Fight for Peace and Love


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Uke: I am still alone because I am obsessed with building socialism.

Seme: I am still alone because I haven’t met you.

Then they encountered. Bai Luoluo finally had a chance to plant the Peace&Love seeds all over the world.

Qin Baichuan: Come on, plant more seeds in me.

This is a story about a uke striving for influencing the whole world but changing himself in the end.

The seme told the uke: I cheat on you.

Uke: If you return, I will still be with you.

The seme told the uke: I am going to marry.

Uke: As long as you divorced, I will still be with you.

The seme told the uke: I need you heart to be a guiding drug.

Uke: I am willing to be with you next life.

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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
February 26, 2020
Status: Completed
This is like a quick transmigration but its not. Every arc is different to the cliche plot in the transmigration plot here in NU. It will make you crave for more because the author made her own setting of the worlds in the arc. And the fact that our MC is a very upright civil servant makes it even more better. I just sympathize often when his chrysanthemum are always sacrificed in the arcs.

Nevertheless this novel is worth reading and mtl, the interactions of the MC when in real world... more>> is really good because the author made him adjust within a decent time and not made him a robot than can easily thinna dn suppressed whatever emotions are lurking.

The mc

Cute, witty but most of the time naive. Not a white lotus in every arc, the characters he's in is very dynamic.

The ml

Since the novel portrayed him as

a person who doesn't/cant feel or show emotion

he's like the overbearing type since he only felt emotions when he met the mc <<less
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ActualTrash rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: Completed
An enjoyable read with a lovable MC.
If you're not comfortable with dub-con or non-con, you should probably skip this, as he starts out straight and then slowly bends. It's quick transmigration with some standard arcs you might've come across before, and some more interesting ones. There's also short segments that take place in reality between each arc. The MC doesn't realize it's the ML with him in all the worlds until the second-to-last world, which I quite like... in other novels they often find out far too early, in... more>> my opinion.

The ML is the typical cold to everyone except the MC type... however the ML is, in my view, slightly different in each arc, so it's a bit more refreshing.

The ML, and some others, have a disease in which they lack empathy/feelings for other people. The MC enters different worlds with the ML, as a sort of healing process; so the ML can start to feel again.


There's a system (s), but I found the system to be quite enjoyable in this one... the MC and it mesh well together.

In the final extra you'll see how much the systems love him. There's multiple systems, with a new one supposedly being assigned in each new world.


I'll run through my opinions on each arc quickly below, without spoiling too much. There are also segments of reality in between each arc, which I won't really go into:

**The MC dies at the end of every arc, some deaths/aftermath chapters are better than others.**
First arc: Prince (MC) & Shadow Guard (And then Emperor)
This was an ok arc, wasn't the best one in my opinion. The ending was expected but it was also the only arc to lack an aftermath chapter, maybe the author was warming up?

Second arc: Teacher (MC) /"Adopted" Student (And then overbearing CEO)
I liked the MC's death the most in this arc, I had tears in my eyes, but I'm a sucker for this stuff. The ML keeps the MC locked up near the end, which also indirectly causes his death, something he never forgave himself for.

Third arc: Futuristic/Interstellar Arc: Death Row Convict (MC) /Planet ML (Spiritual representation of a planet)
The best part about this arc is the ML trying his best to act like a white lotus. He read it in a novel he found on the planet, presumably from another death row convict. He's not the best actor, however. (The MC knows he's acting too, as he gets to see the plot overview.) The death is a bit lackluster... probably because it would be hard to come up with a realistic reason for him to die.

Fourth arc: Swindler (MC) /Feng Shui/Spiritualist Master (This arc is very similar to the author's other novel, My Five Elements Lack You. It was ok, but probably would've been better if I hadn't already read that one. I believe this short arc was further expanded into a new story?) Not going to talk about this one much as to avoid spoilers for that novel.

Fifth arc: Little Stalker (MC) /Doctor (And alien) This was probably my favorite arc, as the ML seemed to be the most interesting in this one. It's also the arc in which the MC seems to completely bend. His death in this one can also be quite sad, but the site I'm currently reading this from (with mtl) seemingly cuts the chapter off at the end. I'm not sure if that was the author's intent, or a problem with the site, but it caused the arc to fall short a little.

Sixth arc: Scammer/OldHuman (MC) /Higher Ranking NewHuman (Not sure if they actually belong to a high ranking family as we aren't given specific information, but that seems to be the implication.) This arc was quite long and a bit boring overall in my opinion. It just wasn't that interesting setting wise, but that's subjective.

Last arc: Spiritual Radish* (MC) / Immortal (*He might not be a radish, but that's what the mtl translated it as.) In this arc the MC and ML switch roles, as the ML wants to prove to the MC that he wasn't just using him to heal his disease. Just an ok arc overall, nothing special; and a boring death.


Overall a good novel with a lovable MC. He's a bit naive and quite kind, but if the MC was more calculative/Gary-stu-like it probably would've been a detriment to the novel... but that's just what I think. <<less
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