Citadel for All: The Only Unit Angel at the Start of the Game


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Billions of humans have descended on the Boundless Continent to become the Lord of the Citadel and participate in a fair and equitable race for supremacy.

At the beginning of the landing, each Citadel Lord would randomly receive an Initial Barrack.

The first thing to do was to recruit soldiers, plunder resources, build a dynasty and compete for supremacy over all races!

Lin Yi was surprised to find out.

The one he received at random was the unique Military Barrack – the [Angel Reincarnation Pool]!

Angels could be bred!

“Haha, mine is an Advanced Troop Type building that can summon Forest Elves!”

“Mine is a Top Tier Troop Building, capable of summoning Dark Dragons with ultimate potential to reach the Holy Rank!!!”

“I can summon Golden Behemoths ……”

Looking at these self-bragging messages, Lin Yi couldn’t help but fall into contemplation.

His angels, holy beings, unique soldiers!

The weakest of the twin-winged Angel, in its full form, was also of demigod level.

The most powerful of all, the eighteen-winged Archangel, was even a terrifying existence of the Lord God level!

As soon as the Angel Legion comes out, who can compete with them?

Believe in the Lord, and you shall have eternal life!

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Fluffums rated it
December 18, 2021
Status: c46
Well, the game "balance" is complete shit.

The protagonist is whiney, complaining about his sole ally being lucky when he's the single luckiest person in the billion or so participating in this.

There's no goal other than "survive", but he knew since day 1 he'd have no problem with that, so it really just looks like he's a NEET doing nothing but playing a single mobile game all day while chatting about it and feeling good about doing well because he was lucky to draw the best gacha character on day 1.

There... more>> are aspects that had potential: interaction with the locals, the potential for weak but cheap teams to work well, the potential for a difference between game and reality (including using the terrain to make traps and such, or training units to use military strategies), even the interaction between the protagonist and his angel subordinates could have been expanded upon. The author just kind of saw those potentials and went "What if I almost did any of that, but then faked out the readers and gave the protagonist anything he needed to make it easy for him?" <<less
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Iotameru rated it
September 29, 2021
Status: c138
I read the raws.

Pretty much MC is OP type of novel. Honestly, it's a good reading. The MC is forced to be/or needs to be the "Almighty Lord" to the angels and other races that follow him. He also gets way too many opportunities to get stronger despite the game being designated to be "mostly fair", but overall the novel is good.
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ignicaeli rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: c100
Reading this novel is an exercise in patience. It is repetitive, the main character is one dimensional, and the "world chat" interactions serve no real purpose than to show-off how everyone in the whole world respects and fears the MC (OH... and to increase the word count and make it "feel" like you had read a chapter).

After a hundred chapters, the novel advanced seven days. MC's soldiers are way too overpowered to even matter, and there is no tension at all.

So, as I usually do, here come the good, the... more>> bad and the ugly:

The good

  • The novel's premise was interesting.
The bad

  • The premise is thrown away right at the start, when the MC is the only one who gets a divine being as soldier type. From then on, it is smooth sailing for his world conquest.
The ugly

  • Everything else...
  • Underage girl becomes MC's underling? Check;
  • "Player's Female Goddess" becomes interested in MC? Check;
  • Other players envious of MC, but praise him anyway? Check;
  • Battles have no tension? Check;
  • Plot develops at a snail's pace? Check, check and check.
I'm not fond of spoilers, but this title's potential readers deserve a warning. So, I'll summarize the first 100 chapters:

  • Humans are brought to a fantasy world to battle for supremacy in a game-like way;
  • Every player is given a random type of creature to command, from useless slimes to the supreme creatures like dragons;
  • MC gets the only divine creature: angels;
  • Players are warned that in seven days the beginner's protection will end and a beast tide will happen;
  • MC develops his castle and summons more and more of his overpowered minions;
  • Nightly raids by monsters kills other players, but poses no threat to MC;
  • Seven days passes and MC's angels kill more monsters than any other force in the world. Chockers.
  • MC chooses a prize for being the first placed in the monster tide.
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nikhil123 rated it
February 20, 2022
Status: c129
The novel has potential but the MC just feels like a robot. Just assume he behaves like a person who is playing a rts games based on prompt given by tutorial, you will generally skip all the cut scenes and just follow the game.

MC feels extremely passive and makes no sense why is he the MC. The scary part is he always seems like a potential villain. Some examples are he just doesn’t care about his followers and his followers are hypnotised at birth to follow him.

Overall if you like... more>> the concept of kingdom building it suits to read but note that it will not be engaging novel. <<less
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Wingman404 rated it
December 2, 2021
Status: --
This story has a lot of potential and from what I have read it fun it decently write with minimal grammar mistake and the plot is unique (I haven’t found a plot like this one) and it pretty nice to read
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April 1, 2022
Status: c97
I did not rate this is because this series makes it clear from the very start what kind of series it is... and I can respect that. There is absolutely an audience for pure self-insert wish fulfillment type novels, and I think the writing itself is fine (for that genre, which I'm not fond of).

Edit: Except for the line in the summary going "fair and equitable race for supremacy". It's fair only in that that MC believes anyone could have lucked out with the angel faction at start. Whoever gets... more>> that is clearly the designated victor.

The initial arc has a moment where all the other players are scrambling like their lives depend on it (because it does) while the MC is relaxing at his castle trying to figure out how to relieve his BOREDOM. Honestly, the novel does a fine job of setting the reader's expectations (unending effortless triumph) and then meeting those expectations. The MC doesn't have to lead his angels - just tell them to go forth and kill/conquer/etc and they make it happen. Upkeep? His faction doesn't have it. Loyalty? His faction 100% loyal forever. Gear? They have magic and can also summon weapons. This pattern continues - the perils of leadership are for *other* players, not the MC! The MC is the #1 castle lord in the first arc (effortlessly), and that's clearly never going to change. The rest of the setting is the underdog, and it is surely doomed. The reviewer that noted the MC feels like he's playing a mobile game is quite apt - that's basically the amount of effort the MC is putting into this.

I'm only following this series because the setting is quite interesting, and there can be some fun gleaned by imagining what the story would be like if it focused on literally any other player than the MC. I have long since started skipping/skimming any section focusing on the Angel faction - a brief look now and then confirms that, yep, it's still just describing how the MC is effortlessly coming out on top and how any new difficulties are auto-resolved by his extreme OP-ness.


The Angel of Love resolving the possible issue of the MC not concerning himself with long-term alliance planning (via what's basically mass [and surely irreversible] brainwashing of the native races) is really something I should have seen coming. Of course he's going to effortlessly be the best at recruiting natives.


I mostly wanted to see how the beast tide mechanics worked / how the players with lower-tier units fared, tbh, so I'll likely be shifting to a more periodic check-in to see if the author's come up with any other interesting game mechanics. Those mechanics, of course, will either help the MC, be neutral to the MC, or be challenges to *other* players but not the angels. <<less
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