Applaud for Happiness


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The MC is a quick transmigrator and the ML each time is someone who has a sad past and painful experiences. The MC goes through multiple worlds and his mission is to help the ML achieve happiness, providing him with love, care, family, and guiding him towards a more fulfilling life~

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April 24, 2020
Status: Completed
The synopsis for this is really short so here's the basic outline of the story if you want:

... more>>

The MC had a system but almost failed his first mission world task because of the newbie system and decided that he didn't need one and went through worlds and completed counterattack missions. One day one of his co-workers asks him for a favor to complete a mission task since he is the best at completing missions and he accepts. From then on the MC sets off into various worlds and has to bring the ML's happiness value to 100 through various means.


Slight overall spoiler:

  • Spoiler
    • 1v1, ML is the same in every world. However, the ML has a different and distinct personality in each world. So there is a ML version that you will definitely like! :)
    • There is no real "face slapping" or "counter attacks" in this story so if that is what you are expecting you will be disappointed. This story focuses mainly on the MC using his charms and wit to heal the ML's trauma and raise his happiness.
    • I like how the MC has a healthy sexual appetite unlike in some stories where they shy away from it or try to avoid it. For example, in one arc the ML had to keep taking tonics cause the MC was so demanding in bed and almost drained him dry lmao!
MY REVIEW: I think if you are a fan of the world hopping genre this will be a fun read. Some worlds had a VERY unique take in my opinion. The MC and ML are a super cute and extremely healthy couple. There isn't any instant love or instant obsession. The relationship grows from each world and eventually develops into an enduring love. This story handles relationship issues extremely well. Whenever the ML does something wrong due to his possessiveness or his past trauma the MC sits him down and communicates with him or they work out a compromise. I loved this. I would have given 5/5 but I had to take off one star for the ending. It was so short!!! The "real world" part only has two chapters! I will admit that it wrapped everything up and there weren't any loose ends, I am just salty because I felt like it needed something more but I can't put my finger on what exactly.

EACH ARC/WORLD (these aren't official arc titles but just what I observed ok.)

  1. Spoiler
    • Showbiz - "Movie Emperor" x "Young Idol" [ML's personality is very gentle/doting this ARC]
    • Modern - " Young Master" x "Hired Cook" [ML's personality is basically facial paralysis lol]
    • Chinese Republic - "Commander's son" x "President's son" [ML's personality is two-faced yet loyal dog]
    • Interstellar - "Amnesiac Prince" x "Lost Fiance" [ML's personality went FULL yandere this arc. <3]
    • Western Fantasy - "Impotent Dragon" x "Sacrificial Offering" [ML's personality is so silly and sweet]
    • Eastern Fantasy - "Monk/Cultivator" x "???Spirit weapon/tool???" [ML is ruthless and vengeful]
    • Modern - "Genius/OCD young master" x "Ghostly Angel" [ML is obsessive and innocent]
ARC REVIEW (MAY CONTAIN VERY SLIGHT SPOILERS) Read more about the arc that seems interesting to you!

Arc 1 : Movie emperor x Young Idol


I didn't really care much about this ARC. I didn't hate it and I didn't love it. It was very cliche. I am not a huge fan of showbiz arcs in general though so if you enjoy those types you will enjoy this arc. The ML was very gentle and doting in this world but he also had a strong masculine appeal. There is a scene where he catches the MC smoking in the bathroom and... Oof! I liked it. This ML had family issues that needed to be healed.


Arc 2: Young master x Hired Cook


This world was so cute. I love how the MC tricked the ML into basically having cyber s*x on face chat. :) While the ML was an iceberg this world he still retained a sweetness, he was betrayed by his first love and the MC used his charms to help him with his love and family.


Arc 3: Commanders son x Presidents Son


This world was my least favorite. It was EXTREMELY political and heavy handed on the "backcourt" drama that I felt was taking too much time away from the MC and ML. The MC in this ARC was more powerful than the ML so he had to slowly raise him up and help him resolve his issues with his family. The ML was very two-faced, he pretended to be a weak little lamb but deep inside was twisted. He would act like a crybaby in front of MC to get his way lmao. Even the MC's family would scold him for bullying the ML and then the ML would bully the MC in bed haha!


Arc 4: Prince x Lost Fiancee


I liked this arc a lot. I have a weakness for a semi-unstable full on yandere ML. Don't worry if you aren't a fan of yandere, the ML is still very gentle towards the MC and the MC loves to be lazy and doesn't mind some "little black room" play lol. This world advanced their relationship a lot and had tons of communication, compromise and understanding between the MC and ML.


Arc 5: Impotent Dragon x Sacrificial Offering


This has to the the most hilarious arc! It actually might be my favorite arc due to all the laughs I had while reading it and the unique plotline. The ML is a dragon that is basically shunned by other dragons cause he can't get it up LMAO. Then he meets the MC and finally can stand up but he realizes that the MC is a man and falls into depression ahahaha. The silly dragon is so pure and innocent he knows next to nothing about humans. Also, the MC doesn't want to enlighten the ML because he discovers the ML has two... man parts... he has TWO D*CKS. Lmaooooo. The poor MC was traumatized.


Arc 6: Monk/Cultivator x Spirit Weapon


Possibly my second favorite arc. This ML is also two faced in this world. He is gentle and holy on the outside and on the inside he craves revenge and is a horny dog lol. I love this arc because the MC is a spirit weapon/tool (my chinese sucks so im not clear on it sorry) the MC can only be seen by the ML unless he wants to be seen by others so while he is invisible he seduces the ML while he's being all holy by rubbing on him and laying on him while he's trying to pretend to be this pious holyman in front of others lmao. This arc made me see the MC is definitely a hidden perv. The second half of this arc gets pretty dog blood drama, but still ends with happy end.


Arc 7: Genius/OCD young master x Ghostly Angel


This Arc was good, this was also another arc that struck me as pretty unique. Had a lot of family drama that I felt barely related to the MC and ML but I give it pass due to the excellence of the over all arc. While reading it at first I was stunned cause... every other paragraph some new family drama would happen. For example breaking engagements, replaced illegitimate children, half-sibling love, forced pregnancy, battle for family heir, car accidents, etc. etc. I was like.. wtf is happening! It was all way too much and focused on families that weren't even all that important to the story I felt like. Also, it had rebirth and supernatural elements that I felt could have been more explored.

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January 25, 2020
Status: c59
This novel is very lovely. The Love that gradually develops between MC And ML is admirable. I most liked its 4th Arc which is interstellar. With each Arc the possessiveness of ML starts increasing but it's not annoying. People who are interested in fast transmigration with a intense story and A bit of yandere ML should check it. Each arcs plot is good and written in a unique way.
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Fujoshi Next Door
Fujoshi Next Door rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: --
Very good book, not gonna go to detail. But what the heck?! Last update was half a year ago... I think this book should continue, very sweet. sometimes could be too sweet but what can I say, I have a sweet tooth.
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rhianirory rated it
March 15, 2019
Status: Completed
the first few stories are fairly gentle and while not every ML has the yandere element some of them do, so if you can't handle that then you will probably not like this novel (though it isn't as dark and twisted as some others I've seen).

the first wasn't the best story but the scene with the MC smoking in the bathroom of the farmhouse only to be caught by the ML stuck with me the longest


for me, there were a little too many stories here that were all about politics/family intrigue and melodrama so the number of stories I actually really liked was small in comparison to the number of worlds. The ending was decent but, even though it's rated lower and it's a very light read, I liked the authors other novel 末日穿书心愿世界和平 (Doomsday Wears the Book and Wish for World Peace) better. it's down to personal tastes and what you enjoy, *shrugs.*
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holachica rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: c12
Honestly around 4.5 or so, but I'm giving it 5 stars because the rating seems just a little too low. There are far worse novels out there with much higher ratings than this novel's current one. Sure the setting isn't high-stakes, but not all good novels need to have crazy risk and drama and things like that.

Edit: Done reading. The rating is still the same, probably ~4.4 by the end, though? Really, give it a try! It's not mindblowing or anything, but it's a good read.
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July 14, 2022
Status: c80
No rating because not sure how I feel about it.

Yes, some arcs were OK, some meh or questionable, but after thinking about it, there are quite a few problems. This is a long review (for no particular reason), so strap in or go back. I think I marked all spoilers, sorry if I missed something.

1 - Arcs are extremely skippable. Because there is absolutely zero overarching plot (more on that later), there is nothing that makes them worth reading. It all hinges on whether you find each individual ark interesting.... more>> Let me demonstrate:

    • The first arc actually avoids this, which makes sense, since it's an ark that introduces us to the whole setting. Here are a few good things that happen in the first arc, that don't (or barely) happen later:
        • We get to learn a bit about MC.
        • The mechanics of the happiness points are explored.
        • There is a rival/villain character that actually interacts with MC and ML on-screen.
        • ML has an on-screen conversation with a character that isn't MC, which is significant to the plot.
        • MC gives ML more than his body and feelings - he lets ML feel the warmth of a family.
        • MC and ML talk quite a bit.
    • Now, let's compare that to the second arc:
        • We learn nothing new about MC. (or ML)
        • There is nothing new about the system, happiness points or the plot.
        • By the time the "antagonist" appears in person, he has already lost and his only role is to see how perfectly happy MC and ML are together.
        • MC supposedly eases the relationship between ML and his grandpa, but like... cooking a hot pot once in a while is apparently enough to do the trick.
        • MC seduces ML and later ML falls in love and that's about it.
        • Most of their talk is either as polite strangers or MC seducing ML or ML testing MC or their subsequent sweet talk. ML's sister had more meaningful conversations with MC and ML than these two had with each other.
    • Moving on to the third arc:
        • We still learn nothing new about MC and ML
        • The overarching plot is still absent, but at one point MC mentions in one sentence that ML's from the first 3 arcs might be the same person. It doesn't seem like he really cares, though.
        • The "antagonists" are supporting characters in the first 4-ish chapters and then become a part of background extras only mentioned in passing.
        • ML now has no meaningful relationships with anyone except MC.
        • Seduction > love once again. MC had a very big family, but they only interacted with ML twice on screen, the rest was just implied.
        • MC and ML still talk, but almost nothing is heart-to-heart.
    • Fourth arc:
        • Nothing new about MC or ML
        • MC confirms that ML is the same (again, in one or two sentences and without any emotional burden), apart from that the arc is entirely skippable.
        • The "antagonists" are dealt with before MC and ML meet.
        • ML has 2 subordinates, only one appears in more than one chapter, but apart from that one subordinate providing some information to MC and ML, neither of the protagonists talks to anyone except each other.
        • Seduction > obsession > twisted love. That's it. ML's emotional health? He doesn't need that, just have s*x one more time.
        • Apart from acting spoiled and throwing one massive tantrum (and then reconciling), there is no real communication
I won't continue, but let me add that the fifth arc adds nothing to the overarching plot nor improves in any way compared to previous chapters. Moving on.

2 - There are no stakes. MC has nothing to lose. ML probably has something to lose, but it's mentioned once in the first chapter and not even the author seems to care about it. There are no unbreakable rules. There is no punishment for failure. MC never struggles and at no point is there a situation where he's in trouble. There is absolutely no motivation to root for MC to succeed. It's as engaging as watching an adult complete a 9-piece puzzle.

3 - ML's obsessive love/desire towards MC is ruining the difficulty of the task from... second or third arc onwards. His happiness depends solely on MC.

4 - ML becomes less and less a person who needs help and more a domineering male lead who is constantly in heat. MC's agency goes from figuring what hurt ML and helping him walk out of the shadows to seducing ML and enjoying 10-day-long sessions of lovemaking. And if you are interested in that, don't worry, it's not described at all.

5 - The overarching plot is non-existent, MC just goes to do some tasks because his co-worker asked him to.

Turns out another coworker was stalking him and afraid to confess so he orchestrated the whole thing.

That is 100% of the main plot. <<less
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AImmortalZ rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is unlike other quick transmigration novels. The plot centered on true happiness. The tasker/MC made his best and most sincere attempts to love and help the ml. It does not have to be about love; it can be be about appreciation, familial love, or friendship. Excellent work. This is a wonderful novel.
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devils_dont_fly rated it
July 13, 2021
Status: --
I am so disappointed that this novel seems to have been dropped since it was just now starting to get good (till ch 12).

I have only read the first 12 chapters and based on that this seems to be really good? This seems to be just the kind of book I like.

I love the interactions between MC and ML and the kiss scenes are intense and passionate. I quite like it.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with it and I am just gonna mtl the rest of it
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YellowNoodle rated it
September 25, 2020
Status: Completed
Mainly clicked on this because the tags had smut but I was lied to. There is no detailed smut so if you want that, this household has none.

Nevertheless, I still read it because the arcs were interesting and unique in their own way.

The MC and ML is very typical within the Chinese BL scene so I don't have much to say about them.

... more>> Nothing too oustanding and not too shabby. Its a pretty good read when you're stressed from University (like me. I have successfully distracted myself)


Enjoi and Adieu.

As for those who dont like the political sense of the story. I felt it was interesting because the author at least tried to have some world building instead of focusing on the protagonist's relationship back to back. And as they were pretty OP, that would have made the series boring. <<less
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Qwex rated it
September 19, 2020
Status: Completed
On one hand it was bland and kinda boring, on the other - good enough to read it till the end.

Nothing interesting happens in this story. Not once I wondered "what will happen next". The stakes are extremely low. The only saving grace is that arcs do not drag on.

Four stars (and not lower) because nothing bad here. MC and ML are interesting enough. Their relationship is enjoyable to read about.

In conclusion: did I like this story? No. Do I regret reading it? Also no.

It was ok.
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Ouryuu Zeno
Ouryuu Zeno rated it
March 22, 2019
Status: c60
My cup of tea of some sweet, yandere love that's consented by both parties. The beginning few arcs are sweet with a nice loving relationship, and then the world's ML starts to get deja vu?Nothing like first sight love, after all they've all started with really low affection points, but it has a nice pace of feelings. MC is pretty self sufficient, he's good at acting but he doesn't fake all of his feelings.

... more>>

I honestly loved how deeper and possessive ML got over MC. MC is mostly fine, he seems to really love him by then no matter.


Till now the arcs are pretty interesting, maybe they have been done before but still it has its own charm. <<less
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elvira12 rated it
March 2, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a light novel and very easy to read, even via MTL. I hope someone could translate this. Such a lovely story.

... more>>

The MC is a system host without a system. This is because he almost failed his first mission because of the newbie system assigned to him. So he decided not to use an AI system anymore.

The MC was the top host in their company and he was assigned to save the ML in the debris worlds.

There are 7 arcs and the ending is with the actual body of the ML. The ML was a laboratory employee and fell in love with Shen Qi at first sight. Yan Yan, the ML, stalked SQ in all his missions. When he couldnt take it anymore, he requested to have raiders mission where he would be the objective of SQ.

ML is very very possessive. There were several arcs where he imprisoned SQ with him.


Anyway, it is such a sweet story. Not so remarkable but relatively cute and hot. <<less
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Wanderad rated it
February 11, 2019
Status: --
Soooooo sweat happiness is full 100%. I don't now why people don't read this book. Maybe cause sinopsis is no complete. Ok this is sinopsis from my view

MC is shen qi transmigrator without system very new consept. About multidimensi. ML just right in the every world. So this is a sweet story about ML make MC falling in love with him. And another around. With story the way ML and MC understanding each other in every world.


So this story very worth it.
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Joseph_Heatfield rated it
July 3, 2021
Status: c91
Im very surprised about this one, as a QT reader I already pass trough every QT novel I can find, this one as the other reviews is not a wow not a boo, its just enjoyable to read, its sweet and has a very cute overall history in all the arcs, but the reason why I give this such a low rate is because the manipulation.

This can sound very dramatic and low-key hating on this but, I kind of did. This a very common thing on QT BL novels with... more>> one of them not having memory, and so, the things are pulled of with manipulation in one side (sometimes the MC, sometimes the ML), its a normal thing since one of them doesn't remember or in the majority, has a task with the other one, this one bother me so much, because that lack of respect of mental health the MC has with ML


I started to see this around the interstellar arc, with MC lying all around to pull of the trauma of ML, like, thats the total opposite of what u have to do while dealing with trauma, this got worse on the cultivation buda arc, I don't know how the happiness value of ML doesn't drop till 0 after all the things MC "act" for the ML to realise he love him, like ??? Relationship does not evolve around someone forcing to u to pass ur trauma by make u realise u love them and how is that going to get out of ur trauma in first place??? Maybe I'm just over the top here but the MC is always telling that he wants the ML to be happy, to have a good life, he even said that he has to learn some psychology to take care of ML the best as possible but at the next time, he just make him extremely jealous, make him think that he loves him a lot but he can't just love the same because TRAUMA but the way u make him realise that is by putting more weight on that trauma???? Its just a sadistic thing for the MC to do, U know what can solve that in a very sweet and engaging way? TALKING, yes, communication, yeah, of course, s*x is important but if the MC just sit down with the ML and make him feel comfortable with himself to told their histories and making step by step a way out of trauma together, that sounds a lot more romantic and healthy for me instead of just running away with the clon of ML, hurting him in the way of doing that as for him to get revenge and seeing u in the shadows cause he believes MC hates him and that put more trauma on his already heavy ass library of trauma, like please, how is his happiness rate doesn't drop to like -30? Even more sounds okay to me, I know MC doesn't have feelings for ML till the third arc but omg, the Cultivation buda arc is the top of "what u shouldn't do to deal with trauma and relationship" Ppl will said that all the things are justify by the love MC and ML have but u know, this is kinda a win-lose relationship even tho the happiness is rising before MC tells ML the true and starts talking with him, at least I never saw the ML overcome the trauma, its just MC putting love has a rug to cover it down tho this just happens in arcs 4-6 and just the 6 being way too bad for mental health, the other ones have a very good communication between the MC and ML, in the 6th arc also has a very good communication but after all the dogblood so, I guess it was a cointoss for the MC, I like that very much, that they use talking and communication in every arc, not perfect but its there, and that really helps, overall, the other arcs have a very healthy relationship between them, specially the first one


Im so sorry, it was just a rant since I myself been dealing with trauma while being in a relationship and that make me took this as personal and u know, ppl has feelings, feelings change opinions and make things subjective so don't be harsh with me for being harsh with this novel that I may took personal haha, I'm so sorry.

As an objective pov, this is a pretty good not over the top QT novel, check it out if u just wanna have some fun, not thinking too much and have some new fresh air with sweet moments and healthy relationship! <<less
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SararaGold rated it
January 24, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a fairly interesting QT BL novel, with no dragging and less-to-zero drama.

The MC can be listed under my 'most favourite MC' list; he is not particularly OP, he is a rational being with both strength and weaknesses. I mostly admire his judgments in most of the situations. Well, with his character, he was able to work without a system even when he was still a newbie.

As for the plot, it was bland, but not to the point you want to drop this novel. You still want to read... more>> the next chapters although there is a lack of suspense or tension in the plot.

As for me, I persisted to the end mainly due to MC and the occasional dog food from MC and ML. They are sweet enough to give you mild hyperglycaemia. <<less
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Pavetta rated it
October 10, 2020
Status: c94
If you're tired of dumb and/or naive MCs, cliché scenarios and OP systems that help the MC cheat their way to victory, then this story is for you.

The MC is intelligent and relies on his own abilities to complete missions. The system serves no purpose except to tell the MC the completion rate of the mission, and a lot of the worlds have unique takes and premises that makes this story better than most world-hopping stories.

This isn't on the level of stories like Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From The tr*sh Bin, mostly because it doesn't have an over-arching story-line that has you on the edge of your seat like DPUBTB does. But it's enjoyable for what it is and a great experience.
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natsuluv rated it
April 16, 2020
Status: Completed
I mtled this as it was pretty easy to read though I still wish someone would pick this up. It's a very sweet story about different kinds of pursuits for love. This is the first story I've seen where the MC actually acted on his bottom line and would call out the ml. He actually would try to sit down and communicate and wouldn't let things slide. Like he would help the ML work on his yandere tendencies so that they could both be truly happy and have trust. It's... more>> very beautiful to watch MC fall in love with ML and see ML grow. If you want fluff with smart characters then this is it. <<less
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Freyalily rated it
May 7, 2022
Status: Completed
The MC have a lot of character development, he learn a lot in their relationship with ML, realised and admit his wrong, become better and understanding to ML arc after arc.

He also learn to be more mature, and think a lot about the consequences of his every decision.

The ML too, he also learn what love is.

They go through a lot, and really really love each other to the bones.
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Pandablackeyes rated it
January 31, 2022
Status: Completed

Yes..... we should applaud for happiness....

... more>> This is a happy novel. It's fluffy and sweet. MC and ML are both lovable character. Every arc is entertaining and every ending end differently.

I also love how the novel ends. I think it's just right. I am satisfy with it. I didn't feel the need for extra or side story about them.

I just hope for more arcs..

Don't judge the first arc cause its pretty normal because the rest of arc is definitely appealing and charismatic. You won't feel bored and it's not redundant...

ML is very interesting in every arc and how MC deals with him is both funny and charming.

Have fun! 😊

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RoseAngel16 rated it
December 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Let me just say this has be the most readable mtl for a novel I've ever read. If you're like me and want to continue this novel, the mtl on Asian novels is great. This story has nothing really "special" but I liked the MC's personality and the fact he stay the same while adjusting some parts of the personality to suit the setting. Also liked the fact about both of their true identities. It has enough uniqueness for the quick wear transmigration story and I loved most arcs and... more>> chemistry is different in each arc. I still like the first arc the most! <<less
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