Feng Yu Jiu Tian


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At nineteen, Feng Ming, an orphan on his way to school, met a fateful accident while trying to save a child. Fortunately, the child’s father, a grateful Spiritualist Sorcerer, offered him a unique opportunity: a “transmigration” to another dimension as a second chance at life.

In this new world, Feng Ming found himself inhabiting the body of the Crown Prince of the Xilei Kingdom. However, this Crown Prince’s status didn’t seem to be as lofty as Feng Ming had originally expected. Not only was he denied the respect his position deserved, but his body was also marred by hidden scars! The true power resided not in him, but in the enigmatic and cunning Regent King, Rong Tian!

To make matters worse, the original Crown Prince seemed to have an unconventional relationship with King Rong. The King Regent, perceptive and cunning, quickly recognized the change in the Crown Prince’s inner self, harboring suspicion. Yet, intrigued by Feng Ming’s unconventional views, Rong Tian found himself drawn to the impostor.

Associated Names
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Phoenix Heavenly Voyage
Phoenix of the Nine Heavens
Phoenix To the Nine Heavens
Phượng Vu Cửu Thiên
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Hugope rated it
September 15, 2017
Status: v1c8
Oh my god, I hate this story. It has the worst thing that romance novels have, not only BL. I wanted to finish the first volume before reviewing, thinking to myself that Rong Tian (the male lead) would die a horrible death soon. But that is not going to happen...

Like the the description say, it is basically a reincarnation story, the catch is...

... more>>

The body the MC reincarnates to is that of a prince who is seen as weak minded and submisse, as well as an alcoholic and sometimes annoying by the people who works for him.

Of course, this has a reason, it is all because he has been abused mentally and physically, r*ped and pretty much tortured by the king regent (the ML, oooh, I also want one just like that), to the point that every movement he made his body hurt like he was being stabbed (which the MC confirms it by, you know, feeling it now that he is in this body), and has wounds all over his body (only in places the clothes can hide of course). The icing on the cake is that the prince was a alcoholic because it was the only thing he could do to not feel the pain his body was in everyday and drank to numb the sensations until he gave up and killed himself (gee I wonder why). That's when our MC's souls enters the prince's body.

Don't worry though, now that the ML realizes the prince he used as human garbaged has changed (gasp), is another person (GASP) , with a fire in his eyes the real prince never had, he will treat him much better than before......

Like a toy (YES! A level up!)

An imprisioned toy only he can play with, but also can only got out when he feels like it. A toy that will be pushed and pulled until he fall in love with the male lead, because he is a nice guy.... (man, what a life, I am so envious)


For those who didnt read what I put in the spoilers, if you want to read a story about stockholm syndrome, forget beauty and the beast, read Feng Yu Jiu Tan and bask yourself in a world where true love means nothing and only through force and coercion (main ingredient) can you find your one and only (then you can throw it away when it's not fun anymore and find another) <<less
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Avalanche Fall
Avalanche Fall
July 27, 2019
Status: --
" I'm telling you this, sorry if some people are offended, but someone sane need to say this... This novel is disgusting.I'll list it why it's disgusting.:- The MC started off good if not annoying with all his complaints and whines, but he's absolutely a degenerate fool with a case of Stockholm syndrome... see down there for more.-The ML is horrible, he's a horrible person, a horrible man, horrible through and through. Now, I love some domineering, black-bellied, psycho ML, but this ML went pass the bottomline. He r*ped the... more>> MC and the original soul over and over, and never really care if he's hurting him.

he r*ped the original soul over and over, and people wondered why the original soul is a bit screwed in the head and drink wine all day? The original soul has such a perfect alluring and beautiful body, his beauty could make even girls envious, but sadly, he's a waste who only know how to act unreasonable, spoiled, and has a bad temper- but hey, he was merely teenager the first time he came through the door (Or even younger?), maybe he deserved several hits and some yells to get him back in the line.

But he certainly didn't deserve to be r*ped. Times and times again, so much that his body has so many marks that won't disappear over the year.

If you're telling me, it's perfectly within the okay-you're-pass zone for him to be hot-tempered, s*upid, and only drunk wine in most of his life. The servants didn't care if he's r*ped, never. They like to mock him secretly instead, because of his crazy temper, once again.

I mean, if I have to go through the same experience, I would risk to try and assassinate the ML and die trying. Or worse, I might as well kill myself by a quick slash through my neck, and may God forgives me for that for I might not be in my right mind anymore. I'LL BE CRAZY, YES!!! The original soul is already very strong to stay alive! That child is so great that I might cry!

-When the MC ('s body, really) went to a change of personality because of the transmigrated soul, becoming more 'rebellious' as per I say (Because I can't say the MC is actually smart, no, he's s*upid, thoughtless, and just shout off his mouth randomly when he's angry), and thought that it's charming and interesting. The F*ck?-The MC is an identity-stealer by admitting his real name and how he came to the ML, F*cking completely erased the original soul's identity out of this world, mind you. I hate this kind of trope the most, you're there, not only to live your second life but also to redeem the wrongdoings of the original owner as a payment (even if you didn't ask for it) for indirectly giving them your body to get YOUR second chance. There's only one exception to this rule to me, but that's because he only told it to ONE person, who is not- oh, A f*cking KING!-The MC is HORRIBLE! He's the worst! He's so bad that I want to cry for the original soul! Why? Because the MC kept blaming the original soul over and over again about how horrible he was, He HAS NO F*CKING RIGHT TO DO THAT OKAY?!! That child is r*ped, and abused through and through when living in that hell hole everyone called castle. He's dead with no one loving him, NO ONE. He DID NO WRONG! He was selfish, yes. He was easy to anger and took it out on servants, yes. He drunk his days away, yes. But can you blame him?NO! F*CK! With all those kind of s*xual tortures, do you expect him to grow up to be a decent person with mild personality and kind? If your answer is yes, we need to talk, preferably with swords, let's fight! He's the victim here, it was normal for him to develop an unstable temper, no one ever taught him or bother to teach him making him s*upid and selfish, he drunk his days away because he couldn't stand the pain he's going through. He f*cking developed a psychological trauma and feared the emperor terribly- ofc he's a coward before the emperor! He's not a suicidal person to provoke his rapist!But... The MC blamed him without even a shred of sympathy that such a child had to go through all those traumas since they're young... No?? Not even a prayer for him? Oh, you're going to keep dissing about him, saying how horrible he is just to prove your point that you're much better than him? You're f*cking not, b*tch. I hope the couple die, I already dropped this sh*t, I love the dissed and condemned original soul more than the entire novels combined. Everyone here is horrible pieces of sh*t. The masters, the servants, HORRIBLE!The original soul deserved much better, I hope I can just hug him and love him... It's good that he died, he's free from all those a**holes, but it's sad that no one mourn for him. No one. The only two who knew he's dead are two heartless a**sholes who thought they're better than others. And even more devastating that even in his death, he was still insulted. God, I'm so mad thinking about it alone. Read it if you like r*pes and forced/hate s*x. But the main couple was too extreme for me. Not because of the forced/hate s*x things, but because they're terrible people who should never be main characters. "

By Wife of Sovereign. <<less
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Seeker rated it
January 9, 2016
Status: --
I hate the MC! This is painful for me, because I actually like the story... The Mc? Not so much. I’ve read to V2 ch.21 and I have to admit the MC is starting to ruin the story for me. In a nutshell, the MC is like a 12 year old in a 17-18 year old’s body with an annoying habit to boast, naive in a way that makes you want to strangle him, and is completely unaware of the danger around him for some reason.

... more>>

He’s like a child, even though he’s mentally older! He loves to boast his modern knowledge and peacocks it to his audience. Basically, MC: “Praise me! Adore me! Bow down to my superior modern knowledge on math, agriculture, etc... !” Cue puffing out the chest and everything. I admit that it’s somewhat great but he does it in a way that makes you want to slap him.

Once again, a child! He Hmmphs and sulks all the time when he gets outsmarted by the male lead and, for some reason, the male lead considers it adorable. He throws a mini tantrum when he doesn’t get to ride the pretty pony (not making things up here), and, even though he knows that there are dangers everywhere, he conveniently forgets this! Oh, that male servant may be a spy? Okay, I’ll just bring him everywhere and let him consult and advise me on things. Oh, that king wants my pretty behind and is a dangerous enemy? I’ll just ignore all the warnings of my maids and my male lead and ride around unprotected.

All the men that fell in lust for the MC supposedly fell for him because of his behavior and intellect, but I feel like they actually gravitates towards him due to the fact that he’s the MC. I hate his spoiled and child-like personality, and probably the only thing going for him is his beauty, which isn’t really his in the first place.

Sorry. I mean I definitely recommend the novel, but I suggest you skip it if you don’t like an immature MC. I feel like I prefer the side characters more than the MC, even the antagonists. And that is saying something since we are supposed to hate the antagonists. <<less
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Light Of Guidance
Light Of Guidance rated it
September 28, 2016
Status: --
One of my TOP favourite. I want to express my deepest gratitude to YuanShu for picking up again this precious jewel. This novel have a COMPLETE package of a great novel.
1) Intelligent, Handsome, Rich MC, loveable character, downside (too naive)
2) Romance plot, even obsessive lover
3) Politic between royalty & kingdom
4) Time travel where MC fully utilize modern knowledge to survive
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Addison rated it
October 18, 2019
Status: --
I can't, I just can't! I can't move past the tragic life of the original price. First he was taken from his family and used as a scapegoat in case of an assassination. So the real prince to grow up safe. And the real prince which is the ML in this story got so angry. How dare he to get kidnapped and used as target and a scapegoat with the risk to be killed?! And then our "wonderful" ML proceeds to torture, beat and r*pe the little price. Every f*cking... more>> day of his life! Made everyone bully him and abuse him. Even the servants. Wtf! And then here comes the transmigrator from modern times. Another IDIOT. Yeah with caps. He take the body and life of the little price and starts to bad-mouth him even when he knows the tragic life he had. Calling him an alcoholic. Now I ask you and everyone reading this: if you were r*ped and torturate, abused and bullied every single day of your life. To live in constant terror, pain and fear, how the hell can you not drink???? When is the only way to numb the pain. He didn't do anything wrong and was innocent in everything. But we do not get to see him get revenge. No. Our transmigrator is to busy to be a whorefame and to rub on ML. And the prince regent that is the ML gets to live happy after everything he's done. Wtf! I keep waiting for the idiot MC to avenge the original owner of the body and make that rapist die in pain. But nope it doesn't happen. He torture and r*pes someone till he dies and he gets the happy ending. <<less
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Nemuharu rated it
August 24, 2018
Status: v16c6

I personally think people who rated 1 star at the top were too hung up on the beginning of the story. Too quick to judge. The beginning of the story does seem like a generic BL that contains r*pe where soon Stockholm syndrome may be involved. (Where I do agree that ML's actions towards prince An He was a bit too much and uncharacteristic of his sudden different treatment towards MC). This isn't that surprising since the author actually once said that she wanted to... more>> do a simple BL story where many people fell for the MC, however, the story became much much more complicated than she expected. Also, the MC at the start indeed is entirely childish. However I'd imagine being a 19-year-old who had spent much of his life in school, suddenly died, and became a high-status individual in ancient China, one would let go a little LOLL

Anyways, I really love this story. The development and all the incredible events ahh, I also love the MC so much. It's heartbreaking to watch as he matures slowly and also becomes customed to the death and horrors of the ancient world... but you know that it must be done in the end. However, the fact that he still contains his childish and friendly innocence is so lovable! I hope he doesn't lose all of his playful demeanor by the end of the story. We also get to see many of MC's incredible schemes, making use of his modern knowledge. He's so tough even after all the crap that's happened to him and continues to strive to help ML bring the world together into a peaceful era where status no longer dictated one's own destiny. The relationship between MC and ML also develops beautifully, where they continue to seek to become better for one another.

I admit that the beginning of the story was executed poorly, however, don't give up! The journey is long and IMO very interesting as well as emotional. ^ w ^ <<less
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Reishiki rated it
December 15, 2015
Status: --
One of my fave BL novels ever and its also the one that got me so addicted to reading!!!

The story is very in depth and every character is full of life. The OTP of the series are full of love and although they are always separated by events, their love is very sweet and passionate! No one can get in between these two love birds! xD The story isn’t just about the main lovers but also involves wars of the other country. The main antagonist is a cruel and ruthless... more>> man, who won’t stop until he has the world and Feng Ming in his hands. But too bad for him his opponent is Rong Tian who is cunning and ruthless towards his enemy! The battle between these two male leads are amazing!!! xD There are other stories within about the relationships of the supporting characters. Some are fun and happy while others are tragic and bring tears to your eyes... The adventure of Feng Ming are amazing one after another. Even when he is in a dangerous situation, Feng Ming uses his wits and knowledge of the modern world to get him out of it. (I think he has a very High IQ since his memory is remarkable)

I am absolutely in love with this novel and I think its one of the better reads even if you don’t like yaoi I think this is worth a try! More so if you like yaoi! xD <<less
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Read Or Die in Boredom
Read Or Die in Boredom rated it
October 9, 2019
Status: --
All rated below 3 stars, shame on you!! Just say this is not your preference story! Why should you left a very bad taste?? How can a story being so bad while it strikes through 29 volumes and still going?? You think there won't be any new and surprise progress?? Don't discourage new readers when they want to try a new point of view.

You think the MC is so lame and WEAK?? Aren't you NUMB with OP and overly smart MC?? Because I am! I am so long to read... more>> a more humane and struggling characters which not always rainbow and sunshine. To me the MC is a naturally confused teen when he transmigrated, without any system, no golden finger, no flashback whatsoever. How do you feel in his shoes then??

It's not always about his story or male lead, but the other characters also developed their own story and to tell you the truth, if you're not ready for tragedy, then don't. But if you like Romance of Three Kingdoms, give it a try! The MC himself grew from ignorant fake prince into wise and scheming man, mostly due to survival instinct. He only brought his knowledge from modern era which is also ironic since he applied The Art of War by Sun Tzu, a famous strategist from history.

Feng Yu Jiu Tian is A Brilliant Works for me. It's funny, it's sad, it's genius, it's tragic, it's scheming, it brings your emotion upside down, it's solid, and so humane.

Honestly, I just registered an account here over upsetting comments I've found at my fave novel. Yeah, I'm a braindead fans but I have legit reasons to bring it up! So what?! <<less
29 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shirsong rated it
June 10, 2016
Status: v1c17
I gave this novel 2/5. So first, I am not a bl hater. In face, I am a girl who love reading yaoi novels. After finishing The Legendary Master’s Wife I looked for another yaoi novel.

Good points: the smut comes fast and they become lovers fast. Also, the first chapters really interesting. Good start.

Bad points: Sadly, only the start is good. The 2 main characters are changing their behavior way too fast. The lovey-dovey moments are just lame and clinch. Also, (IMPORTANT), there is no s*xual attraction. Nothing. Nada.... more>> After the first few chapters is like the author came back into being 14 years old who enjoy talking about kisses with passion. I managed to drag myself until chapter 17. In retrospect, I regret reading it. Main character ⅕ for inconsistency.
Side character ⅕ for nonexistence
World setting 0/5 for nothing new.

I don’t know if I can judge this novel because I have only barely read one volume. If you are looking for good yaoi/shounen ai novels go read ‘The Legendary Master’s Wife’ or ‘True Star’.

Gave it ⅖ cause it's yaoi novel. <<less
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Sceer rated it
September 14, 2018
Status: v3c3
[edit: Might reread as I've read comments that it is definitely getting better as the story progresses since the author is also getting better at writing the story]

This has been a very painful read. MC is a shame to all transmigrators out there and to most modern people. Seriously, with so many historical TV dramas you would know the ancient world is full of schemes. Yet he easily trusts people even if he knows he is quite defenseless. First few acts might seem understandable, but seeing him getting fooled again... more>> and again without learning makes me want to drop this. MC gets angry if he doesn't get his horse, easily trusts others, and a FAMEwho*e AKA PRAISE-ME-I-HAVE-MODERN-KNOWLEDGE type of famesl*t. ML already warned him that if people knew he is very smart (which is not really LOL) they would be after him BUT NOOO he flaunts it like crazy. To those who judged us people who rated this low idc but our opinion surely has basis. <<less
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FYalimar rated it
October 28, 2018
Status: v1c5
THIS NOVEL IS BULLSHIT! I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I HAVE 29 VOLUME NOW!! I got to chapter 5 and I was already disgusted, we all like a dominant and powerful ML but not a rapist!! Definitely does not deserve the MC, what made the original owner has no forgiveness, is pathetic and disgusting, just think of a possible romantic development with our MC makes me sick, does not deserve it!! That kind of people only like me when they suffer seeing how their love is... more>> taken away by someone better than them and eat vinegar until death, but to think that he is going to get what they want and they stay with the love of the MC in the end, it is not worth reading for that! HATE THIS NOVEL

Instead I recommend you to read better "The path of the cannon fodder's counterattack" where the ML in spite of also being an Emperor is not a complete crazy and sadistic cursed as the one of this novel.

If I could, I wouldn't even give a star to this shitty story! <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
creamxorange rated it
May 30, 2017
Status: v15c8.6
I'm no English speakers nor do I how to write a proper review however, to show my appreciation to the novel and to the translators for all the hard work to the novel, I go to such length as to create an account for this.

I know the MC can be seen as a little immature at the start but to me, that what makes its cute. It still understandable in my part since he's literally a teenager (?) when he changed bodies and at the same time discovered that the... more>> original owners of the body might have gotten r*pe continuously after discovering the embarrassing marks plus the treatment from the Reagent King that sexually assault him right from the start.

Later, both characters are progressing better and the MC also has grown up to be considerate and adapt to the events that's happening. It makes it even sweeter when everytime the MC got kidnapped because he has too many people aiming for his life, the RK would do anything to come for the rescue.

The story has been a roller coaster for my emotion and this is the first yaoi novel I ever read and it keeps me a week of irregular sleeps just to finish the chapters until I am now. Until now, I almost finished all yaoi genre novels in novelsupdate database and surely this is still my top favourites among all <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
takame rated it
October 22, 2019
Status: v4c6
OMG the cry babies are at it again screaming Pixel Rights. It's part of the genre, little girls. It's not fair to rate this low because your fragile hearts can't take it. LIKE LOOK. Fiction authors are not your Mama. Don't expect educational lessons and go to preaching. You are rating the quality of the story. Focusing on characters (in this case the ML) is doing a disservice on how good the whole story is.

HUGE WARNING: Toxic relationship ahead. So if you are the sensitive type, I advise not to... more>> read this one. The romance started from hate to love. I appreciate how the MC is not super intelligent lifeform OP nor had a system to assist him but could only use his brains. And the story is really good and the world is intricate. It is like an epic historical gay soap opera with wars and politics. And for that, it's worth reading

We as readers are suppose to hate the ML and all the misunderstanding between the couple. It's the trope itself and seeing reviewers, the author has effectively achieved it. So those 3 stars and below is really underserving and biased.

Perhaps the only problem I had is that the MC applied the things he had learn in modern times in this ancient world and kinda claimed it as his own. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fir_jsh rated it
December 27, 2018
Status: v16c6.3
Firstly, I'm very grateful and thank you very much to the author and translator which have worked hard for this lovely story. Terima Kasih banyak~ (yg Indonesia hands up ^ω^)

So guys, after I read the comments... I feel sad!

Cuz I found a lot of people doesn't like the MC. Well maybe he can be irritating sometimes (cuz of his naivety and carelessness) but that's what he is and makes him Feng Ming. And I see a few people also doesn't like ML cuz of his possessiveness which is too... more>> much to the point of confining MC. Well the same as MC, that's also what makes him Rong Tian.

I love every character of this story and their developement, despite their downside, without it, they won't be what they are. I respect the author idea of their characteristic.

And I hope this novel won't be dropped, cuz I heard that vol 29 hasn't been found yet, huhu.. (╥_╥)

Overall, I love everything this novel has, even though I don't like heavy genre like politics. Last but not least, I wish everybody would love this novel and could use a better languange to convey their criticism and suggestions.

Please don't make the author drop this guys.. (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

(Dear Master Feng Nong, please keep up and continue this masterpiece of yours !!! Love ya ~)

  • Have a nice day ^o^
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
FengMing rated it
November 4, 2017
Status: v16c4.4
This was the first BL novel I read and I have been following it for years. So it has a special place in my heart. So I may be a bit biased when it comes to the story. I love all the characters in this story. Even Rou Yan the “bad guy” I kinda get torn at times who it is I want Feng Ming to be with. Lol ?

Tho yes Feng Ming Does get kidnapped a lot or manages to get himself into some sort of trouble. And it... more>> does get tiresome with that whole damsel in distress bit. But I do feel he grows with every encounter that he faces. Because if he didn’t encounter these forks in the road I don’t believe he would grow because I believe his lover Rong Tian would baby and pamper him too much, and Feng Ming’s character would become one of a spoiled lover instead of somebody trying to become stronger to be equal with his male counterpart. And I like their cute sappy romance they have with each other and how open they are about it. It didn’t take long for their romance to blossom like in many other novels. I feel this story has lots of action and adventure along with multiple new characters whom also happen to be gay. So lots of couples! Which is nice ?? I would highly recommend it to anyone. And can’t seem to fathom how someone wouldn’t like this novel even with Feng Ming’s short comings. <<less
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WinterWillow rated it
September 28, 2021
Status: v1c17
I really tried to like this. However, the MC AND the ML weren't... Great. Actually I'd say they were pretty bad.

The MC - Feng Ming
As a 19 year old with a lot of modern knowledge, he's got a bit of a superiority complex. However, his intellect seems pretty bloody lacking as he begs for kisses and wants his rapist to come see him just because he's bored. And when he's praised because of his knowledge, his pride not only shoots through the roof, but his attitude also worsens considerably... more>> as he carelessly calls ancient people dumb and s*upid simply because he possesses a little more knowledge. I don't think he ever comprehends that he is merely lucky he was born in a easier time period with more credible information going about. About his intellect, just for reference, our bright MC grabbed a horse's tail, and started screaming "He is looking down on me!" when it didn't like it. I'm also pretty sure that was the point where I started questioning my sanity in choosing a book like this.

Next, the ML - Rong Tian
He abused the prince pretty badly, and seems to also have a superiority complex. And somehow even so, he likes Feng Ming because of his non-existent intellect... Honestly, considering how much time he spends with Feng Ming, I seriously doubt he's leading the country well, yet he seems to still hold thoughts of world domination? He thinks too highly of himself. Oh right, I adored how he would keep telling Feng Ming about how many people wanted his life, praising his own protection, when the reason why people wanted to kill Feng Ming was precisely because of our dearest ML. It's also rather pathetic to note that Feng Ming doesn't figure it out.


Rong Tian's the real prince, not Feng Ming. He treated the old Feng Ming worse than sh*t, raping him and hurting him whenever he wanted to. You'd imagine he might have a bit of a guilty conscience when the old Feng Ming goes on to kill himself to escape him? Wrong. Instead he had the damn guts to start cursing at the old Feng Ming for committing su*cide, like, who's fault is that?? Maybe the blame lies on the A**hole who treated him so badly that he couldn't bear to live. Not to mention, I love how he would tell Feng Ming how dangerous a position he was in, when Rong Tian was the one who didn't want to die so he put a fake (Feng Ming) there. It makes me nauseous. The utter audacity.

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Setsuu rated it
October 14, 2019
Status: v16c6.3
Recently, there has been some reviews that are consistently giving the novel low ratings because they simply don't agree with the story and its characters.

All I can say is, you either like it or you don't. It can't be helped when people have personal preferences and beliefs that conflict with the novels they read. And that's totally okay.

But need I remind you that the story is entirely fiction. So are the characters. The elements of the story are dark and grotesque, especially the r*pe scenes. That should let you know... more>> that many of the characters

including Rong Tian (ML),


are not as merciful and forgiving as other typical villains make themselves out to be.

(Of course, I myself, including many other FYJT fans, are in no way condoning actions that are harmful and triggering to victims in real life.) But what's important to remember when exploring genres is to distinguish fiction from reality. Judge the book by the characters and their motives and then determine their importance to the pacing of the story.


With that being said, yes I do find it disturbing how RT r*ped An He and how his death went unnoticed in favor of FM. An He's early departure was unfortunate and based on the limited description of him, he seemed like a decent guy who was simply not suited for royalty. After all, he was abandoned at birth and forced to be a scapegoat for RT. His fate was determined from the start without his consent. His only silver lining in his life was falling in love with a palace maid who reciprocated his feelings as both were looking forward to the birth of their son. His life was certainly pitiful but obviously his death was necessary for FM to appear in the story. But you have to ask anyway: did he REALLY have to be r*ped and killed for the sake of the plot? Hmm...


Though nonetheless, as you keep on reading, you will eventually recognize the story for what it truly is: interesting. For example, the side characters. There are so many colorful characters that get introduced in each volume and depending on the nations that they belong/pledge allegiance to, they use their status and talents to make ends meet in various ways. I like that the actions of many do not necessarily make them good or bad people, proving that they're complex and multifaceted. People have different ways to confront certain issues that they may not control so it's hard to determine if their characters are good or bad, and that is what makes the story interesting.

Then there are some lessons to be learned: that not everyone will always come and rescue you just because you need it. That you need to have what it takes to achieve your goals, even if it means sacrificing lives. One of the main issues that readers have with the story is Feng Ming's dependency on Rong Tian to rescue the former. FM is a bit childish and careless so his naive personality prevents him from using methods that cause violence and bloodshed, always believing that peace is the solution to their ongoing problems. As a result, his idealistic nature endangers his life throughout the story, forcing RT to rescue him. Another conflict in the story is their clashing ideologies. RT, in contrast to FM, is more ruthless and realistic when it comes to navigating politics and military campaigns. Although his affections for FM make him have a soft spot, he is still willing to torture and mu*der his enemies if it helps him 1) protect FM or 2) conquer the world, whether the latter approves of it or not. But rest assured when I say that those issues aren't going to last long! As far as I can tell, FM slowly but surely begins accepting the gruesome reality of his world and therefore has taken opportunities to grow as a person. He knows that if he wants to achieve world peace and unify the eleven countries, he has to kill people and fend for his own life himself. For RT, we can all agree that he isn't a good person but with FM's influence, he soon realizes the error of his ways and also begins fighting for the people. They are each other's weaknesses but in time, they prove to be direct foils to one another.

They still have a long way to go so who knows when exactly FM will become strong enough to take care of himself and not depend on others. I'm sure we'll know if only there was a decent translation team that will pick this story up! I am willing to bet my money and graciously donate if somebody can pick it up and translate volume 16 and onwards (T^T) <<less
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Arekushieru rated it
July 3, 2019
Status: --
Unlike most other reviewers I know who is and isn't actually childish. The ML is the childish one. He's abusive and a victim blamer, just like almost every other character in this story, including the father of that child, at the beginning. So: If you like those kinds of people then you'll like this boring and cliched story style. If you're like me and want something different you won't even give this a chance; That's why I gave this a rating of one.
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TaekaixTaekook rated it
August 9, 2021
Status: --
I hate the MC, the ML and everything in that story. The only character I like is the owner of the body the MC possess as he was the only one who's behavior made sense. Both MC & ML are horrible people and I hate them.
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Rustle silver butterflies
Rustle silver butterflies rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: --
Stockholm Syndrome and obvious abuse. The novel is the worst thing I had even read. MC is s*upid, naive and really annoying. ML is just an a**hole. How can you even read this? You also enjoy this. R*pe is an awful thing and I don't accept such stories at all. What about love? Relationship which begins with cruelty and forcing aren't good at all, it's disgusting. Horrible novel.
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