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Gou Liang travels through worlds in order to complete a mysterious and arduous mission…

Foodie, flirtatious and good looking shou VS Dimpled, domineering, lord god gong + haunting~~

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auroraRMC rated it
January 28, 2020
Status: c223
Surprised that I saw this being translated. This is a really long story, so props to the translator for taking this on.

Read this quite a while ago, but dropped at chapter 223/318. That’s halfway through the 12th arc, out of 16 arcs and like 3 epilogue chapters/extras.

I’m pretty sure the Dog Food in the title is just referring to the fact that the task for the MC in each world is to increase the goodwill of the ML to max. Which basically means he needs to make the ML fall... more>> totally in love with the MC. The initial goodwill rating of the ML for the MC has huge ranges, plus he can’t OOC in some cases, so the MC is pretty damn restricted sometimes. The ML seems to be the Lord God, iirc, but so far this hasn’t played too much into the plot. Since this is a matchmaking system, there isn’t as much action at all.

This embodies two of the annoyances I usually have with fast wear. 1. The MC has to leave at a certain time/right after he finishes the task. And 2. The system/plot has to deal with matchmaking/falling in love. Idk it just seems a little contrived and sometimes I’m wondering if he really loves that dude. Sometimes I was wondering if he was being affectionate with the ML just for the soul “flavor”, which I guess counts as the dog food. Ah I was also pretty damn annoyed by the 11th arc, which I’m pretty sure is what caused me to get tired and drop this by the 12th arc. The MC was acting pretty obnoxiously and really stubbornly to the ML during that arc.

Literally my comment right after dropping the story was “not sure if this story should be dog food or dog blood” that’s how much random drama is in most of the worlds. Sigh. Plus if this is supposed to be romance, at least give me some more smut. <<less
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February 20, 2020
Status: v7
This is a good novel but the only fault is that each arc is kind of a bad end, although the MC complete the mission and the ML and MC end together in each arc they do not continue they live in each arc after the mission end the MC have to leave and the world of each arc is reset, which mean that the contra-attack that the MC did for the original host was meaningless. This novel is kind of a let down, even though the plot and the... more>> story is good. <<less
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Pavetta rated it
January 11, 2020
Status: c1
The first chapter has the MC arriving in the new world, and then there's a huge info-dump explaining how and why he became a transmigrator. I just skipped a lot of it because it was boring, and I find it a bit of a shame that the first chapter doesn't have a better hook.

This is the author's fault. The translator her/himself did a marvellous job.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
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DarkAngel268 rated it
February 2, 2020
Status: --
Stars: 3.5

I'm on the fifth arc, banana flavoured boss gong (seems so wrong to type that lol). It seems to be a really long novel and frankly, I'm not interested enough to stick around.

The MC doesn't seem to be truly in love. The author has just made it seem like the MC is more interested in kissing, and hence tasting, the ML's flavour in each arc. But there are moments where his love peeks though, maybe added after a second thought by the author, I don't know. If romance is... more>> all you're looking for, you're in luck. In all of the arcs, it's the main focus. In each world, the MC works to increase his favorability rating, sometimes it's -100 and sometimes it's 80. It's not a boring read but since the main focus is only romance, I'm kinda not into it as much.

The arcs are interesting enough, not great but not bad either. They're without original story lines (at least the first 5 arcs). The only arc I loved was the first one, the sexual mention, development, and the side characters were really well developed which breathed life into the story but as you go further, it all falls short. The romance between the main characters becomes the main focus and there isn't any world building or focus on side characters. The first arc shot my expectations of this novel through the roof but because of this, I'm left disappointed. Most of the arcs don't even reach a satisfactory conclusion because the MC leaves the world as soon as his favorability reaches 100.

I might come back to this novel in the future or maybe not. This isn't bad but not really my cup of tea. <<less
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January 20, 2020
Status: --C233
It is very interesting novel which is a little different from usual fast wear transmigration novels due to different soul flavours of Gong and the love of MC for food. This novel is alot intense, it also explicitly explains their intercourse. If someone cant wait for translation, It's easy to mtl with 85% understanding. The love between MC and ML is sweet. Overall it is very good novel. I gave it a 4/5 rating.... more>>
The ML is lord god ruling over three thousands worlds. MC was his pet in a wolf shape. For the purpose of saving him ML sealed his memories and send him in different worlds for doing missions. <<less
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astrobabe rated it
January 14, 2020
Status: --
This novel is pretty good I think although I'm not sure if it will hold my interest until the end. The arcs are inconsistent in how interesting they are...

The MC is tasked of going to different worlds in order to retrieve fragments of something, and part of his restrictions is that he can't go OOC depending on the relationships established by his host body with other people or else he'll get ejected by the world consciousness and fail. The arcs where there's greater danger of him going OOC or having... more>> a lot of pre-established criteria based on the host's previous actions generally tend to be more interesting. Otherwise, it's pretty smooth-sailing since he just does whatever he wants. He's pretty OP all in all so the arc has no tension if there aren't obstacles for him to overcome.

The two are pretty lovey-dovey and this novel is more explicit and detailed in explaining their sx than a lot of other novels. The sections aren't too long but they happen at least once per arc I think after the first one.

Right now I'm in this middle area about the MC cause he's marginally a good person but his personality sometimes is kind of selfish and seemingly douchey. I personally like "good" MCs just so I feel like I can support them and whatever they do, and he's on the line. I'm hoping he has some character growth although that usually doesn't happen too often in the quickwear genre. ML is standard, but not a yandere. He makes little shows of eating vinegar, but the MC is so into him that it never develops into anything but a small tease. I like him in some arcs better than others.

I think this novel is good enough to deserve a chance. The MTL gets a bit difficult sometimes though because the author has a lot of characters in each arc and the way MTL handles names makes it hard to keep track. Sometimes it's good at keeping the same person with one name and sometimes the same person will have 3 or 4 variations. Otherwise, the only other difficult times are usually with special terms in some of the arcs. I'd rate it like an 85% readability compared to most novels. <<less
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