I’ve Got this Cannon Fodder’s Back


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Lu Deng is not a cannon fodder himself, but his mission is to save the miserable cannon fodder.

A businessman who lost in a business game. A teenager who kept silent under school violence. The actor whose road to fame was ruined by cyber violence. An unknown man who was misunderstood until the day he died.

There can only be one protagonist in every world, so fate hides in the corner sending it’s cold tentacles toward the innocent.

Some people stay silent, some choose to compromise, some are unwilling, and some are fulfilled.

There should always be individuals to hug them.

So Lu Deng went to hug.

Then people will not let go.

[Lu Deng: That… Have you hugged enough? QAQ]
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This Cannon Fodder is Covered by Me!
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41 Reviews

May 09, 2019
Status: Completed
As the translator I know I am a biased reviewer. Now that that is out of the way, I seriously love this book. It is a quick wear in the vain of Face of the Devil, but is really nothing like it. The protagonist is sweet and has a complicated background you uncover slowly as the novel goes on.

The pacing is excellent and each arc is satisfying. I don't want to add any spoilers, so suffice it to say I think it's worth looking into if you enjoy BL, fast... more>> wear and a lot of sweetness that is there along with having a strong protagonist and ML. <<less
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Jun 11, 2019
Status: Completed
I picked this novel because of its unique task - supporting cannon fodder characters - rather than the usual - taking revenge or changing destiny of the original lord or improving original lord's image in the eyes of the target. Those three plots I've read about in quite a lot of world hopping novels. It became amazing to watch the MC support the cannon fodder (ML) instead. Not in all arcs, ML is more OP than MC. Instead, if it wasn't for the low level of MC's system, I think... more>> he would be even more OP. ML is much more bound with reality except falling in love quite fast. About that, in terms of love, MC is the same. MC isn't a liar (except sometimes) but is more of a concealer. He won't tell anything about his real identity if not asked but still in a roundabout way. And the system is cute. Always thinking in the wrong direction or is it the correct one?! :) :)

At the middle of the first half of the second arc, it's fun to watch MC, now being a professor, asking ML, who's now a college student, about his homework. It's a total revenge. MC was a student in the first arc and had to do homework under watch of the ML. Laughing hard! :)


{CH 28} [12-06-2019]
After reading this chapter, I felt that the system is competing with the ML for his good host's affection. Yet, ML foils the plan and wins instead. Another thing is that the homework seems to be quite important part of this novel. MC hates it and also uses it retaliate back to ML. The system is also a hater of homework now. Except ML, who completes homework in order to please MC, MC and system are anti-homework party.

{CH 42} [12-06-2019]
At the start of the fourth arc, I was very surprised to the point of laughing. "Robbery of you." and "The current kidnappers are truly human!"
Another thing that I noticed in the novel is that the MC's actual name is Lu Deng (as this name has been mentioned in other arcs except the character name) while ML's name is Gu Yuan and they change their name in every world except their surnames. Even in the first world, the given name is not MC's own (based on my reasoning).

{CH 61} [12-06-2019]

The fourth arc revealed too much information about MC. Of course, I won't spoil those except that he's got an uncle in this one. The meeting point of ML, MC and his uncle is fun to read. Why MC is so quiet and sensible? Why he doesn't talk much? All this connects to his past. Although in this arc, the author didn't tell his life story entirely but he/she made us known that the character that MC plays finally in one of the movies at the end of arc resembles his life story. Somewhere in his life, MC suffered the same or had a similar experience.

Must praise the cute system. He worked hard and also went off to fight with the customer service center for a wrongly purchased product. Well, the wrongly purchased product did provide MC with benefits (cooking, makeup and what-not skills) except the expected driving skills. In my opinion, I think that old driver skills were actually experienced wife skills.

{CH 73} [12-06-2019]

Really love the little cute system. Its intimateness to its host and jealousy to ML is clearly shown in its action for preparing things and alerting his host. The 5th arc was good. If it wasn't for the identity that MC chose on the advice of system, he may not have been able to emotionally express himself to ML and fall in love with him in-plot. It clearly shows importance of choosing a suitable character. For the first time, MC and ML were acquainted with protagonist of the plot.

This novel really tells that everyone is the protagonist of their own story. There are a total of 12 big brothers to our little young master (MC) who's 5 or 6 years old. I really like the childhood setting but the plot setting is a knife to MC and ML's relationship. I wonder what MC would do smooth sail the plot without it hurting his brand new family. And, it's fun to watch all the brothers' pampering to our MC, which he very much deserves.

The arcs in the novel are:-

ARC 1 - Advanced - Interplanetary Conflict
ML - Gu Yuan - Commercial Giant of Galileo
MC - Lu Zhiguang - Young Poor Student (later, Undercover Agent of a Higher Planet)

ARC 2 - Slightly Advanced - Department of Biology
ML - Gu Chuanbai - 2nd year student of Biology Department
MC - Lu Jingmo - Young Professor of Biology

ARC 3 - Advanced - Secret Service Corps
ML - Gu Ting - Patriarch of Blood Family (Vampires)
MC - Lu Huai Ye - Younger Generation of Blood Family (Undercover Agent of Secret Service)

ARC 4 - Modern - Entertainment World
ML - Gu Xi - Film Emperor (Actor of Qiankun Entertainment)
MC - Lu Qianzhou - Young Paparazzi (later, Nephew of the Boss of Qiankun Entertainment)

ARC 5 - Modern - Crime Detectives
ML - Gu Pingming - Recovering Policeman
MC - Lu Baiyu - Professional Rehabilitation Doctor

ARC 6 {Exclusive Childhood} - Interstellar - Weak-to-Strong Prince
ML - Gu Song - s*ave Bought from a Dying Galaxy
MC - Lu Qingshi - Weak Youngest Young Master of Lu Family

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Nov 22, 2020
Status: c30
after reading a few arcs you start to see a pattern...

It's just so boring, the romance is lacking, the emotions are lacking, the excitement is lacking and the conflict is almost non-existent. I literally don't care about any of the characters or the storyline bc its so predictable and lacks any kind of challenges.

If you like Gary-Sue BL novels with mediocre and tame romance, I guess this is the story for you
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Jun 01, 2019
Status: --
I am truly in love with this story!

Most fast wear story revolves around revenge, making it to the top, and face slapping (which I too like). But this one does the opposite of that. It's a heartwarming story about two people who wants to live their life in peace. Seriously. If they can be outside all the drama and live happily in the shadow, they would.

When you want some nice fluff story to ease your heart, this one is a perfect choice. Though I'd have to say I cried at... more>> the later part of the 1st arc :"""" <<less
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Oct 17, 2020
Status: c27
As someone who's read literally dozens of QT novels, I went into this just hoping to be at least entertained. Boy, have I never been more happy to be wrong.

It starts off a bit slow at first, but by the time the first arc ended I was bawling uncontrollably for our main couple. Unlike most QT pairings, these two don't hold an invincible golden finger or face slap everyone around them (at least, not from the arcs I've read). Their progression is a lot more grounded and realistic, to the... more>> point where I found myself worrying over their future as I read on. Especially the first arc, whew. It was a new experience for me, being unsure of a QT novel's fate. But god was it heart wrenching in the best way. I don't want to spoil the first arc's ending, because I think just that incredible, but I will encourage you to please give this novel a try.

MC is lovely and rational, a welcome change from the overly tsundere or all-knowing god types of MC that you often see. Him and ML are, again, quite grounded characters that actually feel like they could be people. ML is also a wonderful hubby. He's respectful and sweet and when he chooses to

leave his world to follow MC and world hop to be with him forever

I couldn't stop crying. I love their relationship so much. They're so heartwarming and sweet I can never stop myself from grinning when they interact. <<less
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Oct 11, 2020
Status: c22
I really don´t like this story so far. The MC is supposed to be helping cannon fodder live better lives and he apparently takes his job very seriously but all he ever does is act cute and helpless until after the cannon fodder has been hurt and then he acts all badass. The ML falls in love at first sight every time and it doesn´t really have any apparent logic. I wouldn´t mind so much if there was a reason, but there´s not.
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Aug 23, 2019
Status: v1c8
An interesting concept! I love stories with transmigration and systems. So far, it's pretty interesting! I also like how the main character is helping cannon fodder characters.

I also like that there's no dark history or past.. The main character is just transmigrating to skip an exam. Usually, other transmigration stories are such that they have a very sad past, died unjustly, or are after revenge, or something. This is a breath of fresh air.

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Sep 10, 2021
Status: c71 part2
I am so sad to give three stars, but this is my honest review...

The story has a great potential. The first arc is REALLY GOOD. This novel would be better if it's not world-hopping genre (SURPRISE! Me myself never thought there would be a boring world-hopping novel).

So, why?

First, it's because all big things were resolved in the first arc.

... more>>

They got together in the first arc!


Second, there were no conflict in the four arcs after (I don't know after fifth arc). It's like when you watch/read something (usually tv dramas) that should end but keep dragging its story/plot. What should be main conflict, like how to prevent the death of the cannon fodder, can't be compared with how they're being lovey-dovey. It's actually not a problem, but in this case it gave a disharmony atmosphere.

They recognized each other and jumped into being in love and all. It's like, half the story was them being lovey-dovey, but because the ML forgot everything in each world, that lovey-doveys were being repeated again and again. The mission? Just a side goal for them. MC is not as OP as FOD's MC, but 🤷‍♀️. You can say although MC is not OP the system can do ANYTHING. Yeah, the one who finished the mission is MC, but the in-between to achieve that? It's all system. PLUS, sometimes MC doesn't need to say anything and the system already did it.

All in all, the first arc is good. <<less
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Mar 03, 2020
Status: --
While everyone praises, my ungrateful ass can't help but ask a question in first three chapters: So... he lived through many assassination attempts, but goes around without bodyguards and travels to places alone. Yay logic.

And also I don't like how it's written, the weird delivery of basic information and world information with deliberate attempt of concealing things is just a weird practice imo.

PS: Also that annoying system, why people think that a system that panics at every turn and distracts its host is cute is beyond me. Thanks. I'm not... more>> rating this, since I read too little, but it's enough for me to form primary opinion. <<less
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Nov 23, 2020
Status: c40
I really liked it in the first arc. It was filled with fluff, suspense and unfound feelings. Then there was the second arc. It was, quiet honestly, boring. I was waiting for something new to happen, but seeing how even the suspenseful first arc ended happily, and from the direction the story seemed to be heading, it wasnt hard to guess that the second arc would also be an HE. However, unlike the first arc, the second arc seemed to be 8 chapters being Gary Sue + Fluff with a... more>> lot of stretched out wording and 2 chapters overcoming the single obstacle they had to face, and I was bored out of my mind. Thinking back, the first arc similarly also stretched out the paragraphs too, but at least it wasnt describing fluff for a whole chapter. Also there seems to be no variety for the original hosts the MC transmigrates into. They all seem to have the same descriptions and reading about them is tiring.

Then there was the third arc. Surprise, surprise - it was the same formula. I love QT novels, but I wouldnt stay to read one that's so repetitive and predictable.

Sure it's fluffy and the ML is respectful. But honestly the fluff isnt that good because of how wordy the author writes, and a respectful male lead that falls in love with a snap of a finger wont make me stay for a whole goddamn novel. <<less
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Oct 12, 2020
Status: c18.2
The story was really great initially, but after a couple of chapters, I soon lost interest. I perservered, thinking that I had to get past certain parts of the story before I could get to the interesting things--as I did in some world hopping novels--however, it never did. Reading the reviews before, I hoped to feel the fluff--but I couldn't even feel it when I read it.

In conclusion, I found the story to be ubiquitious and monotonous, and the characters were quite 2D, even 1D. I wouldn't recommend this particular... more>> novel because it wasn't entertaining to me and in this particular genre, there are other books you could read. <<less
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Apr 17, 2020
Status: v3
I really like this novel. I really do. It's so heartwarming and sweet. So ofc I MTL-ed my way to the end of arc 2 and stopped there. I thought it was still going to be translated and I waited; but it seems like both translators have stopped and dropped it (?) for some reason (╥﹏╥). Therefore I want to pick it up (up until arc 3 maybe? You guys don't understand how long these chapters are).

Read this novel if you are looking for the following:

  • ML always in some sort of misunderstanding or under mistreatment.
  • MC seems naïve but isn't. He's smart and gentle.
  • No s*upid drama between the two's relationship. Don't read if you expect the ex-girlfriend/fiance trope. (None of this in the early chapters... I think. It's been a long time).
  • Not much face-slapping, thebut ofcy counterattack (MC will not let his hubby be unjustified).
  • Fluffy fluff (≧▽≦)
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Mar 21, 2021
Status: 2nd v
I love both MC and ML huhuhu unlike other novels although it's kinda abrupt how they first met, considering too MC's mission haha MC just find some appropriate chara to be near the target Cannon fodder right fr d start of his mission. As the story goes you can feel their fondness to each other growing. And hey our MC is a staff in the main system, he had a major exam to be promoted? And his mission is save cannon fodders lives. If you really think about it there ar cannon fodders that are good or bad. How sad their life was being just discarded especially those who really have a good heart. 1st Arc is intergalactice era, I like MC's personality not really OP but he is calm, usually it's the system who panics hahah cute system though-it's really worried for its host. ML deserve all the love huhu he sacrificed so much. He really took care of MC. First arc will touch your heartstrings, ready your tissue. ML who cries for MC is heartbreaking acccck. MC also did his best&sacrificed something too

2nd arc-school life science major, good that MC can choose from the character list per world, the chara he played this time to escape homework?

of course be a professor haha

MC proteccss our baby ML here huhu meng situations and touching circumstances.

3rd arc Modern w/supernatural powers, their powers here is:


It's funny how the system always comes up some safety/security measure for MC hahaha what a loveable system

4th arc entertainment world ML is an actor. Their combo here is good as well, ML saying: if they bully you, I'll bully them". Also as of course our MC got our ML's back^^. ML always being considerate to MC, so gentle saying lines like this:

"If you're not used to it, tell me. We'll do it the way you like it. As long as I'm with you, I'm happy. I'm happy to do anything. I'm happy even if we do nothing, even if we just purely sleep."

--will wait for the translations
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May 23, 2019
Status: c7
So sweet and warm, making me want to drink warm tea when reading this <3

MC and ML interaction is so precious!!

Gonna MTL since I can't wait translator update QAQ
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Sutad Aatma
Sutad Aatma
Jul 05, 2021
Status: --
Boring. This is the first time I read such a boring QT. Based on the name, you would think that it is a powerful MC. But no, the MC is always in a passive position. He only comes to save ML in the crucial moment for like an hour and then he turns limp. For an agent who is tasked to save ML, he does not have a strong body. It frustrated me reading this novel! The MC is neither a dandy nor powerful. Extremely mediocre, which is unbecoming of... more>> the title and the setting of the plot. The one star is just for good translation. Nothing else. <<less
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Oct 01, 2020
Status: v1c18
Edit: reading the 2nd arc now and it's even cuter! Ahhhhhhhh!! 🙈🙈🙈 Goddamn! It's only the first arc but I cried so much from the sufferings of the MC & ML! And I giggled so much from the fluff! This is an endearing novel. Though I didn't like the MC's slightly robotic personality in the 1st arc, the ML was excellent 🤩🤩🤩 (at least in the first arc). He's sweet, not overbearing or yandere, but genuinely loving. I hope the quality of the arcs continues to be this good. The translation... more>> team has changed a few times but all of them did a good job. Kudos to the current translation team at Chrysanthemum Garden for their excellent translation quality. I recommend this to anybody who likes QT BL novels. The MC, ML & the overall setting is slightly different from regular QTs. But I'm sure you won't get bored. ^_^

P.S. My original score would be 4.25 but I wanted to boost it up since there's only one arc right now. <<less
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Sep 06, 2020
Status: c40
If this novel is a person, it would be a person exuding warmth, enveloping you in a big bear hug in the most comfortable way possible, leaving you with a giddy feeling.

These are the most prominent points that I particularly like:

  • Most novels explain world-building only in the final chapters. However, this novel doesn't do that. As the story progresses, the world-building becomes more clear as well. I love that, it makes matters clear and just enjoyable to read overall.
  • Unique and varying arcs. My favorite arc has to be the first one. Yes, it's only the first arc and it already got me hooked! It was so, so, so bittersweet. Unlike the overbearing and forceful MLs most novels have, Gu Yuan is a big ol' soft teddy bear. MC and ML really do love each other. I'm freaking tearing up right here.
However, there are also some points that don't sit well with me:

  • Despite the novel being about MC 'saving' ML as cannon fodders, it didn't feel like he was doing anything...? The way the author portrays the MC is like he's idling around and not doing much to prevent these cannon fodders from dying.
  • Some arcs are underwhelming. Some left me feeling 'huh, that's IT? THAT'S THE CLIMAX???'.
Overall, this was an enjoyable read!!! I'm sending many thanks to the translators for introducing... more>> this beautiful novel to me. *wink* *wink* <<less
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Aug 28, 2021
Status: c26
I'm still reading through arc 2 and will drop my review here.

If you're a sucker for early romance like me, then I recommend you to try this danmei. Unlike other danmeis that put early romance but ended up showing bland and rushed romance, IGTCFB served you with detailed and sweet moments between MC & ML. Kinda have to warn you that each chapter is pretty long but it is filled with cuteness to the brim. IT'S SO CUTE AND LOVELY. The pace is indeed a little slow but it's... more>> the fine slow that won't make u bored :)

AND I HAVE TO TELL U THE ML IS THE SWEETEST PERSON. Unlike those obsessive maniac MLs you've probably seen on danmei, he is extremely caring, doting, and not forceful towards MC. Also I kinda expect that this danmei will use the approach "MC met ML, MC going through several worlds, and found that ML is following him" BUT it is the exact opposite. I also loved the fact that the plot is stick to MC & ML without bothering much the original protagonist/plot. It's just about MC and his attempt to save the cannon fodders from their bad fate. But I might be wrong since I'm still in arc 2 lmao <<less
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Nov 19, 2020
Status: c34 part2
What I love about this novel is that compared to other QT genre novels, MC and ML felt a little bit more human.

The ML is not the type to be overbearing, he knows how to control himself and show emotion. He has weaknesses that made him so vulnerable that you'll get sad just reading it, and the posibility of him losing is high, not the almighty type where in with just a snap of a finger he can control the situation. And I like that very much.

The MC as well.... more>> He's not revengeful nor dumb, he's clever and quiet. He focuses more with relaying his intention through actions. I can relate to how he do things (except maybe, with how he interacts with the ML, which is very cute btw). I also like how he's not the type to be cold to everyone, and only acts like one when the situation calls for it.

The system is also very adorable, always showing concern to the host's safety. He's always on guard against the ML, thinking ML will do something to its host.

Lastly, I like how the main characters trust each other. They know how to rely on each other, and show care of each other. They know each other's weakness and adjust theirselves for each other's sake. Somehow, they'll do anything to secure their partner's safety.

Anyways, to end this, if you want to read a novel thas has no toxic relationship, and is very heartwarming QT genre, then I suggest you read this.

Also, everything I wrote here is based on my opinion. <<less
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Oct 15, 2020
Status: v1
it is a kind of fun story. There is many fun instances but many parts felt streached. I mean author explained repeatedly how MC or ML felt. That annoyed me. This is not my cup of te. People who like this kind of explaination would love this n those who don't like this type would not. This is not my cup of tea
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