and brought back two hundred other goblins EXACTLY when I needed them".

"Oh, I just got a blue print for an OP farm that will make me a sh*t ton of gold for basically no effort"



A power fantasy is supposed be about a main character that can easily deal with the hurdles in their path thanks to their strength. But in this case there are no hurdles, just tiny pebbles that he casually walks over, which makes it boring.
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November 29, 2023
Status: c390
The end of the first part was quite inconclusive. The author made a second part that I did not read, I only read the last chapter to see how it ended, and it was also unfinished.

I will base myself on the first part only. It is an easy story to read, there are no s*upid or racist characters, nor a harem. There are only a few chapters so it's worth reading.
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Eblurry rated it
August 17, 2023
Status: c140
Quite simple linear flowing power leveling but still enjoyable with decent world building, id like it more if his spawned soldiers had more personality but its still fine without that aspect. Looking forward to more being translated
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Dodge rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: c123
This started off really good, but the story stopped innovating. It became pretty dull, with the MC not experiencing any real challenges. All of the upgrades at the start felt really interesting and substantial too, but after a while, it all became tedious and superfluous. I mean, the MC can already sh*t on everything, so the addition of a new unit or ability just started feeling pointless. It's the same with the stat increases the MC and his summons get, everything lost its impact. Story contrivances also become more apparent,... more>> like how on multiple occasions the MC would gain a unit or ability that he would just so happen to need a few chapters later.

I like the premise and the story showed promise, but I feel like the author rested on their laurels and fumbled the bag with this one. That isn't to say the story is outright bad, just that it could have been far, far better. <<less
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The Northern Wind Diminishes
The Northern Wind Diminishes rated it
February 23, 2023
Status: c112
As of now the translations are at 108 and I wanted to keep reading so I tried to mtl but after being spoiled by a fairly good translator, my mtl comprehension abilities really...

I think its a fairly good novel but it does have its flaws.


... more>>

Well he's as op as promised?

The story progresses quite steadily

The translator does a good job making up for the authors mistakes

Theres no harem yet, he's not just collecting women left and right




Unlike other op protags who go from weak to strong, it's more like strong to undefeatable. (I don't really have a problem with that because its in the tags) Whenever there's 'conflict' it doesn't really make you feel worried or excited about the action. I guess the only excitement I'm getting is derived from watching people fight back fruitlessly.

The story skipped a few important plot points....? I still don't really understand why he has his system and everyone else doesn't. I also don't understand why he reincarnated into a game? Also with all the other people who reincarnated too, because it never mentioned anything about logging off so I'm assuming that means that all these players are stuck in the game.

He's a bit of a hoarder lmao, some of the skills are there just to be used once or twice within a 100 chaps. I guess that makes it more realistic to human nature tho.


So yeah, I think it's worth reading as a side piece while waiting for updating on other stories. Also the mtl is damned and painful to read, I'll just await the official updates now. <<less
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