Ex-Girlfriend Blackens Every Day


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Every profound love story must have a cannon fodder ex-girlfriend. If one day the ex-girlfriend blackens… aah, that would be fun!

Blackened quote: Don’t be so quick to say like, I won’t be able to stop myself from hiding you away in the cabinet. Either you die, or I laugh as I watch you die. You thought you fell for an angel all on your own, therefore you deserve to be used by me.

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New Hornypotato rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: --
Great novel with a crazy MC I like how she just ruin someone just because she can and wants to (i mean its her task) but the way she does it is.... 💥💯

There is of course plot holes here and there nothing serious tho.

Just read it
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New invix rated it
June 17, 2021
Status: c64
Read this if you arenʼt sensitive about pedophilic content, ML abuse, or whatevs. The arcs have interesting settings. Not unique, exactly, since there are probably hundreds of other QT novels with these arcs, but theyʼre intriguing enough that youʼll enjoy reading about them.

It’s crazy good, and although every arc is a train on fire waiting to crash, you wonʼt be able to stop reading because itʼs that enthralling and captivating to read. You canʼt help but want to continue.

Besides, for the most part, the plot twists are quite unexpected (for... more>> me, at the very least. Idk about others. I tend not to think too hard about the future outcome of stories that can be read lightly, like this one.)

All the tags about the fem protagonist are correct. Sheʼs cunning, calm, playful, clever, yet cold. She has a charm thatʼs hard to express with words, which is a part of the reason why this book is so so satisfying.

Donʼt worry, btw, there will never be a lack of satisfaction regarding ML abuse — only tears, perhaps, when it looks like she takes it too far.


Before the third arc, I joyfully read her schemes about making the ML suffer. When it got there, however, though the OG ML was scummy, I just felt so bad when he became a hen-pecked, crybaby husky. Unfortunately, he fell in love with our still-heartless MC. Arg. Felt so bad for what he suffered through when he went abroad.


So for now, five stars. <<less
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ishrocks18 rated it
July 17, 2020
Status: v2
Review from a shameless reader, for all of those who are tired from reading clumsy, doctile, s*upid FL who endures all humiliation and pain from ML and still forgives him, this is the book for you. A VILLIANESS who is blackened to the core you will love her. She is ruthless and will never forgive the one who hurt her. Don't be fooled by her acting cause she is the greatest schemer of all.... more>>

In the beginning, we see her in the typical "CEO confuses drugged woman as a prostitute, r*pes her, she runs off with his kid" plot except she refuses to live happily ever after with him. Instead she had him fall in love with her and dumps him. As a result, she gots demoted to the supporting villain female role from been a FL and proceeds to slap the faces of slag MLs.


Arc 1

The plot is a teacher-student love featuring a black-bellied male student with an angelic face and a gentle female teacher with a hot figure. In this she is ML older cousin sister. ML parents dies so he was adopted by MC parents. ML is a white lotus. He seduces his sister and when FL arrives he dumped her. She was been seen as a woman who seduce her younger brother and was banished from her house. She was been reduced to been a hostress. How she takes revenge on ML see it yourself.

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Liyu rated it
December 4, 2020
Status: --
I stopped at the first arc. Why? Because while I like villain protagonists, I don't like pedophiles and grooming. And even the worst criminals irl end up beating the sh*t out of these piece of tr*shes in prison. The only reason this is glossed over is because the MC is female.

No matter what the male lead was going to do, at that time he was a child with a child's mentality and the FL thought it was a great idea to use sexual abuse as a reason to "toss him... more>> some more" and she herself is a pedophile anyways because the naive persona was just a persona and she actually had the mentality of a few hundreds years old. The story tried to paint it as an 11 years old black belly teenager who had evil thoughts about his elder sister. How I see it is a predator manipulating a child into believing he has the initiative.

She said it herself, he was her "prey", and while the author tried to pass it as an empowering or femme fatale thing, it came off as what it's: a sexual predator and its prey.

Furthermore, I am absolutely disgusted with the type of novel that make the MC some absolute beauty that every man falls head over heels for. Like there are no other beauties and every man has the same taste, so one-dimensional. <<less
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Vis31 rated it
April 27, 2020
Status: --
People are crazy, this novel is so good. It shows the reality of our so-called beloved male leads. I was so mad sometimes really popular novels would have male leads that would belittle their partners and the fls would just come running back to them cause "love". But OMG THIS NOVEL IS SO GOOD!! There's a genuine character who exposes the ml's flaws and manages to save herself (she's a supporting character, she was a female lead but then got demoted to a supporting female lead system cause even as... more>> a female lead she gave ZERO fooks about the ML and that's going against her character lol) but yeah basicallY we get an amazing MC.

The translation's mediocre, nothing to go crazy over, but the PLOT, the NOVEL, in general, is so good wtf. Granted I'm only on chapter 6 but so much as happened already and it doesn't feel rushed....a lot of time skips tho but it's chill. <<less
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Meloonseed rated it
April 27, 2020
Status: c6
So far, decent. Not sure why the rating is at 1.6 stars... well, I have a few suspicions. *cough* *cough* r*pe tag *cough*

There's been no r*pe so far, except as part of a backstory, so...

FL goes around and screws over sonovabit*h MLs.

... more>> The only problem I have is that it seems like they're going down the "abuse the original female protagonist to death" route again...

Oh well.

It's a nice cathartic sorta novel. If you hate those high and mighty cold male leads that are completely ruthless except to a single useless person, this'll be right up your lane.

I'd rate this 3.5, but there's a ton of one star ratings, so ima just balance it out. <<less
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sleepycaptions rated it
October 26, 2020
Status: --
Meh. It's a quick read so if you're desperate for a story about a cold-blooded women world hopping and breaking hearts this is the one but don't expect much.

The writing is mediocre, the author doesn't understand the saying 'show don't tell' and so instead of showing us as to why every male falls in love with the MC, she just tells us. We'll get one quick interaction between the ML ('s) of the worlds and MC, and then an overreaction of interest where the author just tells us that the... more>> ML is now in love. Why? Who knows. The reason seems to be because MC is the most gorgeous women alive, and she's nice.. Sometimes.. But it really doesn't make sense. How does every single man fall for the same women? Because they're written to do so, and all apparently have the same taste.

Honestly the MC's thoughts are the only highlight to the story, as she's cold hearted sometimes downright cruel and it's a nice break from the usual love story. The lack of actual romance is a plus as well, as neither the MC deserves one nor does the plot requires one.

TLDR; a mediocre, quick, light read as long as you don't think too much about it. <<less
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Rania want to QT
Rania want to QT rated it
July 26, 2020
Status: c30
I feel sorry for the MLs. Although they partily deserve it.

Linlang remind me of Tang Guo from "Transmigrated Canon Fodder, please calm down!" except that she's much more ruthless and can go over-board, unlike Tang Guo who give just the right amount of revenge to not let us pity them too much!

Unfortunaly we never know what happens to her body after she leave or what generally happen to everyone in the end.

... more>> Even though I liked that Xie-little boy in second arc~

Just give that surnamed Xie to me if you don't want him, FL-sama! <<less
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narixems rated it
December 16, 2020
Status: --
I love cunning female protagonists hehe. Especially Linlang is cruel & heartless, which sometimes makes me pity the mls a bit... And I actually felt bad for the original female leads, most of them did nothing wrong.

... more>>

In the first arc, she was just an innocent doctor who fell in love with someone younger than her, but he dumped her because she wasn't as good as his sister.

in the second arc, the ori!FL was a dumb b*tch. she openly tried to seduce the ML in front of EVERYONE even though he's dating someone else like dayum. she even wanted the MC to be r*ped.

i get why she got a bad ending but what about the first fl? I have only read two arcs so far, and the ori!FL in the third arc seems like a b*tch as well. I just really feel for the ori!FL in the first arc ;-;


there seems to be no "official male lead", just the targets from her missions who helplessly fall in love with her.


currently, I'm shipping Linlang and Junwan!! but why no yuri tag?? WHYY???? 。゚ (゚´Д`゚) ゚。


The man named Qin Hao pursed his thin lips. "You're lying. You obviously like me. You even took a knife for me! I—I don't believe you don't care!"

"That was only for the task." Linlang smiled over Junwan's shoulder. "A Wan won't like anyone other than me. Isn't that right, my dear?"

Junwan: "... "Please read this at onemachineshow. blogspot. com

This little villain is making trouble again.

"You—you two?!" The man's eyes widened in disbelief.

"That's right. It's the kind of relationship you're thinking of." Linlang hugged her neck and planted a sweet kiss on her cheek.

Junwan: "!!!"

This innocent old lady is going to be destroyed at the hands of this little devil.

The man who witnessed the profound companionship between women ran off in a huff.

Linlang held out her hand with a proud and crafty expression of someone expecting a reward. "Look, I chased the person off so perfectly, how are you gonna thank me?"

"Oh, this." She beckoned her over. "I have something good for you."

Linlang leaned over with some doubt.

Soft lips immediately fell on her cheek.

"The kiss of the first beauty is very valuable. You better treasure it well, my dear."

Junwan escaped with a big smile on her face.


EDIT : I take back what I said. I hate this protagonist. I like cunning protags who were actually WRONGED. She is just a manipulative and sadistic bit*h at this point, I hope she gets retribution.


this bout to get long.

in the third arc, he is a completely different person from the original route because of the butterfly effect. the ori!ML was simply ignorant and disregarded linlang under the ori!fl's prompting. I'm not saying he isn't blame-free, but it's so sad to see him being tortured by MC in this lifetime.

In this lifetime, he starts off as a spoilt heir who dates her because of a bet. Then he fell absolutely head over heels for her and gave up everything— smoking, drinking, playing around. he turned into a loyal dog who was always at mc's beck and call despite knowing that she didn't actually love him. But he was fine with it, as long as she lied to him for the rest of his life, he would pretend to be deaf, dumb and mute.

His mother, however, is extremely dissatisfied with the MC because she's a gold digger (she is) however he said that he truly loved the MC and wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. His father then told him that if he wanted to be with her, he would have to give up on the position of heir and would not be entitled to any assets. he was fine with it. He wouldn't mind eating the cheapest lunch box as long as he was with her. He worked serveral jobs in a day to support them; but he was still inadequate. He even cried to her several times because he was insecure that she would leave him cause he wasn't rich.

She was his queen so he wanted treat her like one. So he decided to go abroad to get a stable job and promised to marry MC when he comes back.

Now this is where everything goes wrong because of our sadistic b*tch MC.

at the airport he gets abducted by a man and r*ped.

i honestly won't read it anymore because it doesn't get any better afterward and I can already see how the ending is going to be.

he starts knowing MC deceived him bla bla, then the MC lies AGAIN and he believes her. this poor babie. at first I was supporting the MC but now I can't help but scream "THIS F*CKING BI—"

and yes I do know the ori!ML dumped the original host in a very bad way, but it hasn't happened yet in this lifetime. (parallel world shit, , , imagine someone getting revenge on u for someone u did in one of ur past lives that u literally have no idea about.) there are infinite worlds out there; in one of them I am evil, in another I am good. But we are not the same.


oh and it's not even her mission to ruin their lives.. it's a wonder how she isn't fired yet. <<less
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Nah rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: c12
At first, this novel just like some s*upid writing with absurd plot line. Unrealistic, yet too compulsive.

But why?

Why I keep reading this?

Am I desperate enough to have this kind of story despite its absurdness??

For the ability of keeping me reading, I give generous stars for this novel.
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AbsAreHot rated it
July 6, 2020
Status: c24
Soooo Good.

She makes the MLs miserable in various way for their whole lives. The original FLs get caught in the crossfire, but it's mostly about the MLs. She does it without being the bad guy, although it's all orchestrated. She has fun tormenting them.

The way she does it is very well thought out and logical. She uses different personas to get the job done in different worlds, some of the personas are not all that pure. Super fun to read.

If it bothers you...
The explanation for the world-hopping is a... more>> bit lacking right now, but somewhat unique. Sometimes the scene changes all of the sudden and it's confusing. (Update: I'm at c58 rn and its very understandable, translation has greatly improved) I don't know if the author was lazy or some scenes were cut out or what, but it happens. I've seen comments that said they wished they could have seen this or that. I don't personally mind it, though, because I don't feel like I've missed anything vital to the plot (so far).

The MLs do get forceful sometimes, and there is definitely abuse, but they don't get her in the end so I'm personally fine with it. ? I haven't seen any r*pe or long term kidnapping and violence. (Still true at c58)

The characters have depth and the plot progress is natural and believable. The translation has Chinese vibes to it, but it's on point. 5 stars. <<less
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Julianita rated it
March 23, 2021
Status: c282
I'm giving this a 3 star just because as the novel went on, the more negative it was becoming, and it was like watching a drama about torture and people's pain. It's like the goal is to purely make people suffer. The MC is twisted, her goal is to make the male leads and female leads even more twisted than her.

Even tho she was doing missions taking the place of wronged cannon fodders, her punishment in some cases was a bit too much. She took pleasure in making people suffer... more>> and it is told since the beginning of the novel that she was sick. It's your take if you want to eat a lot of negativity reading this. It's not bad per se, it's just too negative and sometimes twisted.

The MC is ruthless. Absolutely.

I stopped reading this when:


The Alien Prince Arc. The guy was, as her parameters, the golden finger of the Female Lead, but when Linglan came he was totally innocent, like children. She cheated him into feelings so much that he abandoned his planet, his royal status, traveled who knows how many light years of suffering so he could come back to earth and wait for her in their old house. He waited for an eternity and it was for nothing.


What it felt like reading this sometimes: "Crime pays off"

The people did bad things, but she punished them being many times eviler than them. If so, what's the difference between them? <<less
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drika11 rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: c58
I have been MTl this novel.. how to say... She's the most amazing MC that I have read. She's like the godess of love showing us that you can be powerfull without special abilitys (like magician etc.).

(remember that book that shows the greek gods? that has stolen lighting? I always feel that the autor of theses books showed Afrodit as powerfull as the others gods, like : " dude, are sure you wanna mess with her? just because she is the goddess of love? dream on! ")... more>> our MC to me is just like that.


And she's a seducer. This novel's fresh and give us a new undestanding of how the Mls are not good and should pay for their wrongs. I confess that I almost cried for FuXi (to think that he would be in prison and beaten up often) but when I became sad, everytime that that happens I think: " What about the cannon folder? She was r..p.. or her life was destroyed." and the feeling of pity vanish.


The arcs are sad because of the revenge and I became curious about what happened to her body in these worlds but sadly we can never know.

And I have to say that I don't like "world hopping" tag, novel about multiple world isn't my preference.


Now I reach the 188 chapter. I have to say the 120 chapther and on was a let down. Until you reach the arc of god (Lucifer arc) it's quite amazing. It's one of the best arcs. I disliked the arc of republica because it's to out of reality, at least to me. In the end the autor explained that the ML was reborn but even so... nope I can't like. Compared with the others arcs it's too low in developement and thinking. But overall it's intersting how the autor put the MC out of predicament and her wittys.

Lucifer arc is the most touching of all. The name may scared some people but it has nothing to do with religion. The plot revolves on angels and gods. And the three principals carachters god, the FL and our MC are the agents of space. Pretty good arc and touching. With sad end.

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Skite rated it
November 10, 2020
Status: c58
Reducing to a 3, since it gets worse and worse as it goes, turning from "extreme, but you can root for it" to "unsupportable torture p*rn/ abuse".

An episodic novel made up of shorter stories with a similar premise to "Cheating Men Must Die"

Our sentient AI-type female protagonist's job is to transmigrate into the world of poorly written novels and 'fix' things for the character she inhabits in order to improve the book-world she's in, gain a good score, and return back to her job and be reassigned to a... more>> new world.

The main difference is that our sadistic MC seems less like she's solely bent on revenge for her characters, though that is certainly a big part of it, and more like she finds the trite, stereotypical plotlines she finds herself in boring and decides to rewrite them to be the darker, grittier stories she prefers.

Watch her twist the characters up and let them go.

It does have its flaws. It is dramatic and melodramatic, and that may not suit everyone's tastes. It's also very dark and in some stories, especially the later ones, you'll feel she goes way, wayyyyy too far and, suddenly, you're not ok with this. You are really not ok with this, and she's making you uncomfortable.

Read if you like twisted stories with effed up revenge and torture.

I say enjoy the first two or three stories, then drop it, or you'll feel like a bad person for continuing to read. <<less
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Alexania rated it
April 28, 2020
Status: c32
Update after Chapter 32: I'd probably drop this to a 3.5/5

What I mentioned in my previous review is still valid, however, I feel like the emotions (especially in the latest arc) come over as extremely exaggerated and often inexplicable.

No one ever seems to feel "mildly" about anything. They're either extremely obsessed (lock you up), or extremely angry (murder you) or extremely sad (attempt to commit suicide), you get the picture.

And it usually comes out of nowhere, just zero to crazy in the blink of eye and then tomorrow, we're... more>> back to being normal and forget that every happened.

It makes for a rather disconcerting and confusing experience. I'll give it one more arc, hopefully that last one was just a weak arc.

Previous Review:

This review is based on the first 6 chapters only, as that's all that's translated at the moment.

I really like this one. I'm not going to wax lyrical about how amazing it is but it's definitely not sub-3-star. Unsure if perhaps these ratings are based on more of the novel? (As with another reviewer, I would normally rate this a 4 but some balance to the force was necessary.)

MC is the usual world hopping transmigrator that's responsible for fulfilling the "female lead" in novels. Except she's clearly gotten over how dumb some of those FLs have to act for the plot to work. First chapter we see her in the typical "CEO confuses drugged woman for a prostitute, r*pes her, she runs off with his kid" plot except she isn't brain dead and refuses to live happily ever after with him. As a result she gets demoted to the supporting female role and by the looks of it proceeds to slap the faces of slag MLs.

It's definitely enjoyable so far, I have zero complaints. I recommend giving it a try! <<less
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UnknownTakuaN rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: --
WARNING! This is not for the light-hearted. Our MC is a very charismatic and ruthless person. She manages to get the ML's into her grasp and makes them pay for the suffering the original body went through. It's very satisfying, but sometimes I feel bad for them. The deserve it tho...

Arc 1: White Lotus Ex-Girlfriend

... more>>

At this point in life, y'all should know what a white lotus is. Well, the original ML of the world the MC transmigrates into is her white lotus adopted brother. He pretends to be innocent, but he seduced the sister in the original world and got her kicked out of the house. MC transmigrates over and comes to the time when the ML had just gotten adopted. She got him to rely on her and she spoiled him to the heavens. Using his reliance on her, and his inevitable feelings for her, he ended up ignoring everything and forces himself on her. On her wedding night. He gets beat up by the groom, hospitalized, then he ran off to another country. Read the rest to find out, I'm too lazy...


Arc 2: First Love Ex-Girlfriend


These two already had a relationship before. As you can see, she was his first love. FL transmigrates when they see each other again, after half a year. He falls in love again, ignoring the reluctant shouts of his close friend. They get together. At first, everyone was wary, but soon, she became an essential part of their friend group. She was closer to them than the ML was. ori!FL came in and she was his secretary and close friend. He pampers her too. Everyone notices them and feels bad for MC. The guy who hated her the most, the ML's best friend, became her best friend. Xie Yaohua, I think? (One of my most fav characters from the first 5 arcs.) He knew everything about her. Ori!FL plots against her to get a man to assault her. Yaohua saves her. She "gets amnesia", and he "tricks" her into thinking he's her boyfriend. He loves her. ML was on a trip with ori!FL, so he had no idea. Yaohua tries to take her away, only to be intercepted by ML. Read the rest to find out, I'm too lazy...


Arc 3: Swapped Ex-Girlfriend


This is the ancient palace drama. Original body was swapped with the ori!FL because the ML liked the ori!FL. So, the emperor ends up with our MC. He falls in love with her. ML also starts falling in love with her. Sad drama happens. I cried. Read the rest to find out, I'm too lazy...


Arc 4: Young Master's Ex-Girlfriend or Collateral Ex-Girlfriend


Young master makes bet with his friend to make MC fall in love with him. In the original (I have to clarify, people think he didn't do anything to her), when the ori!FL brought up the original body, who was his ex at that time, he ordered people to gang-r*pe her and take her to marry some old man in the mountains. So, he ended falling in love with our MC. They get engaged. His brother also falls in love with her. He becomes wanted in the states. He suffers a bit. He got to live the rest of his life with her (literally the least most miserable ML in all the arcs I've read.) Read the rest to find out, I'm to0 lazy...


Arc 5: Two-Faced and the Ex-Girlfriend


ML in original timeline made a baby with original body (after getting married, this is ancient times) so he can save his sick sister. He takes the baby's heart so he can save her. MC comes in when she's at the wedding ceremony. Butler falls in love with her (hehandsometho), and the ML does too. I don't know the rest, it's not done yet. It's too amazing to MTL. I don't want to ruin the experience.


Anyways, tl;dr the ML fall in love with her and suffer (they deserved it). They may or may not end up with her. It depends on the MC's favorability towards them, I guess. If they survive, then they have a commendable spirit. She puts a green hat on the ML more often than not. The ori!FLs deserved the suffering too. Yaohua, young master, and the butler are my favs. <<less
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Lazymizuki rated it
April 12, 2021
Status: --
haven't read it but it look interesting so i'll just review first lol, and maybe change it later... anyway so if you look at the tittle you should probably already know what its supposed to be.. also about her revenge part, ima say they deserve it cause if you use the excuse they're still innocent, you're are guilty because honestly speaking no matter how innocent they might be right now, they still did the wrong thing, no, they already did, and thats why she's there.. so idk about you people... more>> who liked to defend in there ‘innocent’, was the previous host a f*cking nothing to you? if you're calling them innocent? what about the real innocent people? alright ima peace out! <<less
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PERSON6372 rated it
March 5, 2021
Status: --
I dont know why people are saying that in the first arc the original FL was innocent. Like did you read the arc?? Shes no where near innocent,

[After the sister was sent away from her home, the FL wanted to act like a saint and gave her large sums of money IN PUBLIV, she new the sister was going to be targeted because of how much she gave her, and also knew the ML wouldnt let the sister go! I'm not sure why people defend the ORiFL in the... more>> first arc, its ridiculous.] <<less
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lizanika rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: --
Another novel with a wonderfully cunning female lead who is not weak and does not let her emotions get the best of her! Thank you so much translator for letting me discover such a gem~
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