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Ever since an NPC named Shu ChunChun, had been taken advantage of and used carelessly by the world-hoppers, awakened her consciousness, she knew that the only way to drive out the world-hoppers was to make them fall for her, HARD.

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LazyCatisPlumpandBored rated it
December 12, 2019
Status: --
There's nothing wrong with the novel, but I feel so bad for the world hoppers. The MC basically sends them to hell for a reason I can't accept. Sure they trick the feelings of these programmed characters, but the MC does even worse. She is conscious that the world hoppers are real people, and she makes them fall in love with her (which is against the rules so they get punished) anyway. She doesn't care about her fellow programmed characters either. What justifies her actions?
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
November 8, 2019
Status: Completed
This is great, unique and interesting entertaining QT novel. I enjoying reading this gem. The MC is like MC from sinister ex girlfriend who act as white lotus, is actually cold. She was NPC female protagonist who awakened consciousness and gained self-cognitive after been betray or use by the world hopper who also reveal that MC was just a data. Knowing that she was regard as data or npc by world hoppers. She resented world hoppers who come and go and think they can manipulate her however they want as... more>> a stream of data. So her revenge is to make them fail their missions.

Each arcs is so satisfying and sweet, funny how each world hopper fall for MC and failed their mission. Also this novel is From same author Of Seeking Good Temptation. MC act as white lotus like MC from SGT. <<less
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Eutune rated it
December 30, 2019
Status: Completed
Very entertaining novel.

I have read all system related, female MC novels here and with MGCH as one of my fav, I was looking for a Female Lead that was actively seducing the male characters to fall in love without falling in love herself. Seeking Good Temptations was a very well written novel that satisfied my demands, so I came here to read this one that was from the same author.

You might get confused in the first chapter because the settings are actually a bit different, there are world hoppers who... more>> transmigrate most likely in a second male lead, who basically have one main mission (which is most probably make the main couple happy) and a side mission which is to conquer the heart of the female lead. She pay them back by seducing them. Most people might feel that she is cold hearted and bad but actually there is a reason for her actions and you will slowly understand as the arcs continue. Each arc has its own uniqueness, its not just the world that is different, but sometimes the male lead is a transmigrator, other times there is more than one world hopper etc. So it is a very interesting read, I just really enjoyed reading her seduction strategies for each different type of male character so it was very interesting.

I would recommend this novel to all those who are tired of a weak, dumb or senseless female lead and super powerful male leads. Here the FM dominates the whole novel and no male character is able to restrain here. Also I would recommend to read Seeking Good Temptations if you liked this one because even in that novel the seduction techniques are applied pretty smoothly in a different type of setting.

All in all. Thank you translator for choosing this novel and thank you author for writing such amazing two system novels! I binge read them and enjoyed them a lot in the midst of all those system novels. These two are also a lot shorted so you will be able reach a satisfying conclusion very early (around 100 chapters). Recommended! <<less
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Yukimizuk rated it
September 1, 2020
Status: --
Just wanna ask if one day you found out that you always being use by some guys what would u feel havent you notice that they deserve it because

  1. They treat MC like a tr*sh a tr*sh that they can thrown away when your done using
  2. They obviously didnt care about the MC until later on.
Would you rather be the one being played?

  1. Have you EVER been treated like what they did to the MC
  2. If the MC didnt act like that do you think they will love her?
  3. The MC seriously feel like the world doesnt care about her.
  4. Have you get it already?
  5. No?or Yes?
  6. So please... being treated like your just a robot or smt aing cool but its fine (for me) if the MC treated them like that because they started it first and its called Karma
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Blueraven rated it
July 6, 2020
Status: Completed
That was intense.

The MC is an awakened NPC that is filled with nothing but pure loathing and desire to devastate the hosts that wish to conquer her and heartlessly cast her away afterwards, just like all her previous hosts have done. The MC plays into her designated roles of each world while also seeping into the hearts of the hosts until they are even willing to go to hell for her, even though they know and originally saw her as nothing but data.

The MC is cunning, adaptable, and merciless. Despite... more>> only being able to hear the conversations between the host and their systems and have the ability to manipulate her affection bar, she is able to successfully cheat all of them. Quite honestly, she is no different from the hosts that she hates.

I really liked this series. Even though it feels wrong how she is making these men fall in love with her only to push them into hell, it's also extremely satisfying since the men only saw her as an object to begin with. It's a chaotic neutral series, except for one arc which was just straight up chaotic evil. Don't recommend as a romance but still highly suggest as a worthwhile read. <<less
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Sessi rated it
May 17, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is rare for its plot line. In all honesty, I have mixed feelings about the ending.

... more>>

ChunChun no doubts meets all the raiders in the last arc. I was surprised when Tang Gu came out of nowhere, just to have Su Bai pop up too. Then everyone started to show up, I wanted to see a few more interactions with the raiders. But instead, it leaves off as she continues to use her system to pass her life idly and watch the drama as a supporting character as she always does once she receives her system. (She does not raid, but just passes by.) But then Zhou Di makes an appearance and I don't know my existence in life anymore after reading those last few sentences.


I honestly say give this a try. <<less
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Kei-Em03 rated it
April 8, 2020
Status: Completed
Its very interesting, and quite insightful.

... more>>

As said in the other comments, MC was NPC female protagonist who awakened consciousness and gained self-cognitive.

Its interesting how she stays in her role as is while manipulating the raiders along with the other NPCs in the world shes in.

Also, its quite interesting that when you starts sympathizing with the raiders, you will be pulled back.

(Like, with the 2nd arc, MC was stabbed, the Raider was crying because MC was dying saying shes the only one he has now and begging her not to die. I was starting to pity the raiders.

But then MC thought to herself, When she fell in love with the raiders, it seems to be the same. The useless begging and she can only watch them leave, while she was left with a broken heart.


Really easy to MTL

❤❤❤ <<less
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lizanika rated it
December 9, 2019
Status: c7
I absolutely love this novel! While reading Seeking Good Temptations, written by the same author, I had believed nothing could outdo it... until I stumbled upon this gem. I love how the female lead is intelligent and cunning but innocent and pure on the outside; the yandere male leads are what drove me to love Seeking Good Temptations, so of course I thoroughly enjoy the ones in Anti Cheater Strategies as well. Recommend to anyone who likes obsessive, yandere male lead stories where the female protagonist actually had a brain.
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Lazymizuki rated it
May 10, 2021
Status: --
Love this novel and really hate the people who said nonsense. Yes, most of you probably ain't gonna enjoy this because the MC is ‘cruel’ and that the people she ‘abused’ are innocent or you feel bad for them blablabla.

Okay, first of all are you even reading this right? Or are you just plain s*upid. First of all, we can see that the MC did that because they ‘deserve’ it, also she was once a NPC, and because she was once a NPC, a person didn't even treat her like... more>> a human being. Just because what? They thought they ain't real? That's plain s*upid, just think of it like this, what if one day, you realised your life is a mess just because of a single person that you love, yet that person didn't even treat you like a human being but just another toy they can throw away whenever they wanted? What exactly would you feel like?

Now listen here, the MC didn't ‘abused’ them for no absolutely reason, rather if she didn't act liked that, would they even be interested in her? Or would they even give you a sympathetic feeling? Because you never know, maybe in another world instead of them helping her, loving her and sacrificing themselves for her they might even simply used them until there no useable, or maybe even abused them?

For me, being used for other people is the worst. If you think being a toy for others is such a good thing, then continue having that thought but remember that when karma hits you, you have no way to run because maybe thats what challenge god gave you, to maybe experience it, to fully understand it and to fully appreciate things thats already been there.

【One of the moral lesson in this story is to appreciate the things thats already been there, because it's too late to regret it when you want it】 <<less
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March 9, 2020
Status: c9
If you're hoping for a real romance, skip this. All the MLs fall for FL, but she doesn't actually care about any of them. I'm not rating this story because it's not my thing, but potential readers should set their expectations.
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jklm rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: c14
Um, wow, this story made me thoroughly uncomfortable to read. I know the MC is... playing along with protagonist, to get revenge on transmigrators. But it is way too detailed on the bad things she "lets" him do and reads more like r*pe/assault fetish.

I like reading revenge stories, but not if the process is so awful for the MC. The author can tell me that the MC isn't bothered and this is just part of her plan, but I'm bothered, dammit! Ugh!!!

So yeah, this is a hard pass for me.
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alwayscolder rated it
December 19, 2020
Status: c70
Um, i'll just stop now and finish it later (if I remember lol) there was something missing to me, I can't bring myself to keep reading and stay interested, phew °-°

So, I can understand her reasons, motives, feelings whatever... after all she was always abandoned. When she "woke up" and realized that would never be left behind again then decides to take revenge on the system/world hoppers or what everyone knows as "an eye for an eye" haha. I accept that there were moments when I felt a little bit... more>> bad for the guys because (maybe) their love was real in a way, at some point... after all, perhaps, they were emotionally tired/paralyzed after traveling through so many worlds (?

What can I say, I like to think that both are victims from the system :v don't know how it ends but I hope she'll be happy.

My favorite part about this novel is the lack of romance in a proper sense. <<less
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NightSky_ rated it
December 15, 2020
Status: c75
Everyone says that the MC is too cold and heartless and acts cruelly with the ML, but her actions have reason, which I will tell you about:

The hosts with the system do not perceive the characters of the worlds as real people, but as simply NPCs who are needed only to advance the plot. In almost every mission they have FL of the worlds to fall in love with them, however, they do not even think about FL's feelings when, after successfully completing the task, they leave the world and... more>> leave FL with her broken heart. It's one of the reasons why MC blackened and awakened her consciousness, because she experienced it herself, more than once (this was discussed in one of the chapters during the plot, so it was a bit of a spoiler, sorry).

At the beginning she was what an NPC should be the typical FL of the world, a gentle, kind, sweet, innocent and spotless white lotus, but thanks to the system workers she became what she is and out of revenge she makes world-hoppers fall in love with her. I like her words, which fit perfectly here: 'If you want to hunt for prey, then be ready to become it yourself'. <<less
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jufiasca rated it
June 21, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a good read to past time, but it wasn't that good to the point I want to read it in one sitting (if that's even possible for me)

The MC has regained self consciousness that she is actually an NPC. She is hurt and wanted revenge hence she hunted these poor world hoppers making them fail and totally mad about her (either madly inlove or madly crazy about her)

... more>>

She got her revenge at the end. To the world hopper who hurt her. It was actually kind of... MEH.


But, anyways, I liked it. Especially when

at the end MC got to taste her own poison hahahha It was so funny


Are you sure to read this?


She became a host too, the host who hurt her sacrificed his self and bound the system to her, hence when she went out to her missions, she met the previous hosts she have targeted, and now, they're on her to chase hahahaha

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April 17, 2020
Status: --
i read the authors previous novel, loved it-unfortunately cant say the same about this one.

its not that the story is not written well but that this kind of plot is not to my tastes.

the concept is really interesting but I don't understand the point of it.I guess what puts me off is that there isn't a ML in this book?IDK... it seems so?I'm not sure.....i havent read far enough to conclude this but all the reviews below do not mention a ML.... unless it's those raiders????

honestly I did complete one... more>> arc, but I have no motivation to continue on towards the others. I might come back to this story later but for now im not feeling it.


P.S it seems easy to MTL it!


i skipped through a bit to the ending.... hmmm I have to admit it seems like an eventful adventure.... lol there really isn't a ML but countless ML'S..... lol... can it be considered a reverse harem towards the end?????

also I dont get it she loathes those raiders for manipulating her, but she herself becomes the raider?????? <<less
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narixems rated it
December 15, 2020
Status: --
i LOVE the female lead. she's such a cunning green tea b*tch, but I gave this a four stars because, although the world hoppers initially thought of her as a coded npc without feelings & forced her, I don't like how she manipulated their feelings to just... ruin them :; (∩´﹏`∩) ;: I dunno it just doesn't sit well with me that the world hopper literally used up all his life points to save her but she was just simply manipulating them in the end. that's just cruel : (
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xevelyn_ rated it
June 26, 2021
Status: Completed
It's actually very good. ChunChun is cunning and quick-witted, able to quickly scheme on how to get the raiders' hearts. She is doing is similar to what she hates about them (making them fall in love with her and pulling them into the abyss, aka the Dark Enchantment). I feel slightly bad for the raiders. There is no smut because the raiders aren't allowed to do anything to the NPCs from the waist down without the NPCs' consent.

The raiders

... more>>

. The hosts with the system do not perceive the characters of the worlds as real people, but as simply NPCs who are needed only to advance the plot. In almost every mission they have FL of the world to fall in love with them, however, they do not even think about FL's feelings when, after successfully completing the task, they leave the world and leave FL with her broken heart. This is basically on the last arc where it was revealed that Zhou Di, a male raider, captured her heart in her original world (ancient times). He is quite skilled, and ChunChun thinks that "for so long, there are countless characters in his strategy, and countless girls who like him. How could he remember her?", which is probably why he is in the last arc called The King of Raiders


Original world/Last arc


In the last arc, it is revealed that in her original world she heard him say that he was leaving with an indifferent look in his eyes.

"Reluctant? Hehe, I'm just a pity that I haven't enjoyed my results yet. Besides, I know that if these worlds are moved, I'm afraid that I will die..." The man raised his eyebrows and said, then he sighed., Some complaints, "You said why you are in such a hurry, I have just completed the task of snatching the male lead's luck, and I am going to marry the female lead tomorrow. Let me leave the world before the beauty can sleep, you... "

This was what she heard from him, since she awakened and got the ability to hear the system and the raiders conversation.




There are no displays of affection T_T Basically she made all the raiders who were targetting her to fall into the Dark enchantment. Then apparently a woman, who is like a high figure of authority in the organisation of the system frees all of the raiders that ChunChun made go there. She did that so that she can use be taken for use in the organization. So ChunChun basically relaxes and goes to the next world (with a system that only serves her whcih Zhou Di sacrificed for) and becomes a male there. Then all the male raiders she met in her previous worlds (including Zhou Di), appeared in that world to find her and marry her. They all fight for her and she finally escapes into the next world after almost being forced to marry Chu Yanzi. So the male raiders all form an agreement to capture her first then decide who she belongs to


There are only 103 chapters so it basically took me 2 days to finish reading ^_^ <<less
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